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Chapter Thirty

Emma sits on their bed staring at the invite in her hand. Regina sent it off as soon as Whale walked them out with the envelope containing the sex of their baby, snatching it before her and Killian could even protest then disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

He was so mad, he yelled the entire car ride home. It wasn’t until she placed his hand over her stomach when the baby moved that he finally calmed.

She regretted agreeing to the party, too. They’ve waited so long to find out the sex of their baby that in the moment Whale told them he was able to tell, she wanted to know right then. But Regina already got to him, so he kept quiet, even when Killian threatened him, and sealed the results away, something about not wanting to be turned into a toad by the Mayor for telling.

She was upset, then… now, not so much, because the invitation in her hand is quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

The baby kicks her and she smiles before she places her hand over the spot.

“Hey there,” she whispers. “Tomorrow we’re going to find out exactly what you are. Daddy seems to think you’re a boy, but I think you’re going to be our little Pirate Princess.”

She’s loved that nickname ever since Henry mentioned it to her a couple weeks ago, apparently he was with her in thinking that the baby was a girl, smart kid.

Her cell phone starts to ring from her night table and her brow goes together when she sees that it’s Regina.

“Hey, everything okay?”

“Miss Swan, will you tell your pirate to stop having Robin do his dirty work for him? He has less than twenty-four hours left until the party and if I’m not telling our son, I’m sure as hell not going to tell Robin.”

“Um, what are you talking about?”

Regina lets out a frustrated sigh. “It seems that Hook and Robin believe me to be stupid—”

She looks up to see Killian stomping into the room with his own cell phone to his ear. When he sees her, he gives a quick smile before he mumbles into his phone.

“Gotta go, mate. Let me know… thanks.”

Emma squints her eyes at him and his face shows a mask of innocence before he walks over to give her a quick kiss.

“—earlier this morning, Robin told me he didn’t want to know the sex of the baby, said he wanted to find out with everyone else tomorrow, then he spends the day with Charming and Hook, and suddenly he has a change of heart.” Regina explains. “He’s doing everything but outright asking me. You would think that a Prince, Thief, and three-hundred-year old Pirate would come up with a better tactic than this.”

Her mouth drops and her gaze snaps back up to said Pirate who is currently getting undressed. He must feel her eyes on him, because he looks at her in question.

“Don’t worry, Regina,” Killian’s body goes tense when he hears the Mayor’s name. “I’ll have a nice chat with Hook.”

He flinches at his moniker, knowing he’s in trouble when she calls him that, but continues to undress. Regina grumbles something about idiotic men before they hang up. She places her cell back on the end table and looks at him with a smile.

“Hello, Hook.

He finishes taking off his brace, clad only in his black boxer briefs and smiles.

“Hello, gorgeous.”

Flirting, another sign that he’s been up to no good.

Her arms cross over her chest and she leans back against the headboard with her eyebrow arched. He saunters over to the bed with a smirk, before crawling over to her and kissing her engagement ring.

Voice laced with sarcasm, she smiles at him, “What did you do today?”

“Helped your father at the station, thought of nothing but your delicious quim and how I couldn’t wait to have a taste.”

A shiver runs down her spine, he’s trying to seduce her, but she must stay focused. “Is that right?”

His tongue runs over his top teeth and he nods before he moves to trace kisses up her right arm. Her eyes close as she feels herself start to get turned on, her hormones have been running wild lately, they’ve had sex five times in the past three days, but she has to stay strong.

“Mmhm,” he answers once his lips find her neck.

“Because I just got a phone call from Regina who told me Robin keeps asking her what the sex of the baby is.”

Nipping at her neck, he replies, “Oh? Fellow must be curious.”

Feeling his hand trailing up her thigh, she knows if he touches her center, there’s no way she’s going to be able to think straight, so she jumps out of the bed and turns to him with a hard face.

“Robin wasn’t curious about the sex of the baby until after he spent the day with you and dad.”

He lets out a huff and drops his forehead down onto the bed. “I told him to be subtle, does nobody know how to get information in this town?”

“Killian the party is tomorrow! Why would you try to find out now?”

