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Single By 30

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Magnus sighed, leaning back against the counter as he had another drink. He was watching Izzy with her new dance partner, it hadn't taken her long to find someone else as soon as Magnus told her he needed a break. He'd given her a quick forehead kiss before he found his way through the crowd of sweaty dancing bodies and planted himself in the kitchen right beside the drinks table.

After last night he needed something to take the edge off, and who could blame him. Seeing his girlfriend all over that exchange student had been the breaking point in their relationship. He should have known from the beginning that she was going to break his heart, but he was a fool in love, as always. Things hadn't always been bad of course, at first they were happy, so happy and they barely left one another's side. But that didn't last long. Once Camille had sunk her claws in, Magnus was hooked. She gave him just enough of her attention to keep him wanting, whilst keeping enough distance to torture him.

Magnus sighed to himself again, he wouldn't spend his night wallowing in self pity over this, over her. He downed the alcohol in his hand and quickly replaced it with another, much stronger, drink. He needed to forget about her, needed something to cheer him up, and fast. He could feel his thoughts turning sour again, remembering all the times she told him she loved him, and in the same thought all the times she would flirt and press herself up against other guys, looking back at Magnus and smirking, simply trying to get a reaction out of him. He scolded himself and looked around for something to take his mind off Camille, he needed to find something and fast, he refused to let himself fall apart again.

Deciding to go back and find Izzy, he pushed himself off the counter and started to head back in her direction when something, or rather, someone, caught his attention. He heard her before he saw her. That shrill laughter that seemed to cut straight through him. Looking up he saw Camille stood at the bottom of the stairs, she was wearing a tight black dress, her bright red lips startling against her pale skin. He froze, hating that her hooks were still deeply embedded in him, making him unable to look away. Tears pricked his eyes as he watched her holding onto another boy and throwing her head back laughing at something he said. She noticed him then. A small smirk on her lips as she locked eyes with him. Camille stepped away from the other boy and walked gracefully, almost predatory-like, towards Magnus,

“Magnus!” She beamed, he flinched slightly, “I missed you today, were you avoiding me?” her voice teasing at the end. Magnus couldn't say anything, he knew his voice would betray him, showing the pain and hurt, something Camille would use to her advantage, twisting and teasing until he was broken beyond repair.

“Oh Magnus, you can't still be upset about last night? It was just a bit of fun.” Camille was stood close now, too close, pressing herself against him, leaning up to his ear, “Didn't you enjoy the show?” she whispered, biting down gently. Magnus felt like he was going to be sick. This was all just a game to Camille. His pain was nothing to her, no, it was fun for her. She was getting off knowing how much she was hurting him. Taking pleasure in the pain she was causing him. It was one thing to think it, but this all but confirmed it, and that realisation tore at Magnus' heart.

He stumbled backwards, trying to get as much space between himself and Camille as possible. She smirked at him. Winking, she spun around and sauntered back to the boy she was with before. Leaning up to kiss him, Camille pushed the boy against a wall, grinding herself against him, keeping her eyes on Magnus the entire time. His head was spinning, tears threatening to spill. Magnus needed to get out. He needed to get away from Camille and her sick twisted games.

Magnus turned as quickly as he could, Camille's laughter behind him feeling like another stab to his heart. He didn't need to see her to know she was laughing at him this time. He began to run towards the front door, wanting nothing more than to escape this entire evening. Wiping his eyes furiously, trying to hide any signs of the unshed tears, he ran directly into firm chest making them both almost fall to the ground,

“Magnus?” Magnus looked up slowly, eyes widening when he saw Alec looking back at him, his face full of concern. He felt Alec's hands on his shoulders, burning where they touched his skin slighty. Now that Magnus had stopped running he felt himself trembling, trying harder than ever to hold back the tears. He didn't want Alec to see him like this again, so weak and broken. But this was Alec, just being around him made his walls crumble, made Magnus want to let him in.

“Magnus what's wrong?” Alec's voice was gentle, his hands gripping firmly as if scared Magnus would try to run. They felt like a lifeline to him, holding him together when all he wanted to do was fall to pieces. Alec was always there. He was always the one to put him back together, the one to look after him. And here he was again, holding him steady, making him feel safe. Making him feel loved,

“Alec...” he whimpered, looking up into Alec's eyes. It only took a second for Magnus to throw his arms tightly around Alec's waist, holding tightly to his shirt, pressing his face into his neck and choking on a small sob. He needed this, he needed Alec, he always needed Alec. His trembling slowed when he felt Alec's arms circle around him, holding him close and stroking the same gentle patterns into his back as the night before.

“Magnus, what's going on?” Alec whispered in Magnus' ear making him shiver just slightly. Just minutes ago Camille had been in the same position, causing Magnus' skin to crawl and his stomach twist in knots. But now here was Alec, instead of skin crawling it was covered in goosebumps, instead of his stomach twisting Alec had Magnus' heart pounding in his chest. The love and concern Magnus felt flowing from Alec threw his thoughts into overdrive, he couldn't think straight anymore, all he knew was Alec was there, Alec was always there.

He could feel the warmth from Alec as he nudged his face closer to the bare skin of Alec's collarbone. He needed to show him how much he loved him, how much he appreciated everything he'd ever done for him. All he could think about was that he needed Alec to understand what he meant to Magnus. He gently pressed his lips against Alec's skin, feeling him still beneath him, and slowly led a trail of kisses up his neck and jawline. His body felt like there were fireworks going off, small sparks every time his lips touched Alec. Once he reached his mouth he paused, hovering over his lips.