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Chapter Twenty-Four

The moment Emma’s lips touched his, Killian knew that everything that had been between them was gone and they were back.

There’s no resistance, she isn’t holding back anymore, her body molds against his and fits perfectly like it always has. He doesn’t even know who moves first, but somehow, they end up on top of their bed, with him touching every inch of her that he’s missed touching in the past three weeks.

He pulls back and his eyes search hers, “And our engagement?”

She bites her lip with tears in her eyes, “If you’ll still have me.”

Diving back in, he starts to show her just how much he’ll still have her.

Emma loves him, she still loves him. After everything they have gone through, before and after New York, she still loves him. Part of him hoped she did, he blames Charming for rubbing off on him, but until she said the actual words, he wasn’t certain.

And they are having a child.

The last time he even entertained the thought of having a child of his own was with Milah, but she had been so against it, whenever he brought it up, she would fly into a rage, so he just pushed it from his mind. Then after she was gone… he never believed it would be possible.

Until he met Emma.

She turned his world upside down the moment they met in the Enchanted Forest. Now he has her, she’s his, she loves him, they have a wonderful son, and a child on the way.

All of his deepest dreams and wishes are coming true.

His phone goes off while he’s sucking on his favorite part of her neck. Her quiet whimpers and gasps of breath are driving him completely insane and all he wants to do is bury himself so deep in her that he forgets where he stops and she begins.

“Ignore it,” she pleads with her hands in his hair.

He chuckles and swipes his tongue over the love mark he’s left. “That would be the wolf with your food, my love.”

Her hands slap down onto the bed and she lets out a frustrated moan. He kisses her nose before he jumps up from the bed with a smirk. He makes sure he’s steps are quiet, as to not wake up Henry, and adjusts his pants before opening the door.

The brunette stands there with her eyebrows up at and her red lips curved into a smirk.

“Ruby,” he sighs.

“Captain,” she chuckles.

She hands him the brown bag along with a paper cup.

“I trust this wasn’t much trouble?”

Ruby snorts and crosses her arms over her chest. “With how much gold was in that little nap sack Mr. Smee dropped off, Granny said her kitchen is open anytime you want it.”


He prepares to shut the door when he sees Ruby open her mouth and motion inside. “How is she feeling?”

“Uh,” he looks toward the bedroom before he turns back to her, “pregnant, I wager. Just trying to get her to rest.”

Ruby nods her head. “Well, like I said, the kitchen is open anytime she needs something.”

“Much obliged,” he says with a nod.

Before he can shut the door, Ruby smirks at him. “Have fun… resting.”

He gives her a glare and the wolf girl walks off with a chuckle. He closes the door and checks to make sure Henry is still asleep before he heads back into the bedroom. He becomes slightly concerned when he sees her lying on the bed right where he left her, only she has her arms crossed over her head and she’s breathing heavy.

“What’s wrong?”

Her arms fling down and she rubs her hands on her thighs as she sits up.

“I’m eight weeks pregnant, that’s what’s wrong. So my hormones are crazy right now and you have me so turned on that I feel like I’m about to combust but I can also smell the food and I’m starving.”

He bites his bottom lip and tries not to laugh. Her cheeks are flush and her hair looks absolutely wrecked. The erection in his pants is quite uncomfortable and he wants nothing more than to take her, but he knows she needs to eat.

He leans forward and kisses her chin. “You eat, darling, then I promise we will pick up right where we left off.”

When he looks up, he sees her wipe tears away.

“Hey,” he whispers, handing her the cup and putting the bag on the bed. “Why are you crying?”

She opens her mouth but a sob escapes and he pulls her into his arms. He rubs his hook up and down her back and puts his hand in her hair. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

She pulls back and shakes her head as she wipes her tears. “You didn’t hurt my feelings.”

He reaches up to brush his knuckles over her cheeks and gives her a small smile. “You’re crying, love.”

Her arms shove him away, softly, without much fight and she waves them in front of her as she sobs, “Yeah, well, I’m pregnant and I’ve been trying to hold back my emotions since we got here and now I don’t know how to stop!”

Holding his hand and hook up in submission, he back tracks, “Okay, okay. You can cry if you want.”

“I don’t want to cry!”

