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Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 with MVC 3-styled Dialogue

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Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Quotes MVC3 Style Capcom Edition


Match Start: Now on stage is Felicia!
Felicia is here so who wants to play?

Victory: That was fun, want to play again?
Sorry, hope I didn’t scratch you up too much.

Win Quote: I am Felicia, the biggest Catgirl Musical Star in the world!
Meow! Sorry if I went a little too rough on you, I can be really frisky.
Well if you want you can be an extra in my next show.
No I am not wearing a skimpy outfit; I don’t need to wear clothes!
You wouldn’t happen to have any catnip on ya? I’ll settle for some tuna…
Oh I’m sorry I would love to give you one of my CD’s but I don’t have any.

(Match Start)
Vs. B.B Hood: Hey you’re that mean brat who’s always picking on Jon!
Vs. Morrigan: Oh no… Morrigan are you leering at me again?
Vs. Chun-Li: Hey! You’re that mean lady who tried to put me in a zoo!
Vs. Servbot: Aww! What a cute little toy!
Vs. Mega Man, Roll, Tron, Sakura and Sonson: Aw! How cute! Want to play?
Vs. Zangief: You may’ve wrestled bears but I bet you never wrestled a kitty!
Vs. Spider-Man: *Gasp* You know of another Cat-Woman named Felicia? Awesome!
Vs. Spiral: Oh wow you can make me a star in another galaxy? Neat!
Vs. Sentinel: Mutant? Who are you calling a mutant? I’ve always been like this!
Vs. Sabretooth: Hey! You got claws that are kind of like mine, cool!
Vs. Venom and Blackheart: Oh no! You look scary!
Vs. Psylocke: Oh you make such pretty lights! Want to be in my next show?

Vs. B.B Hood: Now you better say sorry for hurting Jon so much!
Vs. Morrigan and Gambit: And that’s for trying to make me purr that way!
Vs. Cammy: Hmm? Hey how come you were leering at my ears and tail the whole time?
Vs. Zangief: Bet I’m way more fun to wrestle with than any old bear huh?
Vs. Tron Bonne: Now stop picking on those poor cute little robots of yours!
Vs. Jill Valentine: B.O.W? What’s a B.O.W?
Vs. Spider-Man: Bet your Felicia doesn’t have claws like mine huh?
Vs. Iron Man: Pussy Galore Club? Never heard of it, what’s it like?
Vs. Shuma-Gorath: I like to eat squid but you don’t look all that yummy…
Vs. Sentinel: Oh wow the Huitzil robots were way tougher than this robot.
Vs. Spiral: So when do I get my Intergalatic Big Break?
Vs. X-Men: Say can I get an Autograph from Dazzler? She’s so cool!

(Win Quote)
Vs. B.B Hood: Now apologize to Jon Talbain before I scratch you up again!
Vs. Morrigan: Morrigan how many times do I have to tell you we’re just good friends!
Vs. Zangief: Oh can I get an autograph from Rainbow Mika please? She is so cool!
Vs. Dan and Sakura Kasugano: Hey I’ve heard that your friends with a cool green guy named Blanka right?
Vs. Ruby Heart: Say Ms. Heart? When we are done here can I have my next show on your ship?
Vs. Jill Valentine & Magneto: Hey I’m no mutant! I’m a perfectly normal cat girl!
Vs. Spider-Man: Oh I hope I get to meet this Felica you know, it’s been ages since I’ve seen a different Cat-Woman.
Vs. Hulk: Oh I’m sorry for scratching you up too much Mr. Green Giant; want to have some tickets for my next show?
Vs. Gambit: Hey are you from Louisiana? Cool they love me in New Orleans, especially during Mardi Gras.
Vs. Rogue: Hmm? Didn’t I see you at the Mardi Gras I was just at? You look like that tall-haired woman who got an awful lot of beads that day.
Vs. Dr. Doom: Latveria? Is that in Europe? Can I have a show there? All my other European shows have sold out you know.
Vs. Wolverine (Bone Claw): Hey wait a minute I thought I saw you with shinier looking claws just a little while ago…


Mega Man

Match Start: Super Fighting Robot Mega Man at your service!
Wow I hope I got enough Energy Cans for this.

Victory: Oh I hope I get a new ability from you!
C’mon Rush, let’s go home.

Win Quote: Aww… I didn’t get a new ability from you? Oh well…
I am Mega Man and I will fight for everlasting peace!
I’m too young to be called Mega Man, what’s that suppose to mean?
I didn’t even need to have to charge my blaster for this one…
Wow that was easy, I should’ve just sic Rush on you then walk away.
Oh no, I didn’t get any bolts from this fight *sigh* Oh well…

(Match Start)
Vs. Roll: What are you doing here Roll? This is too dangerous!
Vs. Anakaris: Pharaoh Man? Oh no sorry I thought you were someone else…
Vs. B.B Hood: Roll? Is that you in that outfit?
Vs. Hayato Kanzaki: Nice sword, where can I get something like that?
Vs. Servbot & Sentinel: Is this another one of Wily’s Robots?
Vs. Jill Valentine & Cable: Wow you look like you’re more armed that I am.
Vs. Iceman: Iceman? Wow Dr. Light really gave you an upgrade.
Vs. Iron Man and War Machine: Wow, are you a Super Fighting Robot too?
Vs. Spider-Man: Hey mister can you please teach me how to shoot web?
Vs. Colossus: Did that human just turn into a robot? Whoa…
Vs. Cyclops and Captain America: Hey are you a Blue Bomber too?
Vs. Doctor Doom: Is that a Human? I thought you were one of Wily’s robots!

