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Emma checks to make sure Henry is still sleeping before she leaves and locks the door behind her. Rushing down the back stairs of the Inn, she walks into the diner to see everyone waiting for her. Killian gives her a small smile and she feels her cheeks start to tint.

It’s almost like their relationship is brand new again and she couldn’t be happier. Ever since he first wrapped himself around her yesterday morning, she realized she couldn’t live without the feeling of being in his arms, they always made her feel safe and she refuses to give them up.

Then they found out Gold was alive… she could see how his body physically reacted to the news and all she wanted to do was make him feel better, screw holding herself back anymore out of fear

Because after the fight they had and how hurt he looked, she no longer doubts his feelings for her, she dare thinks he may even still love her, but that really was never the main issue.

The day before, her mother talked her ear off for an hour about love and hope and she’s finally starting to understand it. Even though there is still a large part of her that believes he will leave once he finds out she’s pregnant, she’s going to have hope that he won’t.

She just has to work up the courage to tell him about the pregnancy first.

“Now that the sun’s up, we should hit every place Gold might go…” David suggests. “His house, his shop, his cabin.”

Emma takes a seat on a stool next to Killian and sighs. “Because dead men love vacation homes.”

Her mother walks over to her and hands her a cup of cocoa, making her roll her eyes.

Forget to eat one day and everyone goes crazy.

“Can someone explain to me how this is even possible? We all saw Gold. He…” She shivers at the memory.

“Disappeared into nothingness. I know,” Snow says as she hands a building block to her little brother who is sitting on top of a mat on the floor playing with toys.

She stares at her him as she sips her drink. In a little under nine months she’s going to have one of her own, and this time, it’ll be real. No fake memories of raising a baby, she’s actually going to do it.

Fear creeps up into her at the thought.

She’s never actually raised a baby, the memories she has are Regina’s. What if she fails? What if she doesn’t know how? She doesn’t know the first thing about being a parent to a baby, or how a child should be raised.

“Uh, Swan?”

Snapping out of her thoughts, she looks up to see everyone staring at her. “What?”

Killian’s eyes move to her mug and she looks down. Her cup of cocoa is boiling and almost bubbling over, quickly putting the mug on the counter, she chuckles nervously. “Sorry.”

She can feel him staring at her and she knows he’s not going to let her go much longer with her lies. Taking a deep breath, she summons up the courage and mouths the word ‘later’ to him. Unconvinced, he arches his eyebrow at her.

“I promise,” she whispers.

His lips twitch and he gives her a quick nod before they turn back to the group.

“Maybe Neal knows something,” David suggests.

She starts to squirm in her seat when her father brings up her ex’s name because she has mixed feelings about Neal. When he came back into her life, she let go of her anger toward him, forgave him, then admitted to herself that she still loved him when she thought he was dead.

Then there was Hook.

From the moment they met, there was just something about him, she felt drawn to him in a way she never felt with anyone before. But he was helping Cora so she brushed it off as nothing, until he came back with the bean and offered his services to help find Henry.

“Perhaps I just needed reminding that I could.”

The look in his eyes when he said that… it still gives her shivers when she thinks about it, but she told herself that it was wrong, that she shouldn’t feel that way for him, so she denied it.

Until she kissed him and her whole world changed. She couldn’t deny it anymore, there was something between them… that kiss had her spinning for hours.

Then Neal was alive and she really wished that he wasn’t, because dealing with the pain he put her through was worse. It was then she realized that part of her would always love him, he gave her Henry, but she wasn’t in love with him anymore, he was her past, but he wanted to fight for her.

Before she even had a chance to tell him that there was nothing left to fight for, the threat of Pan’s curse came.

Now, there’s a possibility of him being out there and they have no idea if he’s okay. The worst part is that Henry still has no idea who he is. As far as he knows, Neal left her before he was born and they’ve never met.

Letting out a sigh, she says, “But Neal is… He’s… We don’t know what he is or if he’s even here.”

Killian goes tense next to her and she knows it must be killing him. He told her she would have to choose in Neverland, then they left together while Neal was forced to stay behind and fell in love. Now they are back and their relationship is up in the air while they try to search for her the Wicked Witch.

When she looks over at him, he gives her a forced smile and it makes her chest ache because she misses his genuine smiles.

