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After their little water fight, and after his ‘alone’ time, Killian goes back to the apartment and spends the rest of the night with Emma, Henry and his friend. They play board games, eat pizza and watch movies. Around eleven thirty, Emma’s eyes start to droop and Killian offers to stay up with them so she can go to sleep. She protests, but when her head slips from her hand, he insists.

He lets the boys stay up until a little after two and he can’t help the smile on his face when he hears Henry’s friend say, “Your mom’s boyfriend is pretty cool.”

Killian lays in bed thinking about Emma and what happened earlier in the night in her kitchen. They were passionate and heated, and he was pretty sure if they hadn’t slipped, it would have gone further.

He needs to talk to her.

When he wakes the next morning, she invites him over for breakfast, but the two boys are there so he decides to wait until later. He tries to stop by before work, but she’s rushing to get Henry and his friend ready and they have no time. After that, he tells himself he’ll text her when he gets to work to ask if they can get together in the morning before Henry gets home, but when he gets there, he gets side tracked and doesn’t get a free moment until three hours later. The first thing he does is go for his phone, but he sees a message waiting for him already.

Hope you like the color red – E

Killian’s brow goes together in confusion and before he can type his response, he hears her voice.

“Hey, sailor! What does a girl have to do to get a drink around here?”

His head snaps up and his eyes go wide. Emma stands in front of the bar with her elbows bent and a smile on her face. Her hair is down in waves and she’s wearing a sleeveless, very tight, red dress that does wonders to show off her curves. His jaw drops and his mouth starts to water as he stares at her.

“Hey there, sweetie,” Some moron says as he walks up to her. “I can buy you a drink.”

Killian growls and takes a step forward. “Back off, mate.”

The guy looks at Killian then back at Emma before he puts his hands up and walks away. Emma laughs and leans over the bar.

“I can take care of myself, you know?”

He smiles at her. A sudden vision of the last time Emma had to ‘take care of herself’ flashes through his mind. She stopped by one day after work to say hello to him but he was in the back. There was a guy who had a few too many beers and tried to hit on her. He wouldn’t take no for an answer and when he tried to touch her, Emma took action.

Barry came running into the back to tell Killian they had a situation, and when he walked out into the bar, he saw the man on his knees cringing in pain while Emma had his arm twisted behind him. The guy tried yelling about harassment and Killian took much pleasure in shoving his sorry ass out the door with a little more force than necessary.

“Aye, but I never could stop myself from helping a lady in need. Thought you were supposed to go out with the lass from work?”

Emma motions behind her. “I am. If I’m being forced to play nice, I figured why not come where I know there’s someone that only annoys me half the time.”

Her face shows amusement and Killian lifts his hand to wipe fake tears.

“Swan, you are so poetic.”

They both laugh and look up when his name is called. His stomach drops when he’s sees April. The last time he saw her, they were flirting pretty heavily and she offered to take him back to her room, but he had to work the next morning, so he asked for a reign check for the next time she was in town. The next day, he met Emma and Henry and hasn’t thought about her since.

“Looks like your fans are calling you,” she mumbles with what almost sounds like bitterness.

He shakes his head. “What can I get you?”

She gives him a shy smile and her order. He moves behind the bar and quickly fills her order. When April tries to call him a second time he ignores her again before he turns back to Emma. Things are just starting to change between them and he in no way wants someone he had an ‘almost’ with to mess it up.

“Have fun tonight, love.”

“Keep your eyes out for my emergency signal,” she whispers to him as she grabs the drinks.

Killian snorts and nods. “As you wish.”

He watches her walk away and can’t help but rake his eyes over her entire body. The same body that was pressed up against him just the night before.

“Oh, and Swan!” He calls out.

Emma turns back to him with and raises an eyebrow.

“I absolutely love the color red.”

Her cheeks tint and she bites her lip before she walks back to the crowd.

Emma finds herself having a good time with Kate. She’s a nice girl who is just looking to make some friends. She never asks anything too personal and keeps the conversation strictly to main stream topics.

“So, ugh,” Kate stutters. “What can you tell me about Colin?”

Emma takes a sip of her drink and her eyes go wide.

“Colin?” The girl’s cheeks tint and she nods. “Do you have a crush on Colin?”

Her cheeks go even redder. “Well, he is kind of cute, don’t you think?”

She shakes her head and laughs. “Yeah, I mean, he’s not bad looking.”

