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Jon stood in the woods, the snow falling down lightly around him. It was cold, frigid really – and he only knew that because he was told that when he left through the castle gates with Ghost and Sansa running ahead of him.

He didn’t feel the cold much. Not when he connected with his dragon side, such as he had done now. He wasn’t even angry, either. In fact, he was quite content to watch Ghost and Sansa frolic in the snow.

Sansa had actually feared that when she didn’t change after little Ned was born just two moons ago, she had lost the ability. She felt the urge to change, having admitted to Jon that she actually missed changing after going so long without it. But then, that night, just as the moon had gone full, she’d ran from the dining hall and it had happened.

Ghost was happy to have his playmate back.

“Ghost,” Jon said now, warningly, “Gentle with her.”

Sansa looked at him in her wolf-form, and he chuckled. He swore she was giving him a look. Some things though, like ensuring Sansa’s protection and happiness at all times, never changed. And never would change.

When they began to run off, Jon ran after them, his speed as the dragon making him faster. Plus, there was always the fact that he could vault himself up over the trees if he had to. Thankfully, he didn’t often need to. Though now with Sansa changing, he wondered if he would have to.

Ned, their son, was asleep in his nursery, with the nurse watching over him just in case.

Sansa was hardly ever without Ned, and Jon was with them both when he wasn’t tending to his duties. Sansa had needed this release, he had been feeling it building inside her for quite a while. He didn’t begrudge her this, nor would he ever. And he knew that she would fight a change for the good of Ned if need be. She was a wonderful mother, just as he’d always known she would be. He liked to think he was a good father too – at least Sansa told him so.

Sansa howled then, pulling him from his thoughts, and he ran harder after her and Ghost. It was going to be a long night, but he didn’t mind. Not if it meant Sansa was happy.


Jon woke up late and, as he always did when he woke up, he reached for Sansa. Her side of the bed was cold and empty though. Jon’s eyes snapped open and he frowned.

Ned. She was probably with Ned. He must have been worn out as well since he didn’t even hear her getting up to tend to him. Usually, that was what woke him. However, they’d gotten back near dawn, and she had fallen into a deep slumber as soon as the change back had been complete. It had been many moons since she’d been able to change, and he supposed it had taken a lot out of her. It did even when she was used to it.

Usually, she brought Ned to bed with them when their little one woke so they could spend the morning together as a family before duty split them in different directions. Not that Jon let it split them apart for long though. He couldn’t go very long during the day without seeing his wife and his son. They came together every afternoon for luncheon, in which Jon would tell Sansa about what was going on to get her feedback on it.

His wife was far more politically minded than he was, and would probably ever be. Though he was learning things – it was just that what he wanted to do and what he should do were not often in agreement. Sansa reminded him that he could not always do what he wanted to do, and remind him of the best course of action. It was why he consulted her as he did. Sometimes he would end up undoing something he did in the morning in the afternoon after speaking with Sansa. He was getting better at anticipating what she might say, but sometimes he fell off the mark.

Jon lay back, hoping she would return soon with Ned. He was late already to tend to what needed tending to, what did a few more minutes matter? Besides, he wanted to see how she was feeling after last night.

His mind drifted back to those days when a fierce coupling would take place after her change. Yet that had not happened last night. In fact, a fierce coupling hadn’t happened in a while since she’d given birth to Ned. Jon didn’t want to push and ask when she’d receive word that it was safe to proceed, but he…well, he missed making love to Sansa. He missed it something fierce. He found religion in their couplings. Sansa was his Goddess, the only thing beside his son he felt he had faith in in this harsh world.

The door burst open then and in his wife came with their son. Jon sat up, grinning, and reached out for Ned. Ned cooed at him happily and Jon laughed as he kissed his son’s forehead. “Good morning, my son,” he said and then looked up at Sansa with unmistakable reverence. “Good morning, my wife.”

Sansa bent down and kissed him softly. “Good morning, my husband. How does Dragon feel today?”

