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Chapter Ten

Being with Killian is unlike anything Emma has ever felt before and she finds it addictive. It isn’t even the sex, which is heaven on earth, it’s him. Everything about him makes her feel better and makes her feel special.

And the way he is with Henry…

It’s almost like he loves her son just as much as she does.

She walks into her apartment and her brows go together when she hears what sounds like a struggle. Her eyes go wide when she walks in to see Killian and Henry wrestling in front of her couch.

“Say it!” Killian calls out.

He has his arm wrapped around her son’s neck in a headlock while Henry struggles to get free.

The boy laughs and pushes against the arms around him. “Never!”

A huge smile breaks out on her face and she crosses her arms while she watches the scene in front of her for a couple minutes.

“Say it or I’ll make you walk the plank!”

“I’ll never surrender!”

Killian reaches up to fluff his hair and lets out a loud laugh when Henry growls. After a few moments, she clears her throat to alert them that she’s there, and when they both look up, she bites her lip at the big smiles on their faces.

“Hey, mom.”


Emma chuckles and puts her bag on the dining room table.

“You two boys having fun?”

“The lad here is a sore loser!”

“You cheated,” Henry laughs as he tries to break free again.

Feigning innocence, Killian gives him a noogie. “I did not!”

They wrestle for a couple more seconds before Henry’s phone beeps. Killian finally releases him and lets out a chuckle when the boy shoves him before he picks up his phone. With a roll of her eyes, and a small smile on her lips, she walks into the kitchen to start on their dinner. A content sigh escapes her when Killian walks over and leans in to place his lips against hers.

“’Ello, love.”

He reaches up to brush her hair behind her shoulder and she takes a second to look over his outfit. It’s getting warmer outside and she couldn’t be more grateful for it. Killian is always good looking, no matter what he’s wearing, but seeing him in basketball shorts and a t-shirt does something to her insides. His calves are perfectly shaped and his forearms…

She never thought it was possible to be attracted to such a random body part, but she is completely obsessed with his forearms. He rarely has them bare, the brace for his prosthetic makes him a little self-conscious, always has a hoodie or long sleeved shirt on, but when they are together inside, he wears a short sleeved shirt and she gets to admire his amazingly sexy forearms. Just the other night, she nibbled her way up his right forearm to trace the anchor tattoo on his bicep with her tongue.

Her hand brushes over them and the dark hair tickles her fingers.

His voice is low as he kisses her temple. “How was your day?”

She smiles as he wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her to his chest. “Better now.”

“Well mine was terribly dreadful.”

Emma pulls back to look at him with her brow together before he leans in and she gasps when his lips brush against her ear, voice husky as he whispers, “I couldn’t stop thinking about last night.”

Her cheeks flame and she puts her forehead against his chest. Henry went to the movies the night before with a group of friends and they spent their free time christening her living room couch. By the time they were done, they were both covered in sweat and panting.

She feels his fingers tug at the ends of her hair and she pinches his side.


He chuckles and gives her another soft kiss before he pulls away. The three of them eat dinner together and while she washes the dishes, Killian helps Henry with his math homework. It warms her heart to see the two of them so close and it only makes her feelings for him grow stronger.

Later, after Henry goes to bed, she’s laying on her couch with Killian above her. She’s biting her lip to keep from moaning as he sucks on her collarbone and rubs his erection against her.

“We can’t,” she pants out. He nods but doesn’t stop, instead, his tongue traces her collarbone and her eyes squeeze shut. “Fuck.”

He wraps his left arm around her waist and pulls her up slightly while his right hand massages her thigh.

“We won’t,” he mumbles.

She swallows thickly, trying to protest more as his hand moves up closer to her center, but her argument dies before it ever reaches her lips because her skin is on fire and her core is aching. Her hips jerk when she feels his fingers reach up her shorts to trace the edge of her panties.

“I have to touch you,” he pants into her neck. “Can I touch you?”

Before she’s even done saying yes, his fingers have made their way into her panties and rubbing the outside of her core, causing her to let out a whimper.

His head snaps up from her neck, lips brushing lightly against hers as he whispers, “Can you be quiet for me, beautiful?”

