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Fae to Fae

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“One more round for all these pretty ladies,” the scruffy looking man barked at me from across the bar.


I had seen this particular man in the bar almost every night since I began working at Club Z 6 months ago and not once had he ever learned the concept of “pacing” his alcohol. He was always a quick drunk – throwing back 5 or 10 shots of tequila at once. After the 4th shot, he’d always start buying a girl or a group of girls shots from the bar. His primary purpose was obvious – he wanted laid. He never failed to tip well though. Some nights he was so drunk that I had often wondered if he knew just how much he had tipped me. But what’s a girl to do? Complain? Hell no. You know what I mean – a little touch of his hand…a little topside view of the girls while I stretched just a little bit to grab something from the other side of the bar… I mean who I am to blame if a $20 tip turns into $200.


I lined up 6 shot glasses quickly and pour a round of tequila. “Here ya go, Walt!”


“Okay, so tell me something?” the man breathed towards me, his breath heavy with alcohol. “Who’s the prettiest girl in the room?”


We often played this game – like I said, 6 months of work, 6 days a week… you get to know your patrons.


“hmmm,” I voiced scanning the crowd as I leaned on the bar. “Her,” I stated confidently pointing slyly to a brunette in a vibrant red dress dancing near the DJ booth. Her dark hair was relatively short, her skin very tanned. I mean damn, that girl had legs for days and if that slit went any higher…ugh.


“She the one?” Walt asked curiously.


I had a bit of a reputation – lets face it, I got around. But in my defense – something many did not know – It wasn’t really a choice per-say. I’m a succubus. No, I don’t mean that’s what psychiatrists call me because I’m addicted to sex. I’m not a “Hi, I’m Bo Dennis and I’m a sex- addict” succubus. I am Fae. I feed on sexual energy and sex is essentially my life force.


Did I lose you?


Okay, let me draw it back for a moment. Let me give you the google definition – “The Fae are supernatural creatures that have existed secretly alongside unsuspecting humans for thousands of years, closely resembling them, and feeding off humans in various ways.” My mother and my grandmother are both succubi. My grandfather is a blood sage – his blood has the power to…well, I’ll get to that. My father – well he’s an interesting one. My father is well…Hades. Yep that’s right folks! That makes me half god(dess). Not a big deal. Succubi (like myself) sustain and heal ourselves by feeding off of the sexual energy of others – sometimes we’ll have sex, sometimes we won’t. But who am I kidding – sex is GOOOOD! I know you probably have lots and lots of questions – so did I. Was I born this way? Obviously. Do I enjoy being a succubus? Yes, but not always. It does get a little lonely at times, but I make it work.


I’m a little different than most Fae. My grandfather, Trick, would argue that I am stubborner than every Fae combined. I just see myself as doing it my way. So, the general rule is that after our “special traits”, “powers”, whatever you want to call it present itself (mine was during puberty) we are taught by our families how to control it. My mom never stuck around. My grandmother and grandfather raised me. Thankfully, my grandmother (as I said before) is a succubus, so she was able to teach me how to feed and how to control my hunger. I have to admit – of all the weird conversations people typically have with their grandparents, sex is among the strangest but the most talked about in my life. Don’t envy me. Anyways, young Fae are given an opportunity to choose between the two clans of Fae – the light and the dark. Each clan has a leader – The Ash (light) or the Morrigan (dark) and each clan has a basic set of morals. What I realized early on is that neither clan stood for what I believed in. My entire family is basically light Fae and I was too expected to pledge my allegiance to the Light, however to EVERYONE’s surprise, I chose…neither. Got a bunch of hell for it too. My grandfather thinks that I’ll come to my senses and pledge my allegiance after my “rebellious stage”, but I just don’t agree with all of the politics – especially with how the Fae treat humans.


In all honesty, I blame Kenzi for this. Kenzi and I met in grade school – she was two years below me and some dickface was teasing her. She was screaming at him, but let’s face it – he was like 3, well maybe 4 times her size. So I stepped in, grabbed his balls, was sent to the principal’s office, suspended for 3 days and gained a new best friend. Kenzi is my little sister from another mister – and human. According to Fae rules, I had to “claim” her so no other Fae could harm her. My grandfather nearly had my ass when he found out I told Kenzi all about the Fae. You see – Fae have a very strict set of rules. Can you guess the number one rule? Yep – there it is. Humans are not supposed to know about us. Most of Fae can blend in with humans, so that’s not a problem. However, telling your best friend when you’re 12 – problem. So that’s it – I’m unaligned, Kenzi is my human sista from another mista, we live together in rather large apartment Claremont, California (San Diego), Kenzi is finishing up high school, I tend bar at night, go to college during the day, and try to play peace keeper amongst my family.


