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Chapter Twenty-Six

Emma sits at the table in her parent’s loft with her right hand on her forehead. She has a terrible headache and if she has to listen to her father and Killian continue to argue about how to build the new crib Ashley bought for Leo, she might scream.

“I’ve seen enemy battle plans that were easier to decode than this.”

She lets out a sigh and lifts her head to see her father sitting on the ground with the instructions held out before him with Killian kneeling to the side of him. There are wooden pieces all over the ground and it looks more like a pile ready for a fire than a crib.

“Aye,” Killian answers before he reaches forward and takes hold of the edge of the paper. “’Take screws E with washer’s D through bar C using wrench F, which is…”

David picks up each piece as Killian reads but stops and leans in closer to the instructions.

“Not provided,” He reads with a sigh.

She looks over at her mother who gives her a sad smile while she feeds Leo and lets out a huff.

“Why don’t you just call Marco? He’s really good at this sort of thing.”

“No!” Both Killian and David holler out in offense.

“We’re fine,” her father insists and she can’t help but roll her eyes.

“I’ve spent centuries rebuilding parts of the Jolly, I think the Prince and I can manage a crib, love.”

Holding a spoon in front of Leo, her mother looks over at her with a smile, “It is good practice for your future.”

“Right you are, milady,” he answers with a smile. “We’re going to need one for the bean eventually.”

Her lips twitch into a smile. Ever since she’s had her sonogram, Killian has taken to calling the baby ‘bean’ and it’s just about the most adorable thing she’s ever heard.

She’s twelve weeks pregnant and he’s been nothing but supportive and caring. He’s always there to make sure she has everything she needs and wants. He’s dealt with her random breakdowns over something as little as not being able to find her earring and her outbursts at him for unnecessary things like him using the ‘wrong bath towel’.

Not once does he yell or give her attitude, he just answers with the same three words whether it’s her asking for something to eat or her asking him to stop breathing so loud.

“As you wish.”

But now her head is killing her and she’s trying not to let it show because even though it’s nice to have someone pampering during her pregnancy instead of a correctional officer asking as she walks by in a gruff voice “Everything okay, today?”, it’s also somewhat annoying.

Everything she attempts to put in her mouth he eyes and she just knows he’s rereading a passage from one of his many books he has now on pregnancy, thank you Belle, from his crazy photogenic memory and asking her very personal questions in front of a room full of people.

“Are your breasts sore?”

“How is your saliva?”

“Any weight gain?”

“Gas discomfort or discharge?”

She almost punched him when he asked that in front of the dwarves.

Plus, it’s just a headache, it’s nothing she can’t handle. That’s why she quietly makes her way over to the bathroom to try and take one of the pain relievers she knows are in the medicine cabinet while he’s distracted with her father.

But again, she underestimates the eyes he apparently has in the back of his head because just as she’s about to open the pill bottle, he’s knocking on the door seconds before he enters.

That’s another thing, unless she tells him to not come in, he’s giving her zero privacy even in the bathroom. The other night she was peeing and he walked right in to ask her where his wallet was. His sense of boundaries has become nonexistent.

“Are you alright, Swan? Feeling sick?”

With a sigh she shakes her head. “No. I just have a headache.”

He takes a step forward with his brow together, but when he sees the bottle his eyes go wide and he snatches it out of her hands.

“Love, you can’t take these. It’s not good for the bean. Where does it hurt? Perhaps your blood sugar is low, are you hungry?”

She rolls her eyes and has to hold back the urge to stomp her foot. She just wants her headache to go away and possibly lie down, but she knows she can’t do the second, and now he’s stopping her from doing the first, as well.

“I just have a damn headache!” she snaps. “All I want is to take something.”

She ignores the voice in her head that tells her she could also go for a bag of Doritos.

“I’ll run to the store and fetch you Tylenol,” he answers back without hesitation and puts the bottle of aspirin back in the medicine cabinet.

Guilt washes over her because, once again, he doesn’t even react to the attitude she throws at him and offers to run out to get something she wants. With a sigh she pulls him closer and he wraps his arms around her.

“No,” she mumbles into his chest. “You promised dad you would help him with the crib.”

“But your head, love…”

“I’ll be fine. Maybe after you’re done you could give me one of your neck massages?”

For only having one hand, he gives the best massages she’s ever had.

