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ShoHari Fairy Tale

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"Sho... Hari... Fairy... Tale," Kira said slowly as he typed out the words into the Google search engine. "Enter!"

The members of Shounen Hollywood were gathered around single computer in a cyber café with Kira seated in front of the computer and Shun in the other chair beside him. They were there to check the critical reception of their recently aired movie, 'ShoHari Fairy Tale'.

Makki was nervously biting his fingernails. "Aaagh!" he screamed behind his hands. "I am so nervous! I'm so nervous!"

Kakeru gently took Makki's hands away from the latter's mouth. "Didn't you say last week that you didn't care what people thought?"

"I do now!" Makki answered with gritted teeth.

"Let's see..." Kira said as he scrolled through the page of results and clicked the link to the video itself. "This one!"

The website opened and Kira scrolled downwards where the comments and reviews would be displayed.

"Oh my gosh!" Tommy squealed and squeezed himself between Kira and Shun to look at the screen. "What do they say?"

"I'm sure you can read it yourself," Shun replied sarcastically.

The majority of the comments said: 'OMG Kira is so cute!!!<3',  'Makki is such a hot pirate''Marry me Prince Shun-Shun!''Purify me, Priest Tommy!!', and 'I need Kakeru-kun in my household NOW'.

"I told you our fans were nice people!" Tommy said, as if he'd proven something.

"And... here are the bad ones," Kira bluntly said as he scrolled lower down the page.

Said bad comments were: 'Shounen Hollywood is so damn GAY', 'Who wrote this trash?', and 'This is an insult to the previous ShoHari!'

"I wonder how would they react when they hear Ryu-san wrote the script," Kira said.

"They weren't wrong about us being gay though," Shun muttered.

Kira exited the page and clicked another. He explained the boys, "This is a popularity poll regarding the relationships displayed in our little show."

There was a pie chart at the very centre of the page. Below it was a table with the pairings from ShoHari Fairy Tale listed out. The most popular pairing apparently was Kakeru/Kira, after that was Makki/Kira, then Shun/Kira, and finally Tommy/Kira.

"Every pairing is centered around Kira," Tommy pointed out.

Makki giggled beside Kakeru. "Tommy/Kira is the least popular."

"Well, Makki/Kakeru didn't appear at all," Kira retorted.

"Why is Kira always on the right side of the pairing?" Kakeru asked.

"Because he's supposed to be a bottom," Shun replied, earning a shove to his shoulder from Kira.

"So, what's the rating?" Tommy asked.

Kira exited the page again and checked the one they saw first. Right below the video and just above the comments were three starts out of five.

"Here's your answer," Kira replied as Tommy pulled him into a hug.

"It's a success!" Tommy squealed cheerfully again. "We gotta celebrate!"

"No time for that," Shun said as he switched off the computer while Kira was busy hugging Tommy back. "We still gotta go practice at the theater for tonight's performance."

"Then, we'll just celebrate with the audience," Kakeru said, and the five boys exited the café.