Her little brother starts to make a fuss making everyone stop talking as Snow kneels down to try and calm him.

Keeping her voice low, she leans closer to him, “Do you think we can make time to talk soon?”

“What’s wrong?”

Butterflies form in her stomach as she bites her lip and says, “I’d like to talk about us.”

His eyes widen and his mouth drops, making her giggle softly.

Looking down at his lap, the tips of his ears turning pink, he chuckles before whispering, “I’d like that very much, Emma.”

When his lips turn up, it’s so beautiful, she can’t help but lean over and kiss it. He hesitates for half a second before he’s kissing her back while his hand reaches up to tug at the ends of her hair. It isn’t until they hear a throat clearing that they finally pull away.

Seeing everyone’s eyes on them, she instantly starts to blush and hides her face in his shoulder while he fights his grin and puts his hand on her knee.

He clears his throat. “Apologies.”

She finally looks forward when her cheeks don’t feel warm. She sees her mother smiling, her father with his arms crossed, and Regina with her hands on her hips.

“I’m sorry what were you saying?”

Regina rolls her eyes. “I’m going to head back to that farmhouse.”

Nodding, she tells her, “Okay. Just be careful.”

“Well, she’s the one who needs to be careful,” Emma raises her eyebrows at the Mayor. “She invaded my space. When I return the favor, I’m not pulling any punches.”

Killian makes a noise and when she looks over at him, she sees him roll his eyes.

“We should tell Belle about Gold,” David suggests after Regina walks out.

“You’re right, she deserves to know. Just let me run to the bathroom first,” her mother turns to her with a smile. “Emma, want to hold your little brother?”

Her eyes go wide and she looks at Killian and David before she turns back to her mother. “Uh, what? No, I don’t…”

The baby is shoved in her arms before she can finish and her body goes stiff. Snow gives her a knowing smirk before she rushes off to the bathroom. She’s holding him out in front of her like a sack of potatoes while he sucks on his bink and stares at her with wide eyes. When his arms reach out for her face, her heart instantly melts and she feels her lips curving into a smile.

Pulling him close to her chest, he giggles. “Hey little guy.”

“Seems he likes his big sister.”

Emma looks up to see her father starting at her and tears prick her eyes. Not too long ago, she believed she was alone in the world, an orphan that had no family, now, she has the son she gave up, a mother, a father, a baby brother, a man she loves, and another baby on the way.

More family than she could have ever dreamed of.

“Yeah,” she answers. “It seems he does.”

“So… so Rumple’s alive?” Belle gasps out as she stares at the golden straw. “I mean, how is that even possible?”

Emma leans forward in her chair. “We were hoping you might be able to tell us that. You know him and this shop better than anyone. If he’s in Storybrooke, there has to be a clue in here about how he got back or how we can find him now that he is.”

Belle’s eyes stay on the straw, her face is full of sorrow and Emma can feel herself starting to get choked up again.

Damn hormones.

“Yeah,” she whispers. “I’ll start looking right away.”

Her heart breaks for the librarian, she can’t imagine what it would be like to watch then man you love die, then for him to come back. Her eyes move to Killian and she has to force herself to stay calm, the thought of losing him… she wouldn’t be able to bear it.

“Keep your eyes out for him, too. If he comes into town…” David trails off.

Belle looks up and nods. “He’ll come to me. Yeah, I know.”

Emma looks over at Snow, who gives her a slight nod, there should be someone that stays with Belle to watch over her just in case something happens, but they have to go out for a search. Her eyes move back to Killian and she can tell he’s thinking the same, and he rolls his eyes.

“I will stay here with you,” he announces with a sigh. “I’m surprisingly good at research.”

Belle looks back at him with her mouth open. “You will stay with me?”

She leans forward and puts her hand on Belle’s arm. “He’ll protect you if the witch comes.”

The brunette’s head snaps back to her. “You do know he tried to kill me.”

Emma flinches. It’s easy for her to forget all of the bad things he’s done in his past, but she knows he’s trying to make amends for them.

“Well, there were extenuating circumstances,” he explains with a wave of his hand.


Shaking his head with wide eyes, he shrugs, “Sorry?”

“You really know how to charm a girl, don’t you?” Emma hisses with a hard glare.

He presses his lips at her before he turns back to Belle. “This will be my way of making it up to you.”

Belle rolls her eyes. “Fine.”

