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Heat resistance

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A thrumming sound comes from the pipes at precisely 7 pm on a chilly December afternoon, and the heat gradually disappears.

Izuku doesn‘t really know how to fix these things – or if it‘s even possible to do so – so he leaves the issue be and pulls out more fleece blankets. The music is barely a hum over the distant noise of traffic and his mother's gone, visiting their relatives. Izuku was offered to tag along – it‘s a tradition for them to visit Kyoto every Christmas - but there‘s a good reason why this year, too, he declines. His mother understands. She wishes Midoriya a Merry Christmas, and with one last kiss on the cheek, she‘s off.

The reason why Midoriya sacrifices his usually enjoyable relative visits is currently laying down on the cooling floor, back propped against their sofa. He‘s close to drifting off and Midoriya‘s almost envious. Todoroki Shouto feels no cold.

They haven’t been doing anything in particular, pushing around time with video games and a movie that neither of them had enjoyed. Some concert is on – not much else plays on TV during these holidays in particular – and Todoroki‘s clearly zoning out as some fresh pop-idol band that Kaminari absolutely worships, dances around the screen, dressed in skimpy Santa-imitating dresses.

Midoriya dumps the thick blankets on his boyfriend and sits next to him, yawning. It‘s getting late fast and he doesn’t have to ask Todoroki if he‘s staying the night. Shouto tries to avoid his family during the holidays even more than he does on a daily basis, so that in itself says a lot. It‘s the second Christmas they‘ve spent together because of that reason alone.

Midoriya visibly shivers, offers some tangerines to the lazy boy lounging next to him and they eat in silence as they flip the channels. The more interesting topics have run out a while ago but the silence is welcome, comfortable. Their classmates often joke that they already look like an old married couple due to their shared "unusual" habits – reading together, spending hours upon hours in each other’s presence while focusing on homework, barely exchanging a few sentences at times. But this is simply how they are. Midoriya sees nothing wrong with it.

Midoriya feels another shiver raking his body, and then the mismatched stare that‘s suddenly focused on him. Todoroki‘s eyebrows crease, just barely, worry marring his handsome face.

"You should’ve told me that you‘re cold,“ he states. It must be obvious. Izuku flashes a shaky smile at him. His teeth click together.

"I‘m jealous that this isn’t affecting you.“ Midoriya confesses, rubbing at his arms to make a point. Todoroki shoots a look that just screams 'don‘t be, really‘.

He‘s wearing his thickest sweatshirt, yet the coolness seeps right through it like it's nothing. "I‘m going to be alright. Just give it time, these blankets are bound to warm up eventually.“

The 'eventually‘ doesn‘t happen and five minutes – and a whole lot of frowns – later, Todoroki finally sighs, puts the bowl of tangerines further away. Izuku watches, silent.

Todoroki shifts slowly like it‘s taking him a whole lot of effort to move a single centimeter. Sleep is setting deep into his weary bones and Midoriya finds himself envious. Again.

The arm that wraps around him feels like a heater against his skin, even through all the layers that he‘s wearing. Todoroki concentrates, blinks the bleariness away. He still has a hard time controlling his hot side, but he no longer catches on fire whenever Midoriya kisses him, sudden and sweet.

There's a small burn mark on his lips, a permanent reminder of the first time he'd jumped Todoroki like this.

Midoriya squirms against his boyfriend, tries to change his position so that the heat can even out more. His toes curl inside the thin socks whenever icy pricks of air filter through the pile of blankets. Todoroki shoots a warning stare.

"What are you doing?“ he questions, voice monotone, but there‘s some concern layered in there. He doesn’t want his concentration to break. Pale pink ghosts across Todoroki's skin. Midoriya doesn‘t notice.

"I can‘t. It‘s uncomfortable, and – " Midoriya tries to twist under the solid limb that‘s loosely trapping him. The warm temperature does an interesting jump, wavers. Todoroki‘s cheeks darken.

"Wait, hold on, I thought of something,“ he then says, tentative. He takes the arm away, flinches at Izuku‘s longing whine at the loss of warmth, body contact, and shuffles around, rearranges their blanket mountain. Izuku watches him work with tired, glazed over eyes and stifles a yawn, shudders so hard he feels like his teeth are about to fall out because of the clicking. Todoroki‘s on his fours - pushing away unnecessary objects like soda cans and junk food, dragging closer some pillows that are strewn around. Midoriya dully notes that his jeans are very very tight and shivers again, some of the lost heat returning.

