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The thing about being a doctor is that you are under stress all twenty four hours in a day, and this day was no different for Min Yoongi. Said Min Yoongi was currently trying to be an athlete and run from the fourth level of the building to the A&E in under a minute to save a man in cardiac arrest. Just as he was meandering around the beds and nurses, he catches a glimpse of a pretentious asshole and by default, his pretentious asshole emo kid; judging by the all black get up of course. He barely has a second to spare glancing at the way the kid has his arm cradled against his chest, but he knows it’s probably just a minor injury. Scoffing when he heard the man demand a VIP ward from the nurses, Yoongi just brushes past them to get to the currently actually dying man in need of his help but of course that man had to turn to him,

“Hey you-"

“Hey you somebody else, I have a patient to save so move."

Yoongi just pushes past him, getting to the man and having nurses relay his vitals to him. Everything that happened after that was a blur of CPR and some serious case of defibrillation, and Yoongi could care less about that man or his kid who fell off his expensive bike and probably hairline fractured his precious gold bones. It was a cycle in the A&E all over again, with people always on the verge of dying or bleeding out on him. Now, the thing about the A&E is that they are always shorthanded, always. Seemed to be a universal rule, and Yoongi had no choice but to hurry from place to place in order to do his job.

In retrospect, it was probably due to the hurrying that he failed to recognise the brooding figure in the corner. Yoongi caught the guy standing there awkwardly and not asking any nurses for help simply by pure chance. It was one of those times where you seemingly looked in a direction you would have never done otherwise and realised something important. Before the figure could turn and slip out of the A&E, Yoongi grabbed the back of the black hoodie he was wearing,

“You, what’s wrong.”

Yoongi knows it’s meant to be a question but at this point in his life, it had become more of a statement than anything else and fourteen hour shifts weren’t making him nicer.


“Listen kid, someone just died while you wasted that chance to form a coherent sentence and tell me which bone you broke from skateboarding. So when I ask you a question, I expect a fucking answer. What is wrong.”

Again, more of a statement, but it seemed to work since the kid is pointedly staring and probably trying to process that a doctor had just swore before opening his mouth,

“I think I might have fractured a rib.”

Only then did the gears shift and lock into place in Yoongi’s head and he realised this was the same rich asshole’s pretentious rich asshole emo kid. He was even fully dressed in black again. If he had come the other day for a broken rib, he shouldn’t be back here so fast unless Yoongi’s suspicions were wrong after all.


Yoongi passed a board to a nurse along the way to the beds, telling her to go check on that patient who had gone into shock before closing the blinds around the two of them. The kid was just staring at him with that same over the top tenacity, deep brown eyes matched with a stubborn set of the jaw. There was something about this kid Yoongi couldn’t shake off.

“Where does it hurt.”

The kid just points to a vague point on his chest and Yoongi sighs, maneuvering him to sit on the bed without putting pressure because he knew how much a possible broken or fractured rib hurt. Yoongi leaned and pressed gentle fingers onto his chest, following the rib bones carefully before looking up,

“It didn’t heal fully and you exerted it again”

The kid just stares and Yoongi sighs, bloody ass puberty and the emo fad going around these days.

“Can you take off your shirt, or do I have to cut it?”

“…Take it off..?”

“Did I stutter or do you just like to waste my time?”

The kid looks strained at Yoongi’s unusual behaviour as a doctor and it makes Yoongi want to do a little victory dance because he lives for this kind of shit. Reluctantly, the kid pulls off the hoodie and it makes Yoongi want to completely stop doing his victory dance and instead reevaluate his observation skills as well as life choices of becoming a doctor. There was a nice deep purple bruise right by his left ribs indicating some good swelling as well as another one across his right collarbone. It aligned nicely with what a high impact hit from from some kind of rod object would look like. Yoongi frowned looking at the state of his collarbones and briefly checked those as well.

“What happened?”

This time it was actually a question, and Yoongi waited for a response as he carefully felt the swollen area and judged whether another x-ray was necessary. When he still got no reply, he looked up with his trademark glare and the kid was looking completely away now, brows furrowed and mouth set in a stubborn line before muttering,

“I fell.”

Somehow, Yoongi was a hundred and fourty percent sure the rich asshole man who is presumably this kid’s father was responsible for this. It was the result of the kind of instinctual gut feeling that he’s had ever since he could remember, and possibly further backed by the way the kid shrunk his frame next to the man.

“I know you didn’t fall, and I know what kind of bruises these are but I still asked because its hospital procedure.”

The kid just locks his jaw up and Yoongi automatically knows it’s a lost cause, but there’s a new baggage of worry that steadily blooms its way into Yoongi’s chest. He hated seeing these cases no matter how many domestic abuse victims he treated. He knew he had to back off or there was an even lower chance of getting this kid help.

“Okay listen, to make sure everything is okay we need another x-ray because it just feels really swollen and you might have caused another fracture."

The kid looks up at that and Yoongi can see the anxiety in them as he reaches for the bandage to give the kid a makeshift sling to hold his arm in place.

“Stop moving your arm and stay here while I get the nurse to get you an x-ray.”

Yoongi should know never to leave anxious and panicky patients alone, especially when that kid looked like a cornered stray but he had dying patients to attend do and professional duty called. When he walked back to check on him after a crazy rounding, the bed was empty and Yoongi muttered a curse under his breath. Seriously, that kid needed an x-ray and also child protection services. Yoongi caught sight of money by the small table and a note written over the back of the hospital card,

‘Here is the money for the consultation, I had to leave. Please don’t tell anyone.’

Yoongi couldn’t swallow down the feeling that he had just failed to help a patient, and worse still a patient he was sure was being abused by his own father. Yoongi dropped the money off into the donation box near the nurses’ counter while trying to shake off the guilt. It wasn’t his fault the patient ran away right? The kid’s doe eyes continued to bother him all the way through the rest of his shift and then all the back to his comfy couch at home.


The card stayed tucked away safely in his wallet like an important piece of evidence for a homicide investigation. Well, to Yoongi, it had practically become one.

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Dumping three sachets of instant black coffee into the mug, Yoongi absentmindedly filled it with hot water while flipping the card in his hand. Everything about this kid and the incident that occurred the day before was bugging the living crap out of him. He had a shift that would start from 2pm and last till 2am today and although he was used to exhaustion and working himself to death, this was a whole new hell for him. He already knew that he got too attached to some patients and his attending physician Dr. Kang already reminded him to let things go but he just couldn’t. A voice inside his head quietly reminded him that it was probably because he felt like he had not done what he could to help this kid because he had stupidly left him alone. Sighing and taking a sip of the boiling coffee, Yoongi turned to walk out of the pantry for residents and saw two familiar figures sitting in the lounge area (no resident was ever there). Squinting as he got closer he muttered,

“You know you’re not allowed here right, who the fuck let you two in? Nurse Yoo again?”


Yoongi only had one second to stretch an arm out and push Taehyung’s head away before he could body slam into the coffee he was still nursing, but he managed to do it only because he had years of experience in dealing with him. Jimin on the other hand just smiled and held onto his arm gently,

“We got worried, you didn’t text back since yesterday.”

“I’m a resident, I have no life.” Yoongi replied deadpanning.

Taehyung just grinned impishly and leaned closer while Jimin gave Yoongi a proper look over and pulled him to sit on one of the couches.

“Don’t you kids have school, you know, the last year of medical school? The worst?”

“Nah second year was the worst, and we came to check on our favourite hyung!” Taehyung beamed leaning his head on Yoongi’s shoulder.

“You always reply my texts hyung, what happened?” Jimin asked in a softer voice, one Yoongi had never been able to ignore or say no to.

As a result, Yoongi ended up spilling about everything that happened from the first time he saw the kid to the chaos yesterday that had left him sleepless. Taehyung and Jimin had been on the listening end of stories about patients more than once so they didn’t look that surprised. But when they saw the card Yoongi took out from his pocket, they knew this was something different.

“Woah hyung, you kept this card?” Taehyung asked while holding it up and reading the words neatly scribbled on it.

Yoongi just finished the rest of his coffee, trying to blatantly ignore the attached significance that Taehyung had pointed out. Jimin took the card and read the note before furrowing his brows slightly,

“Wait hyung, you said he went to the VIP ward?”

“Yeah, he wasn't in the A&E anymore.”

“Then….we can just look into the data logbook to find out his details..?” Taehyung chipped in casually.

Yoongi blinked a couple of times, feeling stupid that he hadn’t thought of that and done it yesterday himself but then also remembered that it would be an breech of privacy,

“That’s illegal.”

“Since when did you care about the law? What time did he come?”

“Around 11pm-“

Taehyung swung his long legs off the couch and jogged his way out of view even before Yoongi could complete his sentence. Jimin just laughed, hiding his smile behind his hand and Yoongi gaped at the audacity of this guy. Mostly, he was in awe but he would never admit it to the younger. Within ten minutes, he was back with an extremely smug expression on his face and a freshly printed piece of paper,


“How the hell did you- you don’t even work here! No seriously, was it Nurse Yoo again?”

Yoongi takes the paper while Taehyung simply shrugs and gives Jimin one of the sweets he took from the counter. They both crowd his sides as he checked the logbook while holding his breath. After scanning the page over and over, he realised that there was no one younger than 40 who was consulted as a VIP patient on that day.

“That’s weird, you said he was around our age” Taehyung noted while brushing a finger down the list and Yoongi promptly replies,


Everything had just taken a turn for the worse and all the details of his own ‘homicide case’ were coming together. This kid had come in with some minor injury of some sort the day before yesterday and was taken to the VIP ward. Except, there was no record of the kid being treated there and he comes back alone yesterday with a clearly bruised rib and collarbones while looking extremely anxious. He even leaves no trace of his visit except an ambiguous note that says “Please don’t tell anyone”. This kid was being abused for sure, if Yoongi didn’t believe in it a hundred and fourty percent already, now it was a million percent. His father had surely pulled some strings so that no record of consultation or possible abuse case was written down in ink. He’s heard of exclusive rules down in the VIP ward but this was really too much. How many sellout doctors did this hospital have?

“Did they cover it up hyung?” Jimin asked hesitantly as he handed Yoongi back the card.

Yoongi just let out the two hundredth sigh for the day and raised his eyebrows before shrugging,

“Highly likely. You two go home, sleep and study. I have to start my shift soon anyways.”

With that, he walked the two medical students out before promising Jimin to eat his meals properly and reluctantly giving in to Taehyung’s bear hug. Walking back to the A&E, he would be lying if he said he wasn’t hoping to see a familiar brooding figure but only saw a mess of patients and a guy bleeding from his temples. It was time to get absorbed into the whirlwind that was the A&E and forget about that kid once and for all. Except life has a funny way of throwing surprises at you when you least expect it, like when Yoongi went to the convenience store on his way home at 2.47am and sees him. Him.


The kid had locked eyes with him the moment he looked up from the freezer and seemed ever so ready to run once more. Yoongi’s throat squeezed up as his head went on over-processing mode trying to decide if he should block the entrance or grab the kid’s hand first. Except the kid beat him to either by speaking,

“You …recognise me?”

Yoongi almost threw the banana milk he was holding right at him for asking such a dumb question but remembered the potential fractured or broken rib and just held onto the bottle. This kid was standing in the pharmaceutical aisle holding a basket of pain relief patches and some bandages. Jesus Christ.

“Of course I remember you, you fucking ran from the A&E without paying!”

“I paid.” came the reply immediately.

“You need an X-Ray for starters, also a CT scan to check if anything else was injured and I still have to check your lungs- but you’re walking about so you probably didn’t break anything did you-“ Yoongi rambles all at one go, taking a step towards him.

Except the kid takes a guarded step back, and Yoongi sees the way he holds upper body tensed and is taking shallow breaths. Nope, something was definitely fractured at the least.

“Okay, okay listen. You need professional help, not that half-assed welfare basket you have assembled there. Shit, what were you going to use those bandages for? You’re not supposed to wrap your chest up, it increases the chance of pneumonia- fuck.” 

Yoongi realises that he is breathing hard by this point purely because he is worried out of his mind and this kid has completely no idea what he is doing. The kid just stares, no surprise there, but the cashier had started looking over and probably would come interfere soon.

“Kid, I get that you don’t want anyone knowing and I won’t ask any questions I promise, just come and check if anything else was injured and for god’s sake do not wrap your chest up.”

The kid just tilts his head, studying Yoongi’s strange behaviour towards him for a moment before answering,

“I can’t. “

“No footprints, just one X-ray and CT scan and then you go back. I’ll get the scans for you, tell you what happened and how you should treat it. That's all.” 

The silence that follows definitely gets to Yoongi, especially when the cashier is blatantly staring between the two of them, looking like she was going to call the cops any second.

“Why are you helping me?” The kid questions with unreadable eyes.

“Because I’m a fucking doctor- almost a fucking doctor. It’s literally my job.”

“You swear too much for a doctor.”

Yoongi just rolls his eyes exasperatedly and gives the cashier another stare, daring her to do anything,

“It’s 2.58am, come to the A&E at 8.30pm and I will be there. Okay?”

Momentarily wondering if taking the medical examinations was easier than this, Yoongi holds his breath waiting for some sort of acknowledgement. When the kid finally somewhat nods before leaving the basket and walking right out, Yoongi lets out the breath he had been holding. He clutches harder onto the banana milk he had also been holding and walks to the cashier and promptly puts it down. She eyes him and scans the item, bagging it and accepting the cash from him before leaning forward and whispering dramatically,

“Are you really a doctor?”


Yoongi crams his eyes shut and wonders why this is his life, because he didn’t complete four years of medical school for this.


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Namjoon vaguely wondered if he had dyslexia because the words on the page were definitely moving about. He’d been reading the same twenty four pages of special considerations in regards to Endovascular Neurosurgery that Professor Song had assigned to him and memorising every single word. He had never questioned his choice of specialisation before, but now he was lying on the bed wondering what the fuck he had been thinking choosing neurology of all the specialisations he could have chosen from. His eyes burned, his head was throbbing in multiple areas, his back hurt and he was so sleep deprived not even five cups of coffee would help. In short, he was completely living the first year of medical residency. His phone went off all of a sudden, and he shot up from being conditioned to run to the Department of Neurosurgery and report to Professor Song. Except that he had forgotten that he had been lying on the bottom bunk and ended up slamming his head onto the hard wood of the top bunk,

“Motherfucking-fuck a fucking fuck to hell-”

Namjoon’s eyes were crammed shut and he clenched his teeth, wishing the pain to magically disappear. How ironic would it be if he ended up hurting his brain when that was his specialisation?

“Joon? You okay? Seriously, Yoongi and you need to stop swearing so much, you’ve both become so eloquent.” Jin lamented as he peeked his head over the edge from the top bunk before clambering down to check on him.

Pulling Namjoon’s hands off of his head, Jin carefully felt around for any blood before giving him a pat on the head,

“You’re fine, you big baby.”

“It hurts like hell!!”

Jin laughed at the pout that had made its way onto Namjoon’s lips before softly rubbing his head in an attempt to placate him. It works because Namjoon just sits there sleepily blinking and half nodding off to sleep. Jin lowers his voice before speaking,

“The text is from Yoongi, says he needs help for some patient that ran away from the A&E. Special case or something. Except, there’s nothing much you can do, so just be on standby. I’m off to go talk to him. You need to get some sleep first, don’t forget to report to Prof Song at 9.30pm.”

Namjoon just groans and buries his head into Jin’s stomach, arms winding around the older’s waist refusing to let go,

“He’s gonna kill me, I don’t know how to answer his questions hyung.”

“Prof Song is a nice guy, you need to stop your pretentious act around him and ask him questions when you don’t know things. Stop moping, and get to sleep.”

Jin just pushes Namjoon back down by his head and pulls the covers over him before grabbing his white coat and checking the time.

“Call me if the patient needs neurosurgery.” Namjoon croaks from the bed before flopping to the side to get comfortable.

“You’re not authorised to perform surgeries Joon, shut up and go to sleep.”

“Okay hyung, I love you.”

Jin freezes for a second before sneaking a glance at the lump in the bed. There it was again, the same words he hears every time Namjoon is sleepy or tired out of his mind. He wonders if Namjoon even knows what he’s saying at times like this or if he was even serious, but it’s been confusing the hell out of him these couple of months. Shutting the door behind him quietly, Jin swallows the lump in his throat and walks briskly to the cafeteria. He had more pressing things to worry about, like Yoongi organising some covert operation to get some patient checked without anyone knowing. The idea was so dangerous and risky, but it somehow it made Jin smile. It was just such a Yoongi thing to do.

“Ah hyung, you’re here.” Yoongi turns in his seat, already having seated down after bringing two sets of dinner to the cafeteria table.

“Yes I’m here, do you like night shifts in the A&E that much Yoongi ah? Didn’t you learn from when the chief heard you swear at a patient and gave you that much A&E duty when you’re supposed to be observing cardiovascular surgery?”

“That patient needed someone to tell him to go fuck himself because he was drink-driving-” Yoongi slowly closes his mouth when Jin glares at him and then sighs,

“I know hyung, I just. I can’t let this patient go. I can’t sleep, and I can’t eat-“

“That honestly sounds no different than you have been all this time” Jin laughs grabbing a spoon and digging in.

“Hyung! I’m serious, I can’t just put this behind me. I need to help this kid or I’m never going to be able to live with myself.”

“Kid?” Jin asks, tilting his head with a glint in his eyes.

“Oh god, do not. Do not psychoanalyse me hyung- Seriously!?” Yoongi grumpily looks down.

Yoongi isn’t dumb, and he knows he has lost when Jin already has a knowing look in his eyes,

“He’s young, like Taehyung’s and Jimin’s age or maybe even younger. The thing is, I’m so sure his father abuses him. He had blunt chest trauma, and he said he fell. Everything about his story is weird hyung, I can’t just let it go.”

“Well, when you talk to him later, don’t patronise him. Don’t directly let him know that you think someone is abusing him-“


Jin sighs and purses his lips for a moment,

“Just try to go around the topic, ask him gently if he needs help or would like any. Offer your help to him, be nice.”

“I’m nice, I can do that- hyung stop giving me that look. I’m taking your advice.”

With that Jin just reaches over and ruffles Yoongi’s hair. This strange kid with a passion to help people who just so happened to be easily misunderstood. He hadn’t changed a bit since Jin met him as a junior in medical school. Jin called him a kid because he was fond of him, and if Yoongi was calling that patient a kid, well he knew this patient must be special.

“Well, go check with Hobi about the X-ray procedures and make sure you don’t get any of them into trouble you hear me? Taehyung and Jimin haven’t even finished med school yet.”

“Yes hyung” Yoongi salutes with one hand before standing to go keep his tray and jog in the direction of the radiology department.

Hoseok had already agreed to help and Yoongi honestly didn’t know what he would do if he hadn’t. It would have been near impossible to get that kid scanned without any footprints being left behind if they had to do it as per the usual routine. Luckily Hoseok was specialising in radiology and Jimin and Taehyung were medical students from the hospital’s attached university. Sometimes the universe worked things out for you.

“Hobi, all clear?” Yoongi popped his head into the chest radiology lab, looking around white machines and more white machines.

“All clear hyung! I am ready to X-ray some kid and pretend that I am doing so for my observation studies.” Came the reply and Yoongi spotted him wearing glasses while sitting down at a desktop.

“You’re the best really. It’ll be over quick right? The kid should be arriving any time soon.”

“Over before you know it hyung, plus I’ll go print it for you and get the diagnosis cross checked with my professor first. Don’t want to screw this case up right?”

“You- you’re really the best.”

Hoseok just put up a peace sign and grinned before shooing Yoongi away and making sure that no other residents or professors walked into this lab. It was fairly out of the way of the main X-Ray labs due to it being mainly used by the residents for educational purposes but emergency patients could be admitted any time.  

It was finally show time and the nerves were getting to Yoongi. He just prayed everything would work out well and in under fifteen minutes this whole ordeal should be over. Crossing his fingers in his coat pockets, Yoongi casually walked into the A&E just as he would any other day. Professor Kang hadn’t come in yet and Yoongi mentally high fived himself. He’d gotten the timing just perfect, any earlier or sooner it would have been even riskier.  He greeted the nurses and grabbed his board to check on which patients needed to be tended to before glancing to the waiting area. Jimin and Taehyung were seated near the back, playing with their phones, and no nurse was minding them because they were there that often. Yoongi looked at his watch and it was 8.24pm. Looking up, he scanned the room and unlike like the previous times, the kid wasn’t dressed fully in black. It seemed odd at first but he recognised the mop of jet black hair and the curve of his shoulders under the white shirt. Yoongi took a deep breath and walked right to the water dispenser where the kid was standing before muttering,

“Don’t make big gestures and just follow me okay? Avoid the nurses.”

The kid just blinks before following him to where Taehyung and Jimin were seated down at,

“I’m counting on you two. You know the lab and you know the way. Don’t run or make him run, I will kill both of you.”

The two barely contain their grins before turning to wave at the kid, who seemed clearly taken aback.

“They’ll bring you to get your x-ray done, you’ll be taking a …special route. I’ll see you there. Follow them, okay?”

The kid doesn’t say a word and just stares at Yoongi with searching eyes and Jimin laughs a little,

“Wow, he really is like what you said he was. I’m Jimin, this is Taehyung. Let us hyungs take care of you!”

Yoongi almost laughs at the judgemental look the kid gives Jimin, almost. He manages to hide it with a hand covering his mouth,

“Okay hurry, go. Nurse Yoo is on duty and do whatever the fuck you two always do to slip inside. Go, go.”

The kid gives Yoongi one last glance before getting up and following the two who just cover his sides and bring him to the nurse’s counter. Yoongi clears his throat and pretends to be going through the board and checking on the patients’ conditions while they flirt their way through to the restricted area of the hospital. Yoongi narrowed his eyes at how easily Nurse Yoo let them through, cooing at the latest addition to the group before waving them in. Wow, just wow. Putting the board back, he signaled to the head nurse that he was going to the bathroom and slipped away just as easily. He turned to the radiology corner of the building and crouched all the way to the department, cursing under his breath when he narrowly avoided being seen by a passing doctor. He practically slid into the lab, shutting the door behind him quickly and patted his chest to calm his erratic heart. He was too old for this. Four pairs of eyes were watching him amused, and he hurried towards them.

“He insisted on waiting for you to come.” Hoseok singsonged from where he was standing next to the machine.

“Come and get changed kid.” Yoongi grabbed his arm and gently tugged just as he had done in the A&E, taking the green X-ray gown and closing the changing curtain around them. 

He didn't notice the way Hoseok's, Jimin's and Taehyung's eyes comically widened in tandem before they mutually decidedly to keep absolutely quiet about it.

“A button up, good, much easier to remove. Okay, let’s change.” Yoongi noted of the kid’s choice of clothing this time.

“Let’s change? I can change by myself.” The kid replied, raising a brow as he reached up to unbutton his shirt.

“I’m fucking helping you change because you have a suspected rib fracture, it’s standard protocol. Happy?” Yoongi rebutted with a scowl.

He waited for Jungkook to unbutton his shirt before helping him with the sleeves, and being careful not to bristle or hit his chest. The damn bruise was still as awful as ever, and it was now yellowing at the edges. God awful. Looking away, he helped to slip the green gown over his torso and fastened it at the side with nimble fingers. Yoongi looked up when he was done and found himself staring right into the kid’s large brown eyes, the same ones that had haunting him ever since. The changing section was a little too small for two people to have a comfortable distance with one another and Yoongi clung onto that as the reason for being right up the kid’s face,

“You won’t feel a thing, I promise. Stop looking so scared.”

“No I’m not scared, why are you-“

“Save the talking for later, X-ray first.” Yoongi cut him off and pulled the curtain aside before letting Hoseok take over.

Yoongi crossed him arms and waited at the side with Jimin and Taehyung who were keeping a lookout for anyone who was coming. Shit, a couple of minutes felt like forever to Yoongi right now. When Hoseok gave Yoongi the thumbs up, Yoongi immediately went to help the kid dress himself again. It was the wrong time to be realising details like how the kid was a head taller than him, very nicely toned, with a broad set of shoulders and sun kissed skin, but Yoongi was doing it anyways. It was normal to think someone was good looking if they were, right? God, he hated his brain sometimes. Yoongi could feel the kid’s breath on his temple before he spoke,

“I need to ask you-“

“Later.” Yoongi brushed him off again, clasping the buttons together and nodding his head,

“You need to get out of here fast if you don’t want any footprints left behind. Got it?”

The kid nodded, brows furrowed as he bit back the words he wanted to say but Yoongi really couldn’t help it. Now was really not the time for talking, at all.

“Hyung, I’m going to go get this printed and get my professors opinion. You guys need to scram, like now.” Hoseok gestured, getting onto his desktop.

Taehyung nodded, opening the door an inch before closing it immediately,

“Guys, we are absolutely fucked. Professor Shim is outside.”

“Oh my god-“Hoseok turned in his chair, eyes wide and full of fear.

Jimin took a breath before raising a hand and speaking softly,

“Tae and I will go distract him. Hobi hyung, come with us so we can pretend to be asking about some example of an X-Ray. Yoongi hyung, you need to get him out of here when he isn’t looking. Okay?”

Everyone nodded and Yoongi immediately reached for the kid’s hand, not thinking too much into it. But by the way the kid turned to stare at him, and the way his hand involuntarily twitched in his hold, he knew he was crossing lines. He didn’t care, there was no time for it. The three left the room and Yoongi counted to twenty in his head before tugging on the kid’s hand and opening the door to peek. The professor’s back was angled towards them, and Yoongi silently blessed Taehyung who was busy acting like he was that curious about radiology. Yoongi slipped out along with the kid, taking the staircase exit to the first level,

“Sorry, does it hurt a lot? This wasn’t part of the plan.”

“It’s fine.”

Yoongi checked the door to the exit before turning right back to the kid,

“My professor is here, fuck. Okay, I was going to make you wait at the A&E till the results came out but it seems like that is absolutely not an option when he is there,”

Yoongi grabbed the notepad from his pocket before clicking open a pen and scribbling onto it,

“It’s my apartment, go here. Nobody else will be there. Just wait there for a while and I will come.”

Jungkook widened his eyes as the paper was shoved into his palms and Yoongi turned and brisk walked right into the A&E department.  This guy was insane, did he just give him his address and door lock number? Jungkook clenched the paper tighter before looking over the wall and deciding that if any time was good to walk out, it was now. He kept his head down and avoided all eyes the whole way until he was out of the doors and the cold air hit his face. God, even just breathing hurt. He unrumpled the piece of paper and properly looked at the writing before realising that he actually knew where it was. It was fairly close by and near the convenience store he had gone to the other day. Jungkook had no idea why he was doing this, he really shouldn’t be trusting a stranger this much. But, this stranger was trusting him and helping him so much so that he couldn’t refuse. Jungkook took another shallow breath before turning to the right and walking towards the address given.


His chest hurt like hell but the only thing he could think about was Yoongi’s callused hands holding his.  


Chapter Text

Some people were giving Jungkook strange looks at he tried to walk down the street as discreetly as possible. It was mostly due to him wearing only a thin button up in this cold weather, but the rest were definitely checking him out. It was the kind of attention that he hated, choosing to ignore every pair of eyes in favour of getting to the apartment written on the piece of paper. Jungkook had left his warm woollen coat back at home because it screamed money, way too much money because Burberry, and it wouldn’t have kept him unnoticeable. Some higher power seemed to pity him because after a few wandering turns, he actually ended up at the entrance to the apartment building. The doctor had perplexed him beyond any form of reason because who in the world gave a total stranger their address and door pin number? Min Yoongi, apparently. He had caught sight of his name on the card pinned to the coat, but he couldn’t bring himself to use it because the doctor hadn’t introduced himself or asked for his name either. Jungkook almost didn’t believe it when the door unlocked and he stared at door knob for a few seconds before going in. Taking off his shoes and placing them with the other sneakers he sported, he quietly took in the cosy apartment interior.

He didn’t know why he had expected something a little sparser but this place was well-furnished and lived in, tones of grey and black splashed everywhere. Completely feeling like an intruder, Jungkook stood right in the middle of the living room not knowing where to stand or what to do. This was ridiculous, he shouldn’t even be here. Except, he couldn’t leave now, that would be such a dick move. Sighing, he looked wishfully at the kitchen because he could really use a cup of water. He spent a full ten minutes debating with himself on whether that would be appropriate before deciding,

“Just one glass.”

He decided to sit on the edge of the couch, pleasantly surprised when it was far more comfortable than the leather ones back at home. Jungkook didn’t know how long he spent trailing fingers over the soft fabric, but the sound of the door opening got him jerking up alert. The movement hurt more than he would like to admit, so he shut his eyes to gather himself together.

“So you actually stayed,” Jungkook heard Yoongi murmur before he finally looked up to meet his eyes.

Yoongi almost immediately rushed over, dropping his bag on the couch and looking over,

“Sorry- I had to get away from my professor, did you wait long? Give me a second, I’ll be right back.”

With that, he disappeared into the kitchen and Jungkook was left alone again. He really regretted making such a sudden movement because the sting he felt was enough to make him want to stay on this couch for the next few hours. Except he couldn’t, because this wasn’t his house. Jungkook bit on his molars to hold the pain in when he saw Yoongi shuffling back with a small basin and a cloth held in his hand.

“So, I have bad news and good news. Which do you want first kid?” Yoongi asked, placing the basin on the coffee table before letting the cloth soak in it.

“Bad.” Jungkook replied immediately and then shifted slightly when Yoongi sat on the coffee table completely facing him, way too close.

“You did in fact fracture your rib, but it was a clean hairline fracture like I suspected so you should be fine with rest.”

Jungkook let out a soft sigh but quickly held onto it when Yoongi leaned towards him and grabbed his bag. It was just like in the changing area earlier or even the day before, this guy had no idea of personal space. Jungkook was overly aware of their knees almost touching and even more aware of how much it didn’t seem to bother Yoongi. But then the realisation hit him that as a doctor, this was just part of the job. He watched Yoongi pull out his stethoscope and hang it around his neck before reaching a hand forward. It wasn’t the first time Yoongi has unbuttoned his shirt, and Jungkook knows that sounds weird because they still were technically strangers but for some reason he flinches. Probably because it felt less like a medical check-up and more like something else Jungkook would never be doing. It makes Yoongi pause, hands resting at his sternum, and Jungkook looks up to see apologetic eyes,

“I should have asked, my bad. I just need to check your lungs, so can you remove your shirt?”

Jungkook’s hands move to unbutton his shirt carefully, trying to keep his torso as still as possible and Yoongi definitely notices,

“It hurts huh, you’re really restricting your movements. Well, that’s a good thing anyways.”

It’s a weird mixture of senses when the stethoscope touches his skin because even though it was cold, Yoongi’s fingers were pleasantly warm.

“Take a slow breath, as much as you know you can without causing too much pain. Hold it there for me for a bit,” Yoongi instructs and Jungkook finds himself easily complying with the soothing voice and blinking up in surprise with wide eyes.

He’d been shocked by Yoongi’s cursing and grumpiness multiple times since the first time they met but this was a new side to him he had gotten to see today.

“Okay, ease your breath out.”

The stethoscope moved around and Jungkook glanced down, watching pale fingers hold the metal right over his bruise but not cause him an ounce of discomfort. He briefly wondered if this was the doctor that Yoongi was capable of being if he wanted to be nice.

“Your heart’s beating quite fast.” Yoongi abruptly noted, looking up with a questioning glance.

“I’m scared.” Jungkook lies, and perhaps it wasn’t a complete lie but he didn’t know why he was this nervous either.

He almost regrets saying those words when Yoongi takes his fingers away, eyes wide and lips parted,

“I- Sorry. You can trust me, I just want to make sure you’re okay. I know this isn’t a hospital but-“

“You say sorry a lot.” Jungkook interrupts, because he couldn’t stand how regretful Yoongi sounds.

“Fuck you kid, you should be honoured.” Yoongi mutters back and Jungkook looks up in time to catch the small smile.

Jungkook just watches as Yoongi wrings the cloth in the basin before bringing it to his bruise and ever so gently holding it there. It takes all of his resolve not to sigh and slump with the relief that the warm water brought and Jungkook only barely manages. He contemplates whether it was just the cloth that helped or whether the hand cradling his rib was also partly the reason.

“This is where the fracture is, so take note. No physical activities for four weeks at least. You look like you work out so, seriously don’t fucking do anything. It can still split and complicate. But I need you to practise breathing exercises with a pillow-“

Jungkook is listening, he really is. He pays attention to the steps Yoongi shows him but he’s also completely zoned out. By now, Jungkook knows that he’s hooked on this low voice that’s clear of any real annoyance and holds a suspiciously intimate quality. When Yoongi looks up, Jungkook nods to show that he was listening.

“You can hold a warm cloth like this, gently, and it’ll relieve some of the discomfort. You seem to have good pain tolerance so I just got the ordinary painkillers for you,”

Yoongi moves the cloth to his collarbone, and Jungkook just stares adamantly at a spot on his shirt to keep himself from reacting in any manner to the fingers that brushed his sensitive neck. Every alarm bell was ringing in his head, from the proximity that meant he could smell a woodsy cologne and listen to the low soothing voice that was lulling him to sleep. He was too comfortable and trusting of this stranger and that in itself should be a clear warning sign but he didn’t seem to care. Jungkook couldn’t remember the last person who had completely entranced him like this precisely because he was sure there was none.

“Feel better?” Came the amused chuckle and Jungkook only then realised he’d wrapped a hand around Yoongi’s wrist, pressing down to make him to apply a little bit more pressure.

Hastily withdrawing, Jungkook blinked furiously as he looked down and felt his ears burn. He snuck a glance up at Yoongi, but he was too busy checking the bruises and muttering to himself. Then, Yoongi looked up and Jungkook forced himself to keep the eye contact,

“Listen, kid, is there…anything else I could help you with?”

That one question effectively dispelled whatever comfortable haze that had settled over Jungkook. He sat upright, bringing his hands to clasp his buttons back while avoiding Yoongi’s gaze. He knew what Yoongi was hinting at because he already showed that knew he didn’t fall and get these bruises.  But it was too dangerous to drag Yoongi into this mess because if his father found out about this, things would definitely end badly for everyone involved. Jungkook resigned himself to the fact that he should be thankful enough for his help so far.

“No. Thank you for everything, I really appreciate it.” With that, Jungkook reached into his pocket and pulled out an envelope and left it on the table.

