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Chapter Twenty

Killian sighs as he steps out of the truck. He can still smell Emma on his skin and feel her around him, but it doesn’t matter, David showed up before they got a chance to talk and she scurried out of there right after.

When he first walked into the room and saw her, he thought they might actually be able to talk. But then she was pushing him, intentionally making him angry, when all he wanted to do was talk to her, so he knew it had to be done the hard way.

It wasn’t the first time he tried to seduce the truth out of her.

In New York, whenever her walls would try to fight their way back up, he would kiss every inch of her skin, reminding her how much he loved her until she would open and tell him the truth.

But she was prepared.

What kind of pirate begs, she taunted.

The kind that gave up everything for her? The kind that’s heart still flutters at her smile? The kind that fancies her even when she is yelling at him? The kind that loses everyone he loves. The kind that pretends he doesn’t care he’s rejected. The kind that gets pushed away.

He almost stopped her when she kissed him. Everything inside cried for him to break the kiss, to not let himself be used for whatever game she was playing, but he couldn’t bring himself to move. It felt like an age since her lips last touched his and her warmth was before him, her mouth was eager, urging him on. His loins started to stir before he could decide otherwise. He missed her so much.

He tried to convey his feelings without actually saying them, letting her know that he’d do anything for her, she need only ask, and she did, she let him know exactly what she wanted from him.

Is that all I’m good for, easing the ache? He almost asked her aloud, but he bit his tongue and gave what she asked for.

She wanted Hook, she got Hook.

It was raw and passionate and with every thrust, every harsh pant, he once again tried to show her how much he loved her. When they were finished, he planned on doing just that, but David showed up and she darted to the bathroom before he could even finish pulling up his trousers.

When he and David walk into the loft, they see Regina standing outside of the opened bathroom door. She looks at them before turning back and mumbling something. A moment later, Snow walks out followed by Emma who looks pale and he instantly takes a step forward.

“What’s wrong?”

The three women exchange a look before she shakes her head and ignores his question. “What happened in the woods?”

David looks over to where Henry is sleeping and Emma’s gaze follows. With a sigh she motions to the hall and they all move out.

Killian waits until the others exit before he stops her. “What’s going on?”


She tries to walk out, but he stops her again. “Are you going to tell me what’s wrong with you?”

Her jaw locks before she yanks her arm away. “It’s a bug. I’m fine. Now can we please get back to the matter at hand?”

When she storms past him, he lets her. He knows in that second the short time they’ve spent apart was enough for her to retreat back into herself and ignore what happened.

Just an ease for the ache.

He waits a couple seconds and lets his anger calm down before he follows her out. Besides her acting as if they didn’t just pillage each other’s brains out, she’s keeping something from him. He knows it and he knows she knows he knows. But she’s still refusing to tell him.

“They are being turned into flying monkey’s?!” Snow gasps as he walks out into the hall.

“Aye, he took a simian form with a pair of wings.”

He listens as they all talk and he notices how Emma makes it a point to not look at him. It only fuels his anger and when she asks about Bae, he’s about ready to break. The rational part of his brain tells him it’s normal, Bae is the actual father of her child, even if it pains him to admit, and he’s still not sure what her feelings for her first love were before they left, but the other part of him can’t help but feel like she’s slapping him in the face. They are… were together, the sweat from their coupling is still sticky on his skin and she’s ignoring him while asking about her ex.

David shakes his head. “No sign of him, either. So, yeah, it’s possible.”

“The person who escaped our trap disappeared in a cloud of green smoke. And now, there are flying monkeys in town? I think we know exactly who cursed us.” Regina answers.

Emma snorts. “The Wicked Witch of the West?” When everyone stays silent her eyes go wide and she looks at them in shock. “Seriously? She’s real, too?”

Killian rolls his eyes, “Says the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming!”

She throws him a glare and he just shakes his head. His answer may have come off a little snappy but he can’t help it. It’s taking everything in him to keep his calm when all he wants to do is scream. They continue to stand in the hall for a little longer while they try to figure out why the Wicked Witch would have a problem with them when they hear the clock tower go off in the distance.

“It’s getting late,” Emma starts with a sigh. “We should get Henry back to the Inn. We’ll meet up in the morning to see if we can figure anything else out.”

