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ShoHari Fairy Tale

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"I can't believe we're doing this," Shun groaned as he clipped on a magenta cape to his shoulders.

"President's words are law," Tommy reminded the redhead. The blond himself was in a orange kimono.

Shun scowled as he wore his glasses. "But a fairy tale? Really?" He showed off his princely outfit.

"But you gotta admit, this is pretty cool!" Makki said happily. He was garbed in a green pirate costume, equipped with a fake sword belted to his waist. Makki pulled out the sword and swung it around, speaking like a pirate, "Time to walk the plank, you!" He pointed at Kakeru, who had just entered the room.

"I'd rather not," Kakeru replied flatly. He was dressed more professionally in a black tuxedo and shiny black shoes. He asked Shun, "How long until they start recording?"

Instead of Shun, it was Kira who answered, "Fifteen minutes."

Tommy gasped at the sight of Kira. "You're so pretty, Kira!" he said softly while Makki and Shun had keeled over laughing.

Kira, unlike the rest, was wearing a dress. The dress was sleeveless with a sky blue top and a sailor's collars. It had a glittery blue skirt that flowed in the breeze. He was even wearing glass slippers and white leggings.

"Thank you, Tommy," Kira graciously told the blond. "And shut up, you two!" he rudely snapped at Makki and Shun.

"I don't know how I'm gonna keep a straight face while we're acting!" Makki wheezed as he stood up straight again, only to fall over again after taking another look at Kira.

"Well, you have to," Kakeru said as he helped Shun up to his feet, and then Makki. "Besides, there's not much for the both of you to laugh about, considering your roles in the act."

"Ugh!" Shun said, his laughter replaced by shudders. "Don't remind me."

"At the end of this tale, I'm gonna be known as some sort of pervert!" Makki said, also shuddering. "Who wrote the script again?"

"I heard it was Ryu-san," Tommy answered.

"And President approved it," Kira added. "Too bad for you guys!" he snarked at Makki and Shun.

"Aren't you the most unfortunate one here, Kira?" Shun retorted, with a raised eyebrow.

"No, because unlike you, I have no problems with dressing up," Kira replied. With a "Hmph!", Kira turned around and catwalked out of the room.

"No wonder President made him the princess," Makki said.

Suddenly, Tesshi appeared at the entrance. "What are you boys dallying for? The show'll start soon! Let's get moving- Now!"