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The Burden of Being Me and You

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The Winchester brothers remained parked at a distance from Bobby's junkyard. Dean wouldn't move the car forward, his eyes staring straight ahead at the familiar house.

"Dean, move the freaking car. Let's get this over with." Sam hissed, he wasn't looking forward to this but the longer they waited the more anxious they were going to get.

Dean's expression was unreadable and he didn't say a word to Sam as he started driving slowly forward.

"I know this isn't going to go well by any means, but I hope it doesn't go as terribly as I think it will." Sam whispered and glanced over at Dean. "I think you should change your eyes, don't keep them black in front of Bobby."

Dean whipped his head around to stare at Sam. "Why the hell not? Isn't the whole point of this trip to let me not get noticed by any other demon? Why pretend?"

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"We wouldn't be pretending. He's going to find out right away. But I think if you keep your eyes human it will make him less freaked out. I think it will make him think of you as Dean instead of just a demon."

"Why do you let me keep them black then?" Dean challenged as he stopped the car in Bobby's yard.

"Because I trust you and accept you as you are." Dean went to open his mouth and Sam stopped him. "Before you make fun of me I'm going to shut you up right now. Now come on, let's see how this goes."


They walked up to the doorway in silence and Sam knocked on the door right away. If he hesitated, he was afraid he'd chicken out.

It didn't take long for Bobby to swing open the door and despite his surprise, he even seemed happy to be seeing Sam.

That was, until he saw Dean standing a few steps behind him.

"What the hell!" Bobby bellowed and swiftly reached into his pocket to withdraw the flask of holy water he kept on him at all times.

Dean remarkably stayed still and let Bobby toss the contents of the flask on both him and Sam. Dean hissed upon the water hitting his face and Sam saw some steam come off from the small wounds. He let his eyes flash black for a fraction of a second.

"Heya Bobby, nice to see you too." He gritted his teeth and in an instant Bobby had his hands on Sam's shirt, trying to pull him inside.

Sam was stronger than Bobby however and managed to free himself from the older hunter's hold.

"What the hell are you thinking Sam? Bringin' a demon to my doorstep that is wearing your brother's body? I know you miss him boy but this..."

"I know what you're thinking Bobby," Sam interrupted his friend. "But this is Dean."

"It's a demon!" Bobby shouted. The only reason Bobby wasn't attacking Dean was because of the salt lines and wards that protected Bobby and prevented Dean from getting in.

"I know that Bobby. But please trust me on this. Don't you think I've tried everything to prove it's not him? This is my brother Bobby. At first I didn't want to believe it either but it's true." Sam tried his puppy dog eyes out for good measure. "I know Dean more than anyone and you've got to trust me on this, please. We need your help."

Bobby looked at Sam for a few seconds before shaking his head. "Sam you're so desperate to have your brother back that you'll take anything. How can you even stand next to this thing without defending yourself?"

"Awwe Sammy, he thinks I'm going to hurt you," Dean cooed and Sam glared at him.

"Really Dean? Is this the appropriate time to be acting sarcastic?"

"I'm a demon AND I'm Dean Winchester, do you expect me to be anything but sarcastic?"

"I expect you to at least behave for five minutes. We're supposed to be convincing Bobby that you're you and instead you find this funny?"

"Oh yeah, I find this hilarious."

"Yeah, then why don't you tell me what you find oh-so-funny."

"Okay, the expression that you're wearing right now," Dean stated, causing his brother to roll his eyes. "Is that enough enlightenment for you, college boy?"

"And now you go right to insulting me. Does every single one of our conversations have to lead to you calling me a name or harassing me?" Sam wasn't going to let Dean win this time.

"I'm a big brother. It's in my job description."

"You don't have a job!"

"Really? Because trying to watch out for your sorry ass is difficult enough that I should be earning a wage."

"ENOUGH!" Both brothers jumped in shock and turned to stare at Bobby, their banter forgotten.

"That's Dean." Bobby shook his head in awe. "There's no way in Hell that ain't Dean."

