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Picture Me With You

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For the first minutes of the stream Jungkook keeps his hands fisted in his sheets. He wants nothing more than to touch himself, but he has learned the hard way that if he doesn’t pace himself he’ll end up coming long before Baby J does. So Instead he waits, watching the camboy stretch himself with three fingers and throw his head back against the pillows while Jungkook’s cock aches with arousal.

He still can’t believe it’s possible for someone to look as erotic as Baby J does. He’s got beautiful, muscular thighs that could probably choke Jungkook out, soft-looking lips that make Jungkook unsure whether he’d rather feel them sliding against his own or wrapped around his cock. And don’t even get Jungkook started on that ass, because he’s pretty sure it was crafted by the gods.

Jungkook’s anticipation rises when the boy on the screen reaches for his vibrator, but it’s not until Baby J pushes the toy inside with a loud moan that Jungkook starts to touch himself. At this point he’s already leaking, his palm slick as he jerks himself off to the vision that is Baby J with his legs spread and a hand slowly thrusting the toy inside, deeper and deeper.

Jungkook has never actually been one for watching porn. In his high school days he’d watch it out of curiosity, around the time where he started to realize that he was a lot more into boys than girls. After a while the curiosity started to fizzle out, and by the time he started university it wasn’t more than a ‘once in a blue moon’ kind of thing. Mainstream porn always seemed so manufactured, so fake, and Jungkook could never figure out what the big deal was.

And then he stumbled onto this. Finding Baby J was eye-opening to say the least, and now it’s become something of a routine for Jungkook, to sit down those two days a week that Baby J does his livestreams and take time to relieve his stress. Just the sight of him is enough to have Jungkook forgetting everything else going on in his life, all thoughts about classes and exams vanishing as he focuses on nothing but his own cock and the addicting look on Baby J’s face as he makes himself come in front of his webcam, week after week.

Jungkook rarely writes comments, but sometimes he can’t help himself. They’re not as filthy as some of the ones other people send, more along the lines of fuck you’re sexy and please cum, you’re so hot when you cum. Praise always seems to get to Baby J in the best possible way, and Jungkook likes to think that when the camboy leans closer to the screen with a hitch in his breath it’s because of what he wrote.

When Baby J reaches down to jerk himself off after increasing the vibration of his toy, Jungkook’s hand speeds up. He’s watched enough streams to recognize the signs, the way the camboy’s abdominal muscles will tense up when he’s getting close, the increasing volume of his moans that never fails to drive Jungkook crazy. He can feel his own orgasm approaching too, no doubt pushed along by the way the boy on his computer screen is arching his back off the sheets with a groan, pushing the toy deep inside of himself and closing his eyes in pleasure.

Baby J comes hard, shooting stripes of cum across his toned chest as he keeps the toy pressed against his prostate, and Jungkook is quick to follow. He’s so easily pushed over the edge by the visual of it, the heaving of the camboy’s chest as he tries to catch his breath and the way he twitches from overstimulation while pulling the toy out of himself. Jungkook muffles his groan with his fist as he comes, watching Baby J shoot the camera an exhausted but satisfied smile.


The lecture hall is too cold for Jungkook even during his afternoon classes but in the morning it’s practically freezing. For the tenth time since he woke up Jungkook regrets signing up for an early class. At least the thick sweatshirt he pulled on after rolling out of bed and the large coffee he bought on his way to the lecture are somewhat helping him fend off the coldness as he waits for the lecture to start.

Jungkook is definitely not a morning person. In fact he can barely keep his eyes open, and after a while he lets them stay shut, deciding that he might as well get a few minutes of rest before the professor starts talking and he’ll have to actually pay attention.

His almost-sleep is broken by a voice beside him softly asking if the seat next to him is free. Jungkook just nods with closed eyes, not peeling them open until the student next to him jostles Jungkook in the process of getting something out of his bag. At the sight of him, Jungkook is instantly fully awake.

“I’m Jimin, by the way,” the boy next to him says after getting his supplies out.

