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Note: I did not know the real names of the members of Team Go, so I assigned them based on personality. Shego--Sheila Marie, Hego--Harold Evan , Mego--Melvin Albert, Wego1--Warren Alan, --Wego2--Eric Robert, Igo--Timothy Ivan. Their last name is Go.



It was a bad day for Team Go.

They defeated their villain, but were forced to ask for the assistance of another super team to do it. It was a blow against the Team to practically have to beg for help from a group of strangers.

It was a good day for Tim Go.

He met a group of people his own age who all knew what it was like to have superpowers in a world of normals. He became a member of their team--which met only on the weekends. He found a friend... a boyfriend.

It was definitely a good day for Tim Go, especially considering how bad the day before had gone.


"Mego, duck!" Tim shouted, reaching out to grab a filing cabinet and hurling it at Galactor.

Mego twisted over onto his back to watch as the giant was sent flying into the wall with a loud crash. "Nice one," he said. Then, "Of course, I was just about to do something spectacular and death-defying. Everyone knows that all you have to rely on is brute strength, while I on the other hand, am a master of subtlety and..."

Tim used his power to jerk Mego out of the way as Galactor rose with an infuriated roar, flinging the bent filing cabinet through the air. The bottom drawer would have gone right through Mego's head.

"You all right?" Tim asked, setting Mego down beside him.

The purple garbed superhero drew in a deep shuddering breath. "I'm all... That would have killed me. I almost died." He looked right at Tim, actually seeming to see him for the first time in years. "Thanks."

Feeling his throat tighten and his eyes burn, Tim jerked a nod. "No problem. You're my brother."

Mego gave him an actual, real smile for a second, then the mask of the man he had become swallowed him up once again. "Well of course I'm your brother. Your wonderful, fabulous, brilliant older brother. Anyone can see that I've taught you everything I know."

Tim drew in a deep breath, donning his own superhero mask once again as well. "Come on. We better get back and warn the others. There's no way Galactor is leaving without a fight."

Mego gave a dramatic sigh. "If we must, we must."

Grabbing Mego up with a pair of telekinetic hands, Tim flew them both out of the abandoned office building and back to Go Tower. There were plans to be made.

* * *

"So let me get this straight: You called me back here to help handle your enemy?"

Hego crossed his arms over his muscular chest and jutted out his chin slightly. "We called you here because even though you left the Team, you're still a member of the Go family."

"Plus, you have access to something we need," Mego said.

"And what is that?" Shego demanded.

"Dr. Drakken's translocational portal generator. We need to use it." Tim leaned close to his sister. "Please, Shego. Please, Sheila."

She flinched at the sound of her real name. It was one no one had dared use in years. "Don't call me that."

"Just help us," Tim said, staring directly into her eyes, giving nothing away.

She met his gaze for a moment, then had to look away. "You should have switched sides with me," she said. "You'd make one truly badass supervillain."

"I know," Tim said. And that was why he hadn't switched over to evil. He would have been too good at it. There was no way his brothers would have been able to stop his reign of terror. And he couldn't say he hadn't been tempted to leave with Shego, because he had been.

"Fine," Shego said, rolling her eyes. "I'll help you. Just because you asked so nicely."

Tim flashed her one of his rare, bright, real smiles and she blinked. "Thanks big sis."

Shego visibly pulled her tough bitch persona back around her. She wasn't one of the good guys and had no desire to ever be one again. "Let's just go get Drakken's doohickey so I don't have to be around you losers anymore."

"Well, she's pleasant as usual," Mego said out of the corner of his mouth. Hego nodded agreement.

Tim could readily admit to himself that he loved his family no matter how screwed up they were. And boy were they.

He remembered his family from before the meteors came to Earth, changing them into metahumans. He remembered his brothers and sister from before their parents had died and their whole world had changed. He remembered when his life used to be normal and they were all entirely different people.

As the years passed it seemed as though their worst traits were magnified more and more until they were almost unrecognizable from the people they used to be. It made Tim feel as though his family was being taken away from him a bit at a time. And the fact that he knew he was losing parts of himself as well didn't make it better.

They were what they were and there was no time for regret during this latest crisis.

"Is Drakken going to be there?" Tim asked. "Are we going to have to get him out of the way?"

Shego snorted. "He's off at some Evil Mastermind Convention and won't be back till Monday."

"Cool!" the Wegos said, fairly vibrating in place. They were more than ready to go.

Tim had the suspicion that the twins had been experimenting with drugs. They had just been so erratic personality-wise that it went far beyond the typical rebellious teen angst they had been displaying previously. Add superpowers to the equation and Tim was sure the situation was destined to blow up fairly soon.

"Come on. To the Go Jet," Hego proclaimed.