Sam grinned, Dean wore a sly smile.

"Gonna let me in then, old man?" Dean asked.

Bobby eyed Dean wearily. "Do you think I'm that dense? You might be Dean Winchester but you're still a demon and I will never trust demons. They're the nastiest and trickiest creatures of them all."

Bobby turned around and walked away, shutting his door.

"Well that went wonderful. What an amazing plan you had there, Sammy," Dean growled, staring daggers into the closed door.

"Did I hear you come up with a better idea? I don't think so," Sam shot back; he was angry and hurt by Bobby's strange behavior. Why accept that Dean was Dean but not trust him? Sam didn't understand it. As soon as he realized the demon he had been traveling with was his brother, he instantly had regained the blind trust he always had with Dean. Dean would never let him down and Dean would always protect him. Apparently Bobby couldn't see that.

"Actually, didn't I suggest my own course of action? Don't tell me you forgot."

Sam gasped, remembering Dean's idea on the way here. "Going and breaking into Bobby's house and stealing his books was NEVER going to be an option! I can't believe you even considered it!"

"It would have given us what we needed. Now he's going to be on high alert thanks to your failed plan and we won't ever be able to break in."

The door opened suddenly to Bobby staring at the brothers. "Oh don't worry; my house is better equipped to handle burglars than you'll ever know. Why else do you think I'd keep all my books out in the open and not locked up?" When Sam and Dean remained speechless, he continued. "I will let you in Dean. But not as you are now. You're too powerful and are capable of too much. I need to weaken you."

Bobby held up a syringe that Sam could only guess contained holy water.

Sam was instantly reminded of Dean being tortured by the vampires, holy water being forced down his throat while he bled and screamed.

"Oh no!" Sam pushed Bobby's offering hand away. "I'm not going to inject my brother with poison! Bobby, you know I would never do that! I'm not going to cause him any more pain!"

"I have to do this Sam. I can tell you're comfortable with him but I'm sure you can understand why I'm not. I'm being crazy enough by even letting him in, you should be grateful for that."

"And you should understand why I can't fill my brother with poison! I'm sorry but I won't do it, we can't do this Bobby, we're leaving..." Sam pushed Bobby's hand away once more. Bobby tried extending his arm further in offering, over the salt line.

That was when Dean quickly reached over and snatched the syringe, holding it up to one of his veins.

"If you won't do it," he looked at Sam. "I'll do it myself."

"But Dean!" Sam complained. "You said it yourself how much holy water hurts you when it gets inside you."

"It's worse when digested. Because it makes its way through your insides and then just sits in your organs. Injecting it like this...yeah it hurts but it has more of an effect like a drug would. It weakens me more than anything, makes me less alert and unable to tap into my powers and focus." He pierced his skin. "Which is what Bobby wants, so let's just go through with it." Dean pushed down on the syringe and Sam watched how the water slowly got injected into his brother's bloodstream while he was helpless to watch.

Dean gritted his teeth and his eyes flashed black as his face contorted in pain. By the time he was nearing the last of the water, his hand was shaking so bad that he almost couldn't finish. He did though and the syringe fell to the ground when it was emptied.

"Fuck...," he swore in pain, his body trembling. "Sammy..." His body started to sway to the side and Sam quickly reached over and supported his weakened brother as he struggled to remain upright.

"Okay, he did what you wanted." Sam glared at Bobby, angry at the man for making his brother go through pain. "Now let us in."

Bobby broke the wards at the entrance of his house and that allowed Sam to help Dean inside and place him on Bobby's couch. Sitting down next to his brother, Sam thought about how it was strange being back here with Dean. So many memories took place in this house; they grew up here when their father was away on hunts. They stopped here and ate on this sofa whenever they needed a break. They slept in the upstairs bedroom, healing from the wounds from their last hunt gone wrong...

Dean was leaning against Sam, his breath coming out harsher than normal and those feelings and sounds brought Sam back to the present.

"You doing okay?" Sam asked quietly as he watched Bobby reconnect all his wards.