No you’re not, Jungkook thinks. You’re Baby J and you’re responsible for every single orgasm I’ve had the last few months. He’d know those lips anywhere, and even if the boy is wearing a beanie and thick-rimmed glasses rather than what Jungkook is used to seeing him in (which is, well, nothing) he looks absolutely stunning. Literally. Jungkook completely forgets the fact that according to social conventions he’s supposed to reply.

“Uh, I’m Jungkook,” he replies after a too long pause. Baby J (Jimin, Jungkook reminds himself) smiles at him and Jungkook suddenly realizes that he’s somehow supposed to survive the next two hours with a dry throat and a growing erection, both worsened by the brush of Jimin’s arm against his own as the professor clears his throat and Jimin gets ready to take notes.


When Jungkook pulls up the well-visited page on his laptop a few days later he expects it to feel weird. And it does, at least a bit, knowing that Baby J isn’t just some stranger on the internet but an actual person, someone who Jungkook has met and talked to.

In a way, it’s also really hot. Jimin is even better looking in real life than he is on screen, which Jungkook thought was physically impossible. As much as he had tried not to stare, not wanting to be the creep that ogles his classmates, he couldn’t resist packing up his stuff a lot slower than normal just so that he could steal a glance at Jimin as the boy left the lecture hall. Jimin’s thighs looked nothing short of amazing in his jeans but Jungkook must admit that this, watching Jimin rub his hardening cock through his underwear as the viewer count steadily increases, isn’t that bad either.


Jungkook isn’t a slacker per se, it’s just that he sometimes has trouble getting around to actually studying. The distractions in his dorm room are far too many and when he realizes that he’s got less than a week left before his first quiz and has yet to start studying, he resigns himself to leave his bed in favour of going to the library.

The quiet, studious atmosphere in the school library has Jungkook feeling very disciplined and productive, right up until the point where he’s sitting at one of the tables and realizes that it’s very hard to revise lectures notes when you don’t have any. His notebook is filled with nothing but scribbles and random contextless words, and he vaguely recalls being too busy trying to ignore Jimin’s presence to properly listen to the professor.

Even catching up on the assigned reading is harder than it should be. The textbook is so boring that it’s impossible to focus on without Jungkook’s mind starting to wander towards more exciting things, like the way Jimin had been licking cum of his fingers during last night’s stream and wow Jungkook didn’t know he had a thing for that but he definitely does now.

“Hey, you’re in my class, right? Jungkook?”

Jungkook swears he’s going to have a heart attack one of these days if Jimin keeps popping up out of nowhere, the boy sitting down across from Jungkook and spreading his own books out on the table. And of course Jimin has to appear today of all days, when Jungkook is in his oldest, most comfortable pair of sweatpants and hiding his unwashed hair under a beanie. Just great.

“Right,” Jungkook answers after a few seconds. Jimin must think he’s slow in the head at this point.

“I feel like I’m already behind,” Jimin says with a pout that makes Jungkook think of so many other uses for those lips. “This stuff is really hard.”

Jungkook clears his throat, trying to rid his head of all dirty thoughts before replying. He’s not good at talking to people he doesn’t know that well to begin with, and the fact that he jerks off to Jimin on a regular basis really isn’t making things easier. “Yeah same here. My lecture notes are shit too.”

Leaning over to steal a glance at Jungkook’s notes, Jimin lets out a laugh. “No kidding. I thought I was bad, just writing down whatever it said on the slides.”

“He had slides?”

Jimin laughs again at that. “Man, we’re really fucked, aren’t we?”

Sighing, Jungkook rests his head on his crossed arms and closes his eyes. Maybe if he can’t see Jimin he can stop thinking about Jimin’s choice of words and focus on actually passing his class rather than anything to do with Baby J and being fucked.

“Hey,” he hears Jimin’s voice say, feeling the tap of his sneaker against Jungkook’s own beneath the table. “Don’t give up yet. We’ll get through this.”

At that Jungkook straightens up, nodding. He can get through this. It’s just compartmentalizing. Just making sure that he doesn’t confuse university student Jimin with livestreaming camboy Baby J.

“Alright, let’s do this,” he says, looking back up at Jimin. Jimin, who is a classmate and nothing else.