Her tongue pokes out, moistening her bottom lip before she gives another nod.

He answers with a grin, “Good girl.”

When his finger finally enters her, she thanks the gods he knows to press his mouth to hers to muffle her moan. Getting control of her actions, her mouth opens to gasp while his tongue quickly traces her lips before he moves back down to her neck, something she’s learned he has a serious obsession with, and adds a second finger.

“Always so ready for me,” he gasps into her neck. “Gods, I love touching you.”

His fingers move at an achingly slow pace while his thumb slides across her sensitive nub.

With the tension boiling inside of her, the taste of copper fills her mouth while she begs. “Killian!”

He groans and speeds up his tempo, curling his fingers inside of her until they hit a spot that makes her entire body tremble. As her pants start to become louder, something she can no longer control, he moves back up to cover her mouth again, swallowing every sound that escapes her into him. Emma can feel herself on the peak of falling and when his thumb does another rough rub against her clit, she tumbles over, arching her body off the couch and throwing her head back with silent cries.

When she finally opens her eyes, she looks down to see Killian placing soft pecks across the swell of her breasts over her t-shirt while he looks up at her through his eyelashes. There’s a huge grin on his face and when their eyes connect, his eyebrow raises.

Turning her head away in embarrassment, gods why does he have to be so good at everything, he lets out a chuckle before he leans up and kisses her chin. His erection rubs against her stomach, but when she moves her hands down to his pants to help him, he stops her.

He smiles and gives her a soft kiss. “Tonight was all about you, love. I’m fine.”

Her lips press together and he laughs against them. Though she wants to return the favor, her muscles are relaxed and she feels too sated to argue, so she allows him to snuggle up to her and reminds herself to make it up to him at a later time. She doesn’t know how long they lay there in silence, his head on her chest and her fingers running through his hair, but it doesn’t matter. She feels so comfortable and can’t help the content smile on her face.

Eventually, he lifts his head and rests his chin on her chest. “I should go.”

Pouting, her arms wrap around his shoulders. “I don’t want you to go.”

He leans forward and breathes against her lips, “I don’t want to go either. I’m rather fond of sleeping next to you.”

She hums before he finally kisses her lips. Including the night they first slept together, Henry has stayed out a total of three times and each night, Killian has spent with her. Having him sleeping next to her is one of her favorite things and falling asleep in his arms makes her feel safe, but they both agreed that he shouldn’t sleep over when Henry is home, just because he’s okay with them being together, doesn’t mean he would be okay with seeing Killian sleep in her bed.

But they’ve been together for three months, though they try not to do it often when he’s around, Henry has seen them kiss and he knows that they are getting serious. The kid even took to introducing Killian as his mom’s boyfriend to his friends before they went out on their date.

“So stay,” she says softly against his lips.

Killian pulls back enough so that he can look at her. “But your boy…”

Running her hands up and down her back, she gives a slight shrug. “Maybe you can stay but sneak out before he wakes up?”

“Trying to make me your dirty little secret, Swan?” he asks with an arched eyebrow and a smirk.

Her eyes roll, but she’s having trouble making the smile on her face go away.

“You always wake up crazy early anyway, and it wouldn’t be all the time. But sometimes… it would be nice to not have to wait until Henry stays out.”

His face softens. “Aye.”

Moving to kiss her, she pulls back before he can reach her lips and gives him a pointed look.

“No sex.” His eyes widen with amusement at her comment and she slaps his arm. “I’m serious!”

With a nod and a slight chuckle, repeats, “No sex.”

Emma lets out a slight squeal when he lifts her into his arms and carries her to the bedroom. To her complete surprise, and a little disappointment, when they crawl into bed, he listens to her no sex rule and doesn’t try anything. He just pulls her into his arms and she falls asleep with his head in her hair.

Her rule about him not staying over all the time lasts about two seconds, because any night he doesn’t work at the bar, he’s sleeping in her bed with his arms tightly around her. She tries to say it’s because of him, but the truth is is that it’s all her. Before he can ever mention leaving, she’s pulling him to the bedroom telling him it's time for bed.