Yoongi helplessly watched as Jungkook closes himself off and gets up, putting on his shoes and ready to bolt. He knew he should have asked Jin to come and talk to this kid instead of scaring him off again. Quickly grabbing the bag of painkillers, he hands it to him at the gate,

“Wait, take these. Read the dosage instructions, don’t do anything stupid,”

Jungkook takes the bag after a moment of hesitance and makes the worst decision to look up,

“Just- Just stay safe, okay kid?”

He doesn’t reply to that and instead just turns on his heels and holds his breath till he’s in the lift. Jungkook closes his eyes and wills himself to forget the image of Yoongi biting his lip in worry, hands clenched around the door knob. He had to end things here, there couldn’t be another occurrence of this. His rib gives him a timely sharp jab of pain and Jungkook already misses the gentle fingers that took away the pain so easily.

Yoongi glances at the envelope and laughs bitterly when he realises it’s just more money. Fuck, he could care less about the money, but that’s all this kid continuously gave him. He took the basin back to the sink to wash it out but ended up staring at a mug slightly misplaced. He only noticed because he was particular about the alignment of the mugs on the rack, but it also looked recently washed. Yoongi stared at it for a while before shaking his head. No, he had to let this patient go because he had done what he could. There was only so much he could help.

Except it becomes clear to everyone that Yoongi was not letting the patient go, at all, because even after two weeks he was still thinking about him. Whenever Hoseok went over to the A&E to pass the scan results, he caught Yoongi staring off into space or looking to check the waiting seats at the back. As much as Jimin and Taehyung bothered Yoongi, he still seemed to be lost in his thoughts and even more withdrawn than before. Frankly, it started to worry everyone when even Jin couldn’t seem to brighten up his spirits. It wasn’t like Yoongi was a talkative or expressive person to start with but they all knew something was up. So, Namjoon took it upon himself to drag him to have dinner with everyone at the canteen,

“Hyung, we need to see you eat sometimes too, so stop complaining and come-“

“I eat fine, stop dragging me- You wanna fucking die?” Yoongi glared and Namjoon immediately withdrew, putting his hands up in defeat and letting Yoongi go to his seat on his own.

“Hyung look, Tae went to get your favourite banana milk!” and with that Jimin brandished the familiar drink like a peace offering as he looked at the five worried faces.

Yoongi stares at it longer than needed and he hated that he was acting like those hopeless heroines in those dramas he despised but it instantly reminded him of that kid. Sheesh, perhaps the dramas were telling the truth after all. He grumbled and took it, stabbing the straw and having his first meal of the day.

“Why am I getting an intervention, you think I don’t know what this is?” He scowled, looking up to five worried faces.

“I know you wanted to help that patient hyung, and you did. So you need to put it behind you, and move on.” Hoseok gently began and Yoongi suddenly couldn’t find himself to even finish the drink now.

“Hobi’s right Yoongi ah, you need to stop dwelling and letting this affect your health. You look horrible. “ Jin followed up, shaking his head and pushing the bowl of rice closer.

“Gee, thanks hyung. I feel so much better already-“and it was the stare he received from Jin that made Yoongi shut up.

“There’s no way of contacting the patient right? No name, contact or identification number?” Namjoon asked and Yoongi just shook his head silently.

“Then, that’s all we can do. And you did a really nice thing for him hyung, with all that no footprint weirdness. I mean, what kind of person wouldn’t let their son go to a hospital?”Taehyun chirped in, chopsticks still in his mouth.

An asshole, that’s what. A complete fucking asshole who hurts his own son and makes him suffer in pain silently, Yoongi thought. But his friends were right, he couldn’t continue to act like this, they especially didn’t deserve it.

“I’m really fine, I just need some time. I’ll be okay, so stop worrying. And thanks, for …this” Yoongi waved his chopsticks around vaguely and Taehyung grinned wide before reaching across the table.

Nobody stopped him from trying to hug Yoongi in the most awkward way, and instead they all joined in with identical grins and Yoongi just groaned. He made his way to the A&E to report for his usual duty courtesy of the chief who still thinks he shouldn’t be here. Fuck him. Managing a smile to the nurse, he took a look at the board and the patients he needed to check.

“Yoongi ah, have you eaten?” Professor Kang asks as he joins Yoongi to look at the board.

Yoongi bows in greeting before nodding and giving his attending physician a small smile,

“It looks like things are looking better in this hell prof, good recovery rates.”

“Sometimes things look up and then other times they go down. It’s life. I see you here so often I’m starting to think you belong here.”

“I like it here, keeps me busy. Also, I get to learn from you prof.”

Professor Kang lets out a fully amused chuckle before ruffling Yoongi’s hair,

“I’m sorry the chief assigned you here as punishment but you’re a really good doctor in training, I enjoy teaching you brat.”

The smile that appeared was short lived because the sound of a monitoring machine beeping erratically immediately caught his attention and he felt his stomach drop when Nurse Yoo turned around to yell for them. Yoongi was not a newbie in A&E but moments like this never failed to make him feel like throwing up. Professor Kang was already there, looking at the patient before turning to check his vitals,

“Nurse Yoo get the defibrillator quickly- Yoongi what happened to this patient?”

 “He was fine this morning! Prof, his pressure is dropping further-“

Yoongi just lunged over, putting one hand over the other at the middle of the patient’s chest and pressing down hard. The machine was still beeping like crazy and it didn’t help with keeping the tempo needed for CPR but Yoongi just pushed through, swallowing down the rising bile. It felt like years had passed to Yoongi, whose knuckles were white from the pressure of pushing on the man’s chest, but he still hadn’t regained normal pressure yet,

“Come on, please, come on, come on, come on-“

“Yoongi, that’s enough, stop-”

As Yoongi continued to pump his chest, he belatedly realised that the beeping sounds had slowly quietened down to an ominous hum and when he looked up he saw the feared straight line across the cardiac monitoring machine.

“No, fucking wake up! Don’t give up now, you told me you wanted to see your wife-Where's the fucking defibrillator?! Prof!-“Yoongi was heaving in between his words from the physical strain the CPR was causing but he refused to stop.

All the nurses and doctors as well as patients were watching the scene unfold as Yoongi continued to pump the chest of the patient who had flat lined some time ago. Professor Kang finally took hold of his arm and pulled him from the patient forcefully before turning to Nurse Yoo,

“Patient Kim Min Soo died at 8.34pm, please note his time of death.”

She only nodded and cast Yoongi one more concerned look before turning to go perform her duties. Yoongi just pulled his bottom lip into his mouth and stared at the edge of the bed. He was supposed to recover perfectly fine, he was doing so well- shit. Muttering a curse under his breath, he turned on his heels and blindly made his way outside because he couldn’t breathe in here. The tears stung his eyes and his hands were shaking so aggressively he couldn't even clench them. He crouched down next to the rubbish bin, hiding his face in his hands and trying to get himself to stop shaking. It was his fault, he should have done another round of check-ups, he should have somehow foreseen this- it had to be his fault. He felt himself retch before a wave of dizziness overwhelmed him. What was the use of being a doctor when he couldn’t seem to help any of his patients? Yoongi jumped a little when he felt a palm on his back but when he looked up it was just Professor Kang,

“There’s nothing I can say to make it hurt less, but it wasn’t your fault. The surgeon told us there was a high possibility of this happening, remember? Go home, and sleep.”

Yoongi just angrily shut his eyes when a new wave of anguish hit him, and Professor Kang just sighed and rubbed his shoulders,

“I’m easing you off duty, don’t come back until you pull yourself together.”

To be honest, Yoongi wondered if he was in shock because everything seemed to move so out of time. He was being pulled back inside and every nurse came to check on him before they got shooed away by Professor Kang. Then, he was being driven back to his apartment by Jin, who should have been doing his thesis but had to worry over him instead. Why was Jin here? When did he even get here?

“Yoongi, please, say something.” Jin begged after glancing over and noticing his blank stare.

Yoongi just looked sideways at him before nodding and clutching his hands together to make them stop shaking, but they wouldn’t stop. Jin unbuckled his seat belt to follow him up but Yoongi stopped him with a hand,

“Hyung, I’m fine really. I just need some space, and time. I- I’ll call, and I promise I won’t do anything stupid. I just need to breathe.” Yoongi silently hoped Jin got the message.

Jin does get the message because although he frowns and stares at him for a while, he gives in and nods, reaching over to pat his head,

“Please get some rest, and remember to call.”

Yoongi knew he didn’t deserve a friend like this, hell, he didn’t deserve any of them, especially when all he seemed to be good at was fucking up. His legs felt like jelly as he walked to his apartment and took off his shoes on auto pilot. Perhaps it was that he was really out of it or perhaps he was just that unobservant, but he only noticed the pair of Timberlands placed neatly at the side when he had finished removing his own shoes. 


Yoongi slowly brings his gaze up to his living room, and he wonders if his heart would be the second one to stop tonight, because he finds himself meeting the all too familiar brown eyes of a kid who haunts his every dream.  



Chapter Text

Jungkook stood up when the door had opened, praying it was Yoongi and not someone else. It seemed like his prayers were answered when Yoongi just crouched at the entrance to remove his shoes. Only when he had looked up did he see Jungkook. Standing up from the couch, Jungkook felt the most nervous he'd ever been,

"I was waiting outside, but after a while your neighbour uh, she started to look suspicious so I let myself in- I apologise-"

But Yoongi just ignored everything and went straight to him, hands immediately slipping underneath his coat,

"What happened, does something hurt? Did you strain yourself? Did he hurt you-"

Jungkook held onto the hands that were on the ribs, slightly startled before replying,

"I'm fine, really. I just thought I should let you know- wait you're shaking."

Yoongi blinked for a few moments before realising that he was indeed shaking. The panic that overwhelmed him earlier was back in full force and the room was most definitely spinning. Shit. He took an unstable step back before the hand around his wrists stopped him from moving any further. Jungkook was watching him cautiously, looking ready to call an ambulance if he had to and Yoongi knew he had to explain,

" I...I lost a patient today and now- now I see you looking better and- I don't know, it feels like some kind of consolation-"

"Yoongi hyung, sit down- you're shaking badly. I'll get you something to drink."

Yoongi vaguely wondered since when this kid called him hyung, or better still, since when he knew his name but the spinning room effectively stopped him from asking any questions, and he just sat down, bringing the heels of his hands to press at his eyes and hoping he doesn't cry. He only pulled his hands away when Jungkook settled down next to him and gave him a cup of juice,

"Are you okay, should I call somebody?"

"No, it'll pass."

Jungkook watched in silence as Yoongi’s hands continued to tremble. How did someone so small save lives? He had no idea what losing a patient felt like so he didn't know what to say. It seemed horrible, but if Yoongi invested this much on every patient, it wasn't a surprise. Jungkook nudged the juice into his hands, urging him to drink,

"You'll feel better."

Yoongi took a deep breath when the dizziness passed, before taking the cup and holding onto it for a while. Jungkook put his hands in his lap, ducking his head down in guilt because he didn't realise he'd been so selfish all this time. He didn't know the toll this took on doctors, or more specifically the toll it took on Yoongi,

"I'm sorry hyung, I thought- I didn't know. I’m much better, I almost don't feel it anymore. You really helped."

"No kid, it was the painkillers." Yoongi replied back, and although his voice was shaky, he seemed a little better already.

Perhaps it was Yoongi’s red eyes or the tired way he was slumped but something made Jungkook want to spill. So, he did,

“You were right, I didn't fall."

Yoongi looked up from sipping on his juice then and Jungkook could see the shock in his eyes before he continued by asking in a soft voice,

"But, how did you know?"

Taking a sharp breath, Yoongi shifted to put the mug away but Jungkook stopped him, motioning for him to finish it.

"I, uh, gut feeling? Kid look-"


After wondering what his name had been for the longest time, Yoongi couldn't help but think it felt weird on his tongue,

"Jungkook, you aren't obligated to tell me anything-"

"I want to, I'm sick of keeping quiet and running away."

Too many things were happening today and Yoongi wasn't sure if he was processing everything properly. First he loses a patient, this kid- Jungkook- appears in his house healing well and also wanting to tell him everything. He should probably mark this day on the calendar.

"Your ...father hit you with a rod like object, quite heavy and about this big?" Yoongi gestured with his hands, trying his best to keep his voice comforting.

Jungkook’s mouth parted in astonishment and it made Yoongi’s heart squeeze a little because he looked like a kid who just saw a magic trick,

"Yeah, a candle holder. It’s vintage. "

It's silent for a while as Yoongi tried not to fume and Jungkook just stared at his hands. His father was worse than Yoongi thought,

"We had an argument and... things escalated. It’s been like this for a while, but it's the first time he's hurt me to this extent."

Biting on his tongue so as to not explode in vulgarities, Yoongi wished he had called Jin because he would know what the right things to say and do were. How was he supposed to just listen calmly and let this kid go back home after this? Keeping his temper in check, he just asked,

"Why did you come back if you went to the VIP ward?"

"Oh, so you do recognise me."

"I saw you with your father, sometimes I wish I didn't shrug him off so I could have dealt with your case properly."

Jungkook just glanced sideways at him,

"I wouldn't trust you this much if you did."

A soft chuckle escaped Yoongi’s lips and he looked up to see a boyish smile from Jungkook, the first ever,

"The doctor there said the x-ray didn't show anything and that I was fine so-"

"Sometimes hairline fractures don’t show- what kind of shit doctors does the VIP ward have?!"

"Doctors who really are not like you. For starters, they don't curse,"

Yoongi rolled his eyes before drinking his juice and Jungkook continued,

"They aren’t as passionate about their job either, it's mostly about the money."

That was something Yoongi hated, and he wondered if that could ever change. He’s heard of the shady business that went on there, and Jungkook’s case just helped to form a worse impression.

"I came back and I saw you, so I panicked because I thought you'd recognise me but...It didn't seem like you cared. But I didn't know if you'd tell on me so I ran. But you came after me in the convenience store too and it seemed like you were just worried."

"I only wanted you checked Jungkook, simple as that."

The casual way Yoongi used his name surprised Jungkook but he nodded it away while playing with his hands,

"Yeah, I know now. You went out of your way to help me. I wouldn't be better if it wasn't for you."

A few moments passed and Yoongi set his finished drink down with steady hands, the shaking having subsided,

"I just want to help. You never should have to go through that and suffer silently. It's just not right."

"I've wanted to run away since I was sixteen hyung. I thought it'd get better once I graduate but it has just been getting worse. I just- if something goes wrong or if something horrible happens, I don't know what to do."

"Well, that's why you can ask for help. I'm not the best doctor for this but I know it's a gradual process. Your safety comes first, and we'll come up with a solid plan before doing anything so, trust me okay?"

Sighing Jungkook leaned back on the couch, closing his eyes and resting his hands on his stomach,

"I don't know how to repay you."

"You don't have to. And stop fucking giving me money, I don't want it. Put it in the donation box or something. "

Yoongi pointed to the envelop still sitting on the coffee table and Jungkook opened his eyes to look before turning,

“Yeah, okay I will. By the way Yoongi hyung, your couch is really comfortable."

“Yeah, it's my pride. But wait, how'd you know my name?"

"I saw it on your card."

"Yet you never once used it politely before you brat-"

Yoongi reached over to whack the back of his head like he did with Taehyung all the time, only remembering that he didn't know him that well after whacking his head, but Jungkook just laughed,

"Sorry hyung."

"You're even laughing now, you're almost fully healed."

Jungkook’s nervous habit of playing with his fingers finally caught Yoongi’s attention and he reached over and took his hands into his own,

“Are you safe for now?”

He received the trademark blank stare before Jungkook looked down at Yoongi holding his hands,

“Yes, he’s currently overseas. I’m safe.”

“Good. Listen, you can come here anytime. You even know the door pin number, so don’t hesitate.”

Yoongi didn’t know why he was holding this kid’s hands or why he was offering his house but logic didn’t matter anymore. He hoped the kid just went with it, and thank god he did. Jungkook just sneaked a glance before smiling and nodding. They sat down in the quiet before Jungkook left after a while, this time after getting his number and saying goodbye. Yoongi lay on his couch wondering how he survived the day without passing out until his phone started blowing up. Shit- he'd forgotten to call Jin, he was so screwed.

Namjoon didn't know why he was always the one who had to get caught in situations like this. He'd only meant to report to Professor Song with the essay he’d been asked to write in fourteen hours and six minutes-not that he was counting- but he'd somehow been dragged to attend a meeting with the president. The president of the hospital. He was just a resident, what was he even doing here? He stood in the room awkwardly, waiting for his professor to come with the president, except his elbow hit something and a framed photo got knocked down. Cursing under his breath, he quickly up righted it, fumbling for a while before he succeeded and stepped away just before Professor Song walked in,

"Ah Namjoon, this is the president. President, this is our promising first year resident for the department of neurology, Kim Namjoon."

He knew Professor Song had just complimented him but he couldn’t even begin to process it. Praying he doesn't say anything stupid, Namjoon shook the president’s hand after smiling at him. He only hoped he looked half as handsome as him when he turned seventy, because even with the white streaks Namjoon was sure he could be on some magazine. A health magazine probably. God, he was not going to make it through this meeting in one piece at all. Slipping his hand under the table, he texted Yoongi.


To: Min Oppa

hElp Me!!11 stucik with president!! mEeting!!


Yoongi glanced at his phone while doing his rounds, chuckling softly when he saw Namjoon’s plea full of typos for help. Stuck in a meeting with the president of all things, such things only happened to him.


To: Raploser

Ha, universe fucking with you. Good luck hoe.


Pocketing his phone, he smiled at Nurse Yoo as he looked at the updated board for the conditions of the current shift’s patients. He’d been eased off A&E duty and even the horrible demon chief had signed on it, and now he didn’t have to be stuck in night duty all the time.  He just had to go back to assisting with surgeries and making sure he didn’t fuck up there, and honestly he didn’t know which was worse. As Yoongi slid his glasses back on his nose properly, Nurse Yoo leaned closer to him,

“Yoongi ah, Jimin and Taehyung were asking for you before Professor Shim caught them. Say, where’s Jungkook? He’s not joining the rest today?”

So it really was only him who didn’t know Jungkook’s name, sheesh.

“Ah no, he’s busy or something. Sorry they’re always bothering you noona.”

“The boys are like a ray of sunshine to me, I’m glad to be bothered. But Yoongi ah, you really have connections everywhere. Now you don’t have to do the night shift here anymore right? Good news and yet you’re here.”

“I’ll just be doing a round, you know, I’m too used to it. Don’t mind me.”

With than Yoongi just grabbed the board and went over the beds to check on the patients, wondering what ‘connections’ she was talking about. Professor Kang had given him a good scolding for acting up over patient Kim Min Soo but then he’d softened up and just let the incident go, even talking to the chief about easing him off A&E duty. His phone buzzed again and Yoongi was about to tell Namjoon to stop texting during a meeting but stopped when he realised it wasn't him.


From: Iron Man

Hyung, I want to formally thank you and your friends for helping me. Is pizza and chicken tonight a good idea, or do doctors not eat those?


Yoongi paused for a moment, wondering who iron man was before it struck him. No wonder he hadn’t been able to find the kid’s contact in his phone. Scoffing at the alias, he tried to put aside the fact that the kid hadn’t contacted him in a week before replying,


To: Iron Man

Pizza and chicken is always a good idea brat, make sure you get coke or Taehyung will whine till your ears bleed. We were going to meet up anyways so I’ll let them know you’re buying dinner. I hope you’re prepared to get tossed over to those beasts.


From: Iron Man

I’m slightly terrified but I’ll head over to your place after I get the food then hyung. Sorry for not texting, I had exams. I’ll see you soon.


He hated how his heart flipped when he read that text, even more so when he heard the kid just finished his exams, he was barely out of high school. He’d been blatantly trying to ignore every reason connected to why he was so affected by Jungkook and he’d been doing a good job. Until recently, when he started to wonder if he was seeing him as less of a patient and more of someone he potentially harboured feelings for. Feelings that would be highly unprofessional of since he was a ‘doctor’ and Jungkook was basically his patient. Or was he? Technically, he never went through the hospital’s proper patient registration procedure. He just couldn’t get the kid’s smile out of his head and he knew he was so screwed if anyone found out. He sent out a text in the group chat to let them know about the new dinner plans before completing his rounds. After grabbing his own things, he went to go get Hoseok by knocking on the lab door,

“Let’s go home, pizza and chicken waiting for you!”

Hoseok immediately opened the door, a wide grin in place before he threw an arm around Yoongi’s shoulder,

“I already like this kid, hyung.”

Yoongi just chuckled before they sat off to walk home and when they reached his apartment, Yoongi knew Jimin and Taehyung were already inside not by their shoes but because of their incessant giggling.

“You two, seriously, play nice, don’t scare him off.” Yoongi sighed as he slipped his shoes off and walked into his apartment, seeing Jimin and Taehyung sprawled on the couch together.

“We’re just excited hyung, you said he’s 19?” Jimin flashed his angelic smile and if Yoongi didn’t know better he would have fallen for it but instead he just gave him a warning look.

Yoongi was going to go shower while Hoseok went over to play with the two, except the door opened and the smell of food was instantly recognisable. He briefly worried about how Jungkook would act around his friends, and whether this was even a good idea to begin with but Hoseok stood up and broke the ice as soon as Jungkook stepped in,

“Hi kiddo, remember me? How’s your rib doing, all healed?”

“Ah, Hoseok hyung. Yes, I’m fine, thank you.”

Yoongi cringed at the overly formal manner he was acting in before offering a smile to Jungkook when he looked over before Taehyung jumped off the coach and grabbed his hand,

“Jungkookie! Remember us?“

“Taehyung and Jimin hyung, of course. I- uh, I’m sorry about the other time, I just-“

“Sorry about what? Here, put these down, and come sit. “Jimin easily replied, helping to put the food on the coffee table before making him sit.

Jungkook sat completely still in between them before Taehyung dropped a PS4 controller onto his lap,

“Let’s play.”

When Jungkook just held onto the controller awkwardly while Taehyung customised his player, Jimin tapped his arm questioningly. Jungkook bit on his lip,

“I’ve never played this before. Um, how do I..?”

Hoseok was full on gaping while Taehyung and Jimin looked dumbfounded but Yoongi broke the awkward silence,

“Just teach him how to play then, I’m gonna shower.”

Hoseok’s mouth slowly stretched into the most mischievous smile Jungkook had ever seen and in a second he had completely become his mentor, telling him which to choose and all the dirty tricks to use to beat Taehyung and Jimin who were instantly offended. If Yoongi had been worried about Jungkook being alone with them, he had nothing to be worried about anymore because Jungkook looked like a kid who just opened a present when the game finally started.

Jin sighed as he rubbed at his eyes, putting his notes away after a solid four hours. The last year of residency was hard, and this thesis was draining the life force out of him. It didn’t help that he was worried about Yoongi, something that he was sure was connected to this Jungkook kid. He knew the way Yoongi had been evading questions about him whenever the topic went there, and it only worried him more. He’d seen the text Yoongi had sent and he was definitely going, thesis be damned, but now he was stuck waiting for Namjoon to show up. Groaning, he put his head on the table and closed his eyes for a bit before being rudely shaken awake by warm hands,

“Hyung, I got you your favourite vanilla frap, don’t hit me please, I suffered enough in today’s meeting.”

Blearily blinking while he waited for his eyes to function once more, Jin took the coffee and chugged it down even though he was sure it was boiling hot.

“You and Yoongi hyung are seriously scary, you know?” Namjoon whispered and Jin just rolled his eyes,

“Just wait till you get to your second year, you’ll fit right in.”

Jin checked the time before he got up, putting his laptop and notes away while Namjoon got his bag. They were both still in their scrubs, and Jin honestly just wanted to head to Yoongi’s house and pass out on the couch. Namjoon just watched Jin rub at his eyes, knowing that he definitely must feel like sleeping but still insisted that they meet this new kid at Yoongi’s house. It was that caring quality that he found really attractive about Jin, even if the rest simply referred to it as him being a mother hen. Not that he’d ever voiced that out, or even hinted that he thought that way. It wasn’t like Namjoon didn’t know that he’d been crushing on Jin for the longest time, he just didn’t know how to do anything about it. They were both medical students, and their residency was enough for both their hands to be tied and if he said anything, he was worried that it’d screw the balance they had now. Namjoon just grabbed Jin’s bag along with his own before turning off the lights to their shared sleeping room. Jin blinked in surprise when he linked arms with him but Namjoon just soldiered through before he panicked and wussed out,

“I’ll drive, you look tired as hell hyung. Seriously, you care for us too much. Plus this new kid is just gonna add on to the collection you already have.”

Jin just smiled as he let Namjoon bring them to the car and seat themselves in,

“I’m okay Joon. Just, be nice to him okay? He’s been through some horrible things he shouldn’t have.”

“I’m nice, I’m not Yoongi hyung.”

Namjoon kept quiet for the entire ride, letting Jin catch up on any scarce amount of sleep he could. He just wanted to wrap him up and tuck him into bed, which he will, after the pizza and chicken. But for now, they took the lift up to Yoongi’s apartment and let themselves in. There were shoes littered at the front, some more neatly placed than others and Namjoon added his own next to a pair of Timberlands. Huh, that must be that new kid’s shoes, he didn’t remember anyone else owning a pair. He could hear the rambunctious noise that only Hoseok, Taehyung and Jimin were capable of and it strangely brought a smile to his face. Walking into the living room with Jin trailing right behind him, Namjoon locked in on the new mop of black hair that was huddled between Taehyung and Jimin while Hoseok was sprawled across the carpet. Except he knew who that was and the surprise that hit him made him stand a little straighter while Jin just walked past him to go to the kitchen to get a drink. He saw Yoongi coming out of his room, presumably after a shower since he was changed into a baggy tee and sweats before he went to grab his arm and drag him to the side,

“Hyung, why the hell is the president’s grandson here?!”

“President’s what-huh, what are you saying Joon?”

“That boy, sitting in between Taehyung and Jimin is the grandson of our hospital’s president. Also, the son of the CEO of Jeon Holdings, you know, the company that funds the bloody hospital? I would know. In fact, a lot of people would recognise him. I would especially, because I saw the photo on the president’s desk just today- holy fuck hyung, you mean that’s the kid?!”

Yoongi had no idea what he had just heard, except it suddenly dawned on him that it made a lot of sense. The reason why Jungkook was simply brought to the VIP ward, why there were no records, why he came to the A&E in a hoodie. It was all because he couldn’t be seen there and recognised by anything or they would all know who he was. Oh lord, it even explained why he refused to get treated or come and get checked, he didn’t know if Yoongi would tell on him to his father or grandfather. It was also why he wouldn’t let Yoongi help him all this while, there was so much more to this story that he had absolutely no idea about. Hell, Nurse Yoo thought he’d gotten Jungkook to pull some strings and get him off A&E night duty, she definitely recognised him. Namjoon nudged him and Yoongi snapped out of his thoughts and looked to the side, where everyone other than Jin were seated on the couch. Apparently, it seemed that they all heard the conversation he thought Namjoon and him were having in private because the four had completely abandoned their game, and Namjoon was never that great at whispering. Even though his chest tightened uncomfortably, Yoongi knew he had to ask,

“Jeon Jungkook?”

Everyone’s eyes were on Jungkook, waiting for a reply while Jungkook had gone rigid, his own eyes scanning everyone’s face before landing on Yoongi’s. He swallowed a knot in his throat before nodding and Taehyung slowly lifted his feet off from their place in Jungkook’s lap while Jin stood frozen in the entrance to the kitchen.


Now Yoongi knew what it was that he couldn’t shake off from the kid since the very beginning, he had exactly the same eyes as the president.




Chapter Text

For Jungkook, it had been like this ever since he could remember. He was used to being alone in the house, being alone with his private tutor or being alone anywhere. You get the picture. His father was busy at the company all of the time, and he hadn’t seen his mom since he was nine. He’d read on a website that divorces were supposed to be messy but when he thought back to when it happened, it seemed more like a peaceful business transaction to him. There were no fights, no screaming and definitely no crying. That was the last he saw of his mother, and honestly he didn’t see his father that often either although they technically lived in the same house. Jungkook wondered what exactly set off the violent tendencies in his father because the only thing he attributed to him was a cold standoffish persona, not one that was physically present to maim him. So the first time it happened, you could say Jungkook was more shocked at the fact that his father acknowledged his presence as a human being rather than actually getting slapped. The sting he felt on his cheek when he was fifteen was his first ever experience of getting hit, and it was over getting two questions wrong on a maths midterm exam. Jungkook still remembers the slow pool of blood that had gathered in the inside of his cheek from where he had accidentally bitten because of the force of the slap, and he also very clearly remembers swallowing it down when the yelling begun.

“You call yourself my son when you can’t even do this?!”

“Exactly how stupid are you?”

“Jeon Jungkook? Don’t use that name, you disgust me.”

Perhaps it was since then that Jungkook really refrained from using his name, but it wasn’t like he had any friends to talk to, so it was relatively easy. After the first incident, he somehow lost count of how many times he had gotten hit. Or something thrown at him, although it first started off with books and later progressed to heavy and sharper objects. It wasn’t like Jungkook didn’t know that it was wrong, it was just the only thing he knew in his life after a while; it was a constant. Sometimes, Jungkook knew the right thing to say to calm his father down before the arguments escalated, but other times there was no stopping it. He just sat or stood there till his father had enough for the day. Being enrolled in a Judo Academy made it easy to cover up the bruises whenever anybody asked, even if it was only the housekeeper who did. He rarely saw anyone else, more so spoke with them. So when Yoongi called him by his full name, affiliating him with his father, it brought back the whole severity of the situation to Jungkook. He knew what he was doing was dangerous, and he knew dragging Yoongi and his friends into this was even more dangerous given the kind of person his father was and yet he did it. Except he thought Yoongi had known who he was all this time. So when everyone just quietly stared at him, clearly in shock, his own heart started to pump at an unhealthy speed,

“I-I thought you knew hyung- you said you recognised me at the convenience store, you understood why I couldn’t leave any footprints- you even said you saw my father- I really thought you knew who I was and that was why you were helping me.”

Jungkook just trained his eyes on Yoongi, watching his face slowly change into one that was putting things together before he replied,

“I meant I remembered you as the patient who ran away, and I was just willing to accommodate to your needs as strange as they were- I didn’t know who your dad is, just that he’s an asshole-fuck."

It felt like another one of those times that Jungkook knew that a good thing would never last, like when he thought he could run away but later realised that it would be impossible with the family name he carried. His stomach was doing gymnastic spins and Jungkook couldn’t sit on the silence any longer,

“I’m sorry, I think I should go.”

Yoongi frowned,

“What? No, where do you think you’re going- Jin hyung block the door!”

Jin glanced to the door from where he was standing and immediately took the three long steps it took to stand in the way of the only exit in the apartment. Jungkook tilted his head in confusion before Yoongi just rubbed a hand down his face,

“This, this changes nothing kid. Except that I finally understand why you were so reluctant to ask for help and kept fucking running away from me. It’s definitely more complicated than what I initially assumed, but that doesn’t change the fact that you need to get out of this situation. I don’t care if your father is the CEO of Jeon Holdings or that your grandfather is the president of our hospital. None of us do, right guys?”

At that Yoongi tipped his chin towards the rest of them, and it was almost like everyone had a reboot button pressed because there was a synchronised nodding of heads that followed. Clenching his hands into fists, Jungkook just looked at them for a while before biting his lips,

“I don’t want to endanger your jobs or anything, if my father finds out- I don’t know what he will do-“

“We’re still helping you, kiddo.” Hoseok interrupted, and Jungkook just deflated and laid back down on the couch, covering his face with his hands.

“So, what’s the story? Wait, does your grandfather know about this?” Namjoon asked, stepping forward to sit on the edge of the couch before taking a throw pillow to hug against his chest.

Yoongi and Jin move to join the rest, sitting on the coffee table before Jungkook pulled his hands away and took a deep breath,

“No. He doesn’t know, nobody knows.”

A collective look of relief passed by everyone’s face but Jungkook just stared down at the carpet,

“This whole thing, it started because- my father he wants me to take over the hospital someday while he keeps the company but I…I don’t want to be a doctor.”

Jin started to rub at his temple while Jimin frowned so hard he was starting to get wrinkle lines when Jungkook continued on with his story. He told them about the abuse, when and how it started. How easy it was to get away with it because Jungkook had no other relatives he saw often or any other adult he could depend on. He never saw his grandfather more than once a year, and his father kept him on lock and away from him all these years. His father and grandfather were never on good terms as far as he could remember, and as the only heir to both the company and hospital there was a lot of responsibility piled on him. He was the best playing piece his father had to use to get the hospital. Jungkook swallowed before continuing,

“If I did something- and news got out, both the company that my grandparents worked so hard to build as well as the hospital would be buried in bad media and rumours. I don’t want that to happen- my grandfather’s not a bad person, he’s nothing like my father and I don’t want that to happen-"

“That’s not your problem kid. I know it feels like it is, but It fucking isn’t. You can’t live with this abuse or not being able to chase after your dreams, give yourself a chance. “Yoongi just leaned forward and grabbed his hand, partly because it already felt like a habit now.

If anyone sitting in the living room thought it was strange, they didn’t say a word. Jungkook’s eyes were blown wide and Yoongi really wanted to wrap a blanket around him because even after everything he went through, his eyes still held the innocence of a child. Jin just nodded in agreement,

“I’m sure your grandfather would like to know about this, and I am also very sure he is more than capable of handling this discreetly.”

Jungkook looked back down but he tightened his fingers around Yoongi’s as he let himself think. After a while Yoongi tugged on his hand to bring him back,

“You said your father’s overseas now? For how much longer? We need to do this while he’s gone so I know you’re safe.”

“Two weeks, it’s a business trip.”

“The first thing to do is to tell your grandfather everything, then if they need legal documents we can all testify- regardless of the number of laws we broke.” Jin pursed his lips.

Holding onto his gaze, Yoongi tried to persuade Jungkook to go through with the plan and it works because Jungkook just searched his eyes for a while before nodding in finality,

"I'll try talking to him one more time- just, before I end up changing everything. Let me ask him one last time."

Jin and Yoongi shared a look while Jimin just looked away frowning but collectively they all knew that it was Jungkook's decision to make. Taehyung just smiled wide before leaning forward to tip the lid off of a pizza,

“Okay, we'll wait for you then. Also, I’m really sorry to interrupt this sharing session but I’m really hungry so……….”