Kate keeps her eyes on her drink and her lips press together. Emma leans over and knocks her with her shoulder.

“You know, Rogers isn’t against dating, he just asks that you keep the personal stuff out of the office.”

She smiles and tucks a piece of her brown hair behind her ear. “We’ve been texting… he seems like a nice guy.”

“You should go for it. As far as I know he’s single.”

Kate puts her hands in her lap and her shoulders hunch together. “What if he says no?”

Emma puts her hand on the girl’s arm. “I doubt it. I’ve seen the way you guys are at the office. I think he likes you, too.”

Kate blushes. “He did ask if he could come out with us tonight, but I didn’t want you to feel weird or anything…”

“Invite him! I’ll gladly play the buffer until you’re comfortable enough then high tail it out of here.”

Kate’s face drops. “That’s not what I want, Emma. I would like for us to be friends.”

Emma smiles at her, Kate is a nice girl and she does get along with her, but friends aren’t really her thing. She doesn’t need to know that, though.

“We are! And friends help each other out with these things. Now, call Colin, tell him to meet us for drinks and after he gets here, I’ll go to the bar and you guys can talk.”

The girl’s eyes move over to the bar then back to Emma’s. “So you can go talk to the bartender?”

It’s Emma’s turn to blush. “That’s Killian, he’s my neighbor.”

Kate blinks. “He’s not your boyfriend?”

Emma’s eyes go wide and she shakes her head. “Ugh, no.”

“Oh! I’m sorry, I just saw you two kissing the other day and I…”

She starts to squirm in her seat. When she first kissed him, it was without thought and based on pure carnal instinct. When she woke the next morning in his arms, she had a panic attack. She hasn’t slept with a man since Neal and it freaked her out. She thanked the gods when he had to leave for work because all she wanted to do was run.

She planned on avoiding him, it would be easy, but then she thought of Henry. It’s clear her son cares for their neighbor and she didn’t want to mess that up for him, more than she already has, so she told herself she would just forget it, act like it never happened.

Then she went and did something stupid like kiss him again. She couldn’t help it, his willingness to help her without question, to be there, it got to her and she just had to kiss him.

Again, she told herself she would just let it go, then he kissed her and ever since it’s like a normal occurrence between them.

But other than that, nothing has really changed.

Yes, her and Killian have been sharing a lot of kisses, but what that means is not clear. Are they friends that kissed sometimes, or are they something more?

Emma knows she won’t have the answers to those questions until her and Killian finally talk.

“It’s um,” Emma clears her throat and sits up. “It’s complicated.”

She tilts her head and looks at Emma. They stare at each other silently before Kate smiles.

“I’m going to text Colin; will you mind getting us another round?”

Emma agrees and heads to the bar. She doesn’t know why the look Kate gave bothers her. It isn’t the first time someone thought that Killian is her boyfriend. Hell, they both use it to their advantage all the time when trying to get stragglers away, but ever since they started sharing kisses, the thought of him as her boyfriend warms her all over.

The best part is that they already know each other, so that first ‘getting to know each other’ stage would be completely skipped and they could just get into the better things.

Her body shivers as she thinks about what those ‘better things’ could be. It’s been too long since she had a good tumble with someone and something tells her Killian knows exactly what to do with a girl. Judging by the way he kisses it’s only natural she has thought about what other parts of his body can do to her…

“Lost, love?”

She blinks out of her thoughts and looks up to see Killian looking at her from behind the bar. His eyebrow is up and her cheeks blush because she didn’t even realize she was at the bar until he spoke.

“Ugh, yeah, can I get another round and can you add a third drink to that?”

His face drops. “Planning on inviting someone else to your little get together?”

“Kate is texting Colin to join us.”

Killian’s lips go into a thin line before he turns to get the drinks. She’s not sure why she feels guilty, but it’s the reason she talks quickly when he returns.

“Kate has a crush on him,” she blurts out. “They’ve been flirting at work and apparently have been texting back and forth. I’ll be the buffer until they are comfortable enough.”

She watches as he lets out a sigh, shakes his head and looks back up at her. “So you figure you’ll play match maker and deliver a happy ending?”

Emma holds up her hands, crosses her fingers and makes a very sarcastic wishful look. “Here’s hoping!”

Killian lets out a full belly laugh before she grabs the drinks and moves to head back to the table. She bumps into a girl as she turns.

“Oh, shit, sorry!” she mumbles.