Shego snorted in derision, but didn't say anything. Hego wasn't the brightest of the bright and most sarcasm went right over his head. And if someone did manage to insult him, he pouted for days at a time.

As they were walking the long hallway that led to the hanger bay, Shego asked, "What are you going to do with the translocational portal generator?"

"Why don't you ask Igo?" Mego said.

"The name is Tim. Tim Go." He knew he should have held it in, but the sound of that ridiculous name put his teeth on edge.

He hadn't been Igo for over five years--since Shego left the Team. He hadn't been happy with the name for years before hand, had never really liked the name he was given, but until Shego broke the mold he had just kind of taken it. But he wasn't that person anymore. Had never really been that person no matter what his siblings thought.

Loading aboard the Go Jet, they fell into their almost forgotten seating pattern with Shego in the copilot's seat and Mego sitting in the back. It was almost painfully familiar, as though they had stepped backward into the past, to a time when things were different. Before their family fell apart.

"Why didn't you go with Dr. Drakken?" Wego 2 asked.

Shego snorted. "Yeah right. Like I wanted to spend my weekend at Nerd-Con being hit on by morons like Professor Spurge and Diablo Dan. Definitely not my scene."

"Remember when we all went to the 10th Annual Heroes of the World Convention?" Tim said. "You were so excited when you got Superman's autograph."

Shego crossed her arms tight over her chest. "Whatever. Shut up."

They made the trip in near silence.

* * *

Dr. Drakken's laboratory of "pure evil" was actually pretty lame. Tim had figured any bad guy Shego was willing to work for would be first class all the way. But from what he saw of the evil lair, it was pretty pathetic.

"What, were you that hard up for cash?" he muttered.

"What?" Shego demanded, turning on him viper-quick.

"Nothing." His eyes were focused on the neon green plasma energy surrounding her clenched fist. Pissing her off really wouldn't be a good idea.

She turned back to tinkering with the translocator, the user's manual spread open in front of her.

She pushed her hair out of her face with one hand and he felt a twinge at the familiar gesture. Especially when he saw the little scowl of concentration she wore. This was his big sister and he had missed her terribly.

From her snark to her evil hairdo, her absence had left a definite void in his life. And even if he had pretended that everything was all right and carried on like usual, her loss had been like a heavy weight bearing down on him, crushing him slowly with each breath.

But she was here now, just when they needed her.

"All right, this is done," she said, brushing her hands together as she stood up. "I really hope you know what you're doing since Drakken's inventions rarely work like they're supposed to. Not that I care if you get splattered across the country or anything."

A small smile quirked Tim's lips. "Sure you don't."

Shego glared at him, rolling her shoulders like a bird ruffling its feathers. "Whatever. Let's go."

"You're not coming," Tim said.

"What? You demand my help, then you're going to tell me I have to stay behind?" Shego tried to hide it, but he could tell he had inadvertently hurt her feelings.

"You don't understand," he said. "None of you are coming. I'm going alone."

"No way," Wego 1 exclaimed.

"You're not going alone," Wego 2 said.

"You need us," Wego 1 said.

"No I don't," Tim said, "and you have something more important to do."

"Like what?" Hego asked. He really didn't like the thought that he might not be needed.

"You have to keep Galactor from destroying Go City before I can make it back," Tim said, staring straight at Hego.

Hego lowered his eyes ashamedly, nodding slowly. "You're right." He looked at the others. "He's right. He's going to have to go alone."

"Why does he have to be the one to go? Why not one of us?" Mego asked.

"Duh," Shego said, rolling her eyes. "We need to stay here to keep Galactor as in check as we possibly can, and with all our powers together we can probably manage that for a few days. Tim needs to be the one to go because he's strong enough to take care of himself if things don't go well. Because who knows how they're going to react to his arrival. If it was you and they took your arrival wrong, you'd be dead in about ten seconds. Being able to shrink yourself isn't much against the powers I've read about them having."

Mego crossed his arms with a pouty expression. "I could protect myself."

Shego snorted. "Whatever. Your big thing is changing size. If you shrunk yourself, all anyone would have to do is step on you and it would be over."

Mego huffed a little, but didn't say anything else. He knew his power wasn't the greatest in Team Go and was nothing to the rest of the world's superheroes.

"I'll be fine by myself and I highly doubt they're going to do anything to me," Tim said. "I just need you guys to hold the line until I get back with or without help."

"So where are you going?" Wego 1 asked.

"Who are you going to beg for help?" Wego 2 demanded.

"I'm going to the Teen Titans," Tim said firmly, showing none of the worry he felt inside.

He knew he could have gone to the Justice League for help, but they would probably just see him as a kid. Team Go wasn't exactly well known outside of Go City and even then most of the villains they faced could best be described as laughable. So his appeals for assistance could very easily be taken for an extremely lame joke.