He takes a deep breath and sits there not knowing what to do, he’s never seen her like this before and he’s afraid if he says something wrong, she’ll break.

Hesitantly, he asks, “What do you want?”

She lets out a little sob and sniffles before she brings her cup up to her mouth and sucks the liquid through the straw. “I want to eat, I’m really hungry.”

Leaning forward, he kisses her forehead, “Okay, love. I’ll get you a plate.”

When he stands, she starts to cry harder causing her shoulders to jerk. He sits back down and pulls her into his arms, he feels so helpless and all he wants to do is make her feel better.

“Emma, you have to tell me what to do, darling. I don’t want you to be upset.”

She pulls back and tries to push him away again. “I know! I can’t stop.”

Her arms wrap around his shoulders and she lays her head down. Eventually, she starts to calm and he lets out a small sigh of relief.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbles. “You’re just being very sweet about this whole thing.”

“Perhaps I should try another tactic?” She pulls back and slaps him on the arm. He chuckles and swipes his thumb across her chin. “I’ll get you a plate.”

“Okay,” she pouts before she leans forward and kisses him. “I love you.”

His grin widens and he can feel his cheeks start to tint. “I love you, too.”

He lounges next to her on the bed and leans on his right elbow as he watches her all but inhale the cheeseburger. She has always liked food, back in New York he used to jest with her about it and sometimes, just to get him going, she would comment back with her mouth full, “I may love food more than I love you, babe.”

But this is something different entirely. She’s making noises that are usually reserved for him when he’s nibbling on her hip bone, only now they are because of food, and he finds it absolutely adorable. He’s about to comment on it when she takes the lid off of her milkshake and dips an onion ring into it.

“Bloody hell,” he groans with a look of disgust on his face. “Forgive me, but that is disgusting.”

She giggles as she covers her mouth.

“Well, get used to it buddy,” she dips another onion ring in her drink. “Do you know what I did at my parent’s house the other day?”

Trying not to gag when she pops the cream covered ring in her mouth, he shakes his head, “I do not.”

“I ate a jar of pickles. I mean, like an entire jar of pickles, and I’m not even talking about throughout the day. In one sitting… a whole jar! I would have gone out and got more but you and David were on your way and I didn’t want—”

He looks down and she stops talking. She may only be eight weeks pregnant, but she’s known since they first arrived, so he’s already missed things.

Letting out sigh, she mumbles, “I’m sorry.”

He shakes his head and looks up at her. “’S alright, Swan. I know now, that’s all that matters.”

“Do you hate me?” Her voice is so small and fragile, it nearly breaks his heart.

With a snort, he sits up and he pulls her to his chest. “I don’t think there has ever been a moment in my entire life that I hated you.”

She pops another onion ring in her mouth. “Think you hated me plenty back in the Enchanted Forest when I left you up on that beanstalk.”

He smiles to himself and presses his nose into her hair. “I’ve come to realize that what I felt that day was disappointment, not hatred.”

Her head moves so she can look up at him. “I disappointed you?”

He brushes his lips over her forehead and pulls her closer. “I disappointed myself. I didn’t trust anyone then, and I trusted you. When you left me, the anger I felt was toward myself because I was fooled by a pretty face.” Her eyes shine bright with tears and he reaches up to brush his knuckles over her cheek. “And what a pretty face it is.”.

She bites her lip to hide her smile. “Do you want to know something I’ve never told anyone before?”

He smirks. “Always.”

She sits up and eats the last onion ring before she says, “I went back for you three times.”

His mouth pops open, “What?”

She nods and her fingers pick at the paper cup in her hands. “Once before I left and twice climbing down the beanstalk. Talked myself out of it each time,” she looks over at him and shrugs. “My walls were really high then.”

His lips pull into a small smile. They have both come so far since that day, it almost seems like their first meeting is just a story in a book, well, their official first meeting. Their meeting in New York was less exciting, but it stills burns in his mind, because just like in the Enchanted Forest, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

He remembers how in the Enchanted Forest, he watched her from the corner of his eye. The way she moved, the way she spoke, how the sun seemed to make her glow, he told himself back then it was because he knew she was the Savior and Cora told him to keep watch of her, but he knows the truth.

Just like in New York, he kept his eyes on her because she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

But unlike New York, in the Enchanted Forest, his walls were filled with hate and vengeance, and they were up as high as hers and he wasn't willing to break them down.