“All right, we should really get out into the woods.” Snow turns to her. “Can you do me a favor and watch your little brother while your father and I go?”

Her mouth drops open and she looks David before turning back to Snow. “What? You want me to sit home and babysit?”

“Well, I am the best tracker here,” Her mother explains. “Plus, Zelena is supposed to come over. You can tell me everything she says about… Leo.”

She doesn’t miss the pointed look she’s given and sighs because she knows arguing will be no use. She’s been pushing Emma to use Zelena for help ever since she found out she’s a midwife.

“Fine. But I’m only agreeing to this because you are the best tracker here. Next time, we need to find another babysitter.”

Both her parents agree and they stand to leave. Without even thinking, Emma leans over the counter and gives Killian a soft kiss goodbye.

“Call me if anything comes up,” she whispers to him.

“As you wish.”

Leo giggles as she blows raspberries on his stomach and she can’t get over how adorable his laugh is.

“Do you like that, buddy?” she asks with a big smile.

She has his arms in her hands as he sits on the table in front of her, while his chubby hands move to tap her face and he starts to gurgle.

With a laugh, she leans forward and rubs her nose against his, “I think that means you do.”

Pulling Leo down to her lap, she takes her phone out of her pocket. “How about we take a picture and send it to mom and dad?”

Leo shrieks in excitement and it makes her laugh again, he’s such a happy kid, nothing like the memories Regina gave her of Henry where he cried all the time. She hunches down so their faces are together and right before the picture is taken, Leo gives the biggest smile she’s ever seen. She attaches the photo to a group message to her parent’s, and, after a quick internal debate, Killian, as well, and hits send.

A half an hour later, after she’s put Leo down for his nap, she finally looks to see their responses.

EMMA. <3<3<3 – S

He looks just like you. – D

Beautiful. – K

She chews on her nails as she stares at her phone. Back in New York, they used to text all the time when they weren’t together and it’s something that she misses.

How’s researching going? – E

Her stomach growls after she sends the message, so she goes to her parent’s kitchen and starts to raid their fridge. Spotting some leftover chicken, her mouth starts to water. Her fingers tap against the counter while the chicken heats up in the microwave, it seems like it’s taken forever and she’s starving. She spies a jar of peanut butter and grabs it along with a fork and knife. When her chicken is done, she makes her way back to the table to eat her meal.

I’m winning her over, I can feel it. – K

Be nice. – E

I’m always a gentleman. Have you eaten anything yet today? – K

She rolls her eyes, ever since her almost fainting spell yesterday, he’s been watching her like a hawk. Last night, he refused to leave the table in their room until she finished her meal, so she takes a picture of her lunch and sends it to him.

That looks absolutely horrid, Swan. You’re going to make yourself sick again. – K

No, it’s called being pregnant and having weird cravings.

It’s delicious! Don’t judge me. – E

I wouldn’t dream of it, though I’m starting to question your tastes in food. How is babysitting? – K

Weird. I have a little brother. – E

That you do. – K

She sits back in her chair as she chews her chicken and brings her feet up onto her seat.

He went down easy though, remember how hard it was to get Henry to go to sleep in New York? – E

He used to give them so much trouble, especially on the weekends when he didn’t have a bed time. Henry would sit on their couch with his eyes literally rolling into the back of his head but would still refuse to go to sleep.

Aye, interrupted some very important things from time to time. – K

She snorts because she knows exactly what he’s talking about. It had to have been the last time she got her period, and when it was finally over, it was a Saturday night. Killian was so worked up, when she whispered to him that it was done, he joked about giving Henry a sleeping pill so they could go into the bedroom. When he finally fell asleep on the couch, Killian carried him to his room while she went to go change. She barely heard Henry’s bedroom door shut, before he pounced on her like an uncaged animal.

I don’t remember that ever stopping you. – E

Never. I don’t remember you ever complaining. – K

A blush forms on her cheeks and she bites her lip.

Never. – E

When there’s a knock at the door, she’s surprised to see that twenty minutes has gone by, texting Killian always was addicting.

Duty calls, I have to go. Call me if anything comes up. – E

As you wish. – K

When she opens the front door, Zelena gives her a big smile.

“Emma! It’s so good to see you again, dear. How are you feeling?”

They make their way into the loft and sit down at the table.