With another huff, he lifts his head and sits back on the bed looking more like a pouty teenager than a centuries year old Pirate Captain.

“Excuse me if I’m bloody tired of waiting! We have the results, I don’t understand why we can’t know now. It’s our child!”

“We told them they could throw this party for us and agreed to wait. I know it’s hard but—”

Cutting her off, he sits up and growls, “No, you don’t, because it’s one more thing that Regina knows that I don’t!”

Her eyes go wide at that and she’s suddenly hit with a wave of guilt. When she agreed to let Regina and her mother plan the party, she didn’t realize that he might feel some sort of way about it. He wasn’t the first to find out about her being pregnant, and he’s not the first to know what the gender of their baby is.

Her chin starts to quiver as she feels tears form. Again, she didn’t think about his feelings or what he thought, she only thought about pleasing her family.

“Don’t cry, love.”

By the time he moves to the edge of the bed and pulls her into his lap, tears are streaming down her face and she’s sobbing. “I’mmm… sssorryy. I… I dddin’t…”

Bringing his hand up to her face to wipe her tears, he softly says, “Shhh, I know, sweetheart. You don’t have to apologize.”

“I jusssttt… I just thought…”

“Darling, I know,” he kisses her temple. “It’s fine. The party is a smashing idea, I was just being selfish. We’ll all find out tomorrow and everything will be okay.”

“You cannn ccall—” hiccup “—Regina if you want and find out. I’ll wwwwwwait.”

Putting his fingers under her chin, he lifts her face to look at him. With a soft smile, he wipes her tears again before he taps her nose.

“Now why would I do that? I want us to find out together,” she gives him a look because that’s exactly what he was trying to do by having Robin ask and he rolls his eyes. “Aye, you’re right, I was trying to do that. But we’ll wait. It’ll be nice with our boy and the rest of our family there.”

Her sobs turn to sniffles but she still feels guilty. It’s easy to forget that just weeks prior he was so angry with her because she betrayed his trust by not telling him about the pregnancy because of how happy they are now.

She’ll never forgive herself for that.

“I thought you were upset about not knowing yet, too.” He brushes her hair out of her face while he speaks. “When I dropped you back here this morning it’s what you told me.”

She sniffles again before she leans back and grabs the invitation that her mother gave her.

“I was until I saw this.”

He takes the invitation out of her hand and gasps.

“This is what the Queen and your mother sent out?” She nods and his eyes move back to the card. “Love, this is… Gods… it’s wonderful. They even have a hook… and Baby Jones… This is bloody brilliant. Remind me to kiss your mother and I guess I’ll be a little nicer to Regina.”

She lets out a giggle and slaps his chest. The baby starts to move and she lifts his stump to place over her stomach, when his lips twitch, she knows he feels it.

Before either can say anything, there’s a light knock on the door that tells her it’s her little brother. She stands and throws Killian his cotton pajama pants before yelling for them to come in.

Their bedroom door opens to reveal her father standing there with Leo at his feet.

“Hook, Hook, Hook!” Leo chants and they all chuckle.

For the longest time, she tried to teach him to say Killian, but it always came out a like a garbled mess. David was the one that taught him Hook, saying that it was easier, and he was right. There isn’t a day that goes by that Leo doesn’t call out for Hook.

They are best buds.

“There’s the little Prince, come here, lad!” Killian says with a smile before he crouches down on his knees.

Leo tramples over to him with a big smile and his arms wide. A new wave of tears form in her eyes at the scene because she’s literally getting to see what her future is by watching Killian with her brother.

He wraps his arms around the baby and picks him up as Leo leans in to give him a slobbery kiss on the cheek before he starts blabbering on about Elmo.

“He wanted to say goodnight to his sister,” David explains as he takes a step into the room with a smile.

Emma snorts and motions to the other two in the room. “Clearly!”

David chuckles and shakes his head.

“Emmm!” Leo giggles out. “Elmo funny today!”

“Was he?” she gasps in surprise as she walks up. “Did you watch him a lot?”

The baby gives a big nod making all the adults laugh before Leo points to her rounding stomach and smiles.


That’s another thing, they tried to tell Leo that it’s a baby, but because Hook calls it bean, so does he.