“Aye, so were mine.”

They share a smile before she looks down shyly and drinks her milkshake. When she’s finished, he takes the empty containers and throws them away. He walks back into the room to see her dressed for bed and her lips in a small pout.

“I’m really tired, now.”

Chuckling, he shakes his head.  “Let’s go to sleep then. It’s been a long day.”

When he’s finished stripping down to his boxers, he climbs into bed. Emma unclicks his hook and puts it under the pillow. Normally, with the knowledge of the dangers that lurk out there, he would sleep with his hook on, prepared for a fight if necessary. But Henry has yet to get his memories back and they couldn’t risk him waking up in the middle of the night and seeing it, so he takes it off, but keeps it close.

He clicks the light off and she snuggles into his chest. He holds her close and breathes in her scent as his hand goes to brush over her stomach. Her lips moving into a smile tickles his chest as he rubs his thumb across her.

The thought of being a father absolutely terrifies him. His own father abandoned him and Liam to a life of servitude to save his own skin. Then he went on to have another family and named his other son, Killian’s little brother, after Liam. A redo, he called it.

The anger still courses through him when he thinks about it, but so does regret, because of all the horrible things he’s done in the centuries that he’s lived, what happened the last time he saw his father, is his biggest regret of them all.

A shiver runs through him and he pulls her even closer. He hopes their love is strong enough to withstand the demons from his past, but he’s scared to tell her. There are plenty of dark spots in his past that she doesn’t know about, just like there are parts in her past that he doesn’t know about, but this is different.

How can he be a good father when he murdered his own?

“I think we should wait to tell Henry,” she whispers.

He breaks from his thoughts and looks down at her. “Aye?”

She nods. “I mean, we’re going to have to tell him eventually, but maybe we can wait until he gets his memories back, which we have to figure out how to do soon. He’s going to start questioning why we aren’t going back to New York.”

He moves his head until she looks up at him. They’ve never discussed what they’re going to do once this whole problem with the Wicked Witch is over, and now seems like a better time than any.

“Are we going back to New York?”

She blinks and puts her hand on his chest to lean up. “Do you want to go back?”

Reaching up to cup her face, his thumb caresses her jaw, “I think we should stay here. Your family is here, New York was nice for us, but it’s not home.”

Her face softens. “It was home for us when we were there.”

He smiles. “Wherever you and Henry are is my home. Do you not get that by now?”

She moves forward and whispers against his lips, “I think I’m starting to.”

He moans as she lifts her leg to straddle him.

“Thought you were tired?” he asks in a soft whisper.

She hovers over him, her long blonde hair curtaining their faces. “One of the benefits of being pregnant. My hormones can change at the drop of a hat.”

She goes to kiss him again, but his whole body goes stiff.


Emma’s pregnant and she wants to make love.

Killian gets this terrible fear that he’s going to hurt her and it makes him want to scream. He wants her, more than he can ever remember wanting her, but she’s with child and he would sooner die than do anything that would put her and their unborn child in danger.

She must feel the difference, because she pulls back and looks at him with her brow together.

“What’s wrong?”

His hand and braced arm rest on her hips as he sighs, “I’m not quite sure we should go any further, love.”

She sits up fully and he tries not to hiss when her bottom comes in contact with his lap.

“Why not?”

“You’re with child…”

She sucks in a breath and he can see tears form in her eyes. “You’re not attracted to me now that I’m pregnant? I’m not even showing yet!”

He looks at her with pure horror.

“Are you mad?” His hand grips her hip and he pushes himself up letting her feel how much he’s attracted to her. “Does this feel like I’m not attracted to you?”

“Then why--”

“I don’t want to hurt the baby, love.” He whispers, his hand reaching to ghost over her stomach. “That’s all.”

She lets out a snort. “Killian, you’re not going to hurt the baby! Sex is perfectly normal during pregnancy.”

He gives her a look of doubt and she lets out a sigh before she leans over to grab her phone off the end table.

“Here,” she says and slaps the phone onto his chest. “You lived in the modern world for a year and a half, I know you know what the term ‘google it’ means.”

Rolling his eyes, he picks up the cell phone. He’s just pulled up the website when he sees her cross her arms over her chest.