Jimin, who’s wearing a very thin t-shirt.

Jimin, who’s smiling at him with lips that Jungkook has fantasized a hundred uses for.

Compartmentalize. He can get through this.



Jungkook isn’t even surprised when he fails the quiz. He would like to be able to say that studying together with Jimin had helped, but it really, really hadn’t. Jungkook had spent far more time trying to sneak glances at Jimin instead of actually trying to memorize the course material, and he’s paying for it now.

When Jimin asks him after class how he did in a hopeful tone Jungkook only shrugs and shakes his head. Jungkook hadn’t even answered most of the questions, partly because he genuinely didn’t know the answer and partly because he happened to look over at Jimin a few rows down halfway through the quiz, just in time to witness Jimin’s habit of chewing his bottom lip as he concentrates. And that had been all it took for Jungkook’s mind to start wandering.

“Aw, really?” Jimin says, sounding genuinely sympathetic. “I guess I’ll have to help you study extra hard for the next one then. I did pretty well, I must have understood more than I thought I did.”

So he’s hot and smart. And kind, considering his offer of helping Jungkook study even when he’s obviously a lost case.

“Yeah, I might need that,” Jungkook admits. And sure, maybe studying with the sole source of his distractions isn’t the best idea, but when Jimin pulls out his phone with a “You should give me your number,” and a smile, Jungkook knows that there’s no way he’d be able to say no.


It turns out that Jimin is a very touchy person. As they start meeting up more frequently Jimin begins to develop a habit of sitting very close to Jungkook, who spends entire study sessions being hyperaware of the occasional leg brushing against his own, of Jimin letting his hand casually rest on Jungkook’s arm or shoulder. Jungkook thought just looking at Jimin was distracting enough, but this is pure torture.

Jungkook’s predicament isn’t at all helped by the fact that he’s getting to know Jimin more and more on a personal level, which means finding out that Jimin isn’t just good looking, he’s also nice to the point where Jungkook starts to feel rude due to his own lackluster answers. Whenever they meet up he’ll ask Jungkook about how he’s doing, how his classes are going, and even though Jungkook is too diffident around him to reply half as well as he’d like to Jimin still keeps showing interest in even the most mundane aspects of Jungkook’s life.

He still watches Jimin’s streams religiously. It’s impossible not to, considering how wound up he gets from having Jimin touch him so often. Occasionally Jimin will start the stream with most of his clothes still on, the same clothes he’d been wearing earlier that day when they studied together in the library, and Jungkook can’t help but imagine himself being the one to take those clothes off, the one to make Jimin let out those beautiful moans of pleasure. It’s an intense fantasy, and while Jungkook tries to push it out of his mind during his study sessions with Jimin it’s a lot easier said than done.

“Do you think you get it now?”

Jimin’s voice cuts through Jungkook’s thoughts and he snaps to attention, trying to ignore the way Jimin is leaning into his space with an arm draped around the back of Jungkook’s chair as he points out something in Jungkook’s textbook. “Uhm,” Jungkook replies, making Jimin laugh.

“What’s on your mind today? It seems to be much more interesting than me going through the course material.” Jimin sounds amused, and Jungkook only shakes his head.

“Sorry, just having a hard time concentrating.”

Jimin leans back into his own seat then, and Jungkook would be lying if he said he didn’t feel a little bit disappointed at the feeling of Jimin’s arm moving away from the back of Jungkook’s chair. Instead Jimin’s hand moves to his pocket, pulling out his phone to check the time. “We’ve been here for almost two hours, I think we can call it a day.”

Jungkook gives a sigh of relief at that, packing up his books. He’s sure he managed to learn something today, even if he spent a lot of time being distracted by Jimin’s smile. Jimin smiles far more in person than he does on stream and seeing that expression on him has only served to further cement Jungkook’s attraction to him.

“By the way,” Jimin says as Jungkook is about to leave, making him pause in his step. “My roommates are throwing a party tonight, you should drop by. If you want to, of course.”