When he does sleep over, she always wakes the next morning to a kiss on the forehead and fingers in her hair before she hears the bedroom door close. When he doesn’t sleep over, she sleeps restlessly, and wakes the next morning to a sweet text, that makes her smile like a teenager and causes her to fall even more head over heels.

I wish I was next to you. – K

Dream of me. – K

I’m counting the minutes until you’re in my arms again. – K

The one rule she does follow and so does he without question, is the no sex rule. They are grown adults and can restrain from jumping each other.

Most of the time.

Having a quick romp during her lunch break in the back seat of her bug or in the hallway when Henry goes out to play with his friends is completely justifiable.

Especially when she stops by the bar when it’s dead during the day, and he locks the door so they can have sex on the desk in the back office.

Killian oozes sex. He’s like a walking sex magnet, she’s known that since the moment they met and it hasn’t changed at all.

He’s still filled with innuendos but the only problem is that she knows how good he is at delivering those innuendos and it drives her even more crazy. She swears he does it on purpose, turns her on because he can. Just before he left for work that night, he kissed her until she was breathless, then when she made the comment that his teasing was like a jab in the gut, he pulled her close and breathed into her ear.

“Trust me, Swan. When I jab you with my sword, you’ll feel it.”

Ever since, she’s been tied up in knots. Henry fell asleep an hour before and she decided to go to bed early for lack of things to do.

After a couple hours, she rolls over with a huff. Her muscles are tight and all she can think about is Killian. The way he tastes, the way he feels when he’s above her…

She really is going to kill him.

Her phone goes off and she glares at it when she sees it’s a text.

How is your night, darling? – K

Pretty dull. I’m just lying in this big bed all by myself. – E

Hmm, that’s quite a travesty. – K

She smirks.

It is getting kind of warm though. – E

May I make the suggestion that you take something off? – K

Who says I haven’t already? – E

Mm, now that is a lovely thought. – K

Her heart starts to race and she gets an idea. Killian once told her he’s obsessed with the curve of her neck and the way her hair flows across it. He also told her that whenever she bit her lip, it drove him insane.

Emma lifts her head and runs her hands through her hair for a fuller look. She brings the camera app up and lifts the phone above her to take a picture. It takes her a couple tries before she gets the perfect one. Her hair flows across her bare shoulder while her head is tilted to show the curve of her neck, her face is cut off right under her nose and she is biting her lip.

With an evil smirk, she types out a quick message, attaches the photo and hits send.

Why only have a thought when you can have the real thing? Have to go now, hands are occupied and I’m tired. Have a nice night at work, babe.  – E

She turns her phone on silent and rolls over to go to sleep with a smile on her face.

Emma wakes a couple hours later covered in sweat. The New York heat is slowly trying to kill her but she refuses to turn the air conditioning on until June. Something Henry complains about a great deal and his reasoning for going over to Killian’s all the time.

Apparently, her boyfriend has no qualms with turning his air conditioner on and likes to crank it up. She always complains about how cold it is whenever she goes over and they both look at her like she’s grown two heads.

She turns her fan on high and tries to go back to sleep. She’s just about to doze off when her phone vibrates on the end table.

Are you awake? – K

Her eyes squint at the bright light of the phone. He sent the message fifteen minutes ago so he might still be up.

What’s wrong? – E

Unlock the door. – K

She stares at the message for a quick second before jumping out of the bed and rushing to the front door. Her heart is racing as she tries to figure out what might be wrong, Killian never texts her about coming over after he worked and it has her slightly panicked.

Her hands shake as she turns the locks and when she finally rips the door open, she finds him standing there, arms out leaning on the door frame, and his head down. When he looks up at her, her throat goes dry at the hunger in his eyes.

“Killian… what’s…”

Before she can finish, he moves forward and slams his lips onto hers. His left arm wraps around her waist, yanking her to him and his right hand goes to the back of her head as he kisses her in a bruising fashion, making her knees go weak.

She’s not sure how long they stand there kissing before they are forced to pull apart to breathe. His forehead leans against hers and she swallows before she lets out a chuckle.

