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Cooking Magic with Trucy E. Wright: Breakfast Edition

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“Papa... Papa…”

Miles groaned, rolling over and blinking owlishly at the figure standing beside the bed. “Trucy…?” He squinted at her. “I’m not supposed to be driving you to a show right now, am I?”

“Nope!” Trucy grinned, her hands hidden behind her cape. “I just wanted to show you something.” She bounced eagerly on the balls of her feet. “It’s a surprise!”

“I see.” Miles sat up, stretching. “Are you sure the surprise isn’t you being awake this early?” He squinted, catching sight of Phoenix in the doorway. “Both of you?!”

Phoenix laughed, plopping down beside him on the side of the bed. “Well, I was drafted. You know how it is.” He leaned over, handing Miles his glasses from the bedside table. “You’re going to want to see’s going to be so good.”

“Daddy,” Trucy said, pouting. “No spoilers, come on.”

Miles chuckled quietly. He settled back against the pillows, glasses set firmly on his nose. “Alright Trucy, go ahead.”

Trucy nodded, swinging her hat from behind her back. “As you can see,” she said, holding the hat out to her audience of two. “There’s nothing in my hat. And nothing in my sleeves. All that jazz.” She reached behind her again, producing a small tray. “I’ll need an assistant to hold this tray…let’s see. How about...Papa!”

“Quelle surprise,” Miles murmured, accepting the tray. “Now what?”

“Just set it in your lap, and try not to move too much.” Trucy held her hat like a waitress’ platter, reaching a hand into the depths of her cape.

“Now, as we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” she said. “And toast is a very important part of that very important meal.” She pulled out two pieces of bread, holding them out for a moment before dropping them into the hat.

Miles raised an eyebrow, but said nothing, leaning back against the headboard.

Trucy only grinned, waving a hand over the hat. “Hmm. What else makes a good breakfast?”

“How about an omelette?” Phoenix suggested with a wink.

Trucy winked back. “Egg-cellent suggestion from the dad with the spiky hair! Now let’s see--” She pulled a cookbook out of her cape, flipping through the pages. “Omelette...omlette...omelette...ah, yes! Here we go. Let’s see….two eggs. Where did I put those...”

She flipped a couple of pages back. “Under E. That makes sense.” She pulled two eggs from the book, artfully cracking them on the edge of the hat and letting the insides drip inside with an audible plop.


Phoenix shushed him. “Just watch.”

“Quite right, Papa. You know, a wise man once told me that you must have patience when in the kitchen. Even if that kitchen is currently the bedroom.” She frowned at the egg shells. “Though, come to think of it, I think I need a second assistant.”

Mr. Hat zipped out from under her cape, holding out a plate, a fork and two glasses; a mug and a juice cup.

“Oh!” Trucy said in mock surprise. “Thank you very much, Mr. Hat! Here, I’ll trade you.” She took the dishes out of the puppet’s hands, handing him the eggshells. “Now what else, what else.  One tablespoon of milk, two teaspoons of butter….better add a little more of that for the toast! What else? Fillings of the cooks choice?” She grinned. “What do you think we should have in an omelette, Mr. Hat?”


Trucy wrinkled her nose. “Too rich for my blood...let’s see what we have on hand first!”

Miles watched, a smile spreading on his face as ingredient after ingredient appeared briefly before disappearing into the hat. Chopped onions, garlic, scallions and basil all flew through the air, as the smell of cooking breakfast began to fill the bedroom.

Trucy snapped the book shut, vanishing it with a flutter of her cape. “And of course, no breakfast is complete without a beverage. Now you could just have some orange juice on it’s own---”

An orange rolled out of her cape and down her arm, flipping gracefully into the hat.

“--But some of us need a bit more of a jumpstart in the morning, something a little more….caffeinated.”

She held up a tea bag and tossed it in. “Now we just add a little water….cream and...she frowned at Miles. “One...and a half sugars.”

Miles nodded, grinning.

“And now, we mix everything together!” She pulled her wand out of her pocket, twirling it between her fingers before making a show of stirring the food around in her hat. “Now usually it would take a good twenty...maybe thirty minutes or more to make a breakfast of this caliber. But we have magic on our side, so we can have our food--”

She tapped the hat three times with her wand, spun it once on the tips of her fingers before catching it and tipping it over the tray.

Miles’ eyes widened as toast, neatly cut into triangles and dripping with butter fell into place, followed by an omelette folded to fill the rest of the plate. She moved slightly and shook the hat once, grinning as orange juice slipped into the glass. Finally, with one more shake of the hat, tea poured into the mug, steam rising from the surface.

“--In no time at all!”

Phoenix burst into applause. “Bravo, bravo Trucy!”

Trucy gave a florid bow and came up beaming. “So, Papa, what do you think? Pretty spectacular, huh?”

Miles was still staring at the full breakfast that had suddenly appeared in his lap. He reached out and picked up the mug of tea, frowning thoughtfully at its contents.

Phoenix cackled. “I think that’s the real trick right there, Truce.” He leaned over for a high-five. “Miles Edgeworth: speechless.”

“I am not speechless,” Miles said, taking a sip of the tea. It was perfect; not too warm and just sweet enough. “How long have you been practicing this?”

Trucy shrugged. “Well, I wanted to have it done by Father’s day, but it wasn’t quite ready yet.” She pressed the button and Mr. Hat zoomed back under her cape. “I’m going to work it into the show eventually but I wanted the first time I did it to be for you, Papa.”

   Miles smiled, setting the tray to the side. “Well Trucy, I’m very honored. Thank you.” He leaned over and accepted a hug from his adopted daughter.

“You’re very welcome,” Trucy said, pulling away. “I figured it would be a good start to your day off--” Her eyes drifted over his shoulder at the scrape of cutlery across the plate. “ Daddy, come on .

Phoenix swallowed, setting the fork back on the tray.

“Quality check,” he said innocently, leaning back on his pillow. “I was just making sure it’s up to Mr. Edgeworth’s standards of excellence.”

Miles snorted, taking the tray back. “I’m sure it’s wonderful, Trucy.” He took a bite of the omelette, closing his eyes for just a moment. “As I expected, I am undoubtedly correct.” he said, smiling back at Trucy. “You have done well, my culinary padawan.”

Trucy giggled. “Thanks Papa. I learned from the best!”

The smile spread on the chief prosecutor's face. He picked up the mug of tea again, holding it out. "A toast, then. To the newest, most delicious addition to your act. May it make your audiences as happy as you've made me." 

Phoenix clinked his own coffee mug against Miles', grinning. "Here here!" 

Trucy reached a hand into her hat, producing one more piece of bread and holding it up with the mugs. "Cheers!"