Vs. Roll: Alright Roll you better stay with me where its safe.
Vs. B.B Hood: You kind of reminded me of my little sister… well at first…
Vs. Tron Bonne: I’m sorry Miss but I think you’ve mistaken me for someone else.
Vs. Amingo: I wonder if you’re a prototype design of Plant Man…
Vs. Dhalsim: Hey how did your limbs stretch like that? Are you really a Human?
Vs. Strider Hiryu: This fight would’ve been easier if I had Top Spin…
Vs. Iron Man: Wow! That Unibeam looked so cool! I wonder if I can do that now…
Vs. Magneto: Whoa that was scary; he was way more powerful than Magnet Man
Vs. Sentinel: Ha! You maybe big but your not that hard to take down,
Vs. Wolverine (both): Wow you fought like Slash Man, if only I had an ice weapon.
Vs. Juggernaut: Whew I almost thought this guy was a really upgraded Hard Man.
Vs. Gambit: Wow and I thought Magic Man was the only one with Energy Cards.

(Win Quote)
Vs. Roll: Roll we’ve been over this the reason why I fight is because I’m a combat robot and your not.
Vs. Ryu, Ken, Akuma & Sakura: Wow! I didn’t know there were humans who can fire Charged Mega Buster Shots from their hands!
Vs. Zangief, Juggernaut, Rogue, Hulk & Colossus: Oh wow you are definitely stronger than Guts Man!
Vs. Felicia, Morrigan & Psylocke: Oh I should’ve known your not a robot master, I didn’t think Wily could make something… this pretty.
Vs. Captain Commando: I’m one of the most famous heroes from Capcom? Cool I didn’t know that!
Vs. Servbot: Hey you were with that strange girl Tron, can you please tell me what is that girl’s problem with me?
Vs. Iron Man & War Machine: Excuse me sir can I have bolts from you? I need to buy some things from my friend Auto.
Vs. Magneto: I don’t care what you say, protecting innocent humans is very important to me.
Vs. Cyclops: Wow that visor is kind of like my arm cannon, except that you shoot energy blasts from your face.
Vs. Storm: Oh wow Miss you are like a whole bunch of Wily’s robots all rolled up in one.
Vs. Cable: Excuse me sir can I please borrow that Viper Beam? That would make my fight with Wily’s robots go a lot easier.
Vs. Spider Man: Aw well I suppose I didn’t need that web power, come on Rush!


Captain Commando

Match Start: I am Captain Commando, Mr. Capcom himself.
Alright Commandos get ready for some action!

Victory: Good job Commandos lets move out!
Capcom’s 1st game was Vulgus in 1984, that’s your tip for today.

Win Quote: Excuse me could you please change Baby Head’s diaper before we go?
My team is perfectly reliable and quite skilled, is yours?
Shall I play you a tune with my Guitar?
Compared to the forces of Scumocide this battle was quite easy
I hope that now you realize the true value of Teamwork
You would never last in the streets of Metro City

(Match Start)

Vs. Ryu & Mega Man: Ah it’s nice to see a fellow Capcom Mascot
Vs. Chun-Li: Ah yes the Queen of Fighting Games herself, it’s so nice to see you.
Vs. Ruby Heart: Oh yes you are the one who has brought us here…
Vs. Amingo: So you’re the original character I was told about…
Vs. Villains: I’ve faced down the likes of Scumocide, you don’t even rate.
Vs. Abyss: So you are the monster behind this chaos!
Vs. Captain America: It pleases me to be in the presence of a fellow Captain.
Vs. Most of the X-Men: The X-Men Vs. the Commando squad, how interesting.
Vs. Wolverine & Spider-Man: Ah one of Marvel’s Mascots, its nice to see you
Vs. Wolverine (Bone Claw): Strange, why is there a 2nd version of Wolverine here?
Vs. Hulk: You remind me of another large green creature I’ve seen.
Vs. Marrow: Let me assure you Morlock I have no quarrel with your clan.


Vs. Ryu & Mega Man: Don’t feel bad after all I am the original Capcom Mascot
Vs. Chun-Li & Cyclops: I assure you the child Baby Head is not in any danger at all.
Vs. Strider & Psylocke: Not bad but your not as good as Ginzu
Vs. Amingo: I suppose you might still have a future in the world of Capcom.
Vs. M. Bison: So this is the leader of Shadoloo? How quaint…
Vs. Abyss: And so the world of Capcom is safe once again…
Vs. Storm: As you can see I too am quite an elemental master as well.
Vs. Spiral, Blackheart, Juggernaut & Sabretooth: Now run to your master, you fiend!
Vs. Sentinel: Perhaps I should let Baby Head modify this Machine.
Vs. Iron Man: This man is one of the leaders of S.H.I.E.L.D?
Vs. Venom: It appears you were no match for my Captain Fire attack!
Vs. Magneto, Thanos, Dr. Doom, Shuma-Gorath & Silver Samurai: Warlords like you will never succeed on my watch!

