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48 Laws Of Power

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"The fuck is that?" The infuriated blonde cocked an eyebrow.


Akihito was fired that night. Apparently "Pouring shit on the owners head," wasn't acceptable and after Takato was able to keep Sakazaki from committing homicide, Akihito ran. He really should pay that guy back for all his kindness. He sighed. At least the water was back on at the house though.

Scratching his kittens head, he poured out his sadness. "I'm sorry Alibaba, I tried. But ya know where do rich guys get off doing that huh? Like in what world is that okay?" Eyes rolled in the back of his skull while a scowl formed. Alibaba just mewed quietly. Akihito groaned as he rolled and heaved himself off the ground, his body creaked and ached, server's work so much harder than he thought. "Time to take a bath! And look for another job in the morning! Yeah, we can do this!" With a surge of assurance the youth sauntered into his bathroom and began to strip the day away. A loud bang shook him where the blonde stood. Cerulean eyes wild with fear searched the room, Akihito began to wonder out. With no sign of life other than the hissing Alibaba, he cautiously opened the door, no one stood out side but a large box laid on the ground. No sender or return address was on the box, but it was so rare for mail to come for the youth that Akihito couldn't not open it. After scattering the puffs that protected the item, he found a leather bound book. That was it, just a book? He sighed and tossed it on the counter.

A little slip flew from the pages and floated around the air before it glided to the floor. Alibaba raced and pawed it down before Akihito could take a step, after picking up his cat, he picked up the slip. Thick black cardstock was embedded with gold embroidery "Asami Ryuichi" was printed in gold along with an address and phone number. Wide eyes squinted and with rage he flicked the card. It flew and hit a wall, falling to the floor. "The fuck kinda book," Akihito picked the book up, it was not too heavy, but still obviously contained a lot of knowledge.

The 48 Laws of Power. Written by Robert Greene. Of course, it was a white guy. Why would Asami, the man he spilled decades old whiskey on, send him a... book. Blue eyes looked up, and he realized. He was going to kill him. There was a bomb in the box or something. He raced to the package, flipped it upside down and, nothing but packing peanuts fell out. Well then, it must be the book. Feverishly he flipped through the pages, just to find....a regular book. Then it was clearly a warning. He would kill him in his sleep. With a smile, he petted his kitten and fed him particularly well that night. Akihiko finished his shower, choosing to be clean at his untimely death. He lay in his bed warm, well fed, and clean all at one time for the first time in a while. The youth couldn't help but imagine the man who would kill him tonight, and his eyes. That night his eyes were ablaze but Akihito wasn't so sure he saw anger, but, honestly, it had to have been. With a sigh, a wave of exhaustion settled in and Akihito let his consciousness fade.

The morning sun awoke him gently, with a caress rather than a startling slap from the blaring alarm. It was serene and comfortable. His bed felt like a cloud despite it's creaks and semi protruding springs. Alibaba slept in the crevice of his arm, soft and loving- all until the booming clobber on the door came. Both of the slumbering boys jumped up startled and angry. Akihito threw on a shirt and went to answer the door. Alibaba followed, hissing beneath his humans ankles; for moral support.

Boxes. Just a mountain of boxes. All the same size as the first box. All with the same inscription. All with the same return address. "Sir, I'm gonna need to you sign for these." A post mans head poked out through a sliver of space and he reached his board out with a pen attached. "S-sir, I didn't order anything...I think you must be mistaken." Akihito nervously spoke and took the board out of pity.

"It was sent here, from a Mr. Usami... or was it Asami... one of the two, and he mentioned specifically for them to be delivered all at one time... and ugh.. oh!" The mail man ran back to his truck for a moment and came back with a letter. And slid it through the tiny hole in which the men were discussing. "Please sign, so I can go home." The man pleaded, clearly exhausted from unloading. Akihito begrudgingly signed, and handed the clipboard back over. The man smiled graciously, "Man I'm so glad my shift is over, there's another planned drop off in just a few hours-"

"WHAT?" Akihito howled behind the boxes. The frightened man turned around and his lower lip quivered. "Man, it's not your fault.. go home and enjoy the rest of your day.." The boy could feel a blood vessel about to burst. But there's no point in taking out things on the worker bees. He knew that from experience, and he knew it well.

