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Fae to Fae

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"I can't wait to get your clothes off," I groaned into Laurens's skin as I assaulted her neck. I knew full well she couldn't hear me, but it still made her muscles clench underneath me.

Lauren drove us from the training center back to the apartment, which was probably a bad idea as that meant I had the time to run my fingers along her thigh and her arm, pulsing her to see her energy spike. I made Lauren my own personal play toy for the short drive, which in retrospect could have caused us great danger. I trusted her though. She had amazing reflexes and even through small, playful protests, her sly smile and the small bite of her lip told me she didn't mind. By the time we got home, her energy was blazing hot, and I was savoring the sweet, intoxicating aroma of her peach-like essence. We almost had to break open the door because neither of us could figure out how to work a key. Lauren's eyes were animalistic, the primal nature of the succubus showing through. I had to finally dig deep and get control of myself otherwise the neighbors were going to get quite the show. Once through the door, we both practically ran to the bedroom – I honestly don't know if I had shut the door all the way or not. For all I knew, someone could have walked right in and made themselves a cup of coffee without my knowing, or realistically, my caring. The only thing that mattered to me was Lauren – kissing her, tasting her, feeling her – and getting those pesky clothes off of her perfect, lusciously magnificent body. Lauren had tried to top me when we got to the bedroom, but I was not going to let her win that easily. I pulsed her, repeatedly and intensely; she became putty in my palms.

The blonde moaned loudly as I ran my tongue along her ear; she shivered involuntarily. Her nails clawed at my back, pulling me further into her like she was trying to meld our skin together or hold on for dear life, I wasn't sure which. The small bits of burning pain only spurred me on. It was glorious. I breathed into her ear heavily, letting a lingering low moan escape my lips when I shifted settling my hips between her strong thighs. The heat emanating from her core was so intense I could feel the humid fire between two layers of fabric. I pressed my pelvis into her, slowly… rhythmically… I wanted her to come undone. Her energy was out of bounds. Fuck she was so sexy.

I planted hard kisses along her prominent jawline until I finally reached her soft, reddened lips. I grazed my teeth against her bottom lip, eliciting a strangled moan. Lauren had always been sensitive, but since the Anam Cara and becoming part succubus, she had been extra sensitive. The smallest touch or the gentlest of kisses would have the biggest affect on her. I smirked for a brief moment then kissed her hard, my tongue immediately snaking out and entering her mouth. Her strong muscle circled mine, inciting a frenzied battle in her mouth. I felt drunk. Kissing Lauren was more intoxicating than the strongest of liquors. Electricity buzzed over my skin, setting every nerve on high alert. I instinctively ground myself into her harder and faster, yearning to feel her closer to me, needing to feel her body responding to me.

Strong fingers slipped under my tank top, frantically pushing the fabric up and over my large breasts. I broke our kiss and sat back on my legs; Lauren mirrored me, her face nearly colliding with my chest. I reached down and yanked the fabric and my bra up over my head before tossing the garments to the floor. The blonde rested her left cheek against the inside of my right breast and inhaled deeply before languidly kissing the soft skin at her lips, her tongue snaking out to lick the soft flesh. Her right hand slid up my side sensually until it reached my left breast. She grabbed at the flesh roughly, pinching the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. I gasped loudly, her magical fingers shooting jolts of electricity straight down to my core. I could feel how wet I was, and it only made me want Lauren to come for me even more. I quickly leaned my head down and captured her lips, my tongue sliding into her hot cave. Our tongues collided heatedly and she pushed the duel into my mouth before exploring every crevice, kneading my breasts rhythmically, my hard nipples rubbing against her palms. I captured her tongue with my lips and sucked on it frantically, my hips starting to buck towards her. I needed her naked. That was it. I need her. I needed to feel her, and she had way too many clothes on.

I blindly grabbed at the hem of her shirt, finally acquiring a fistful and forced it up over her head, breaking our kiss briefly. The moment the garment was over her head, our mouths collided heatedly and roughly – her hands tangling themselves in my mane. I grabbed at the back of her bra and popped open the clasps with a pinch of my fingers. She shimmied out of the restrictive material, grabbing it haphazardly and tossing it to the side. The skin of her breasts brushed against mine as we clutched one another, our kiss fueling our need. Lauren's touch felt amazing. Feeling her weight next to me and her warmth surrounding me was intoxicating. I was absolutely drunk on her. Even though Lauren had been learning some control and restraint, we were still having sex at least once a day. And to be honest, we could have had sex multiple times a day, every day and it wouldn't be enough. I would still be intoxicated by her, would still shiver every time she touched me, would still need more of her. I was perfectly happy to remain in a drunken stupor as long as she was my vice.