“Sure.” Jungkook tries to sound cool, but it’s hard to get that across through the sudden dryness of his throat. They’ve only ever met in the context of studying together, and always on the neutral grounds of the library or the school cafeteria. The idea of hanging out without their shared class as an excuse makes Jungkook very nervous, even though a part of him is elated that Jimin actually asked him to come.

“If you’ve got a girlfriend you wanna bring along then that’s fine too.”

Jungkook’s throat somehow goes even drier. “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Oh,” Jimin says. “Boyfriend?” Jungkook shakes his head at that, and Jimin smiles in reply. “Cool. Good to know.”


Once Jungkook gets to the address that Jimin had texted him he has to stop and take a few deep breaths before actually entering. He double-checks that it’s the right apartment, then triple-checks. As soon as he feels collected enough he knocks, but when the door swings open it’s not Jimin on the other side. Jungkook can only assume it’s one of Jimin’s roommates, a boy with sandy blond hair and an inquisitive look on his face.

Jungkook shifts hesitantly in the doorway. “Hi, uhm, Jimin invited me?”

“Ah,” the boy says, his face instantly lighting up with a smile. “Jungkook, right? I’m Taehyung.”

Taehyung reaches out to greet Jungkook with a handshake, pulling him into the apartment once he’s got a hold on Jungkook’s hand. After releasing Jungkook and kicking the door shut behind them he gives Jungkook a short once-over, nodding in what almost seems like approval. “Jimin was right, you’re cute.”

“He’s been talking about me?” Jungkook asks, curiosity cutting through his nervousness. The idea of Jimin talking about him to his friends feels strange; the idea of Jimin calling him cute even more so.

Taehyung grins again, big enough to have Jungkook worried, before pushing Jungkook further into the apartment with a palm on his back. “Only good things, don’t worry.”

The living room is filled with people, music blasting from the stereo, and Jungkook barely has time to take a look around before Jimin is bounding up to him and pulling him in for a half-hug. He seems to be mildly unsteady on his feet.

“Hey.” Jimin’s smile is wider than usual, probably aided by whatever alcoholic liquid is sloshing around in his plastic cup. “You showed!”

Jungkook gives a small shrug, trying to give off an air of casual aloofness. He’s going for the feeling of ‘I decided to drop by, but it’s no big deal’, rather than the more truthful ‘I spent 30 minutes getting my hair to look this effortlessly perfect and another 30 minutes trying on all the clothing in my wardrobe before deciding on this outfit’. He’s not sure if he succeeds or not, so all he can do is hope that Jimin isn’t sober enough to notice.

Somehow Jungkook ends up on a sofa next to Jimin, sipping on a beer and acting like he isn’t at all affected by the way Jimin’s thigh presses against his own or how the armholes of Jimin’s tank-top are cut low enough that when he leans forward Jungkook gets a flash of far more skin than he could have hoped for.

There’s some sort of conversation going on, Jungkook thinks. Or maybe a drinking game. Actually, Jungkook has no idea. All he knows is that when Jimin laughs he leans into Jungkook, and when Jimin is drunk he laughs a lot.

Even when Jungkook is a few drinks into the night he isn’t finding it any easier to be in such close proximity to Jimin. At one point Jimin sets his hand down on Jungkook’s thigh instead of his own, and for some reason lets it stay there. Jungkook isn’t sure if Jimin is even aware of the way he’s idly picking at the inseam of Jungkook’s jeans, all he knows is that this is far too much for him. He’s not even drunk, definitely not ready to deal with this, and neither is he in the mood to pop a boner in the middle of a party, so he gently excuses himself and squeezes past Jimin and through the crowd of people in order to find solace in the empty kitchen.

Jungkook opts for a glass of cold water rather than more alcohol. It clears his head somewhat, even if he can still feel the phantom touch of Jimin’s hand on his thigh. Something as little as that really shouldn’t be making Jungkook this aroused, but then again he supposes Jimin is a special case. It’s not even just the livestreaming anymore, it’s not just the attraction to Baby J bleeding into the way he views Jimin, it’s the fact that everything that Jimin does seems to draw him in like a magnet and he really isn’t sure how to handle that.