Smiling down at her, he kisses her nose and answers with, “As you wish.”

Her heart melts and she places a soft peck on his chin. When they walk back out her parents are having a little bit of an argument.

“Do we have to build the crib? I think he’s sleeping perfectly fine in the bed with us.”

David lets out a sigh and puts the instructions back down on the ground.

“We can’t have him sleep with us all the time, Snow.”

She watches as her mother’s arms tighten around her little brother.

“But what if Zelena…” Snow trails off as Regina walks into the loft holding a brown chest.

David stands and walks over to his wife. “This crib is a statement. We’re not going to lose another baby.”

Snow’s eyes flicker over to Emma and she can see the turmoil in them. It’s clear she’s thinking about how they lost her after she was born and she’s scared the same will happen with Leo. It’s obvious he was her first choice, and there is no telling she will attempt to go after him again if she gets tired of waiting for Emma to give birth.

Her hand instinctively goes to her stomach. It’s easy to forget that the real baby Zelena is after is her own and they still have no idea on how to protect it. Sure, the baby is protected while inside of her, but in no time at all, she’ll be giving birth and how will they protect their little bean then?

She jumps when Killian’s hand covers her own and his lips brush against her temple.

“I’ll never stop fighting,” he whispers to her and it instantly makes her feel better.

Whenever she seems to be having a moment, like always, he can tell and he whispers that to her as a reminder that he’s by her side.

“And, thanks to your daughter and I, you won’t.” Regina explains. “Emma, come on, I’m going to show you how to do a protection spell.”

She’s been practicing her magic with Regina for the past couple weeks, and though she has a better handle on it, sometimes, she still loses a little bit of control. Just the other night, the coffee pot exploded when Snow wouldn’t let her have another cup.

There’s no doubt that she has power, raw power, Regina tells her, but it’s useless unless she knows how to wield it.

“What about the Inn?” Snow asks.

Emma bites her lip. Her parents have been dropping not so subtle hints at them ever since the announcement of the pregnancy for the three to move into the loft, but with Henry still not having his memories back, there really isn’t anything they can do.  

“We can do one there after we get finished up here,” she says with a shrug.

“Or you three could just move in with us,” David explains as he walks back over to the unbuilt crib.

“Eager to have me live you, mate?”

Killian’s voice is filled with humor and dripping with sarcasm, but when her father looks up at him with a high eyebrow, she can see he turn serious.

“Eager to have my family under the same roof where I can protect them? Yes.”

The two men exchange a nod and Emma tries not to let the tears that are forming in her eyes fall down her face. She leaves them to go back to building the crib and walks over to Regina to put up the protection spell.

Two nights later, she’s awoken by Killian whimpering in his sleep. She reaches over to try and shake him awake, but it doesn’t work.


His head starts to whip back and forth and she can see a layer of sweat forming on his brow. She lifts herself up so that she is perched on her knees leaning over him and quickly grabs his hook from under the pillow to throw it on the floor, because she knows the first thing he’s going to do when he wakes up is go for it.

“Killian, wake up!”

Her hands move to his shoulders and she gives them a sharp tug. His eyes open a second later and just as she'd suspected, his right hand reaches under the pillow. When she grabs his wrist, he lets out a growl.


His head snaps over, a snarl still on his lips, but as soon as his gaze connects with her, his entire face softens and he lets out a breath of air. Before she can say anything, he sits up and wraps his arms around her.


She opens her mouth to speak, but he’s squeezing her so tightly, she’s finding it hard to even breathe. He pulls back and his hand immediately goes to her stomach.

“You are alright? You and the bean are— Henry,” he stops and looks up at her in horror before he quickly moves her off of him and jumps out of the bed. She scrambles to follow and finds him out in the living room kneeling by their sons bed.

“Killian?” Henry asks in a sleep filled mumble.

“Aye. Are you okay?”

Wrapping her arms around herself to ward of the chill, she asks in a hushed whisper, “What are you doing?”

“I’m fine,” their son yawns. “What’s wrong?”

Killian shakes his head and lets out a sigh before he leans forward and kisses Henry’s forehead.

“Nothing,” he stands up and grabs his hand. “Come. I want you to sleep with your mother and I.”

She takes a step forward. “Killian, what’s going on? Let him sleep.”