“Claire! I’m going on break!” I yelled to the other bar tender. We didn’t really get breaks, but Claire and I had an ongoing agreement. When her boyfriend comes into the bar, she gets 15 minutes – so I get 15 minutes at some point in the night.


“Wish me luck, Walt,” I said winking at the patron before hopping over the bar and making my way through the crowd. The sexual energy in the crowd was high and intoxicating. My eyes were locked on the seductress dancing and I figured my best option was to cut in during the next song. Now, I never forced anyone - that was my number one rule. I mean, I guess if I pulsed someone, it would make them want to, but what’s the fun in that? I’d rather they want me – really want me before any of my succu-influence. I let my body move with the rhythm and let the high sexual energy from the crowd entrance me. Oh tonight was going to be a good night. The song started to change and I moved in closer to Miss Red-dress. Her aura started blazing before I even touched her hips. We swayed with the music – her ass dancing on my lower stomach. I wrapped my arm around her stomach and went to kiss her neck – but as I looked across the room, I saw her.


We locked eyes for a second as I continued to dance with the other girl – whom I had nearly totally forgotten about. The blonde looked away, almost bashfully.


“Want to get out of here,” the gorgeous latina husked into my ear.


I was pulled out of my trance and my gaze turned to meet the warm chocolate eyes staring back at me. She was painted with desire, but for the first time I could not focus.


“I’m…sorry, I have to…” I ended my sentence before it barely began and detangled myself from Miss Red-dress in search of the blonde that I had a brief 2 seconds of eye sex with. I couldn’t find her anywhere. My phone buzzed in my pocket. “Fuck,” I groaned.


I hopped back over the bar and was met with a very disappointed look from Walt.


“Couldn’t get it up?” he quizzed.


“Oh fuck off.”


“That is the first time in…that is the first time I’ve ever seen you not take a girl upstairs,” he stated.


“Bad breath.”


“Yea, okay.”


“you haven’t seen a blonde in a white button up shirt have you?” I figured if anyone knew where this mystery woman was, it was Walt.


“White button up shirt, huh?” a woman’s voice interjected before Walt had time to answer. She was slender, blonde, and fucking gorgeous. My mouth went dry and I could barely even speak. “So are you going to take my drink order or just sit and stare all night?” Her soft brown eyes glistened under the lights and were fully locked on me, reeking confidence.


“What will it be, miss?” I asked with a sly smile


“Whiskey and coke.”


“Coming right up,” I echoed, moving quickly to fix her drink.


She slid me a $5 in exchange for the drink, but I shook my head as I touched her hand gently, “this one’s on me.”


“Thanks,” she replied with a knowing smirk and walked back into the crowd.


“What’s got your balls?” Walt questioned.


I rolled my eyes and went back to work. Now, I was really hungry. As I worked through the night, my mind kept drifting back to the blonde in the white button up shirt. She certainly looked a bit out of place for this crowd. Most of those in attendance were in very revealing shirts, skirts, or dresses, however, her white shirt covered a blue camisole and her bare skin – the arms of the shirt were rolled up just enough for her forearms to be exposed to the humid night air. Why had she gotten me so rowled up? She was into me – that much was clear, but so are many people. I tend to that effect on people. Price of being a succubus.


My hunger grew more intense with each minute that passed. The bar closed at 2 and before I could leave – to feed or sleep – I had to clean up. For a moment, I wondered where Miss Red-dress had wondered off to. I wouldn’t have minded sharing the night with her.


The walk home wasn’t bad – unfortunately I was careless and so I’d have to walk the 10 miles to the apartment but it is what it is. I figured the upside would be I could feed between the bar and home. Typically, I drove my lemon-twist yellow 69’ Chevy Camaro SS convertible –but, Kenzi asked if she could take because she was meeting some friends in Oceanside. I was much more worried for Kenzi’s safety than my own. I was less vulnerable. Sure, Kenzi is a badass, but she’s human and if anyone hurt her, they’d have to answer to me. So, it was just easier for her to take the yellow beast than public transit.


As I left the bar, I took all the bills from my tips and rolled them up before placing them in my back pocket. It was brisk – I was very thankful I had brought my leather jacket. While I could enjoy the cool night air – and definitely appreciated how women responded to it physiologically – I did not like to be cold. I was more of a heat and sweat kinda girl.


“You want a ride?”


I turned around and smiled. She had a sultry smile and eyes that burned my skin. She bit her lip just so – oh it was going to be a good night.


“With you, of course.”