The red head gives her a tight smile and a nod before she pushes past her to the bar. Emma takes a step forward but stops when she hears the girl call Killian’s name. It’s then she realizes it’s the same girl that called out to him when she first got there.

Emma tries to ignore the feeling of jealousy that courses through her and walks back to her table. Kate tells her excitedly that Colin is on her way and she acts happy. But her eyes keep moving back to the bar where Killian is having a conversation with the red head.

When Colin shows, she stands to give him a hug and does a little mental happy dance when she sees from the corner of her eye Killian stare at them with a glare.

It’s not that she wants to make him jealous on purpose, but it’s nice to know that maybe her feelings aren’t so one sided.

The three of them sit at the table and sip on their drinks as they talk. She smiles at the way Colin listens to every word Kate has to say. Obviously the affection Kate has for her coworker is shared. She tries to keep up with the conversation, even throws in a few comments of her own, but when she sees the red head walk back up to the bar, her entire body goes stiff.

It’s not like she hasn’t seen women flirt with Killian before. He is all types of good looking and works at a bar, that’s just a perfect recipe for single women. But there is something about this one, it’s almost like she knows Killian on a different level, they seem… personable.

Emma’s palms twitch as she watches Killian lean in to hear what the red head says and laughs. He has spent a lot more time with her than any other patron and it’s making her angry.

She knows she has no right to feel angry, she has no claim over Killian, they’ve only kissed a couple of times, they are just friends. But there is just something about him that makes her feel almost possessive and makes her feel like he’s hers.

“Hey, Emma,” she looks back over at Colin. “Are you okay?”

Emma forces a smile and nods. “I am. Are you having fun?”

Colin gives her a smile. “I am. Kate seems nice.”

It’s then Emma realizes she was so distracted with looking at Killian that she didn’t notice Kate was no longer at the table. Colin smiles at her and motions with his head.

“She went to the bathroom.”

“Oh,” Emma says softly with a light chuckle.

Colin lifts his drink up and takes a sip. “I didn’t know Killian worked here.”

Emma nods and looks down at her hands. “Ugh, yeah.”

“How are things with you two?”

She almost spits out her drink. “What do you mean?”

Colin’s eyebrows go together. He looks at the bar then back at her.

“You guys are together, aren’t you?”

Before she can answer, Kate comes back to the table. She’s talking fast about the wait in line and Emma wonders how long she was staring at the bar before Colin interrupted her.

Emma looks to see Colin and Kate talking and gives them a small smile.

“You know what,” she says as she stands. “I’m going to see how Killian is doing behind the bar.”

They both try to hide their excitement and Emma has to hold back her laughter.

“You guys okay with being left alone for a while?”

She almost snorts at their big grins and walks off. Emma walks to the bar with a smile on her face. Her plan is to leave after they get comfortable, but the thought of spending the night with Killian seems better than going home to an empty apartment.

And maybe if she stays, there will be a repeat of the first night they had drinks with a different outcome.

Emma can feel her cheeks blush as she walks up to the bar. She stops when she sees the red head standing there talking to Killian again. She takes a step closer and her heart drops at what she hears.

“I’m looking to cash in on that rain check you owe me. What do you say? Want to come back to my room after your shift?”

Rain check.

Killian owes this woman a rain check.

Her heart pounds in her chest and she feels like the world is crashing around her. Everything she has feared since the moment she has met Killian is right before her.

He’s not hers, he never was hers, and he owes a ‘rain check’ to a beautiful red head that frequents his bar.

Emma feels sick to her stomach. She should have known that just because they kiss on occasion doesn’t change anything.

Killian doesn’t date, he told her that when they first met.

She has to leave… she has to get out of there, because she knows that if she has to listen to Killian’s response, it’ll end her.

But before she can move, someone bumps into her and she stumbles into the bar right next to the red head.

“Swan, are you alright?”

Emma pushes herself up and her cheeks turn red.

“I’m fine,” she mumbles. “Someone just bumped into me.”

He reaches over the bar to help her but she yanks her arm away. Without even looking, she knows the hurt is written all over his face. But she can’t worry about that, she has to worry about herself.

So she brushes her hair away from her face and stands up fully.

“I’m leaving.”

She can feel him staring at her but she refuses to look at him. The red head next to her lets out a sigh and Emma throws a glare her way.

When she sees him move from the corner of her eye she finally looks up. Killian’s brow is together and her face is hard. His eyes move from Emma to the red head then back to her. They widen slightly and Emma knows then he realizes she heard everything.