"Just fucking peachy," Dean wheezed.

"I'm being serious."

"So am I," after a short pause, Dean continued. "I'm alright. My whole body pretty much stings and I feel like shit. But it's nothing like with the vamps. I'm not in unbearable pain and I can even concentrate. So chill out."

Sam smiled, his chest tightening up a bit in a happy way. Oh Dean, you really didn't change, did you? It was Dean's job to worry about Sam, but if Sam fretted over him for even a second, Dean would demand him to stop.

Bobby sat down in a chair across from the brothers and stared them down. "So tell long's he been back?" Bobby nodded his head towards Dean.

"You can ask me ya know. I'm sitting right here," Dean growled. Sam found it funny that Dean was trying to sound all tough when he couldn't even muster up the strength to stop leaning against Sam and sit upright.

Bobby glared over at Dean. "I can see that. But I'm talking to Sam right now. So you best shut your trap while we discuss things."

Dean flashed his eyes black at Bobby who in return rolled his own eyes.

"You better try harder than that if you want to scare me, boy."

Sam tried not to laugh as Dean slumped even more against him, admitting defeat. Even as a demon, he couldn't win against Bobby. There were two rules when it came to staying at the Singer house.

1. Bobby knows best

2. You better do what Bobby asks of you

Those were facts that would never change. Obviously Dean was figuring it out all over again.

"About two months. I didn't want to believe it at first..."

"At first? Try a month!"

Sam ignored his brother. "But like you noticed, you just can't deny for long that he's not Dean."

"I get that he's your brother Sam. But he's a demon and demons lie."

"I've never lied to him!"

Bobby ignored Dean as well. "How can you trust he's with you for the right reasons?"

Sam didn't even have to think to answer that question. He trusted his brother; it was just a fact of life.

"If I can't trust Dean, then who can I trust Bobby?"

Bobby looked back and forth between the brothers. He was looking at Sam as if he couldn't comprehend how the young hunter could be perfectly fine and at ease with a demon leaning against him. But he knew that Sam wasn't going to leave Dean's side as long as the older brother was around.

"Just be careful Sam. Watch out for yourself."

"I would but Dean already does that. He watches out for me better than I ever could for myself."

Bobby looked resigned but nodded. "Okay, you're a grown man and I'm not going to tell you how to live your life. I trust that you know what's best for you."

Sam smiled a little. "Thanks Bobby."

Bobby brushed off the mention on thanks. "So tell me why you're here. Don't tell me you're going after Lilith still."

"We gotta send her back'ta Hell to stop the apocalypse." Dean mumbled. From the tone of his voice Sam could tell he was losing his battle to stay awake with the holy water weakening him.

Bobby's eyes seemed to bug out of his head. "Wait a minute. How about you repeat that. And this time, explain everything."


Sam took a good hour to explain the whole Lilith and apocalypse thing to Bobby without getting into the demon blood or the spell Dean would need.

Dean hadn't fallen asleep like Sam had predicted but of course had to butt in the conversation with sarcastic remarks. One of them being how Sam had been so lucky that Dean had come to his rescue just in time. It was annoying, but it was true.

After all the explaining Bobby had handed them both beers in which he forgot to serve Dean's free of holy water. Dean buckled in pain when he took a sip, the beer bottle falling from his grasp onto the floor and his eyes flashing black.

As Sam tried to calm his brother down, Bobby was rooted to the spot. He looked like he was conflicted between going over to Dean's side or backing away from the demon. Eventually he decided to go back into the kitchen and handed Dean a holy water-free beer in which Dean snatched angrily from his hand.

"Sorry, it's a habit." Bobby seemed to notice that Dean was gaining strength back. "Although I'm going to have to inject you any way."

"What is this? Injections on the hour?" Dean hissed. "This place is full of wards, what could I possibly do to you?"

"You know this place like the back of your hand, I'm not stupid boy. If you wanted to, you could find ways around these wards. If any demon could, it would be you and that's what makes you even more dangerous."