“Not that I’m complaining…”

“After you sent that picture, that’s all I’ve been bloody thinking about and I couldn’t wait until morning.” They stand there in silence for a couple moments before he moves his lips up to her forehead. “Apologizes if I woke you, love…”

She shakes her head and tells him how she was already awake. When he tries to leave, she laces her fingers through his and pulls him inside. When they get to her bedroom, she closes the door quietly before she turns just in time for him to pull her into his arms.

“Bad form sending that photo while I was at work.”

His fingers ghost over the curve of her neck and her hands tighten on his waist.

Trying to make her voice sound normal, she whispers back, “Like you didn’t know what you were doing to me all day.”

His fingers move from her neck to her hair and she bites her lip without thinking, causing him to groan and rest his forehead against her own.

“Minuscule in comparison to what you do to me on a daily basis, darling.”

Their lips find each other again and she can’t help but breathe him in. They back up toward the bed and all reasons why they shouldn’t go further fly away from her mind.

He lays her down softly and starts to trail kisses up her throat, pausing to lick the curve of her neck and giving it a little bite before he continues his climb. Her hand fumbles to open the draw on her end table as she tries to concentrate but when he pushes her tank top up and starts to kiss her stomach, she loses all train of thought.

“Shit,” she hisses right before she feels his grin against her skin.

“Quiet, darling.”

Her fist clenches around the condom as she chuckles.

“I thought you liked hearing me.”

Killian sits up, arching his eyebrow up as he takes the condom from her and she instantly goes stiff. Henry is in the other room and she’s about to have sex with her boyfriend. He must notice her change and pulls her to sit up with him.

“Emma, we don’t have to do anything,” he whispers. “I’m just happy to be here with you. Spending the night without you is terrible.”

She nods in appreciation and he kisses the crown of her head. She watches as he stands from the bed, tosses the condom aside, and starts to get undressed. When he’s stripped down to his boxers, she smiles as he gets into the bed and pulls her into his arms. Her fingers run across his stump and he hums.

Though he acts cocky and sure of himself, Emma knows his one insecurity is his hand. But when they are alone in the darkness, he’s so open, without words, he shows her parts of him she has a feeling he’s never showed anyone before and it only makes her want to know more, know all of his parts.

His arms tighten around her and she snuggles into his chest. Her thighs rub together, her core still aching, and when his breath blows across her forehead, she has to swallow down her moan. But when his fingers start to run through her hair, she loses her battle.

Sitting up with a smirk, she throws her leg over him and straddles his waist.

“Think you can keep quiet, sailor?”

She bites back a chuckle at his shocked expression while his hand and stump go to her waist before he licks his lips.

“Are you sure, love?”

Her answer is a kiss on his lips and a jerk of her hips. Their coupling is quick, all of the teasing they did earlier in the day catching up to them, and when they reach their peaks, the only sounds that are heard are their harsh pants and deep gasps of air.

The next morning, her alarm beeps and Emma groans as she reaches up to turn it off. She lays back down and feels an arm wrap around her from behind.

“Good morning, love,” he whispers as he kisses the back of her head.

A groan escapes her lips which causes him to chuckle. She has never been a morning person, but waking up with Killian does make it a little easier. Trying to get back into a comfortable position, she snuggles back into him, but stops when he lets out a hiss.

“Mmm,” she moans with a smile.

“Dangers of waking up next to a beautiful woman, I’m afraid.”

She moves back some more and he lets out a growl, his right hand tightening on her hip.


With a smile, she turns to face him and gives him a soft kiss before he pulls her close to his chest.

“I would think you would be tired out after last night.”

Voice still thick with sleep, he gives her a smirk and reaches down to palm her ass while he whispers, “I could never tire of you.”

Killian leans in and gives her another kiss. When he tries to deepen it, she pulls away, mumbling about morning breath, but he just shakes his head and kisses her again.

She hums as her hand runs up his forearm, she seriously can’t stop touching them, to cup his jaw. What she wouldn’t give to have a good round of morning sex, but she knows they can’t go any further, Henry will be up soon. But that doesn’t stop her from wanting to enjoy the feel of him just a little longer.

She makes the decision right then to talk to Henry that night about Killian sleeping over.