Henry mumbles a reply before he shuffles up off of the couch bed. Killian helps him walk into their bedroom as she watches in stunned silence. She wants to ask him about his nightmare, but with Henry being there, she’s going to have to wait.

When she lays down on the bed, Killian wraps his arms around both of them and rests his hand on her stomach. Her eyes stay glued to him until he finally looks at her, but instead of giving her a hint as to what’s wrong, he presses his hand into her stomach more and whispers to her.

“I love you.”

His voice sounds so scared, she puts her hand over his and answers him the only way she knows how.

“We love you, too.”

They are making their way to Regina’s house to try a spell to contact her mother about Zelena when Emma notices how off Killian is. Lately, her emotions have been like night and day, one minute she’s extremely happy to the point where all she wants to do is giggle and laugh, and the next she’s in the worst mood ever. But it’s normal, what isn’t normal, is for Killian’s mood to be dampened.

All day he’s been acting weird and she thinks it has something to do with his nightmare the night before. But she hasn’t said anything, mostly because he’s been dealing with her mood swings constantly, but it’s really starting to worry her.

They are just walking through the front door when she sees Killian eyeing a bushel of apples in the dining room and she decides to crack a joke.

“I’d watch out for the apples in this house.”

He helps her take her coat off and mumors, “Aye.”

Putting her hand on his arm, she stops him before he can walk off. “It was a joke. Where’s your sense of humor?”

“It left when the witch arrived,” he replies dryly.

She reaches up to cup his cheek and his eyes flicker close for a brief second. “We’re going to take care of that. Regina said she has a plan.”

His lips lift to a brief smile and he nods. “I’m sure she does.”

“Killian, what is wrong? You’ve been acting strange.” A puff of air escapes his lips and she feels his thumb make its way under her shirt to rub her stomach.

“I’m fine.”

Fingers lace between her own and she’s being pulled into Regina’s dining room before she can call him out on his lie.

“Okay, what about ‘Eva’ after my mother?”

“I don’t know how well that’ll work with a boy,” David says with a shrug.

“It may not be a boy,” Snow says with a smile.

“What are you talking about?” Emma asks hesitantly as Killian pushes her chair in for her.  

“Baby names.”

Her eyes go wide and she sees Killian stop for a quick second before he sits down fully.

“Um… why?” she asks.

David lets out a sigh. “Your mother seems to believe that we are having a granddaughter, and, although a little girl would be fabulous, we all know it’s a boy.” When she doesn’t say anything, her father turns to Killian. “Tell her, Hook.”

With shock, she turns to see him reach up to scratch the back of his ear, when he doesn’t say anything, a noise escapes from the back of her throat.

Her question comes stuttering out, “Do you think we are having a boy?”

His cheeks tint and his shoulder lifts along with the corners of his mouth.

“Well, your father and I were talking...” She crosses her arms over her chest and presses her tongue into her cheek while she stares. “I might have a feeling that the bean is a little lad.”

“I do, too,” David cuts in. “It’s just a special skill…”

Snow snorts out a laugh. “You thought Emma was going to be a boy.”

Her eyes go even wider and she looks over at her father who looks embarrassed.

“Thank gods you were wrong there, mate,” Killian chuckles.

David sighs and sits back with a smug smile. “I don’t know. If Emma had been a boy, I think I would have one less pirate in my life.”

“Not what you were saying before, Dave,” he mocks with a wink which makes both females giggle.

Their conversation ends when Regina walks in with a tray.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. I was making this special tea,” she explains as she pours liquid into the cups before them on the table.

David leans forward to take a glass and Regina yells at him that it’s a poison. Emma sees Killian eye her cup, and very slowly, push it an inch away from her. She holds back from rolling her eyes and just shakes her head.

It’s then she knows without a doubt, that if he could, he would strap her to his chest in a baby Bjorn just to keep her safe.

Once the conjuring turns into a bust, Killian and Emma make their way back to Granny’s for something to eat, because even though she ate right before they left, she’s hungry again.

Starving, actually.

And the only thing she wants is a grilled cheese with relish and honey mustard. Killian is still being silent and she’s trying not to let it get to her. She tells him she’s going to work on her magic while she waits for her food and he barely looks up from the new pregnancy book he checked out from the library.

