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It's ok, I'm a writer

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Taehyung has been known to write some of the best erotic novels of his time. Whenever he puts out a short story or a novel, lonely singles or desperate house wives buy his stuff like it’s crack and his bank account grows. Taehyung wouldn’t say he is a pervert, just he enjoys the art and emotion of sex. Well that’s what all the critiques are saying about him. Taehyung would agree he is a genius when it comes to capturing every emotion and feeling when it comes to sex. A genius writer!

Except, every great writer hits this shitty thing called, “writers block.”

Taehyung figures now would be a great time to cut his hand off cause he feels himself fading into the void. Taehyung is horrified, he’s gone back to saying “willy” like he transform into a fucking five-year-old! Porn does nothing to inspire him, playboy bunnies wish the could turn him on, even visiting adult toy shops just make his imagination die. 

Taehyung believes his life is officially over.

Taehyung was laying in bed one night, laying in the darkness as he stares at the ceiling while blowing raspberries. Everything is quite in his apartment aside from a clock the ticks in the background, reminding him how his youth, his passion is fading away. Taehyung groans softly and turns towards his window when he saw it.

Well them.

Taehyung is a writer, he feels things, he senses things, he can read people as well those cool American’s on Criminal minds.

They’re about to have sex.

Taehyung jumps out of bed and hops toward his window, eyes wide and mouth watering as he stares. They are in the building next to him but a couple floors down. The blinds are closed but there is enough room on the top for Taehyung to see everything.

There were two males, one male was kneel on the bed arms around the neck of the male that stood at the end. They were making out while the male on the bed wore only boxers as the other was fully dressed. Taehyung lick his lips as he felt his grip tighten on the window. The taller male that was fully dressed causally laid the other male on their backs his hands wonder up and down his thigh.

“Oh, he has a thigh kink…” Taehyung whispers as he watches the taller male shift to leave marks on the smaller males thigh. Taehyung’s breathing got faster and harder as he watches the smaller male flips them over and start undressing the taller male. “Oh my god is he going to ride him!?” Taehyung screams in excitement. It ends with doggy style, the taller one having the shorter one on his hands and knees, and Taehyung finds himself stroking himself as hard as the taller one fuck the smaller one.

Taehyung wrote five one shots the his editor will be happy about.


“I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to spy on your neighbors having sex.” Taehyung hears his best friend, Hoseok, behind him. Taehyung is crouch by his window once again, spying on the couple. Taehyung shush him. 

“Shut up, Jungkook is about fuck Jimin against the vanity!” Taehyung whispers in excitement. Hoseok looks at Taehyung in complete horror.

“How do you know their names!?” Hoseok asks. Taehyung moves closer to the window breathing heavily.

“I can read lips Hyung….” Taehyung covers his mouth as his eyes widen, “Damn Jimin has a dirty mouth! Ugh I bet it sounds heavenly.” Hoseok groans in annoyance watching as his best friend doesn’t move from the position. He has been there for 30 minutes and Hoseok thinks this is how he stays in shape.

“You know, if you want to watch people who have sex, you could just get porn.”

“You know whats amazing about Jungkook,” Taehyung starts, ignoring Hoseok’s comment, “is that he strives to please. He fucks Jimin, eats him out, then fucks him again. Two days ago after they both came, Jungkook went to suck Jimin off through his aftershock and Jimin about cried.”

“How long have you been watching them!?” Hoseok asks in horror. Taehyung holds up a finger as his breathing gets heavier.

“Oh Jimin is about to cum!” Taehyung jumps up and down pressing his face against the window, “c’mon Jungkookie, get him there, get him there! Oh Jimin is close his nose is twitching!” Hoseok rubs his eyes as he shakes his head.

“You know when Jimin is about to cum?” Hoseok looks at Taehyung who seems frozen against the window, “you need help.”


Taehyung sighs looking at his computer screen thats on a empty word document. Jimin is gone, he doesn’t know why but he is. So Jungkook has been by himself at the apartment looking a little lonely and bored by for the most part fine. Taehyung is thankful that they’re not broken up or he would be sure to be stuck in this void forever.  Taehyung sighs getting up from his chair to look out the window. Jungkook was sitting on the bed talking to his lap top. Taehyung watches as Jungkook smiles as holds his headphones to his ear. Taehyung soon discovers that Jungkook is talking to Jimin and watches till Jungkook mouths ‘I miss you’ ‘I love you too’ and ‘I’ll see you soon, bye’ then closes his laptop. Both Taehyung and Jungkook sigh.


“You do know, this is for food for you and not me, right?” Hoseok huffs in annoyance staring down at Taehyung, whose sitting int the grocery cart, head hanging off the side with ramen and cup cakes surrounding him. Taehyung just sighs picking at the ramen wrapper.