“That’s right, lad. That’s our bean and tomorrow we’re going to prove to everyone that it’s a little pirate, aren’t we?”

Leo’s face scrunches together and he looks back at Killian. “I want be pirate!”

“You’re a Prince,” David explains with an eye roll. “They are cooler than pirate’s.”

“Oi!” Killian exclaims, which makes Leo giggle again.

“Dada, I want be pirate.”

David glares at Killian. “Do you see what you’ve done.”

“What can I say, mate, being a pirate does have its advantages!”

Leo giggles and claps his hands. “Bean a pirate!”

A groan escapes her throat and she walks back over to her bed, sitting down with a huff. She suddenly gets the feeling that tomorrow her, Henry and Snow are going to be the only one’s thinking it’s a girl.

“Snow, do you hear this? Your son wants to be a pirate!” her father calls over the rail.

His brow goes together when he’s met with silence and he tries to call out to her again. With wide eyes, Killian and Emma look at each other before David turns back to them.

“She’s ignoring me… is she mad? No, she can’t be,” his voice is frantic. “I did everything she asked today!”

Killian snorts while he lets Leo tug on his necklace as she sighs.

“No, uh, she can’t hear you.”

David’s nose wrinkles in confusion. “Of course she can. Snow! Snow!”

“Dad!” She walks up and puts her hand on his arm, looking over the rail to see her mother cleaning up the living room, completely unaware that her husband is calling for her. “She can’t hear you. I put a sound barrier spell around our room.”

Looking back down at Snow before he turns to her, David asks, “Why would need to put a sound barr—“

Her cheeks tint when he stops mid-sentence, it’s like it clicks in his brain and within seconds, to glare daggers at her fiancé.

Killian bounces Leo in his arms and gives her father a closed mouth smirk. “Your daughter wakes up at all hours of the night, mate. We didn’t want to disturb you and the misses.”

He lies so easily, he almost fools her.

David continues to glare before Killian takes a step forward and passes her brother over. “You know, Dave, the sound barrier works both ways. You can’t hear us and we can’t hear you.”

He blinks, once, twice, before he looks at her then back at the Pirate. Leo continues to babble about Elmo while the three adults stand there in silence.

David open and closes his mouth a couple times before he takes a small step forward and asks softly, “Seriously?”

Emma’s eyes go wide before her face turns to disgust while Killian chuckles and nods.

“Say goodnight Leo, it is way past your bedtime!” her father speaks quickly.

Groaning, she closes her eyes. “Oh god.”

With Killian’s laughter filling her ears, she falls down onto their bed and tries not to think about what her father is going to do with the new information he just received.

Emma looks herself over in the mirror one last time before she walks out. The free-flowing, knee-length dress she’s wearing is pale pink with colorful floral prints and three quarter length sleeves. It’s light and airy so that she won’t sweat all day and her hair is up with a few soft curls falling down to keep off her neck.

Since the question about whether the baby was a boy or a girl first came up, Killian’s insisted it was a boy, and she’s never argued with him, only told him that it might not be, and has never told him her suspicion that it’s a girl.

But with her pink dress, she’ll be letting him know that she’s officially ‘Team Princess’.

She looks down at the badges that went out with the invitations and smiles. 

According to Snow, people are supposed to wear whatever badge they want to represent. Though it honestly doesn’t matter to her, girl or boy, she’s still having a child with her True Love, but it would be nice to see more people wearing ‘Team Princess’ badges over ‘Team Pirate’.

It will just give her more ammunition against Killian in the future.

Walking out of their bathroom, she opens her mouth to ask him if he’s ready, but stops before the words make it past her lips.

Killian is standing in front of their dresser securing the belt around his waist, wearing his leather pants, a bright red vest with floral print stitched in black thread that she’s never seen before, and his famous low cut, black shirt underneath. His necklace dangles in his chest hair and it reminds her of the pirate that she kissed in Neverland, and she suddenly doesn’t want to leave their room.

“’Bout ready, lo—“

His words halt as soon as he looks up. Her skin starts to heat up as his gaze rakes over her, his eyes glazing over with lust.

A puff of air passes his lips before he shakes his head. “You look gorgeous, Emma.”