“You’re lucky I’m pregnant and horny, because if I wasn’t, I’d be banning sex for a week!”

He arches his eyebrow at her and smirks. She tried banning sex from him back in New York a couple times but she rarely lasted two days, let alone a week.

“Don’t look at me like that,” she growls.

He chuckles and nods before he brings up the article that first appears.

Does sex during pregnancy harm the baby?

No, a baby isn’t hurt when a pregnant woman and--

He stops reading and tosses the phone aside before he sits up and presses his lips to hers. She lets out a muffled giggle and wraps her arms around his shoulders while he moves down to kiss her jaw.

Sighing, she murmurs, “See, I told you. Besides, pretty soon I’m going to be all big and you’re not even going to want to come near me.”

He lets out a groan and pulls her down onto his lap. The thought of Emma’s stomach large and round because of a child, their child, sends a primal urge through him.

“Emma,” he moans against her neck. “I can assure you, I’ll most certainly want to be near you.”

Her chuckle turns into a moan as he licks her pulse point. They don’t hesitate with ripping their clothes off and when she sinks herself down onto him, he lays back with a hiss. His eyes rake over her body and he’s suddenly aware of the subtle differences he hadn’t noticed before. Her breasts seem fuller, larger even, and her stomach, though it’s still flat, is different. He’s always been able to see the outline of her ribs whenever she stretched, or bent back, something that’s intrigued him since he knows how she eats, but now, he can’t see any hint of her bones.

Running his hand up her stomach, he cups her left breast as she rocks above him, throwing her head back with a whimper. He pinches her nipple in between his fingers and her mouth falls open in a silent cry. His neck tenses as he feels her tighten around him and he watches her beautiful face while she comes undone on top of him.

“Bloody hell, love,” he whispers. “That was fast.”

Her head falls forward and she smiles down at him almost drunkenly. “Another benefit of being pregnant.”

He sits up fully and wraps his arms around her.

“Allow me to take full advantage of this benefit, then.”

She lets outs an airy chuckle and pulls him closer to her. Their lips are inches apart as they move together and they breathe each other in while he moves his hand up to her hair and cups the back of her head.

“I missed you,” she whispers against his lips.

His heart soars and his arms tighten around her, reminding him of their reconciliation back in New York. He spent so much time doubting her, doubting them, when he should have known that their love was real.

“I missed you, too,” he answers before he kisses her.

Her hips jerk and she grinds herself down onto him. Unlike the last two times they have been together since they’ve come back to Storybrooke, this time is different because it finally feels like they are back to normal... back to themselves.

His lips move down her neck to kiss her chest bone while her fingers tangle in his hair. The ring on the end of the necklace he gave her so long ago presses into his chest. Not even with his memories back does he regret giving it to her, that ring is one of the main reasons why he’s been alive for so long, or, at least he thinks it is, and if he can pass that good fortune onto Emma, he’d do it gladly. Her movements start to become erratic and he can tell she’s already close to exploding again.

“Oh, Emma,” he groans. “Again, give it to me again.”

She nods her head and he moves down to take her nipple into his mouth. She lets out a tiny squeak before her teeth bite down on his shoulder. He feels pain for about two seconds before it’s replaced by pleasure as she clamps around him so tightly, he feels like there’s a vise grip on his cock in the most magical way. Her teeth retract from his shoulder with a gasp and he reaches up to cup her jaw.

“Gods, I love you.”

She smiles at him and he sucks in a breath, because he finally sees the love in her eyes he used to see on a daily basis.

“I love you, too,” she tells him before her lips find his again.

He flips them so that he’s on top and she wraps her legs around his waist. She comes undone under him once more before he finally lets himself go, spilling inside of her with his head in the crook of her neck, a low grunt and her name on his lips. Instead of collapsing on top of her like he usually does, he instantly pulls out and falls to his side, pulling her to his chest.

With a soft giggle, she whispers, “You know, your weight isn’t going to harm the baby, either.”

“I’m not taking any bloody chances,” he pants out.

She kisses his chest before snuggling closer to him and when he falls asleep, he dreams of a little boy with his mother’s hair, and his blue eyes.

The next morning, they are sitting at a table in Granny’s waiting for Henry to come down from his shower when Killian puts his left arm around Emma’s shoulder as she eyes the menu and presses his lips against her temple.