She turns back to the counter and squeezes her eyes shut. It’s been getting easier, her handling it, ever since he first helped her, whenever she’s struggling, she thinks back to that and it always comes to her. After a couple of seconds, she feels the magic course through her and when she opens her eyes, the mug that was in front of her is gone.

“Boom!” she cries out in excitement.

Turning around, she giggles when she sees the cocoa on top of the book Killian is reading.

“Granny’s to go,” she says with a smile as she walks over and sits across from him in the booth. “I should open a franchise.”

He gives her a forced smile and moves the mug to the side. “It’s impressive.”

She puts her arms on the table and looks down at his reading.

“So… you think we’re having a boy?”

He lets out a soft chuckle and the tips of his ears turn pink.

“It was just a conversation, honestly.”

“Well, we’ll know next month for sure.”

He gives her a tiny smile and it makes her feel better. They came to the decision that they would find out the sex of the baby, because given that Zelena wants their child, they feel it might be best to be prepared.

“Have you thought about names?” she asks softly.

With a puff of air passing his lips, he pulls his flask from his pocket to take a sip.

“Don’t you think it might be a tad too early for that?”

Her brow goes together and she tilts her head.

“Okay, what is wrong with you? Last week I had to drag you out of the baby section because you wanted to buy clothes already and now you’re saying it’s too early to think of names?” He flinches. “I’m trying to stay calm here and not have the thoughts that you are second guessing this, but with the way you’ve been acting the last couple days… something is bothering you.”

She watches as he squeezes his eyes shut and he takes another gulp from his flask.

“Aye, love, you’re right. I haven’t been entirely forthright with you. The other night, I had a bit of a nightmare and I guess it’s sort of stuck with me.”

She reaches forward and wraps her fingers around his hook. “What happened?”

His hand fidgets as he plays with the rings on his fingers and stares at her. He’s silent for a long time, but she doesn’t push because she knows whatever he has to tell her is weighing on him and pushing him will only make it worse.

“There are things in my past that you don’t know about.”

Reaching out, she puts her other hand over his own, “I know.”

“Things that I’ve done…”

“Killian, whatever you did, you’re not that person anymore. It’s not going to change anything between us.”

Chuckling dryly, his thumb rubs across her engagement ring.

“That’s quite a lot of faith you’re putting on me, Swan.”

“I love you,” his eyes close and he smiles softly at her words. “You told me before that I had to put my trust in you, now you have to put your trust in me. Trust that I’m not going to—”

“I killed my father.” Her mouth pops open and she sits up a little straighter while he keeps his eyes glued to the table top. “I killed him all to get my revenge.”

Her brow goes together but she can’t seem to find any words to say. She’s always known he’s killed, half the people that are in her life have killed before, but it’s still a shock to hear.

He suddenly jumps up from the booth and starts to pace.

“It was a test, to see if I had what it takes to get a certain job done. I found him in a tavern, he had fallen under a sleeping curse shortly after he sold Liam and I to a life of servitude. He slept for a century before the nurse who cared for him awoke him with True Love’s kiss.”

He spits the last words out like it’s the most disgusting thing he’s ever heard and she can see him slowly morph back into the pirate she met in the Enchanted Forest.

“They had a son, you see,” her eyes widen and he nods. “Aye, I had a little brother. I went there one night and listened to him spit the same lies to that boy he did to me the night before he left. But still, that isn’t the reason I decided to kill him. No, I killed him because that little boy, his son? Do you know what his name was?”

She gives a slight shake of her head and shrugs her shoulders, eyes blinking quickly.

“Liam. His name was Liam.”

Suddenly it all makes sense, and the tears that started to form in her eyes from sadness are now from anger. She understands completely why he’s acting the way that he is while he talks about his father. The man, if anyone dares to call him that, sold his two sons, then went on to have a new family and tried to replace them.

“I stuck that dagger deep in his gullet and left that boy without a father. What’s to say this boy doesn’t come after me seeking revenge? What if he goes after Henry or the bean? Emma, my past may come back to haunt me and I…”

Before he can continue she holds her hand up to stop him. She doesn’t need to hear anymore because all he’s trying to do now is unknowingly push her away.

She turns in the booth and faces him. “What was your dream?”

He runs his hand over his face and loops his thumb through his belt.

“I dreamt that I… well, Hook, found us together and destroyed you, Henry and the bean out of anger.”