"Your dragon feels well-rested," he said. And in desperate need of you, he thought. "How is my She-Wolf?"

She smiled as she sat down beside him, resting her head on his shoulder and smiling at their son. So far, Ned showed no signs of favoring the wolf or the dragon. He was just a normal, healthy baby boy. Though Sansa did insist that he did run rather warm. Jon thought maybe she was looking for something because he never felt it. And, as it turned out, Ned was no one's heir but Jon's. Dany was just a few moons away from giving birth to her own child with Tyrion, her husband.

"I am well," she said on a hum.

Jon peered down at her curiously. That tone...he knew that tone. It was her teasing tone. Her "I know something you don't" tone. "Out with it," he said.

She giggled and Jon smiled. Sansa happy made him happy. She moved her head to look up at him. "Well, Dragon, after tending to our son this morning, I visited the Maester."

Gods. "Yes?" he prompted urgently, causing Sansa to giggle again.

"I am able to resume all my wifely duties."

"Sansa," he said achingly. He looked down at his son and felt guilt that what he wanted to do was put Ned in the care of the nurse and bed Sansa now.

"Now now, husband, surely you can wait until later?" she teased. "The council is waiting for you downstairs, and have been waiting for quite a while. You must get ready."

"Sansa," he whined.

She tutted him with her tongue and stood, scooping Ned up into her arms. "I have my duties as well." She bent down and kissed him quickly on the mouth.

Jon was having none of that quick-kiss business. He put his hand at the back of her head and drew her down to him again. He kissed her fiercely, passionately, and when he had left them both sufficiently breathless and in need, he stopped.

Her eyes blazed with want as she looked down at him. And then she was off with a huff. Jon grinned. It was nice to know she was as desperate as he was now, and just as frustrated because she could do nothing about it.

Nothing they could do about it...

Well, nothing they could do about it now...but later...and hopefully before tonight...

With a smile, Jon got up and began to prepare for the day, his mind churning with a plan...


If Jon thought he was the only one in agony over not being able to resume their nightly escapades, he was wrong. Sansa had wanted nothing more than to mount him that morning, but she'd had their son to tend to, and they both had their duties.

He'd made it worse by planting that kiss on her, too. She took some comfort in knowing that kiss had gotten his blood up too.

It was hours before tonight. Just a few before luncheon. She wondered if perhaps there was something that could be done then...?

Just then her maid came running up to her, looking frantic. "Your Highness! Your Highness!"

"What is it? What's wrong?" Sansa demanded. "Has something happened?"

"His Highness has been hurt!"

"What do you mean hurt? How?"

Her maid fought to catch her breath, and Sansa fought not to scream at her to hurry up and tell her. "He and some builders were trying to move some debris from one of the spare rooms near the turrets. Some wood and stone fell on him. One of the men told me I should find you!"

Sansa nodded and passed Ned over to her. "Please find the nurse, he'll need a nap soon. I'll see to my husband now."

Sansa quickly made her way down the hall, and when she was certain she was out of sight of her maid, she ran. She ran down another hall and then practically flew up the stairs. Jon had been talking about the restoration of some of the rooms at the top of the castle that had long been neglected. She wondered if they'd had a light load today and if so, why had he decided to do that instead of coming to find her?

When Sansa pushed the door open to the room, she fully expected to find him severely injured and in the middle of rubble. She also expected to find the builders around him, hovering like ninnies over His Royal Highness.

Instead, she found the room looking very much like a bedchamber. Tapestries hung from the walls with intricate designs of the forest. Heavy drapes covered the windows. A thick rug was on the stone floor. There were candles lit on small assorted tables - it even had a vanity - and then there was the bed.

A big canopy bed with thick furs and silky scarves hanging from the bedposts.

Her husband was sitting on the bed, grinning at her. "Surprise," he said.

Sansa stepped fully inside and turned in a circle, gazing at the amazing change the room had undergone. "Jon," she breathed. "How? When?"

"It was completely finished today, but I've been working on having it done for weeks now," he said as he stood and came over to her. "Do you like it?"

