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Hope Through Overwhelming Firepower

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The ABB members had long since scattered, wisely concluding that getting between their boss and a bulletproof teenager who could smash said boss through a building was an exceedingly poor idea.

Taylor's confidence high had long since evaporated in the face of Lung's rage. She might be bulletproof, but was she dragon proof? She was having a difficult time believing the latter to be true.

As Lung was not quite done with the regeneration process, still having to set a few bones and rebuild a portion of his right leg, Taylor was left with a bit of time to contemplate a battle plan.

I've only used a tiny portion of my potential firepower so far, I can probably keep up with Lung's own scaling power for a while longer before I get completely out classed...” Noticing Lung's body had stopped shifting in that grotesque manner which symbolized the movement of bone, Taylor assumed she didn't have much time left to formulate a plan. “...So my best bet is probably trying to do enough damage that he'll go down, but not die. If a sweet spot like that even exists at all.” Taylor mentally paused as she contemplated the fact that her plan was essentially “hit him until he stops moving.” “Amazing Taylor, your planning ability is the envy of the world's greatest generals.”  Self disparaging remarks aside, Taylor was out of time.

Lung had begun to move. Numerous metal plates already covered the majority of his body, and his fingers were beginning to taper into claws. Heat and flame billowed around him like a robe made of fire. Each step towards Taylor dug his newly taloned toe nails into the ground. Finally, standing twenty five feet away from her, he paused his inexorable march. His face had long since distorted into a twisted caricature of a man and a lizard. Still, Taylor could recognize a smirk of malice from a mile away.

With a bellow echoing forth from his lungs, Lung began his charge. Every step he took towards her shattered concrete, every movement spurred on by impossible muscles brought him closer to her far, far faster then something that large should ever be able to move. Fire shrouded him and set aflame all in his wake. A promise of death still readable on his mutating features.


The air screamed, and every nearby window shattered as a massively powerful red light smashed a large portion of the right side of Lung's body clean off.

Lung's stood there, breaths rapidly became short, raspy events, as his left arm groped around were his right used to be.

...Twelve was probably a bit more than required, I don't even want to know what damage that caused.” Taylor thought worriedly.

Placing his remaining arm on the ground to steady himself in a kneeling position, Lung began coughing up bubbly blood, signaling that she had probably nicked his lungs a bit there.

That's... not good.” Concluded Taylor with a wince.

And yet, Taylor's worries seemed to be unfounded. Lung's flesh bubbled and popped as his regeneration diver&*%#&er frerror seemed to go into overdrive. Already, he had stopped coughing blood, and was beginning to rise from his aforementioned kneeling position. Flesh twisted and writhed as it worked to keep his blood inside. Bone closed over broken spots before beginning to elongate again.

“Oh, that is such bullshit.Bemoaned Taylor.

How was she possibly going to take that down without killing him? While she could probably blow off the head to do the job, she was not at all comfortable killing another hu-

Goal: Non^%&al Takedown*&

Met*&*d: Dest&^%%)(&&&rce, beginnnnnnnnnnnnnerror.

Taylor blinked as she observed the fact that, at some point, her arm had raised into the air.

What... Just happened? When did I do that?”

Before she could really contemplate what had occurred, she noticed that Lung had spread fire throughout the area in a futile attempt to mask has movement. Taylorsta*&%$#dddddddderror frantically looked around as more and more fire surged up to surround her.

I've... I've got to clear this fire out, maybe if I-”

Initiating area b^&$%t pattern. Power out*(*ut: 0.00000000000000000#*^&^*(^max

Taylor raised both of her arms into the air pointed opposite each other, and unleashed a wide area pulse of energy from both palms that wiped out all of the fire around her, and blew Lung, who had been just about to strike her from behind, into a nearby building.

Taylor lowered both of her arms and... began panicking.

The fuck was that? I did not do that. What's controlling my body? Is there a parahuman doing it? Why? And how do they know how to use my powers better then I do?” Taylor was not happy with this turn of events, to say the least.

Before Taylor could continue the panicking process, Lung pulled himself out of the crater with a roar. And then paused, moving his head in a manner as if listening to something. Then Taylor heard it too.

The sound of a motorcycle.