Pulling back with a small smile, his fingers push a few strands of hair out of her face before he rubs his thumb across her chin.

“I should go before the lad…”

There’s a knock on her door and they both look up.

“Mom, are you up?”

Both of their eyes go wide before they scramble out of the bed. She knows Henry wouldn’t open her door without permission, but she doesn’t want to take the chance.

“Ugh, yeah, just woke up, what’s up, kid?” she calls out as she pulls her shorts up her legs.

Emma spots Killian’s hoodie on the floor and tosses it at him.

“Where’s my shirt?” he hisses.

They both search for a few seconds before he finally gives up and throws his hoodie on, zipping it up to cover his bare chest.

“Can we have pancakes for breakfast?” Henry asks from the other side of the door.

She looks over to see Killian struggling to pull up his pants and rushes over to help him as she yells back to her son, “Sure! I’ll be out in a sec.”

When his pants are up, she grabs his brace off the table and puts it on him as he leans down to pull his boots on.

“How the bloody hell am I going to get out of here if he’s awake?” he asks in a frantic whisper.

She starts to shake her head when they hear Henry from the other side of the door.

“Cool. I’m going to get in the shower.”

They both sigh in relief when they hear the bathroom door shut. He grabs his wallet and phone from the bedside table and puts them in his pocket. Her heart is pounding but she can’t help but let out a giggle, and when Killian raises his eyebrow, she has to put her hand over her mouth to hold back another.

“Is this funny to you, Swan?”

Biting her lip, she nods before he reaches out to pinch her side, causing her to let out a little squeal of laughter. He continues to try and tickle her but she swats his hand away. His left arm wraps around her waist and he pulls her to him for a kiss.

“Mm,” she moans into his lips.

She starts to back away, but he follows, keeping his lips still fused to hers.

Chucking, she mumbles, “You have to go.”

He nods, but instead of pulling back, he deepens his kiss. Her arms wrap around his shoulders just as he pushes her against the door.

“I shan’t be gone long,” he says against her lips.

She kisses him again and nods. After a few more moments, they eventually pull away and Emma cracks her door open. When she hears the shower running, she opens it fully, turning back to tell him it’s all clear, but his lips crash against hers again.

His prosthetic presses against her back, while his hand moves to hold her head. “I’ll be back in time for breakfast.”

Emma giggles and nods, but when he moves to leave, she can’t help but pull him back to her once last time.

“Okay,” she breathes out, giving him a slight push. “You have to go.”

The smile on his face is intoxicating and she doesn’t argue when he leans back in. But when they hear the shower turn off, they eventually pull away for good.

Giggling while waving her hands at him, she hisses, “Go!”

Killian chuckles softly, leans in for one final kiss, and moves away. Her hand covers her mouth to contain another giggle when he wiggles his eyebrows at her before he rushes down the hall. Turning back around one final time, he lifts his hand and blows her a kiss causing her to roll her eyes, even though her cheeks are hurting from how much she’s smiling.

When he disappears around the corner she leans her forehead against the door frame and lets out a breath. He’ll be back before breakfast is done but she already misses him. He makes her so happy and she wants to spend every moment she can…

Her entire body goes stiff and her heart starts to pound in her chest.

It took Emma six months to fall for Neal Cassidy. They spent their time on the run, taking whatever they could find or steal. It was an adventure and she fell in love. He would whisper words of love to her, promises of how they would run away and spend their lives together in Tallahassee, where they would always have each other and she believed him. Then he left her, just like her birth parents, just like her foster parents, just like everyone, to take the fall for his own crime and unknowingly pregnant.

That’s what happens when you love people, they pretend to love you, make you think they feel the same way, all so they can gain something for themselves. With all her foster parents they pretended to love her so they could get their checks from the state, her birth parents, well, obviously, they didn’t even pretend because they left her on the side of the road, and Neal pretended so he could have someone take the fall while he ran away with his stolen watches.

So she decided to protect herself, to never let anyone in and only worry about her and Henry, because she couldn’t afford to fall for another person.

Then she goes and does something stupid like this…

They’ve only been together half as long as her and Neal were, but she knows exactly what she’s feeling.

Emma is in love with Killian.