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What If?

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What if Daryl found the greatest barbecue food truck there ever was. The food is so damn good, with an unexpected Korean twist but it’s the sunny blonde at the window has him going back every day. He has a goddamn app on his phone that lists where every food truck in Atlanta is, just so he can track her down.

He’s Beth’s favourite customer. This gruff man who orders with as few words as possible and eats like he's tasting heaven. Which is funny because the way he eats is sin. Especially when he licks his fingers. Some days he gets a pulled pork bun and the juice will escape down his wrist. Those are good days. In fact the day he followed sauce down his wrist and onto his thick forearm, she moaned softly. Out loud. For real. Her co-owner and brother in law Glenn goes red for her.

It’s become a routine. He rides his motorcycle to their lunch spot, orders the special from Beth, and she spends her fifteen minute break time watching him stand at a little plastic table, eating her food. Wishing he was eating her.

Glenn serves as many people as he can while she's on her Dixon Break. Hell, he made eyes like that at Maggie for six months when he delivered the Greene girls their friday night pizza. Course, he hopes he moaned a little less than Beth does. Glenn doesn’t even want to know what the guy is doing when Beth makes a squeaky sound.

Meanwhile, Daryl is aware the sweet girl in the truck watches him eat his food. Normally that would scare him but kinda feels good in this case. He wants her to know he enjoys eating her…food. And sometimes, yes, he's a messy eater. But he's an enthusiastic eater too. Loves what she gives him each day. And he makes sure he cleans himself up good after enjoying it all.

He's been doing this three weeks when he notices something written on an extra napkin, stuffed into the wrapping of his sandwich. (Asian pulled chicken today, he's stoked, this is his favourite sandwich they make.) He eats his sandwich first, then looks at the napkin. "Her name is Beth. PLEASE call her." This missive is followed by a phone number that must be hers. Beth. Sunshine’s name is Beth.

He’s nervous as hell, but he does call her. Manages to arrange a date too.

They're both awkward laughs and pink cheeks over dinner. She's wearing a yellow dress that makes his mouth dry and his tongue feel thick. He's got these black jeans and a navy blue t-shirt stretched tight across his broad shoulders that makes her glad she's not wearing underwear.

They decide to go for a walk after dinner. Neither one of them is done with this date yet. After some awkward arm swinging, Daryl gets the nerve to hold her hand. It’s small compared to his, and warm, and his stomach is doin' things he's never felt. Also, who gets stiff from hand holding??? Is he that pathetic??

(Nah he ain’t. She's just so damn pretty. Makes his anatomy do things like public as fuck erections.)

It takes three dates for him to kiss her, because he's fucking nervous. She makes him feel like he's going to throw up half the time. But when Daryl finally gets the nerve to bend down that little bit and kiss her, man do things move fast from there. They’re walking through a beautiful quiet section of city park at 11pm and she looks so damn pretty in the moonlight and he's just gotta taste her. A peck. That’s all it was supposed to be. Just a calm, sweet little thing. But he got his lips on hers and then sometime later she's got her hands in his hair and his tongue wrapped around hers.

Not too long after that he's pressing her into a darker section of trees, so he can slide his hands along her smooth thighs and up her skirt. What he feels, or rather, doesn't feel, has him pulling his lips from hers for the first time.

"Holy fuck Beth!”

"Bout time you noticed." She's got this cheeky ass smile on her face and he’s going to die. Right here.

”You been like this all night?!”

"I've been like this since our first date.”

He’s speechless. Mouth is moving but nothing is coming out, while his brain screams “FUCK ME” in every way he knows how. His hands are a bit more with it, however, and squeeze the warm smooth flesh of her perfect peach ass. He’s sure this is heaven. Or hell. Purgatory? Whatever it is, he'll take it.

With a little encouragement from Beth, it doest take long before his fingers are doing something else and he's experiencing those little moans Glenn has been subjected to in the food truck for too goddamn long.

She's wet and hot and perfect. Daryl’s got his head buried against Beth’s neck, sucking away at the skin there. He may leave a mark, but who the fuck cares?? When he feels her body start to clamp down and those moans get a little too loud, he's got just enough brain power left to leave the skin of her neck, and put his tongue back in her mouth. He swallows her cries as she shakes through what feels to him like a pretty damn good orgasm.

When she comes down, Beth swears she has another smaller orgasm watching Daryl clean his fingers like he just ate a sticky asian chicken bun. It all feels so good, her knees give out.

After establishing she’s just fine, Daryl gives her a serious piggyback back to his truck so he can take her home. She tries to get into his pants but he shyly waves her off, saying he's good. It was for her. He doesn't need anything. (He's lying. His dick is throbbing and if his jeans rub any harder against his cock, he's gonna go off in his pants like a teenager.)

By the time he drops her off at her door, he thinks he's got it under control. The throb is more dull and he can focus on more than just sticking his hand down his pants. But then Beth leans over the console and goddamn kisses him like this goodnight is be some month long separation.

He’s ready to come. Needs to come. NEEDS TO. She slips out of his car and he’s an ass for not walking her inside but he can’t. He does watch her go, and when she's safely inside the house, his zipper goes down and he jerks off in his goddamn car right in the goddamn open because he has no self control.

Their subsequent dates all seem to take place at her house. Which is better for both of them. Less chance of getting arrested for having sex in public. Plus, Beth’s place is amazing. She has a very nice bed and couch and kitchen counters at just the right height for fucking. It’s the start of something that he won’t be giving up, ever.

Even so, Daryl Dixon still visits his favourite food truck every day for lunch. Beth’s Dixon Breaks are now spent with him. They make eyes over their food and share a kiss that Glenn swears is getting them more customers.
(“It’s lunch and a show, Maggie!”)

Speaking of shows…todays show is veering toward R-Rated...jesus Beth you better wash your hands when you get back in here if you're gonna stick them down the back of his pants like that…