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Hope Through Overwhelming Firepower

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Taylor collapsed into her bed, and finally got the chance to calm down.

She giggled, slightly.

It was only now that she was fully hit by what she had done. A Deathless Endbringer fight. Deathless Endbringer fight. The idea was absurd. How had she held down Leviathan anyway?

Inertial Canceler.

A word sprung forth. Inertial Canceler... What did that even mean? Inertia, according to what she had learned in school was 'the tendency for an object in motion to stay in motion'. Strictly speaking, something that 'canceled' it, would make it so... an object no longer had a tendency to stay in motion? That didn't seem to quite mesh with what happened, as wouldn't that make it easier for her to be moved around? Unless it was taken so far that the 'object' fell 'out of motion' so fast and so absolutely that nothing could make it move.

Mining Databanks: Inertial Canceler legacy error, archaic misnomer brought about from traditional naming sense.

More correct term: Inertial Manipulator.

So, it was actually an ability to 'control' inertia, making it so Leviathan couldn't influence her own. And the name itself was a callback to the originals-

Wait, what the hell? Originals? What could there be originals of. And where the hell was she getting this information from? Now that she thought about it, these spontaneous information gains had appeared in the Leviathan battle. She hadn't thought anything of it during the heat of combat, but now it was beginning to freak her out slightly.

Taylor shuddered.

There was something... more to her power, something behind it. And it seemed to have greater control over her power than she did, she could still remember what had happened during the journey to Leviathan.

An image of her moving to kill Sophia flashed through her head.

And... It wasn't anywhere near under her control. Or was it? Taylor frowned. Could she really tell herself that the idea of Sophia splattered on the wall was that unappealing?

She tried to, she really tried, but she couldn't.

She would feel happy about Sophia's death, by her own hands or otherwise. If that happened again, could she pull herself out of it once more?

No, she couldn't. She only did so originally out of shock from the similarity to the ABB incident. If it happened again, in similar fashion, she wouldn't stop herself. What happened underneath the sway of... whatever, was always something she wanted, regardless of the consequences.

She could foresee a fair few problems resulting of her suddenly acting upon unconscious impulses.

Taylor let out another sigh; she seemed to be doing that quite a bit now days. She was going to officially join the Wards tomorrow, hopefully they can help. She settled down to go to bed.


Primary Singularity: 11% Output

Taylor paused, and shook her head slightly.

“Taylor, is there something wrong?” Her Dad questioned.

“No, just a... weird feeling.” She replied.

Her father frowned. “Taylor, not again...”

“No, really. It's just a weird feeling.” Taylor insisted.

“...Alright.” He conceded.

Taylor sighed. She and her father's strained relationship wasn't getting better anytime soon.

Taylor and her father walked into the PRT building, her Dad seeming rather more awkward in the famous structure.

“I... where are we going?” Danny Hebert questioned.

“The Director wanted me to bring you directly to her.” Taylor replied. It hadn't taken much to convince him on the topic of joining the Wards. After having fought off Leviathan, he was just happy that she wasn't joining the S-Class threat hunter section of the Guild. Taylor was still reeling over her Dad knowing about something like that, apparently he called in sick and spent a good majority of the night looking up every Cape related thing he could.

“The... Director, really?”

Taylor nodded.

“Well, lead the way then.” He spoke.

Not having anything more to say, Taylor did so, her father trailing behind.

A minute of awkward silence between the two later, and they arrived at the Director's office.

“I've seen this door way too much lately.” Taylor complained, only to wince slightly at the depressed look on her father’s face.

“Let's just... go inside.” He said morosely.

“Yeah...” Taylor trailed off.

Upon entering, they were treated to the sight of Director Piggot and... Alexandria? Taylor blinked a few times.

“Buster.” Alexandria spoke out. “And... you must be her father.” This was directed at Danny.

“Ah... yes.” He replied.

“Good, good.” She answered, before walking up to Taylor's father and holding out her hand. “As you well should know, I am Alexandria, but I do believe I never learned your name.”

Taylor's father hesitantly reached out to shake Alexandria's hand. “Danny Hebert, ma'am.”