“I wish Jimin will hurry back soon.” Taehyung pouts looking up at Hoseok, “Jungkook looks so lonely and bored, he misses him a lot.”

“And there is no hot steamy sex you can spy on?” Hoseok asks stopping by a bag of carrots to toss in the cart. Hoseok will be damn if his best friend dies from too much sugar. Taehyung scrunches his nose at the orange little things before tossing out of the cart.

“And no sex! How can I survive with no sex!?” Taehyung flops back into the cart in dramatic fashion, “my balls feel like they’re going to explode!” Hoseok stops the cart to reach down to grab the carrots once again, tossing them in the cart.

“You do know you’re not actually having sex right? It’s Jimin and Jungkook doing it, you’re the weirdo that’s watching them.”

“It’s not weird.” Taehyung says sitting up, spotting the carrots again before tossing them out, “it’s writing.”

“It’s stalking!” Hoseok exclaims as he reaches down for the bag of carrots again before chucking them at Taehyung’s chest, “take the damn carrots! They’re good for you!”

“No cupcakes are good for you! Carrots are lies.” Taehyung argues back. Hose stops the cart and staring at Taehyung. They both pause before Taehyung grumbles something about ‘orange is the color of the devil’ before stuffing the bag under a box of cupcakes.


Taehyung came home from a appointment with his editor to discover that Jimin came back.

Wearing. Cat. Ears.

The chocolate cupcake drop to the floor as Taehyung rush over to the window wth wide eyes. Jimin was by himself fixing the car ears on the headband that he wore but that wasn’t what made Taehyung pant. Jimin was wearing fish net stockings as well, and nothing else. Jimin was naked, wearing cat ears, and fish net stocking. Taehyung felt his member filling up his pants.

“Holy shit Jungkook you lucky man.” Taehyung whisper as his hand went to palm himself softly. After a couple moments of fixing his ears, Jimin smile as he reach towards a drawer to open it. Taehyung gulps in anticipation and about screams when he sees what Jimin pulls out. Jimin pulls out a butt plug that has a tail attach to the end.

“Oh fuck fuck fuck!” Taehyung bounces up and down in excitement before moving back to the window. Jimin has move from the vanity to the bed, laying on his back and legs spread open. Taheyung’s mouth waters and Jimin fingers are shiny with lube traveling down towards his ass.  Taehyung lets out a high pitch squeak as Jimin’s two fingers himself. Taehyung starts palming himself again, “holy shit Jimin, thank you.” Jimin continues on, seemingly enjoying himself before pulling his fingers out to shove the buttplug inside.

Taehyung is panting heavily and completely turn on, yet Jungkook hasn’t even arrive yet. Taehyung  removes his hand away from himself to grip the window cel. Jimin sits up then shifts to get off the bed back to the vanity. Taehyung whimpers as Jimin starts pumping himself till he is completely hard before tying a bow around the base of his cock. Jimin then moves to pick up a collar to put on himself and Taehyung cries when Jimin starts moving to rub his nipples.

“Oh holy shit, thank you god!” Taehyung praises falling onto his back while rubbing his chest. Taehyung smiles to himself, “Jungkook going to love that.” The writer turns to look at his clock and discovers that Jungkook will be back home in 10 minutes.

Taehyung took this small break to go to the bathroom, grab some cupcakes, and turn off his lights before scooting his chair towards the window to sit down naked. His cock is half hard already and now the urge to touch himself keeps growing as he watches Jimin move around with a god damn butt plug in and cat ears.

Taehyung notices a shift in Jimin, letting him know that Jungkook came home. Jimin tip toe and sat on the bed. They both wait and Taehyung felt his cock twitch in anticipation. What a wonderful surprise for Jungkook, the lucky bastartd. Taehyung watches as Jimin puffs out his chest as his mouth moves to say ‘Hi’ with a sweet smile. Taehyung can’t see Jungkook yet but he knows that Jungkook must be staring.

Jimin moves towards the edge of the bed on all fours, swaying his hips  more then he should before sitting up on his knees holding his arms out, mouthing a ‘I missed you Jungkookie.’ Taehyung’s cock twitches as he almost grips himself. Jungkook finally enters  Taehyung’s vision, walking up to Jimin to kiss him. It’s sweet and soft to Taehyung’s surprise but Jungkook’s hands move towards Jimin’s ass, one moves to push the plug making Jimin moan against Jungkook.

‘I missed you too’ Jungkook replies nipping at Jimin’s bottom lip before moving to nibble against his neck. Taehyung bites his bottom lip as he watches Jungkook move  down Jimin’s body, nipping and sucking till he reaches Jimin’s belly button. Jungkook looks down before looking back up, looking like he is giggling, making Jimin giggle too. ‘I like your bow’ Jungkook says, tugging on it softly. Jimin smiles back, biting his bottom before tugging Jungkook’s shirt so he comes back up.

