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Hope Through Overwhelming Firepower

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They moved in. The plan was for Velocity to move in and disable Bakuda using a taser a quickly as possible. The nearby area was almost certainly littered with bombs so taking out their most likely trigger method as a first strike was probably for the best.

Then, Earthshock would create an earthquake while the rest of us disabled the other ABB members as quickly as possible. Enabling us all to focus on Lung.

Naturally, the plan fell apart before it even got started.

The second they began to move, Lung immediately looked in their direction. As he bellowed out an order to Bakuda, Taylor barely had time to shout a warning before the world exploded around her.

Taylor spun and twirled, flung through the air by the numerous explosions from Bakuda's bombs. A thud, as she hit the ground a minute later.

Taylor picked herself up off the ground with a slight groan.

The area had been totaled. Craters littered the landscape for what seemed like half a mile. Nothing was left standing aside from a small area where the ABB members were.

There was a large block of heavily battered, but still intact, containment foam where Earthshock and Miss Militia had been standing. Velocity blurred into existence next to her.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Ergh...” Taylor replied. “...Yeah. I was more bothered by the whole 'spinning through the air' thing than the actual explosions.”

“Damn. That is impressive. I had gone with more conventional bombs after I heard you ignored all of my special ones. But you shrugged them off too.” Bakuda interrupted. “Ah well, I've got more to try.” She chuckled. “I've always got more to try.”

Lung didn't seem quite so cavalier about things. “We are on a time limit here. Don't play around, go straight for what seems like the most likely to take her out.” He spoke with a rumble. “After that display, the rest of the Protectorate will show up long before I can reach a point that could conceivably damage her.”

“Bakuda has already shown an impressive ability to direct the explosions of her bombs. I can't get close enough to take her out without risking getting caught in something my breaker rating can't get me out of.” Velocity quickly spoke up, not even bothering to whisper. Lung having already demonstrated impressive hearing.

“You got that right speedy. And everyone of the ABB involved here have bombs implanted in them. Bombs set to go off when either they, or I die, and all of my bombs are programmed to keep their effects from harming me.” Bakuda smugly announced. “So here is how things are going to go. I am going to stand here and throw bombs at you till something sticks, speedy can go somewhere else in the meantime. And you are going to stand there and take it like a woman. If you don't, then I set off my more...esoteric stuff. And speedy, along with that block of foam over there, goes bye-bye.” truth

Taylor scowled. “Fine. Velocity, get out of here, go and get the others here as fast as possible.”

Velocity objected. “I can't do that, Buster. While you might not officially be a part of the Wards, for the duration of this mission-”

“And what exactly are you going to do here? You're more likely to die than accomplish anything against Bakuda, and you'll never faze Lung. Make use of the primary purpose of your power and get going.” Taylor interrupted.

“I... Dammit!” Velocity swore, before vanishing.

“Good, good! Now, Buster. Just stay there like a nice girl-”

“Nothing you do will affect the two in the block of foam over there.” Taylor interrupted. “Or I'll hit you as hard as I can, fuck the consequences.”

Bakuda seemed briefly pissed at being interrupted, before she let out a slight snort. “Sure, whatever girly. I'll let those two remain there. Well, until you die at least.”

Taylor just nodded. It was the best she would get.

Bakuda reached into her pouch, and withdrew a cylindrical device, presumably explosive in nature, and threw it at Taylor.

It landed at Taylor's feet, opened up, flashed a little, then nothing.

“Really? Damn. Flesh Disintegration a failure.” She marked something on a little clipboard she had produced.

“Bakuda!” Bakuda jumped slightly at Lung's shout. “Stop playing around.”

“Y-yes sir.” She replied, considerably more subdued.

Another bomb, everything around Taylor melted into a liquid state. She was once again unfazed.

Another one without effect. Minituri*&(^n

Another that seemed to transmute mass into fire.

One that created numerous flying discs that impacted Taylor to no effect. Anomaly: similar in nature to %**(^(&. Cataloged.

On and on it went. Bakuda tried dozens of different explosives. Many, simply accomplished nothing. Some, turned the already devastated landscape in the immediate area around Taylor into increasingly strange things. It had already cycled through being frozen, turned into a gas, turned back into a solid randomly, been inverted, turned inside out, disintegrated, rebuilt into a potent acid, and several more.

By now, Taylor was left wondering where the fuck Dauntless and Battery were.

“Goddammit. What the fuck does it take to do anything to you.” Bakuda had grown increasingly irate as bombs failed. “Who the fuck do you think you are, the unknown lovechild of Legend and Alexandria?”

“Bakuda, we're leaving soon.” Lung stated. “Oni Lee can only hold the Protectorate for so long.”

“What, but I've got so much left- Fine.” She finished with a scowl. “Let's try... this!”

A black ball rolled to a stop in front of Taylor. It expanded outward briefly, before imploding in on itself, leaving a small black dot behind.

The earth began to shake. Asphalt and dirt ripped itself up and out of the ground to collapse around the black dot. The many odd things left behind by Bakuda's bombing barrage were also drawn in. The wind howled as air was rapidly sucked inwards, and even light began slowly distorting around the gathering mass.

All the while, Taylor stared.

Singularity detected. Unstable, low class. Rating: Sufficient for temporary use.

Taylor moved the debris aside in order to access the singularity.

“...Did she just grab a fucking black hole?”

Objective: Non-Lethal takedown.

Method: Undecided

Taylor considered things.

Proposal: Targets gain power through extraneous source, destroy source.

Error: Source location unknown.

Theory: Previous events (*&& and *@@)*( show unknown anomalies. Sources potentially in alternative dimensions.

Error: Transdimensional Technology never proven possible.

Theory: Singularity showing unusual space distortions. Analyze for data.

Analyzing... Alternate Dimensions proven.

Method: Utilize singularity to open access to power source.

The singularity in Taylor's hands grew in size, before rapidly distorting into a disc.

Taylor reached a hand into the disc.

Drawing additional power from singularity.

Red energy streamed out of the disc into the arm inside the disc.

Bakuda finally shook herself out of her stupor. “I should probably do something about this.” She muttered, beginning to rummage through her bags.

Source located, destroying.

Somewhere on a different planet, on a different world, a vast being vanished in a flash of red.

Bakuda let out a choked scream. Falling to the ground grasping at her head, she rolled around in pain yelling 'come back'. A desperate tone beginning to enter her voice.

Changing to other source-

The disc Taylor's arm was in began to flicker.

Singularity destabilizing.

Taylor quickly withdrew her arm from the disc as it finally faded.

Beeping echoed throughout the area. Lung, and the assorted ABB members had a brief moment to experience horror as everything around them lit up in an assortment of effects.

Before any of them could be finished, a Time Bubble expanded. Stopping them all in their tracks.

Objective: Failure.

Taylor blinked as the combat programs receded.

She was still standing there, staring at the mutating and frozen Azn Bad Boys, three minutes later when Dauntless, Battery and Velocity finally showed up.