Killian opens his mouth but Emma cuts him off.

“I’ll talk to you later, Killian.”

Before he gets a chance to stop her, Emma pushes her way through the crowd and ignores him calling her name.

Stupid, she feels completely and utterly stupid. She knew who he was… is… he’s told her. But she let herself believe that they were different, that she was different.

It’s her own fault, she let her guard down. There are reasons she has her walls; it isn’t just her she has to worry about. Especially with how close Henry and Killian are, she was stupid to think they could try to be anything more than what they are.

Neighbors… friends… and that’s where it ends.

It has too.

“Hey guys, I’m just going to head out.” She says quickly.

They both look up at her in shock. Emma hears her name again and she has to keep her face blank as they both look behind her to probably see Killian trying to get through the crowd.

“Are you sure, Em?” Colin asks.

She grabs her jacket and gives them a forced smile before she says goodbye and pushes herself out of the bar.

The cold air sends a chill down her spine as she feels tears prick at her eyes. Emma lets out a deep sigh. All she wants is to go home and get into bed. She knew she should have never gone out.


Emma jumps at the sound of his voice and turns back to the door. Her brows go together as she looks back at the street before she turns back to him.

“Shouldn’t you be inside?”

He runs his hand through his hair and looks up at her.

“I just wanted to explain…”

Emma shakes her head and puts her jacket on over her shoulders. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


“Seriously,” she says with a huff. “I’m just tryingꟷ”


She stops and looks up at him. In the entire time that she’s known him, he’s called her by her first name only a handful of times. Their eyes connect and she’s surprised to find his full of what looks like regret and sorrow.

Emma takes a deep breath. “You don’t have to explain anything.”

“Aye, I do.”

Her throat tightens and she shakes her head again. “No you don’t. I mean… it’s not like we…”

When she looks back up at him, he almost seems hopeful, but then she remembers the red head from inside of the bar.

Rain check.

He owes her a ‘rain check’.

Emma’s lips go together in a hard line and she shrugs. “We’re friends.”

She tries to ignore how his face drops at her words and she looks down at the ground. Part of her wants him to deny what she’s just said, that he would argue with her and say they weren’t just friends.

“That we are…” he whispers and her heart breaks.

Emma blinks away her tears and forces a smile. “Have a nice night, Killian.”

She turns and walks away before she can hear his response. The walk back to her apartment is quick and once her door closes she finally lets her tears fall. The last man she cried over was Neal, and she swore to herself that she would never cry over a man again.

But Killian Jones is unlike any man she has ever met. From the moment they first spoke, she felt an instant connection to him, almost like they’ve known each other for years, and she tried to fight against it. She really did, but there is just something about him that makes every thought process, every wall she’s built around herself, start to shake when he’s around. It’s why she kissed him the first time, and why she continued to kiss him after that, she let her guard down, thinking it was okay.

Now Killian is probably going to leave work with the red head and it makes her sick to her stomach.

If she just got over her fear and told him how she felt, things might have been different. They might be together, and he wouldn’t be sleeping with that skanky red head.

Emma wipes her face and goes to change out of her dress. The dress she wore specifically for Killian, that now seemed like a complete waste of time. When she slips into bed and closes her eyes, she tries not to picture Killian and the redhead together.

She fails and falls into a fitful sleep.

Her eyes shoot open when hears the banging at her front door.

“What the…” she whispers to herself and looks at her clock.

2:17 A.M.

A quick wave of panic starts to run through her when she remembers Henry is at his friends. Emma climbs out of her bed and runs down the hall. When she yanks the door open, her jaw drops.

Killian is standing there, his jacket thrown over his arm, and a big smile on his face. Before she can say anything, he takes a step forward, wraps his arm around her, and slams his lips against her own.

Emma lets out a surprised squeal before she quickly catches on. The kiss is far too short, but it awakens her entire body. When they pull back, Killian rests his forehead against her own and lets out a soft chuckle.

“You forgot this at the pub,” he whispers and Emma feels him place something in her hand.

She looks down to see her credit card. After the fog lifts, Emma’s mind finally registers what is happening.

Killian is at her apartment door after his shift, he’s just kissed her, and returned her forgotten credit card. He’s not at the red head’s apartment, he’s with her.

Her eyes shoot up to his with question. He just smiles and leans in to place a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Goodnight, Swan.”