“There you are,” a voice sounds from behind Jungkook, and he knows who it is before even turning around. It seems that Jimin still has that tendency of appearing wherever Jungkook is. “I wondered where you went.”

“Just, you know.” Jungkook shrugs, nodding towards his water glass before setting it down on the counter. Maybe one day he’ll be able to talk smoothly to Jimin, but it doesn’t seem to be today.

Jimin steps closer, and with the edge of the counter pressing into his back Jungkook couldn’t move out of his way even if he wanted to. “I’m glad you came, Jungkook,” Jimin says. He seems far more sober now, reaching out and brushing something off of Jungkook’s shoulder, probably a strand of hair or some lint but Jungkook is too preoccupied to care about the details. All he knows is that Jimin keeps touching him. “It’s nice to hang out without also having to study.”

“Yeah.” Jungkook racks his brain for something more to reply with, something witty or funny, but Jimin is making occasional glances down towards Jungkook’s mouth and between that and the lack of space between them Jungkook’s mind is going completely blank. The urge to kiss Jimin is almost unbearable.

And then, before Jungkook can even consider the idea of making a move, Jimin is leaning in and pressing their lips together. It’s everything Jungkook has been hoping for but completely unexpected, and for a few seconds he finds himself frozen in place as Jimin’s soft lips move against his own. Then he comes back to his senses, as much as is possible while being kissed by the object of his fantasies, and starts to work on returning the kiss.

Jimin’s livestreams are easy enough to handle. It’s just watching, fantasizing, not directly partaking. This is different. This is them, right here and now, this is Jimin’s hands coming up to rest against Jungkook’s chest, his tongue moving against Jungkook’s own. Jungkook vaguely registers the sound of the front door slamming shut, but he ignores it in favour of deepening the kiss. It wouldn’t take anything less than an earthquake for him to break away from this.

Jimin tastes slightly like raspberry vodka, and he’s as touchy while kissing as he is at all other times. One of his hands comes up to the back of Jungkook’s head while the other moves down to his hip, and even though Jungkook is going lightheaded he keeps pulling Jimin closer. He can feel himself getting hard, harder than he thought was possible just from kissing someone. With Jimin’s finger skimming the hem of his t-shirt and the unmistakable feeling of Jimin’s hardening cock pressing into Jungkook’s hip, he can’t remember ever being this aroused.

It feels like hours have passed when they finally break apart. Jimin stays close enough that Jungkook can feel his quickened breathing against his skin, and his heart is in his throat as he takes in the sight of Jimin with spit-slick lips and half-closed eyes.

“I think the others went out. They were talking about crashing some frat party at the dorms,” Jimin says eventually, glancing over his shoulder at the doorway. It’s only then that Jungkook realizes that the apartment is silent, the sounds of the party gone. “So I guess we have the apartment all to ourselves,” Jimin continues, looking at Jungkook and biting down slightly on his bottom lip. It’s an expression Jungkook has seen countless times before, but only ever on his laptop screen. He knows exactly what it means, his brain is practically hard-wired to associate it with arousal, with Jimin being turned on.

“Good.” Jungkook’s voice has gone huskier than usual, and that single word seems to be all it takes for Jimin to grab onto Jungkook’s wrist and pull him out of the kitchen. They move through the now empty apartment until they reach the door that Jungkook assumes leads to Jimin’s room, and the whole time Jungkook can’t keep his eyes off of Jimin. It’s only once they enter the room that he manages to tear his gaze away.

It’s strange, seeing Jimin’s room from this angle. During the streams Jimin doesn’t show more than just his bed, and even though Jungkook logically knew that there were things behind the camera too it still throws him for a loop. Then Jungkook spots the laptop on Jimin’s nightstand, the one that Jimin must be using to do his livestreams, and he has to take a brief pause. Jimin seems to sense his hesitation, turns towards him.

He’s been watching Jimin for months, and now he’s actually here in his room. It’s almost surreal. Jimin is looking at him, Baby J, the guy he’s been fantasizing about for so long. And Jungkook can’t help it, he has to say it. It’s everything he’s been able to think about whenever they’ve met and it’s still on his mind now, impossible to ignore. “I watch your streams.”

