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No Heels or Makeup 'Til Age 12

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Bravemountain is nine when he announces, “I’m going to be a girl.”

Briefly considering responding, William successfully tampers down the urge.

He occasionally changed Bravemountain’s nappies, and he knows Bravemountain is-

“Aunt Sacharissa can take you shopping for some skirts, but you’re not wearing heels until you’re, at least, twelve,” Boddony says.

“Or makeup,” Gunilla adds. “At least, not regularly. Right now, let’s just stick to special occasions, yeah?”

Happily nodding, Bravemountain trots off.

“What if Bravemountain decides later that she would actually rather keep being a he?”

“Then, Sacharissa can take him shopping again,” Gunilla answers.

“Right, of course.”