I started to lay her back down, the thought of divesting her of her bottoms and drowning myself in her core at the forefront of my mind, but she quickly reversed it, bucking her hips up and turning us over. She kissed me fiercely swiftly grabbing my wrists and pinning them above my head. My back arched instinctively, raising me up off the bed, smashing our breasts together. I nearly came right then. I felt her nipples harden against me and it make me weak. It always surprised me how strong Lauren was. She was so graceful, so intelligent, and oh so very strong. She may not have looked like it nor did she always show it, but when Lauren wanted something, she got it. I hadn't ever had someone that I had to physically battle in order to reclaim dominance, but with Lauren… if she wanted to dominate me there was nothing I could do about it aside from catching her off-guard or teasing her to the point that she was in a clouded haze.

Our tongues dueled in a battle for dominance, a battle I was quickly losing – as I said, what Lauren wanted, she typically took. I was losing my ever-living mind. The blonde swirled her tongue inside my mouth, expertly exploring my hot cave. She licked the roof of my mouth before curling her tongue under mine, encouraging me to follow her as she moved the battle into her arena. When my tongue glided passed her lips, she wrapped her lips around it and sucked rhythmically. I melted – right then and there, like a damn puddle. She loosened her grip on my wrists, bringing her hands down to heatedly caress my sides and dragging her nails across my milky skin. I felt dizzy and weak from her touch. It was all I could do to remember to breathe. She hadn't even pulsed me and I was already under her spell. I reached up and tangled my hands in her soft, golden hair – I needed something to hold on to, something to keep me grounded. Her luscious, silken strands weaved between my fingers as I tightened my grip, pulling her head down to me as she let go of my tongue and our muscles clashed passionately, fiercely, like it was the last kiss we'd ever share.

As Lauren began to grind herself into me wantonly, I scooted my hips every so lightly and raised my legs up, so I could lock my heels behind her back, pulling her down into me deeper, harder. With every thrust, I raised my hips up, meeting her. I loved hearing her whimper. God I needed her and from the sounds escaping her lips, she needed me just as bad. My skin was humming, electricity buzzing through my body setting every nerve ending ablaze. She broke the kiss and tangled one hand in my hair roughly, forcing my head to the side. A sharp hiss escaped my lips before she began her assault on my pulse point, moving ever so roughly down to my collarbone. The rougher her oral assault, the tighter she gripped my hair, there was only one slight problem…

"Ow…. Ow… Lauren…." I quickly detangled my hands from her hair and started quickly tapping her shoulder. She lifted up and looked at me questionably, her face flushed and full of want and yet full of concern.

"What? What's wrong?" she asked, panting, her eyes growing wide in horror. She immediately eased her grip from my locks, giving me a small reprieve as I tried to catch my breath.

I shook my head, trying to indicate that nothing was wrong, but she sat up anyway, forcing my legs to unlock from her. Fuck. This is not what I wanted to happen. I knew I had to say something, but I couldn't calm down long enough to do so. I was still in such a daze, I couldn't think straight.

I took a deep breath and placed my hands on either side of her hips before using her as a stability agent to scoot myself backward just a smidge so I could sit up comfortably.

"Bo, what's wrong?" she asked again, more forcefully, one hand moving towards my face to cup my left cheek.

I shook my head once more. "Nothing, nothing babe. It's just… my…my bobby pin…" I trailed off hoping she could read my lips. My eyes flashed blue, the succubus starting to take over as it was rare that I stopped in the middle of such a heated encounter. I could feel my heart pounding and my core throbbing. I just wanted to rid myself of those damn pins and resume what had been started. I needed her. I was now very very hungry. I needed to feed, to drink her in, to soothe the intense craving building inside of me.

Lauren quirked an eyebrow, her own eyes speckling blue. "Isn't there something less annoying that you could put your hair up with?" she smirked, sitting up on her knees and taking each bobby pin out of my hair and dropping them on the floor. They would hurt if we stepped on them, but that was a future Bo and Lauren problem. We had many more important things to concern ourselves with.

With each pin drop, she shook her head, almost as she had known better. It was something she always did – and every time she hadn't, my hair had gotten pulled. She would always tell me that I needed to find something "less annoying" to use. She loved tangling her hands in my hair – and so did I. It was one of my weaknesses. Once the last bobby pin hit the floor, she tangled her fingers in my hair once again and used her grip to control my head. I whimpered. She kept my head still as she teased me – her lips coming agonizingly close to mine before backing away… the tip of her tongue gliding along my jaw and then tracing my ear, making me tremble and thrash involuntarily. I tried to back away – "Nuh uh," she breathed, sending another shiver down my spine.