(Win Quote)

Vs. Ryu, Chun-Li and Mega Man: Alright let us keep Capcom’s tradition alive!
Vs. Sonson: You are the granddaughter of the original Sonson? I admit I did not expect that.
Vs. Ruby Heart: Thank you for bringing us here Miss but I will take it from here.
Vs. Dan Hibiki: I’m sorry Mr. Hibiki but I’m afraid your Dojo will never have a prosperous future.
Vs. Tron: Excuse me Miss but may I please borrow some of your creations to give a certain child a birthday present?
Vs. Abyss: Its over, a shame we must go our separate ways after this…
Vs. Cable: Rest assured Mr. Cable that I do believe your associate Deadpool might join us next time. Um… Mr. Cable is something wrong?
Vs. Cyclops, Storm and Captain America: I understand how difficult it can be to properly run a squadron granted your numbers are vastly larger than mine but still.
Vs. Psylocke: I must say when it comes to Kunoichi your easily superior to the likes of Carol and Brenda.
Vs. Iron Man & War Machine: Rest assured I haven’t been using any stolen parts from Stark-Tech at all
Vs. Omega Red, Shuma-Gorath, Venom & BlackHeart: A Monstrous beast like you never stood a chance against me!
Vs. Silver Samurai: Ha! My comrades Mack and Ginzu have blades that are vastly superior to yours!


Dan Hibiki

Match Start: Dan the Man is here! Yahoo!
Well Father I hope you’re watching me from above!

Victory: Yahoo! Yahoo! YAAAAAAHOOOOOO!
Little girls tie bows, real men Saikyo!

Win Quote: You’re laughing at my outfit? Don’t be stupid, real men wear pink!
Still think I’m nothing but a joke huh?
Want to join my Dojo? I will make you into a top-notch fighter in no time!
I’m not such a bad guy; want to go have some Karaoke fun with me?
The Kyoku-what? Hey I am no rip-off, I am original in every way.
Ha! Nobody is a match for my Gadouken!

(Match Start)
Vs. Ken: Ah the US Martial Arts Champ is here! Hope you’re ready to lose!
Vs. Sakura: Ah Sakura! I’m Glad I found my number-one student here.
Vs. Ryu & Akuma: I’ll show you how strong my Saikyo has become!
Vs. Amingo & Shuma-Gorath: Wha… what are you suppose to be?
Vs. Hayato, Gambit, Silver Samurai: Lose the weapon and fight like a real man chump!
Vs. Strider Hiryu, Psylocke: Any idiot can tell you that Ninjas are no match for Saikyo!
Vs. Juggernaut: You, Unstoppable? Oh please I’m the only unstoppable force here!
Vs. Cable: Cable? What do you have the power to fix my TV connection or something?
Vs. Wolverine (Both): So you’re the best at what you do? Prepare to be proven wrong!
Vs. Hulk: Whoa settle down big guy, one of my best friends is big and green like you.
Vs. Captain America: You’re Captain America? Yeah well meet Mr. Hong Kong!
Vs. Ice Man: Whoa! Ice, Ice Baby! Yeow!

Vs. Ken, Cammy & Akuma: Ha! That’s what you get for calling me a chump!
Vs. Sakura: Ah c’mon Sakura I trained you better than that!
Vs. Ryu: Well Sakura I hope you were watching…
Vs. Tron Bonne: Hey you wouldn’t happen to be one of Sakura’s classmates huh?
Vs. Felicia: You’re looking for Blanka? Oh why do green guys always get the chicks?
Vs. M. Bison: I don’t care about you I want to know where your lackey Sagat is!
Vs. Spiral: So you work for an Intergalactic TV Channel? Alright I’m listening…
Vs. Spider-Man: And that’s what you get for looking so dorky!
Vs. Magneto: Alright Gramps which Elderly rest home did you escape from?
Vs. Wolverine (Both): Are you sure you should still be calling yourself the best?
Vs. Sentinel: Ha! No Sci-fi B-Movie Reject can take me down!
Vs. Venom & Blackheart: Ha! Not even demons are any match for Saikyo!

(Win Quote)
Vs. Ryu: Look Ryu you got to stop being so distant to Sakura I meant you know how much she looks up to you.
Vs. Ken & Cammy: Still think I’m not good enough to be Sakura’s trainer huh?
Vs. Chun-Li: Don’t take this wrong way but you and Ryu are just good friends right? Sorry lets just say a student of mine wanted to know.
Vs. M. Bison: What do you mean Sagat doesn’t work for you anymore? I mean I was told he was during the 2nd Street Fighter Tournament, oh now I’m confused.
Vs. Sakura: Oh Sakura you still have a long way to go before you can best someone like me.
Vs. Morrigan, Felicia, Ruby Heart & Most Female Marvel Characters: Sorry Babe you’re not good enough for my Dojo but hey I’ll let you model for my future advertisements.
Vs. Cyclops, Captain America & Iron Man: Here’s my Business card in case if your team needs a new martial arts instructor.
Vs. Hulk: Well you’re definitely bigger than my pal Jimmy but you don’t have the electric powers that he has though.
Vs. Ice Man: If there was a problem Yo I'll solve it, Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it. Ice ice baby… Oh I always wanted to say that.
Vs. Spiral: I would like to meet this Mojo guy so Multi-armed Space Babe have your people call my people and we’ll do lunch.
Vs. Shuma-Gorath: I think I saw something like you at a Seafood Diner once, man I was sick for a week after that meal.
Vs. Sabretooth: Oh hey there pretty lady, want to ditch the old fuzz-ball there to join my Saikyo Dojo?