It doesn‘t help when Todoroki plops down on the semi-circle of pillows, and while it would be more logical to lay down on the sofa, they don’t wanna move. He takes away Izuku‘s barrier, exposes him to the coolness of the apartment, and before Izuku can question it - Todoroki drags Izuku onto his lap, moves around until the shorter one sits between his long legs. Midoriya flushes again, reclining against his boyfriend‘s solid chest. It‘s a little weird because Todoroki's rarely the one to initiate cuddling. His heart flutters when he feels Shouto's breath ruffle his strands, brush against his scalp. Todoroki makes a sound in the back of his throat, content, smiles against the crown of Midoriya‘s head.

Izuku feels butterflies rise in his stomach. His toes curl, this time for different reasons.

Todoroki wraps his arms around his middle, loose enough for Midoriya to change his position whenever he wishes. Suddenly, their shared body heat overwhelms Midoriya. It kind of feels like submerging in a hot bath after a long day of training. His muscles and bones turn to jelly and he sighs, squirms, noses at Todoroki‘s pale neck, feels the pulse fluttering against the tip of his reddened nose.

Shouto gulps when Midoriya focuses his dulled senses on the bob of his Adam‘s apple.

This is beginning to look like quite the predicament.

Midoriya wiggles some more, nearly tries to meld together with his personal heater, moans in pleasure and nuzzles into the other's shoulder. It feels so good, so warm.

He rises just a bit more and oh.

Well, at least Todoroki‘s enjoying himself just as much even if he‘s completely immune to shifts of temperatures.

Midoriya decides to play innocent, ignoring the hardness that he feels poking against his lower back. He then turns until his mouth is situated at the right place for him to place a small kiss, flutter eyelashes against that graceful neck. He knows that Todoroki‘s weak to that sort of thing and he‘s not disappointed by the sharp intake of breath against his ear.

Shouto says nothing so Izuku takes it as a sign for him to continue, kisses up to the other‘s sensitive ear, licks at the spot just below the earlobe. Shouto shudders as though he‘s the one who‘s cold now and tries to control his ragged breathing. Despite the effort, those small, strained sounds still manage to escape in long, shaky breaths every now and then.

Midoriya sucks on a patch of spit-slick skin, intent on leaving hickeys. Perhaps his mother won‘t return early and see Shouto with a bruised neck. He bites down, lightly, not enough to hurtl. Shouto finally calls out his name, barely a whisper that‘s drowned out by the cheerful pop music coming from the TV - their only light source.

Izuku looks up then, and they hold eye contact for a few seconds, high on the feeling of warmth and comfort. Whenever Midoriya sees Todoroki looking at him like this, he falls in love over and over again, and when Todoroki smiles like that - just a small upturn of lips - Izuku always dives in to kiss him.

It‘s sweet, tastes like tangerines and the box of white chocolate that they had devoured over the course of thirty minutes. Shouto‘s tongue is warm against the seam of his lips, lazy yet insistent. Izuku doesn’t hesitate, feels the spike in temperature, clutches the other‘s gray, knit sweater. Shouto slides a searing hot hand down Izuku‘s side, fingers dipping under the layers that he‘s wearing. Midoriya considers turning around, climbing into his lap, doing things, but Shouto disconnects and Midoriya gasps in surprise when he‘s held tightly by upper arms, faced away. Questions of why and what surface in his mind, but Shouto pushes them aside along with his mess of hair and bites at the bright red shell of Izuku's sensitive ear. It‘s payback, he knows it, but he doesn‘t mind.

Shouto‘s fingers are warm against the skin of his torso, insistent, exploring. They slide over Midoriya‘s defined abdomen, higher, higher, right where Izuku secretly wants them to be. The pinch on his nipples isn‘t exactly what he‘d call tender, nor are the small bites on the back of his neck that follow, but Midoriya‘s fine with that - rolls his entire body, struggles to press himself further into Todoroki. It‘s driving him insane.

He squeaks when he feels the temperature of the right hand suddenly change and he jumps up, hears the huff of breath against his ear, realizes that Shouto‘s laughing at him.