They all agree before they walk back into the living room, and he watches as she looks over at Henry before turning to him. “Would you mind…”

Without letting her finish, he moves over to the couch where their son lay sleeping. He takes the Gameboy and puts it in his back pocket before he picks the sleeping lad up into his arms.

Henry’s eyes blink open for a second. “Killian?”

“Aye. I got you, lad.”

He mumbles something before he rests his head on Killian’s shoulder and falls back asleep. When he turns, he sees Regina staring with a locked jaw and sad eyes.

With a sigh, he walks over to her. “Would you like to say goodbye?”

Regina stares at him for a couple of seconds before she takes a step forward and brushes a piece of hair away from Henry’s face. Tears shine in her eyes as she leans in and presses a feather light kiss against his cheek before she moves back and turns away.

They drive in silence and when they make it back to the Inn, Emma holds the doors open for him while he carries Henry up to their room. They work together to dress the lad in his pajamas, before she moves to the bedroom. Following her at a slow place, he enters to see her standing by the dresser with her back to him. They need to talk about what happened earlier and he refuses to let her just ignore it.


Her back goes stiff for a quick second before she reaches up to take out her earrings, not saying a word. Taking a step closer to her, he tries again.

“About earlier…” She places her earrings on the dresser and ignores him again, so he takes a step back with a huff. “We need to talk about this, Emma.”

“We can’t leave, Henry.”

“That’s what doors are for, love.”

She shakes her head. “He could wake up.”

“Then we go downstairs. It wouldn’t be the first time we left him sleeping alone in a room so that we could talk.”

When she turns to look at him, he sees her lips set in a firm line.

“There wasn’t a...” she whispers the second part. “Wicked Witch out there looking to attack the whole town then!”

“We need to talk!” he growls.

Her fist clenches at her side and she glares at him. “There’s nothing to talk about!”

Balking at her words, he steps closer, “There is plenty to talk about. What happened earlier—”

“Doesn’t matter!” she hisses and he stops.

He breathes through his nose. He can’t take this. He can’t take her looking at him with hate and anger, not after everything they’ve been through. He can feel tears starting to well up in his eyes and a sob in the back of his throat as he takes a step back.

He wants nothing more than to run out of the room and go drown himself in a barrel of rum, but he finds himself stuck. He’s promised to never leave her and he feels that even if he announces he’s just going down to the pub, she won’t believe him, and it’ll just be one more thing he has to fight against.

Running his hand over his face, he lets out defeated sigh. “You win, Swan.”

She looks at him in confusion before he brushes past her over to the bed and picks up his pillow. With a heavy heart, he leaves their bedroom and goes out to the common area. Throwing the pillow down on the second couch, he reaches for the flask in the back of his jeans and takes a large gulp before he lays down.

He doesn’t sleep at all that night.

Time passes in Storybrooke like it did before they left, they spend their days searching for the Wicked Witch coming up with no leads, and every night for two weeks, Killian stays on the couch.

David tries to talk to him, but he he’s not in the mood to talk to anyone. The only person he wants to talk to doesn’t want to talk to him, she even avoids looking at him unless she absolutely has to. He berates himself for the small sliver of hope that she still wants him, she still wears his brother’s ring around her neck and his engagement ring on her finger, he stares at them all the time, but whenever she catches him looking at her hand, she always hides it behind her. He wants to believe she’s wearing them because she still loves him, not because of Henry, but nothing changes.

His eyes move to the window when he sees the first rays of sunshine. He’s spent another sleepless night on the couch and the ache in his chest continues to grow. It kills him to be so close to her every day physically, but so far apart mentally.

Running his hand over his face, he decides to get up because he needs to try and clear his mind, he won’t be good to anyone so conflicted. He’s moving to the bedroom before he realizes it and forces himself not to look at the bed when he goes into the draw to get the clothes he hasn’t worn since New York.

The sneakers feel foreign on his feet and the draw string pants feel too loose, but he knows they are better to run in than his boots and jeans. When he walks back out into the common area, he leans down to give Henry a soft kiss on the top of his head before he heads to the door.

He’s just about to turn the knob when he hears her voice, “Where are you going?”

From the corner of his eye, he can see Emma standing in the doorway of the bedroom. Her hair is tussled in the way he’s always loved and there’s a quilt draped over her shoulders

“For a run down at the docks. I’ll be back before breakfast.”