Jimin turned to glare at him but Taehyung just took a slice of pizza and leaned back on the couch,

“Oh yeah one more thing, can I put my feet in your lap? Or like do I get arrested...?"

Namjoon was the first one to groan and slap a hand to his forehead before the rest followed suit, but Jungkook just grinned before taking Taehyung’s legs and placing them back in his lap.

“Those are the president’s grandson’s thighs you are placing your peasant feet on Kim Taehyung, watch your back.” Yoongi growled without any real bite to it before turning and getting everyone food to fill their stomachs.

Jungkook didn’t really understand how or why they were still willing to help him but he was grateful. He never really had a friend or friends before, mostly only being allowed to mingle with other rich kids who he usually avoided. He was also really thankful he bought enough food for ten people because it was disappearing fast. For the first time, he sat squished in between Jimin and Namjoon as he bit onto pizza and had dinner with company. Although Yoongi was yelling at Taehyung and asking him to stop taking up so much space on the couch and Hoseok accidentally sat on his foot once, it was the happiest and most filling meal he had ever eaten. There were no table rules or things he couldn’t do, demonstrated mostly by Taehyung who was lying on his side and chewing with his mouth open. The food was greasy and fattening instead of organic red rice with equally organic vegetables topped by the highest grade meat in the market. It was a pleasant change, and Jungkook found himself just basking in it. When Yoongi handed him another slice, along with chicken on a plate, Jungkook gladly accepted and was ready to bite into it until fingers brushed his lips. Yoongi had leaned over and wiped the sauce that was smudged at the edge of his lips without a second thought after passing him the plate. Jungkook didn't even jerk or flinch, and he wondered just how used to Yoongi he had gotten in such a short time when he would have probably executed a Judo move on anyone else. He knew his cheeks were dusted pink when they burned hot and he just ducked his head before giving Yoongi an embarrassed nod as thanks. He liked it when Yoongi touched him, and he should have known right away at the hospital but now he was sure it was the hands that touched his ribs that made them feel better and not necessarily just the warm cloth.

"Jungkook ah, are you staying over? Hyung, is he?" Jimin asks before turning to Yoongi, politely chewing his food behind his hand.

Yoongi turned to him then, after wiping Taehyung's mouth in a similar fashion to what he had done to him earlier and Jungkook had to fight the frown that threatened to place itself on his lips. Jealousy was not an attractive trait, he knew. Everyone in this room were Yoongi's close friends, and he was the outsider who had barged in and taken a seat. He was in no place to be getting jealous and yet his traitorous heart didn't listen. Somehow, it already wanted to be someone special to Yoongi,

"I can, I mean if I can stay over hyung-"

"Of course you can, but what's with this over politeness kid? I can't get used to it, so drop it."

Jungkook took more offence than he probably should have and wondered how he behaved prior,

"I can be polite."

Hoseok snorts and some pizza drops onto his jeans and he quickly cleans it up while Jimin and Taehyung snicker,

"Yeah right, just listen to Yoongi hyung, where's the glaring and staring kiddo?"

Yoongi simply laughed before getting up and ruffling his hair,

"Come, take a shower,"

He tapped Jin's wrist before continuing,

"Hyung, I changed Namjoon's sheets so go pass out in his room with him after washing up."

Jungkook took what he hoped was an inconspicuous peak at the rooms across the living room, and he saw two doors. All the times he was here he didn't once see Namjoon, but he apparently lived here. With Yoongi. Friends lived together, right? He got up and followed Yoongi while Jimin and Taehyung cleaned up the area proper with Hoseok who called dibs on the couch. He was hit with the smell he knew was uniquely Yoongi when he walked in but wondered exactly what cologne or perfume it was. Heading right to his closet, Yoongi started grabbing towels and clothes for him to change into, unaware of the way Jungkook was looking about the cosy room,

"That's the bathroom kid, use whatever you want. I'll leave some clothes for you to choose from, I have some baggy clothes you'd probably fit in but Taehyung's will fit better I think-I'll leave it to you."

Catching the towel that was thrown to him before hesitantly going into the bathroom, Jungkook had no idea how to behave in this setting. Does he just wash his face or take a proper shower? Wait, Yoongi told him to shower didn't he? Every little noise he made seemed to make him even more anxious for a reason he couldn't really pinpoint, until he spotted a strange object. A strange looking black bear figurine that acted as a toothbrush holder. It took him everything not to burst out laughing, but he managed to do so because he knew Yoongi was still outside. He'd spotted a similar looking plushie on Yoongi's bed earlier but didn't get to think too much about it until now. Yoongi didn't strike him as a soft toy kinda person but this was definitely a surprise that he liked. This black bear seemed to also possess magical abilities because Jungkook found his nerves dissipating and he stripped himself out of his clothes to finally take a shower. He sniffed every bottle on the rack, and usually he'd have scents he didn't like because his nose was sensitive but all of these were strangely alright with him. In fact, he liked it, a lot.

Yoongi didn't really need to help Taehyung and Jimin put the comforters on the floor next to the couch to make a makeshift bed because they've done it a million times over but he needed something to distract himself from the fact that Jungkook was showering in his room. He'd been repeating the same mantra of 'he's just a kid, just like Tae or Jimin and I will not be a gross pervert by hitting on him' in his head for the past week but nothing seemed to be changing. Not even the fact that he was the grandson of the hospital's president changed the fact that he was sure what he was feeling for Jungkook wasn't simply brotherly. Fortunately Jimin interrupted him from his thoughts,

"Hyung, where is he gonna sleep? With us?"

"Nope, on the bed. His ribs are still healing."

"Woah, I'm a little jealous hyung. It took me six months before you let me touch your bed." Taehyung sulked as he fluffed up the pillows.

"Did you have a fractured rib?"

"Well no-"

"Then stop making unfounded comparisons and go to sleep."

Yoongi smothered Taehyung's face with a pillow to end the conversation but Taehyung had way much more willpower than him,

"Where are you gonna sleep then? "

"With me of course, we have an on and off relationship don't you know Tae?" Hoseok winked as he made himself comfortable on the big couch and Yoongi just pulled a face,

"I'm only with you for your body heat, don't get any ideas."

The door to his room opened then and Yoongi looked up and felt his heart plummet to the floor for one too many reasons. The first one being that Jungkook looked so young when his hair wasn't styled, and the second was due to how he finally looked relaxed in his own skin. The last one was because of all the shirts he'd put out, Jungkook had chosen to wear the one black shirt that was his. It was one of his shirts from med school that he had gotten with Jin, except that it expanded excessively after years of going through the dryer. Although on Jungkook, it actually fit pretty well and even though it was baggy, it showed how the boy was built like he did sports, a lot of sports. Yoongi walked over after gathering his resolve and Jungkook just smiled at him,

"Thank you for the shower and the clothes, they're really comfortable."

"Quit with the formalities kid." Yoongi replied immediately as he went inside the room to put back the clothes that Jungkook hadn't worn.

Only to find them neatly folded and placed exactly where they had been before. Yoongi whipped his head towards Jungkook who had his trademark deer caught in headlights look,

"Sorry- I put them back...I didn't want to trouble you."

"No that's fine, it's just, you have good memory or something?"

"Something like that."

Yoongi just shrugged and walked over to his bed, brushing the nonexistent dust off his comforter before gesturing Jungkook to make himself comfortable,

"You'll be sleeping here, I hope that's okay. My bed's pretty damn comfortable if I say so myself."

Jungkook's face immediately fell before he shook his head fervently,

"I can't sleep on your bed. Hyung, no. I'll sleep in the living room- Jimin and Tae hyung are there and like-"

"And like you have a fractured rib that's still healing and you will sleep here. Don't argue."

Yoongi crossed his arms and frowned as Jungkook wordlessly waved his arms around trying to protest before slumping in defeat. Smirking in victory, Yoongi tapped the bed before walking to the door,

"Don't worry you aren't missing out on some big sleepover party, everyone's exhausted and probably already asleep. We'll initiate you into one of those god awful all nighters when you're all healed and they can toss you around and wrestle with you till daybreak,"

Giving him one last smile before closing the door and turning off the light,

"So, goodnight Jungkook."

Sighing, Jungkook slowly sat on the bed before getting under the covers and sitting upright. The bed was more than comfortable, it felt like he was drowning in the softest cloud that also was scented with Yoongi's cologne from heaven. But he couldn't sleep. His mind kept drifting around the events of today and the small step he took that led to such a big change was honestly a little scary. He didn't know it was so easy, that all it took to change things was getting up and doing something about it. Before meeting Yoongi, he had thought he was stuck in that life forever. A hour or so probably passed as Jungkook blankly stared into the darkness just swimming in his thoughts before he heard the door slowly open. It was a little difficult to make out in the dark but he knew it was Yoongi who was crouched low while trying to make as little noise as possible. It took him a while to get past the door and when he did, he looked up before making a choking noise and staggering back to close the door and hissing,

"Fucking hell kid! God- fucking fuck- you scared the living fuck out of me, fucking fuck a fuck- wow."

Jungkook pondered just how many creative ways Yoongi could use the cuss word in a sentence while trying not to look too amused before reaching over and turning on the bedside light so Yoongi could see him better,

"I didn't mean to, sorry. I couldn't sleep, so I just...laid here."

Yoongi was taking long breaths to calm himself down and Jungkook couldn't stop the giggles that escaped even when he got shot with a menacing look,

"Not funny, don't laugh. You looked terrifying in the dark."

Huffing, Yoongi walked over to the side of the bed and took the black bear plushie and hugged it to his chest,

"I just needed this. I forgot to take it before."

"You really like this black bear huh hyung?"

"Black bea-seriously?! it's Kumamon, you know, the famous Japanese mascot?"

"Uh no."

Jungkook held the unbelieving look that Yoongi gave him while struggling not to smile. Yoongi really liked this bear, it was really kinda cute. Shaking his head in disappointment and disbelief Yoongi went over to sit on the side of the bed next to him,

"Why can't you sleep? Is it the bed?"

"No. I..I'm just happy I think, this kind of feels like a dream."

"Then go to sleep so you can actually dream kid-wait, have I checked your ribs yet?"

Yoongi leaned over to the bedside table and grabbed a stethoscope from the drawer and Jungkook started to really question if he just had them lying everywhere. Maybe in a house full of medical students and future doctors this was the norm. He knew the drill by now, and he pulled off his shirt while Yoongi put his stethoscope on,

"Breathe in, that's right. Wow, your lungs are doing much better huh,"

His tone and his entire persona was so intimate that it brought a big grin to Jungkook's face, 

"Hold there, yup that's good. Okay, let me just get around-"

The first thing that registered was the smell of Yoongi's shampoo completely engulfing Jungkook's senses because he was practically hugging him right now. Just that, he was doing it to put his stethoscope to his back. Jungkook's fingers pressed harder against his thighs and he was so sure Yoongi could hear the way his breath caught precisely because he had a freaking stethoscope pressed to him. Yoongi seemed to have noticed the invasion of privacy belatedly and he gave Jungkook an awkward pat on his back before coughing and putting space between them,

"Kid, you heal really fast."

While Jungkook searched Yoongi's eyes for something or anything that told him that Yoongi also felt the strange vibes he was feeling, Yoongi just pressed his fingers along the ribs gently before doing the same to his collarbones,

"All good yeah, I'll just go now- let you sleep you know?"

Jungkook caught his hand before he could all but run out of the room and Yoongi gulped when he saw those brown eyes completely narrowed in on him,

"Hyung. Your bed is big, and I feel bad making you sleep outside, so can't you just sleep here?"

Yoongi was ready to completely reject the request because he absolutely could not do that when he was having these strange thoughts about the kid. Why the hell did he lean over him like that, he should have asked him to turn around. He hated it when his hands acted quicker than his brains. It didn't help that his bare torso was in full view once more, this time with less bruises and more healthy skin. God, he needed to stop staring. But Jungkook just scooted over while tugging and Yoongi kind of toppled forward with kumamon in tow. Yoongi still wanted to get up and run the hell out but Jungkook just smiled at him while pulling the covers over them and all the words just died in his throat when he heard him whisper,

"I've never slept with someone before, this is really nice. "

He refused, absolutely refused to acknowledge the double meaning that it could hold and instead just nervously laughed before nodding,

"Much warmer huh"

Jungkook just tilted his head in confusion and Yoongi really couldn't help but compare it to a dog,

"Are you cold?"

He should have seen it coming, but he didn't and when Jungkook shuffled closer and wrapped an arm around him, Yoongi really wondered if he was going to die from cardiac arrest because this was not okay. It was completely not okay how much he liked feeling Jungkook's skin on his own, how warm he was and how right this felt. Yoongi  wanted to protect him from the asshole of a father he had, and he felt his insides burn when he remembered what Jungkook had told them earlier. If he laid another hand on him, Yoongi was sure he was going to end up breaking some of his precious gold bones even if he had taken the Hippocratic oath. Jungkook's breath tickled his ear when he spoke,

"Is this okay?"


Yoongi could have done the right thing by walking right out and back to Hoseok who was snoring on the couch, instead he just nodded before bringing his hand up to pat Jungkook's back just like what his mother used to do when he was younger. He felt Jungkook smile rather than saw it and the comfort it brought lulled him easily to sleep, leaving kumamon abandoned on the edge of his bed for the first time. 


Chapter Text

Yoongi slumped against the wall after he finished assisting Professor Kim in a four hour surgery, man he was beat. Scrubbing his hands clean before taking off his scrub cap and mask, he then finally walked out of the surgery department. It was already five in the evening and Yoongi knew he technically could go back and rest for a bit but he also knew Professor Kang was in the A&E now and that was enough incentive to go and check up on him. Somewhere along the way, his punishment of serving in the A&E had really become a duty he didn’t plan on letting go of. He pulled on his white coat, and then hung his stethoscope around his neck quite haphazardly before checking his phone. Ah, a big mistake. The chatroom had newly edited versions of a photo Yoongi wanted to delete from the face of earth. It all had started a week ago when he had woken up painfully early in the morning much, much warmer than he should have.

His nose was buried in Jungkook’s neck and he had one leg thrown over him while Jungkook just held him in his arms. It was Yoongi who woke up first, not because the alarm had rung or because he was uncomfortable but he was sure he had heard the sound of a camera shutter going off. As he blinked open his bleary eyes, Taehyung’s guilty face came into view before everything was a blurry mess of Taehyung trying to run out of the room. Shit. Yoongi took a moment to breathe, and let his brain process and catch up with what had just happened but it really didn’t help because he only took a strong whiff of Jungkook’s skin. That smelt exactly like his soap, well because he had used his soap to shower the night before- ah yes. He was currently in his bed with Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook, the last person he should be in bed with and who was also shirtless. He leaned his neck away, removing his mouth from kissing touching Jungkook’s skin before unhooking his leg from Jungkook’s. He made good progress until he realised Jungkook was actually holding him, quite firmly. It took him a moment to fully understand that the weight he felt on his body was from Jungkook’s hands and that meant that the weight on his ass was also from a hand. Glancing down he confirmed his suspicions before cramming his eyes shut and cursing under his breath because that was what the photo was for. Taehyung was no ordinary blackmail material hogger, he only took the good stuff. There was also one more problem being that Yoongi felt all the blood drain from his face and possibly travel southward because he was enjoying that touch way more than he should have. The realisation that Jungkook’s hand on his ass was making him feel good rung way too many red bells that he his brain finally kick-started. He grabbed Jungkook’s wrist, lifting his hand off as gently and unrushed as he could while he felt his cheeks heat up before Jungkook’s hand refused to move. Yoongi looked up immediately, eyes locking on with Jungkook’s wide awake ones. There was only one way to salvage this with pride and so Yoongi steeled his resolve,

“Why is your hand on my ass?”

“Oh, that. Sorry, it’s just where my hand naturally rests, see?”

Jungkook relaxed his arm and let his hand fall back onto Yoongi’s butt without even breaking a sweat and Yoongi almost choked when he felt a pat,

“You little shit-“

In a second, Yoongi had Jungkook’s ear twisted painfully and Jungkook retracted his hands from his body while wincing and groaning in pain. Yoongi took the chance to sit up and gather some of whatever pride he had left and pulled Jungkook closer by the ear,

“I see the brat has returned, which I’m grateful for, but try that again and I will bite your hand off.”

“But it’s comfortable-ow ow ow. I thought we were close enough-“

Jungkook’s pout brought a reluctant smile to Yoongi’s lips that he couldn’t hide so he just chuckled to himself before releasing the painful grip he had on Jungkook’s ear,

“I have to report for duty. Thanks to your wandering hands they probably have strange pictures and stranger ideas. Good luck dealing with their teasing kid.”

“I don’t mind it if they’re teasing me with you.”

Yoongi just shot Jungkook an incredulous look and purposely broke the look that Jungkook sent him because it was too sincere. Shaking his head, he just tumbled off the bed and stretched, pulling his shirt back down when he saw Jungkook staring. The signs the kid was sending him were bad, really bad. He knew what those blushes and stares were about, he just refused to think about it. He put a finger to Jungkook’s forehead and pushed his head back to get him to lie back down on the bed,

“Catch some rest, eat breakfast with Tae and Jimin later before you leave.”

Jungkook caught his wrist when he turned to walk out and Yoongi glanced behind his back with a brow raised before he caught sight of curled pink lips,

“Have a good day at work, Yoongi hyung.”

It had been a week since that day and yet the picture is still the hottest topic in the group chat. The group chat that Jungkook was now part of.


Doctor Squad (7 members)

Jin hyung: You know it’s actually really cute, Yoongi really looks like a sleeping baby.


Hobi: kookie you like baby butts?

Chims: It’s cute ^^

Iron man: I do.

Rap loser: What the fuck. Who photoshopped a bib on Yoongi hyung? 


Yoongi looked up right in time to see Hoseok cackling while trying to hide behind a wall and prepared himself for it. It had been a week of everyone looking at him while trying not to laugh and there were so many questions no one was asking but it was all everyone was thinking of. Jin especially had given him a look that looked almost like a warning but didn’t press the matter further. Yoongi did not warm up to new people that easily and he most definitely did not share a bed with them. Hoseok just grinned and then tossed his phone to Yoongi who caught it by habit,

“Hyung can you check the time for me?”

Sighing Yoongi unlocked Hoseok’s phone for him, knowing this was not going to end well but when he saw Hoseok’s display picture even he couldn’t maintain a poker face,

“The fuck- you even put a pacifier on me now?! Jungkook is the younger one-“

“Yeah by six years, how does that feel hyung?”

“Please fucking shut up. Nothing is going on between us.”

“Uh huh, just like how nothing is going on between Jin hyung and Joonie?”

Sighing, Yoongi just rolled his eyes as Hoseok cackled on and took his phone back. Nothing he said was going to make the others believe him when they were all sure something was going on between Jungkook and him. Just because he’d gone out of his way to help him in the A&E, and then bring him to his house, let him stay and even sleep together with him- this sounded horrible even to himself. Hoseok dropped a lollipop into Yoongi’s coat pocket before patting him on the shoulder,

“You know we’ll support you no matter what right?”

The way he said it made Yoongi look up in shock because all the teasing from before was gone from his voice and when Hoseok was being serious, it was a big deal. Hoseok just smiled, winking and then turned to get the scan copies to his professor. Oh god, if even Hoseok thought something was actually going on between them, he was so screwed. Just then his phone buzzed again and he was ready to stab the next person who edited that photo but he paused when he saw it was a personal text,


From: Iron Man

Hyung, can I exercise yet?

To: Iron Man

Yes, keep it light. NO JUDO THROWING.

From: Iron Man

Can I drop by?

To: Iron Man

I’m on break now, so I’m free but should you be coming here?

From: Iron Man

I’m coming!


Jin just scrolled past edited picture after picture, laughing to himself. He knew this was going to happen ever since he caught Yoongi calling Jungkook ‘kid’ but this exceeded his expectations and went far beyond. He hadn’t known of anyone Yoongi dated all throughout medical school and now, the last he knew was some guy in high school. It was such ancient information that it practically made it seem like Yoongi had never even been with anyone before. It was the first time he’s seen Yoongi this taken by someone and it definitely was a good change because he was smiling much more nowadays. But the fact that Jungkook was the president’s grandson was a little worrying, very worrying actually. A series of retching noises made him put down his phone and turn in his chair to face Namjoon who was busy burying his face in a plastic bag trying not to puke,

“Really Kim Namjoon, still?”

“I don’t feel so good…hyung…”

Jin rolled his eyes as he got up and took some medicated oil before sitting next to Namjoon and applying it to his temples,

“How in the world can a neurology specialisation medical resident puke his guts out after assisting for a surgery?”

“It was so gross hyung- like his head was full of spaghetti and gross shit-“

“Are you really a resident Joon, cause I’m worried for all of your future patients.”

“His brain looked too much like spaghetti- now I’m never gonna eat-“

Namjoon just sank his head further into the plastic bag as he continued to retch and Jin just rubbed his back in an attempt to comfort him. It seemed to work because Namjoon finally let go of the empty bag and instead sprawled himself across Jin’s lap. Clicking his tongue, Jin brushed the hair off his forehead, fingers tracing his eye bags and unusual pale complexion,

“When was the last time you ate, this morning?”

“Hyung please- don’t talk about food...urgh.“

“You need to eat something.”

Rubbing his eyes, Namjoon just groaned and curled into himself while Jin just sighed. Namjoon could be such a baby sometimes, and this was definitely counted,

“Ah hyung- Something got in my eye-“

“That’s what you get for rubbing it so much.”

Jin leaned down and pried Namjoon’s hands off his face so he could blow into his eye but just then their door clicked open and Yoongi popped his head in,

“Hyung…..okay sorry, I’ll just- leave you two alone.”

It took a second for Jin to understand but he quickly held a hand out,

“It’s not what it looks like, he got something in his eye.”

Flinging his legs off the bed, Namjoon sat up and blinked furiously to clear the tears in his eyes and Yoongi just cleared his throat and nodded his head before pointing to the window from where the basketball court was in view,

“Jungkook’s coming, thought we could all get some air by the court since I’m also gonna check his physical state.”

Now it was Jin’s turn to look at Yoongi with disbelief and the widest grin but he just said nothing whereas Namjoon groaned and rubbed at his temples.

“Joon got sick after a surgery again.” Jin singsonged and Yoongi frowned,

“Ah seriously you wimp.”

Yoongi walked over to Namjoon and promptly unwrapped the lollipop he got from Hoseok earlier and stuck it in his mouth,

“Get over it soon, sweets help.”

For a moment Namjoon just sat there with his mouth half open but then the colour slowly returned to his face and he gnawed on the sweet as he got up,

“Let’s go meet your lover boy.”

“Fucking shut up before I show you videos of a neurosurgery dissection course.”

Jimin scratched at his neck after he fumbled with tying a single handed surgeons knot for the third time in a row. He’d been trying to remember the method his professor had taught them briefly but something definitely wasn’t adding up. He glanced over at Taehyung who was sitting opposite him on the bench, pushing buttons on his Nintendo with fierce speed. It stressed him out even further when he seemed to be the only one still not getting the hang of basic methods. Looking over his back when he felt someone loom over him, he ended up on the receiving end of Jungkook’s blank stare,

“Oh- you scared me.”

“Sorry hyung, I was just watching you.”

The flush crept up his neck and stained Jimin’s cheek as he tried not to feel too embarrassed about fumbling in front of Jungkook when he was supposed to take up residency next year. But Jungkook just joined him on the seat next to him, placing some bags on the table and waving to a preoccupied Taehyung who gave him a quick smile before going right back to his game. Jimin watched as Jungkook gently took the tying kit and undid the current knot before restarting and completing a perfect single handed square knot effortlessly. His mouth fell open in surprise as quickly glanced back up at Jungkook in shock,

“Why do you, wait how. I don’t-“

“I’ve been practically trained to be a doctor since I can remember.”

Jungkook smiled softly and then gestured for Jimin to watch him retie it, but doing it slower this time so that Jimin could see each step clearer. Jimin caught on quickly, copying it exactly as he saw Jungkook do it,

“Wow, even with my fat fingers I can actually do it if someone coaches me.”

“Your fingers are fine hyung, plus you’ll make a good doctor, remember how calmly you acted back when I needed an x-ray?”

That got a good full blown eye smile from Jimin who laughed and bumped shoulders with Jungkook before getting up and waving to the rest who were making their way across the basketball court. Yoongi was holding a basketball at his hip with Jin, Namjoon and Hoseok in tow. It was a pretty funny sight to see residents with their white coats standing at a basketball court.

“You wanted to exercise, so here, let’s see how well you’ve healed.” Yoongi threw the ball and Jungkook caught it easily.

Taehyung put his Nintendo down and hung onto Jimin’s shoulders before pointing at Namjoon,

“Hyung are you okay? You’re kinda pale.”

“He got sick after looking at some patient’s diseased brain again.” Jin informed taking out his coat and motioning for the rest to follow.

A collective groan ensued as everyone other than Jungkook scowled at Namjoon and Hoseok lightly punched him in the arm. Jungkook just continued watching Namjoon in a mixture of surprise and disbelief before pursing his lips together so as to not laugh. Yoongi shook his head and nodded at Jungkook,

“You should tell your grandfather about this incompetent resident.”

Namjoon gave Yoongi the middle finger before immediately running and hiding behind Jin when Yoongi brought a fist up in return. Jimin’s giggles set off Jungkook’s own and he was hugging the ball to his chest and grinning so hard his cheeks hurt. This was what having friends was like, and even though he missed out on it for 19 years, he was glad he was able to have it now. He was in Taehyung’s and Jimin’s team whereas Yoongi, Hoseok and Jin were on the opposite team. It was a three on three with Namjoon acting as referee.

“Hyung, let’s make a bet. Winner gets to have a wish granted.” Jungkook offered, dribbling the ball.

Hoseok tried to maintain an expressionless face but he was breaking out in spasms of laughter when Jungkook just stood there completely oblivious about the worst decision he had just made in his life. Yoongi raised his brow and his lips slowly curled into a smirk,

“Sure kid, I hope you walk the talk.”

Turned out that with Namjoon as the referee, there were no rules and literally anything goes. Jin caught the ball first and squawked when Taehyung body slammed him for it. Yoongi snatched the ball laughing and turned to get a goal but Jungkook just grabbed him around the middle and lifted him off the ground when he wouldn’t let up the ball. He smelled the same he always did and Jungkook buried his nose in his hair, taking a nice whiff while he could. It was a little off putting because he was suddenly spinning and off balance but Yoongi was yelling while laughing,

“This is too much, put me down you little shit!”

Jungkook simply laughed, spinning him a little more before putting him down. Yoongi caught his breath for a moment before turning and stabbing a finger in his chest,

“Oh it’s on now man, I wasn’t going to play seriously but you’re asking for it.”

After that, it became a blur of Yoongi easily avoiding his hold and scoring shots from literally anyway on the court. Jungkook was shell shocked at how athletic Yoongi suddenly seemed and not even Taehyung’s tickles and Jimin’s hugs were able to slow down the shots from happening. Easy to say they got their butts completely kicked within fifteen minutes and Namjoon ended the game with a whistle. Putting an arm around Jungkook’s shoulder, Namjoon patted it,

“He played for the school team, you were screwed from the beginning.”

Although they lost, Jungkook was clapping in awe with flushed cheeks from running about and Yoongi observed him for a while,

“Does anything hurt, any abnormal breathlessness?”

“Nope, I feel normal hyung. Woah you’re really good.”

“Hah, don’t judge a book by its cover kid. You're fully healed, go do whatever you want. Also you owe me a wish.”

Everyone gathered around in anticipation and Yoongi scratched his chin while he thought about it,

“Get me the ddeokbokki from canteen B.”

“Really hyung, you had one wish and this was it?” Taehyung deadpanned and Jimin sighed in disappointment but Yoongi just flashed his teeth in a big smile,

“It closes in ten minutes, I hope you’re fast.”

Jungkook gaped before quickly turning to grab his wallet and phone, checking the time and panicking,

“But it’s all the way across the campus- Hyung!!!”

“See you at the A&E, make sure you get extra sauce!”

Hoseok was laughing so hard he was basically slumped over Yoongi when Jungkook just floundered before running in the direction of the canteen without another word. Yoongi himself tried to stop smiling but the affection he felt for the kid only seemed to double as the days passed, and it definitely didn't help that he was looking completely healed and healthy now too. Everyone went back to go their respective duties while Yoongi waved to Jimin and Taehyung who were going back home when he saw the tying kit Jimin was fiddling with,

“Those look good, someone is on their way to becoming a good surgeon.”

“Ah, Jungkook helped me hyung, he’s really good!”

Now that completely did not make sense because the kid was supposed to just be out of high school or something like that at his age. When did he learn how to tie surgical knots? He should probably ask the kid more about his life. Brushing it off for now, he saw them out before walking back to the A&E and smiling to Professor Kang,

“Prof, anything I can help with?”

“Yoongi ah, you’re not required to be here. Go study for your surgery assisting.”

“I can help for a bit, you guys are overworked to death here.”

Just like that Yoongi’s attention was caught by a patient who was frowning and glaring at Nurse Yoo as she tried to help him. He simply pointed at that and Professor Kang just sighed but gratefully allowed Yoongi to go interfere. Yoongi saw how the patient could have a possibly broken wrist but was trying to get off the bed while Nurse Yoo struggled to keep him still. He really felt like laughing when he reached into his pocket and took out a piece of plastic tie lock that he always kept with him after dealing with Jungkook. Thinking back, he learnt a lot from the kid. He just walked over and grabbed the patient’s good hand and secured the plastic tie lock around his wrist to the bed frame. Nurse Yoo looked up in shock before sagging in relief and releasing her hold on the patient who struggled fiercely,

“What are you doing you-“

“It’s for patients like you who try to run away without getting a proper check-up. Now, what the fuck is your problem, why are you making a scene?”

The patient who is clearly a teenager and in high school shown by his uniform tugs at the plastic tie lock before glaring up at Yoongi who takes his medical light pen and shines it in his eye,

“Patient Kim Yooin, I can tell that not only your wrist is injured because you’re favouring a side of your head.”

“Ah let me go, I said I’m fine-“

“Nope you are not. Nurse Yoo, his pupil’s dilated excessively, call Prof Song, I suspect traumatic head injury. I need a CT and MRI for him too.”

Nurse Yoo immediately turns to go and get everything prepared while Yoongi turns the patients head and looks for any blood,

“You hit your head punk?”

The patient blinks up and then swiftly looks back down,

“I can’t pay for this, stop treating me. What kind of doctor says fuck?”

“Me, and you can. I’ll figure out a way, right now I want you to be fucking honest with me, does anything feel weird?”

Yoongi starts to feel the time ticking when the patient just looks away and nothing was happening until he barely whispered,

“I can’t feel my right leg.”


Just then Professor Song came running and Yoongi sighed just as he reached to touch the patient’s leg and take a look at it,

“Prof, excessive dilation, head injury, and his pressure is high. Loss of feeling in his right foot, he needs to get checked fast. Also he broke his wrist.”

Yooin grabs Yoongi’s arm when Professor Song just nods and gets the staff to help him wheel the patient to go get his scans quickly,

“Aren’t you coming?”

“No punk, I’ll be filling out the forms for you. Trust this doctor, you’ll be fine. I’ll contact your parents as well.”

Professor Song just thanks Yoongi quickly before getting the patient to be assessed and Yoongi takes the phone in the belongings basket and scrolls through until he sees contact numbers and quickly hits dial. Just as he was finished with the call, he looked over to see Jungkook standing there with the ddeokbokki, quietly watching and waiting. Yoongi reported his parent’s information with the nurses first before going over,

“Sorry, there was an emergency patient.”

“I know. I wanted to watch you, but you’re nice to every patient huh hyung?”

“Don’t worry, you’re the only one I brought back home.”

Yoongi doesn’t know why Jungkook makes him slip up and reveal a side he usually would never to others but it was too late to regret. Jungkook only scoffed before stretching out the snack to Yoongi and depositing the chopsticks in his coat pocket,

“You're a player huh. Enjoy your meal, I’m going home.”

“Are you jealous kid? You’re a funny one.” Yoongi teased, before reaching out to pinch his cheeks because Jungkook was pouting, his arms crossed and stubbornly looking away.

One moment he was pinching soft cheeks and the next Yoongi felt someone grab his wrist in a strong hold. He turned to look at two men in dark suits standing next to him, one of whom was stopping him from touching Jungkook. Where did they even come from?

“It’s fine, let go of him.” Jungkook frowned, and then knitted his brows when the man didn’t listen,

“I said let go.”

This time Jungkook used force to pull the man’s hand off of Yoongi’s wrist and then stepped in front to act as a barricade between them. The men just bowed,

“Young master, your father asked for you to remain at home when you don’t have classes.”

Alternating between glancing at both the men, Yoongi caught Jungkook’s gaze when he turned around to nod apologetically at him without saying a word. He was distant, shut off and cold just like when he had first met him and that made Yoongi’s stomach fall because it took a lot to get him comfortable. Only that he played along just in case Jungkook was in trouble, these men had to be his bodyguards or something. Yoongi nodded back quickly, and Jungkook just turned and walked off with the two by his side and it left a strange feeling in his mouth.


It was the feeling of knowing that you’d never be able to get someone you wanted because they were way out of your league.  



Chapter Text

Grabbing a towel, Yoongi dried his hair half-heartedly as he continued watching a video on coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) or as he liked to call it, cabbage. He’d left the hospital a few hours after Jungkook had gone off with his bodyguards, and now he was home at 11pm for the first time in a long time. He also had to assist with an important surgery soon and watching skilled surgeons operate never failed to calm him down, so as he waited for his ramen to cook he continued watching a very graphic video of a heart operation. Namjoon gave him shit for it, but as a doctor Yoongi concluded that it was perfectly normal and fine to do it. He heard his door open and he paused the video, poking his head out of the kitchen to see who it was. No one had texted him about coming or staying over, and Yoongi vaguely wondered if he was getting robbed right now. But he only saw Jungkook walk in after toeing off his shoes, dressed in his all black ensemble and carrying a bag,

“Hi hyung, I’m staying over, since you said I could anytime I wanted.”

“Hello to you, well that’s fine but are you sure you’re not in trouble? Those guys from earlier-“

“Don’t mind them, just my father’s men. They think I’m sleeping in my room now, I’m good.”