I walked over to the passenger’s side and opened the door just before Miss Red-dress captured my lips in an aggressive kiss. Thankfully she was already parked in the alley because we would have not made it anywhere safe - the backseat was the closest flat surface and that was perfectly fine with me. I pulsed her everywhere – noting the spikes of energy flowing off of her. Eventually, she drove me home, but her back seat would never be the same. Another satisfied customer and nicely sated succubus.


The next morning, I woke with a start – I had a dream about her. Her blonde hair, her brown eyes, the small patches of skin I could see. What was wrong with me? See, I never had dreams about actual people. Sex, yes. Who doesn’t have dreams about sex? But typically I don’t see faces. But I saw hers. If I ever saw her again – I would have to definitely repay the favor. I slightly hoped she may have been a new student. It was the start of a new semester – so perhaps… In that case, the odds still weren’t in my favor but a girl could dream – literally.


“How was Oceanside, Kenz?” I ask coming down the stairs from the top floor of the apartment noting the young dark haired girl that slightly resembled death sitting at the kitchen breakfast bar.


“Hey BoBo,” she responded weakly.


‘How much did you drink, Kenzi?”


“ummm, Derrick drove me home, so I don’t know.”


“Well, better get ready for school,” I replied.


“You’ve got to be kidding?” she squealed.


“Hey, not my decision to drink on a school night. Up up - lets go.”




“go learn something”


the young girl groaned loudly at me. Kenzi never really had a family. She was in foster care for the longest time. She was forced to transfer homes when she was 14 and instead of complying, she ran away – straight to me. I found her a place to live for a bit, kept on her about going to school, doing her homework, etc. My grandfather never really believed in the human world’s schooling system, but my grandmother believed it was imperative that I have some education. Personally, I agreed with my grandfather, BUT I did not want my grandmother to be angry with me. Tis the reason that I was studying criminal justice at University of California- San Diego. I knew Kenzi had the potential to do whatever she wanted, and if she didn’t want to go to college – fine. I understood the appeal of NOT going, but she was at least going to get her high school diploma. Plus, she was a senior. She had one year left. She’d make it. I didn’t typically “mom” Kenzi – she was a big girl and was absolutely capable of making her own decisions, but she always made sure I was taken care of and did what was best for me (or she tried) and vice versa.


“Yo Boobylicious,” I heard Kenzi call just as I got out of the shower to get ready to head to campus.


“In here, Kenz.”


“I’m out,” she stated as she walked into my room just I finished drying off and put the towel back.


“Ah dude, cover your lady bits – I don’t need to see the goods,” the young girl cried covering her eyes.


I rolled my eyes – it definitely wasn’t the first time Kenzi saw my naked and let’s face it, it wouldn’t be the last either. I mean the poor had caught me with a woman between my legs, riding some dude I picked up from the bar, and in the middle of a threesome. I really needed to remember to lock my door. But in my defense, it’s not like anyone is quiet. She should know better by now.


I put on my red kimono before walking over to her and kissing her on the cheek. “Have a good day. Give em hell,” I said with a wink. “I will be on campus til mid-afternoon and then I have to go over to the Dal to see Trick. Want to meet me there?”


“Of course! Trickster owes me booze!”


“Go – be productive. See you later,” I replied patting the young girl on the ass.


My first class started at 10:30 – which meant by the time I had actually made it to campus I had 15 minutes to figure out where the hell I was going. When I arrived at the lecture hall – I made my way to the front of the class. The way I figured it, if I had to be in class, then I was certainly going to make an impression. I mean, boobs are everything. I’m not saying I cheat, but when a certain succubus needs some extra credit…well let’s just say that sitting in the front with the girls showing just a little bit tends to have its perks.


During a break between classes I headed towards the bookstore. I had 4 or 5 books to get for class, not to mention the bookstore had the best coffee shop beside it and I needed caffeine. I could tell this year was going to suck – but my grandma Isabeau would not budge on this whole college thing. Surely, my time could be spent somewhere else. I grabbed my coffee before heading into the masses with my list.


“Oof!” And there went my coffee. Leather pants wipe off pretty nicely, but this was one of my favorite shirts. I turned to see who the hell backed up into me.


“I am so so sorry,” a shaken voice exclaimed. “Here, let me…” And before I realized who it was, the blonde took out a napkin from her bag and began wiping the (thankfully iced) coffee off my pants and my chest. When she came face-to-face with the skin on my chest, I could see her aura spike.


“We meet again,” I smirked


For the first time she looked up at me – her breath hitching.


I took a step into her space. “Let’s make a deal…. You buy me another coffee and I’ll forget about the damage to the shirt,” I offered bringing one hand to her long blonde locks and pushing her curls away from her face.