"It's beautiful!" she said. "Is it to be room for our guests?"

"No," he said, shaking his head. He placed his hands on her hips and drew her close. "It is to be our room. A place we can come when we need to escape in the middle of the day. Like now."

She swatted him on the arm and he looked at her in alarm. "You scared me, Dragon! I thought you were hurt!"

Jon laughed, earning another swat and he leaned in and kissed her soundly. "I'm sorry, She-Wolf, but I needed a way to get you alone. After you teased me this morning, I had to get you back."

"You teased me enough with that kiss."

He grinned. "I teased us both with that kiss." Now he started to walk her back to the bed. "Ned is with the nurse?"

"Yes," she said breathlessly.

"Then I'm going to have you now, Sansa."

She smiled. "As you wish, Jon."

He growled and spun her around, going to work on the buttons and laces that made up the back of her dress. She wondered when she would hear - rrrriiiiiiiiiiip! Yes, of course. There it was.

She laughed as he pushed the dress forward down her shoulders and then spun her around her around to yank it down completely. She stepped out of it, using Jon's shoulders for balance. Her shift, her small clothes - they all came next. He gently pushed her to the bed and slipped off her shoes followed by her hose.

Then he stood back and just looked at her. His eyes glowed a bit red, and he was breathing heavy. His entire being vibrated with lust and need. Sansa, not content to just sit there vaulted up and began tearing his clothing off. Soon, both of them were growling and fighting for dominance.

Jon claimed it by hefting her up in his arms and practically tossing her on the bed. Completely naked now, he climbed onto it, spread her legs, and dove in, his mouth on her cunt. Sansa howled as she threaded her hands through his hair and tugged lightly.

He was in the realm of the Gods. That was the only way to describe what it was like tasting Sansa again after so long. And their little play for dominance had made her gloriously wet. Jon feasted on her like a man starved. He licked, sucked, and fucked her cunt with his tongue until she howled again for him, wetting his face with her juices.

He got up on his knees, fisting his cock in his hand and looked her over. He felt more dragon than man, but the man in him thought - gorgeous, beautiful, wife, Sansa. The dragon and man in him thought: Mine.

He should have known that Sansa would not just let him have his way for long. Instead, she tackled him back onto the bed and mounted him, a feral smile adorning her pink lips.

"Ride me," he growled. "Fuck me."

She teased him instead, coating his cock with her juices as she moved her cunt back and forth along his length.

"Sansa," he said warningly and gripped her hips.

She reached down and took him in hand. He moaned. And then she placed him at her opening and grinned again.

Unable to wait, Jon thrust up inside her and they both gasped. She clutched at his shoulders, her nails digging in while his fingers dug into her waist.

"Sansa," he breathed. "Hurt you?"

She shook her head and then started to move, achingly slow. Jon's head dug back into the bed, his eyes shutting tight. He was trying to fight his dragon nature by pounding into her. He wasn't sure how she wasn't riding him hard into oblivion, but one look at her face and he could tell she was struggling.

He lifted his hips and began pounding into her, just as he wanted. He moved fast and hard and then when he saw she was about to peak, he sat up and then pushed her back down on the bed.

She growled at him, her eyes flashing with rebuke. He grinned down at her. That's what she got for teasing him.

He pushed himself back inside her and leaned down to kiss her, mouths mashing, teeth clashing, tongues tangling. Sweat beaded on them both.

"Fuck. Me. Dragon," she snarled.

Control gone again, Jon did as she asked, pounding into her until she was howling and screaming. He roared, his peak coming swift. He held himself deep inside her until he was completely spent and then he collapsed against her, burying his face in her neck. "Mine," he murmured. "My She-Wolf. My wife. My Sansa."

"Yours," she murmured back, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck and causing him to shiver. "I am yours, Dragon. Just as you are mine."

He smiled against her slick skin and then proceeded to suck a bloom onto her neck. He was just about done when they both froze at the sound a baby-like howl reverberating through the castle walls.