Her tongue glides over her bottom lip before she tugs it in between her teeth.

“And you look…” eyes moving up and down his body. “delicious, Sailor.”

Arching an eyebrow, he saunters over to her with his sexual swagger making her nipples go hard, before he reaches out to grip her hip.

“That’s Captain, Princess.”

Her breathing picks up as he steps into her personal space, and her hands go to his hips.

“Apologies, Captain. What ever can I do to make it up to you?”

She looks up at him through her eyelashes and gives a small pout, making him groan and close his eyes.

“Bloody bad form, Swan. We’re supposed to be at the Queen’s in twenty minutes.”

Fingers slowly moving up his torso, feeling the lean, hard muscles underneath his vest, until she wraps her arms around his neck and whispers against his lips, “So? People are always late to parties.”

Smiling, he brushes his nose against hers and places his hand over her bump, “Not the guests of honor.”

She sticks her bottom lip out and gives her most adorable pout that she knows he can never resist.

Groaning, he rubs his thumb across her stomach, “Don’t look at me like that, darling. You know I would like nothing more than to stay in this room and have you become better acquainted with the Pirate Captain himself, but your mother forced me to swear on my honor that we would not be late,” he gives her nose a peck and steps back. “What kind of man would I be if I were to go back on that?”

Letting out a little hmpf, she mumbles, “A pirate.”

He chuckles before he waves his hand over her outfit, “Truly, Emma. You look absolutely breathtaking. But I can’t help but notice the color of your attire and that badge you are proudly showing.”

She holds back her giggle and as she feels the baby start to move around.

“You never actually asked me what I thought.”

His eyes sparkle with amusement before he reaches over to their dresser, picks up his ‘Team Pirate’ badge and places it securely over his red vest of sex.

“There,” he loops his thumb through his belt and smirks. “It seems we find ourselves at an impasse, Princess, only one shall be victorious.”

Her face softens before she steps forward and places his hand on her stomach, knowing exactly when he feels the baby because a wide grin appears on his lips.

“I think either way we are both victorious.”

He pulls her to him, hand still pressed against her stomach, and glides his lips across her own. Moaning while his tongue touches hers, he starts to back them up and she can feel herself getting excited all over again, but just before the back of her knees touch the bed, the sound of stomping footsteps echoes and their bedroom door slams open.

“I have my hand over my eyes because I don’t want to see whatever is taking you so long!”

They both laugh at their son’s voice before they turn to find that he does in fact have his hand covering his eyes. Emma brushes her hands over her dress as Killian walks up to him. When she finally looks up, she realizes what he’s wearing.

Letting out a gasp, she takes a step forward and puts her hands on his arms to hold them out to his sides, “You look so handsome!”

Henry is wearing a miniature version of Killian’s pirate outfit with the black vest and his ‘Team Princess’ badge attached to his belt buckle.

With a shrug, the boy smiles, “I thought I should represent both sides.”

Killian beams with pride while her tears form.

When he sees them, Henry rolls his eyes with a chuckle, “Man, mom, is there anything that won’t make you cry these days.”

Sniffling, she shakes her head and wipes a lone tear away, “Probably not.” Waving her hands over her face, she takes a deep breath. “Okay, let’s go before your grandparent’s decide to kill us all.”

They arrive at Regina’s house right on time and when they walk out into the backyard, Emma finds herself crying again.

A banner hangs across the archway leading into the backyard that says ‘Pirate or Princess’ with a little pirate's outfit on one side and a princess outfit on the other. There are tiara and pirate ship decorations all over, along with pirate and princess themed games for the kids to play. Half of the town is already there and she’s surprised to see that the teams are mostly even, half for princess, half for pirate. Though the adults chose to wear regular clothes, Snow insisting only their family dress up, “who doesn’t love a little family competition?” the kids were dressed up.

Little girls are running around in pink princess dresses while the boys chase them around in their pirate gear.

Emma’s emotions overcome her and Killian has to take her inside until she finds herself calm enough to greet their guests.

“You guys look amazing!” she tells her parents.

Her mother is dressed in a knee length white dress with a lace overlay, ‘Team Princess’ badge pinned to her chest, while her father has on brown leather pants and a white cotton shirt with his ‘Team Pirate’ badge.