Match Start: Beginning the mission now!
Do your best

Victory: Targets have been eliminated, alright people move out!
This one is for you Charlie.

Win Quote: You wouldn’t last a day in basic training!
You lack the combat experience to take someone like me down!
Discipline, Strength, Skill you lack them all…
Be all that you can be you weakling!
I fight to protect my homeland, what do you fight for?
Go Home and be a Family Man!

(Match Start)
Vs. M. Bison: BISON! I’ll avenge you Charlie!
Vs. Charlie: Cha…Charlie?
Vs. Cammy & Chun-Li: Nice Form, now let’s go!
Vs. Ken: I look forward to wiping that smug smirk off your face!
Vs. Mega Man, Roll, Sonson: Aren’t you a little too young to be here?
Vs. B.B Hood, Tron Bonne: Children should not play with weapons!
Vs. Captain America: This will be a great honor sir!
Vs. War Machine: So you too represent the US Army? Interesting…
Vs. Hulk: So you’re the creature General Ross told me about.
Vs. Magneto, Dr. Doom: Scum like you will never win on my watch!
Vs. Iron Man: This smug rich boy is one of the leaders of S.H.I.E.L.D?
Vs. Spider-Man: So you’re the infamous Spider-Man that Mr. Jameson told me about.

Vs. M. Bison: I hope you’re watching Charlie, I really do.
Vs. Charlie: Charlie… is it… is it really you?
Vs. B.B Hood, Tron Bonne: Sorry kid but I’m going to have to confiscate your toys!
Vs. Jill, Cable: You shouldn’t rely on guns so much!
Vs. Strider, Hayato & Silver Samurai: If you need a blade your no warrior!
Vs. Abyss & Blackheart: Huge Monsters like you are no match for my Sonic Boom!
Vs. Captain America & War Machine: It was an honor to fight a fellow US Soldier sir!
Vs. Hulk: I should’ve known you’re not as monstrous as General Ross said you are.
Vs. Spider-Man: Not too worry Spider-Man I’ll have a word with Mr. Jameson later.
Vs. Iron Man: Ever heard of the old phrase “Clothes don’t make the Man”?
Vs. Cyclops: You have some potential, ever thought of enlisting?
Vs. Sentinel: Useless Junk pile, my first car was more durable than you.

(Win Quote)
Vs. Ken & Iron Man: Like I would lose to a pampered punk like you!
Vs. M. Bison: At last you have faced Justice for your crimes!
Vs. Chun-Li: Look Chun-Li I’m sorry for doing my “Family Man” line on you before, it was a force of habit at the time! Honest!
Vs. Charlie: It’s really good to see you again old friend.
Vs. Cammy: Uh Cammy don’t take this the wrong way but why are you wearing THAT outfit?
Vs. Ryu, Jill, Cable & Cyclops: You have the Discipline but you lack the skill to beat me.
Vs. Captain America, War Machine: I may’ve won the fight but it looks like the USA of your world is in good hands.
Vs. Hulk: Not too worry sir; there are men in the US Military who can be reasonable.
Vs. Magneto & Dr. Doom: Hope you weren’t thinking of forging an alliance with Shadaloo!
Vs. Sentinel, Venom, Thanos, Shuma-Gorath, & Blackheart: The Things I do for my Country.
Vs. Wolverine (Both): You have served both the US and Canada? Interesting…
Vs. Psylocke: Hmm… Could this woman be a part of Bison’s collection? I should investigate this…


Match Start: Amingo! (Let’s have some fun!)
Amingo… (I hope we’re getting closer to that Monster)

Victory: Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! (Oh watch me play my guitar!)
Amingo! (I am so cool!)

Win Quote: Amingo! (Oh I hope I can save my village!)
Amingo… (C’mon Seedlings lets get out of here.)
Amingo? (These creatures look so strange…)
Amingo?! (I do not look strange at all you all do!)
Amingo (Oh yes I do love my guitar, isn’t it awesome?)
Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! (Now here is my song for you!)

(Match Start)
Vs. Ruby Heart: Amingo! (Oh you’re the nice one who got me here!)
Vs. Captain Commando: Amingo (Why yes I am quite original thank you very much.)
Vs. Servbot: Amingo? (This one is as big as my seedlings.)
Vs. Hayato, Strider, Wolverine (B), Silver Samurai: Amingo! (Blades, I hate Blades!)
Vs. Jill: Amingo? (B.O.W? You mean a bow? Sorry I’m no Archer…)
Vs. Abyss: Amingo! (You! You’re the threat to my village!)
Vs. Hulk & Shuma-Gorath: Amingo! (Hey you are green like me! Awesome!)
Vs. Ice-Man: Amingo… (Brr… I like cool temperatures but you take it too far!)
Vs. Magneto: Amingo? (Magnetism? What is this “Magnetism”?)
Vs. Sentinel: Amingo? (Mutant? What is a Mutant anyway?)
Vs. Spider-Man: Amingo… (Such an odd-mannered creature)
Vs. Colossus: Amingo! (Wow! You look so shiny! How’d you do that?)