“Better. I had a little bit of a dizzy spell yesterday after we left here. I forgot to eat something. But the morning sickness has cut down some.”

Zelena presses her lips together. “Emma, you must remember to eat. It’s not just you anymore.”

She sighs. “I know, yesterday was just… it was a weird day. I’ll do better from now on.”

The redhead gives her a little smile and puts her hands on the table. “Good. Now, you’ve already gone through labor once, so at least you know what to expect.”

Emma chuckles. “Yeah, the last time I went through labor it was a little different.”

“Well, keep in mind the second birth can progress much faster than the first.” Her knee starts to bounce up and down and she bites her lip. “How are you feeling, Emma? Your mother told me that you still haven’t told the father yet.”

She blinks up at the woman in surprise. “She did?”

Zelena nods. “I don’t mean to pry, but it seems to me you have some anxiety about all of this.”

Sighing, she runs her hand through her hair. “No, I mean… yes, I haven’t told him. I plan to, but things have been crazy lately and—”

“Henry’s father left you.” She takes a deep breath and nods. “It’s tragic, what happened. But, I think it’s best to just get these anxieties out in the open. Feelings, especially those we keep bottled up, can affect a pregnancy just as much as diet and exercise. We all know your life isn’t exactly easy… look, I suppose what I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t put any unwanted stress on yourself.”

Emma rolls her eyes. Unwanted stress is something that comes all too quickly now that she is back in Storybrooke and it isn’t something she can just easily walk away from. But she knows she’s going to have to at least make the effort to try.

So she just gives Zelena a tentative smile and nods.

Killian sits at the table in their room tapping his lips, Emma should be there any minute and he’s never been more nervous in his life.

Okay, he was more nervous when he proposed to her, but he’s still nervous. They have their memories back and he’s about to lay it all out on the line.

He loves her, he wants to be with her, memories or not, the rest is up to her.

Something in him says she still loves him, he can feel it, but the walls he spent so much time breaking down came back up like a barricade the moment she got her memories back. He just needs to remind her that things haven’t changed.

He loved her before and he loves her now.

The door opens and his breath catches in his chest when Emma gives him a small smile.

“Hey, sorry. I was talking to Zelena and kind of lost track of time.”

Shaking his head, he tells her, “’S alright, love. Your father says she’s midwife and she’s offered to help Snow with the little Prince?”

She hesitates for a quick second before she nods and takes off her coat. His brow goes together when he sees her body tense before she gives a forced smile, trying to mask it.


She goes to walk past him, but he reaches out with his hook and catches her arm. “Swan, what’s going on? Is there something with this Zelena lass that I don’t know about?”

She sighs and shakes her head. “No. She’s a midwife and she’s helping.”

Studying her for a quick second, he decides to let it go, and nods before her eyes move around the room, nose wrinkling in confusion.

“Where’s Henry?”

He lets go of her arm and scratches the back of his ear. “I, uh, I asked your parent’s and Regina if they would take him for lunch… so we could have a chance to talk.” His voice softens at the last part of the sentence.


He stands up from his seat and Emma takes a step back. “You did say you wanted to talk, love.”

She swallows before licking her lips. “I do. But Killian, Gold’s alive… we haven’t found this Wicked Witch yet…”

He moves closer to her and takes her hand in his own.  “All the more reason to enjoy the quiet moments, and right now… we have a quiet moment.”

Motioning the to the table, he lets out a breath of relief when she gives him a small smile and moves to sit. He pulls out her chair for her and has to bite his lip when he sees her cheeks tint. He takes a seat next to her and they both sit there in silence, before he sees her fingers move to play with her engagement ring, making him smile.

Slowing, he lifts his hand and brushes his fingers against her own to get her attention. She doesn’t pull away, but when she looks down at them, her brow goes together.

“Everything that happened between us,” she finally starts in a low voice. “The Enchanted Forest… Neverland… New York…”

“We’ve been through a lot,” he whispers.

She pulls her hand back and rubs it down her face. “Maybe too much.”

His head snaps over to her. “You can’t believe that.”

Tears form in her eyes as she reaches up to wipe her nose. “I don’t want to, but things have been said—”

He huffs and leans forward. “What things? You mean the fight we had? You called me a pirate, Swan. It wasn’t the first time, nor will it be the last, I don’t care about that.”