Yoongi studied him for a while before shrugging and going right back to watching his video but his focus was completely destroyed. Jungkook had the ability to take it right off anything else and only keep it on him. Cursing under his breath he paused the video yet again and just checked on his ramen when Jungkook came right behind him,

“Oh instant noodles, very healthy.”

“Fuck you, they’re delicious.”

“Can I have some?”

Jungkook was looking over his shoulder, with his chin propped on it, and Yoongi was trying really hard not to overthink the proximity. Instead he just snuck off to the side and opened the fridge,

“There’s rice, kimchi stew and meat, you can eat that. I’m not giving ramen to a chaebol who probably never had them once in his life.”

“But you said they’re delicious, please hyung?”

Once he saw the pout and puppy eyes Jungkook was showcasing, Yoongi knew it was a lost fight. Grumbling he gave in and Jungkook very quickly and stealthily stole a hug from him,

“I’ll go take a shower!”

Grabbing another packet of ramen noodles, Yoongi set to preparing it, forcing himself to stop thinking about Jungkook’s easy physical touches. The kid was driving him insane, and he felt more and more like a paedophile. Jungkook didn’t show off his wealth, and most of the time he hid it but Yoongi knew the kid was drenched in money. It didn’t bother him, not really, just that it helped to draw the divide that Yoongi absolutely needed. He grabbed his phone and quickly called Taehyung, asking him to come over with Jimin for a sleepover. It was a cheap trick, but he couldn’t let himself be left alone in his house with Jungkook who had been throwing hints left, right and center. He tried lying to himself that the kid was probably just attached to him because he’d been paying him a lot of attention or something. Shaking off his guilt, Yoongi grabbed more ramen packets and set to making all of them in a large pot, taking a couple of eggs to fry as well. Taehyung and Jimin arrived just as Jungkook came out of the shower and Yoongi could not be more relieved when Taehyung just bear hugged Jungkook and distracted him. He busied himself with setting up the coffee table in preparation of a late dinner, one that all medical students were used to, before watching Jungkook sit next to him. Yoongi handed him chopsticks before speaking,

“You wanted a sleepover experience, here.”

It was a damn ass convenient lie and Yoongi was milking it while he could. Jungkook only grinned wide after taking the chopsticks and bumped shoulders with him,

“Thanks hyung.”

Jimin and Taehyung had settled opposite them, and they both shot a look at Yoongi like they knew what he was doing. They couldn’t possibly know about anything so Yoongi just ignored it, choosing to scoop out rations of ramen and begin eating. Jimin held out his chopsticks to Jungkook, grinning wide as he fed him and Yoongi took this opportunity to bring out his phone and continue watching the video. Jungkook looked over, and Yoongi was going to warn him but he just continued eating while taking glances,

“Is that a CABG hyung?”

Yoongi shot a look at him, completely taken aback before he remembered what that Jimin had mentioned him knowing a surgeon’s knot previously,

“How do you know that, wait, you just got out of high school right?”

Jungkook just stared blankly as he chewed and Jimin and Taehyung were both quiet as they munched,

“Uh…I graduated four years ago.”

Jimin was the first one to choke before Taehyung patted his back and Yoongi just took a deep breath. Shit, come to think of it he never saw Jungkook in uniform,


“I skipped grades. I finished high school four years ago, and then I just finished a double degree in business and law because my father thinks business is important or something. The exams I took were the advanced qualifications test for medical school. I can skip two years, actually I can skip more but it doesn’t sit well with me.”

This time it was Yoongi’s turn to choke and Jungkook worriedly passed him a glass of water,

“What the fuck kid, you already have a double degree, and is skipping even two years of medical school even allowed?!”

“I have good eidetic memory, so the basics and foundations- I can remember that quite easily. I’ll still have to go through normally with residency and fellowships.”

Taehyung just blinked into space for a while before scratching his chin,

“Can you help us with preparing for our exams?”

Jimin put his hands together in a pleading gesture while Jungkook easily agreed and Yoongi was having a hard time breathing,

“That’s why you came back, you knew you fractured your rib-Wait, you said you didn’t want to be a doctor!”

“Well, that was before. I mean, watching you hyungs, it seems….nice?”

Closing his eyes Yoongi just shook his head but Taehyung and Jimin high fived Jungkook who was laughing like he didn’t just admit that he was crazy gifted. He should have known something was up when the kid put back five sets of shirts back in their respective places. Letting out a deep breath he just continued eating before standing up,

“I’m too tired for this, you two deal with Einstein here. Don’t sleep too late.”

Jungkook pulled a face at Yoongi,

“Goodnight hyung, you can’t treat me differently just because of this.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes and kicked his thigh lightly as he passed by, letting Taehyung and Jimin excitedly interrogate Jungkook who was more than happy to answer questions. He knew the kid was more mature and acted slightly different than others his age but this he wasn’t expecting. All the more reasons whatever he thought he could have with Jungkook, he most definitely couldn’t now. The kid was way too bright and not to mention loaded for this. It was just a passing by phase that would resolve itself in a while. Yoongi just continued watching the video as he lied in bed and woke up to being crushed in the middle of a puppy pile. Groaning, he lifted off Taehyung’s arm and Jimin’s leg before rolling Jungkook to the side and getting up,

“I know you assholes are awake, I’m gonna kill you all.”

He heard Jimin giggle and he saw Taehyung’s flinch but it was Jungkook’s barely restrained smile that made his heart skip a beat. Not again. Grumbling, he got up to wash up and after wiping his hands on his shirt, Yoongi went to grab the ingredients needed to piece together some sandwiches for the lot. He was cutting some tomatoes when Jungkook stuck his head in,

“Do you need help hyung?”

Shaking his head, Yoongi just continued on with his tomatoes while Jungkook propped himself up on the counter next to him. Yoongi looked up with a raised brow as he finished cutting the tomatoes and laid them on the pieces of bread before going to get cheese,

“Are you hungry or something?

Jungkook shook his head, smiling a little before turning to look at the half assembled sandwiches. Yoongi made a face at his strange behaviour and took out a jelly cup while he was at the fridge before stuffing it into Jungkook’s mouth. The latter just laughed after slurping it down, catching the additional one that Yoongi tossed over,

“Go play with Tae and Jimin, I’ll be done in a bit.”

“I actually wanted to talk with you.”

Yoongi could tell that Jungkook was being serious, and it surprised him a little but he just nodded to let him know that he was listening even while assembling sandwiches.

“I …I wanted to tell you that without your help, I’d never be able to feel this happy.”

“Well, you took the first step. If you want something to change kid, you need to do something about it.”

He’d always said that like it was the easiest thing, but to Jungkook it had been the toughest decision in his life. But, it was true. If he had chickened out and not accepted the help Yoongi had offered, he would still be stuck with his father in an abusive relationship without a possible way out. Watching Yoongi prepare food in his worn out tee, with his hair still slightly damp from the shower, made his stomach knot in something that screamed domesticity (and perhaps some lust). He wanted this, he wanted Yoongi so much. It was now or never, just like that time he’d walked out of the hospital with his address crumpled in his hand. Hopping off the counter, he took a step to crowd up against Yoongi, who smelt like his usual heavenly assortment of wooden scented soap and shampoo. When Jungkook pressed up against him, there wasn’t really much time for Yoongi to react as he was still focused on putting together his sandwiches. He let go of the bread and blinked up in surprise when he felt firm hands at his waist pulling him impossibly closer, the feeling and heat of his skin was dizzying. Jungkook just leaned in and pressed a chaste kiss to his lips before whispering,

“Like this?”

Completely thrown off by the soft lips that had pressed against his own, Yoongi’s head had completely malfunctioned and he was unable to process a word he just heard. Did Jungkook just kiss him? Jeon Jungkook, the kid- the president’s grandson? Holy shit. When Jungkook sucked in a breath before ducking to kiss him once more, Yoongi abruptly turned his face away so that Jungkook’s lips ended up on his cheek instead. He was breathing so harshly, and he was only now aware of how fast his heart was beating. Jungkook could definitely feel it, given how he had pulled their bodies completely flush together and he just stared down at Yoongi’s clavicles, watching them rise and fall in an erratic rhythm before sighing and leaning back a bit,

“I won’t accept your age or my age an excuse for you to not date me hyung.”

Yoongi’s eyes darted up and he brought up a trembling hand to press against Jungkook’s chest, pushing slightly,

“What are you doing-“

“I like you, I like you a lot. So, date me.”

It was a bad time to be having dejavu but Yoongi was having it either way. The tone and way Jungkook had just said that was exactly how he had asked Jungkook what was wrong all that time back in the A&E. It wasn’t really a question, it was more of a statement. Yoongi gulped and briefly met his eyes before his heart threatened to jump right out because the kid made him so nervous it was quite unbelievable,


“I know you like me too, you don’t need to pretend.”

At that, Jungkook circled his arms around Yoongi’s waist in a hug before tilting his head and blatantly staring. Yoongi felt his stomach drop all the way to his toes and he really wondered how Jungkook was this sure and cocky, this kid was way up his game. Even now, Yoongi’s brain could only register how warm Jungkook’s body was and how the heat only made his head even fuzzier than it already was. The spawn of the devil was even biting on his bottom lip, and it was driving Yoongi mad with want. He wanted to pull him by the collar and show him what a real kiss was like, so he could also get a taste of that peach jelly he’d passed him earlier. In the time Yoongi was taking to sort out his thoughts, Jungkook had leaned back in to nuzzle his cheeks and that brought Yoongi right back to reality. Pressing his hand against Jungkook’s chest once more, he pushed a little more insistently before taking a step back away from him,

“Jungkook, we can’t.”

The stare he got was unnerving,


Again, it didn’t really sound like a question, he was completely mimicking the way Yoongi used it,

“Because you and I, we’re very different people. And you’re still so young, you need to go to college and meet people- you have a whole life ahead of you, not to mention we’re both guys. It’s okay for me, no one cares, but you’re in the spotlight- it won’t end well.”

“You talk like you’re heading to retirement soon.”

“Jungkook, I’m not joking. I mean it, you and I- It won’t happen.”

That was what got Jungkook to narrow his eyes and frown, shoulders tensing as he crossed his arms,

“If who I was didn’t matter before, why does it matter now?”

Yoongi closed his eyes for a second because trust Jungkook to be able to say one sentence and make him feel like he just got slapped across the face. The kid was really good at finding loopholes in his logic. When he opened his eyes, the look Jungkook was giving him was enough for him to want to close them right back. He looked so hurt and angry, lips pursed tight and his forearm muscles were flexing with the way effort it took him not to ball his fists up. His eyes were watery but he was stubbornly keeping the tears in, refusing to cry,

“So, you’re saying you don’t like me?”

Those same eyes were searching for some kind of answer, an answer Yoongi couldn’t give. Fortunately or unfortunately, depends on who you ask, Taehyung chose right then to step into the kitchen. Jungkook turned his head away, jaw locked defiantly before he snuck right out without a word and Taehyung glanced at his retreating back. Turning back to Yoongi, he put up his hands in an apologetic manner,

“Sorry, did I interrupt something?”

“No. No, you didn’t. Come help me with the plates, the sandwiches are done.”

When Yoongi went back to join the rest at the couch, he found himself victim to Jungkook’s honestly scary as fuck glaring throughout lunch. He looked reach to kill somebody, refusing to eat more than one sandwich and sitting there brooding silently. Jimin signalled to Yoongi after catching on but Yoongi just shook his head, not daring to meet Jungkook’s death glare.

“I’m leaving.”

“Wha- already? Is something wrong?” Taehyung put down the sandwich he was still munching on, ready to get up but Jungkook just brushed him off,

“No, I’m just leaving.”

Both Taehyung and Jimin shared a look before waving him goodbye and turning to look at Yoongi who was rubbing his temple.

“Hyung, is everything alright?” Jimin’s voice was so gentle even Yoongi couldn’t get annoyed.

He had to make a decision now, whether or not to let the whole squad know. That would mean publicly admitting the feelings he had for Jungkook to everyone and also to himself. God, he should have prepared for this day earlier, probably ever since he caught sight of Jungkook blushing around him. He knew the signs and he was pretty sure about the kid’s feelings for him but he had ignored it all the way till it had come to this.

“Did I walk in on him confessing?” Taehyung interrupted and Yoongi jerked his head up in shock.

Taehyung and Jimin were just waiting, and they looked like they already knew everything. He should have noticed it last night, of course they knew, he never managed to keep anything a secret from them. Also, he knew Taehyung was way more observant than he let on and it was confirmed when he spoke out,

“Hyung, I can tell he really likes you. You shouldn’t turn him down like that.”

“You know why I had to turn him down.”

Sighing, Yoongi just rubbed at his face, feeling his eyes burn before getting up,

“I’m going back to sleep, my head hurts.”

They didn’t stop him or ask him any more questions and somehow it made Yoongi feel even worse. It didn’t help that his lips were still tingling from when Jungkook had kissed him earlier, hell it was just a peck. There were so many reasons why he had to turn him down, Yoongi knew. He knew the real world and he knew how harsh it was. He had to reject Jungkook for both their sakes, at least that’s what he told himself. He wasn’t doing A&E duty and he didn’t need to be rushing an essay all the time like Namjoon but he wasn’t sleeping. His bed suddenly felt overly wide and empty as he tossed and turned in it all through his one free day and he hated himself for acting this way. But Jungkook’s eyes were right back at haunting him just as they did so in the past and Yoongi never quite managed to learn how to get it out of his thoughts. Fuck, this kid was way deeper in his skin that he could admit. He grabbed for his phone and glanced at the chatroom only to see no notifications and it only made him feel even stupider about how he was dealing with this. But Jungkook was stubborn, he knew that, and he knew that the only way he’d let this go was if Yoongi acted like an asshole about it. Then, an asshole he could be.

Having been assigned to Professor Kim’s surgeries meant that he was kept busy and time went by, but Yoongi always found himself remembering Jungkook’s hurt expression. Almost week went by and there was no messages or calls from him, and the group chat was relatively quiet too. Taehyung and Jimin didn’t say a word about anything that happened and they mostly just kept to studying while Namjoon, Jin and Hoseok just avoided asking about anything related to Jungkook on a whole. It felt like a bad breakup but Yoongi was sure there was no relationship to even start with. He hated his friends dancing on eggshells around him but he didn’t know if he could deal with their questions either. Everything was going smooth until Yoongi was on his way to the cafeteria after assisting in a surgery as usual and saw a very familiar head wearing a grey beanie. Yoongi froze in his spot, wondering if Hoseok tricking him into being in the same place as Jungkook was a good idea or not. He saw the entire squad there and technically it was fine to go hang out with his friends but now they were also Jungkook’s friends and he didn’t know how this was going to work out, especially given how Jungkook nor he had even texted one another since then. He clenched his fists in his coat pockets and counted to three before walking what he hoped was as casual as possible to the table and Jin brightened up when he saw him,

“Come join us, took you forever!”

Forcing a smile Yoongi just swept a glance over the table and certainly felt the drop his stomach made when he saw Jungkook's face. Fuck,

“Yeah about that, Prof called me over about some diagnostics.”

It wasn’t a lie, but it wasn’t the truth either. Technically he could eat dinner first before going but seeing Jungkook was making him feel like a high schooler again and he could not deal with that right now. His chest hurt, his stomach hurt and basically everything hurt. Taehyung’s face immediately fell and he took a very obvious look at Jungkook who was religiously staring down at the table, nibbling on his bottom lip nervously. Yoongi took that as his cue to disappear so that the rest of them could continue on with their comfortable dinner, that was the least he could do for Jungkook,

“Enjoy your dinner, I’m going.”

A series of protests immediately begun but Yoongi just forced another smile and waved them bye before turning on his heels and tried his best to not run and at least leave with some of his pride intact. His palms were sweaty with the amount of jitters his entire body was having and he was never one to be bothered by someone this much, but there was a first time for everything. Including heartbreak, apparently. Namjoon just watched as Jungkook stared at Yoongi’s retreating back, his eyes following till Yoongi walked out of sight,

“Hyung, has he eaten?”

“Knowing him, nope.” Namjoon replied and he decided he wasn’t going to let this simply play out,

“I’m gonna talk to him, you guys eat!”

When Jungkook jolted from his seat to stop Namjoon, Jin just held his arm and shook his head, gesturing for him to continue with his food. Namjoon marched all the way out and with his long legs he definitely had an advantage over Yoongi who was obliviously walking to the cardiology department at snail speed. Hooking their arms together, he pulled Yoongi to the side ignoring the startled and offended look thrown at him,

“Hyung, what the fuck was that? Why are you acting like a high school girl?”

“Am not.”

Namjoon just stared pointedly at Yoongi who groaned at his own reply and then leaned against the wall,

“What am I supposed to act like then? I just want you guys to enjoy your time together.”

“Yeah hyung, together means with you. Do you have to deal with it like this?”

“I rejected him, I’m the bad person here, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“Okay hyung, listen carefully to what I’m about to say because I’ll only say it once,”

Yoongi looked sceptical but nodded anyways,

“Firstly, his age really fucking doesn’t matter because as far as I know, he’s old enough to make his own decisions. Also he's way smarter than you think he is, not just academically. Next, if you think you’re doing him a favour by rejecting him, you’re wrong. Then if you think this won't work out cause he's a chaebol, you're one narrow minded asshole. Take it from me hyung, I’ve been in love with Jin practically since I first met him, and three years didn’t change that. I feel stupid for not saying anything earlier because that was time I could have spent potentially in a relationship with him.”

People walked past them minding their own business as Yoongi raised his brows in shock at what Namjoon was finally admitting after all these years,

“Holy shit Joon, did you just-“

“Don’t change the topic, this is about you and Jungkook.”

Namjoon just sighed and took Yoongi’s hand and put the wrapped sandwiches there,

“Stop hurting the kid when you’ve already hopelessly fallen for him, hyung. He’s also gonna be talking with his father tonight, check on him.”

Before Yoongi could even say another word Namjoon had turned around and started jogging his way back. He just leaned against the wall, shrugging off nurses and doctors who glanced worriedly at him as they passed by. This entire thing was stupid, he wasn’t a sixteen year old. God, he couldn’t believe Namjoon finally admitted his feelings for Jin. Pushing himself off the wall, Yoongi trudged his way to the Neurosurgery ICU and he knew technically he shouldn’t be there but fuck it, he had someone he wanted to check up on. Professor Song looked up from counter where he was checking on the patient list and Yoongi just bowed in greeting,

“Yoongi ah, do you ever go home?”

“I went back yesterday, even slept on my bed. I’m just going to check on Yooin if that’s alright?”

“Of course, he’s doing well.”

Professor Song ruffled Yoongi’s hair as he passed him and Yoongi goes into the room and smiles at patient Kim Yooin,

“Hey, remember me?”

Yooin looks up from the tablet in his hands and instantly brightens up,


Sitting down on the chair by the bed Yoongi unwrapped his sandwich and broke it in half, offering Yooin half but he shook his head,

“I already ate, plus you look like you need it more doc, you’re too skinny.”

“Your loss.”

Taking a bite, Yoongi checked on his vital signs, nodding to himself and readjusting the IV drip rate to make it more comfortable,

“So, I’ve taken care of everything like I said I would, so next time you should just come to the hospital if you need medical help.”

Yooin ducked his head embarrassed but nodded, letting Yoongi check on the cast at his wrist,

“Can I call you Yoongi hyung?”

“Sure, punk.”

As Yooin nudged him closer and showed him the game he was playing on the tablet, Yoongi abruptly felt a moment of realisation dawn on him. What he felt for Yooin was nothing like what he felt for Jungkook, granted he still felt responsible for both of them. With Yooin, it felt like he was looking after a younger brother but with Jungkook, it wasn’t brotherly in the slightest. Jungkook wasn't just a kid he felt responsible for, he had become way more than that somewhere along the way. Yoongi had just been lying to himself with excuses all this time because he was too afraid to admit to his feelings. Fuck, he had a lot to explain if Jungkook was still willing to hear him out. Yoongi stayed with him until he had to leave when it was time for Yooin to sleep and he tucked him in snugly before going. He fiddled with his phone all the way to the A&E, thinking about what and how to text Jungkook or if they should meet in person. Nurse Yoo smiled sympathetically at him when he arrived, shaking her head at his stubbornness,

“There aren’t many patients tonight, go back home Yoongi.”

“Ah, let me just hide here for a while.”

He took the board and looked around for the few patients with fractured or broken bones before going up to one and taking a closer look. Classic case of a kid who fell off his skateboard and Yoongi was ensuring that he would get an x-ray as soon as possible when there was an echo of court shoes clicking on the floor. Turning to glance behind his back, Yoongi froze when he saw Jungkook’s father storming in, chin up and face as arrogant as it always was. Yoongi shifted to completely face him but that’s when he caught a glimpse of Jungkook, whose apprehensive expression turned into one that was horrified when their eyes met.


However, the only thing Yoongi focused on was the brand new cut on his cheekbone.


Chapter Text

Yoongi doesn’t really like to remember his high school days for mainly three reasons. One because it was a time his snark didn’t know limits and that caused him countless events of friction with adults and teachers. The second reason was because he really wasn’t very proud of the fact that he used to hide at the rooftop with Namjoon to share a cigarette when he was a doctor now. The last one was entirely due to his promise to his mother to never let his temper flare out of control like how it would when he’d get into fist fights. So when Jungkook’s father walked right up to him looking exactly like those pompous adults did in his teenage days, something in him definitely activated. A part of him that he was so sure he’d locked up and kept entirely out of view. But when he saw Jungkook, and more specifically his frightened eyes, whatever it was that activated straight out flared out of control. The only way Yoongi could really describe it was like a fire that spread right from his chest and up his throat. It only occurred to him that what he was feeling was the same raw form of anger that he used to in the past, just that it was climbing up levels at a scarily fast rate. He wasn’t simply angry anymore, he was infuriated. He started to be more and more aware of how loud and aggressively his heart was pumping. Jungkook’s father, unaware of all this, stopped right in front of him and glanced down at his hospital card,

“Min Yoongi, it’s you. Here we meet again.”

Completely ignoring him, Yoongi just looked over to Jungkook who was glancing over at his father and then at him in fear. Jungkook wanted to stop his father, Yoongi could tell, but he was calculating how he could do it without Yoongi getting into trouble. Ah, that only set the fire in his chest ablaze. He was so fucking angry nothing was showing on the outside. No one other than Namjoon would be able to read the signs he was showing; the expressionless face, pressed lips and dead eyes. Jungkook’s father snapped his hand in front of his face to get his attention because he thought he wasn’t listening,

“Excuse me, I’m talking to you. It’s come to my attention that you’ve been feeding my son nonsense, what kind of stories have you been telling him?”

He knew he should be taking a breath, but he just stood there staring at Jungkook’s father. He looked nothing like Jungkook, and everything like what an asshole would be. God, he wanted to punch him right up his jaw to dislocate it. A small action from Jungkook made him look over and Jungkook had swallowed, meeting his eyes briefly before reaching out to hold his father’s hand slightly,

“Father, pleease stop, he didn’t-”

The way Jungkook’s father brushed his hand off was probably the only warning for what he was going to do next. With his bony fingers, he forcefully grabbed Jungkook by his jaw and yanked him forward,

“Who are you to be sprouting nonsense, and even if anything did happen, this is my son. I can do what I want to him, you understand?”

It was exactly from that second that things started to move in slow motion to Yoongi. He remembered it happening once before in high school, just before he punched a guy in the throat. Jungkook was blinking his eyes in shock and embarrassment at being treated like an object when Yoongi was right there. His eyelashes caught his attention, before Jungkook’s eyes met his and he didn’t blink. Even now, Jungkook’s eyes were pleading for forgiveness on behalf of his father. Every pump his heart made felt like a punch to the stomach and that was the last strand. It was probably really all of a sudden and extremely fast when Yoongi finally moved and grabbed the sterilising tray on his right before smashing it right across his father’s face. The sound of metal hitting bone reverberated in the room before shocked screams from some patients and the nurses followed suit. Jungkook had gone completely frozen, standing right where he was, just without his father’s disgusting hand grabbing his face. At last, Yoongi took a long needed breath when he saw Jungkook’s father on the floor cradling his face. It should have worried Yoongi just how much pleasure seeing the blood drip from his nose brought him but it was the last fucking thing on his mind. This man was going to pay. Yoongi let out the breath through his mouth and his voice was gravely low when he spoke,

“Do anything you want? Who the fuck do you think you are?”

He flung the tray that was stained with blood right where Jungkook’s father was still sprawled on the floor, and it made another loud noise that caused the second wave of screams to follow with some people hovering nearer thinking about stopping Yoongi. Except none of them did because Yoongi was essentially still wearing the white coat and they didn’t quite know what was going on. Walking towards him, Yoongi watched the way he scrambled backwards in a feeble attempt while still covering his nose and favouring his face. Good, he broke his jaw along with his nose. He was a doctor, and that meant he knew how to fix every bone in the body. But it also meant he knew how to easily break every single one too. Kneeling next to him, Yoongi glanced at his Rolex and gold rings, before it all fell into place. One of the rings had a red streak at its square cut edge and that was how Jungkook got that cut on his cheek. The swelling hadn’t showed up yet and the blood hadn’t dried up on the ring so he must have hit him fairly recently. He grabbed the hand with the rings and Jungkook’s father struggled to get it out of his hold. But it was pretty useless because he was shaking from the pain and so terrified out of his mind that he was making empty threats,

“I-I’ll make sure you get- lose your job, I’ll-”

Yoongi just continued looking at the ring and then held onto just that finger before looking right up at him,

“Listen, I don’t fucking care what you do. This, you motherfucking cunt, is for fracturing his ribs.”

Just like that Yoongi twisted the finger in the direction it’s never supposed to go and Jungkook’s father convulsed in pain as he screamed. Yoongi wanted to laugh, he really wanted to laugh because the son of a bitch finally knew how Jungkook felt like when he hit him. But he was suddenly pulled back by strong arms and he knew who they belonged to. His instinct was to fight the hold and he struggled because he wanted to break more bones, he wasn’t finished yet. He finally realised the daunting truth that he legitimately wanted to kill this man. Even after Jungkook had forgiven him and given him a second chance, this was what he did. Scum like this didn’t deserve to live, they were a waste of oxygen. He didn’t realise he was yelling so loud that his voice was starting to get scratchy but the arms holding him refused to let go. Yoongi only stopped yelling and struggling when it dawned on him that he was shaking from the adrenaline and Namjoon probably didn’t deserve to be the one who had to hold him back from killing someone. But Namjoon still kept a hold on him, eyes blown wide in concern and looking a hundred percent dismayed by Yoongi’s behaviour before hissing,

“Hyung what the fuck- shit, are you okay? Holy shit, hyung, look at me-“

But Yoongi turned to look at a still figure at the side and locked eyes with the president. Fuck. He crammed his eyes shut as the blood pumped extremely loudly in his ears and his body still felt like it was on fire. The president calmly observed him before nodding to the men in suits and the startled security officers who had run from the other end of the hospital,

“Arrest him.”

Yoongi heard him loud and clear even though Namjoon was holding him and harshly whispering into his face. He was so fucking screwed, this is exactly why he made that promise to his mom. Swallowing down the bile, Yoongi breathed in and blew the breath out through his mouth. He was going to hand himself over civilly. He turned to face the men but they only grabbed Jungkook’s father from the floor and dragged him off to the side roughly. Almost giving himself whiplash when he glanced back to look at the president, Yoongi’s eyes frantically searched his face for answers but only ended up looking at another one. Jungkook. In his fit of anger, Yoongi had completely forgotten about him. Namjoon tugged on his arm to get his attention,

“Hyung, Jungkook came to get me and we were in a meeting with the president, he said you were fucking mad-this is just like high school isn’t it, hyung can you just look at me-“

Nodding, Yoongi pried his eyes off Jungkook who was still staring at him and looked at Namjoon,

“I- yeah fuck, I’m sorry. I lost it, that fucking scum- he hit him again and I just-”

Yoongi saw someone approaching from the corner of his eye, and he snuck a look sideways to see Jungkook practically stalking right up to him. He wanted to turn from Namjoon and address him but Jungkook just grabbed his wrist before completely engulfing him in a hold. Yoongi staggered back a little from the force of it but Jungkook held onto him tightly and helped him to keep his balance. It felt different from all those times Taehyung rammed into and then bear hugged him, but Yoongi didn’t know why. Jungkook was practically doing the same thing, but it seemed like he was protecting Yoongi from something with the way he held his head to his chest. He was so warm and something very much like the grounding he needed to clear the last bit of anger that was swiveling around in his system. Yoongi took a good breath of Jungkook’s clean scent of detergent before raising his hands to return the hug. He was still shaking slightly and Jungkook could definitely feel it when he squeezed him tighter and then stepped back a little as he grabbed his arm,

“Hyung, are you okay?”

Jungkook examined Yoongi’s right hand and it was turning into a nice shade of purplish red where the tray had also slammed onto his knuckles from the force he used to hit the fucker’s face. Yoongi immediately started nodding, twisting his hand away from Jungkook’s hold and instead reaching up to take a better look at the cut. The bruise was starting to form on his cheekbone now,

“Fuck, that’s going to scar-”

Jungkook just stared and Yoongi couldn’t tell what he was thinking but the president coming to stand next to them made Yoongi remove his hand and step back. Biting his lip, he brought both hands to clasp behind his back as he lowered his head and bowed.

“Are you alright now?” The president asked, his eyes were so much like Jungkook’s it was crazy how he didn’t realise it earlier.

“Um- Yes sir, I- I’ve calmed down a little.” Yoongi replied back, quite shocked at the president’s genuine concern for him.

“Don’t worry. I heard what happened from Kim Namjoon, your friend, and also Jungkook but it was brief because we had to hurry here. I need to talk with you and the rest who helped later but I have to deal with his father first. I’ll see to it that he will never breathe the same air as Jungkook again. For now, could you treat his cut for me?”

“Yes of course- right away, sir.”

The president just smiled in gratitude before patting his arm and then lingering his gaze on Jungkook, putting a gentle hand to his head and patting him before turning to attend to matters. Yoongi only watched his retreating back, the shit he didn’t even get reprimanded? He watched as Namjoon and Nurse Yoo turned to do damage control by talking to the total of five patients who saw everything by trying to explain the situation and bribing them with juice packets. Yoongi was ready to get suspended or fired to be honest. Taking a moment to thank whatever god from above for showing mercy, Yoongi grabbed Jungkook’s arm and tugged him to a curtained ward bed at the side. He was kind of on auto pilot mode, like when he was at the A&E for more than 12 hours as he sat Jungkook down before getting the disinfectant swab with the forceps to clean the wound. It wasn’t like it would need stitches, but it wasn’t a measly paper cut either. Fuck, it was definitely going to scar if they didn’t get a plastic surgeon to suture it.

“This is going to scar, I just know it, should I get you a cosmetic suture?” Yoongi asked as he leaned down, bracing one arm around Jungkook’s neck to hold his head in place while he continued to gently clean the wound.

“No. It’s fine hyung, it’s just a scratch.” Jungkook mumbled back, his eyes fixating on Yoongi’s lips before he pulled them away forcibly.

Yoongi frowned as he studied the wound and the area of the swelling, feeling Jungkook’s jaw and checking for any fractures or dislocations. Nope, the boy was fine, his father apparently did not know how to throw a decent hit. Thank fuck. He grabbed a butterfly bandage before leaning back in and Jungkook tilted his head to aid with the application. Making a sound of thanks, Yoongi used light fingers to secure it without hurting Jungkook as much as possible. He looked up when he was done and he finally saw Jungkook’s down casted eyes and intertwined fingers,

“Hyung, I’m sorry- about how I acted when you rejected me that is. I shouldn’t have- it’s just that I get why you said it wouldn’t work now. You even had to save me again, and I’m really thankful for that but- you shouldn’t have to do that and it’s- I’m just really sorry, for everything.”

The clock on the wall just ticked as Yoongi stared down at the boy who was apologising for no apparent reason. It was probably the adrenaline that was still coursing through his veins but Yoongi couldn’t really help it when Jungkook looked up to check for his reaction with those soft brown eyes. He always held himself so small, so afraid he’d be a bother when he was anything but. Yoongi leaned in close, threading a hand through Jungkook’s hair and keeping the other at his neck before he parted his lips and caught Jungkook’s between his own. He wasn’t as gentle as Jungkook had been, and he was way more insistent in kissing him, because he definitely wasn’t just going to peck him. Yoongi made sure he could feel the pressure on his lips, trailing his fingers down the back of his neck. The kid had to know how crazy he made him feel. Jungkook was shocked by it but he responded quickly, closing his eyes and tilting his head so Yoongi had better access. His hands craved for touch and he curled one around the white coat before placing the other around Yoongi’s leg, pulling him just a little bit closer. He tasted sweet, like candy and Yoongi was sure the kid had been eating some and it was so addictive he ended up pressing his tongue against those pink lips. A soft sound came from the back of Jungkook’s throat and Yoongi reluctantly broke the kiss because he was skipping steps, so he murmured right against his lips,

“Let’s date. No, fuck it, you’re mine.”

Jungkook had been chasing his lips, unhappy with how short the kiss had been but he stopped and flicked his blown out pupils up in disbelief when the words registered. Yoongi took the chance to pull away and straighten his back out. Jungkook’s hands jerked when he saw space being put between them and Yoongi was suddenly reminded of how much taller the kid was when he quickly stood up to his full height. The idea was to talk things out but Jungkook immediately pressed their bodies together and oh if Yoongi was not aware that he had nice thighs before, he most definitely knew now. Jungkook’s eyes were frantically searching his, breath coming out uneven and lips sinfully beginning to swell,

“Hyung what- do you mean it, are you serious?”

Yoongi stretched his arms out over Jungkook’s shoulders languidly as he tilted his head. He watched Jungkook for a while, this boy he was so infatuated with in such a short time. Yoongi didn’t ‘date’ and he most definitely didn’t fall for anyone but here he was ready to give anything up for a chance at this. He was so fucking smitten for Jungkook and it didn’t scare him anymore. What just happened was good enough proof even though it was probably not very healthy to want to kill someone but he wanted to continue to protect Jungkook and it was because he was head over heels for this kid. He nodded, giving Jungkook a soft private smile and he received the widest grin in return that showcased the cutest overbite he’d seen. Jungkook was still breathing too fast but he kept his hands at Yoongi’s lower back and licked his lips before shyly whispering,

“Can you kiss me again?”