When Jimin’s eyebrows raise Jungkook starts to wonder if maybe he shouldn’t have said anything, if maybe he should have stayed quiet, but then the surprised look on Jimin’s face leaves way for a sly smile. “Really?” Jimin steps closer again, backing Jungkook up against the wall as Jungkook nods hesitantly in response. “Have you jerked off to me?”

At that Jungkook nods again. It seems to be the right answer considering the way Jimin mumbles “Fuck, that’s hot,” under his breath and brings his hands up beneath Jungkook’s shirt. It’s off in a matter of seconds, probably ruffling Jungkook’s hair out of its styled perfection, but he couldn’t care less now that he’s got Jimin’s hands on his bare skin. He leans in to kiss Jimin again, just because he can.

Jimin manoeuvres Jungkook over towards the bed as they kiss and Jungkook follows blindly, lets Jimin push him onto the mattress and watches as Jimin pulls his own tank-top off before climbing on top of Jungkook. It’s unreal, and Jungkook almost doesn’t dare reach out and touch. Jimin seems to notice, and he gives Jungkook a small, encouraging, “Go on.”

Jungkook starts off slowly, letting his hands travel across Jimin’s jean-clad thighs, feeling the hard muscles beneath as he works his way up. Continuing his explorations, Jungkook moves his hands up to Jimin’s stomach. He traces the abdominal muscles, venturing further up towards Jimin’s chest and brushing across his pebbled nipples. The touch makes Jimin draw a short, sharp breath.

Jimin’s skin is soft, even softer than Jungkook thought it would be. It’s also utterly addicting. The only reason Jungkook even manages to stop running his hands across it is because of the bulge in Jimin’s jeans, which has Jungkook’s hands moving downwards until he can feel the hardness beneath his palm.

Covering Jungkook’s hand with one of his own, Jimin presses down against his cock and lets out a soft moan at the pressure. “Wanna watch a real live show?”

The noise of assent that leaves Jungkook’s throat is desperate. His hand falls to the bed as Jimin starts to work on his fly, pulling the zipper down. The outline of his hard cock is visible in his underwear, just enough of it showing to be teasing rather than revealing.

For a while Jimin just massages himself through his underwear, keeping his eyes on Jungkook. His hand moves slowly, deliberately, and even though Jungkook has already seen Jimin do this countless times he finds himself achingly hard at the sight of Jimin bucking against his own hand, the wet spot starting to spread across the fabric of his boxer briefs.

When Jimin’s hands move, it’s not to undress himself further. Instead he starts to unbutton Jungkook’s jeans, pulling them off Jungkook along with his underwear. Once he’s got Jungkook naked beneath him he pauses and takes in the sight of Jungkook’s erection.

“I want to see you touch yourself,” Jimin says, grazing Jungkook’s hip with his fingertips. “The way you do when you watch me.”

Jungkook can do that. He can definitely do that, especially now that Jimin is finally taking his own jeans off, along with his underwear. It’s slow, like always, putting on a show. Jungkook presses a hand against his hard cock and breathes out a low groan as he watches.

Then Jimin settles above him again, straddling Jungkook’s thighs with his own perfect ones. Seeing Jimin fully bared like this, not just on his computer screen but right there on top of him, is making Jungkook’s head spin. He’s glad he’s lying down, because if he was standing he’s sure his knees would be giving out.

The sound that leaves Jimin’s throat when he wraps a hand around his cock makes Jungkook’s own cock twitch. He’s only ever heard those sounds through his headphones and this is so much better. At first Jungkook strokes himself in time with Jimin, matching his pace as well as he can. It doesn’t take long until he realizes that as usual, that won’t do. The sight of Jimin with his back arched, mouth slightly open as his fingers work his hard cock is getting Jungkook dangerously close to the edge already. He wraps his fingers around the base of his cock, holding himself back.

Jimin leans over him then, kissing Jungkook briefly. He shuffles with something beside Jungkook’s head, somewhere beneath the pillows, and when he sits up again he’s clutching a bottle of lube. Jungkook nearly curses under his breath.