She crosses her arms over her chest while her knee starts to bounce. “I wasn’t talking about that. But I am sorry, I was cruel. My emotions are all over the place lately…”

“Don’t be sorry. I am a pirate. Never said I wasn’t.” Her lips twitch at that and he moves even closer to her. “What were you talking about, then?”

He feels her knee bounce a little harder before she eventually shoots up from her seat and starts to pace.

Letting out a sigh, he sits back in his seat.  “Emma, talk to me. You did before, in New York, here is no different.”

“You told David that our engagement was irrelevant!” she suddenly cries out. “What am I supposed to think after I hear something like that?”

He looks at her like she’s lost her mind and he stands up. “I said that because of you! Because I thought once you got your memories back…”

“That the last year wouldn’t matter to me?” she chuckles dryly as a tear runs down her face.

He pushes his hair away from his forehead and shrugs. “Can you blame me? It’s hardly like your feelings for me before we left were—”

“You have no idea how I felt about you before we left.”

Taking a step toward her, hope rising in his chest, he asks, “And how did you feel about me, Swan?”

Her fingers move to fidget with her ring again and her eyes close. He can tell she’s absolutely terrified, but she’s not running, so he takes another step closer to her.


“I don’t know,” she groans out. “I don’t know how I felt about you! All I know is that I did feel something. Y-you came back. You were there! You helped us get Henry… and then we left Neverland, and Neal wanted to try… But all I could think about was you.”

The last part comes out in a whisper but he hears her loud and clear. He knows this is a serious situation, but every hope, every dream he had before they left is coming true, she did have feelings for him back then, even if she never showed him.

Tears shine in her eyes as she continues. “Then Pan did what he did and I had to…”

“Leave,” he finishes for her.

She looks up at him in wonder. “And you came with me.”

His eyes connect with hers. “Aye, I did.”

“Why did you?”

Her face is full of confusion and it hurts him.

Voice soft, “You already know the answer to that, love.”

Her breath catches. “Do you think we can just continue what we had in New York? This is Storybrooke, Killian. There’s a crisis going on.”

He closes his eyes and huffs out. “There’s always a crisis! Perhaps you should consider living your life during them. Otherwise, you might miss it.” A watery laugh escapes her lips but she doesn’t say anything. “Just tell me what you want, Swan. Do you want me to forget about the past year? It’ll be hard, one of the hardest things I’ll ever have to do, but if that’s what you want—”

Cutting him off, she mumbles, “I don’t want that.”

He licks his bottom lip and stares at her. He knows it’s the closest thing he’s gotten to how she feels and he should be grateful, but he’s a greedy bastard and wants to hear the actual words.

“Do you want to be with me?”

Her chest starts to heave up and down but her mouth stays stubbornly shut. The fear is clearly evident on her face and it makes him crave for easier times when her walls were gone and a simple kiss from him would unlock all the secrets she was too scared to admit.

He runs his hand through his hair in frustration. He can feel himself starting to get choked up as he watches her cry in front of him because all he wants to do is pull her into his arms.

“What do you want?” He practically groans.

Shaking her head, she cries out, “It’s not that simple!”

“Aye, it is,” he insists. “I love you, Emma. I want you and Henry, I want the life we had and we can have it here. You just have to want it too.”

She goes stiff and her mouth drops open before she breathes out in disbelief, “You love me?”

There’s a look of shock that crosses her face and it confuses him. Surely she knows this already, how can she not? She’s consumed his thoughts from the moment he met her in the Enchanted Forest, but the way she is looking at him, it’s like it’s brand new information.

So he does the only thing he can think of, he takes a step forward, and collides his lips with hers. She chokes out a sob before her body sags into his, her hands gripping his waist as he uses his hook to push her closer to him. Their lips glide softly against each other before he forces himself to pull back.

With his forehead resting against hers, he gives her a small smile. “Did you ever doubt I did?”

She lets out a stuttering breath that passes across his lips.

“I thought…” she whimpers. “I thought you didn’t want this anymore.”

Kissing her again, he murmurs against her lips, “Have I not made my intentions known since Neverland? Why would you ever think such a thing?”

She shakes her head. “Things are different now, we’re different now.”

Pulling back a fraction of an inch, he whispers, “I’m not different, love. I still love you just as much, if not more, than I did the night I asked you to marry me.” Her eyes close and a smile forms while a lone tear runs down her face. “The questions is, are you?”