The fact that he was asking was so silly yet so sweet to Yoongi who chuckled before scratching his nails lightly at Jungkook’s nape because he suspected it was something the kid liked. The sharp intake of air completely confirmed Yoongi’s suspicions and he tugged Jungkook’s head down, blood rushing south when Jungkook closed his eyes and parted his lips so willingly. He was such a goner. Catching his lips once more, Yoongi kissed him with fervour easily because those lips had already become familiar. Jungkook was so warm and that clean smell of detergent was insanely addictive along with lips that tasted like candy. Picking up from earlier, he licked along the seam of Jungkook’s lips to ask for permission and they readily parted, letting Yoongi taste him better. There it was, the sweet taste and then something that was uniquely Jungkook. The kid was a fast learner, and he easily mimicked Yoongi’s tongue with his own and it was sending sparks down his spine. Jungkook wasn’t shy when it came to keeping their bodies flush together, and Yoongi could feel Jungkook’s growing arousal pressing against him. Yoongi smiled into the kiss when Jungkook hummed in response, trailing a hand up his back. Blinking his eyes open, Yoongi nudged his nose along Jungkook’s cheek as he tilted his head the other way, then caught his bottom lip with his teeth and tugged teasingly. He saw the corners of Jungkook’s lips curling up before the kid fluttered his eyes open and then even his eyes were smiling. Peaking his tongue out, Yoongi traced Jungkook’s cupid’s bow before pressing a last chaste kiss to his lips and leaning back. Jungkook’s lips were properly swollen now, tantalising red and extremely taunting. Biting his lip to contain a grin, Jungkook hid in the crook of Yoongi’s neck, wrapping his arms around the smaller man and inhaling deeply. Yoongi let him, hugging his shoulders in return and running soothing fingers through his hair.

“That was better than I dreamed, I wanted to kiss you for a while now.” Jungkook quietly admitted.

“Sorry- I’m sorry for rejecting you that time. I was stupid and scared, I like you kid. I like you a fucking lot.”

Yoongi felt Jungkook's smile before the kiss he left on his neck and oh boy, he could get used to that. He could get used to a lot of things actually, like the press of Jungkook’s hips against his, the heat the boy radiated and especially his soft lips. But the butterfly bandage on his cheek caught his eye and he quickly remembered that the president was waiting outside and they were taking way too long to just disinfect and bandage a cut. Reaching behind, Yoongi grabbed onto Jungkook’s hands and pried them from his back,

“Jungkook, your grandfather, he’s waiting outside-shit.”

But Jungkook continued blinking at him, raising a brow like he could give less of a fuck about it. Yoongi groaned and then let out an anxious breath,

“You look too blissed out- fuck.”

While Yoongi reached out to comb Jungkook’s hair back into place, Jungkook just smiled lazily and slipped his hands inside Yoongi’s coat and got them smacked lightly as a result. Yoongi’s own blood ran warmer when he saw just how dilated Jungkook’s eyes still were and he looked down instinctively to check on Jungkook’s little-or not so-problem. It wasn’t that noticeable, really, or he prayed it wasn’t. He grabbed Jungkook’s sweater and pulled it out from being tucked into his jeans so that it would cover his crotch, getting a good flash of perfectly toned abs. Jungkook was still smiling amused when Yoongi continued to straighten out his clothing frantically,

“Okay listen, you got to go out there and pretend I didn’t just kiss you senseless. After you sort this out, me and you, it’s a thing. But I don't want to hide us so we’ll have to tell your grandfather. Let’s do this right.”

That seemed to get Jungkook’s attention, and he couldn’t quite hide the happiness it brought him shown by his pearly whites. Letting go of Yoongi, he patted his face, avoiding the cut and then shook his head to clear it. Yoongi apologetically lightly patted at his swollen lips but Jungkook caught his hand and kissed it quickly,

“You’re not a player after all.”

“The fuck do you mean player, excuse me-“

Winking, Jungkook just opened the curtain and made his way to the president with confident strides. Yoongi tried not to laugh at the gall the kid had but he was failing miserably and he only stopped when he saw the president watching the both of them with a knowing look in his eye. Yoongi bowed and the president nodded in return before protectively curling an arm around Jungkook’s back. He kind of expected someone to still come and arrest him but he went home and nothing happened. Yoongi had told Namjoon to keep it a secret until Jungkook settled things with his father and explained everything to the president, and he easily agreed. It was strangely anti climatic for what had just occurred, given that he just agreed to be in a relationship with Jungkook. He went to work as usual in the morning, and he was half in disbelief that the group chat didn’t explode with texts. Namjoon really was keeping shut about everything and that was amazing in itself, not even Jin was texting him. Nurse Yoo smiled as she always did and Yoongi was starting to wonder if he dreamed the entire thing up because there was no consequence he was reaping. But then it came when she handed him a sweet,

“I didn’t get to tell you last night but thanks for disfiguring Mr Jeon’s face. I can’t believe he was abusing Jungkook all this time, that jerk.”

Almost choking on the sweet, Yoongi managed to nod and somewhat smile but Nurse Yoo just patted his shoulder,

“Don’t worry, not many people saw what happened and I’m not spreading anything. What happens in the A&E stays in the A&E.”

Yoongi sighed in relief and then smiled genuinely, bowing his head to show thanks before he grabbed the board to check on professor Kang’s patients before he had to report to the cardiology department. He was just done with his round when he caught himself from cursing out of shock when he saw the president standing there watching him. Instantly bowing, he ended up hitting his chin onto the board he was holding against his chest and winced. The president let out an amused chuckle before turning to the man next to him and Yoongi had to do a double take. Holy shit, that was Jungkook next to him in a suit. Jungkook cleaned up so well, plus he’d put his hair up, he almost didn’t register him as the same kid who always wore a hoodie. Gulping, Yoongi tried not to stare too much but Jungkook was way too handsome for his own good, he could pass off as a model. Not that he didn't realise the kid was handsome but, this was too much.

“At the A&E this early?” the president asked, glancing over at the completed list Yoongi was holding.

“He always is haraboji, always. I told you we’ll find him here.” Jungkook replied, looking way too smug.

Mindlessly nodding, Yoongi was unsure of how to act and wondered just when he was going to get fired because it hadn’t happened yet. The president reached forward and held onto his arm in a reassuring hold almost like he read his mind,

“Yoongi, you’re not getting fired, you can relax now. I know you had your reasons, and I know as a doctor you’ll never treat a patient like that. Thank you for helping my grandson, I can never repay you enough. We have to leave for a press conference now, but I’ll see you and all your friends for dinner to properly show my gratification.”

With that, the president just folded out a wrinkle in Yoongi’s collar before smiling warmly and even giving him a pat. Yoongi didn’t know whether to be more shocked at the fact that the president just addressed him on a first name basis or the fact that he legitimately did not seem to be getting fired. When the president stepped back, Jungkook leaned in and quickly stole a peck, right in front of him. Now Yoongi was a hundred percent positive that he was going to get fired. The president only laughed softly,

“Ah yes, Jungkook told me everything. I expect you to treat him well, and I’m sure you will. Let’s be on close terms, yes?”

While Yoongi tried not to spontaneously pass out and vomit his guts out, Jungkook grinned and waved while pointing to his phone, signalling for Yoongi to check his texts,

“See you later hyung, have a good day!”

Yoongi was seriously contemplating picking up a religion and regularly start praying because some god was definitely helping him out here. He knew the president, well not personally but the man had every doctor's respect not only because he himself was a great doctor but he was just genuinely a nice person. Yoongi didn't really know that much about his personal life but apparently he was okay with two men dating and also that his grandson liked boys. Not that it should be a problem but things were going too well- it was too early in the morning for this. Taking a breath, he turned and tried to process everything but only saw two gaping faces. Nurse Yoo and Hoseok, both with their phones out and pointed directly at him. He knew things were going too well, fuck. Throwing the board on the chair, Yoongi just slumped next to it completely resigned because now everyone was going to know. Just as he predicted, Hoseok jumped on him and started screeching in his ear, and Yoongi just let him.


2 years later

The fresh medical graduates lined up after changing into their newly attained white coats, ready for residency. Two girls were trying to contain their nerves by rocking back and forth, while the other pair of guys elbowed one another. The only other guy left looked completely relaxed, looking to the front desk and waiting patiently.

“I wonder who we’re getting, I hope it’s not Doctor Min. He’s Professor Kim’s fellow and he’s terrifying-" One of the girls with glasses spoke.

“Glad you know, is everyone here?” Yoongi interrupted, appearing out nowhere and looking at the five new residents.

Everyone straightened out, bowing before they spoke in unison like they were trained,

“Yes, Doctor Min!”

Yoongi cringed a little but just studied each of them and their names,

“Before we start, let’s get a few things out of the way. Among you bunch, we have the president’s grandson and I fucking hate gossiping, so if you have anything to say just spit it out now. If I catch you playing cliques or spreading rumours, I personally promise to make your four years of residency fucking hell.”

Jungkook scrapped his sneaker on the floor, looking down to try and keep the smile off his face but it wasn’t working, especially when Yoongi looked over fondly,

“Also, don’t hit on him because he’s mine. We clear? Good.”

That had Jungkook’s shoulders shaking with laughter and he peaked over to see four matching sets of faces in shock but Yoongi just walked off without a care. The two girls floundered before moving to follow Yoongi before they lost him but the pair of guys looked at one another incredulously,

“Is that even allowed?! I mean what about favouritism-"

They were interrupted by Taehyung slinging an arm around each of them and pulling their necks down,

“Who you gonna complain to, the president? Welcome to the A&E guys!”

The two of them looked completely horrified as Taehyung tugged them along and Jungkook took a moment to take a good look around and have a moment. Here was the place he first saw Yoongi and now he was right back. This time wearing a white coat of his own and taking the first step to do something he made a decision to do all by himself. Perhaps with some influence from Yoongi and the rest, but it was still the first thing he did of his own accord. It tasted like freedom and everything he only used to dream of, but it was real now. Swirling the ring on his right finger with his thumb, Jungkook felt his cheek hurt from smiling too much. Now, this was the type of pain he wanted to feel for the rest of his life. Yoongi narrowed his eyes and tilted his head at the only resident smiling at the A&E board in front of the main entrance,

"Jeon Jungkook, do you think I'm gonna cut you slack? Get here before I make you run to Canteen B just to get me my deokkbokki!"

Jungkook laughed, brushing his brown hair off his forehead before breaking into a jog,




Chapter Text

The thing about being in a relationship with Jeon Jungkook is that Yoongi was not prepared for it, at all. Yoongi liked to think that it’s because he didn’t really date much when he was younger because he was busy studying, but the truth is that Jungkook was just really difficult to read. Most of the time Yoongi had absolutely no idea what was going through that head of his and even though he was way older, he didn’t feel like he had the upper hand at all. It was a truly terrifying journey, and it had been from the very start.


1. Getting permission to date Jeon Jungkook

Yoongi had been resolutely looking down at the polished wooden surface of the table in front of him for the past three minutes. There’s been a lot of weird things that Yoongi had seen and experienced in his 25 years of living, courtesy of Hoseok mainly, but this had to top everything. He was currently sitting down in a very expensive traditional tea house somewhere in Gangnam and the president of the hospital he worked at was sitting right opposite of him. It didn’t end there, because the rest of his friends, or ‘crew’ like Taehyung like to call it, were all sitting down along with him and then there was Jungkook. The kid who was sipping his tea and trying to catch his glance every now and then but Yoongi was not letting him. Nope, he was going to just stare at his tea-

“Yoongi, aren’t you going to have any? The food will arrive soon.” The president gestured to his cup.

Immediately shifting to grab the cup, Yoongi let it burn his tongue before glancing to his left to see how the rest were behaving. As he suspected, all of them were barely containing their amused laughter and grins. Jimin especially had the most teasing glint in his eyes and that was never a good sign,

“Hyung is worried about trying to make a good impression President Jeon, because he likes your grandson.”

As if the tea wasn’t hot enough, now Yoongi managed to choke on it before coughing to cover it up and bring a napkin to his lips. He was going to kill Jimin, the one he trusted to never betray him and yet there he was with his traitorous eye smile. The president’s own eyes crinkled in joy before he let out a hearty laugh,

“You don’t have to worry, you’ve already made quite an impression. I’m here to thank all of you for helping Jungkook anyways, so I hope no one is uncomfortable.”

Trust Hoseok to start yelling excitedly in an expensive restaurant’s private room, but at least he was enjoying this experience. Yoongi was either going to throw up or combust, or do both by throwing up and then combusting because he couldn’t handle this. When the food arrived, he only felt the bile rising further up his throat and he didn’t know what he was so anxious about. Fuck that, he knew exactly what he was anxious about; the fact that he was literally dating the president’s grandson. Technically the president hadn’t said or made any signs to show that he was displeased, in fact he did the opposite but it was still bothering Yoongi. Not only did he not even get suspended for that circus act he pulled but he also got to date Jungkook? Nope, it didn’t sit well with him at all. Yoongi jolted from his reverie when he felt a nudge and he looked over to his right to see Jungkook’s worried eyes,

“Hyung, you don’t like the food?”

“Huh, no. I- I’m eating.”

He grabbed the closest thing with his chopsticks and put it in his mouth and started chewing like a robot. He knew the food was entirely going to waste when he had no idea what he was tasting in his mouth because he was so caught up in his thoughts. Yoongi could feel Jungkook’s worried gaze still on him so he sighed before picking up some more of the tempura and holding it to Jungkook’s mouth,

“It’s good, I’m just taking my time savouring the taste.”

Jungkook happily took the offered food and chewed with much more vigour and was definitely enjoying the taste more than him. It brought a small smile to Yoongi’s lips and some of the pressure on his chest cleared when he turned and saw just how elated Jin was with the food. But then he made the mistake of looking straight up and ended up staring right at the president who had been watching him all this time. There it was, the bile rising right back up. He had just fed Jungkook, why did he act so chummy with him right in front of the president, why, why- god why. The president looked over at his phone before looking back up,

“I have an urgent meeting I need to attend, but the rest of you should continue to enjoy your meal. I hope you’ll continue to be good friends with Jungkook. Yoongi, could you walk me out?”

Yoongi’s chopsticks were down in a split second and he elbowed Jungkook who was starting to frown over the fact that he’d been called out during dinner. The rest bowed their heads in respect while Taehyung just waved bye with a pout. Getting up, Yoongi nudged Taehyung’s head down,

“Of course, sir.”

There it was, this was it. The talk, now he knew the real deal was coming. As he followed the president out of the restaurant, Yoongi felt his palms sweat. He was ready, he promised Jungkook they would be letting the president know so he would have to fight for it. Looking up after taking a deep breath, Yoongi prepared himself for the worst but the president was just watching him with a smile,

“I don’t know if you were raised very strictly or if you’re just that polite but you don’t need to be so scared of me. I’m not like those old fashioned old people in those dramas, I would prefer if we could be on closer terms.”

It definitely wasn’t what he expected to hear so Yoongi just blinked in confusion and the president leisurely looked up at the night sky once they had stepped out of the restaurant,

“I knew his father wasn’t the best of characters but look what happened right under my nose. I regret letting Jungkook ever live with him and I blame myself for it, but knowing that he has friends he can count on now eases my heart a little. In all my years, I’ve never seen him with any friend, not even one and now he has so many to eat dinner with. Then, there’s you. He even told me he wants to be a doctor now, and I’m sure you can claim some credit If not most. You make him happy, and if he’s happy, I’m happy. It’s simple. I don’t care about anything else, so you shouldn’t either. Of course, I hope you keep him happy yes?”

Yoongi was vaguely aware about the men in black suits waiting at a similarly coloured parked car a little in front of them so he stopped walking to stall for time. The president stopped next to him, patiently waiting and Yoongi bowed fully,

“I promise I will, I’m not taking this lightly-I’m not taking Jungkook lightly. He’s important to me and I’ll continue to watch over him if you allow it.”

When Yoongi didn’t straighten himself from the bow, the president just put a gentle hand to his shoulder and straightened it,

“If there’s anything you need to be worried about it’s that I like you too much. So, go back in there and eat a proper meal. Doctors need to take care of their bodies so they can properly care for their patients.”

There was no stopping or hiding the smile on Yoongi’s lips even though he ducked his head and bowed again. Not only was the weight on his chest gone, he couldn’t believe he got to hear the famous line that the president was known for, not even his chief had heard it before. After watching the president take his leave, Yoongi walked back inside to see Taehyung and Jimin doing some contemporary dance while holding a piece of lotus root and once he started laughing, he couldn’t stop.

“Hyung, how’s it like dating the president’s grandson huh?” Namjoon teased, making kissy faces at him.

Now that the president was gone, they had all let loose their true colours. To be honest, Yoongi was grateful for it and he managed to respond even between laughs,

“Shut the fuck up before I tell Jin hyung everything.”

That got Namjoon to pale considerably and start silently apologising and begging, throwing frightened glances at Jin who was obliviously continuing on with his meal. Yoongi just wiped at his eyes and tried to get the laughter in check before he felt strong arms circle around him from behind. Soft lips planted a kiss on his cheek and Yoongi turned his neck to meet Jungkook’s playful grin,

“Haraboji totally likes you, also Jimin hyung dared me to kiss you.”

Jimin was practically shrieking and grabbing onto Taehyung, hitting the poor boy out of excitement while gushing about whether Taehyung had just seen that. Ah yes, Park Jimin. Smiling at Jungkook in that practiced manner he did for patients, Yoongi softly pried the hands off his waist and then reached for his chopsticks that were still lying there untouched,

“Park Jimin, come here, you’re fucking dead.”

Jimin yelped and hid behind Taehyung when Yoongi lunged forward holding his chopsticks like it was a knife,

“Hyung, I was only trying to help! You and Jungkook look great together- ow!”

Hoseok snorted out some of his rice when Yoongi grabbed onto Jimin and started tickling him till he was writhing on the floor in tears. Except Yoongi grabbed onto his hair with his free hand and yanked him down to get tickled as well and then Hoseok was screeching in pain,

“Did you have to tell all of them, couldn’t you wait till we settled everything first?!”

Snickering, Taehyung slid an arm around Jungkook’s shoulder and whipped out his phone to take a picture of this mayhem.

“Say cheese, I’m sending this to haraboji cause he gave me his number and I’m obviously his favourite!” He yelled out all in one breath and Namjoon and Jin casually put up matching v-signs from where they were still enjoying the food.


2. Actually dating Jeon Jungkook

The house was so quiet that Yoongi naturally assumed that it was empty, only to bite his tongue in surprise when he saw Jungkook sitting at the study table in his room. Yeah, Yoongi reminded himself that this was a thing now. The latest edition to his close knit circle of friends and newly appointed boyfriend to him. Jungkook looked up from taking notes when Yoongi just stood at the hallway without saying or doing anything, and it made Yoongi’s chest painfully constrict. This kid was way too fucking handsome without having to try and he was wearing Yoongi’s old school shirt again. It made the possessive streak he tried to avoid addressing be made well known, and it frightened him a little bit at just how much he liked things like that. Getting up from his seat, Jungkook made his way to him smiling and leaned in for a chaste kiss,

“Hyung, you’re back. Jimin and Tae hyung left a while ago cause of their early paper tomorrow.” 

Yoongi returned the kiss more than willingly and found himself disappointed at how short Jungkook kept it,

“Ah, their exams are tomorrow, right. They prepared to get their MD’s?”

Humming, Jungkook walked into the kitchen and started taking out boxes of food out of the fridge to reheat in the microwave,

“They’ll do fine. Go take a shower hyung, then we’ll eat dinner together.”

Yoongi blinked once and then continued batting his eyelids, wondering if this was some kind of dream. It felt like one because he’d just assisted in three surgeries and had been awake for more than 24 hours now and this felt like royal treatment to him. Nothing much changed after they’d started dating ‘officially’ or whatever it was called, but Yoongi was slowly starting to understand what having Jungkook around was like; a very competent domestic helper. Yoongi knew his apartment, so he knew when the floors were mopped or when the tables were wiped down, and everything screamed cleanliness. Taking a mug of water to drink, Yoongi watched Jungkook prepare the food before glancing at the washing machine at the side. Even his laundry was done, and it smelled pretty damn heavenly.

“Did you clean the house?” Yoongi asked, feeling really weird about this suddenly.

Jungkook just nodded, tasting the stew before adding some more water to eat as it boiled down and Yoongi continued,

“You…. Even did the laundry?”

Glancing up, Jungkook had the blankest face Yoongi had seen on him before,

“Yes, why? Did I mess up? But Taehyung hyung taught me exactly how he said you do it-“

“No no, it’s fine. It’s more than fine, all I care about is how it smells at the end actually. It’s just that.. I was wondering how you knew how to do this stuff? Also you don’t need to do it, it’s not your job Jungkook ah.”

Fiddling with the spoon he was using to stir the stew, Jungkook nibbled on his bottom lip and Yoongi had to consciously make an effort not to fixate on that,

“Tae and Jimin hyung started cleaning up and I realised I can do it too, so they taught me. I.. like doing it. Cleaning and stuff, it keeps me occupied while you hyungs are at work. I’ll stop if you don’t like it though.”

Well Taehyung and Jimin did clean his place up when he got busy. He should treat those kids to something nice soon, he was spoilt by them on the regular. Rinsing his mug off, Yoongi placed it back before reaching up to rest his elbow on Jungkook’s shoulder,

“Of course I don’t mind. Well, if you like it I definitely am not going to stop you. I’m sorry we’re busy a lot but that’s what being around doctors is like, bear with us. You should enjoy your free time though, you’ll start med school soon and it will be hell, trust me.”

Jungkook grinned and his bunny teeth made Yoongi want to punch something because it was too damn cute but he just returned the smile with his own. Nudging him in the ribs, Jungkook returned his attention back to the food,

“I will. Go shower, the food is almost ready.”

Yoongi chuckled,

“But really, I didn’t expect a chaebol to know how to clean and you’re even cooking now. Wow, I feel like a king.”

Rolling his eyes, Jungkook just nudged him harder this time while mumbling about how he was just reheating food and Yoongi laughed at the faint pink dusting on his cheeks. Tipping on his toes, Yoongi leaned in and kissed his nose before going to wash up. Jungkook brought a hand to his nose and patted it confusedly but he couldn’t wipe the smile off his lips even when the stew was done.


3. Constantly solving puzzles

Yoongi was watching another guided surgery video when the door to his bedroom opened, and a figure slipped in. Pausing the video, he looked up only to see Jungkook place his bag with Yoongi’s near the study table in silence. Oh, Yoongi knew those eye bags and the exhausted slump of shoulders too well. The thing about Jungkook was that he didn’t act out when he was annoyed or tired, it was all internalised. Yoongi was used to babying Jimin and Taehyung when they whined or bothered him about treating them to some snacks but he had no idea what to do when Jungkook just kept everything in. It was a little startling when Jungkook suddenly turned and made eye contact, almost like he just remembered Yoongi was actually present in the room. Honestly, Yoongi knew what first experiencing rotations felt like so he really wouldn’t take it personally if Jungkook forgot his existence momentarily. But Jungkook nodded his head in greeting and murmured something Yoongi completely did not catch but prayed was something like ‘I’m taking a bath’. When Jungkook actually went to get his clothes and then disappeared into the bathroom, Yoongi let out a small sigh and moved to get up. So that meant that he was staying over, instead of going back home to his grandfather’s tonight. Scratching the back of his neck, Yoongi mulled over what he should do or at least try to do to make Jungkook feel better. He had no idea really, he remembered just wanting to be alone and also wanting to kill a lot of people. But alas, Jungkook had come over here so he didn’t actually want to be alone. Sometimes Yoongi felt like Jungkook was a rubric’s cube he was constantly trying to solve, the kid was one hell of a mystery. Knocking on the door, Yoongi asked in a tone that he hoped didn’t give away how worried he was,

“Jungkook ah, have you eaten?”

“Yeah hyung, ate with haraboji.”

Now Yoongi was absolutely sure Jungkook had wanted something from coming here because he hadn’t stayed home. Shit, he had about ten minutes to figure it out and get it on a gold plate. Absentmindedly biting on his thumb, Yoongi frowned at the choices of tea that was available in the kitchen before just deciding to choose chamomile because it was such a go-to option. Wracking his brain wondering what could have happened in the hospital today, Yoongi vaguely questioned if he should just try asking the kid about his day. It just felt so awkward in the way he was going about this and he wished Jin was here to tell him the 9 steps to consoling someone when they clearly had a bad day, dammit. When the bathroom door opened, Yoongi jumped a bit from where he was seated on the side of the bed nursing a warm cup of tea. Camomile tea to soothe you from a whole day of working with shit doctors and nurses who don’t seem to particularly like medical students. However, Yoongi’s stomach dropped when he caught a glimpse of Jungkook’s red eyes as he towelled his hair off,

“Shit…did you cry?”

Jungkook turned to stare at Yoongi who was sure his face was fully contorted in worry as he clutched onto the cup of tea harder,

“No? I was shampooing my hair and it got into my eye.”

Now getting a better look at Jungkook, Yoongi saw how only his left eye was red and he wished he could have just shut his mouth. Instead, he had managed to make things a million times more awkward by sitting there constipated as Jungkook blinked owlishly at him. Why did he just imply that he thought Jungkook had cried in the shower and even if he did, he obviously did it so he could privately cry. But no, he had to call him out on it. Maybe he needed to go take a long walk and think about why it was so hard for him to just ask Jungkook if he was okay. He was probably disturbing him by doing all of this since Jungkook was already in his sleep pants, choosing to forego a shirt since he got warm easily. Jungkook broke the silence by gesturing to the tea Yoongi had been holding but not drinking,

“Hyung. What’s this, and what is it you wanna ask? You’re gonna turn blue soon if you continue holding your breath like that.”

He sounded so tired and Yoongi winced when he sluggishly wiped at his face before discarding the towel off into the laundry basket.

“Uh, it’s chamomile tea, good for soothing stress and aiding a peaceful night of sleep.” Yoongi recited from when he googled the benefits earlier on,

“And I just…wanted to ask if everything was okay, you know?”

Jungkook took the cup and drank the tea in one go while Yoongi warily watched him wondering if he added enough sugar so it didn’t leave a bitter aftertaste. Placing it on the bedside table, Jungkook reached over to turn the lights off before grabbing onto Yoongi’s shoulders and pushing him down to the bed. Jungkook flopped down over with him and Yoongi felt a little bit of air get knocked from his lungs when he settled his full body weight on him. Yoongi didn’t know if he just got used to heavy things always on him since he was friends with Taehyung and Hoseok but Jungkook lying over him was strangely still a comfortable weight. Snuggling into his neck, Jungkook wiggled a little before settling down and taking a good whiff of the scent he missed the most. Only when Yoongi slid his hand up his bare back did he realise Jungkook felt too warm to the touch, even if he did naturally run warmer,

“Do you have a fever?!”

The only response he got was a hum and Yoongi was straining his neck to try and get a look at his face with the dim light the window offered. Both of Yoongi’s hands were rubbing up his back and then to his neck but Jungkook wouldn’t turn his head,

“It’s fine, I already took paracetamol.”

“What-are you sure? What was your temp, other symptoms? Did you get a flu shot-”

“Hyung please turn off your doctor, I just want to cuddle with you.”

Yoongi froze when he realised that was what Jungkook had come over for, the answer to the question he had been wracking his brain over and ended up giving him chamomile tea instead. Sighing, he let his head fall back onto the pillow before threading his fingers through Jungkook’s soft strands of hair. No wonder he looked so tired and out of it, Yoongi wouldn’t have even guessed he was sick. But Jungkook seemed happy enough to lie in his arms so Yoongi continued to softly massage his head and smiled at the content rumbling that it drew. As the minutes passed, Jungkook’s shoulder’s slowly loosened up and his rhythmic puffs of breath tickled Yoongi’s neck but he wasn’t going to move, nope, no way in hell. Pressing a soft kiss to Jungkook’s forehead, Yoongi traced the bumps of his spine as he waited for the fever to break.


4. Drawing boundaries

The tv was on and it was some strange reality show that Yoongi was watching but Jungkook for the love of god could not concentrate. His eyes kept drifting to Yoongi who was sitting next to him and scooping a spoonful of ice cream into his mouth. It was painful watching those pink lips wrap around the spoon and Jungkook almost wondered if Yoongi was doing it on purpose. Except he wasn’t, he was only sitting on his coach, eating his ice cream and watching a show in his house. It was just that Yoongi had decided to wear shorts instead of his usual sweatpants and it was the first time Jungkook had ever seen the older wear anything that showed his legs and probably for good reason. He could not stop looking at them, his eyes just refused to stop staring at the expanse of soft fair skin that was finally revealed to him. Letting out a shaky breath, Jungkook’s fingers scratched at the fabric of his jeans when he felt them itch to touch and Yoongi simply continued watching the show,

“I know you’re staring.”

Darting his eyes up, Jungkook unwillingly gulped at the accusatory tone Yoongi used and felt his heart start ramming. Not removing his eyes from the screen, Yoongi continued,

“I know they’re pale as fuck and are probably blinding you but, stop staring.”

“They aren’t blinding me, they’re fucking pretty.”

At that, Yoongi finally whipped his head from the show he just couldn’t ignore previously and Jungkook’s eyes widened in shock. Yoongi was gaping and Jungkook wondered if he really didn’t know he had pretty legs but then felt a throw pillow knock onto the side of his head,

“Did you just curse?!”

“Ow- hyung! You curse all the time, what the hell-“

“That is not the point! Come here, you, who said you can use vulgarities?! Your grandfather is going to fucking kill me!”

Jungkook put his hands up in vain to try and stop the hits from the pillow but he was getting a good thrashing from Yoongi. The irony of the situation won over the pain he felt so he ended up laughing more than anything else. Also, Jungkook really didn’t mind when Yoongi ended up straddling him so he could start suffocating him with the pillow. Not that he’d let Yoongi know why he didn’t simply throw him off because after years of Judo, it was a very easy task. When Yoongi finally stopped flinging the pillow around, Jungkook grinned and took the opportunity to put his hands on the thighs he’d been eyeing for more than an hour.  As he soothed his fingers over the soft skin, he ended up raking Yoongi’s shorts up further. Oh did they feel as soft as he suspected they would. Cheekily grinning, Jungkook looked up to read Yoongi’s expression but only saw pink cheeks. Yoongi put the pillow away and it was eerily silent for a moment before Jungkook felt the familiar excruciating pain of his ear getting twisted,

“What did I say about wandering hands?”

Instantly withdrawing from the heavenly smoothness, Jungkook held both hands up in defeat, and whined in pain when Yoongi still didn’t release his killer grip on his ear. Leaning in closer, Yoongi furrowed his brows and it made Jungkook’s mouth dry up even though his ear was still throbbing,

“If I hear you say another curse word, I’ll put a ban on kissing too.”

“Hyung! You can’t do that, you already don’t let me do-“

Yoongi easily swung his legs off of Jungkook and got up to put his empty tub of ice cream back in the kitchen, snickering to himself over Jungkook’s anxious pleading. Now Yoongi knew Jungkook had no idea how hard it was for him to keep his hands to himself since he thought Yoongi was being serious. There was no way he’d take away the only thing he allowed himself to savour with Jungkook, he had needs too. 

But this didn’t mean that it was easy on Jungkook either, no, not at all. It was true that Yoongi was the first person Jungkook had ever liked and perhaps it was precisely why Jungkook felt so inexperienced.


5.  Getting jealous over anyone and everyone

Leaning on the nurse’s counter, Jungkook cast the senior nurse a charming smile and she returned it before going on updating the system’s patient information. She was more than used to him coming here, she basically expected it. Nurse Yoo had told her about the tight knitted bunch and it was amusing to see them in action. Jungkook continued to just look at the brochures on the counter when he felt Taehyung slide a hand around his waist and bump shoulders with him. It was now an instant reaction to grab the slender fingers offered to him and begin their notions of a seriously complicated handshake. Jungkook pointed at the white doctor’s coat Taehyung was newly donning and then burst into laughter when he saw the small elephant embroidery along the left pocket,

“Woah, your coat is cooler than any other department! Paediatrics is the best huh?”

Taehyung just proudly showed it off while Jungkook fussed before something caught his eye and he started staring over his shoulder. It’s been six months since Taehyung had known Jungkook and even in that short time he could easily say that he’d never seen anyone looking quite as scary when they stared. Or he should say glared, because he was definitely starting to look unhappy with the downward curl of his lips. Turning around, Taehyung looked around for what caught his eye before seeing Yoongi laughing with some person. Slowly shifting his eyes to Jungkook when he saw Yoongi ruffle the stranger’s hair,

“Probably just a patient or something-“

“Oh I know who he is.”

Yeah, Taehyung wanted Jimin to magically appear and save him from potentially witnessing their first fight. A few feet away, Yoongi chuckled and fondly patted Yooin’s shoulder before accepting the bag of desserts he had brought for him,

“How’d you know where to find me?”

“Namjoon hyung told me you’d be here, thought I’d drop by and give you this since I’ll be in the hospital anyways.”

“You miss me that much?”

Yooin poked his tongue out childishly before furrowing his brows,

“By the way, why is an older version of the kid from the grudge staring at us?”

Glancing behind his back, Yoongi choked on air when he saw who Yooin was talking about and it was really difficult not to start laughing. Holy shit, he saw it, the older version of the kid from the grudge. Taehyung waved weakly before pointing as inconspicuously as possible to Jungkook and using a finger to draw a line across his neck. Yoongi got the message; he was dead, if it wasn’t obvious enough by the death glare Jungkook was giving him. Yooin frowned harder,

“Do you know him, do I have to beat him up for you?”

Yoongi gave him a well-honed smack across his head,

“You’re not beating anybody up, how about you get into a college first huh?”

Pouting, Yooin rubbed at his head before bowing slightly,

“If I get into college, will you date me?”

It felt like saying no to a puppy but Yoongi just scrunched his nose,

“Older version of the grudge kid there also happens to be my boyfriend, so I have to turn down your offer. Take care of your health and I’ll see you around okay?”

Yooin looked completely taken aback but Yoongi knew there was no easy way around it. Giving him a last sympathetic smile, Yoongi ruffled his hair once more before turning to go jog to where Taehyung was increasingly looking ready to take off,

“Hey, sorry. He wanted to give us this, let’s eat it together. Are the rest at cafeteria already?”