‘Thank you.’ Jimin replies with a happy smile as he leans in to claim another kiss. Taehyung finds himself smiling too, happy the couple are reunited and so giggly. Taehyung notices Jungkooks saying something back couldn’t make it out but Jimin gives him a nod. Jungkook shifts to nibble on Jimin’s neck as his hands move down to untie the bow around Jimin’s cock. Taehyung holds back a whine when Jungkook’s  hand grips Jimin’s cock and starts to pump it. Jimin whines, gripping Jungkook’s shoulder as he moves his hips. Jungkook pulls back to smirk, using his other hand to push Jimin down onto the bed.

“Oh god Jungkook.” Taehyung breathlessy whispers his hand gripping his own member. Jungkook is pumping Jimin’s cock with one hand as the other one ventures to play with the butt plug again. Jimin mouth opens wider, letting out a moan that Taehyung couldn’t hear as he moves his hips against Jungkook. Jungkook bites his bottom lip as he works Jimin and Taehyung can’t help but grab his own shaft. “god Jungkook!”

Jimin hand shoots out to grip Jungkook’s wrist breathlessy saying something. Taehyung gulps softly, his own cock pulsing against his palm as he waits. Jungkook smiles at Jimin as he leans over to kiss Jimin, his own hands going to unbuckle his pants. Taehyung’s own cock twitches as he whimpers to himself. 

“Oh please tell me they’re going cloths on…” Taehyung watches as Jungkook leans back and pulls out his cock from his work pants. Taehyung fist pumps into the air and throws his head back as he slides his thumb over his slit, “Yes! Yes! Fuck they’re so hot!” Taehyung says looking back out his window. Jungkook shifts Jimin’s legs so his ankles are against his shoulders, plays with the butt plug a bit more before removing Jimin’s tail.

They’re both biting their bottom lips as knowing smiles grace their lips. Jungkook is pumping himself, Taehyung misses Jungkook’s question but catches Jimin shaking his head while saying ‘No, just put it in’ and Jungkook smiles back. Taehyung feels his lower stomach boiling as he licks his dry lips. Jungkook shifts himself till he is line up perfectly.

All three males moan when Jungkook slides himself into Jimin.

“Oh fuck Jungkook!” Taehyung gasps in surprise as he watches Jungkook starts off at a fast pace. Watching their hips come in contact made Taehyung’s hand start off at the same pace, surprising himself. These moments make Taehyung mad he can’t hear, cause Jimin eyes are squeeze tight while he grips the blanket with a mouth gasping and repeating ‘Jungkook! Oh fuck! Jungkook’ all cause Jungkook is thrusting like a mad man. Taehyung doesn’t blame him one bit though.

Jimin hands go to pull on Jungkook’s dress shirt, wanting the other male to come closer as he locks his heels behind Jungkook’s head. Jungkook complies, he always does, and lets Jimin pull him where ever he wants him. Taehyung groans out as he feels his eyes lids get heavy, “fuck Jimin you’re so fucking bendy!”

Taehyung’s hand slides up and down his cock, his thighs are twitching as his toes curl. His ears are tingling as moans won’t stop from his mouth. He sometimes doesn’t know if he is imaging fucking Jimin, being fuck by Jungkook, or even getting in-between them. Taehyung hips jump into his hand when Jungkook does a obviously harder thrust and his hand gets tighter when Jimin scratches against Jungkook’s back, making the taller male gasp against it. 

They’re so raw and Taehyung loves it.

Taehyung notices how Jungkook’s long thrust are becoming shorter and how Jimin’s back is arching off the bed. Taehyung’s cock keeps twitching  as his bottom lips is imprinted by his own upper teeth. Jimin head is tossing as his toes are curling. Jungkook’s hands move up to grip Jimin’s shoulders, making him meet his thrust harder as he digs his head into Jimin’s neck.

“Oh shit! C’mon, please c’mon!” Taehyung moans, the fluttery pain in his stomach shifting down to his cock as his thighs start to shake. Fuck Tahyung is about to cum. He can’t miss it, he can’t miss Jimin cumming and Jimin is so damn close! His nose is wiggling softly. Taehyung tries to slow his pace but Jimin’s face alone is going to make him blow his load all over the wall.

‘O-Oh Ju-Jungkook! Jungkook!’ Taehyung watches as Jimin screams, eyes rolling back as his grip tightens against Jungkook’s dress shirt. Taehyung can’t see the cum thanks to Jungkook’s arms and Jimin’s thighs, but he knows by Jimin’s face. Taehyung himself cums only a few seconds afterwords, his groan stuck in his throat as his eyes shut tight. Taehyung doesn’t stop his hand, pumping himself through his after shock. 