Her eyes snap open and he finds himself holding his breath as his heart starts to pound in his chest.

“There’s something—”

A pounding on their door interrupts her and they both look over.

“Emma! Hook! Open up!”

His brow goes together when he hears David’s voice. The Prince promised him time to speak to her and now he’s interrupting them.

Emma wipes her face as he moves to open the door. It’s not even fully open when David comes storming in.

“I’m sorry, you two,” he looks at them with sorrow in his eyes. “I really am. But we have to get to the hospital right away.”

“Henry? Is he…” Killian asks frantically.

David shakes his head. “He’s fine. Regina has him.”

“Dad, what’s wrong?”

He sighs and looks over at his daughter. “Neal’s back.”

Emma rushes into the hospital with Killian and David right behind her. Her heart is pounding in her chest and her body is shaking.

When she reaches the room, she sees Belle sitting on the end of the bed while Neal is sitting up, he looks tired but all around he seems okay.

“Neal! You’re here.”

He looks at her and his face lights up before he pulls her into his arms and Emma closes her eyes. It feels familiar, but it’s not the same feeling she gets when she’s in Killian’s arms.

She’s the one that pulls back and looks him over. “What happened?”

“A lot,” he sighs as he runs his hand over his face.

She blinks, “You remember?”

“Bits and pieces. It’s like someone took certain parts of my memories out, but I remember some things.”

“Do you know who the Wicked Witch is?” David asks as he takes a step forward.

“No,” he shakes his head. “But I do know that you all met her back there.”

Emma’s head snaps back over to her father who raises his eyebrows.

“We did?”

He nods. “She was in the castle when you guys got there. The last time I saw you, she had just stolen your courage.”

Her brow goes together. “His courage?”

“Well, a symbol is what Regina called it,” Neal explains. “You faced a demon and beat it, then your sword disappeared.”

She looks back at her father. “Do you have your sword?”

He shakes his head. “No. I’ve been using a replacement.”

“The Wicked Witch took it,” Neal explains. “Before I left, you were trying to figure out why she would need it.”

“Belle,” she turns to the librarian. “Can you do some research?”

The brunette nods and stands. “Yeah, absolutely.”

She gives Neal’s arm a squeeze with a small smile before rushing out of the room.

“Hey, guys, can we… can we have a minute?”

Emma sees Killian go tense and his jaw start to clench. He’s battling with himself, she can tell, he wants to stay, but he also wants to give Neal what he wants. No matter what the three of them have gone through, she knows he still has a soft spot in his heart for him because of Milah.

“Of course,” David responds.

She gives Killian a small smile, but he only nods before he follows her father out of the room. She watches him walk out and doesn’t turn back until Neal touches her arm.

“It’s good to see you,” he says softly. “And even better to have you remember me.”

She gives him a shy smile and nods.

He shakes his head. “Has it really been a year and a half?”


“When can I see Henry?”

She lets out a sigh and squirms slightly. “Neal, I don’t…”

“I know… Okay, I know I can’t just come barging back into your life, but…”

Putting her hand on his arm, she keeps her voice in a comforting tone, “No, it’s… it’s not that. My memories came back, but his… He doesn’t remember anything… the curse, his old life…”

“Me,” Neal whispers. They are both silent for a couple seconds before he clears his throat. “What does his know about his father?”

She winces. “What I knew until about two weeks ago, which was that you let me go to jail and never came back for us.”

He sits up, crying out, “But I didn’t have a choice. You know that!”

Her tongue pokes out to lick her lips and she has to clench her jaw to keep from lashing out. She may have forgiven him for what he did, but that doesn’t mean she accepts it.

Neal shakes his head and crosses his arms with a huff. “So my son has no clue who I really am. He just thinks that I’m the jerk that abandoned him.”

She gives him a sad look because she knows Henry’s feelings toward him at the moment are exactly that.

He is no one to him.

“What about Hook?”

Going stiff, she answers with indifference, “What about him?”

Neal chuckles. “Don’t play dumb, Emma. I’m the one that told him to go with you, remember?”

She sighs and looks down at her lap, the ring is still on her finger but she’s kept it hidden so that he doesn’t see it. She knows he deserves to know, but right now just isn’t the time, especially since their conversation was interrupted by him returning.