“Find anything yet, love?”

She smells of his shampoo and it makes him smile. Apparently the smell of her normal coconut shampoo now makes her sick and she promptly asked him to get rid of it. Though it pains him to see her in such distress, he’s happy to be able to help her. She’s not keeping him in the dark anymore, every time something has bothered her since the moment she opened her eyes, she’s told him right away. He even held her while she cried when she knocked over his aftershave and spilt it all over the floor.

It’s… strange, seeing Emma like this. She’s always been so strong, in the entire time that he’s known her, he’s only seen her cry a handful of times, but now that she’s pregnant, it’s like any little thing is setting her off and she falls into a fit of tears over it. But no matter how strange it is, he knows he’ll always be there to be whatever she needs.

“I want pancakes and bacon,” she answers as she puts the menu down. “Oh! Do you think Granny will make me hardboiled eggs?”

He smirks and brushes his lips against her skin again.

“I think she will make you whatever you want.”

They both look up when Belle approaches them. “Good morning.”

“Belle,” Emma says with a smile. “Did something come up with the research?”

The brunette’s arms tighten around the book pulled to her chest.

“Uh, no, actually.” She shakes her head with a smile. “Congratulations to both of you, by the way, a baby that’s so exciting.”

Emma looks down at her stomach with a slight blush while he smiles at the librarian.

“Thank you, lass.”

Things between the two were strained at first, but it seems ever since he stayed to protect her and offered help with research, she’s found it in her heart to forgive him of his past discretions and look to him as an ally, and perhaps even a friend.

Again cementing his belief that she is far too good of a woman for the Crocodile.

Belle gives him a nod before she starts to ask Emma questions as he turns and takes a sip of his coffee. Never in his life did he expect to have people approach him to congratulate him on having a child.

It’s still such a shock to him. He’s going to be a father. Fear runs through him at the thought, but he pushes it down, there are more important things and all he should be worrying about is what Emma needs. There are many things he doesn’t know about pregnancy and he doesn’t want to harm her or their unborn child in anyway.

“Actually, this is for Killian.”

He lifts his head when he hears Belle say his name. She gives him a smile and hands him the book she was showing Emma. His brow goes together as he takes it.

“Emma has been pregnant before so she knows things… but I thought you may like something that could help you.”

He reads the title… ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ before he looks over at Emma who gives him a shrug.

“It might give you a little insight, plus I know you enjoy reading.”

He takes the book and flips the cover open, eyes skimming the first few sentences before he looks up at Belle.

“Thank you,” he whispers.

She gives him a small smile before he turns back to it, barely noticing when the librarian leaves, he’s too busy reading the pages, but when Snow and Charming sit down across from them in the booth he finally looks up.

“What are you reading?” Snow asks.

Emma reaches over to close the cover and his eyes shoot up to her. When she tries to take it away, he puts his hand on the book and stops her.

“You can read this later.”

With a huff, he allows her to take it from him and she hands it to her mother.

“Oh!” Snow gasps. “I have this at home. I read it when we got our memories back last year. I wanted to see if it was accurate.”

He looks up at her with his eyes slightly wide. “Is it?”

Snow smiles and pushes the book back to Emma. “Yes. It has some really good information, I think it’ll help you a lot.”

Before he can reach for it again, Emma hides it behind her back.

“Henry will be down any minute. I thought we decided not to tell him yet?”

He presses his lips together and nods. He wants nothing more than to sit there and read the book cover to cover, but they’ve made the decision to wait to tell Henry. If the lad sees the book, he’ll figure it out right away.

“Aye, love,” he kisses her temple. “I’ll read the tale later.”

She gives him a small, grateful smile and turns back to her parents. He puts his arm back around her shoulder and sees the Charming’s staring at them.

“I take it you two talked?” David asks with a smile.

Killian lets out a chuckle while Emma blushes and looks down at her lap.

“And…?” Snow trails off.

He holds back his snort. Emma’s parents were definitely made for each other.

Looking at him shyly, he gives her a small nod of encouragement before she turns to her parents. “We’re having a baby.”

He smiles and tightens his arm around her, because it’s still hard to believe, hard to accept, that they are going to have a child. Every time he thinks about it, a ridiculous grin appears on his face and he struggles with getting it to go away.