“Fuck…” Taehyung whispers, opening his eyes as his legs tingle while his cum drips from his softening shaft. Jungkook and Jimin are kissing passionately, breaking apart with smiles before going back in. Taehyung catches the ‘I missed you’ and ‘I love you’ they share during their kiss. After a couple moments Jungkook pulls out and untangles himself from Jimin. To both Taehyung’s and Jimin’s surprise, Jungkook takes the discarded butt plug and shoves it back into Jimin. Both Taehyung and Jimin moan. Jungkook smiles, pulling Jimin up before placing a kiss  on his cheek.

‘For round two later’ Jungkook says with a smile, and Jimin smiles back. They share another kiss before pulling away. Jungkook strips off his dress shirt and drapes it over Jimin. Jimin smiles buttoning up the dress shirt that’s too big on him before intertwining his fingers with Jungkook. Jungkook tugs Jimin towards somewhere Taehyung assumes is the bedroom door since Jungkook mentions something about dinner.

Taehyung sits there for a couple moments collecting his thoughts and breath. Taehyung smiles.

“They’re so domestic.” before moving himself and the chair towards his computer to produce a novel.


Taehyung yawns as he walks around the supper market with a basket full of cupcakes. He was up for three days producing a new novel and sent it to his editor and figure he deserve a cup cake. As Taehyung wonder down the snack aisle he froze when he notices someone.


Taehyung almost drops his basket and his mind seeing Jimin in the god damn flesh. Taehyung’s eyes and mouth drops as he looks Jimin over. He is more handsome in real life and those jeans do his butt justice. Taehyung stumbles backwards as he digs out his phone, dialing Hoseok’s number.

“What?” Hoseok asks from the other line. Taehyung can’t breath.

“Holy shit Hyung! It’s Jimin! It’s amazing!” he whispers intensely. Hoseok sighs from the other line.

“What is he taking two dildos again?”

“No, no he is not.” Taehyung pauses, “that was pretty amazing but no listen! Jimin is here!”

“Here?” Hoseok sounds worried Taehyung doesn’t understand why, “here where?”

“At the supermarket!” Taehyung smiles looking at Jimin who was looking up at a top shelf, “he’s so freaking small Hyung! So cute with a big butt!”

“Taehyung, listen to me, do not approach him.”

“He looks like he needs help. Should I help him?”

“Taehyung are you listening!?”

“I’m going to go help!” 

Taehyung hangs up his phone before licking his hand and wiping his unwise hair back. Taehyung gets closer an spots the item that Jimin’s trying to reach. Taehyung almost back tracks when he spots it a can of pumpkin something, cause Taehyung thinks that orange is the color of the devil, but his want to get closer to Jimin surpasses his hate for the color orange.

“Do you need help?” Taehyung almost cries, seeing Jimin’s dark brown eyes shift to look at him. At him! Taehyung almost faints at the eye contact. Jimin blinks before smiling softly, making Taehyung’s heart flip.

“It’s ok, my husband will be back-” Taehyung eyes don’t leave Jimin’s face as he reaches for the can pumpkin and hands it out for Jimin to take. Jimin face twist into confusion, “-soon… Thank you, you didn’t have too.”

“It’s my pleasure!” Taehyung blurts out, making Jimin jump in surprise. Taehyung can’t get over how nice Jimin’s voice is.

“Jimin Hyung! I got the milk!” Taehyung and Jimin turn to see Jungkook walking over with a carton of milk. Taehyung felt his body shut down as he studies Jungkook. Handsome, tall, and Taehyung always knew Jungkook’s thighs look good. Jungkook walk over putting the milk into the cart as his hand goes to Jimin’s waist, “who is this?” Jungkook’s asks in curiosity. Jimin looks up at Jungkook.

“Oh, he just-”

“Kim. Taehyung. I write porn.” Taehyung stiffly says, and shooting out to shake hands with anyone. Jimin and Jungkook blink.

“-likes to cut people off.” Jimin finishes. Jungkook stares as Taehyung for a moment before smiling.

“Oh, you’re that erotic writer!” Taehyung blinks back into a normal human once the words leave Jungkook’s mouth. Jungkook turns to face Jimin before looking back at Taehyung, “yeah, yeah. You’re the writer. I’m reading your new story right now, the one about the one dude watching his neighbors have sex.” Taehyung blinks as he starts to smile.


“Yeah, it’s a great read.” Jungkook says, “it’s crazy detail, how did you get your inspiration?”

“Oh it’s base on us.” Taehyung says in excitement. Jungkook and Jimin freeze looking at Taehyung with wide eyes.