“Oi, mate. That’s not very ‘pirate’,” Killian gestures to his outfit. “If you ask me.”

David rolls his eyes. “No, it’s not. This badge is all you’re getting out of me.”

“And he wasn’t even going to wear that!” Snow giggles. “But I made him.”

Emma snorts and looks over her father’s outfit again. “Well, it’s almost pirate. I mean, at least it’s not all proper and look,” she motions to the tare over his shoulder. “It’s even torn, I think it works.”

David gives her a soft smile. “This is what I was wearing when I put you in the wardrobe.”

Sucking in a breath, her eyes move back to the hole. She knows the story, has it memorized by now. Her father held her in his arms as he fought off the black knights all to get her to safety, almost dying in the process.

Tears once again form and she finds herself rushing into her father’s arms. The feel of his hand on the back of her head makes her feel safe as she softly kisses his shoulder where his wound use to be. She wants to thank him for saving her life, for protecting her when she was only minutes old, but she knows if she even attempts to open her mouth, it’ll be nothing but a blubbering mess and it won’t be good to do that in front of a crowd of people.

“Where’s your outfit?”

Henry’s voice breaking up their hug, David kisses her temple before they pull apart and turn to see Regina and Robin walking toward them. Robin is wearing what she assumes was his getup in the Enchanted Forest with a ‘Team Pirate’ badge while Regina is in her usual pant suit.

“I didn’t want anyone to assume that I was giving away the sex of the baby with an outfit before I explained,” the Mayor says to them.

Emma’s brow goes together and she looks at Killian who shrugs.

Regina points to the middle of the yard where there is a big display of what looks like a mountain of gold coins surrounding a chair, with swords and anchors sticking out on all sides, and a large, wooden treasure chest sitting on the thrown.

A treasure fit for a pirate.

“How this works is you are going to open the chest, and fireworks are going to shoot up into the sky, they are going to form into a pink tiara for a girl, or a blue pirate ship for a boy. Now, the spell I did in order for this to happen was simple, but even I don’t know what the outcome will be.”

“Wait,” Emma starts. “How do yo—“

“I enchanted the envelope Whale gave me. It only became unsealed once that chest shut.”

She blinks before she turns to Killian who is staring at Regina with his mouth open. Just last night they had a minor argument over Regina knowing the sex of their child before them and now they just found out she doesn’t know it at all.

“Thank you, Regina,” he says, his voice filled with gratitude. “Truly.”

The Mayor presses her lips together and gives a nod, “That being said…” she waves her hands around, purple smoke appearing around her for a quick second before it vanishes. “This is my choice.”

“Really?!” Snow hisses in disbelief.

Regina shrugs her shoulders and takes out her badge. She’s wearing an all-black, leather outfit, with a purple ruffled shirt underneath, and her hair is tied back with a purple bandanna. She pins her ‘Team Pirate’ badge to the bottom of her vest.

“Oh, Regina, I dare say I’m winning you over,” Killian says with a laugh.

Rolling her eyes, Regina shakes her head while everyone laughs.

Two hours into the party, Emma is walking out of the bathroom after having to pee for about the hundredth time, she seriously thinks the baby is just laying on her bladder at this point, dreaming of the chocolate cake that’s waiting for her when the doorbell rings.

Looking outside, she sees Regina kneeling down talking to Roland and her brother, Roland is dressed as a little prince, while Leo is dressed as a little pirate, almost identical to Henry, she’s taken about a hundred pictures of them already, so she goes to answer it herself.

A large smile appears on her face when she sees Mac, Smee and the rest of the crew of the Jolly Roger on the other side of the door.

“You made it!”

She went to deliver Mac’s invitation personally yesterday and requested for him to get the entire crew to come. Mac was hesitant at first, not too sure how the crew would act in such a setting, they were pirates after all, but she insisted. She wanted to surprise Killian with them being there and had no doubt his crew would behave with the utmost respect.

“Aye, thank you for having us, Princess.” Mac answers with a smile.

She moves aside to let them in and is only mildly surprised to see how clean cut they all are. Each crewmen gives her a slight nod as they pass before she shuts the door behind them.