His studies of the rest of the world's superhero groups had made him decide that the Teen Titans were the most approachable. For one thing, they were all teenagers like him, so they couldn't use his relative youth as an argument not to help. And for another, their well documented association with several other famous superhero groups meant that if things went horribly, horribly wrong, there was a good chance that the Justice League or the Outsiders or someone would show up for a rescue.

"Why'd you choose those guys?" Hego asked.

"I have my reasons," Tim said, deigning not to go into it.

Most people would have kept asking questions, but Hego and the others went quiet. They knew him. When he made a decision it was always well thought out and usually ended up being the right course of action. And those that doubted his reasoning usually ended up looking like fools. Hego had learned that lesson well.

"Is it programmed for Titans Tower?" Tim asked.

Shego ran green eyes quickly across the instruments again. "Yep. It's all ready. Are you really sure you want to do this?"

"Do I have any choice?" Tim crossed to stand in front of the portal generator. "Hurry up and switch it on before I completely lose my nerve."

Wego 2 snorted. "Sure, as if that would ever happen. You've got more nerve than any sane person ever has the right to."

Shego hit the switch and a pulsating blue-green portal formed between the nothingness of the portal generators. It flickered for a few seconds, then solidified to a mirror-like surface, a faded image of the main room of Titans Tower in the center.

"Maybe I'm really not so sane," Tim said, leaping forward. "See you on the flip side."

He didn't hear Shego curse, but he knew it happened. Then he was hundreds of miles away in San Francisco. Facing a roomful of shocked, teenaged superheroes.

* * *

They were just hanging out, waiting for their next chance to save the world from the scourge of some supervillain when the portal opened. All swirly blue and green, they barely had a chance to stand up and brace themselves for a possible conflict when a teenaged boy came through.

Wearing a black mask to cover his eyes, his body was covered by a dark blue colored bodysuit with black accents here and there. Oddly, the outfit was kind of reminiscent of the Riddler's body stocking, just in a different color.

"Who are you?" Robin asked, trying to deepen his boyish voice into as close an approximation of the Batman's growl as possible.

The boy looked around, taking them in. "My name is Tim Go and I have come to ask for your help."

"Doing what?" Kon asked.

"Go City is currently under attack by an alien being called Galactor. From what I've been able to find out, he was an intergalactic gladiator of the omega class. After retiring, he decided to go out and make his own fortune by conquering worlds. Which is what has brought him to Earth. He plans on being our new Emperor." The boy crossed his arms, a determined look on his face. "I'm not going to let that happen... with or without your help."

"So are you some kind of superhero or something?" Kon asked.

"Or something," Tim said, smirking a little.

"Why are you coming to us?" Bart asked. "Why didn't you go to the Justice League?"

Tim shrugged. "Who would trust a teenager with superpowers to know what's going on? I mean, really."

The group of teenaged superheroes looked at each other. What were they supposed to say to that?

"Are you a superhero or a wannabe?" Cassie asked, crossing her arms.

Tim quirked his lips, a hard glint sparking in his eyes. "I'm a member of Team Go."

"Never heard of it," Kon said.

"Few people outside of Go City have," Tim said. "Just like Superboy isn't real well known by the people I protect, and the Justice League is just rumors and not much actual news."

"Whatever. So what do you do on this Go Team?" Robin asked.

"Team Go," Tim corrected. "And I'm telekinetic." He held out his hand, pointing at the couch. His fingers twitched slightly and the large, U-shaped couch lifted a few feet in the air, spun a complete 360-degrees, then lowered again.

"Wow," Kon said, "that's really great and everything. But is that all you can do?"

"Telekinesis is my thing," Tim said. "Combined with the powers of my brothers and sister, we've got pretty much all the bases covered. Strength, plasma fire, being able to self-duplicate, shrinking, and lifting stuff with a thought."

"So if you're basically this awesome super-team, why do you need our help? Can't you handle... eh, what's his name, Galaxiator? on your own?" Robin asked.

Kon shot him a look out of the corner of his eye, a little surprised that his friend was acting like such an asshole. Usually Robin was almost painfully happy-go-lucky, but there was something about this Tim guy that he didn't seem to like, which Kon really didn't understand. Other than the sorta dorky costume, Tim seemed like a pretty normal guy. And he had come to them for help, which was actually pretty close to awesome.

"Dude, calm down a little," Kon said, touching Robin on the shoulder.

Robin twitched out from under his hand with a little growl. "This guy just showed up out of nowhere. I'm not going to trust him until we get a little background about where he came from."

"Fair enough," Tim said. "My brothers and sister can hold Galactor for a little while, just not forever." The guy seemed so comfortable in his own skin that paradoxically the people around him were left feeling unsure. He was their age, maybe a little younger, yet he had complete confidence in himself. It was kind of unfair.

Where was all the teen angst?