David leans his elbows on the table and Emma sits up.

“Dad, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, and I’m sorry I asked mom to keep it from you... I just… I was scared. The last time I was pregnant I was alone and…”

The Prince reaches over the table and puts his hand over his daughters.

“Emma, you don’t have to explain it to me. They only thing I’m concerned about is your happiness.”

Her face twitches and Killian can see her eyes turn glassy. “But I know you were upset about me not telling Killian.”

David lets out a sigh. “I was upset that he learned from Zelena. No man should find out that he’s going to be a father by anyone other than the mother. But that doesn’t mean I was upset with you. If anyone can understand about keeping a pregnancy private, it’s your mother and I.”

Emma smiles at that and grips her father’s hand in her own.

“Thanks, dad.”

He gives her another smile before he lifts her hand to his lips.

Attempting to make the conversation less strained, Killian clears his throat and picks up his coffee. “Happy to be grandparents again?”

Snow nods with a big smile while David chuckles and says, “Always, but, as far as I’m concerned, this pregnancy happened through immaculate conception.”

Snow and Emma giggle while Killian pears over his mug at the Prince with a smirk. “Whatever helps you sleep at night, mate.”

David glares at him and he chuckles when Emma smacks him in the stomach.

“You two seemed to have made up,” David grumbles before he turns to his wife. “Does this mean I can’t kill him anymore?”

Killian snorts, while Snow rolls her eyes.

“That’s the father of your grandchildren you’re talking about. Be nice.”

His eyes snap up to the woman across from him and his mouth falls open. She’s just called him the father of their grandchildren without any hesitation, it seems the former bandit has not only accepted the fact that he will be having a child with her daughter, but that Henry is his son, as well.

He can’t explain the joy it brings him.

“I went to him first in New York didn’t I?”

He clears his throat and tries to make his voice normal. “Aye, you did. I didn’t know you cared so much, mate.”

David rolls his eyes. “Okay, I mostly did it for Emma.”

Killian nods and puts his coffee mug down. “Ah, I figured.”

Emma gives him a pointed look and he smiles at her to let her know it’s all in good fun. He knows that her father truly doesn’t hate him anymore, but it’s fun to see him squirm. But when Snow glares at him, David lets out a sigh and puts his elbows on the table.

“And I guess you’ve…” he motions with his hand. “grown on me a bit.”

Killian places his arm down and leans forward.

“Hm?” David chuckles and shakes his head. Killian smiles wildly and lifts his hand in the air. “Well, I tend to have that effect on people.”

Both of the women giggle while David gives him a mock glare.

“Alright, don’t push it.”

Killian sits back in his seat and Emma pats him on the thigh. Though he’s jesting with David, it does make him extremely ecstatic to have his blessing. There was a time he thought they would never see eye to eye, but now, they will always be connected, always be a family. It makes him smile because David reminds him of Liam, and having him around is almost like Liam is with him again.

“Are you having any cravings?” Snow asks.

“This morning I really really want hard boiled eggs. Where is the waitress by the way?” Emma mumbles as she looks around.

They all chuckle as Henry runs up to the table and sits next to them with a smile.

“Where’s LL at?”

“He’s at daycare.” Henry’s face drops and Snow leans forward. “I have to pick him up around lunch time, if you want to come play with him.”

The lads face lights up and he nods. Killian grins because he suddenly envisions Henry playing with his little brother or sister, he told him once back in New York how cool it would be to have a younger sibling and he can only hope that he will feel the same way when they tell him about their child.

They order their food and the adults listen as Henry tells the Charming’s about their vacation to the beach. Emma rolls her eyes while her parents laugh at how they dragged her into the water. When their food arrives, Killian pushes his aside so that he may use his fork to cut Emma’s pancakes into pieces while she digs into her hard boiled eggs. When he’s finished, he brings his thumb to his mouth to lick away the stray syrup before he pushes the plate back over as she finishes up the last of her eggs.

“Do you want more, love?”

With her mouth full of pancakes, she nods and he motions to the waitress for more eggs while David keeps Henry distracted with questions on his schooling so the lad doesn’t notice the weirdness in his mother’s breakfast choice. He’s chewing his own breakfast when he sees Snow stop Emma from pouring herself another cup of coffee. The two women stare at each other for a couple seconds before she lets out a sigh and goes for her cup of water.

