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Night Terrors, Daylight Horrors

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Bruises, and Bleeding cuts
Screams, and Shouts, and Beatings.
Hatred and Tears.
"Disappointment, Traitor, Filth."
and worst of All,
"Not Welcome Here."
Said in a Cold, Harsh tone.

Night Terrors, Daylight Horrors.
Cursed and Hexed.
"You have no Place Here!"
And a single phrase that Cut Deep,
"You aren't my Brother."

Cries of Horror, and Desperate please for Mercy.
"No, no. No"
Trying to Remember Them, to Remember Anything.

And Finally, Finally being Free,
able to See, Touch, Hold, Remember Loved Ones.
Only to be Thrown into a world of War, Death and Betrayal.

A World where Children-
hardly more then Ten Years Old-
fight battles Alone.

A World where Impending Doom is the Norm.
and unable to Fight. Sitting, Alone in the house
where all this Started.
Hoping against Hope They come Back to You.

And then, one Fateful Night,
Finally Escaping, and Fighting;
Alongside Loved Ones, to Protect, to Help-
and then, Suddenly.
a Flash of Light.
a Last Word.