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What They Don't See

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He doesn't think they've noticed. He doesn't know if he wants them to. He doesn't know what the fact that they haven’t noticed despite everything that’s happened says about them. He doesn't know what the fact that he has noticed and yet carries on anyway says about him.

People have died and they haven’t noticed.

And not just because of the villains either. Because of him. Because of what he’s done to stop them and save the world for everyone else. Because he either couldn't or just didn't find another way.

Mr Mitchell. He has to know. He’s been in this world for a lot longer, used to be a member of the FBI. There’s no way he doesn't. And yet he still helps. He sends teenagers who should be in school who should be in class, who shouldn't be involved in these sorts of dangers out to potentially face their death at the hands of internationally wanted criminals. They have all nearly died so many times.

He doesn't think they've noticed that either.

Or it least if they have it hasn't sunk in. IQ maybe? He does keep building gadget after gadget in order to keep them safe. Or just for building gadgets sake. It’s hard to tell.

They don’t believe him. He never means to get into these sorts of messes, or at least he never used to. Now he doesn't see another option. He’s just a teenager, just messing around. They never believe him. Not until it’s too late. So he has to go, to stop them. His friends tag along, but they haven’t noticed and he doesn't know why.

This is what his Uncle does. This is what he does.

It’s not all bad. The girls, the gadgets, the adrenaline running through his veins. He’s never felt so alive!

It’s just one day the cost is going to be too high. He knows it. Mr Mitchell knows it. His Uncle knows it. One day he is going to meet an opponent he can’t beat. One he can’t trick or fight or escape. And that will be it. It’s not just him. It’s all of them. Every single one.

It’s an exciting game with a rising price and one day it will be too much. It’s already too much. It was too much from the start. He won’t stop, he can’t stop, he’ll run into his grave and everyone will follow him.

So why haven’t they noticed?