Taehyung nodded, taking the bag to peer into it and pretending he was all too interested in the desserts he saw inside so he could escape off to the front. Yoongi peaked up at Jungkook who was still staring, with that classic locked jaw and dead on intensity. Even now Yoongi couldn’t help but think how handsome the kid was, like a model wearing a doctor’s coat. A very ticked off model. Taking a breath, Yoongi braced himself because there was only one way to rectify this without it turning into a cold war,

“You were right, he does like me. But I told him I have a boyfriend, and that it’s you, so don’t be mad okay?”

Jungkook’s eyes only narrowed and Yoongi quickly leaned up and gave him a peck, praying it worked before hooking arms with him and lightly tugging to start walking. It does work because Jungkook stops glaring and the earlier annoyance dissipates when he realised that Yoongi just kissed him regardless of everybody who was here, when he really wasn’t a fan of public displays of affection. Huffing, Jungkook looked over his shoulder and stuck out his tongue at Yooin whose mouth hung open, crushed. Yoongi was his, and he wasn’t planning to share him with anyone, not now and not ever. So when he saw yet another stranger with his arms around Yoongi’s shoulders for the second time this week, it was easy to say Jungkook did not take it too well. He knew he didn’t own Yoongi and he was most certain Yoongi was allowed to have friends other than the ones Jungkook knew about, but it still made him jealous. It was a strange feeling when he saw Yoongi behave so friendly with others, because he usually had a cold exterior that was tough to get past. In short, he was steadily turning into the green monster and he absolutely hated himself for it. It made him feel childish and petty, although Yoongi never said or put it that way. Shaking the nerves off by brushing at his bangs, Jungkook gripped onto the wrapped sandwiches harder and forced himself to walk right up to them,

“Hyung, your dinner.”

That caught Yoongi’s attention and although he flashed his signature gummy smile, Jungkook’s stomach flipped for another reason. The doctor next to Yoongi was insanely tall, and so damn airbrushed looking that Jungkook felt inadequate just by standing next to him but Yoongi was oblivious,

“Thanks kiddo, by the way this is-“

“Sorry hyung, another time, I have to run.”

Giving the stranger a quick formal bow, Jungkook started cursing in his head over just how well he handled that. Dammit, Yoongi had good reason to call him a kid all the time. He had caught the stranger’s friendly smile and Yoongi’s perplexed look just before he had run from them and it was stuck in his head now. Grabbing onto the nearest pillar after ducking out of view, Jungkook promptly began to knock his forehead onto it. He deserved it, he really did, because who ran away from a stranger just because they were insecure? Him.

“You okay bro?” Hoseok’s concerned voice made him stop his actions for a moment.

Jungkook groaned before squatting down, covering his face stretching out an arm to point in the direction from where he had just run off from. Hoseok took the hint and carefully peaked from the safe vantage point of the pillar and he suddenly nodded understandingly,

“That’s Chanyeol hyung. He’s in cardio too and from our sister hospital. Don’t worry, no one feels decent after looking at him. Those legs though.”

It didn’t help Jungkook one bit, because now that stranger had a name and Jungkook couldn’t help but think that he even had such a cool name, life was unfair. He had to get out of here before anyone else caught him so he quickly stood up and gave his cheeks a hard pat,

“I have to go, don’t tell anyone Hobi hyung.”

Scratching his nose, Hoseok watched Jungkook until he disappeared from sight,

“I swear I’m having dejavu, where have I heard that before?”

In record time, Jungkook was out of the hospital and even his rotation chief looked worried because he’d never left this early before. His phone buzzed and Jungkook had to mentally count to three to gather some balls to look at it.


From: Yoongi <3

Everything ok? Have you had dinner?

To: Yoongi <3

Yeah, sorry hyung, I just need to rush home.

From: Yoongi <3

No worries, as long as you’ve eaten. Do you need a ride?

To: Yoongi <3

Nope, driver’s here. I’ll text you later.


Jungkook quickly stuffed his phone into his pocket, not daring to check any replies to that message because he was starting to feel horrible for lying. He had no idea why he was even running from Yoongi, but it was too late to do anything else so he called for a cab home. The president’s knowing look when he sat down with him to have dinner was more than enough to make him lose all appetite, but he didn’t say anything. He’d come on the pretence of wanting to go through the hospital’s asset management with his grandfather so they were both at the table till late night. Jungkook grabbed another binder and flipped through its pages, raking in numbers just as he was taught to since he was thirteen. This was just an excuse to bury himself in work when he couldn’t be at the hospital doing his sucky rotations in radiology. Feeling eyes on him, Jungkook peered up to see his grandfather watching him flip page after page,

“Did you two have a fight?”

He rubbed at his eyes before slumping in his chair and shaking his head,

“No, I’m just being stupid.”

“Well, if it was you who did something stupid, go fix it.”

It was like he was waiting for someone to tell him that because that’s all it took for Jungkook to put the binder down and hurriedly bolt out of the door. Only to rush back in, grab that unfinished binder and bow his head,

“I’ll be staying over, goodnight haraboji.”

The president only laughed, thoroughly amused, waving Jungkook off and watching him bolt for the second time. It was so stupid, Jungkook needed to stop getting jealous over strangers when Yoongi obviously didn’t look at anyone else. The worst part of it was that he was taking it out on the last person who deserved it. When he reached Yoongi’s apartment it was close to one in the morning and he made his way to the bedroom as quietly as possible. Yoongi was fast asleep, tired from crazy working hours and exhausting surgeries he assisted in. Jungkook took in the way he was curled, right on the edge of the bed with his bare feet hanging off the ledge and with one hand still curled around his phone. Like he was waiting for a text and had fallen asleep, the text jungkook had said he would be giving but forgot to. His heart clenched and he guiltily took the phone out of his hand and pulled his hoodie off before going to wash his hands and feet out of habit (he was a doctor in training, mind you). This was it, Yooin and Chanyeol had brought out the worst in him and he was adamant to change the way he dealt with his insecurities. Jungkook crawled into bed, putting an arm around Yoongi’s waist and gently tugging him right back into his chest. Settling his hand protectively over Yoongi’s stomach, Jungkook placed a soft kiss on his shoulder when Yoongi just sleepily snuggled back into him. Needless to say, Yoongi was surprised when he woke up thinking he smelt Jungkook on him only to see him in the kitchen making breakfast.

“Oh, hi hyung. Uh-sit down, have your coffee and some toast.” Came the unnatural greeting from Jungkook, who had to clear his throat mid-sentence.

“Hey you, did you come back last night? I swear I could smell you.” Yoongi replied, tucking his chin to sniff at his shirt that still faintly smelt like Jungkook’s shampoo.

“Yeah. I did. About that, I need to talk, I mean I need to confess.”

Yoongi had grabbed his mug of coffee, black with only a spoon of sugar, and sipped on it. He was looking at Jungkook standing by the table, fidgeting and picking at his fingers. The kid was nervous, for some reason, and Yoongi had no idea why he needed to ‘confess’. Jungkook took the silence as his que to start,

“About yesterday, I actually kind of... ran from you. I got jealous seeing you with Doctor Park and I don’t know. It’s stupid, I’m stupid. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”

There was a whole minute of silence and Jungkook was starting to feel his cheeks heat up with embarrassment because Yoongi hadn’t said anything. Darting his eyes up, he saw Yoongi looking off to the side in deep thought and when he suddenly pounded the table, Jungkook flinched,

“Oh! Chanyeol hyung? I was wondering which Doctor Park you were talking about, seriously, there’s too many Park’s in the hospital- wait, you were jealous? Of what? I thought you were busy, I see the blue binders here too.”

Yoongi tapped on the open binder that Jungkook had been reading while preparing breakfast and it only made Jungkook feel worse because it was such a convenient excuse. So easy to believe too, you were the special kid with too many things to do. Bending his head in shame, Jungkook just waited, because Yoongi could piece the story together and he’d accept anything the older threw his way. But all he got was Yoongi pulling on his hand, urging him to sit down and keeping that soft hold on them,

“Hey, what’s going on? It’s okay to get jealous, but you need to tell me. Was it something I did?”

“No. No hyung, it’s me. I need to learn how to share you with others and you’re being too nice to me by doing this.”

“I can be nice to you, it’s my choice.”

The anxiety pulling at his chest slowly loosened up when Yoongi brushed his fringe with fingers that were always so gentle,

“Did you even catch any sleep last night?”

Jungkook shook his head, eyes fixating on the way Yoongi’s thumb smoothened over his knuckles in small strokes,

“I have to report for rotation soon, it’s fine, I better get used to sleep deprivation right?”

It was a little unnerving how Yoongi just stared straight on, and Jungkook couldn’t meet his eyes because he still felt guilty about how he acted. Using a finger, Yoongi tilted Jungkook’s chin up and both his eyes and voice were fond when he spoke,

“You’re not stupid, you’re fucking smart so don’t say that again. Also, It’s normal to get jealous, don’t beat yourself up on it. Talk to me next time, okay?”

Licking his lips, Jungkook nodded his head multiple times and Yoongi leaned in to press their lips together. This kid made his heart ache because even now he still wasn’t fully opening up. It’d take time, Yoongi knew and he was more than willing to wait however long it took.


6. Being a medical student as well as the only heir to the company

For the entire day, Jungkook’s feet had been killing him because he had run up and down the building so many times he’s lost count. Yoongi had warned him that medical school was going to be hell but he didn’t expect it to be literally Dante’s inferno. He’d skipped the first two foundation years and jumped right into clerkship. He knew how to pass exams but dealing with patients, doctors and nurses was enough to make him think about quitting every single day. The worst part was that it was only the first week. He’d started at 7.30am and it was now 8pm with him stuck in a large meeting room because some idiot had forgotten to put the electrode gel on the patient before conducting the ECG. He even went on to clumsily attach the clippers which ended up pinching the patient’s skin and creating a very bad experience overall.  Everyone here was currently doing their internal medicine rotation and even getting through the first week seemed to look near impossible. Suddenly jerking up, Jungkook looked around the room when he realised that the Chief of Cardiology would be coming to talk to them. The students next to him just paled when the said person walked in and only Jungkook brightened up when he saw Yoongi trail behind Professor Kim like he suspected. Yoongi stood to the side while Professor Kim scanned all the faces in the room before sighing,

“I know you are all learning, but I would really prefer if you didn’t make mistakes like this. Watch our nurses next time. Since I’m here, I’ve been asked to give you a lecture so make yourself comfortable for the next two hours or so.”

Jungkook continued to stare at Yoongi, completely transfixed by the glasses he was sporting and feeling his heart flutter. From the beginning, Jungkook had always thought Yoongi was pretty but the spectacles and white coat combination never failed to kill him. The coat just looked normal on everyone else but on Yoongi it was especially cute, perhaps it was his petite stature. Yoongi was wearing his green surgery scrub under the coat so Jungkook knew he had been assisting for one before this and if he was dreading this lecture, he wondered how Yoongi felt being dragged into it. All his staring finally paid off because Yoongi caught on and Jungkook sat up straighter and tried to at least look like he was paying attention to what Professor Kim was saying. But Yoongi just held his gaze and gave him a quick wink before turning back to listen. Suddenly all the tiredness and aching in Jungkook’s body seemed to disappear and he pursed his lips to stop himself from laughing or smiling. Nah, he wasn’t gonna quit.

When Professor Kim let everyone off for a five minute toilet break, Jungkook dug in his pocket for his phone because he knew his grandfather’s secretary must be searching for him. Because not only was he currently a medical student, he also had to keep up with learning how both the company and hospital was being run. It was a decision he made, after his father was relieved from his position and sent to New Zealand for a ‘long vacation’. The company was important to him, it’s always been, but with his grandfather showing him the ropes now, it got that much more personal. Just as he was about to call his grandfather’s secretary back, a voice interrupted,

“Jungkook ah, don’t you have to go for a board meeting?”

Glancing up, Jungkook smiled and Yoongi returned it while ruffling his head,

“Yeah, but Prof’s lecturing so… I’ll go later and get a status report from Secretary Lee.”

Yoongi flicked his wrist and glanced at his watch before frowning harder,

“No, what time will you even get to sleep? I’ll tell Prof, come.”

Jungkook didn’t really have much of a choice when Yoongi just grabbed his hand and dragged him out of his seat and right to Professor Kim, who was wearily eyeing a bunch of students whispering at the side.

“Prof, he has to attend a board meeting. Besides, he already knows his stuff, trust me.”

“Oh Jeon Jungkook, right, sure. Juggling work and school can’t be easy, hang in there.”

Jungkook looked pleasantly surprised, bowing his head in thanks and Yoongi pat him on his shoulder. He knew he was getting special treatment, and it wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for his surname and Yoongi constantly watching out for him. But Jungkook had learnt to embrace it because if he was going to make it through medical school alive while learning about the company and hospital, he needed all the help he got. He turned to make his leave but the way Professor Kim kept patting at all his pockets got him to stop,

“Yoongi ah, did I misplace my pen again, why does it always disappear?”

Clearing his throat, Jungkook asked,

“Uh, Prof, is it a red fountain pen?”

Professor Kim looked up mid-search quite astonished but nodded and Jungkook gave him a small smile,

“Coat pocket of the blue blazer you wore this morning. I don’t think you brought it out because I didn’t see it with you at the A&E earlier and you didn’t walk in here with it either.”

Making an amused sound at the back of his throat, Yoongi tried his best not to laugh at the incredulous look Professor Kim had thrown Jungkook and instead just nodded,

“Yup, that’s him. Don’t bother recruiting, he’s decided on neurosurgery.”

Jungkook bit on his cheeks to stop himself from glowing in Yoongi’s praise and bowed his head again before giving Yoongi a small goodbye wave and exiting the room. Professor Kim finally stopped gaping and instead knitted his eyebrows,

“Anyway we can get him to change his mind?”

“Nope, he is literally the stubborn stereotype we have of neurosurgeons.”

Both Yoongi and Professor Kim turned to look at one another before bursting out in laughter, startling the students at the side who still hadn’t dared to ask their questions.

Later, in the comfortable haven of Yoongi’s bed, Jungkook lay his head on soft thighs and listened as Yoongi explained about the lecture he missed out on. He was exhausted from sitting in on a meeting that dragged way longer than necessary and having to switch his mind over to money and efficiency but with Yoongi’s hand over his chest, he felt like he could accomplish anything.


7. Having a breakdown

Jungkook could do this, no really, he could. It was immensely stressful and definitely way more than what he should be tanking but he could do it. He’d been taught about business from a young age so it was basically his second instinct, profit lines and fund management were all familiar topics. He knew how expensive it was to run a hospital, so he had to make sure he knew how to keep it going. His father had turned the company into a rat hole so he felt responsible for needing to turn it around, make it the Jeon Holdings that properly funded the hospital. He wasn’t doing it alone, he had many of his grandfather’s people in the company who easily accepted him as a kind of successor. Even if he wasn’t really a businessman per se, he knew too much internal affairs that even snobby fifty year olds couldn’t shun him. It just got a little too much sometimes, like when he hadn’t gotten more than three hours of sleep between three days and everything was starting to annoy him,

“We can’t drop that stock like that, there’s only a 0.03% room for error and doing that will give us a full 1.3% window we do not have the liberty for. Did you even consult our financial advisers?”

Everyone seated at the table was looking at him, very surprised because he usually sat through meetings silently and this was the first time he ever raised his voice enough for everyone to hear. Even his grandfather turned to look at him but Jungkook just sighed through his nose, rubbing at his temple where a headache was forming. Their Chief Financial Officer looked up from furiously tapping at his ipad,

“Jungkook’s right, I just did the numbers, it’s too risky.”

The director currently standing at the front giving the presentation cleared his throat and nodded, moving on to the next plan they have. Shaking his feet to distract himself from the headache, Jungkook leaned back in his chair as he went back to listening. Mentally, he went through the things he had to do tomorrow at rotation. Check on Patient Shim Hee Yong’s bandages, check whether Patient Kim Jongtae had experienced any nausea or vomiting- and the list went on. When the meeting finally ended, he excused himself first because the throbbing in his head was absolutely killing him. He bowed in farewell to his grandfather who stopped him by grabbing his elbow loosely before speaking in a hushed tone,

“Go to Yoongi’s and get some sleep. He helps you sleep, doesn’t he? You were cranky today, don’t use that tone next time.”

Jungkook felt like he got burnt from where his grandfather was touching him but he quickly bowed his head and left. He made it back to Yoongi’s apartment in record time, given how empty the roads were and how fast the expensive car his grandfather had gifted him could speed. Jungkook walked in quietly, as he always did, and looked over at Yoongi sleeping in his bed before closing the bathroom door behind him. Leaning over the sink, Jungkook washed his mouth out to get rid of the vile taste of red wine that had been served. He was old enough to drink now, he was old enough to do a lot of things since he turned twenty but he apparently he still wasn’t old enough to understand business. He couldn’t help it, he hated it when people gambled with patients like they did with money. There were actual lives at stake and he didn’t understand the over confidence these old men had in their so called ‘experience’. But he knew he shouldn’t have done that, he was younger, he should show more respect, and he shouldn’t be so full of himself. These men already disliked how he was involved with company affairs, he knew he shouldn’t provoke them like that, he knew he should ignore and manage them in the way his grandfather advised him to- he knew. The thing was that, he knew and yet he couldn’t act like the adult his age told him he was.

His chest constricted, and Jungkook looked up at his reflection only for his breath to catch in his throat. It was only for a split second, but in that very moment Jungkook swore he saw his father in himself. The slicked back hair, charcoal black suit and red tie accompanied with the Rolex watch and Bulgari cologne all came together in a way that was everything Jungkook associated with his father. Clutching his trembling fingers around the edge of the sink, Jungkook stared at his reflection in horror when he realised that was exactly who he was reminding himself of these days. The panic and anxiety was filling him up just like the tap he left open for too long and his eyes burned when they finally flickered down to the pristine white porcelain of the sink. His hands were shaking so badly that one slipped past the edge of the sink and it took way too much effort to put it back in place. He swallowed down the bile that was threatening to spill out from his throat at any second, biting on his bottom lip as he tried to focus on anything else but the excruciatingly painful panic spreading from his chest. It wasn’t working, he couldn’t take any breaths because it felt like someone had taken a knife across his torso. Everything was getting blurrier by the second, and when he blinked, the tears trailed down his cheeks freely. Even though he knew as a doctor in training that he should be more concerned with the other symptoms he was showing, it was the tears that really shocked him. He hadn’t cried since he was six, after his mother had said that real boys don’t cry. Jungkook tried to silence his choked sobbing because Yoongi was sleeping right now and he’ll wake him up if he made any more noise-


He whipped his head up so quickly it caused a wave of nausea to hit the back of his throat, along with fresh new tears that dropped. Bringing up an unsteady hand, Jungkook quickly wiped at his eyes, and then his cheeks, but they were shaking so badly he couldn’t seem to get the job done properly. Yoongi was immediately at his side, having crossed the space from the entrance where he was standing at before, but Jungkook turned his whole body away. Hesitating once, Yoongi reached out and grabbed his arm the second time Jungkook’s chest heaved,

“What’s wrong, hey, look at me. Fuck- are you having a panic attack?”

Jungkook hung his head low, but managed to nod because the burn he was starting to feel from the lack of oxygen was beginning to feel a little threatening. Yoongi grabbed at him more firmly and guided him to sit at the edge of the bathtub, easing his legs of having to support himself upright. Just as his head started to swim, Yoongi’s hands slipped into his and the squeeze they gave kept him focused on not passing out,

“Kid, focus on my voice. We’re gonna breathe, in and out okay?”

Nodding, Jungkook heaved again before trying to control his breathing, keeping his mind on Yoongi’s voice and just repeating the task over and over again. It took a while, and Jungkook was sure his face was unattractively red with tears staining everything so much so that he just wanted to hide. But once Yoongi was sure that Jungkook could breathe, he grabbed his cheeks and wiped at the tears with his thumbs,

“Good, you’re breathing now, how’s the panic level, down?”

They both studied medicine, they knew what to do in situations like this so Yoongi should also know the worst was over. But he didn’t remove his hands and Jungkook didn’t want him to see him so weak and pathetic.

“Jeon Jungkook, who do I need to beat up?” Yoongi asked, voice gravely low and serious.

That made Jungkook choke out a bitter laugh, and he turned his head away as he twisted his hands from Yoongi’s hold before covering his face,

“Me. It-It’s me, so, beat me up hyung.”

Yoongi kept quiet for a while, studying Jungkook’s behaviour and feeling his own chest constrict. The kid was so upset, and whatever it was hurt him badly enough to make him cry like this but he still wouldn’t open up. Jungkook was hard on himself, especially so, and Yoongi related but this wasn’t right. If Jungkook couldn’t reach out, Yoongi had to. So, he grabbed his wrists and gently pulled them away from his face,

“I’m asking what happened, what made you so upset that I finally have the fucking honour of seeing you cry?”

That caught Jungkook’s attention, and Yoongi let go of his hands when he knew Jungkook wouldn’t hide anymore. Jungkook looked down, still avoiding his eyes while sniffing, and Yoongi just counted the seconds in his head and reminded himself to wait. Not to do anything, just wait. It paid off after a while when Jungkook whispered,

“I- Today I realised that as much as I run from my father, I can’t. I’m becoming more and more like him, hyung. I look exactly like him. I hate it, I hate it so much-“

That was as far as Jungkook got before another tear rolled down his cheek and he hung his head in shame. Yoongi didn’t know why he felt like he just got slapped but it’s probably because he had no idea Jungkook had been feeling like this. Yes, he knew juggling medical school with additional responsibilities was hell but this, he had no clue. He’d always thought rich kids had it easier than the rest, with all the privileges and advantages they had access to. Now Jungkook had taught him it wasn’t all the rich kids who had it easier, just some. Yoongi reached forward and hooked a finger onto his red tie, not saying a word but deftly pulling the silk out and undoing it. He tossed it over the ledge of the bathtub, right next to where Jungkook’s hands were currently gripping. Yoongi schooled his features because he knew Jungkook was watching, and continued on by reaching for his suit lapels and tugging it off broad shoulders easily.

“The suit, the tie, is that what you think makes you look like your father?” Yoongi started,

He trailed his hand down to Jungkook’s wrist and unfastened his Rolex before continuing,

“Or is it this watch?”

Jungkook’s eyes were searching Yoongi’s, and Yoongi met them for a few seconds before smoothening his hands across Jungkook’s defined chest and feeling the crisp white button up. Button by button, he worked his way down till they were all undone and then pushed his shirt open. Yoongi reached over and wet his hands by the tap before swiping them down Jungkook’s neck, who flinched a bit from the cold,

“There, no more cologne now either. These things, they can be removed. They don’t make who you are, that’s not you.”

The words seemed to register into Jungkook, who finally let his bottom lip free from his gnawing. Yoongi’s fingertips feathered over the scar on his cheekbone from a year ago, before wiping away at the last trail of tears. He wanted Jungkook to see him the way he did, a kid who’d overcome so much to step up and run right ahead towards his dreams. It wasn’t easy for people to see the best in themselves, so Yoongi decided to help. Brushing a hand down his neck, Yoongi let it slip past his sternum before nudging a finger at his heart,

“This is what defines who you are, and trust me, you’re nothing like your father.”

Yoongi smoothened his hand back up Jungkook’s neck, and watched as his eyes started to tear up once more. But Jungkook just reached up with a cold hand and held onto his arm like it was a lifeline. Huffing, Yoongi stepped in between his legs and pulled Jungkook’s head to his chest, and then rested his cheek on it,

“No more crying, I don’t know how much more of your tears I can take.”

That got a genuine laugh from Jungkook, even if it was shaky, as he wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s lower back and breathed him in. Yoongi knew Jungkook liked doing that a lot but now he thinks it’s a little more than just liking how he smelt. Jungkook kept Yoongi grounded, and Yoongi figured he was Jungkook’s grounding too.

“Let’s get you showered, there’s kimchi stew for you to gobble up.” Yoongi offered and Jungkook smiled against his chest.

When he had peeled his clothes off and let Yoongi massage and shampoo his head, the headache he’d been having all day finally went away. It was just like when they’d first met, Yoongi’s fingers always took away any pain he felt.


Except now, his lips worked just as well too.



Chapter Text

Namjoon didn’t know what the hell he was doing at the rooftop of the hospital, clutching onto a box of Marlboro cigarettes. The wind here was making his white coat flap around his legs and its bright contrast with the concrete floor was only making him dizzier by the second. With his other hand secured around his phone, he squatted down in an attempt to stop his world from spinning. It was just in the nick of time that the door to the rooftop opened and Yoongi came jogging right to him,

“Joon, what the fuck-”

It was almost like a wave of relief washed over him, but Namjoon still couldn’t shake off the overwhelming nerves that had him kneeling on the ground. Yoongi quickly got to his knees next to Namjoon, one hand gently on his shoulder as he tried to look at him.

“H-Hyung, can you uh, please, take this away from me?” Namjoon managed after swallowing the lump in his throat a few times.

That caught Yoongi’s attention and he glanced down and stared at the cigarette pack in horror before immediately snatching it away and glaring,

“The fuck, you promised me- we promised one another never to smoke ever again, you asshole!”

“I didn’t hyung, that’s why I texted you, I was scared!”

It was overly effective in making Yoongi’s anger instantly flare out, only to be replaced with serious worry. Taking a deep breath, he held onto Namjoon’s arm tighter,

“What happened?”

“Jin hyung is leaving me, I fucking forgot this was his last year as a resident- hyung I never told him, and now I’m gonna lose him.”

It hit Yoongi like a brick when Namjoon just blurted it out like that, and suddenly everything made sense. The cryptic message he got just before lunch, the cigarettes he suddenly had and the look in his eyes like he was going to cry any time now.   

“Namjoon, listen, there’s no time limit-”

“There is hyung, how much longer am I gonna be such a wuss, I can’t even tell him how I feel and it’s been fucking years.”

Glancing down at his phone, Namjoon looked at the messages from Jin asking where the two of them were and then crammed his eyes shut,

“Hyung, what do I do?”

“Tell him you’ve been in love with him for five fucking years now.”

Bringing his hands to cover his face, Namjoon felt his eyes sting because Yoongi was speaking the truth but the very prospect of confessing to Jin was absolutely terrifying. It was such a cliché, falling in love with one of your friends but when it happened to you it suddenly didn’t seem as cheesy as the movies made it out to be.

It had all started out with Jin casually mentioning to Namjoon that he would be having a new roommate with some other resident from the Neurology or Psychiatry department.

Namjoon didn’t know how to act or respond to that information because he never wanted anyone else as a roommate and worse still, he completely forgot that Jin was going to another hospital after his residency ended. Everything they had built up all these years seemed to be crumbling into pieces because people moved on and time continued to tick. After confiscating that pack of cigarettes, Yoongi swore an oath to punch him in the nose if he even thought about it again. After getting properly threatened, Namjoon let Yoongi drag him to dinner by the collar; literally.

“Hyung, you can let go now, people are staring.” Namjoon hissed, trying to get the bony fingers off his white coat.

“Nope. You son of a bitch, you almost broke our ten-year promise.” Yoongi snapped back, continuing to ignore people’s curious glances and pulling harder on the fabric.

Jin looked up from his phone when he heard the familiar quarrelling and watched, amused, as Yoongi managed to manhandle Namjoon into the chair. Glancing over to Jungkook, he nudged him,

“You know Yoongi always had a rebellious gangster streak in him but he’s really nice only to you.”

Jungkook blinked once before looking down to pick up his chopsticks and start eating,

“This morning, he pushed me out of bed when I suggested a jog to start the day.”

“You dug your own grave there. A jog? You be playing son.” Jin replied shaking his head, stuffing a full spoon into his mouth.

Grabbing a chair to settle down to eat, Hoseok raised a brow in question,

“He can push you out of the bed?”

“Hyung may be petite but is hella strong, seriously I don’t know where-” Namjoon interjected only to groan in pain from the jab Yoongi sent to his ribs.

“And you dug your own grave there too.” Jimin solemnly murmured, giving Taehyung a high five without even having to look before they started eating.

Looking at the full table, Jin felt his chest constrain a bit at the thought of no longer being able to have this every day. It was strange, how easily Jungkook fit in with the rest as if he was a missing piece right from the start. And it was stranger how they had all become such an important part of his life, his family. Nothing about the hospital or being a resident was easy but a simple lunch with everyone bickering was an instant relief to any headache.

 He’d gotten dependent on the kids somewhere along the way and the very pressing issue that he had to move on from this was bothering him more than he thought it would. A nudge on his leg startled him from his reverie, and Namjoon raised his hand in apology for kicking him on accident. Ah, then there was Namjoon. Jin smiled it off, going back to eating, but having his mind fully preoccupied with the man sitting opposite of him.

Namjoon confused him, to be honest, he didn’t know what he was thinking half the time. He easily said things like ‘I love you, hyung’ and then acted like that never happened or that it wasn’t a big deal. Perhaps, it really wasn’t and it was only Jin who was overthinking. Namjoon was someone Jin had come to rely on, in a way he didn’t with others. The clumsiness, the irresistible charm of his dimples and that simple smile, all of it had stolen a bit of Jin’s heart. There had been many moments during their time as roomies that Jin felt that they weren’t quite friends or lovers, something in between, but neither of them crossed the line to give it a proper name. Maybe that was how their relationship would always be. A something that could have been.

“Jin hyung? “Taehyung repeated, and Jin glanced up quickly, belatedly realising that he had spaced out,

“Sorry, what was it Tae?”

“No, it’s just that we were talking about having a drinking initiation for Jungkook and thought it would also be nice to have a farewell party for you this Saturday?”

“Oh, yeah sure, I’m down.”

Farewell party, ouch. It stung worse than a papercut. Hoseok grimaced, noticing Jin’s mood,

“Well, it’s not like you’re actually leaving us but we just won’t see you as often huh?”

“Yup, since you’ll be Doctor Kim soon.” Jimin teased, grinning at Jin who just chuckled,

“Yeah kiddos, Oppa is graduating.”

“Eww, hyung don’t call yourself that it’s gross.” Taehyung pulled a face, gagging.

Yoongi caught the stricken look that Namjoon was sporting and sighed internally at the way these two were acting. They gave him so much shit for how he treated Jungkook but they couldn’t even figure out their own relationship till now. After finishing his meal, he got up to continue his talk with Namjoon before having to report for assisting duty but Yoongi felt a slight tug at the back of his coat. Slowly turning around, he saw Jungkook holding onto his coat with a now extremely classic blank stare. It took a moment but Yoongi groaned, muttering apologies and reaching up to pat his head,

“Sorry, just have a lot on my mind today.”

Jungkook reached out and easily engulfed Yoongi with his broader frame, breathing in his scent. It was his cursory recharge hug that he received from Yoongi after their meals every day because they honestly didn’t see one another that often. But something boxy poked him and Jungkook broke the hug while reaching down to push the strange object Yoongi was carrying on him away, only to still. It was a pack of cigarettes; the thing was that they had been clearly opened. His distaste was instant and clear, lips curling down and brows furrowing as Yoongi realised what he had seen,


“Smoking is bad, hyung.”

“The thing is-“

Jungkook turned away, and Yoongi knew that his high school history of smoking with Namjoon really wasn’t doing him justice right now. Also, he couldn’t just tell on Namjoon without having to explain what meltdown it triggered and it really put him in a spot. Sighing, Yoongi leaned in for a goodbye peck but Jungkook tilted his head away and barely nodded before heading back to his rotations. Gritting on his back teeth, Yoongi gripped the pack and turned to Namjoon who was standing there watching everything,

“You owe me your fucking soul.”

“Holy shit hyung, let me go explain to-”

“And tell him what?”

Yoongi ran a hand through his hair, looking a lot worse for wear than he did thirty minutes ago and Namjoon bit on his lip,

“I’ll explain it to him, I don’t want there to be a misunderstanding between you two. I’m sure he can keep a secret.”

“It’s not really a secret when literally everyone else knows Joon, seriously.”

“Shut up hyung, I’m trying to be nice.”

It’s strange how it’s the simplest things that make you realise how awkward you were with someone and Namjoon was really learning this lesson. They had lunch together, Jungkook had been Yoongi’s boyfriend for a while now, but going up to him and asking for a bit of his time was still the most painful thing he has had to do all year.

“Uh Jungkookie, hey….it’s me, Namjoon hyung.” Namjoon tried for a friendly tone as he stuck his head into the preparation room for rotation students.

Jungkook turned to look at him almost instantly, equally puzzled but brightening up as Namjoon smiled and waved a little, albeit awkwardly,

“Hey, I need to talk to you about something- no no it’s not serious stuff, I mean yes- but it’s not bad news is what I’m saying.”

The way he was acting almost made Namjoon want to punch himself in the face but he took a deep breath and pushed through,

“Yoongi hyung really didn’t smoke, those weren’t his. I uh-panicked today and bought them, then forced him to keep it from me so I don’t cave in and end up smoking.”

Jungkook looked sceptical at first but Namjoon just did a mental prayer before blurting,

“I’ve loved Jin for five years now and he’s leaving and I had a mini meltdown on the rooftop and Yoongi hyung and I used to like smoke at our school rooftop and I just suddenly went back to old habits- the thing is I’m not lying.”

The scariest thing out of this whole experience was definitely Jungkook’s blank stare and Namjoon could feel his heart beating way too fast while Jungkook continued to stare but then he ducked his head and groaned,

“Ah hyung- seriously, I took it out on Yoongi hyung earlier- why would you, you two are the worst!”

Namjoon was also in no way prepared for the suspiciously trained punch to his stomach that Jungkook very casually handed to him in a gesture of camaraderie, because it honest to god hurt more than he expected it to. Wincing, Namjoon just let Jungkook continue,

“Jin hyung totally likes you back, just tell him, why would you smoke because of that?! Hyung, smoking is bad for you, you’re a doctor!”

“Yeah sorry kid, really I know it’s stupid-ow, fuck, there is no way Yoongi can push you out of bed-”

After five minutes, Namjoon seriously considered getting an x-ray just to check if anything was fractured because that punch really did a number on him. But, it was strange, how Namjoon felt a little lighter after letting Jungkook in on the ‘secret’. In a way, it made him feel better prepared to tell Jin now, since literally everyone else knew now as Yoongi would say. He had to do it, he was going to. The only question now was when he was going to do it and how. Luckily, he wasn’t alone. Rubbing his forehead, Jungkook finished texting Yoongi before looking back up,

“We’re going to help you confess, and we’re going to do it before Jin hyung leaves.”