Dean glared at Bobby as Sam decided to interrupt them. "Stick with the injections if you have to insist on poisoning him. If he digests the water it hurts him a lot more."

Dean let Bobby fill him with poison and when Sam demanded that it was time for the both of them to lie down Bobby followed them up to the bedroom.

"If he's staying the night at my house, he's staying under my conditions."

"He's already poisoned Bobby! What do you think he could do when he's this weak?"

"I'm not getting up in the middle of the night every couple hours to inject him and I know you won't do it for me. So he's getting his hands cuffed and a devil's trap under that bed."

Dean growled even though it didn't have much of an effect since he was leaning against Sam and needed all of his brother's support to make it up the stairs. Bobby did exactly what he had said and more. He left no blankets or pillows on Dean's bed and placed a rug with a devil's trap under it as well as a salt ring around it. He then cuffed Dean in iron handcuffs and pushed him onto the bed.

Sam wasn't sure how Bobby could get any more drastic with his protective measures. Dean was hissing on the bed, his wrists already looking red from the toxic iron.

"Do you have to go through so much to put him in pain? Do you really need the handcuffs Bobby?"

"It's never bad to be too safe," Bobby shrugged and then looked over at Sam. "He'll heal anyway. Now come on."

"Come on where?"

"I'm not letting you sleep in here with him, go to the other guest room, it's cleared out for once."

Sam shook his head rapidly as he looked down at his brother. Dean looked pathetic tied up in pain with his eyes black. Sam swore he was even whimpering a little bit from both the holy water and the iron. Sam could hardly stand to see Dean like this, the last thing he would ever do was leave his brother while he was in this state. There was no way.

"You're crazy if you think I'm leaving him alone in here like this. I know you don't trust him but you've got to trust me Bobby. I'm not going to let him loose. If you don't let me stay in here then we're both leaving." Sam kept his voice strong even though it was threatening to break from the distressed noises his brother was making.

Bobby sighed but Sam knew he had won. "Fine, I'll take that risk because you're right. I do trust you. But just remember, you're lucky I'm letting him in my house at all, let alone letting him stay the night."

With that, Bobby closed the door and left.

"Don't remember him being that much of an ass." Dean mumbled from his bed. His body was shivering and Sam found it strange that the poison would make him cold.

"He'll loosen up. He better or we're not coming back here again."

"Just ask him to give us the damn spell and let's get out of here. Doesn't he want to know the reason for us coming here in the first place?" Dean's voice wasn't much above a whisper and it unnerved Sam.

"Trust me, he wants to know. But I think he's worn out from everything today. Oh, he'll demand to know why we came here first thing tomorrow, especially since I ditched him these past months and now I suddenly appeared at his doorstep with you."

Dean didn't answer and Sam sat on his own bed in the dark. After a few minutes he heard Dean's teeth begin to chatter and Sam felt his heart break for his demon brother trapped on that bed. If he let Dean out of his confinement, his trust with Bobby would be lost.

Sam eyed the blankets and pillow Bobby had left in the corner. Dean at least deserved to be warm and comfortable. He was handcuffed and above a devil's trap, how could blankets help him escape this time?

Sam grabbed the items and then walked over to his brother's bed. Without saying a word he lifted up Dean's head and placed the pillow under it. He then spread out the blanket over his brother's shivering form, making sure every part of his body was covered and kept warm.

Dean went still after that, or as still as he could with the shivering. Sam didn't hesitate as this time he was the one to finally place a hand on his brother's shoulder in the middle of the night.

After a minute Dean's breathing seemed to calm and his shivering subsided greatly. Sam squeezed Dean's shoulder gently before returning to his own bed.

Sam was expecting another goodnight from Dean. He didn't get it tonight though, instead he got something different.

"Thank you Sammy."

Sam blinked back tears. This was still his brother all the way, no matter the differences they were still Sam and Dean. His blind faith in his brother was now cemented. Sam would die for this man...this demon...a thousand times over.

"It's my job too, Dean."