He doesn’t wait for her response and leaves. It’s windy out and he can feel the dampness from the sea on his face. It brings a calmness to him that he hasn’t felt in a while and he longs for the days where things were easy, but then he remembers how dark those days were until Emma came into his life. She’s been a light in the years of darkness and he knows now more than ever that he can never go back.

She’s forever changed him.

Flashes of happy times in their year together go through his mind and he pushes himself to run faster.

“Emma,” she rolls her eyes with a smile when he raises his eyebrows. “Swan. Emma Swan.”

He pushes even harder.

“Well, I hope you have a nice night at work.”

His feet pound against the wood.

“I’m serious, Emma. I would like to get to know you better.”

“I’d like that, too.”

His lungs start to burn.

“Sure that’s the only thing you’ll have a weather eye on?”

His chest starts to hurt.

“I wanted to. Why did you dare me?”

His muscles start to scream at him.

“Because I’m in love with you!”

He comes to a stop in front of a barn and his chest heaves up and down.

“Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

He runs his hand through his hair and leans back against the barn.

“I love you.”

Sliding to the ground, he reaches into his pocket. He has to bite back a sob as he unfolds the picture and stares at it. It’s a picture Henry took of him and Emma when they went to the park last spring as the sun set, she looks so beautiful it hurts. They use to have the photo on their nightstand back in New York but he took it the morning they left. He rubs his thumb over her face before he pulls out his phone and dials his voicemail. With his eyes trained on the photo, her voice fills his ears.

“Hey handsome. I’m just wondering where you are. I rested all day, as requested, so you should be happy, but now I’m hungry. I’m having the biggest craving for Hawaiian pizza… among other things only you can deliver, so hurry home! I love you.”

He’s lost count on how many times he’s listened to the voicemail or stared at the picture. Whenever he feels like he can’t go on, or when he feels that the past year with her has been a dream, he uses them both to remind him.

And for those brief seconds, he’s happy.

“Are you and mom fighting?”

Killian’s head snaps up and he looks at the boy sitting across from him. After his run, he went back to the Inn to find both Emma and Henry awake waiting for him to go get breakfast. She tried to mask her surprise when he walked through the door, but he saw it right through her.

Open book.

He clears his throat and takes a sip of his coffee. “What makes you say that?”

Henry rolls his eyes.

“I’m twelve, not an idiot. You guys have been acting weird around each other ever since we got here. Plus, you’ve been sleeping on the couch. Is it because she took this case?”

Letting out a sigh, he puts his cup down. He’s made it a point to move from the couch before the lad woke each morning so he wouldn’t see, but it obviously didn’t work. Henry has always been more perceptive than anyone gives him credit for and they should have known he was going to pick up on how different they were acting. Emma and Killian always smiled, were always touching or connected in some way, now they barely look at each other and sit with a gap in between them. She told him that they should pretend in front of Henry and all they’ve been doing is making sure he sees them together, because every time they are near each other, she goes tense like she did before they crossed that town line.

“We had a disagreement, but everything will be alright.” He mumbles, trying to hide the doubt in his voice.

He knows then, that they are going to have to up their game, but he can’t seem to mind. Every second of every day, all he wants to do is hold her in his arms, but he hasn’t been able to. Now, he can.

Emma called him a pirate the last time they had any sort of real conversation, and that’s what he’s going to be. He’s going to get exactly what he wants, time with her in his arms, by doing what pirates do best…

By stealing it.

Henry nods and looks back at his menu. A couple minutes later, Emma comes back to the booth and sits down next to him. He has to bite his lip to hold back his laughter at her shocked expression when he puts his arm around her and pulls her close.

“Cats out of the bag, love,” Her brow goes together and her eyes move to Henry before she looks back at him. “Our boy here has pointed out he’s noticed something’s been wrong with us. So I say that means you’re no longer allowed to be cross with me, because Henry will just help me make it all better.”

Her mouth pops open right before he reaches over to poke at her side like he’s done so many times before. His heart flutters when he sees a genuine smile appear on her face and a small giggle escape her lips.

“He’s right,” Henry says with a laugh. “We’re on a trip! We should be happy not sad!”