Midoriya tries to feign anger, playfully shoves at his lover‘s cheek. "Pervert, that‘s not very nice!“ His eyes, however, are laughing, and soon enough they start giggling over it. Midoriya‘s laugh turns into a moan minutely, when Todoroki uses the moment of distraction as an opportunity to slide his warm hand into the front of Izuku's loose sweatpants that have been brushing against him rather uncomfortably for at least ten minutes now.

"You were saying something about perverts?“ Shouto teases, voice light, but there‘s still that sultry undertone to it that he always develops whenever they do this. Midoriya isn’t sure how he‘s capable of it, tried asking him once, but Todoroki seemed just as surprised.

"Th-That‘s a completely natural reaction to – " The hand dips under the elastic of his boxers.

"To?“ What a tease.

"To—to, ughh...“ Midoriya tries to focus, but those fingers won‘t let him, as they stroke him lightly. His hips shift forward. The blanket slips from his knees. "to this?“

Todoroki chills his chest with one hand and gives him a tighter pump. Midoriya yells, "God, you‘ve got to stop doing this.“

"You want me to stop? Are you positive?“

Midoriya wants to say no no no, don‘t you dare, but Todoroki does nothing to back up his words - only quickens his pace, shifts down his pants lower so that his hand can move more freely. Midoriya‘s 'no‘s turn into yes yes yes, please, but it‘s too soon for this to end.

He grasps Todoroki‘s hand firmly, stops the jerking motion, and shifts so suddenly that the other's eyes go wide, pushes him down into the pillows so he lays flat on them. It‘s the last thing Midoriya sees before he straddles his boyfriend‘s lap, pulls the blankets over them like a protective shelter from the world around. It‘s oddly intimate, their breaths mix in the warm space and Shouto squirms under him - makes the blankets rise a little and lets in some light along with cool air. Midoriya can see the outline of his face, the white side of his hair seemingly glows, and Midoriya dips down for the second time that night, smothers the other with affection and his mouth, hot and slick. Todoroki twitches, lets Midoriya hold him down by the wrists. It‘s a bit odd, it feels as though he‘s more vulnerable like this. Midoriya has half a mind to think that maybe it‘s what he‘s into, runs a playful tongue over his teeth, tangles it with Shouto‘s own.

Those pants are tight tight tight against Midoriya‘s leaking shaft and the friction feels nice, so he rolls his hips experimentally, hears Shouto gasp, moan, all pliant - only here, only in this dark where he lets his guard down completely. Midoriya lets go of his wrists and Shouto desperately grabs onto his slim hips, pulls him down while he shifts up. Izuku disconnects their mouth, feels the mixed saliva sliding down his chin, says something along the lines of how good he is, so good, his Shouto, his beloved –

They don‘t last long like this, the air under the blankets grows humid, and Izuku barely has the time to shift a hand so that he doesn’t mess up those ridiculous jeans or that lovely sweater. He wipes the sticky palm onto one of the blankets, makes a mental note to do laundry later, collapses on top of Shouto who heaves as though he ran a marathon. Izuku hears his heart jackhammering against his ribcage, rises and falls with every intake of ragged breath.

Todoroki moves his stiff legs again and growls, possibly at the cooling stickiness in his underwear. Midoriya kisses his nose, slightly off center, and laughs out an apology. "Sorry, I‘ll lend you a pair.“

Todoroki just sighsl, putting his arms around Midoriya‘s torso and cooling him off this time. There isn‘t enough fresh air under their blanket mountain, it smells like sex, but they try to prolong it, don‘t want to move.

"That was - that was, uh. Great.“ Todoroki says, and Midoriya doesn‘t need light to know that he‘s blushing. "Felt different.“


"Very good.“

Midoriya smiles and nuzzles his neck, kisses it, feels himself drifting away. "We can try it again later.“

Shouto shrugs, shameless. "Sure. But only after a shower.“

"I was thinking about it, too. The real question here is: will you join me?“

Todoroki snorts and pats Midoriya‘s butt. There‘s a smile in his voice. "So. Who‘s the pervert here again?“

"Right back at you, dear.“ Midoriya relaxes, closing his eyes. He could use a nap. "Right back at you.“