“This is unwise,” Smee says with hesitance. “The Captain doesn’t know we are here. We should have—“

“The Captain doesn’t know you’re here because this is my surprise to him,” Emma interrupt, making Smee look down in shame. “But if any of you feel that you don’t want to be here, we are not forcing you. You are more than welcome to leave.”

Silence falls over the men while she motions back to the door. Mac glares while Smee keeps his head down, not saying a word. After a few moments, one of the men finally speak.

“It would be nice to see the Captain, Your Majesty,” his voice is low. “We’ve not seen him since before he was taken.”

The rest of the crew nods, their faces each show a bit of hopefulness mixed with wonder. Her eyes move over to Mac who gives her a shrug with a small smile.

“Good,” she says with a smile. “Like I said, this is my surprise to the Captain. You men wait in the dining room, I’ll go get him.” She goes to walk outside before she turns back to the crew. “There are badge’s on the table in there, we are asking everyone to choose if you think the baby is going to be a boy or a girl and where that badge.”

Right before the men scurry off with looks of excitement, the little one that spoke before steps forward with a small smile, “Might I say, Princess. You look very beautiful today.”

“Thomas!” Smee hisses.

Emma chuckles and waves Smee off. “Thank you, Thomas, that’s very sweet.”

“We are all eager to meet the newest member of our crew,” Thomas says as he motions toward her stomach. “If the Captain allows us, of course.”

With her hands rubbing over her bump, she gives him a smile but doesn’t answer. She doesn’t know if Killian will allow the baby to be around his crew, they are a part of some of the darkest parts of his past, parts that he tries not to remember, but that’s why she invited them here. She wants to show him that his past and present can coexist together without trouble.

“I’ll go get him now.”

Thomas nods before he runs to join the rest of the crew, Mac, who stayed, probably to make sure the Pirate didn’t say or do anything wrong, follows behind him.

She walks outside and waves to the people that call out to her. Looking around, she spots Killian standing with Robin as they watch Roland and Leo sword fight Henry on the deck of the small wooden pirate ship Marco made for them as a present. Both men laugh at the children before Killian lifts his bottle to his mouth and takes a sip of his beer.

Just as she walks up, he finally notices her and his eyes brighten.

“There you are,” he greets with a smile, his left arm wrapping around her waist. “Everything alright, love?”

Placing her left hand on his stomach she smiles and looks over at Robin. “Do you mind if I borrow my fiancé for a moment?”

Robin lifts his bottle. “Of course not, Lady Swan. I shall keep an eye on the children.”

She’s just about to thank him when they hear Leo yell out, “Oh, body hell!”

All three of their eyes go wide but before any of them can reprimand him, Roland giggles, “Leo, it’s bloody hell.”

Emma snorts while Robin snaps out of his shock.


The little boy jumps at his father’s tone and she falls into a fit of giggles as both men quickly rush over to the children.

“Little Prince, no! Bugger, your father is going to kill me!”

She continues to laugh as Robin and Killian explain to both boys why they can’t use that term, Henry behind them, also finding it hard to control his laughter.

By the time Killian walks back over to her, he’s running his hand through his hair, “I’ve always believed I’d meet the end of your father’s sword because of you. Now I fear it may be because of your brother.”

Tugging him toward the house, she shakes her head as her laughter dies down. “Well, you’ll just have to learn to watch your language. You don’t want the baby’s first words to be ‘bloody hell’, do you?”

His face pales and it makes her laugh again. She laces her finger between his and motions to the door, “Come on, Pirate. I have a surprise for you.”

With a sigh, he looks back out toward the yard as they walk into the kitchen, “Swan, darling, we can’t leave. I want you just as much if not more than—“

Giggling, she cuts his sentence off with a kiss. “Not for that. But I’m happy to see where your head is at, Captain.”

He gives her a smirk before placing his empty bottle on the kitchen counter and pulling her to him, voice low and husky against her lips, “My heads always there, love. I’ll never not want you.”

“Mm,” she mumbles before she kisses him. “I love you.” He rewards her with a radiant smile before she grabs his hand and pulls him toward the dining room. “Come on, they are waiting.”