Vs. Ken, Dhalsim, and B.B Hood: Amingo… (*sigh* I hate fire it really hurts…)
Vs. Hayato, Strider, Wolverine (Both): Amingo (Sorry I got a little carried away there.)
Vs. Anakaris: Amingo! (Hey I think I saw statues that looked like you back home)
Vs. Tron Bonne: Amingo? (Hey why are you on that green creature?)
Vs. Ruby Heart: Amingo (Thanks for the ride but I will take care of that Monster!)
Vs. Abyss: Amingo! (Yes! Now I have saved my village!)
Vs. Silver Samurai: Amingo! (Ha! You’re not slicing me up!)
Vs. Ice-Man: Amingo (Sorry about that I didn’t want to get frost-bite)
Vs. Blackheart: Amingo! (Hey you have little ones too, interesting)
Vs. Hulk: Amingo (You maybe big but your green like me, your okay with me.)
Vs. Shuma-Gorath: Amingo… (You maybe green but you’re not all that nice.)
Vs. Doctor Doom: Amingo! (I’ll take that! You don’t deserve that green robe!)

(Win Quote)
Vs. Sakura & Dan: Amingo (Oh you have a green friend? Oh please tell me more!)
Vs. Captain Commando: Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi! (Oh you have a Guitar too? Let’s play together sometime!)
Vs. Ryu & Akuma: Amingo? (Search the world for strong opponents? Are you a lonely creature?)
Vs. Tron Bonne: Amingo (Run free green creature for I have saved you from that smaller one who was riding you.)
Vs. Anakaris: Amingo (Oh yes I recognize you, you look like the ancient creatures from long ago.)
Vs. Abyss: Amingo! (Oh I can’t wait until I tell everyone about this!)
Vs. Hulk: Amingo (Would you like to go to my village? We like green people.)
Vs. Storm: Amingo? (This one makes rain appear? Interesting…)
Vs. Sentinel: Amingo! (Now for the last time what is a Mutant?)
Vs. Spider-Man: Amingo? (Why does this one have me covered in white sticky stuff?)
Vs. Silver Samurai: Amingo! (Now I will throw that sharp blade away!)
Vs. Doctor Doom: Amingo (I’ll make a new hat out of this green robe.)

Ken Masters

Match Start: The #1 US Martial Arts Champ is in the House!
Careful, my moves can be a little too hot to handle.

Victory: To quote a certain fighter from another land “Feel the Burn”?
Ah yeah! Oh I wish Eliza and Mel could’ve saw that.

Win Quote: My last name is Masters that should’ve told you who you’re up against.
Not too worry Team as long as I am around we’ll be just fine.
You were obviously no match for my red-hot fists!
I admit I do love being Rich but I love my family even more so.
I normally don’t look down on peasants but for you I’ll make an exception.
I like my losers like my steak, flame-broiled!

(Match Start)
Vs. Ryu, Chun-Li & Cammy: I should’ve known that I would run into you here.
Vs. Dan: Oh great it’s you…
Vs. Guile: Heh, you mad bro-in-law?
Vs. Charlie: Cha…Charlie? Is… is that you?
Vs. Akuma, M. Bison and Marvel Villains: Well alright I get to be the Hero today.
Vs. Mega Man, Hayato and Jin: Okay did I just wonder into a cheesy sci-fi anime?
Vs. Ice Man: Think your cold enough for my flaming fists?
Vs. Spider-Man: Interesting stance even if the costume is a bit dorky…
Vs. Captain America: So you’re from World War 2 huh? Well that explains the outfit…
Vs. Iron Man: Ah so I am in the presence of a fellow rich man huh? Cool…
Vs. Colossus: For a moment there I thought you were one of the wrestlers from the CWA.
Vs. Hulk: Let me guess I’m not going to get any canned vegetables from this guy huh?

Vs. Ryu, Chun-Li & Cammy: Heh looks like I won this time around.
Vs. Sakura: Sorry kid but you got to do better than that to beat you know who.
Vs. Guile: Let me guess your going to be sore at me for this later right?
Vs. Charlie: Wow it really is you Charlie…
Vs. Akuma: Well Master I hope you were watching.
Vs. Morrigan: Sorry lady but I’m Happily Married.
Vs. Dr. Doom, Magneto: Oh I’m sorry did I burn your cape a little?
Vs. Captain America, War Machine: Ah man you remind me of Guile too much.
Vs. Hulk, Juggernaut: Oh man I’ve fought big guys before but jeez…
Vs. Colossus: So any relation to Zangief or Biff Slamkovich?
Vs. Ice Man: Feeling a little less cool huh?
Vs. Psylocke: Wow this lady looks like Cammy and Rose fused into one.