"You're mine."

Her breath was hot and moist on my ear, and I was absolutely powerless to her. She moved back towards my lips, her succubus speckled eyes locked on mine as she took my bottom lip between hers and kissed it lightly.

I couldn't handle it anymore.

"Do you want something, baby?" she cooed.

I closed my eyes hard, trying to control my hunger, but it was of absolutely no use. I whimpered as she took my top lip between hers – begging for more.

She smiled mischievously at me, crashing our mouths together, our lips and tongues colliding. As soon as her tongue entered my mouth, I trapped it with my teeth and sucked on the tip gently – returning the favor. When I released her from my initial hold, I wrapped my lips around the strong muscle, sucking at her tongue more forcefully, encouraging a heavy moan to emanate from her chest. I smiled, releasing her completely. Her eyes were bright cobalt when she finally gained the composure to look at me.

The moment I felt her fingers relax in my hair, I flipped us over with a guttural growl and immediately seized the top of her yoga pants, pulling them down and off of her long, toned legs hastily. She lay there, wide open and glistening in the low light of the room. Even in the dim light, I could make out the rapid rise and fall of her chest as she struggled to gain enough oxygen. Lauren was so fucking gorgeous. I took a moment to admire her body – her sleek legs, her taut stomach, her luscious and supple breasts… her golden blonde hair shadowed by the moonlight peeking through the window. I couldn't believe this woman was mine, and not just because she wanted the 'succubus'. No. She wanted Bo. Just Bo. Just me.

My gaze traveled up her body until it landed on her eyes. Those eyes. Those speckled cobalt eyes… they pierced me. The blonde wanted me – and she wanted me now.

Lauren reached for me quickly, grabbing my wrist and then my sides, and finally my shoulders, pulling me up to her. She grabbed my face as I laid her down, kissing me - our tongues clashing in her mouth fiercely, as we swallowed one another's intense whimpers. The blonde's hands reached for the hem of my pants, pushing them down rapidly. We were both unfocused as I used my legs to help divest myself of the unwanted material. We just wanted to feel each other. We had drawn this out long enough. We needed each other, needed to feel, to release, to fuck, to feed, to share one another. Finally, I freed my foot of a leg-hole that was trying to hold keep its grip and settled myself between her legs. I sighed, relieved that I finally felt her skin against mine, her center against mine, her breasts against mine with no barriers keeping us apart. Our wetness mingled as we ground against each other – our hips meeting and parting in time with the intensity of our kiss. I grabbed the sides of her hips heatedly, using them as an anchor as I thrusted against her. I pulsed her; she shivered, breaking the kiss and moaning loudly.

"God, Bo."

I grinned at her. I loved when she cried out my name.

I kissed the line of her jaw before trailing hot, wet kisses down her collarbone, finally arriving to her breasts. Her taut nipples were crying out for attention. I brought my hands up, my palms trailing her smooth, heated skin until they reached their destination. I grabbed her breasts roughly, catching her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I tweaked her tight buds; her head thrashed about, groans escaping her lips. I sent small pulses through my fingers and her hips began rising up wildly to meet mine. I loved Lauren's breasts. More so, I loved the reaction I got when I played with them. I could have played with them all day, but I didn't want to tease, though the thought had crossed my mind. No… I wanted Lauren to come for me. I wanted to feel her come undone.

Need something, baby? I asked, knowing she would be able to read my mind.

A strangled cry escaped her lips. I took that as a yes.

Maybe I should make her say it, I thought.

"Don't even," the blonde scolded.

Sometimes her reading my mind was a good thing, and other times it was such a buzz kill.

I smiled into the skin of her collarbone, giving the soft spot one last kiss before bending my head down and taking one tight, aching nipple into my mouth. She gasped loudly, her body tightening beneath me.

I loved the feeling of her nipples on my lips, on my tongue, against my teeth. I sucked on her bud relentlessly, matching the rhythm on the other breast with my hand. Lauren squirmed and thrashed herself beneath me. I could feel our combined wetness increasing, our pussies gliding against one another easily, friction almost completely lost. I opened my eyes to watch her. Her eyes were shut tight and a strained expression was plastered over her face. She had her arms resting at either side and from the looks of it, I assumed she was gripping the sheets tightly. She was a fucking goddess. There was no question about that.