“Who’s waiting?”

Biting her lip, she stops outside of the closed door. “This is my surprise for you, I wanted to show you that your past and our future can coexist together.” He tilts his head, his lips forming into a small, confused smile. “That not every part is bad.”

Before he can answer, she opens the door, the crew immediately hollering out, “Aye, Captain Jones!”

Killian’s eyes go wide, his face showing pure shock as his crew claps and cheers for him. She has to put her hand on the small of his back and give him a little push before he finally takes a step into the room. His crew walks up, greeting him with handshakes and pats on the back. From her angle, she can see the smile on his face, so she leans back against the door frame to watch. She knows that he misses his crew, he’s only seen them a couple times since they’ve been back, the last being before Zelena had taken him, and it was because they started a fight at the Rabbit Hole. He went to yell at them, but here they are, greeting him as if none of it ever happened.

It didn’t go unnoticed to her that the crew called him Captain Jones instead of Captain Hook, and probably not to Killian, either. The crew of the Jolly Roger is nothing like the pirate’s people read about or see on TV. They were loyal, had a code, stuck by that code, and loved their Captain, even though their ship is gone, and they no longer sail the oceans, they are still a family, and that’s what she wanted to show him. Just because they all did things, horrible things, in their past together, doesn’t mean they haven’t changed just as he did.

Most of them even have jobs, David told her once. Sure, there’s a squabble here and there, mostly with the Lost Boys who are in town, bad blood still between the group, but it’s usually always handled with the utmost respect. Their Captain respects the law of this town and so do his crew.

It also doesn’t go unnoticed that every member of the crew is wearing a ‘Team Pirate’ badge, of course they all wish for their Captain to have a boy so that he may teach him the ways of the sea.

Smiling, she rubs her bump, something she can’t help but do every five seconds, and leaves the crew and their Captain to spend some time together alone before they make their way out to join the rest of the party.

“If I find one grease stain in my dining room, your fiancé is cleaning it up with a toothbrush,” Regina tells her as she sits down at the table joining her, Snow, and Belle.

Things haven’t been easy for the librarian recently. She thought the man she loved died, then he was brought back only to be the Wicked Witch’s toy puppet, then he was sucked into a tornado and sent to Oz. They’ve all taken the time to check up on her, even Killian.

He stops in the library every day before he goes to pick Henry up for school, sometimes even leaves a little early to help her out. It really warms her heart to see the friendship the two have developed despite their past.

Again, another example of how mistakes made in our past can be forgiven.

She chuckles and shakes her head. “They do take showers, Regina.”

Rolling her eyes, the Mayor doesn’t answer and turns back to the group of women. Emma doesn’t say much, only really speaking when someone asks her something directly, instead she concentrates on the food in front of her. It’s been a never ending battle with her and food the past couple days, it’s like no matter how much she eats, a few hours later, she’s starving again.

Just the night before, her and Killian crossed the town line just so she could go to the drive through at McDonald’s for a cheeseburger at three a.m. because she was craving it.

After a little while, her lower back starts to hurt and she’s fidgeting in her seat. They are due to open the treasure chest soon, something she’s waited all day for, and she doesn’t want the moment to be ruined by pain in her back, also, she really wants a chocolate milk.

Before she can move, her mother stops her while Regina picks up the empty plates from around the table, “What’s the matter? Do you want something?”

Blowing a loose curl away from her face, she answers, “I was just going to get some chocolate milk.”

“Let me!” Belle insists as she jumps up. “Regina…”

“I’ll show you,” she answers before the two walk off.

After a few moments, Snow asks, “Where’s Killian?”

Adjusting herself into a more comfortable position, she motions to the house. “He’s inside. I invited his crew as a surprise, they are just saying hello.”

Snow gives her a beautiful smile. “That was very kind of you, Emma.”

Feeling a blush form on her cheeks, she just gives a shrug and takes another bite of the cake in front of her. Seconds later, a glass of chocolate milk is placed on the table while lips kiss her temple. When she looks up, she sees Killian moving to kneel in front of her. Her mother stands and walks off to give them a moment.

“Hey! Everything go okay?”