She looks down at her lap and knows then what the problem is. He’s scared to become a father, that much is clear, so he’s trying to show her that he’s not fit. When she looks up at him, she can see the fear in his eyes and all she wants to do is take it away.

“I was a villain for so long, love.”

“But you’re not anymore,” she pleads with him.

He looks at her like she’s gone completely insane. “Did you not hear what I just told you? Do you think that’s the worse that I’ve done?”

“Do you want me to leave?” she asks in confusion.

“What?” he breathes out. “No, of course not.”

“Then why are you trying to push me away?”

“I’m trying to show you who I really am!”

She stands up and clenches her fists at her side.

“That’s not who you are. So you’ve done bad things, you’ve killed. Name one person we know that hasn’t!”

“You haven’t.”

“Do you think that means that I don’t understand you? That I don’t have darkness? Killian, after hearing that story… I know where you’re coming from. I get it, but that’s not you anymore. Look, I know you probably don’t want to admit it, but you’re just scared…”

“Of course I’m scared!” He chokes out. “I’m terrified! If we’re to believe the rules of this whole bloody place, then it’s only a matter of time before I lose my happy ending. That’s what that whole dream was about!”

She takes a step forward and opens her mouth, but stops when his words process in her brain.

“Wait. If you’re afraid of losing your happy ending, that means you found it. What is it?”

He looks at her with his brow together before he reaches over with his hand and rubs her stomach.

“Don’t you know, Emma?” She sucks in a breath. “It’s you.”

Her heart skips a beat and she doesn’t even realize she’s moving until their lips are connected. His hand makes its way into her hair and he hums against her lips. All this time, she’s been thinking about her own fears and insecurities, she’s never realized that Killian is just as scared as she is about all of this.

When they pull apart, she keeps her eyes on his lips and brushes her fingers against his waist.

“There is just one thing I do need to know.” He takes a deep breath, closes his eyes and nods. “What do you think of Killian David Jones for a boy, call him KJ for short?”

His eyes snap back open and he looks at her in complete shock.

“Do you like it?” she asks with a shrug.

He stays silent for what seems like hours, just standing there staring at her like she just told him to eat a poisoned apple. She can feel her lips twitching as she tries to hold back her smile. The terrors of his past, just like her own, have him fearing she is going to run for the hills.

With a stuttering breath, he blinks, and she bites her lip when he gives her a disbelieving smile and nods.

“Aye. I think it’s a strong name,” he whispers.

They continue to stare at each other before she giggles and pats her stomach.

“Should we even attempt to pick a name for a girl or are you positive it’s a boy?”

He lets out a watery chuckle and shakes his head, before he can respond, the door to the diner is yanked open and Belle comes rushing in, out of breath.

“Emma! Emma, I found it! We have to tell Regina and the others.”

She turns to the librarian and holds up her hands. “Okay, Belle, slow down. What did you find?”

Belle holds a book out to them and points to it.

“Zelena’s plan. I figured out what she’s doing.”

Killian’s eyes go wide as they rush into Regina’s dining room. There’s a large purple vortex in the ceiling and his first instinct is to grab Emma and push her behind him. But once the vortex closes, she’s side stepping him.

“What the hell was that?”

“Cora.” Regina answers before she turns around.

It’s then they realize Snow is sitting back in a chair, looking weak with her skin even paler than usual. David rushes to his wife’s side, along with Emma and kneel before her.

“Is she okay?”

David reaches up to rub his wife’s face. “Mary Margaret, can you hear me?”

Snow starts to mumble something and Killian takes a step forward. Though he’s concerned, seeing Emma upset worries him. He puts his hand on her shoulder in an attempt to calm her and squeezes it when she lets out a stuttering breath.

She reaches up to wrap her fingers around his while the Prince and former Queen argue about Snow’s wellbeing. David wants to rush her to the hospital, he’s right, she doesn’t look well at all, while Regina wants to question her about what happened.

“It can wait!” David hollers out.

Emma stands with a sigh and Killian puts his hand on her lower back.

“If we want to stop Zelena, we have to know what the hell she’s doing and why!” Regina cries out desperately.

“I can help with half of that.” Everyone turns back to look at Belle who has wide eyes. “She’s planning on going back. Back in time.”