When Jimin opens the bottle and starts to lube up his fingers Jungkook could swear that he seems a bit more rushed than usual. It’s only due to his frequent watching of Jimin’s livestreams that he can pick up on it, the way Jimin seems to fumble slightly with the bottle. He’s not sure why, but he doesn’t miss the occasional glances that Jimin is giving Jungkook’s cock, lying hard against his stomach.

Rising up slightly on his knees above Jungkook, Jimin reaches down between his legs. First he just traces his fingers across his opening. Jungkook knows just how this goes, but he never ever gets tired of seeing it. It’s a whole new experience in person, hearing every change in Jimin’s breath as his fingers move, feeling the heat of Jimin’s skin against his own. Jungkook is so hard it hurts.

Their gazes meet as Jimin pushes the first finger inside of himself. For a short moment Jimin’s eyes flutter shut, before opening again as he gives a low moan. His breaths are coming faster now, and It doesn’t take long until he’s got two fingers inside, grinding his hips down against them.

Usually Jimin is lying back against his pillows while doing this, legs spread for the camera as he works himself open. Jungkook could watch him do that forever but he also knows that this, Jimin steadying himself with a hand on Jungkook’s chest as he kneels above him and pushes his fingers deep inside, is an image that won’t leave Jungkook’s mind for a very, very long time. The look Jimin is giving him is nothing but pure arousal.

“God, you look fucking amazing,” Jungkook says, his voice throaty and rough. It makes Jimin’s breath hitch the way it always has whenever Jungkook has praised him, for the first time now with his own voice rather than through anonymous comments.

The muscles in Jimin’s legs tense when Jungkook strokes his hands over them, across the thin skin at the inside of Jimin’s thighs. One of his hands continues upwards, ghosting against where Jimin’s fingers are disappearing into his body. He can’t resist it, can’t keep his hands to himself now that he’s got Jimin right there.

At first Jimin only pauses, keeping still as Jungkook traces his rim. Then he pulls his fingers out, reaching for the lube and coating Jungkook’s fingers with it.

“Are you sure?” Jungkook asks, still in disbelief that he’s allowed to touch, hesitatingly pressing a fingertip against Jimin. His only reply is a gasped out, “Yes,” and Jimin’s hips canting down against his hand.

Jungkook pushes two fingers past Jimin’s entrance, sinking into the warm heat of his body. It takes Jungkook a fumbling second but then he manages to find Jimin’s prostate, rubbing his fingertips against it and squeezing Jimin’s thigh with his free hand. A pearl of pre-come forms at the head of Jimin’s cock as he throws his head back with an unabashed moan of Jungkook’s name.

The third finger is a tight fit, but Jungkook has seen Jimin do this to himself enough times to know the idiosyncrasies of his body and he can tell that when Jimin’s eyebrows knit together like they’re currently doing it’s in pleasure, not pain. He goes slow, the way Jimin always does, thrusting his fingers into him. It doesn’t take long for Jimin’s thighs to start trembling.

“Did you ever fantasize about this?” Jimin asks in between breathless moans, as if he can see it in Jungkook’s eyes.

“Yeah,” Jungkook replies. He presses against Jimin’s prostate again, loving the way it makes Jimin gasp. “And so much more.”

“Ever thought about me riding you?” Jimin takes Jungkook’s hand and pulls his fingers out. He leans over Jungkook again, this time reaching for his nightstand and getting out a condom.

“Yeah, I have,” Jungkook croaks out. In fact it has been one of his more frequent daydreams. He’s been trying to push the very image of it out of his head multiple times during their study sessions.

A part of Jungkook is still in disbelief that this is actually happening, and even when Jimin rolls the condom onto his cock Jungkook half expects to suddenly wake up and realize that this was all an incredibly vivid wet dream. He reaches out just to be sure, runs his hands across Jimin’s thighs and around to his ass, feeling Jimin move into his touch.