Looking around, she sees most of the crew sticking together, while some mingle with Robin’s Merry Men.

“You’re bloody amazing, do you know that, Emma?”

Blushing again, she reaches forward to cup his jaw. “I wanted you to have your people here, too. This isn’t just about me, it’s also about you.”

Leaning down, he kisses her engagement ring and then her stomach. “Aye, another wonderful gift you’ve given me. Thank you.”

She hums when he moves up and presses his lips to hers before kneeling back down.

“It wasn’t any trouble. I went and saw Mac yesterday and asked him to get the crew to come. Smee,” nodding her head over to his first mate. “was the one that was hesitant. He’s really afraid of you.”

Chuckling, he looks over at the Pirate in question before turning back to her and placing his hook on her knee. “That he is. But Mac doesn’t seem too afraid of his Captain.”

She takes a sip of her chocolate milk and giggles. “No, I think I won him over.”

“Aye,” he places his hand on her stomach. “That you did. I dare say if he still had the youthfulness he had the last time we crossed paths in the Enchanted Forest I might be worried, he didn’t even pick the right team.”

Eyes wide with amusement, she sits up, “He picked a girl?”

He rolls his eyes and nods. “Tells me it’s all in good fun, though I’m sure it has everything to do with you and your charms.”

“Well,” she starts before leaning in to kiss the scar on his cheek. “My father is Prince Charming.”

“Right you are, love.”

“I hope he’s not too heartbroken though, I already have the Pirate I want.”

She wraps her arms around his shoulders, his hand and hook going to her waist, and glides her lips across his.

“Guess he’ll just have to settle for the Widow Lucas, then.”

Emma pulls back and gasps, “No!”

He laughs and nods to her left. She turns to see Granny and Mac talking alone in a corner, a smile on the old woman’s face she’s never seen before.

About to comment, she gets interrupted when Regina walks up. “Okay, you two. Are you ready to open the treasure chest?”

Emma looks back at Killian whose eyes grow bright with excitement. He helps her out of her chair while Regina announces to everyone it’s time.

“Now everyone that is ‘Team Pirate’, you’re going over here to the left, and all the ‘Team Princess’ over on the right.”

“Ten gold coins it’s a boy!” one of the crew members yell as they make their way to the middle.

“Bugger that!” One of the Merry Men holler back. “Twenty it’s a girl!”

Both her and Killian laugh while the rest of the crowd starts to shout out different bets and wagers. Money, food, rounds of beer… she thinks she even heard someone say they would run up Main Street naked, but she’s not sure.

“Lad!” Killian calls out. “Come on, you have to help us.”

Henry comes walking up, a big smile on his face, with his Uncle on his back.

“I help?” Leo asks with a big smile.

“Of course, buddy!” she tells him, which earns her a cheer of excitement.

Henry moves to stand in between them with a giggling Leo on his back. They pose so everyone can take some pictures before the excitement starts to get to both her and Killian. They can’t seem to stop moving, and she finds herself actually shaking with adrenaline. In just a matter of minutes, they are going to know if they are having a boy or a girl, something she’s never experienced before.

That quickly, a wave of guilt washes over her. She has a son and never experienced this before because she gave him up without even so much as looking at him when he was born. Oh how she wishes the memories Regina gave her were real, that she kept Henry, though she loves her life and her family, she will never forgive herself for giving him up.

Running her hand through his hair, she leans forward and kisses his forehead before she hugs him close. Leo, unaware of the emotional state she’s in, giggles about her hair tickling him.

“I love you, Henry.” She mumbles against his head.

The boy pulls back and smiles up at her, “I love you, too, mom.”

They stare at each other for a few moments before her eyes flicker up to Killian, he has a small smile on his face as he moves to wrap his left arm around them. As a family, the three reach out and undo the lock on the chest in front of them. Leo giggles loudly as they lift the lid open.

The chest starts to shake and they all take a step back, seconds later fireworks shoot up into the sky, bursts of blue followed by pink forming the words ‘Baby Jones’ before they swirl around in a circle.

Her heart is pounding in her chest and she doesn’t realize she’s holding her breath until they finally get their answer.

Up in the sky, is a very large, very pink, tiara.