“Well then, Mister Hebert, I wish to thank you. Without your daughter’s efforts, hundreds of people would have died yesterday.” Alexandria spoke to Taylor's dad.

“I didn't really do anything, though.” He protested,

“Nonsense, you raised her, did you not?” Alexandria questioned.

Danny smiled bitterly. “Not really.”

“Well, when I look at your daughter, I see you must have done something correctly.” Alexandria spoke out. “However, this is a conversation for another time. As you are here, I assume you agree to your daughter joining the Wards?”

He nodded.

“The Director has some things for you to sign, then.” Alexandria said, motioning towards Piggot, who had been paying only the slightest attention up to that point. “While you are doing that, I have a few things I would like to speak with your daughter about.”

Danny nodded again, and moved towards Piggot, who looked up from her work at his approach. “Danny Hebert, then? There are a few things we require from you...”

As they began to speak, Alexandria walked up to Taylor. “I believe it would be best, Buster, if we took this elsewhere while they talked things over.”

“Uh, sure?” Taylor hesitantly replied, suddenly being thrown into the conversation mentally stumbling her.

Alexandria nodded. “Follow me.” She walked off out of Piggot's office and down the hall, Taylor following after.

It took only a few seconds for them to reach another door. Alexandria opened it and motioned for Taylor to follow her inside.

The room was a sparsely furnished office, aside of the desk and a few cabinets, there wasn't much in there. A large window showed a, rather nice if she did so say herself, view of Brockton Bay.

“This is my office.” Alexandria offered before Taylor could say anything.

“You have an office in Brockton Bay?” Taylor asked with confusion.

“Not until recently, no. However, I have recently taken control of the Brockton Bay Protectorate.” Alexandria explained.

“Why?” Taylor questioned, although she was fairly certain of the answer.

“To be blunt? You're important.” Alexandria responded. “And on that topic, I would like to offer you an apprenticeship under myself.”

Taylor blinked. “You... Do that?”

“Yes. Generally, every major Protectorate officer has spent time in an Apprenticeship under either Legend or myself.” Alexandria answered.

Taylor frowned. “Actually, I think I remember something about that. Don't they usually come to you when that happens though?”

“They also usually don't wrestle Endbringers and win.” Alexandria dryly responded.

Taylor conceded the point. “I suppose so.”

“Quite. There was also another thing I asked you here for independent of the previous offer. I believe you have mentioned a few things about an inability to control your powers at times?” Alexandria questioned.

Taylor nodded. “Yes, getting some help in that area was my primary motivation for joining the Wards.”

“Well, if you would like, perhaps I could answer some questions on that front?” Alexandria asked.

It was what she was here for. “Alright.”

“Very well” Alexandria sat into the chair behind her desk, and waved Taylor into one in front of it. “What, exactly, are the problems you have observed so far?”

“The primary problem is that there seems to be something... more, to my power, an additional consciousness of sorts. It seems like it has both a better knowledge and control of my powers than I do. I... think it first showed up when I was fighting Lung, and needed a way to wipe out his fire. I blacked out, and when I came to it was gone. And on each subsequent event where this happened, I seemed slightly more aware of what was going on. The last time it happened was what drove me to join the Wards, as it appeared to be acting upon my subconscious desires with no care for my conscious ones.” Taylor felt slightly uncomfortable explaining all this to another, but it was Alexandria here. And Taylor honestly did need the help; better lay everything on the table from the beginning.

Alexandria leaned back in her chair. “I see.” She stated.

“Do you have any idea what's wrong?” Taylor questioned Alexandria.

“...Yes. I have a... fairly decent idea of what your problem is, although I will have to talk to a few people before doing anything about it.” She replied.

Taylor wasn't sure how to feel about that. “Can't you tell me what's it abou-”

Unusual harmonic flux detected.

“...ter, Buster?”

Taylor shook her head.

“Is something the matter?” Alexandria questioned.

“I... Maybe? I thought I felt something... weird.” Taylor replied.

“Weird, wha-”

The window shattered.