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Blackout poems from shooting scripts

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Chapter notes: softcore angst and fluff, h/c, could be alternate s6; no mentions of Angel. Written for Seasonal Spuffy, spring 2016.



Angel blackout


what's it like where you are?

most of the time,

don't go.
I'm tired, I don't want to play games.


very close
come in

don't leave.




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Doppelgangland blackout



good girls
play Mistress of Pain every night.

Will grabs her from behind
mouth at her throat
Oh. Oh.
would that mean we have to snuggle?
No more! you freak

the thing she came here to get
looks at her

It's horrible. That's me?

What do we do now?

I have a really bad idea that's good

We come hard and fast
like a nightmare



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Hellmouth blackout 1

Hellmouth blackout 2



past shatters
her face echoing in the emptiness

her voice inside my blood
her eyes the morning light

I burn down
into her.
I don't know me.

(a million people died
as plague I kill to live)

everything there is about yourself
full of streaming sunlight

Buffy steps in.
I'm new.



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VAMPIRE. only business, bad thing, dirt. She RUNS.
Nowhere to go.

The Vamp brings fire into the night.

Holds to balls and a bottle
medicinal lie

up from below
you need to see

Buffy Summers. the One. That's scary.

And tomorrow, I'm planning to be a man

You are.


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Hush blackout image



Buffy exists

Buffy sees a GIRL. The girl's face is lined with tears.
A BOY, pounding on someone's door.

awaiting anything that makes sense



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Assembly blackout image 1

Assembly blackout image 2

Assembly blackout image 3

Assembly blackout image 4



at the graveyard
both coffins empty

Can you take me downstairs,
down the spine,
muscles and tendons,


like a human person.


But, it's not... doable, is it? I mean, making someone from scraps?

an electrical current combined with an adrenaline boost...
she'll be ready by sunrise.
a woman's body, with muscles, joints,



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The Prom blackout 1 (4)

The Prom blackout 2 (4)

The Prom blackout 3 (4)

The Prom blackout 4 (4)



is kind of a broad term
just like love

what can I say?
he moves
space leaves captivity
beautiful super-maxi-jerk
not a person! MONSTER, natch'

vicious foe trained to kill
on the tape --
hello MATCH
tasty snack treat with brains
deadly ice cream kicking ass
we should dance

God in Heaven it's good to
party like HELL HOUNDS
fiercest babies let go
snarling breathless
they move
everything's perfect wild fun

come die with joy
surprise me
dance not gone but mellowing




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The Prom highlight 2 (4)

The Prom highlight 3 (4)

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Enemies color 1 (2)

Enemies color 2 (2)



Whatever happened to the still-beating heart of a virgin?
Frolicking of some kind?
think I'm
a goldfish bowl with a single goldfish inside.
It's self-defense and butchery at the same time.

maybe it's too late for me to figure it out.
did it get really cold in here?
Between the sacrifice
big jobs?

(a roaring fire keeps growing as we:

I was thinking of stabbing you through the heart.
Eeugh, awful things. Unsanitary.


Killing her's fine, but this -
it's not some vampire thing. Where do I start?
A card?
Fruit basket? Evisceration?

I just want you to know you're a screamer
Feel free.

She strains at the chains.
Keep dreaming.

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Graduation Day Two gray 1 (3)

Graduation Day Two gray 2 (3)

Graduation Day Two gray 3 (3)



it's over.
in extreme slow motion,
finally feel the fever break.
Try to stay calm.
Let us work.
The bones will set, and the damage is repairable.
Scar tissue fades.

A beat.

All of this is dependant on control.
I've been working on it. The important thing is containment
to sustain the change.
Don't stoke it up.

There's something I need
in a terrified way
She carries something wrapped
avoiding the flames

they meet
piece by piece
reaching out of the wreckage
need I say we don't have a moment
to deal with this,
to begin to find...

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The Zeppo blackout 1 (2)

The Zeppo blackout 2 (2)




I'm thinking how I wanna spend my last night on Earth.
do you wanna bake?

Of course I wanna bake like the proverbial bat out of hell.

She throws him onto the bed, straddles him
and kisses the shit out of him.
I love you...

We hear bodies being thrown around,
and we hear HIS SCREAMS




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Never Kill blackout 1

Never Kill blackout 2

Never Kill blackout 3

Never Kill blackout 4


Buffy has a really important date.
I'll just jump in my time machine
go back to the point we have a chance

tonight I'm a pale horse with death as its rider
Just a girl who knows no shame
taste fire all around. It's a liquid.

there won't be anybody tellin' us what to do
we just went home

Sorry I was late, I was waiting for a vampire
to rise
from monster to more
That'd be you

we don't have any clocks
How 'bout we try it again?
I'll see you then!

that is *so* good, I will see you
I'll be closer
confines forgotten
there'll be time enough

I never may have been as far as I thought.


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