His lips twitch and he turns back to look at her. He feels like he’s floating on air by having her so close for the first time in a long while and he tries to remember how he went without it. She lets out a sigh and he can feel her sag into his arms, though she isn’t completely relaxed, most of the tension is gone and it thrills him.

Softly, she murmurs, “Okay.”

Henry smiles bright and crosses his arms over the table. “Now both of you say sorry to each other and let’s have breakfast.”

They both go tense again but know they won’t be able to get away without saying it. Before, whenever they argued, Henry always made them apologize when they wouldn’t do it themselves, one time he refused to leave their bedroom until the words were spoken. Killian looks at Emma and his eyes move back and forth between her own as her eyelids flutter and he thinks he might see a hint of tears.

With his left arm, he pulls her closer and puts his hand over hers, his thumb rubbing the ring still on her finger.

Using only two words, he tries to rely everything that he’s feeling, “I’m sorry.”

She sucks in a breath and her chin moves slightly while her fingers intertwine with his own and he gives her a small reassuring smile.

“I’m sorry, too.”

They stare at each other for a couple of seconds and it’s almost like she’s looking at him like she did before she got her memories back… with love and devotion. He lifts his head and presses his lips to her temple as her hand tightens around his. He smiles because for the first time in a long while, he feels hope flow through him.

They walk to the Charming’s loft hand in hand and Killian can’t wipe the smile from his face. The three of them are strolling down the street together and it feels normal. They laugh at Henry’s excitement over the town and listen to his stories about the places that Regina took him to the day before.

“You see that clock tower? There’s a library inside of it! Did you know that?”

“Aye. I’ve been there before, lad.”

Henry turns to them and starts to walk backwards with a smile.

“It’s a weird town, but cool. And how awesome is it that you guys were in the same place and met the same people but not each other? It’s almost like it was meant to be or something.”

He feels Emma go stiff next to him and he lifts her hand to his lips and kisses the back of it. “That’s because it was, my boy.”

Her cheeks tint while Henry giggles and turns back around to walk. When they get to her parent’s loft, he smiles when he sees how excited their son is to see Regina standing outside. He knows how much it hurts her for him not to remember who she is, but it seems that there is something inside of him that misses her.

“Hello, Madam Mayor! I didn’t know you would be here again today.”

Regina’s smile falters a little when he greets her but she covers it quickly. “Yes, well, we weren’t able to finish our tour last week. I thought maybe you would like to go out again today while your mother and Killian work.”

The boy looks back at them. “Can I?”

Emma gives him a nod. “Of course, kid.”

Henry turns with a smile before he stops and his eyes go wide. “Wait! I promised David and Mary Margaret I would show them something.”

Killian’s brow goes together. “Show them what, lad?”

He smiles and adjusts the book bag on his back. “Come on!”

The four of them head up to the loft and Killian nods at the Charming’s while Henry rushes to pull something out of his bag. His stomach turns when he sees it’s the boys photo album.

He knows that album because in New York, Henry made it a point to add to it almost every week.

“These are some photos we all took,” he explains as he climbs up onto a stool in the kitchen.

Regina and Snow stand on each side of him while David stands on the opposite side of the counter. Killian looks over at Emma and he can see the emotions run all over her face. Henry starts to explain each photo and they both take slow steps closer.

“Here’s a picture of me and mom right after we moved into our new place in New York… and here we are at her works Christmas party. Oh! Killian, too. I forgot he came after he was done work,” he looks over the boy’s shoulder and his jaw locks. “Mom and Killian were just friends then.”

As the lad flips the page and points to each picture, Killian finds himself smiling as more and more pictures of himself appear.

There’s a picture of him and Emma while they were out to eat and a picture of him and Henry at a hockey game.

“Oh, this is a good picture!” Snow says as she looks up at her daughter. “I’m guessing this was after you guys got together?”

His eyes move to Emma and he can see a slight smile on her face. She’s staring at the photo and he can almost swear her eyes are glassy.

Henry giggles. “No. Still before, but you guys are just seeing what everyone else saw but them.”

His jaw clenches because the lads right, the way he’s holding her close to keep her warm while kissing her forehead, that’s not the way friends look.

The next page holds a photo of the three of them at Central Park during a rainy day, and a picture of himself and Emma she took when they went to go see a baseball game.