(Win Quote)
Vs. Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy & Dan: Don’t be too surprised we both know that I’m the better fighter.
Vs. Sakura: So you think there is something going on between Ryu & Chun-Li? Oh I’m glad you asked that question kid. Heh heh heh…
Vs. Zangief: Say Big guy know where I can get an outfit like Rainbow Mika’s? My wife Eliza’s birthday is coming up and…
Vs. Dhalsim, Akuma & Magneto: Sorry old man, were my flames too much for you?
Vs. Felicia: Well Eliza said she wanted a custom swimsuit and this lady is giving me some ideas… Obviously I can’t do any cat parts but still.
Vs. Servbot: That reminds me, I got to get a birthday present for Mel, I wonder if this will do.
Vs. Iron Man: Ah I remember my rich playboy days but hey I managed to marry a sexy cutie like Eliza so I’m not complaining.
Vs. Psylocke: Ah man and I thought Rose was the only purple-haired chick with huge… amounts of psychic energy! Yeah…
Vs. Rogue: Jeez lady ever thought of going into wrestling because you definitely seem like you’d fit in at the CWA.
Vs. Dr. Doom: You’re the leader of a country called Latveria? Oh great I just caused an international incident didn’t I?
Vs. Captain America: Look pal I’m all for the US of A, but that outfit is a little much huh?
Vs. Shuma-Gorath: I’m not sure I want to know what this thing is suppose to be.

B.B Hood

Match Start: Oh goody more people for me to kill!
What is it Harry? Oh goody more victims!

Victory: Oh I am going to make a bunch of money off of this corpse!
Ah counting my money near a fresh corpse, life is good.

Win Quote: Yea its time to play my fave game “Count the Bullet-Holes on the Corpse”!
I’ll feel great after I’ve killed everything in this world.
Aw I almost ran out of bullets during that battle that makes me sad.
Should I stab you or shoot you?
Now why would you hurt a sweet little girl like me?
Oh the things I do for a little extra money.

(Match Start)
Vs. Felicia: Aw so your that big bad wolf’s friend? Goody I get to kill you first!
Vs. Morrigan & Anakaris: I should’ve known I’d find a Darkstalker here!
Vs. Sonson: Oh goody I get to make a new fur coat!
Vs. Dhalsim: Who are you suppose to be Old Man, Donovan Baine’s Grandpa?
Vs. Roll: Wow you look kind of like me… if I was a wuss…
Vs. Mega Man: You’re kind of cute… in a dorky sort of way of course!
Vs. Shuma-Gorath & Blackheart: A New Darkstalker?! Cool!
Vs. Omega-Red, Hulk, Venom, Thanos: Is that a Darkstalker? Heh it doesn’t matter…
Vs. Dr. Doom: What are you supposed to be, Old Metal Green-Riding Hood?
Vs. Sentinel: And I thought the Huitzil were stupid-looking robots…
Vs. Iron Man: Oh a rich Dirty Old Man! Are you my next customer?
Vs. Captain America: Wow you look like something from my Grandma’s old books!

Vs. Felicia: Well as the old phrase goes “there is more than one way to skin a cat”.
Vs. Morrigan: And for the last time I’m not Lillith’s girl-friend!
Vs. Jill & Cable: No fair! You have more guns than me!
Vs. Mega Man: Oh I love to get my hands on your nice long arm cannon!
Vs. Tron: So you have a thing for a guy named Mega Man huh? *cocks gun*
Vs. Anakaris, Amingo, Shuma & BlackHeart: And another Darkstalker bites the dust!
Vs. Magneto: I don’t care if you’re a Mutant or not I still gunned you down!
Vs. Dr. Doom: Face it old man I rock the hood better than you ever could!
Vs. Gambit, Iron Man: A sleazy old man like you never had a chance against me!
Vs. Omega-Red, Hulk, Venom, Thanos: Nah your too weak to be a Darkstalker, oh well.
Vs. Spider-Man: Oh no I actually love spiders, well to squish them flat of course
Vs. Wolverine (B): You remind me too much of that wolf, I’ll slice you for that!

(Win Quote)
Vs. All Females except Roll, Tron, Sonson & Sakura: I love mutilating you busty skanks… for feminism of course!
Vs. Akuma & Sabretooth: Aw I wanted to kill a real monster not some stupid old man pretending to be one!
Vs. Roll: Hey if you want people to take you seriously wear a red hood, trust me it works!
Vs. Mega Man: Call me and if you don’t I’ll find you.
Vs. Dhalsim: I hope you’re not related to Donovan otherwise he’d give me a major lecture for this.
Vs. Guile, Cyclops & War-Machine: Oh you grown-ups always wanted to ruin my fun.
Vs. Cable: *sigh* So you also have a idiot co-worker who likes to get all touchy-touchy with you too?
Vs. Shuma-Gorath: You were way too easy to kill; your big eye was an easy target.
Vs. Ice-Man: Oh I love to get me some sno-cones now where did I put that chisel?
Vs. Spider-Man: I ought to shoot you just for looking so stupid!
Vs. Thanos: So you’re looking for an Infinity Gauntlet? Oh how much would that sell for?
Vs. Blackheart: You work for the Lord of Death? OK are you another one of Jedah Dohma’s lackeys?


Match Start: Shall we begin our battle?
Are you ready?

Victory: That was a good battle.
You must defeat my Dragon Punch to stand a chance.

Win Quote: I hope you have learned well from our battle.
This is not enough; I must train to get stronger!
The fight is all.
You’ve fought well and honorably.
You should practice more before you want a rematch
You’ve got a lot to learn before you can defeat me, try again kid.