Instantly getting cold feet, Namjoon managed to smile even through the dull ache at his abdomen. He was going to do it because if he didn’t, Jungkook might actually punch him for real and break a bone or two. It set him on a different mind-set, one where he kept drilling himself that he was going to confess, for sure. In fact, he repeated it to himself as many times as possible, and whenever he was just so that it really got lodged in his brain. Even in the aisle of the alcohol section at a supermarket.

“Hyung, is like vodka cruiser good with soju?” Taehyung asked, frowning at a 6-pack on offeras his fringe blocked most of his view.

“Uh I dunno, booze is booze, just get whatever you kids like.” Namjoon responded half-heartedly, staring at his phone.

“But it’s Kookie’s initiation and Jin Hyung’s farewell party, I want it to be good.” Taehyung whined, picking up a combination of flavoured alcohols.

“It’s good, anything tastes good when you’re drunk Tae, get that.” Jimin smirked, then dumped dozens of bottles of pure soju into the basket.

Namjoon knew he technically should be worried about the amount of alcohol and possible drinking problem these two had but it took a back seat to his current issue. Which was Yoongi reminding him even through text to sit next to Jin and make sure to act chummy. What the hell was that supposed to mean? They did act chummy, they were roommates for an entire year after all. Maybe he expected him to flirt with Jin, oh god. Banging his head onto the wall, Namjoon handed Jimin his card when asked and let them buy whatever they wanted.

In retrospect, this would be where mistake number one occurred. Jimin and Taehyung were pure evil shits together and should never be allowed to buy alcohol ever again, no matter what. But Namjoon didn’t think it was much of a problem then, and just ended up carrying the heavy bags back to Yoongi’s apartment. Where he used to live, and where Yoongi asked him to move back. Namjoon had refused immediately, because Jungkook was now in the picture, but Yoongi didn’t look convinced. Namjoon held the door open for the other two before slipping off his shoes, chanting his new mantra in his head as a final reminder. Yoongi had asked him to flirt, he was going to do it. There was no backing out.

“We’re here with the alcohol!” Taehyung yelled and Jungkook looked a little taken aback at the sheer number of bottles that Jimin was using to create a pyramid of sorts.

“Wow hyung, you sent the right person to supervise these two.” Hoseok snorted, just bending to look at the impressive variety.

Smacking a hand to his face, Yoongi sighed but just went to go and get the snacks from the kitchen. Jin was already there, having emptied different crackers and snacks into a different bowls.

“Thanks hyung, grab whatever you want too.”

“I’m stealing your chicken.” Jin sing songed, smiling as he turned and helped Yoongi carry the bowls out to the couch.

It was awfully stupid, but Namjoon’s stomach started flipping when he saw Jin walk out. He was wearing those jeans, the one that showed off his legs, and Namjoon knew he was staring. 

“Okay now that everyone is here, let’s start. Jungkook ah, come here kiddo.” Hoseok grinned and Jungkook looked a little wary but shuffled over to him,

“Tonight, we celebrate Jungkook becoming an adult, so Yoongi feels less like a pedo-“

From where he was seated cross-legged beside Jungkook, Yoongi stretched out and kicked him in the side while Jungkook just laughed good-heartedly.

“Yes, tonight we will show you the world of soju. Also, Jin hyung is gonna become a proper fellow, bless his patients,” Taehyung started in an over dramatic voice as he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively,

“So, drink up!” Jimin cheered, eye-smile completely betraying the experienced way he opened the soju bottle after shaking it up and giving it a knock from his elbow.

It was startling to even Yoongi, who just watched Jungkook very enthusiastically take the bottle and sniff it experimentally before taking a sip. He scrunched his nose instantly, earning laughter from the rest and Yoongi chuckled fondly,

“You don’t have to drink it- okay buddy wow.”

Jungkook straight up took three big gulps before grinning wide and smacking his lips together. Hoseok had already began yelling and Yoongi was brought back to med school days when Jin started with the drinking games. This was when mistake number two was made because Jin should never be allowed to start the drinking games. Oblivious, Namjoon only made sure he sat next to Jin, just as he was told to and when their knees brushed, it already made his stomach plummet so he did what anyone else would do.

He grabbed the nearest bottle of some concoction of beer and soju and started downing it like it was water. It did work, in the way it made him feel less nervous sitting next to Jin, but it may have worked too well. Tipping over from laughing at the way Jimin was already turning red, Namjoon ended up planting his cheek onto Jin’s shoulder. It didn’t bother Jin, so Namjoon just stayed there as he continued to watch Taehyung who was on a mission to get Jungkook wasted until Jin’s soft voice caught his attention,

“You okay?”

“Huh, yeah. More than okay.”

Namjoon smiled before nuzzling into Jin’s shoulder a little more and Yoongi glanced over quickly and hid his own smile behind his glass. Maybe this was a good idea after all, even if it included copious amounts of alcohol. Taehyung grabbed a glass and poured beer, soju and mountain dew into it before slamming a metal chopstick into it to make sure it fizzed,


Honestly, it looked like some illuminated biohazard potion to Yoongi but Jungkook had no problem taking it and knocking it back in one shot, after which he started giggling uncontrollably along with Taehyung and Jimin.

“You have yourself a real winner here, no partying for him.” Jin commented, popping another shrimp cracker into his mouth as comfortably sipped on his beer.

The two of them seemed to be the only properly sober ones an hour into the party. Namjoon looked this close to falling asleep on Jin’s shoulder already and Yoongi wanted to scream at him for wasting this chance. Glancing over at Jungkook, Yoongi murmured,

“I’m only letting him drink like this so he learns his lesson from the fucking fantastic hangover he will have tomorrow.”

“You’re evil.” Jin cackled, and Namjoon only further buried his nose into his collar.

It caught Jin’s attention because it tickled and he tipped away laughing and shrugging Namjoon off his shoulder. Namjoon on the other hand suddenly felt way too far from Jin and pouted, reaching towards Jin again and grabbing onto his thigh. Yoongi was trying his best not to stare at this flirting as he grabbed another glass and tried to act busy and hide his smile. When Jin playfully swatted at Namjoon’s hand on his thigh, Namjoon only wiggled his brows. But good things never last long, especially when the previous two mistakes from this night finally resulted in the last one. All the swaying and movement had proved too much for Namjoon, who had very bravely drunk the concoction and played along with the drinking games earlier. The more Jin pushed him away before pulling him back, the more nauseous he was becoming by the second. Lifting a hand to his mouth, Namjoon frowned as his throat started to tighten up uncomfortably,

“Ah hyung- I’m going to throw up-“

Jin’s eyes widened in shock as he leaned away and made space for Namjoon to squeeze past and gallop to the toilet before he ended up puking his stomach out on everyone. Yoongi slowly shut his eyes and sighed, wondering if there was any point to him trying to play cupid when Namjoon would find a way to ruin everything. He opened his eyes when he heard a retch and watched warily as Jungkook suddenly got up covering his mouth as well. There were two winners tonight, and Yoongi got up to check on the both of them and saw Jungkook kneeling next to Namjoon as they both puked into the toilet bowl together.

“That’s….really fucking gross.” Hoseok commented as he tried not to gag himself, waiting with towels outside.

Yoongi stared at Taehyung and Jimin laughing, still perfectly fine and wondered just what the hell kind of shit they mixed,

“Clean up, party’s over.”


Namjoon did want to die the next morning, especially after reading the note Jin had written for him that was thoughtfully placed under a glass of water with two pills. Groaning, he stretched and checked his phone and winced at the death threats from Yoongi. He didn’t mean to drink that much and puke, it just kind of happened. Looking around at his old room, Namjoon felt his chest hurt when he saw everything just as he had left it. He’d told Yoongi to let Jungkook have this room to study or something but seemed like he hadn’t listened. His table still had all his old post it notes with illegible scribblings, Yoongi didn’t even throw those away.


To: Min Oppa

Hyung, I’m sorry I ruined your set up last night. But I’ll still tell Jin hyung so, don’t be mad okay? I love you, also I miss you ):

From: Min Oppa

Yuck, stop being gross. You better tell Jin or I’ll get Jungkook to pull out your intestines. 


Chuckling, Namjoon fondly smiled at the screen as he grabbed the pills and water to gulp in one go. His phone buzzed again, and he glanced down at it,


From: Min Oppa

I love you too, get up and eat something.


Beaming, Namjoon got up and walked over to Yoongi’s room, peeping inside before closing the door behind him. He’d forgotten the number of times he’d crashed with Yoongi when he was still in high school and had something to complain about every single day. Namjoon took a deep breath of Yoongi’s smell before flopping down onto the blankets, only to let out an indignant squawk when he felt something like a person’s arm under him. Scrambling off, Namjoon lifted the blanket up to see Jungkook lying chest down and peering at him questioningly. He didn’t have a shirt on.

“Shit- oh my god, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to- uh-” Namjoon covered his eyes and floundered for a moment before Jungkook murmured,

“I’m not naked.” 

Peaking from the side, Namjoon saw black sweatpants and calmed down a little before putting his hand away completely,

“Sorry, I didn’t see you there uh. I’ll just, leave-“

“But you came here to sleep didn’t you hyung?”


“There’s nothing wrong with that, here, there’s plenty of space.”

It was a long moment of silence as Jungkook shifted and Namjoon just eyed the extremely alluring comfort of the sheets. But it felt wrong and very strange, in the weirdest of ways, to sleep next to Jungkook for some reason.

“Hyung, I know you and I aren’t that close but I’d like to be. Especially when you’re good friends with Yoongi hyung and I’m gonna be in neurology too.”

Grimacing, Namjoon slowly lied down and blinked up at the ceiling wondering what the hell he was doing,

“Well, join me soon, it feels like death every day.”

Jungkook laughed, and it broke the awkward atmosphere a bit as Namjoon turned his head to watch him,

“You like how Yoongi hyung smells too huh?”

“Yeah. It’s just….nice.”

They lay there in comfortable silence until Jungkook shuffled a little closer,

“You know, with Jin hyung, I don’t think he actually knows you like him although Yoongi hyung might think otherwise.”


“I have a feeling Jin hyung thinks you love or at least were in love with Yoongi hyung. I mean at first I thought so too, you two being housemates, constantly bickering and all.”

“Wh-what?! No, I mean I love Yoongi hyung, I do. Platonically, like he’s my bro.”

Barely keeping a straight face, Jungkook nodded as he tried to keep the smile away,

“Yeah I know now. But uh, I don’t think Jin hyung really knows that. As weird as it seems, take it from me. From a jealous third person point of view. He kept glancing at you and Yoongi hyung last night.”

Namjoon sped past years of memories to think about any occasion where he might have said and done something to make Jin think that and suddenly his history with Yoongi seemed more complicated that it was,

“Fucking hell.”

Jungkook hummed and reached over to pat his arm comfortingly as Namjoon sat up and pulled the comforters away,

“Just tell him and it’d be over.”

“You’re the best kiddo, thanks for the advice!”

Burrowing himself back into the comforters, Jungkook just smiled and blindly waved to Namjoon who was gathering his stuff to quickly get to the hospital. Halfway from hopping out to get his wallet and keys, Namjoon paused and backtracked,

“Wait, how are you feeling? Took the pills?”

The only reply he got was a hum and Namjoon peeled off the comforters to reveal a very exhausted looking Jungkook, with his hair falling over his eyes. Briefly touching his forehead, Namjoon checked for fever before coming to a conclusion that he was just dead hungover,

“You’re gonna be okay, this is what happens when you drink too much. I’m literally the last person who should tell you that but if it helps, Yoongi hyung doesn’t like it so…. No more?”

Gulping, Jungkook managed to nod his head,

“No more, I think my head is gonna burst hyung.”

With a last fond ruffle, Namjoon placed the sheets back over Jungkook’s head and softly closed the door to leave for the hospital and finally confront Jin. Except, his phone started to ring in the ringtone he dreaded the most; because it meant that his professor was calling. Cursing under his breath, Namjoon picked up,

“Joon, come over now. Patient arrived, surgery scheduled and you need to observe.”

Now this may have been the point at which Namjoon started to suspect that the universe was against him confessing to Jin because it truly was the start of many instances where he got cockblocked by the universe itself. Instead of heading to the psychiatry department like he wanted to, he grudgingly went over to neurology and surprised Prof Song at just how fast he got there. Great, now he had to take notes on how to properly saw open a patient’s head.

So much for getting to confess to Jin.

Rolling his shoulders when the extremely long and thankfully successful surgery was over, Namjoon went over the notes he had taken and deemed them worthy. At least he only scribbled Jin’s name once, that surprised him more than anything else really. It was already ass o’ clock by now and Namjoon grudgingly accepted the fact that he shouldn’t bother Jin now, and instead ended up sitting at the waiting area while rubbing his eyes. Honestly, he didn’t know what to do. Confess? Yeah, that sounded easy until it was actually time to do it. Grabbing his phone he checked for texts and was surprised to find a personal one from Jungkook,


From: Googie

Hi hyung, how did it go?

To: Googie

Sorry kiddo, I got called in for observation and I really would appreciate you joining me so at least we can suffer together

From: Googie

:(((( it’s okay, operation obtain Jin hyung’s <3 will commence tmr then. Also, I’ll be joining you soon so don’t miss me too much


Namjoon found himself laughing to himself in the middle of the waiting area when he even received an honorary selfie attached with that last text because he hadn’t known the kid was this cute. Guess Yoongi had good enough reason to date him. Distracted, Namjoon ended up walking to his sleeping room and opened the door only to startle when Jin blinked back at him. Right, he shared this room with Jin, it wasn’t a surprise he was here because he hadn’t moved out yet,

“Oh hey hyung, no duty?”

“Nope, done for the day.”

Nodding and giving Jin a small smile, Namjoon closed the door behind him and went to sprawl onto his bed without even pulling off his white coat. He was on call with Professor Song tonight so he had to make sure he was ready to run out in under a second, and after much experimentation, sleeping with everything on you was deemed the most productive method. Also, he was trying really hard not to look at Jin because all that determination from before somehow got weathered down from tiredness and he didn’t want to confess with a tired groan and slumped shoulders. Jin definitely picked up on the weird vibes from Namjoon, especially since the guy didn’t even whine once and ask for some snacks before flopping onto his bed and continuing his whines. He was acting out of character, almost like he was depressed or something, but seeing how he had just come back from observation it was probably due to being overworked. Ah, Jin was going to miss this a lot. The whole torture and ordeal that seemed close to impossible to get through was now going to be part of his life he was going to actually miss, and it brought a soft chuckle out of his lips. Sitting at the small desk, Jin rearranged all his papers and folders quietly into cardboard boxes because he was going to move out tomorrow and it wasn’t like he had much to pack but he’d been putting it off for way too long.

“What are you laughing about, hyung?” Namjoon mumbled from where he was still staring at his phone.

Jin glanced over before shaking his head when the phone dropped and smacked Namjoon right in the face,


Rubbing his nose and wincing, Namjoon peeked over and tried not to show any outward indication of the sharp pain that had gripped onto his heart and started squeezing as he watched Jin grab his papers and put them in folders. Time was still ticking, just as the meltdown on the rooftop had reminded him of and yet here he was with nothing having changed. Jin was still as handsome as ever and he was still the loser he was letting him go without telling him anything. Cramming his eyes shut when he realised the room would no longer smell like Jin’s cologne and lull him to sleep when he left, Namjoon lay completely still and just counted the seconds it took for everything to hurt. Jin was humming some song, munching on a cookie as he continued to slowly put away his stuff, completely unaware of the mini meltdown Namjoon was having just a few feet away from him. But maybe confessing was a bad idea, maybe he should just have a one-sided love his whole life instead of spilling and potentially making everything very awkward. It was just then that Namjoon remembered the punch to his stomach he had very lovingly received from Jungkook earlier on and his head suddenly cleared within a millisecond which also ended up causing the following word vomit,

“Hyung, I love you and I- I’m seriously going to like, well, fucking miss you.”

Yeah, he probably was still going to get punched because of the way he ended up doing it. He was already clenching his abs in anticipation for the fist that was sure to come later. The only reason Jin caught that was because one, Namjoon was really not that good at whispering and two because he was actually watching the boy out of the corner of his eyes. Those words again, just like when Namjoon mumbled them whenever he was sleepy or half-conscious with the meaning completely left to Jin’s own imagination. Without even looking over Jin just nodded,

“I know. Don’t think too much, you’ll get a good new roomie soon.”

That was all it took for any courage that Namjoon had mustered up to completely disappear because now the prickling suspicion that Jin only ever saw him as a platonic friend was almost a hundred percent guaranteed. Covering his eyes with a hand, Namjoon waited for the world to swallow him up and prayed he fell asleep in under five seconds because now he was screwed. Jin on the other hand, put away his half-eaten cookie and tried to get his heart to stop beating so fast it was seriously making him queasy. Just how many times was Namjoon going to shock him like that and then play it off like it was nothing? God, he hated how easily Namjoon said things like that and confused him even more with every passing day. Completing his residency and changing hospitals was already fucking with his head enough, he didn’t need him joining in to make everything worse. That stupid dimpled smile and awkward laughter whenever he accidentally broke something, all those endearing memories were making moving out of this room so much harder.

Jin wanted to forget everything if this was how it was going to be, especially because it still seemed like Namjoon was still hung up on Yoongi. Not that it was a confirmed thing or anything but Jin had always suspected Namjoon had a thing for him because of the way those two acted. Plus, they had known one another way before Jin met Yoongi in med school and gradually fitted himself with these two. With the way things had been going for the past year or so, Jin really hoped the way Namjoon was acting wasn’t because Jungkook had appeared in Yoongi’s life but it was really the only thing his brain was pointing to. There was no way things were going to end well for Namjoon because it had become all too clear who had Yoongi’s heart and how it didn’t seem likely to change. Jin had no heart to confront Namjoon about this because he didn’t want to make things awkward between them and potentially destroy their friendship. It was horrible enough having to watch Namjoon sip from his bottle and throw glances at Yoongi the whole night. Letting out a sigh, Jin just grabbed the rest of the papers without sorting them and just shoved them all into a folder and then dunked them into a box.

Namjoon was a gentleman, a sweet and thoughtful individual that would never even think about breaking those two up but that just made things worse from Jin’s perspective. He didn’t want to go work in another hospital knowing that Namjoon was going to have to suffer through this alone with no one to share his room until the new batch of residents came in. But he had to and there was nothing he could do. Throwing a last look to the fast-asleep boy on the lower bunk, Jin bit his bottom lip and got up to put the boxes to the side. Namjoon was a good friend, that was all. It seemed that was all there would be, even if the two of them had shared one too many deep thoughts at 3am while lying in their bunks, laughing while watching pororo together in between breaks and constantly passing teasing jokes. It hurt, but Jin figured Namjoon just be hurting way more so he had no right to complain after all. Turning off the desk light, Jin pulled the blanket up to Namjoon’s chest and checked that his phone was on ring mode in case Professor Song called before climbing up to his top bunk. This was it, his last night being Namjoon’s roommate and his last night as a resident in this hospital. It was awfully bittersweet, and it seemed to even signal the last of a lot of things but Jin pushed those thoughts aside and let exhaustion sweep over him.

When Namjoon woke up the next day, after getting such good rest, he was honestly confused because he had really expected to have been called down to report for some duty. It was such a peaceful morning, and he glanced over to his phone to check that no, he did not miss any calls and that he was not in any kind of trouble. Truly a miracle. Smacking his lips together, he got up to go relieve himself and take a shower. Only when he was once again dressed and a little more alert to his surroundings did he realise that Jin was not sleeping in his bunk, and the boxes that were around the table were no longer there. Namjoon thought all his courage to tell Jin anything was gone but it was like a sudden recharge hit him. Shit, Jin was really going and he was really not doing anything about it. He couldn’t let this be the last night they spent together (oh the connotations), and he couldn’t let Jin go like what he thought he could last night while he was too tired and drowsy to think properly. If Jin thought of him as some kid, and saw him platonically, so what? He at least had to try and make it known that he saw Jin way more than just a friend, and if then he rejects him; so be it. He needed to fucking get his balls in check and go through with this without being a coward at this for once in his life.

The night he was on call for had turned out to be the most mundane and uneventful thing ever, so much so that Namjoon should have been prepared for the mayhem the moment he stepped into the main building. Except, he wasn’t. When a kid appeared out of nowhere and rammed right into his shin, Namjoon was definitely not prepared for the throbbing pain he was going to have all the way up the lift. If that wasn’t enough, he ended up slamming his shoulder into the closing door of the lift because he was trapped all the way at the back when it was his floor to get off. It should be over but because it was him, he didn’t notice the mopping floor sign outside the psychiatry department and ended up falling right on his ass because he was brisk walking. It really was like the universe was repeating to him that this was a bad idea and that he was better off dead than confessing his feelings to Jin. He groaned and picked himself up, rubbing his ass because his tailbone definitely took the fall. This was it, he was going to do it. Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, Namjoon reminded himself of what Yoongi and Jungkook both had told him.

When he opened his eyes, he didn’t have enough time to take a step back from literally standing one inch in front of the automated doors. Opaque doors that swung outwards in his direction and he should know better than to stand in the way. So, in the midst of all the chaos, Namjoon only managed to put his hand up in a defensive manner before feeling the thundering smack of the door on his entire left side.

“Joon! Are you alright?!” Jin yelped, rushing over to Namjoon who was wincing in pain.

The rest of the residents all had matching horrified expressions and Namjoon just managed a pained smile in their direction,

“I’m okay, uh, sorry for standing there.”

Jin didn’t look convinced at all and continued inspecting Namjoon until he reached his hand and then froze. Glancing up, Jin watched Namjoon frown at his hand for a bit,

“Namjoon, your thumb looks red. Can you bend it?”

Puzzled, Namjoon stared at his thumb for a bit before trying to do as Jin asked, only to yelp and flinch at the sharp pain that shot all the way up his arm,

“Fuck- oh my god, that hurts!”

Sighing, Jin held onto Namjoon’s hand gently and then shook his head,

“I think you either sprained or fractured something when the door hit your hand- let’s go get it checked quick.”

Namjoon trudged along as Jin continued to hold his hand and tug him to the A&E where he suspected Yoongi currently was. Between the pain that was slowly settling in as the adrenaline wore off, and also the way Jin was comfortingly holding his hand, Namjoon really didn’t know how to feel. He wanted to hold Jin’s hand forever, and he also wanted Jin to patch him up when he hurt himself for the rest of his life too. But with the way he Jin had sighed and grabbed his arm like he was a ten-year-old kid who had fell off his bike again made his stomach queasy. What if that was all he was to Jin, some kid? Nope, no he had to push those thoughts away. As they stepped into the A&E, Namjoon felt his palms start to sweat when he saw Yoongi look over before frowning,

“What’s wrong?”

“I think Joon might have sprained or fractured his thumb, can you check Yoongi ah?” Jin requested, worry etched all over his face as he held Namjoon closer.

Gulping when Yoongi turned to stare at him, Namjoon let him inspect his hand,

“I’m guessing it’s a sprain, Joon come with me let’s get an x-ray.”

The second they were in the room, Yoongi turned to glare and Namjoon just put his hands up together in apology,

“I swear I didn’t mean to, it just happened!”

“Is this how you plan to confess?

“I was going to, but I swear the universe is against it! Like this kid rams into me right, I hit my shoulder in the lift then I fell on my ass and now this-“

“Kim Namjoon, I swear to god, if you do not do it I will rip you a new ass.”

It was quiet for a second before Namjoon burst out laughing and Yoongi couldn’t help laughing along too,

“My god hyung, that’s some kinky shit. So, did I break anything?”

“I don’t think so, looks okay to me. You definitely did sprain something, high impact?”

“Hyung, the door slammed into me. Definitely high impact.”


Once they were outside, Jin got up from waiting at the seats and waving off some girls who had flocked to him. The sight of so many girls surrounding Jin really didn’t help the way Namjoon was feeling and he felt the clock ticking more than ever as Yoongi got him to sit in a curtained ward bed,

“Hyung, sit with him and make sure he doesn’t break anything else. I’ll go get a thumb guard.”

More than the weird pain he felt from his hand, Namjoon felt his heart ache more. So, was Jin better off with some girl who looked good next to him or with him? He didn’t know, in fact, he didn’t even know if Jin liked him because he still hasn’t fucking confessed.

“Hey, does it hurt a lot? I can ask Yoongi to get you painkillers too.” Jin interrupted his thoughts, voice soft and the hand on his arm softer.

Swallowing, Namjoon just stared at Jin who tilted his head and searched his eyes. Fuck, he loved Jin, it wasn’t going to change. He was in too deep. The overwhelming need to at least try again bubbled up his chest and he grabbed onto it tightly because he owed himself and Jin at least that much. No more miscommunications, this time it wasn’t the fear of the punch that propelled him to spill it just simply just him needing to let Jin know. His head clearing that quickly led to another blunder as his mouth just opened and his filter failed to work in time as he blurted just as he’s been doing all along,

“Jin hyung, I love you.”

Jin just blinked once, and then repeatedly just like when he was hungry and Namjoon was going to pass out from holding his breath,

“I love you too? Namjoon, you aren’t going to die, it’s just a sprain-”

 “No hyung! I mean, like romantically, like I love you as a lover. You know, not platonically, I want to kiss you and stuff- why do you always put off my confessions?!”

At that, Jin truly froze and Namjoon watched as his eyes flickered through a thousand emotions before landing on truly confused and he sat up right,

“You don’t…love Yoongi?”

“Fuck, Jungkook was right, fucking hell! No I don’t, wait, I mean I love Yoongi hyung, but like my brother-”

“Oh….I thought you two, I mean you still like had a one sided crush on him or something-”

“You’re the one I have a one-sided love with hyung! Seriously, how do you not know? Literally everyone else knows!”

“Hey, don’t blame me, you never told me anything. How was I supposed to know you liked me romantically?”

Looking up at the ceiling, Namjoon stopped playing with his fingers just in case he managed to make the sprain worse before pursing his lips. Jin wasn’t saying anything, so it meant he didn’t like him back that way. Great. At least he had done what he could and said everything out in the open, now there would be no regrets. Glancing back at Jin, he raised a brow when Jin just smiled secretively while watching him.

“What hyung? I can’t believe you thought I liked Yoongi hyung, seriously what the fuck-”

Any word that could have possibly come after that was effectively silenced by the way Jin leaned in impossibly close and pecked him softly on the cheek. It happened so fast Namjoon wondered if he was day dreaming again but Jin laughed softly, such an intimate sound, and it was suddenly too real.

“I’ve loved you too, you idiot. How did you not know? I don’t just cuddle in a bed with just anyone, and we’ve watched too many seasons of pororo not to continue watching it together.” Jin whispered, taking his good hand and holding it.

Namjoon just bit his bottom lip as Jin smiled at him, eyes giving him all the permission he needed. So, he took the cue and leaned in to press their lips together, the butterflies in his stomach finally being let free. God, if Jin’s lips looked delectable, they definitely felt way better against his own. Jin smelt like home, in the way roommates tend to, and Namjoon knew he was the one. He’d known for a while now. The sound of the curtains being pulled had them being caught in a compromising situation but it was only Hoseok blinking at them with wide eyes before squeaking and looking off to the side,

“Sorry! Yoongi hyung told me to get you so the prof can look at your hand too but uh-”

“Go, I have to get back to my prof too anyways. Make sure he doesn’t break anything for me, Hobi ah.” Jin nodded, getting up and patting Namjoon’s cheek before leaving,

“And you, we’ll talk later. Also, help me move, the boxes are heavy.”

Grinning, Namjoon bit his lip after failing to try and control his smile but his dimples betrayed him. Getting up to follow Hoseok, Namjoon would never have been ready for what came next even if it had been on his mind a lot; that damn punch to his stomach. Namjoon briefly wondered if he should seriously ask the professor to check his ribs too but at least now he knew where Jungkook had picked up that bad habit.

“Joon oh my god- you two look so cute, like gah- I need to tell Tae and Jimin like now. Oh yeah, Jungkook too!”

“Oh god, just don’t end up telling the whole hospital-”

“Too late fucker,” Hoseok beamed as he pressed send on his phone and then wrapped an arm around his shoulder,

“I’ll help you walk cause your knees should be weak from the kiss, right?”

Namjoon just let Hoseok laugh obnoxiously at his own bad joke and he didn’t even fight the hold. Instead, he let the adrenaline rush to his head and smiled at the way everything finally felt right. Now, everything was going to be okay because Jin wasn’t going anywhere, even if he was going to another hospital.



He was still going to be right here with all of them, and especially more so with him.






Chapter Text

Life as a resident was exactly as bad as Jungkook thought it would be, but with the rest of them here with him, somehow it actually managed to get worse. Currently, he was trying to squeeze behind a rolling sanitising rack in order to hide himself. Why hide himself? It all started when you have Kim Taehyung and Park Jimin as third year residents who do nothing but cause trouble.

It had started off relatively innocent, with Jungkook groaning and rubbing his ankles during their thirty-minute break at three in the morning after being at the A&E since ten the previous night. Honestly, Jungkook knew it was going to be tough from the small experience he had while still completing med school. He just figured he wouldn’t find it as physically draining as the others because he was quite athletic and ended up being so dead wrong. Hours of standing were still equally as painful for everyone and he was planning on thoroughly enjoying his few minutes sitting down at the sparsely occupied waiting area but his entire body lurched forward in his seat when a heavy weight jumped on his back. Both Jimin and Taehyung were leaning on him from behind before jumping into the seats next to him and yelling in unison,


There was no time to react when Taehyung hooked an arm around his neck and started rubbing their cheeks together with Jimin giggling while grabbing onto his middle and nuzzling his shoulder. It would have been awfully sweet if not for the painful twisting of the muscle on his left foot which had Jungkook in a full-blown body spasm before he started yelling at the top of his lungs,

“Owwwwww! Let go- ah, ow ow- fuck!”

Jimin and Taehyung released their hold on him and then shared a look before pointing an accusatory finger at him and singsonging in unison,

“You just said fuck, we’re telling Yoongi hyung!”

In the midst of grabbing his foot and trying to control the muscle pull, Jungkook felt his stomach drop because even after two years Yoongi still banned him from saying vulgarities. Except that now, he threatened to withhold much more promising things other than just kissing and Jungkook was not willing to risk that, not for one second. Trying to control his wincing, he put on his best puppy eyes and blinked pathetically at the two,

“My two favourite hyungs, you wouldn’t do that to me.”

“Nope, we will. In a heartbeat, just like this,” Tae grinned, snapping his fingers for emphasis while Jimin eyesmiled evily alongside him,

“Our precious Kookie, you should know what to say if you want to get out of this scot free.”

Slowly closing his eyes to control himself from saying any more vulgarities, Jungkook gave up and planted both feet on the ground before standing up,

“What do you two want this time, strawberry tart? chocolate bread?”

“Both, thanks! Oh and banana milk too.”

At this hour, only the convenience stores were open and Jungkook knew he had to sacrifice his rest time and go walk the extra mile to get there but if it kept their lips sealed then it was well worth it. Shuffling his hands into his coat pocket, Jungkook fished for his phone before tossing it up and scrolling through his messages. Just a simple message from Yoongi was enough to perk him up immediately, smile appearing out of reflex,


From: Yoongi hyung <3

I got called in, going to assist prof, just letting you know. Don’t skip dinner, and get a snack later with the two nuisances.


Backtracking from the exit he was headed to, Jungkook instead started walking towards the Cardiology department, nodding to the Nurse as he quickly snuck in to see if Yoongi had come out of surgery yet since the text had been sent a few hours ago. Just like a magic trick, Yoongi turned from the cordoned off surgery section as he pulled off his scrub cap. Jungkook almost started walking over, but stopped himself when he saw Professor Kim turn the corner as well and then pat Yoongi’s back before giving him a thumbs up sign. It may come off as weird to some and seriously weird to others but Yoongi in a surgeon’s scrub was the hottest thing ever. It used to be the white coat but now Jungkook had moved on to the green scrub as the target for his latest obsession. There was just something extremely attractive about Yoongi fiddling with his scrub cap and ducking his head in embarrassment from getting praised by Professor Kim. It made his chest swell with pride too, because Min Yoongi was fucking good at what he did and deserved the acknowledgement. But Yoongi was waving it off and shaking his head, smile peeking out in the way it did when he got shy before he started nudging Professor Kim away. They both sat down on the waiting chairs just as tiredly as Jungkook had earlier, and he knew their feet were killing them too, if their groans were not a dead giveaway. Jungkook smiled at the way Yoongi put his hands in between his thighs before rolling his shoulders as Professor Kim did wrist rotations.

“Yah, Yoongi ah, wanna go for some barbeque?”

“It’s 3am prof.”


Yoongi turned to look at his professor in pure disbelief but he ended up shaking with laughter and sighing happily although there was a deep ache settling into his bones. Another successful operation meant another patient who continued living and that was really all he could ask for. Rubbing his arms, Yoongi turned to look at the vending machine only to see Jungkook half hiding behind it with a huge grin on his face. It surprised him enough that he jerked and Professor Kim turned to look in the same direction before putting a hand to his heart,

“You … really look like the kid from the grudge sometimes,”

Jungkook made his way over since he was caught, scratching at his head sheepishly and bowing to him in apology before glancing over at Yoongi,

“Ah right, I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone then. Jeon, make sure Yoongi gets some sleep, drug him if you have to.”

Scrunching up his nose Yoongi snuck his tongue out only to bark out a sharp laughter when Professor Kim kicked his shin lightly before shuffling out of the waiting area. Jungkook wondered where all the cool professors were because none of the ones he met during his med school rotations or the ones he saw during A&E duty now were this cool.

“Professor Song is really fucking funny too, just five more months of this A&E hell and then you can go over and join Joon at neuro.” Yoongi chimed in almost as if he read his mind and Jungkook whirled his head back to him.

Said Min Yoongi was stretching his arms above his head, blinking a little tiredly and Jungkook snuck down to press a soft kiss to his lips because he couldn’t hold himself back anymore. It caused the other to squeak a little because nurses were still walking around and although there weren’t many people in the waiting area at this hour, it didn’t mean there were none. The beginnings of a scolding were on the tip of Yoongi’s tongue but it didn’t come out because honestly, he couldn’t really give much of a damn by now. Instead, he reached over to his scrub pants and fiddled with the string for a bit.

“Hyung, I know you miss me but...” Jungkook teased, wiggling his brows for added effect.