They look so happy.

The adults stand there and listen as Henry tells the story behind each picture while the Charming’s and Regina listen with rapt attention. They are hanging on his every word and if he’s honest, so is Killian, because he wants to tattoo the memories in his brain so he knows they won’t ever go away.

“This picture was taken the day after Killian asked mom to marry him! I love it, mom looks so pretty.”

He looks down and his breath hitches.

It’s a photo he’s never seen before and Emma doesn’t just look pretty, she looks absolutely stunning. The smile on her face is something he hasn’t seen since before they got their memories back and he misses it more than anything.

“Emma,” Snow gasps. “You look beautiful.”

Eyes moving over to her, he’s sees her staring at the picture before she takes a step back and moves to the bathroom. He watches as she walks away while Henry turns back to the photo album, completely unaware of the heartache his trip down memory lane caused.

Killian reaches up with his hook and shakes a tree that has berries on it that are similar to the ones they found in Regina’s office.

“You’ll look for any excuse to use that thing, won’t you?” David asks with a snort.

He rolls his eyes. “Been without it for a long time, mate. I’m just trying to reacquaint myself.”

They continue to walk in the direction that the berries grow. Emma thought it was best they go look for the bushes when they found traces of them, but she was called away by Snow before they could leave.

“So who’s this Zelena lass? I never heard of her before,” He asks as they walk through the woods.

David sighs and shakes his head. “Snow says she was a midwife back in the Enchanted Forest.”

“Don’t midwife’s usually help during pregnancy?”

“Normally. But we woke up with no memory of Snow even being pregnant, let alone having a child, so she offered to help.”

“Makes sense. Just not sure why they felt the need for Emma to be there.”

David examines another bush and shrugs. “We’re all a little on edge with this Wicked Witch out there and Snow wants to spend as much time with Emma as possible. Plus, she seemed all too willing to run out of the room earlier, something you want to talk about?”

Letting out a huff, he uses his hook to hack at a branch that hangs in front of him.

“Henry called us out on acting strangely this morning. So we had to act normal, well, normal for us in New York. I thought it was going to be the beginning of something… but then he brought out that bloody photo album—”

“For what it’s worth,” David says cutting him off. “You three looked really happy.”

He presses his lips together and gives him a tight smile.

“Aye. We were,” he lets out another sigh. “But now she’s back to being closed off.”

“How did you deal with her being closed off in New York?”

“By pestering her until she finally gave in. But here, she has a ship full of excuses to use at her disposal to avoid me. If we could just get a moment…”

Killian trails off and shakes his head. He knows it’s selfish and their last moment alone didn’t exactly go as planned, but he promised himself that if it were to happen again, he’d stick to just talking.

“Maybe we can help with that.” He looks back at David in confusion. “How about Snow and I take Henry out to dinner tonight? It’ll give you two time alone and give us time with our grandson.” His eyebrows shoot up to his hairline and David chuckles. “Don’t look too shocked. I told you before I’m looking out for my daughter’s future.”

Smirking at him, he says in a playful tone, “Keep trying to help and I’ll think you’ve gone soft on me.” David rolls his eyes. “But I don’t think Emma will go for that. She’s going to see right through us and come up with some excuse.”

David shrugs. “So we don’t tell her. You told me back in New York he’s your son, too. It’s just dinner, I’ll have Snow call Regina and she’ll bring Henry to meet us at the diner, when we’re done, we’ll bring him up to you guys.”

That could… work.

Killian gives him a small smile. “I appreciate it, mate.”

David claps him on the back and they continue to walk through the forest. They stop when they come across a farm house.

“Any clue on who lives here?”

David shakes his head and his hand goes for his gun. The two men slowly walk up to the house and onto the deck. They look inside the windows to see the house fully stocked with furniture and appliances before they quietly walk around the deck.

Rolling his eyes when he sees the bike, he looks back at the Prince, “Wicked Witch that owns a bicycle? Thought it was supposed to be a broomstick?”

David blinks at him surprise. “You’ve seen the movie?”

Voice dripping with boredom, he walks down the steps of the deck, “Henry made us watch almost every one of those blasted films in New York. Seems he had a fascination with you lot even when he couldn’t remember you.”