He shredded the envelope open. The paper was somehow cocky, thick and cream colored, like the kind you buy for resumés from staples for sixteen dollars a pack. The ink was pristine, but looked handwritten, only specialty calligraphy pens could do that, and the fucking thing had a wax seal at the bottom. Was he being invited to a fucking ball in the 1800's or?

Akihito decided to go ahead and read it. Cause well, there was 23 boxes attached.

I would like to meet with you, Akihito Takaba. At a time of your choosing within the day, as you are no longer are occupied with work, I urge you to visit Asami corporation. I have a matter of importance to speak of with you.

Oh, and if you decide to decline this message, I have set up a delivery plan for a hundred and two boxes of books exactly every eight hours for the next five years or so. The choice is yours, pet. Asami Ryuichi."

Each stroked the pen was a little longer toward the end of the letter somehow each word seemed almost ...cocky. The youth clenched his jaw. This was basically blackmail... with books... bookmail! The blonde cocked an eyebrow, if this is how he wanted to play it, so be it. So, he threw on a full outfit, fed his cat, and set out for Asami Corp.

The building was in the heart of midtown, and from Aki's apartment it was two trains and a brisk walk away. Asami corporation sat at 80 floors high, and was constructed of impact resistant carbon fiber glass, and marble inlays. It was considered to be one of the most structurally sound buildings of all time, as well as luxe. 'ASAMI' was inscribed over each entrance, chiseled into the grey marble, and Akihito was disgusted. He stomped inside, the employees leaving staring intently at the youngster with a t-shirt and jeans on. He went up the front desk. A primped and pristine lady sat at her desk, typing away.

"Hello, uhm, I got this letter-" Akihito nervously pulled out the sheet and began to thrust it out. The woman didn't even glance before she stood and smiled, very falsely, but smiled, and said "Please come with me, Sir." She nodded before walking towards an elevator, and Akihito hurried along. There were no buttons, or really anything, except "Elevator inspections available at 2b security" printed on card stock and held with glass. Akihito pursed his lips and held silent the whole trip up, despite his ears popping from the speed and height they were traveling. A slight ding let him know they were at their destination, and the doors opened wide. "To the left, and straight down. Have a good day Mr. Takaba." Akihito sauntered down the first left, and then of course straight from there on out. Glass cubicles held men working like business elites, but rather they looked like well groomed thugs. Brawly and fierce they were, sitting at their desk, typing away. Like trained bears.

One office stood out. Instead of clear plexiglass, the office was completely blacked out with a reflective finish. Granite paneling was etched, 'ASAMI. R.' Okay cool, Akihito thought, this is fine. Nearly hyperventilating, he cautiously knocked.

"Come in." The man who he humiliated spoke. Kind of. Asami probably never felt the emotion that is humility. He stepped in and held his breath. Sultry eyes simmered like molten gold, his perfectly sculpted lips held in a pretentious grin. "Welcome, pet. I advise you sit, I have a grave matter to discuss with you."

"Y-you're not gonna kill me?" Akihito spoke frightened, his hands clenched as to hide the shakiness.

Asami smirked. "As if." Smirking lips parted to hold a lit cigarette, a breath in, and tobacco out. "I want to teach you, you seem like a good student. Tough and sturdy, resistant." A dark eyebrow cocked. "Although a little unpolished, you could be great. Like a bar of gold in a trash bin."

Akihito looked around blankly before adding," I think you mean like a diamond in the roug-"

"No matter! I shall aid you into becoming my prodigy!" Asami's eyes glimmered, just like the first time they met. It wasn't anger, it was excitement.

"Y-your prodigy?" Aki dramatically leaned in, "Like, the person who's gonna take over Asami?"

A puff of smoke escaped, and Asami slid a hard back cover of a book over; The 48 laws of power by Robert Greene.