Yoongi rolled his eyes and gave his rib a good elbow before removing his ring from the string of his scrub pants and slipping it back on his finger. Something of habit by now, since it’s been six months and counting since he had started wearing it. Yoongi still remembered panicking when he bought the rings on a whim, and then realising they could mean too much commitment. But in a sense, he had wanted commitment because he was serious about Jungkook. Besides, the president had been giving him this look lately and Yoongi hoped the rings would ease his curiosity about the seriousness of their relationship. It just didn’t have to mean that it was an engagement ring, it could just be a ring that the two of them could wear together. He had slipped it onto Jungkook’s finger when he was sleeping and just smiled it off when the latter asked him about it. It was okay, they could figure it out slowly. He hadn’t thought the whole thing through because as a fellow under direct orders to a surgeon, he had to scrub in often with the ‘no accessories on your hands’ rule which meant no rings. Without much prior knowledge about these things, he copied how other surgeons dealt with their own rings which was to mostly wear it as a chain or tie it to their scrubs.

“If it’s too troublesome, you don’t have to wear it.” Jungkook said softly, eyes fixated on the matching pair they were wearing.

 The words made Yoongi arch a brow because he knew he would be facing the worst sort of hell if he chose not to wear the ring, but here Jungkook was saying it would be fine. Snorting, he shook his head,

“It’s fine, can’t break the habit now anyways.”

It was usually not easy to read Jungkook but now was a time where his emotions showed very obviously on his face, and it made Yoongi chuckle. The kid liked their matching set of rings, and there was no stopping it. Glancing to the plastic bag that had been abandoned in his lap, Yoongi gestured to it,

“What’s that, snacks?”

“Yup, want some? I bought extra.”

“Nah, go share them with satan’s offsprings. I have to assist prof for another op in two hours anyways.”

Checking his watch, Jungkook nodded and reached over to peck Yoongi once more and then got up to head back,

“Okay, make sure to rest hyung or I have to drug you by prof’s orders.”

Walking right back to the two who were playing games on their phone, Jungkook dropped the plastic bag into their laps,

“Now, let me live.”

“No, not yet Kook. I forgot I bought snacks earlier, I left it in my locker can you help me get it?” Taehyung grinned impishly before carelessly throwing his access card at him and Jungkook wanted to grab his neck with one hand and squeeze till all his stress and tiredness slowly dissipated.

Alas, that was also known as strangulation and was very much condoned so he stopped himself. Mentally reminding himself never to curse in front of these two, Jungkook wearily walked to the third-year residents’ communal room. He just wanted to rest during this short break but he couldn’t even get that and now his eyes were starting to droop dangerously which signalled the need for some sugar asap. Once he spotted Taehyung’s bag, he dug around until he heard the tell-tale signs of junk food and grabbed it. Right then he heard some muffled talking and whipped his head towards the door in horror because he wasn’t a third-year resident and should not be in this room. Cursing under his breath, Jungkook ducked under the table in a swift motion before army crawling to the rolling sterilising racks at the back. He held his breath in as the muffled talking became clear and very much nearby, praying that they don’t see him hiding.

“We can’t do this here-” A voice started but then abruptly stopped.

A voice that was very familiar, and Jungkook almost peeked out of his hiding spot but then froze because a very distinctive lip smacking sound took over the talking and the horror that came with the realisation of what was happening made him want to die. Covering his face with his hands, he wondered if he should stand up and reveal himself or stay here quietly and pretend he never heard anything. But as the pants of breaths became more laboured, and Jungkook told himself that could no longer pretend he didn’t know what was happening when there were keening sounds accompanied with groans, so he decided to fuck everything and just stand up.

All of a sudden, in a dark room.

“Jesus, fuck!” Namjoon yelled, pulling away from sucking Jin’s face while moving his hands to a more kid friendly area.

“Um, it’s just me-really sorry to disturb you two I uh-I’ll just be going now!” Jungkook tried for really carefree but came out rather squeaky as he squeezed past the table, grabbing the junk food and running right out.

“Jungkook!?” Jin all but screamed and Jungkook just ran faster, hands covering his ears as he wondered why Jin was at this hospital at three in the morning.

This was all Taehyung and Jimin’s fault, the stupid satan duo who sent him on this errand and oh god-Jungkook could not get the sounds out of his ears. His ears were still burning when he got back and threw the junk food bag at the both of them, not caring when they yelped indignantly,

“Yah, what’s wrong? Eat with us-”

“I’m gonna go report for duty, bye.” Jungkook ended it just like that, turning on his heel and cramming his eyes shut to will his ears to stop burning.

“Would you look at that, I think he got treated to a quickie. Guess Yoongi hyung is out of the operating theatre already.” Jimin snickered, clicking his tongue for added dramatic effect.

Taehyung’s eyes widened to the stage that they started to look honestly terrifying as he turned to look at Jungkook’s back before swallowing his cracker,

“Holy fuck.”


It was seven in the evening now, and Jungkook still couldn’t get the sounds out of his head, spontaneously erupting in a coughing fit whenever it started replaying in Dolby surround 360. He had gone home to get much needed sleep when his shift ended at ten earlier instead of passing out with Namjoon in his bunk, because he didn’t think he could handle seeing him yet. Yoongi had come home and snuggled to his back sometime soon and Jungkook had gone back and forth with whether he should tell Yoongi what he saw, or heard to be more accurate, but ended up just staring at his sleeping face and eventually tracing soft fingers over his features. Now, back at the hospital, Jungkook was seated at an empty table at the cafeteria because he was sent to reserve a table for the rest. That meant facing Namjoon. Patting his cheeks, Jungkook tried to give himself a pep talk but failed miserably when Hoseok slid into the chair opposite of him with a sly grin in place,

“So, I heard you two been fucking in the third-year residents’ room.”

Thankfully, Jungkook hadn’t dug into the food yet so he didn’t choke on it but that didn’t stop him from choking on his own spit,


Just as he tried to make sense of what Hoseok had just said, Taehyung and Jimin came to sit down with matching smug looks on their faces. Oh no, oh no no- Jungkook now understood what kind of misunderstanding occurred but he didn’t know how to salvage it,

“That isn’t what- Hyung and I were just ..talking?”

Shaking his head, Hoseok leaned forward before batting his eyelashes at him,

“Don’t lie.”

Jungkook started to feel himself panic because he wasn’t lying but at the same time he wasn’t telling the full truth and he didn’t know what to do. Luckily, Yoongi put a finger to Hoseok’s forehead and pushed his face away from Jungkook’s before settling next to him,

“Too close Hobi, back the fuck up.”

Helplessly watching, Jungkook knew he could not make them understand without blurting out the truth but he didn’t want to do that either. He just shook his head when Yoongi glanced at him worriedly and started inhaling the noodles. He knew he had to eat up because he had to report for A&E rotations soon, so he needed all the energy he could get. Besides, he loved the ramen noodles that the cafeteria auntie made because she always gave him extra slices of meat. Dinner was going very well but then Jungkook saw Namjoon approaching and got up so fast he ended up smacking his knee right onto the table and sending a shockwave through everyone’s trays.

“You okay?” Yoongi murmured, hand on his leg as if to check the damage done but Jungkook just glanced to Namjoon before nodding his head vigorously,

“I-uh, just, bathroom.”

“Oh hey Jungkook, finally I catch you, about earlier-”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Jungkook yelled at the top of his lungs, suddenly bending to clutch at his knee in a belated and overly expressive manner.

It shocked everyone at the table, and also those seating in any other table because the scream was so guttural. Even Hoseok looked over at Jungkook with a concerned expression, immediately becoming serious and dropping the teasing tone he had earlier,

“Dude, are you fucking okay?”

“Uh huh, hyung can you follow me please-” Jungkook begged, taking anxious glances at Namjoon who looked so confused before turning to Yoongi, who easily agreed and got up to grab his elbow for support.

But Jungkook grabbed Yoongi’s elbow instead and practically soldiered his way out of the cafeteria. Yoongi was looking down at his knee before going to meet Jungkook’s eyes once they were out of sight,

“It doesn’t even hurt, am I right?”

“I saw Namjoon hyung and Jin hyung making out in the third-year resident’s communal room last night- no, I mean this morning, at three.” Jungkook blurted in a breath, finally feeling the weight off his chest as he heaved and bent over.

“Huh…okay, that’s pretty weird but like why this drama?”

Completely affronted, Jungkook put a hand to his chest,

“Hyung, I heard things I can’t unhear now!”

At that Yoongi burst out laughing and whacked Jungkook on the back for good measure before catching his breath,

“Kook, I mean, you know they’re like…”

“Hyung, they all think you and I were fooling around in the third-year resident’s communal room because I had to grab Tae hyung’s stupid junk food bag from there and return it to him, and I couldn’t stop blushing when I ran out!”

Tilting his head, Yoongi’s eyes gleamed a little,

“Blushing huh…”


Stamping his feet, Jungkook groaned in frustration at how no one seemed to understand his misery and then just let Yoongi tag behind him as he grumbled all the way to the A&E. Yoongi dug his hand into his coat pocket and then found the sweet he was looking for and promptly deposited it into Jungkook’s,

“At least you didn’t see anything, could be worse kook ah.”

With that, he brought out his tag and clipped it to his coat before opening the door and seeing the other four residents all lined up and waiting for him. Jungkook brisk walked in and joined the rest with his hands formally positioned behind him after checking his watch and wondering why the rest were reporting for duty so early. Yoongi himself looked impressed, giving everyone a sweep and then nodding slowly,

“I’m surprised, reporting this early?”

“Yes sir!” The rest chimed in unison and Jungkook glanced at them puzzled.

With that, Yoongi grabbed the board and took note of all the patients they had to check on as well as recently admitted non-emergency cases,

“Okay, Soonyoung you go check on the just admitted patient who reported acute asthma symptoms. Junyeol, go check the iv drips and pain levels of all the patients on the left section. Red hair, monitor and give me an update on the COPD patient. Soomin, go to confirmed broken bone cases and help with the setting. Jungkook grab the sterilising tray and iodine every open wound, remember to wear a glove. Go.”

“Yes sir!”

Every single one of them got to action right away, floundering a little before running in the direction they had to and it made Yoongi smile a little because he found the enthusiasm very entertaining. Checking the list once more, Yoongi went out to oversee the state of the A&E, with Professor Kang who was busy talking to a nurse. When he was out of hearing distance, Jungkook leaned closer to Junyeol and whispered,

“Why were you guys so early today?”

“Heard Min-sem had two surgeries in the morning before this so we assumed he would be in a bad mood, thank god he isn’t. Thank you for being born Jungkook ah, seriously.”

Jungkook covered out the sudden bark of laughter with the back of his hand while Ryuhyun pouted grabbing his writing board,

“Why does he still call me red hair?”

“It’s cause you have red hair.” Soomin replied before waving to the rest and going to the x-ray room.

“Should I dye it back to black, will that help?” Ryuhyun offered, looking too hopeful.

Squinting his eyes, Jungkook gave it some thought,

“Nope, no. I don’t think so.”

With that Jungkook flashed his wide smile and went to wash his hands and put on his gloves before grabbing the sterilising tray. He saw the separated open wound patients waiting for sutures and headed their way. Bending down at the side of an elderly man in a wheelchair who had a nasty cut down his calf, Jungkook gave him a polite bow and started to look at it,

“When did you get this cut sir?”

“Oh, I fell down in the kitchen and one of the cabinet hooks scratched me, silly me.”

Nodding, Jungkook got to dabbing the cotton ball in iodine and carefully cleaning the wound,

“This might sting a bit sir, but bear with me.”

“Not at all, I barely feel it. “ The elderly man replied, giving him a good natured smile and Jungkook watched as he winced a little and shifted in his wheelchair.

Once he finished up and covered the wound with a temporary plaster Jungkook got up and nodded to the man holding the wheelchair, whom he assumed was his son,

“Nothing of concern, but I would like to bring your father to get an x-ray first just in case, as he took a fall. Fall injuries are a common cause of further complications if we don’t treat them properly.”

The man looked a little startled but nodded in agreement and Jungkook took that as his cue to grab the wheelchair and wheel his patient to the x-ray section,

“Sir, is there pain anywhere else on your body? Your hip?”

“Don’t call me sir, call me haraboji. I’m old enough to be one to you, and my left hip hurts but isn’t that normal since I fell?”

Giggling a little, Jungkook settled the wheelchair next to the other patients who needed an x-ray before kneeling down,

“Don’t worry, it’s only to make sure nothing else is wrong. Even if you have a hip fracture, our doctors will patch you up and you’ll be all good in a second haraboji.”

“You have a way with your sweet words, don’t you?”

Soomin peeked her head out of the room and Jungkook gave him one last smile before handing him off to her to look after. In the middle of removing the gloves he had on, since they were contaminated now, he jogged back to the waiting area.

“We have two emergency patients!” One of the medics yelled as they rolled in a patient and Jungkook clutched onto his gloves as the nurses, senior residents and Professor Kang rushed to assist them,

“Male 27 and female 25, traffic accident just seventeen minutes ago. Male patient has suspected spinal injury and bleeding on the left side of his head. Female patient has a broken pelvis and her heart rate has been steadily decreasing.”

Professor Kim immediately grabbed at the patient with a neck brace and checked his head injury before glancing over at the female patient whose vitals were steadily dropping,


Both Ryuhyun and Soonyoung turned to gape at Jungkook with anxiety written all over their faces when they heard Professor Kim yell for Yoongi. Were they supposed to help or continue on with their duties, could they even help? During the moment they were thinking, Yoongi’s yell interrupted their thoughts,

“What are you all doing?! Continue your jobs!”

Ryuhyun managed to step aside just in time as Yoongi fluidly jumped over an empty ward bed and squeezed past him to get to the patients and Professor Kim gestured to the female patient with his shoulder,

“Broken pelvis, internal bleeding might cause cardiac arrest soon.”

Yoongi let the nurses hook her up to the saline drips and draw her blood as he settled onto the bed on his knees and started compressions while keeping his eyes glued to the heart monitor,

“Nurse Yoo, please get me a sonogram-”

But she was already there with it ready, waiting for Yoongi to confirm a stable heart rate and pulse before moving on. Luckily, the patient regained spontaneous pulse activity and Yoongi cursed out of happiness before shifting and pressing the handle to her lower stomach,

“Prof, you need to operate now.”

“Okay, get me the surgery room. Nurse Yoo please call neurology to operate on the male patient, but while waiting get him a CT scan, and be extra careful with his head.” Professor Kim answered and he twisted the female patient’s leg to set her bone back in with one swift move.

Jungkook, who had been watching everything while clutching his gloves finally let out the breath he had been holding. He had been fixed on Yoongi the whole time, how quickly he acted and how calm he was. He’d only been able to stand here in shock from the time the medic came in, and Yoongi was now running past to get the surgery room ready. Shaking his head, Jungkook put on new gloves and went back to his sterilising tray where Ryuhyun was still standing too,

“Did you see that, Min-sem just jumped-are we supposed to get on their level?!”

Giving him a sympathetic smile Jungkook nodded and sighed before scanning the patients once more and seeing a patient waiting for sutures on a bed. He wanted to become someone who could handle medical emergencies like that one day but for now he had disinfecting duties to tend to. All of them reported back to their room when they were done with one round and Jungkook pulled off his gloves and washed his hands as he wondered if he should specialise in emergency medicine as well as neurology but then thought about how he froze in place just now. As he was wiping his hands, Junyeol blinked at him and then slowly gestured to vaguely in his direction,

“Not that I’m always staring at your ring but…where is it?”

Jungkook looked down right away, at his bare fingers, then felt the panic hit him like a truck when he didn’t feel anything in his pockets or see it next to the sink. He couldn’t breathe, oh god.  

“Jesus, Jungkook, you lost it?!” Soomin started with a high-pitched voice but then started to harshly whisper when Soonyoung glared at her.

“You have like eidetic memory, can’t you remember where you put it?” Junyeol asked, bending to check the floor to see if anything dropped.

“I…oh shit, I think I must have dropped it when I put on my gloves the second time..” Jungkook was getting pale by the second.

“What do you mean!?” Ryuhyun screeched and Junyeol slapped a hand over his mouth,

“Okay everyone shut up. And act cool, Min-sem will be back any second and we are not going to say a word.” Junyeol settled, giving everyone a look.

“Shit, we are going to die. He’s gonna scream at us for being fucking statues earlier and now Jungkook lost his fucking engagement ring, we are so fucking dead.” Ryu whispered, clutching at his permed red hair and hyperventilating at the side.

“It’s not an engagement ring…” Jungkook mumbled, still digging through his pockets.

Soonyoung shook her head and held a hand up,

“We can go to the sterilising room and ask a nurse if they saw any rings on a plate. It will be okay, I’ll go-”

But Yoongi chose that moment to come in through the doors and everyone froze exactly like they did earlier and Ryuhyun began to pray silently. Yoongi only gave everyone a glance before looking to the board and then nodding,

“Okay good. One round completed, now I need to go over to cardio so be on your toes. If anything happens, chief is in charge. I want you to keep an eye on that COPD patient Ryu, you understand? Everyone stay alert.”

“Yes sir, of course!”

Shaking his head, Yoongi mumbled to himself as he flipped through the other pages and went out to talk with the older residents and everyone let out the breath they were holding.

“He knows my name.” Ryuhyun murmured in shock, sitting down and just blinking at the ceiling.

Soonyoung rolled her eyes and then nodded to Jungkook,

“What now? We can’t leave and the sterilising room is in the next wing.”

Wondering if this was really the best decision to make, Jungkook took out his phone and bit on his lips for a while before deciding to fuck it and just do it.


To: Hobi hobi

Hyung, I need you to do me a favour, but you need to keep it a secret.

From: Hobi Hobi

Wat is it my dear Jungkookie?

To: Hobi hobi

I think I put my ring on a sterilising tray and it has been taken to the sterilising room.

From: Hobi Hobi

U WAT?!?!?!?!?!


Right after, his phone started ringing and Jungkook picked it up while Junyeol kept a lookout outside of the room,

“Hyung, I- ow hyung stop yelling please. Yeah, I think I lost it, of course I’m scared. I want to pass out a little,”

Jungkook sat down on the couch and thankfully accepted the cold water Soomin passed him and then nodded,

“I know I know, I wasn’t being careful. Can you run in and check it for me hyung, please? Thank you, I love you.”

Ryuhyun finally snapped out of his daze and then stepped up,

“I am gonna check on my COPD patient, let’s see if you dropped it on the floor somewhere Jungkook ah.”

While Ryuhyun was checking the vitals of the patient and readjusting his oxygen mask, Jungkook kept his head ducked to the ground and scanned for any shiny objects. Soonyoung was doing the same thing while helping the nurses with getting the patients to sit down and wait. Jungkook wanted to pull his hair out but when more patients with open wounds startle to trickle in, he knew he should be disinfecting their minor cuts. He wasn’t going to panic at the A&E, he was better than that but he really didn’t want to lose that ring. Not after all the meaning it held even though it was ‘not an engagement ring’ and especially not after he threatened Yoongi not to lose in some patient’s stomach. Shit, how was he so absentminded?  

He took a deep breath and reminded himself that he couldn’t be thinking about the ring so much when there were patients who needed his help, but a headache was already forming. Nurse Yoo had told him that there was a patient who just needed a simple suture and with the rest of the older residents dealing with more complicated patients, he probably really should get to it. He stopped a third-year resident from flying to cover the patient with a hand and tried not to sound too tired,

“I’ll do it sunbae, you should either go get some rest or see the more serious cases.”

His senior was definitely shocked, he knew him as the president’s grandson mostly and expected him to be arrogant and stuck up. Glancing between Nurse Yoo and the patient who was sitting on the bed, he just nodded and scratched at his head a little,

“Then, I’ll go see the other patients. Simple interrupted suture will do, you got it right?”

Jungkook nodded, because he really could do that with his eyes closed but gave his senior a polite bow before going to the patient. He went to wash his hands at the basin before pulling on a glove, noting how his ring was still very missing. Settling down on a chair, he thankfully accepted the suturing kit from Nurse Yoo who patted his shoulder and left.

“Hi, I’m Doctor Jeon, and I’ll help close this wound up and then you can go home sir.”

The man in his early thirties was shaking his head, wincing a little when Jungkook took a look at the wound on his leg.

“You…really are a doctor?”

Jungkook glanced up, brown eyes staring right at the patient who inched back a little from intimidation, and nodded,

“Yes. I am able to suture this wound for you but if you’re uncomfortable with me-”

“Ah, no no. It’s just, you look really young and good looking, like those idols on tv-ah it’s nothing doctor, I’m just scared.”

Laughing and perking up a little, Jungkook picked up the cotton ball with iodine solution to clean the wound and then grabbed the needle for local anaesthesia,

“No need to be scared, maybe 8 or 9 stitches and you will be all done. I promise to be as gentle as I can be. You can look away sir.”

With that, Jungkook began closing up the wound with steady hands, applying just the right amount of pressure. He worked fast, twisting the thread without it knotting and making sure that the patient was not panicking or getting too anxious either. Although he had said he could look away, the patient seemed to be watching his suturing quite fascinatedly. Ryuhyun poked his head in, clipboard to his chest,

“Jungkook- oh. You have a patient.”

“Yup, all done though,” Jungkook gave the patient another smile, clipping the excess off the last knot and then helping to put his foot back down.

“That’s all you need to suffer through, the nurse over there will give you your painkillers and teach you how to take care of it sir.”

Before Jungkook could turn and remove his gloves the man held onto his arm, eyes wide and a big grin on his lips,

“Thank you doctor, you were great, it barely hurt. Sorry about before.”

Ryuhyun teasingly parroted the words the patient just said after he left and poked Jungkook with the clipboard as he washed his hands,

“Thank you doctor, you were great-”

“Not bad at all.” Yoongi chimed in, making Ryuhyun yelp and stand at attention like a soldier while he leaned on the wall and watched the two.

Jungkook and Ryuhyun shared a look, with Jungkook covering his hand almost immediately with a guilty look in his face. He was being so obvious he wanted to punch himself really. But Yoongi wasn’t looking at him, he was instead grabbing Ryuhyun by the ear and yanking him down since he was much taller,

“What did I ask you to do and what are you doing?”

“Ah Min-sem, I checked on him! He says he’s fine-”

“He’s not, his air passage is still not set for all clear.”

Rubbing his hands in a pleading manner Ryuhyun pouted before Yoongi let go and rolled his eyes. Jungkook looked away wondering if he should just tell Yoongi about the ring now but couldn’t find himself doing it. Maybe if he could go to a shop and find a ring that looked exactly the same, he could solve the problem. As Jungkook wiped his hands on a clean towel, Yoongi who was yanking Ryuhyun back to the COPD patient abruptly stopped and turned to look at Jungkook,

“Here, you dropped this.”

Jungkook barely caught the ring that Yoongi tossed in his direction, almost dropping his towel in the process. With an amused smile, Yoongi shook his head when Ryuhyun started gasping and giving Jungkook an incredulous look,

“Ask your friends to stop looking for it, you all look like idiots.”

Using the towel to hide his face, Jungkook let Yoongi laugh as walked off and he just wanted to dig a hole and hide somewhere right now. Yoongi had the ring the whole time and here he was trying to cover the whole incident up. Berating himself, Jungkook slipped it back on securely before grabbing his phone to text Hoseok and the rest to stop looking for it. With the ring back on, the anxiety left and instead Jungkook started to rehearse his apology when he finished up his shift and got back to Yoongi’s apartment. In fact, when Yoongi finally finished showering and got out rubbing his hair with a towel, he was still writing the lines mentally in his head.

“Kook, just stop. It’s fine, it happens. You don’t have to wear it either if it’s-”

“I’m wearing it.” Jungkook interrupted with a frown but then shook his head and wiped the frown away,

“I mean I’m sorry I was so careless with it- I’m really sorry, it won’t happen again.”

The whole situation was fucking hilarious to Yoongi who honestly could care less, because Jungkook was more serious and committed to the relationship than a ring could signify but he obsessed about it anyway.

“I’m not your supervisor now, we’re back home. Besides, It’s fine, I’m not mad. In fact, good suturing earlier.” Yoongi stressed, putting the towel away.

The praise flew right past Jungkook, who was still awkwardly hovering near him. Hooking two fingers into the waistband of his sweats, Yoongi pulled him right up against himself. Because Jungkook was too busy worrying his mind off still, he was momentarily caught off guard from the sudden movement. But the heat from the body on him proved to be a better distraction for his brain than worrying so he gave in instantly. Yoongi was biting on his lip coyly, smiling slightly in the way that proved that he knew the effect he had on him,

“Let me help you forget today. Too tired to fool around?”

For a moment or two, Jungkook just stood there blatantly fixating on his lips as he felt the heat pool in his stomach but then blinked slowly and shook his head,

“No, never.”

He got a soft chuckle at that, and then Yoongi leaned in the last few inches as he pulled Jungkook’s neck down and caught his lips. It started out as a slow drawl of lips sliding against one another, innocent for the most part. But then Jungkook slipped his tongue out and Yoongi took that as an invitation to turn things a little more sensual. He grabbed onto Jungkook’s elbow and tugged him as he started to walk backwards to the bed and when his knees hit it and he went flopping down, Jungkook settled over him as a steady weight. Yoongi’s hands swept up the length of his bare back before curling around his neck, tilting his head to pull at Jungkook’s bottom lip teasingly. Jungkook smiled into the kiss and leaned in to close the distance but Yoongi moved away,

“What do you want?”


The answer was immediate, almost like it was a conditioned response but more so like it needed no thought. While Yoongi scrunched his nose up and laughed softly, shoulders shaking, Jungkook trailed his lips down to his neck and sucked harder at his favourite spot. The laughter quickly turned into a gasp, and such a simple action had Yoongi’s toes curling into the sheets. He brought a hand to cup Jungkook’s jaw and bring his face back up, raising his brows to get Jungkook to answer properly but all he got was Jungkook turning his face into his palm and nuzzling into it. Ah, fuck it. Grabbing onto Jungkook’s hip and locking their ankles together, Yoongi flipped them around so he was on top now. He had learnt a thing or two from all the times Jungkook liked to play around, or manhandle him as Yoongi would like to call it. From this angle, Yoongi took a moment to appreciate the beauty that was Jungkook completely pliant underneath him with his hair falling in his face. Using his thumb to trace that scar on his cheek which he still regretted not forcing him to get a cosmetic suture for, Yoongi pressed a kiss to his lips before sucking on his tongue. It got Jungkook riled up easily, breath coming out shakily while he propped a knee up in between Yoongi’s legs.

The friction was good, Yoongi will admit, and it made his head spin but he had made up his mind about what he was going to do and this wasn’t it. Jungkook’s hands were wandering big time, all over Yoongi’s back, down his ass and then his thighs since he was only wearing his boxers. His thighs, Jungkook really liked them as Yoongi learnt through the many times he kept his hand there or kissed them. With practised ease, Jungkook grabbed onto the hem of Yoongi’s shirt and pulled it right off, throwing it off to the side before catching Yoongi’s lips once more. But Yoongi leaned away for the second time that night and Jungkook let out a whine, immediately pouting as he strained his neck to continue chasing him. Rather than to let their lips meet, Yoongi grabed Jungkook’s jaw and turned his head to the side to reveal the long expanse of his neck before kissing and nipping at the sensitive skin.

Once Jungkook realised what Yoongi wanted to do, he settled down without any complaints, the ends of his lips curling up as he sighed happily and closed his eyes. Really a sight to behold, Yoongi mused while licking over the hickey he had just sucked over his jugular. He moved lower, to his collarbones and continued with switching between kissing and nipping the sun kissed skin he met, fingers trailing over defined abs. Jungkook’s stomach flexed unconsciously in response to the teasing touch and Yoongi ducked his head down to continue on with his journey. At that, Jungkook finally understood what Yoongi was getting at and felt a little nervous all of a sudden, almost like this was the first time. It wasn’t, but somehow the jitters were still there and Jungkook was beginning to suspect they never were going to leave. The nerves were really getting to him as Yoongi dipped his tongue into his belly button and made his hips jerk up, because he was already hard and throbbing. Throwing an arm over his eyes, Jungkook sucked in a breath at which Yoongi glanced up a little concerned,

“You okay? This is alright with you, right?”

Jungkook could tell Yoongi was a little confused because this wasn’t the first time and he knew that Jungkook most definitely liked it but couldn’t place the reaction he was getting. Heck, even Jungkook couldn’t but he could make a guess,

“Uh yeah, I just might like it…a bit too much?”

He glanced down to look at him but realised a little too late that it was a terrible move when Yoongi was peeking up with an amused smirk, fingers slipped into the band of his sweats. Jungkook gulped when Yoongi pulled them off along with his boxer briefs, and then readjusted himself between his legs. If Jungkook thought that was bad, he most definitely was not able to handle it when Yoongi’s long fingers wrapped around him and then a warm tongue was pressing down on his shaft,

“Okay, oh fuck-”

With a hand back over his eyes and the other one busy clutching onto the sheets like a lifeline, Jungkook willed himself to breathe and relax. He wanted to enjoy this, and more importantly he wanted this to last but with the way his abs were flexing without his consent once more was already a bad sign. He was a sucker for Yoongi’s mouth and lips in general but Yoongi’s mouth on his dick was a whole other world. He couldn’t fucking explain the kitten licks or the way his tongue swirled and toyed as it pleased before Yoongi closed his mouth on as much as he could and sucked, hard. Light headed wasn’t even a good enough description for the way it made him feel but it was close enough. His knee started to bend, feet planting on the bed to deal with the amount of pleasure that was pooling. Instead of pressing it back down, Yoongi hooked an arm around his thigh and settled his hand on his hip. It was holding him open, exposed, and Jungkook could hide the burn on his cheeks and ears that it was causing but couldn’t hold the whine that slipped past his lips. Looking up to check on Jungkook, Yoongi smiled and hummed which sent the shocks right up his spine and Jungkook tried not to pull at the sheets till he ended up tearing them,

“Hyung- um, you…fuck, you should stop doing that if-”

Yoongi just hummed once more and Jungkook’s hand let go of the sheets and came out as if to stop him but ended up flailing and hovering near his head. Jungkook was breathing harshly now, layer on sweat on his chest that Yoongi wanted to reach up and lick. So, he did. Momentarily letting Jungkook catch his cool, Yoongi then pried the hand from covering his face,

“If it feels good, it feels good. You don’t need to hold yourself back.”

Jungkook’s eyes were completely blown out, fringe sticking to his forehead slightly from and his cheeks were flushed the prettiest shade of pink. Yoongi winked and stole a kiss, which had Jungkook’s heart skipping a beat before he went right back to what he was doing. This time, Jungkook bit down on his lip hard enough to draw blood when his stomach started twisting with how good he was at using his tongue. With all the stress piled up and never having enough time with Yoongi, it was way too easy to bring him to the tip off point and have him patting on his shoulder in warning. At that, Yoongi pulled off, licking his lips for good measure and then tightening his grip on Jungkook and pumping. Jungkook was writhing now, trying not to move too much but failing miserably when Yoongi still continued to press teasing licks. With a muffled moan, Jungkook came spilling over Yoongi’s hand and started to keen when he still wouldn’t stop pumping him through it. Jungkook was completely seeing white, lips parted as he tried to steady his breathing but it still came out in uneven gasps. Holy fuck, he needed to make more time to release stress through sex. All the weight he was carrying was replaced by how boneless he was feeling right now. After cleaning him up, Yoongi crawled up Jungkook’s body and grinned before brushing their noses together,

“Am I really that good or are you just a sucker for getting sucked?”

Any other time, Jungkook would have given him a dirty look for that pun but now he just stared up while still feeling buzzed,

“So, I can say fuck in bed but nowhere else?”

He trailed his fingers up and down Yoongi’s sides as they looked into one another’s eyes. Yoongi was smiling, eyes full of mirth and Jungkook wanted to take it and gobble it right up but settled with just returning the smile,

“Hyung, what do you want?”

Yoongi’s brows lifted before he shook his head and swept a hand through Jungkook’s fringe to push it off his forehead,

“Nah, I’m good. You should sleep anyways.”

Jungkook’s brows furrowed and he gripped onto Yoongi’s sides before rolling them over and caging Yoongi in between his arms,


“It’s fine, I’m on call-”

Just then, the ringtone he set for important calls went off and Yoongi’s eyes darted to the side as he tried not to laugh at the irony of the situation. Jungkook knew what this ringtone meant, so he sighed heavily and grabbed Yoongi’s phone from the side and passed it over, still lying over him. Yoongi answered the call right away, his face becoming serious in a second as the nurse relayed the situation,

“Traffic accident, I gotta go.”

Jungkook got off of him and sat up, glancing at the clock while Yoongi scrambled to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face,

“Hyung, I’ll drive you there.”

“It’s fine, I-”

“I’m driving you.”

Wiping his face with a towel, Yoongi glanced sideways to see Jungkook joining him at the sink to wash his hands and face. The kid was too stubborn for his own good but he had to admit that was what he liked about him as well. Yoongi pulled on sweats and some shirt he grabbed right out of his closet with Jungkook following his actions right after. The drive was short, and once at the hospital Jungkook gave him a short smooch,

“Save the patient.”

A full-blown smile slowly appeared on Yoongi’s face but he had to run in to get himself scrubbed, waving a little before skidding into the surgery zone. Yoongi met Professor Kim there, nodding in greeting as he pulled his ring out and tied it into the string of his scrub pants. Professor Kim kept looking over at him even as he started washing and scrubbing at his hands with the disinfectant and Yoongi smiled, confused,


“Nice hickey.”

Yoongi almost screamed, almost. He held himself back through sheer willpower and instead raised his shoulders up but the v-neck of the scrub did nothing to help hide anything so he just awkwardly tried for a laugh,

“Uh wow, this is embarrassing...”

“No, I’m happy for you, since my wife left me… I’ve been lonely.”

“Ah prof seriously, stop it!” Yoongi was laughing now, shaking his head and Professor Kim just chuckled along before shooting him a finger bullet,

“Let’s go!”

As Jungkook glanced around and waved to Nurse Yoo who was looking over questioningly, he decided to just sit out here for a while.  Just as he was about to sit down Jungkook heard the medic yell,

“Emergency patient, she slipped and hit her head!”

Before the nurse had to run all the way over, Jungkook raised a hand up and dug out his identity card and flashed it to the medic briefly before turning to look at her,

“Call Prof Song down now please, I’ll run the CT and check her vitals!”

It was only the beginning of Jungkook’s journey, and it was also his turn to get well acquainted with the taste of hell known as the A&E since he had made up his mind to study emergency medicine as well.


But not just because of Yoongi. (it was completely because of him.)