With amusement in his voice, the Prince asks, “So you’ve seen—”

Holding up his hand to cut him off, “Not a word, mate.”

David snorts and Killian just shakes his head. If there is one thing he wishes he could forget about his time in New York is watching that blasted Pan movie and the way they portrayed him.

“There’s a storm cellar over here, we should probably check it out.”

Their feet crunch on the new fallen snow as they walk over to find it locked. David pulls out his gun, but Killian stops him.

“Whoa, wait, it’s one thing walking around a deserted farmhouse. It’s quite another descending into a one-way cellar with no way out.”

David raises his eyebrows and smirks. “I didn’t know you cared.”

Killian snorts and shakes his head. “Well, seeing as we only have a pistol, hook, and my cunning wit…”

“You scared?”

He rolls his eyes. “There’s a difference between fear and strategy. We know she’s got flying monstrosities. Who knows what’s down there. If this witch is as powerful as we think, we could use some magical backup.”

David sighs and nods his head. “I’ll call Regina.”

“I’ll call Emma.”

It rings three times before she answers.

“Everything okay?”

“Aye, we’re at a farmhouse just pass the troll bridge. We think it might be the Witches, there’s a storm cellar but it’s locked. Your father is calling Regina for some magical assistance… figured you might want to tag along.”

“I’ll be right there.”

“Okay, I…” He stops himself before the words can fall out of his mouth. “Be careful, Swan.”

She gives him a mumbled goodbye before she hangs up and he puts his phone away with a sigh. It’s automatic for him to say ‘I love you’ when they get off the phone, it comes as second nature to him, but now he has to train himself not to.

“Emma’s on her way,” Killian says when David hangs up the phone.

“Good, so is Regina. Let’s send this Witch back to Oz.”

By the time they walk out to the edge of the woods, Emma is pulling up with Regina in her yellow bug. He has to fight the urge to kiss her when he sees her, but he can’t help moving to her when she steps out of the car. Her face visibly relaxes when she sees him and it makes him feel a little better.

Maybe there is still hope after all.

As they walk to the woods, David explains to them how they came across the farmhouse when Emma trips on a branch. Killian immediately reaches out and catches her before she falls.

“You alright, love?”

Her eyes squeeze shut and she nods

“Yeah, sorry. I just got a little light headed,” she mumbles.

His brow goes together as he lifts his hand to her chin. Her face looks pale and she’s breathing slowly.

“Emma, you don’t look well. Perhaps you should see Whale again,” he whispers to her.

She lets out a breath and leans closer to him. His left arm wraps around her waist and he rubs his hook on the small of her back. She whimpers softly before she opens her eyes. He watches the change in her face when she realizes that she’s taking comfort in his arms before she clears her throat and takes a step back.

“Sorry. I skipped lunch and haven’t really had anything to drink.”

They both turn when they hear a huff from Regina. Instantly, a bottle of water and a bag of pretzels appear in her hands before she walks over.

“You need to eat, Emma.”

He looks back and forth between the two women, but Emma avoids his gaze and takes the items from Regina, who looks at him and shrugs.

“Can’t have the Savior weak,” She turns to start walking again. “Let’s go.”

He keeps his eyes on her as they walk, there’s something going on, he doesn’t know what it is, but he has a feeling it has something to with her being sick.

They approach the storm cellar and Emma holds out her arm. “Was that lock busted before?”

Killian and David look at each other.


She drops her bottle and the empty bag of pretzels to the ground before grabbing her gun. David walks forward and opens the door quickly. Killian rolls his eyes when Emma moves to go down first and follows right behind her. The cellar is dark, but there is a stale smell in the air and an iron cage in the middle.

“There’s definitely dark magic here,” Regina says with a shiver. “Can you feel it?”

He looks over at Emma to see her twitch and lower her weapon.

“I don’t know. Maybe,” she shrugs her shoulders. “Whatever I feel, it’s not good. What would the Wicked Witch keep in a cage… monkeys?”

David reaches up and pulls a cord, they all blink as the light fills the small room. Killian looks around as his eyes adjust, but he stops when he sees the spinning wheel in the middle of the cage. His heart is pounding in his chest as David walks forward and picks up a piece of straw.

“Now, how many people do we know who can spin straw into gold?”

He’s quiet the entire ride home. He’s having a hard time trying to process the fact that the Crocodile is alive again. He was dead. They all watched him die.

