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What If?

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What if on a long car trip Beth started fingering herself in the passenger seat of Daryl's truck. And he's all red-faced and turned on but Beth won't let him pull over and fuck her into oblivion.

"Keep drivin' Daryl. We gotta be at the farm by five for dinner."

So he has to watch as she makes herself cum three times in the car, listen to her as she tells him how much she wishes it was his fingers, tongue, cock that was making her come. How much she loved him. Then he has to sit through dinner with an aching erection, boxers saturated with his pre come.

Maybe she rubs his inner thigh during dinner? Tries to calm him as the ache in his cock makes him slightly irritable and quieter than usual. But it just takes him closer to the edge. He can feel his cock twitching. He's riding a knife edge as Hershel chats with Otis about the good corn crops and Maggie debates politics with Shawn. He wants to come so badly but not badly enough that he'd let her stroke him in front of her family. Come where they can all see his jaw flex, hips stutter. Breathe jerky but deep through his nose. He needs to. He needs this so badly.

So badly he's gonna--

What if Beth pulled Daryl out of the room just in time? Not even out of the main house just into the living room. That shares a wall with the dining room.

She pushes him against that wall, presses her lips to his and then slides down. Quickly and quietly unzips his ragged jeans and pulls out his cock. Red and swollen past the point she's ever seen before. One lick is all it takes. He bites the heel of his hand as he comes and comes across her tongue. It hits her jaw and slides down the column of her throat. He can't hear anything outside a wild rush in his ears. His come has painted his perfect girls face and her family is sitting a few feet away. They could get up and enter the living room in five steps. See what he's done to their sister and daughter.

Fuck he doesn't care.

Grips her hair and guides her through cleaning his cock. It almost hurts he's so sensitive. She tucks him back in gently before standing. Come still over her lips and down her neck. He cleans it off with his red rag before tangling his hands in her hair. Chases his taste down her throat with his tongue. He ioves this girl.

Imagine Maggie coming into the room to see Daryl and Beth kissing like the other held the only air in the room. And she's floored because she's only ever seen him kiss her forehead. Never the lips. Never like he can't wait to take her upstairs and sink his cock into her. So she makes a blithe comment about how Daddy is in the next room? Can they wait to have sex until they're alone? Daryl picks up Beth and walks toward the door with a rough "Later Maggie."

The truck peels out and not one person in the kitchen is surprised. Daryl being so on edge, they all figured Beth and Daryl had some disagreement they needed to have out. They needed to have it out alright. Daryl drove just far enough that Beth's screams wouldn't make it back to the house. The barn? Well...the cows would appreciate how well he could mount her.