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Hope Through Overwhelming Firepower

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Sophia rapidly found herself reevaluating her life choices as Taylor, or Buster apparently, ran out of the building. Nothing like almost vaporization to get you to consider things.

Sophia wondered for a bit where exactly this new Taylor fit into her world view. Taylor clearly wasn't a predator, but could she really call someone who... did the things Buster did prey? She, apparently, had Alexandria levels of 'fuck you' durability, and Legend levels of firepower, but she didn't really do all that much of her own volition. Did that make her an inanimate object? The thought briefly amused Sophia.

Of course, all that was kind of academic in the face of her immediate problem. That being, what did she have to do in order to not become little more then a stain on the wall the next time Taylor went crazy. Thoughts of what had happened to the ABB caused her to shiver slightly.

“Sheesh Soph, what's up with you?” Emma questioned.

“Yeah.” Madison piped up. “What's up, why'd you do that?”

The 'others', as Sophia mentally categorized them, spoke in agreement with their words. Hanger ons, prey just following behind the biggest predator they could find. Sophia respected their knowledge of their place in life, but not enough to remember their names.

“Look, Emma, we need to speak. Like, now.” Sophia spoke up in response. “The rest of you are going to have to leave. Yes, that includes you Madison.” She finished in response to Madison's questioning look.

It didn't take long for Emma, smart girl she is, to figure things out. “You mean... Ah. Sorry y'all, but Soph's right. This is about a private thing she has confided in me.”

The others and Madison weren't happy, but were also not willing to go against the 'queen' of the school.

When they had left, Emma turned to her. “You better have a damn good explanation for that. I don't want to even think about what that will do to out rep-”

“Whatever that did to our reputation is of little importance anymore.” Sophia explained. “And Emma? You're a good friend, but don't talk to me like that again.”

“Ah, right. Sorry.” Emma backed down, before continuing. “Sooooo what's so important, it has to deal with the whole superhero thing right?”

“Yeah. I can't go into details because of the whole rules thing, you remember them, don't you?”

Emma nodded.

“Alright then, basically? Taylor's a cape. And a pretty fucking powerful one too. She probably triggered in the locker, and now she has... problems. Mental problems.”

“...Hebert? A cape?” Emma muttered.

“Yeah, fucking ridiculous, I know. But it's the truth, and I was not at all confident in my ability to survive her going nuts in the school, shadow form or not. And I was even less confident about my ability to harm her.” Sophia explained. “It probably would be fairly easy to figure her identity out but don't. The less you know about this all, the better. I really shouldn't be telling you any of this, but if you don't know, you might not survive the next few months.

“You can't be serious. Hebert? Dangerous? Even if she did get super powers, she wouldn't willing to do anything with them.”

“She's not, and if that were all, I wouldn't be worried.” Sophia paused before continuing. “But she has some form of mental issues which are entirely willing to use them, and with deadly force. I was a few seconds of insanity from being nothing more then a smear on the wall back there.”

Emma opened and closed her mouth soundlessly.

“Yeah. Alright then, here's how things are going to go. I, am going to talk to the Director and do everything I possibly can to get my ass out of this situation. While you, are going to get yours out of the inevitable incident that is Winslow and into Arcadia ASAP. Do everything you possibly can to convince your father. Up to, and including, insinuating your life is on the line. Because it is.

“I-buh-wha-” Emma stuttered.

“This whole situation sucks, profoundly. But there's not much we can do by now. Think on this, I can't force you into anything. But, I've given you all the information and suggestions I can. What you do with it from now on, is your choice.” Sophia finished, before running out of Winslow on the way towards the PRT headquarters. Leaving a still reeling Emma behind.


Sophia was moving smoothly through the halls of the PRT building, contemplating what she would tell Piggot. Currently, she was hoping a simple plea for transfer would be accepted. She wasn't particularly hopeful. She was probably going to have to explain some things. Last resort being tell the whole story and get sent back to juvie.

Still better then dieing.

She was still cooking up a story to tell Piggot when she rounded the corner and saw Buster standing in front of the doors to Piggot's office. It was around then that Sophia realized she hadn't bothered to put her costume on, not thinking it would be relevant this deep in the PRT.

Buster, turned to look at her, and her eyes widened. “Sophia- what...” Buster trailed off as understanding entered her eyes. “Shadow Stalker.” She finished with a hiss.

“...Fuck me running.”