(Match Start)
Vs. Most of the Street Fighter cast: It’s good to see you again in battle, friend.
Vs. Akuma & M. Bison: I will never forsake my humanity like you did!
Vs. Sonson: Hmm? Son Goku? What is the Monkey King doing here?
Vs. Captain Commando: Mascot?
Vs. Hayato, Strider: I sense a kindred spirit within this one.
Vs. Amingo & Shuma-Gorath: What a strange looking creature.
Vs. Psylocke: Rose? Oh I’m sorry miss I mistook you for someone else
Vs. Sentinel: I admit I always wanted to fight a large robot.
Vs. Spider-Man & Venom: Spiders… *shudders* I hate spiders!
Vs. Blackheart: You will not cause anymore destruction demon!
Vs. Storm: You have mastery of the elements? Interesting…
Vs. Wolverine (B): Interesting, you definitely look like a worthy opponent.

Vs. Most of the Street Fighter cast: It was a pleasure to spar with you again.
Vs. Akuma & M. Bison: You will never understand my Way of the Warrior
Vs. Tron & B.B Hood: Children should not play with weapons.
Vs. Strider & Psylocke: It’s always a pleasure to fight a Ninja.
Vs. Captain Commando: I’m one of Capcom’s Mascots? Uhh… Thank you?
Vs. Jin: Your fiery spirit is amazing!
Vs. Spider-Man & Venom: Now you will never do things to my mouth again!
Vs. Wolverine (B): I see that you too know of the Way of the Warrior.
Vs. Colossus: You remind me of a rather large man I know from Russia.
Vs. Storm: Thank you, I learned a lot about the Elements thanks to you.
Vs. Captain America: You have an honorable spirit, I can see why you are so respected.
Vs. Iron Man: You do slightly remind me of an old friend of mine.

(Win Quote)
Vs. Chun-Li: I may’ve won this battle but you are always the Strongest Woman in the world to me.
Vs. Ken: It’s always been a pleasure to spar with you again old friend.
Vs. Dan: *sigh* Dan I know that Sakura idolizes me so much but I do wish she would walk her own path.
Vs. Sakura: Sakura I know you look up to me but you must walk your own path in life. Trust me it would be for your own good.
Vs. M. Bison & Akuma: Once again your arrogance and lust for power were your undoing.
Vs. Hayato: You too struggle with a Dark Power within? I know of your pain so you have my sympathy.
Vs. Cable: You want to give you an autograph for an associate of yours? This associate wouldn’t be a Japanese Schoolgirl right? Oh I’m sorry sir did I say something wrong?
Vs. Spider-Man: Oh I’m sorry I just have a thing against Spiders…
Vs. Venom, Shuma-Gorath & Blackheart: Demons like you will never stalk the innocent when I’m around!
Vs. Sentinel: Fighting a large robot is not as thrilling as I thought it would be.
Vs. Dr. Doom: I have a close friend in Interpol who will make sure you see Justice for the crimes you have committed.
Vs. Wolverine (B): What do I fight for? I must admit I do often ask myself that question.


Match Start: Do you have some fruits? I’m hungry!
Yeah! This is going to be fun!

Victory: I hope you two have some food for me because I’m still hungry!
Yes! My Grandpa Sonson will be so proud of me!

Win Quote: Oh I wish Grandpa Sonson was watching this battle.
Are any of you folks Doctors, because there is a disease in my town and…
My Grandpa’s old friend Tonton could’ve taken care of you!
Oh I wish Tonton was here, at least he would have some food for me.
Sun Wukong? What’s that?
That was a good battle who wants some Sake to celebrate?

(Match Start)
Vs. Jill: B.O.W? Hey lady what’s a B.O.W?
Vs. Felicia: Wow I wonder if I’ll look like her when I get older.
Vs. Servbot: Oh wow I never thought I would see something so tiny…
Vs. Ruby Heart: Hey! You’re the nice lady who brought us here!
Vs. Mega Man, Roll, Tron & Sakura: Wow and I thought I’d be the only kid here.
Vs. B.B Hood: Hey! You’re not very nice are you?
Vs. Gambit: Neat! You have a staff like mine!
Vs. Ice Man: Brrr… you look cold, at least I have a good fur coat.
Vs. Venom & Blackheart: Oh wow this one looks scary!
Vs. Hulk & Juggernaut: Wow and I thought Tonton was big.
Vs. Colossus: Did you just turn yourself into a statue? Cool!
Vs. Sentinel: Is that a moving statue?

Vs. Amingo: Hey do you have a guitar? Can I play with it?
Vs. Ruby Heart: Say lady do you know what’s wrong with my village?
Vs. Jill: I’m so not a B.O.W! Whatever that is…
Vs. Zangief: You’ve wrestled Bears? Ever tried wrestling with Gorillas?
Vs. Sakura: You kinda remind me of myself, are you sure you’re not a monkey?
Vs. Abyss: So this is the monster that was making my people sick!
Vs. Ice Man: Whew that wasn’t as cold as I thought…
Vs. Sabretooth: Wow you kind of fought like a Gorilla!
Vs. Sentinel: Ah man I thought a moving statue would put up a better fight.
Vs. Spider-Man: Spider? Strange this one doesn’t look like a spider…
Vs. Venom & Blackheart: Phew! That wasn’t as scary as I thought!
Vs. Gambit: So you can’t make your staff grow? Maybe that’s why I won…