He eyes Snow who mouths to him ‘it’s in the book’ and he makes a mental note to look for it later. Emma is on her third bowl of hard boiled eggs and he’s halfway through his breakfast when Ruby walks up with a grimace on her face.

“Hey Ho… uh, Killian. Um, there’s someone outside who wants to speak to you.”

He can feel everyone look at him. He wants to ask who, but he knows if she’s not outright saying, it’s someone they can’t mention in front of Henry. With a nod, he moves to stand as Emma looks up at him with concern in her eyes.

Leaning down, he gives her a quick peck on the forehead. “I’ll be right back, love. Don’t fret.”

He pats Henry’s shoulder and follows Ruby to the back of the diner, but before he can walk out she stops him.

“You might want to put on your hook.” His brows raise and she just nods. “Trust me.”

He takes the hook out of his jacket and switches it before he walks out the back. Killian lets out a huff of annoyance when he sees Mr. Smee standing there fidgeting and approaches him. He can feel his entire body change into the domineering Pirate Captain he hasn’t been in over a year and his mouth twitches at how normal it feels.

“You know how much I abhor being interrupt, Mr. Smee. What is it that’s so urgent?”

The short man gives a small nod. “It’s just, um, me and the men were talking about how we haven’t seen much of you since we all ended up back here.”

He chuckles and takes a step back. Smee is right. Since he’s been back, he’s only seen his crew three times, he’s meant to visit them more, but he just hasn’t found the time, but he can’t let Smee know that.

“Is there a point to that rather odd observation?”

“What’s keeping us from crewing up again and hitting the high seas, getting back to pirating?”

Killian arches an eyebrow at him.

“You mean other than being attacked and turned into flying monkeys? Have you forgotten? There’s no safe passage out of this town. You’ve already been a rodent, Mr. Smee. Does life as a simian interest you, as well?”

“Of course there’s safe passage. We could outrun them!” Smee cries out.

He snorts and shakes his head. “Not with that torso of yours.”

Smee sighs. “If we had a fast enough ship. The Jolly Roger, for instance,” Killian goes stiff. “You still haven’t told me where she is… she was here and then she vanished.”

“What happened to her isn’t important.”

“Because you were the one that summoned her away? Is our ship okay? What… what happened to it?’

My ship. All you need to know, Mr. Smee, is that the Jolly Roger isn’t here. So there will be no outrunning of anything.”

Smee shakes his head and he starts to fidget again. “I mean, what if we found another ship? Anyone down by the docks…”

He glares at the short man. “Mr. Smee, I’ve tried letting you down easy. Now let me be more direct. I have no intention of leaving this town.”

“Captain,” Smee starts. “I agree with you. This place has its bright spots. I have never tried anything quite like frozen yogurt before. But the Wicked Witch is here, and with that sort of danger, what possible reason do you have to stay?”

It’s clear the announcement of Emma’s pregnancy hasn’t reached his crew's ears yet or else Smee wouldn’t be questioning him. They both look when the back door opens and Emma emerges, concern clearly written all over his face. Killian turns back to Smee with a growl and steps up into his face.

“My reasons are my own. Question them again at your peril.”

Smee’s face goes pale and his cowardice first mate nods before he moves back.


Smee slinks away and he turns to Emma with a smile, the demanding pirate demeanor washing away to be replaced with the man he’s become.

“Didn’t he used to be a rat?” Emma asks when he walks up.

He looks back at Smee. “Aye,” he turns to her. “In many ways, he still is. Checking up on me, Swan?”

She gives him a shy smile and shakes her head. “I just wanted to make sure everything is okay… What did he want?”

He pulls her into his arms and kisses the tip of her nose. “It matters not. Now, what’s the real reason you came out here?”

She gives him a sheepish smile. “Um, my mother just reminded me that I have an appointment with Whale today to figure out my due date. He’s going to give me my first ultrasound and I was wondering if you wanted to come.”

A stupid grin spreads across his face and he’s once again thankful for the knowledge Regina bestowed into his brain because he knows exactly what an ultrasound is.

“Nothing would make me happier, Emma.”