Centuries he spent trying to kill the Dark One and he gave it all up for Emma. But he can’t deny the fact that when the Crocodile did meet his end, it brought him some salvation. Milah could rest easy knowing that her murderer was gone.

Now he’s back.

His fist is clenching so hard, he can feel nail imprints in his palm.

“Hey, are you okay?” Emma asks as she places her hand on his knee.

He looks up to see they are parked outside of Granny’s. “Fine.”

She presses her lips together and gives him a look, making him sigh as he runs his hand through his hair.

“I don’t know,” he admits. “I just… he’s back… and we’re…” he stops and shakes his head. “I don’t know.”

Her thumb rubs against his knee and he finds it oddly soothing. After a couple moments of silence, she turns to him and gives a small smile.

“Why don’t we go inside, get Henry and order some Granny’s to go, have dinner in our room and just forget about Gold and the Wicked Witch for one night?”

A smile spreads on his face and he looks up at her. “That sounds amazing, love.”

When they get out of the car, she walks over and he has to hide his surprise when she wraps her arms around him. His entire body relaxes as he pulls her to him and buries his face in her hair.

Her head snuggles against his chest before she mumbles, “I don’t want you to sleep on the couch tonight.”

Pulling her closer, he whispers, “Me either. I’d like to sleep in our bed, if you’ll have me.”

She pulls back to look at him through her eyelashes, but instead of responding, she leans up on her toes and places a soft kiss on his lips. He can taste the salt from the pretzels she ate earlier mixed with her chap stick. It’s over way too soon, but when she pulls away they are both smiling.

Killian listens to Henry go on about Storybrooke with a smile. The lad is so excited and it makes him happy to know that even without his memories, he’s enjoying Storybrooke, and gives him hope that they can make a life there just as they did in New York.

“And there’s this park with a big lake in the middle,” Henry explains excitedly as he waves his arms around. “But the library is awesome. Though it doesn’t seem to have any new books, also the computers are really old. It’s almost like they’ve haven’t updated their systems in years!” He stops his story and looks around. “Where’s mom?”

“She’s down stairs getting us some dinner. We thought it would be nice to spend the night in together just the three of us.”

His face lights up. “So are you two really done fighting?”

Killian gives him a smile. “Aye.”

Henry lets out a sigh of relief. “Good. I don’t like it when you guys fight.”

He reaches over and places his hand on the boy’s arm.

“Neither do I, but I don’t want you to worry about us, we’re going to be fine. You just concentrate on having fun here.” Henry nods. “So your mother tells me you’re going fishing with Gr-Leroy tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” he says with a nod. “I think she’s trying to pawn me off while you two work.”

His brow goes together. “What do you mean, lad? She’s working a case. You know how focused she gets.”

“No, it’s more than that. It’s this town… it’s nice, but, all these old friends she’s never mentioned and people whispering around me all the time. There’s something that she’s not telling me.”

He rests his elbow on the table and runs his hand through his hair. Henry always has been too smart for his own good and they should have known he wasn’t going to buy their stories for long.

“Your mother is just trying to protect you, Henry. There’s… more to play here than we realized. But I promise you, when we know… when I know everything, I will tell you right away.”

Henry looks him over for a couple seconds before he finally nods. Emma comes in minutes later and their conversation switches back to what Henry thinks about Storybrooke which makes her laugh.

It’s good to hear her laugh and he makes it his new life goal to have her do it at least once a day.

“Gosh, mom! You’ve been eating such weird things lately!” Henry giggles.

Her cheeks blush as she sprinkles sugar over her salad. “I’m just cr… wanting something cold and sweet.”

“Why not get some ice cream?” Henry asks.

He watches as she licks her lips and nods. “Ruby is going to send up some ice cream in a little bit. Shit, I really want hot fudge on it.”

She moves to call down but Killian stops her. “I’ll call her, love. You finish eating your… whatever that is.”

His brow goes together when he thinks he sees tears in her eyes as she smiles, but she quickly closes them and looks back down at her food. They finish their dinner and curl up on the couch to watch a movie. All the worries he had earlier in the day go away as he sits there with his family, and later that night, with Emma’s head on his chest, Killian sleeps soundly for the first time in weeks.