As soon as Jimin has lubed up Jungkook’s cock he moves forward, giving a hint of a smile when Jungkook moves a hand to steady his cock. Even this Jimin does slowly, letting the head of Jungkook’s cock breach him and sinking down halfway before pausing and taking a shuddering breath. Jungkook’s hands come up to hold Jimin by the hips as he sinks down further, finally settling astride Jungkook’s hips with Jungkook fully inside him.

The feeling is indescribable. If Jungkook could praise Jimin more he would, but every cell in his brain seems to have shut down at the sensation of Jimin on top of him like this. All he can do is let out a groan as Jimin starts to move his hips.

Since the first time he stumbled onto Jimin’s stream, Jungkook has thought that Jimin was the most attractive guy he’d ever seen. And still somehow he is looking more perfect than ever as he fucks himself on Jungkook’s cock, his lips parted around the sweet sounds escaping his mouth, his eyes half-closed in bliss. He’s not putting on a show anymore but he’s still a vision.

Jungkook’s hands travel from Jimin’s hips, across his burning skin. He couldn’t get enough of watching and now he can’t get enough of touching. He drags his fingertips over every sensitive part of Jimin, knowing exactly where he likes to touch himself, and when he notices Jimin’s abdominal muscles starting to tense up and his moans getting louder in that unmistakable sign of an approaching orgasm he wraps his hand around Jimin’s cock.

Jimin is unbelievably hard, and it doesn’t take more than a few seconds before he’s coming across Jungkook’s chest, trembling. He clenches around Jungkook as he comes, instantly pulling Jungkook over the edge with him. It’s an intense orgasm, one that has Jungkook’s vision going white for a brief moment. He can feel Jimin still on top of him, riding his own orgasm out before he goes limp, pulling off of Jungkook’s softening cock and falling onto the bed beside Jungkook.

“You’re really good at that,” Jungkook mumbles as he pulls the condom off and ties it up, turning slightly towards Jimin just in time to catch him barely suppressing a smile.

“So,” Jimin says once he’s caught his breath, rolling over on his side to look at Jungkook. “Why didn’t you ever tell me you watch my streams?”

“Are you kidding me?” Jungkook huffs out a laugh. “How would I even start that conversation? ‘Hey, thanks for helping me out with these lecture notes, also I saw you fingering yourself on camera last night’?”

It makes Jimin laugh, a bubbling, bright laugh that Jungkook wants to hear over and over again. “Alright, I see your point. And I guess I wasn’t completely upfront with my own intentions, so let’s say we’re even.”

Looking at Jimin with a confused frown Jungkook asks, “Your own intentions?”

Traces of his laugh are still on Jimin’s face, the corners of his lips still tugged up, although it’s starting to look more bashful than amused. He lowers his head slightly as he traces Jungkook’s collarbone with his fingertips, only looking up towards Jungkook’s face with occasional glances. “I mean, the reason I sat next to you that first day was because I thought you were really hot. So...” He trails off with a small shrug.

Jungkook takes a second to think the words over, although it's a bit hard to think when Jimin is idly running fingers across his chest. “Wait, you were into me this whole time?”

“Jungkook,” Jimin says, spreading his palm flat on Jungkook’s chest as he looks directly at him. “I’ve been flirting with you for weeks, did you seriously not notice?”

The touching. The arm around the back of Jungkook’s chair, the hand on his thigh. The suggestive words he’d choose, the looks he’d give him. “Oh.” Jungkook was so wrapped up in trying to focus on not thinking about Jimin in a sexual way that he never even stopped to consider that maybe those things weren’t all unintentional. “Oh.

His newfound revelation has Jimin giggling again, this time against Jungkook’s shoulder. The movement brings him closer, his thigh brushing against Jungkook’s in a way that Jungkook knows is on purpose. It makes his cock start to harden again.

This time Jungkook decides to take initiative, rolling them over so that he’s on top of Jimin, resting his weight on his elbows on either side of Jimin’s head. “I think it’s time I show you a few of the things I’ve been wanting to do to you.” He leans down, catches Jimin in a kiss that soon has Jimin’s arms coming up to wrap around Jungkook’s torso, pulling him close.

Please do,” Jimin whispers against Jungkook’s lips.