Killian’s brow goes together and he looks to Emma who just shrugs.

“Are you certain?” Regina asks and Belle nods. “No one’s ever been able to cast a spell to go back in time.”

“Well, clearly, she thinks she can succeed.” Belle snaps. “I mean, brains, courage, a resilient heart—”

“Explains why she tried to take your heart,” Emma explains.

Regina looks up at the before she sits down with a sigh.

“Those ingredients,” Belle starts again, “are in every time travel spell I’ve found.”

David shakes his head. “Why go back in time, I mean, we have no idea what she’s trying to accomplish.”

Snow lets out a sigh and lifts her head. “I do. She… she didn’t want to give up Zelena. She was forced to, by, by my mother.”

Killian lifts his eyebrow while Emma’s mouth pops open.

“Princess Eva, she told a secret, just like I did…”

“Wait,” Emma says as she takes a step forward. “I thought our family were the good guys?”

Regina sighs and runs her hands through her hair. “Life is too messy for it to ever be that simple.”

He feels Emma shiver and he wraps his arm around her waist before he pulls her close to him.

“So you’re saying if it wasn’t for Snow’s mother, Cora would have kept Zelena?” David asks in confusion.

“She would have been tutored by Rumpelstiltskin,” Belle adds.

“All if it weren’t for this… Princess Eva?” Killian asks.

“So that means…” Emma trails off.

Snow licks her lips and leans her head back. “Zelena’s going back to kill my mother.”

The entire room is silent while they process the information. It’s not until Regina lets out a gasp and sits forward they realize the gravity of what the Wicked Witch wants to accomplish.

“You’ll have never been born.”

He feels Emma go stiff beside him before she turns her head to Regina.

“I’m guessing this is where your help ends.”

Regina looks at Emma with fear in her eyes. “No, think it through, Miss Swan. That means you’ll have never been born, and neither will Henry.”

Killian’s stomach drops. In this new reality Zelena wants to create, the two most important people in his life would never exist. He tries not to remember what his life was like before Emma, but now there is someone out there trying to make sure she would never be in it. His arm tightens around her and fights back the urge to grab her and run.

“And on this different path, Regina, you may not be, either.” Snow tells her.

“It’s a good thing no one has ever succeeded with this time-travel nonsense,” Killian blows out and Emma’s fingers grip his hip.

“The baby,” David whispers as he stands up.

Killian’s eyes go wide and he takes a step forward, instinctively putting himself in front of Emma.


“That’s what’s missing. That’s why none have succeeded,” David explains as he takes a step toward them. “Somehow, some way, your baby is the key. Zelena went to a lot of effort to get close to your unborn child. That’s what she’s after.”

His hand instantly moves to cover Emma’s stomach while her hands wrap around his arm. It all makes sense, why she made an effort to get close to her, why she was so concerned about the baby.

“What is she going to do with it?” Emma asks in a whisper.

“It matters not,” Killian states before he turns to her. “She’s not going to get it.”

“It’s happening again, only this time with my daughter,” Snow gasps and they all turn to her. “She’s going to give birth and an evil sorceress is threatening the future of her child.”

Regina sighs and sits down. “To be fair, the first time, I was threatening you. Everyone else just became collateral damage.”

Emma looks up at Killian with tears in her eyes and he takes a step closer to her.

“We’re going to stop her, love,” he whispers. “Since the bean’s not born, she’s stuck, and we have what we need.” Emma’s brows go together and he puts his hand on her stomach. “Time.”

Later that night, while they lay alone in the darkness of their room, she finally whispers her fears.

“I’m scared.”

Her head is on his chest and his arms are around her. She’s not telling him something he doesn’t already know, he’s been able to tell since the moment it was announced at Regina’s. She’s been quiet, clinging to him with every step, and her eyes seem to scan each room they walk into.

“She’s not going to win,” he mumbles, his lips pressed to her forehead.

She moves so that she’s looking up at him. “Are you sure?”

He reaches up to cup her face, his thumb rubbing soothing circles on her jaw.

“Aye. I’ve never been more sure of anything. You’re strong, Emma, and so am I. But we’re strongest together.”

Her glassy eyes search his before she leans up to give him a feather light kiss, and when her nightmares wake her in the middle of the night, he whispers his love for her in her ear and tells her that he’ll always be there to protect her.

No matter what.