I released her nipples and grabbed her chin with one hand before covering her mouth with mine, kissing her at first and then starting to draw her chi. She moved her hands from their resting place and tangled them in my hair, holding me steady, reversing the feed. As she drew, she gained the strength to flip us back over, her hands immediately covering my breasts and palming the diamond-hard nipples she found there. I groaned loudly, taking more chi from her, my cobalt blues locked on hers. I snaked a hand down between us and felt her slick center with my middle finger.

"God," I breathed, breaking the feed and hanging my head low. She was on fire. Liquid fire.

Lauren panted, her chest rising and falling rapidly. Her nails dragged along my shoulder blades, gripping at me, pulling me closer. I lifted my head, flipping my hair back so I could into her cobalt speckled eyes as I slid two fingers deep into her core. She cried out loudly, her body tensing beneath me and her nails digging into my skin. That was going to leave a mark, I smirked to myself.

I grinned down at her, enjoying the sight under me as I moved my fingers ever so slowly in and out of her core. Lauren's pained expression told me just how badly she needed this and yet I was contently enjoying torturing her into madness. The next time I moved my fingers out of her, I curled the tips of my fingers and dragged them along her inner wall. She groaned loudly and cried out my name.

"Bo… Bo, please…"

I sped up my ministrations, adding a third finger and bringing up my thumb to meet her hardened, throbbing nub. Lauren exhaled sharply before letting out a sound that could only be compared to a war cry. With eyes shut tightly, she clawed at my back, her hands desperate to grab onto something to ground her as she started to lose herself.

Kiss me

She struggled to face me, opening her eyes. Her cobalt eyes reflected mine, her need mounting. I leaned down and kissed her hard. I swallowed her screams as I began pulsing her from the inside. Her hips bucked up against me wildly. I used my weight and positioning to thrust into her at a hard yet steady face-paced rhythm, my thumb rubbing fast circles around her throbbing pearl. Her core was soaked from her wetness pouring out of her and me dripping down onto her, a perfect mix of our essence.

Lauren grabbed the sides of my face suddenly and began feeding, her orgasm quickly approaching. I continued to pulse her, flooding her senses. Having Lauren feed from me was something I didn't think I'd ever grow old of. It definitely took some getting used to, but as she fed from me, my desire became paramount. With one last pulse, Lauren's body went rigid, her walls contracting around my fingers tightly – squeezing the digits so hard I thought they might just break. Just as she stopped feeding, I drew a little chi from her, tasting her and igniting her once more. Her hips started to ride my fingers again – I broke the feed and kissed her hard before trailing kisses down her front, stopping in select spaces to nip at her skin. I loved how she rode my fingers and I let her – for now – as I made my journey down between her legs. Keeping my fingers deep in her, and moving them in time with her rocking, I bit down at her hip bone, eliciting a glorious cry from her lips and a large push down into my fingers.

Smiling, I extracted my fingers from her completely. Lauren sat up on her elbows, her face strained and bewildered. We locked eyes as I took each finger into my mouth, savoring her taste. She moaned loudly at the sight. I didn't take too long – I was on a mission. As soon as I finished licking my last digit, I spread her legs open wide and plunged my tongue into her core. She fell back on the bed, crying out in ecstasy, her hips rising up to meet my face.

I held onto her hips as I moved my tongue in and out of her expertly, sucking at her core, encouraging another round of juice to freely flow onto my tongue. I inhaled her sweet peach scent as I moved my tongue from her core to her still-throbbing clit. Hearing her strangled cries, I lapped at her clit greedily before wrapping my lips around it and sucking at it gently.

Lauren nearly came off the bed the moment I started sucking, so I traveled south and plunged my tongue back into her core, but only for a moment. I teased her mercilessly, traveling back and forth between her throbbing, aching clit and her core- which was so desperate to grab onto something that every time I withdrew, she whimpered in frustration.

"Bo, please… please…"

I smiled into her. I loved hearing her call my name… whimpering for me… begging for me. I pushed two fingers into her as I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked hard. She rode my digits and my face with all abandon. I curled my fingers to press against her sweet spot, earning myself a loud scream, and her hands tangling in my hair as she came hard and fast. Just after her climax peaked, I removed my fingers and plunged my tongue into her. She came again, her juices spilling onto my tongue as her walls gripping my probing muscle. I let her ride her waves out before cleaning her up with my tongue, languidly tasting her, kissing her, breathing her in.

Once satisfied, I moved up and hovered over her. She was the most gorgeous woman in all the world – no one could change my mind. I leaned down and kissed her, pushing my tongue past her lips. She moaned as she tasted herself on my tongue.

I broke the kiss and peered down at her. Lauren's eyes were back to their honey-brown, her skin bright red and beaded with sweat.

"Pinned ya…"