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What connects the earth and sky:

The sun


like the yellow connecting green and blue

the golden encasing a face


like the warmth emanating from a gaze

the flame you swore to keep

and the pyres of too many;

innocent, guilty, friends


like the light of a pain-free city

and the gleam of greatness and vision


like the starlight over a broken world

the candlelight flickering with hope

and the moonlight mending wounds and souls



What connects the earth and sky:



as in a shooting star carrying a wish

a space station crashing

the fall of a reign

and falling in love


as in the weight of hundreds on your decisions

and the lightness of coal on paper


a protective dagger that defies it

and one that succumbs to it disheartened


as in dropping to your knees

a vow that soars into the sky

and the hand that lifts you back at the same level


as in a stalactite and a stalagmite

that alternate and shape each other



What connects the earth and sky:



like rain; the sky's reunion with the earth

meeting once again


like the mist down here;

obscuring dangers, veiling intentions


like tears, so many tears

of loss, of pain

of being granted what you've been longing for


like the blood on your hands

both red and black

blood has been demanding itself for too long


like a wave of passion

that ensues a kiss


like the ice that froze a heart

and the clouds gathering for yet another thunderstorm



What connects the earth and sky:



as a flash of concern

and the thunder of doubts and disapproval


as the current that restores a heartbeat

and the spark before an explosion


as the discharge of a gun

or anger


as in how the brain commands the heart

but the heart keeps it alive;

as in the nerves connecting them


the static electricity of arguments

and the electrified air between you



What connects the earth and sky:

The air


like the wind with its sudden change of direction

and the wind of change


like a lone breeze in a dangerous forest

a toxic fog that burns

and the smoke from a destroyed village


like a sigh of relief – so rare

and the whispers of plots and plans


like a revealing catch in a voice

and the future breaths you try to secure


like a breath that remains unpaired;

a breath that's left unuttered


Ai hod yu in