“Yes, I remember, Neal.”

“So, what happened?”

She brushes her hair behind her shoulder. “He was our neighbor, lived next door to us in New York.”

“Are you two together?”

Sighing, she tilts her head. “Neal…”

He lets out a dry chuckle and shakes his head. “Why doesn’t that surprise me?”

Her eyes close as she tries to hold back her anger. He’s not the first person that has said that since they’ve come back, and she always just ignored it, but the way Neal said it makes her mad for some reason.

“I think we should just worry about what’s going on right now.”

He looks at her for a couple seconds before he nods. “But he clearly remembers…”

“Yeah, uh, David came to New York. He brought his hook with him and that’s how he got his memories back, then David gave him a potion for me.”

“If that worked for him, maybe it could work for Henry?”

She snorts. “You think Henry will get his memories back by touching Killian’s hook?” She ignores the way he looks at her when she uses Killian’s real name instead of his moniker and continues. “I doubt it.”

He shakes his head. “No. But there has to be something out there. We have to get his memories back. We have to fix this. I’m his father. I want him to know who I am.”

Killian’s fist clenches and unclenches as he sits in the hospital chair. There are a mixture of emotions flowing through him, on one hand, he feels extremely happy to see Bae again, to know that he’s alive and well, he couldn’t be more thrilled.

But on the other hand, he’s Emma’s first love and Henry’s father.

He’s considered himself Henry’s father for the past year and the thought of having that taken away from him hurts him to his core, but Bae is the boy’s birthh father and he deserves to remember him.

Sitting back, he lets out a sigh, maybe if they had gotten to finish their conversation, he would be more calm, if he had her answer, it would be better, but they never got that far. So he’s sitting there battling two completely different feelings. The last time he felt so conflicted was when he decided to back off to give Emma and Neal a chance.

His head snaps over to David when he feels his hand on his knee. “If you don’t stop bouncing your knee, I may scream.”

David removes his hand and sits back in his seat.

“Apologies,” he mumbles.

“I’m guessing this isn’t easy for you.”

Chuckling, he answers in a sarcastic tone, “Why Dave, I have no idea what you mean.”

The Prince shakes his head and leans forward to rest his elbows on his knees. “I’m sorry this happened when you two were…” he trails off and Killian just nods. It’s not his fault, if anything, they both probably would have been upset if he didn’t come get them. “Did you get anywhere, at least?”

He sighs and wipes his palm on his thigh. “We talked, I told her I loved her, that just because we are here doesn’t change things.”

“Does she feel the same way?”

Killian tilts his head with a shrug. “I don’t know, you came up before she could answer. But when I asked if her she wanted me to forget about us, she said she didn’t want that. So, that’s something.”

A smile breaks out on David’s face before he puts his hand on Killian’s shoulder. “That’s great, Hook, really. I’m happy to hear it.”

The two men exchange a nod before Emma comes out of the room. Killian jumps from his seat as soon as he sees her. “How is he?”

“He’s fine. I told him he should stay here, let the doctors look over him.”

His brow goes together because he knows that Bae isn’t going to like sitting in a hospital for too long, especially after he finds out that his father may still be alive. “Did you tell him about his father?”

She sighs and her face shows hesitance, “Yeah. He’s… I don’t know. I feel like he’s keeping something back…”

“Well, he did say there were parts of his memories missing, Emma,” David says as he walks up to them.

Looking down at her feet, she mumbles, “Yeah, you’re probably right.”

But Killian doesn’t buy it, when Emma feels like there’s something off, she’s usually right.

“We should go and continue to try and find Gold. Maybe he can shed some light on Neal’s missing memories.”

“Aye. I’ll stay here and keep watch over Bae, make sure he doesn’t leave.”

She raises her eyebrow. “You?”

He nods. “You and I both know if he’s left alone, it won’t be long before he leaves. Go with your father, if something should happen, I’ll call.”

She stares at him for a couple seconds before she nods and walks out with David. He ignores the ache in his chest at her lack of a kiss goodbye and tries to tell himself it has nothing to do with the man in the other room.

When he walks back in, he sees Bae sitting in the bed staring at the mark on his hand. He noticed it when they first walked into the room, but forgot to mention it in all the confusion.

Bae notices him in the doorway and drops his hands. “They put you on babysitting duty, huh? What, no one trusted me to stay here?”

Killian sighs and reaches up to scratch his ear. “Emma’s simply concerned about you. She thought it best you weren’t out in the cold running after your father.” Bae just nods and he raises his eyebrow. “You don’t seem too shocked that he’s alive.”

He ignores his comment and motions to him, “Thank you, by the way.”

“For playing nanny?”

“For going with them. For giving up… everything. That was very big of you.”

Killian looks down and shuffles his feet. “You would have done the same if you could.”

With a chuckle, Bae shrugs, “Yeah, well, you were the one who suggested it first.”

The two men fall silent, he doesn’t know what Emma told him about them, but he has a feeling it wasn’t much. It’s not that he blames her, there are much more important things going on, and he wants to spare Bae the pain.

“So you two are together?”

So much for sparing him the pain.

Sighing, he shakes his head. “Perhaps this is a conversation you should be having with Emma.”

“Come on, man,” Bae whispers with a tilt of his head. “I already knew how you felt about her before. You think I’m going to blame you for feeling the same way when you had no memories?”

He reaches up and wipes his lips. “We’re together.” Bae sucks in a breath and he can see the sorrow on his face. “Or, we were. I’m not sure what we are now.”

“Things complicated?”

Killian huffs out a breath. “That’s putting it lightly.”

The man rubs his thighs. “Were you guys happy?”

He looks at him and nods.

“Aye,” he answers softly. “We were.”

“And Henry?”

Killian licks his bottom lip. He knows that Emma will be upset for telling Bae these things, but he doesn’t want to lie to him, he’s already failed him before, he in no way intends to do it again.

He can’t help the way his lips curve as he speaks of Henry, “He’s amazing, such a smart lad. You’d be proud of him, Bae.”

The smile the other man gives him is full of longing and regret. “And you gave up this happy life to bring her back here to Storybrooke?”

“How do you mean?”

“Emma told me you got your memories back first. That you were the one that gave her the potion.”

He shrugs his shoulder and loops his thumb through his belt. “It was the right thing to do.”

Bae laughs. “Yeah. What’s it feel like to play the hero after being a pirate for so long?”

Pressing his lips together, he shuffles his feet. “Unfamiliar. And you… How does it feel to play the villain?”

The man looks at him with a raised eyebrow. “I’m a villain now?”

“Well, you had a hand in bringing your father back, since you weren’t surprised by the fact that he’s alive,” Killian motions to the hand Bae is trying to hide. “I suspect you had to use the darkest of magic and paid an even darker price, though I’m sure you felt the ends justified the means.”

Bae looks at him for a few moments before he leans up and rips the tubing from his hand.

“I should be out there helping them. I need to set this right with my son.” He explains as he stands and gathers his belongings. Killian flinches at his words but stays silent as Bae walks up to him. “Question is, are you going to stand in my way?”

He shrugs. “I am in your way.”

Bae stares at him and before either can say anything else, Killian pulls him forward and wraps his arm around his shoulders, he feels him go stiff, but he doesn’t pull away. Closing his eyes, he lets old feelings wash over him, having Bae in his arms almost feels like Milah is in his arms again and it brings him joy but also sorrow… sorrow for the time they lost, for the time they could have had together if he hadn’t let him down so long ago.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“This is long overdue,” Killian whispers. He holds him for a couple more seconds before he pulls back and rests his hand on his shoulder. “Sometimes, when I look at you, all I see is a man. I forget that, beneath it all, you’re still that boy… the one I looked after all those years ago.”

Bae’s face softens. “I haven’t forgotten.”

Smiling at him, he places his hand on the man’s shoulder. Their time together was brief, but it is something that will always stick with him.

“We got caught up in so much nonsense over… a woman,” he explains with the shake of his head.

He loves Emma, loves her more than anything in his life, and he doesn’t regret the decisions he’s made when it comes to her, but he does regret that he let it come between him and Bae.

“I need to do this, Killian.” He sucks his breath in at the sound of his actual name. “You know that, right?”

Rolling his eyes slightly, he pats Bae’s shoulder before stepping aside. “You have ten minutes, and then I alert the others you’ve gone.”

Bae gives him his thanks and walks out. Killian’s lips curve into a smile because for the first time, he feels that he’s done something right by him.