(Win Quote)
Vs. Chun-Li: I’m too young to drink sake? What do you mean by that?
Vs. Amingo: You kind of remind me of Tonton, except green and plant-like.
Vs. Captain Commando: Wow you know about my Grandpa? Cool!
Vs. Dhalsim: Say Mister? How did you get your limbs to stretch like that?
Vs. Ruby Heart: So this trip will help me figure out why my people are sick? Oh I hope that’s true lady, I really do.
Vs. Abyss: So my people will be feeling better because of this right? Oh I hope so…
Vs. Gambit: You should try to see if you can make your staff grow, it can really help you out.
Vs. Venom & Blackheart: Well you’re easily bigger than a lot of the monsters my Grandpa fought.
Vs. Hulk: Wow, are you sure you’re not a big green Gorilla? Because you do remind me of the Gorillas I know back home.
Vs. Magneto: Mutant? Say Mr. Old Man, what’s a mutant?
Vs. Storm: Say weather lady can you please make it rain in my village? I think it might do my people some good…
Vs. Wolverine (Original): Oh no, this one’s claws almost broke my staff! Just what are those claws made out of?


Match Start: Time to begin the mission.
Let’s see if I’m not getting too rusty…

Victory: You got talent, Uncle Sam could use you.
Heh you couldn’t even scratch my lens huh?

Win Quote: The things I do for my country.
Thanks for the work-out; I thought I was getting out of shape.
You maybe strong but you lack any tactical skill, that’s your weakness.
Being strong means nothing if you have no skills.
Egon Spengler? Huh? I look nothing like Harold Ramis!
Good thing you didn’t damage my glasses, they are not exactly cheap.

(Match Start)
Vs. Ken, Chun-Li, Guile: Hey there, long time no see…
Vs. M. Bison: Alright Bison, lets finish this!
Vs. Ryu: Ah so your Ken and Chun-Li’s friend huh? Interesting…
Vs. Cammy: That girl... Does she still serve M. Bison?
Vs. Jill: S.T.A.R.S? Hmm… I never heard of that unit before…
Vs. Amingo, Shuma-Gorath: Okay… this is slightly unexpected.
Vs. Captain America, War Machine: A fellow US Army Soldier huh? Interesting…
Vs. Dr. Doom, Thanos: You remind me of a certain crime lord I know too well…
Vs. Venom, Blackheart: Looks like its time to do a little demon-slaying!
Vs. Wolverine (B): You definitely look like you’ve seen some combat
Vs. Sentinel: Well you didn’t come from Shadaloo I can say that much…

Vs. Ken, Chun-Li, Guile: Its good to see you again friend, but now I got to go.
Vs. M. Bison: It’s over, your definitely going down this time Bison.
Vs. Ryu: I can see why she speaks rather fondly of you; you’re a lucky man Ryu.
Vs. Cammy: I’m sorry; I’ve been MIA for a while so I’m a little confused here…
Vs. Jill: I’m sorry I didn’t call you a liar, I was M.I.A until recently alright?
Vs. Villains except M. Bison: Be all that you can be scumbag!
Vs. Captain America, War Machine: Always a pleasure to spar with a fellow soldier.
Vs. Hulk: Don’t worry big guy, trust me I’m not after you…
Vs. Wolverine (B): That was too close; you definitely are quite the old pro huh?
Vs. Ice Man & Spider-Man: Still want to make jokes about my hair?
Vs. Cable: You got skill but you shouldn’t rely on those guns so much.
Vs. Iron Man: You kind of remind me of a certain rich someone I know of.

(Win Quote)
Vs. Ken, Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile: Don’t worry as soon as I’m done with this lets go out drinking sometime alright?
Vs. Cammy: Strange, she seems to have regained her senses yet she is still dressed like a Shadaloo soldier…
Vs. Sakura: So you’re fond of a man named Ryu huh? Sorry kid but an old friend of mine in Interpol has kind of known him a bit more.
Vs. Strider: Interesting, I always wondered what it would be like to fight a Ninja.
Vs. Ruby Heart: With all due respect lady but I’m in no hurry to leave, I got a little unfinished business to deal with here.
Vs. Villains: It is my duty as a Soldier to make sure that those who are Evil will always face justice for their crimes.
Vs. Cyclops: You remind me of my old friend Guile, way too serious yet you have quite the heroic spirit.
Vs. Captain America, War Machine: At ease soldier, I’m sure you’ll do the US of A proud.
Vs. Iron Man, Wolverine (B): You look like a Scotch-drinking man, want to go for a drink sometime?
Vs. Psylocke: Could this woman also be one of M. Bison’s “Dolls”?
Vs. Colossus: You are not from the Russian Army? Well that’s surprising because you definitely seem like Soldier material to me.
Vs. Cable: An associate of yours wants an Autograph from me? Let me guess is it someone who remembers me from my days in the Martial Arts tournaments?


Match Start: I am Akuma! Master of the Fists!
These fists of mine shall bring forth your destruction!

Victory: You were no match for my Raging Demon, how typical…
The weak deserve to die by my fists!

Win Quote: I am the Master of the Fists! You are not a Master at all!
Do you still believe I am just a delusional old man?
All are powerless against the Satsui no Hado!
Nobody has survived my Shun Goku Satsu and no one ever will!
None can overcome the power of the Demon!
Your ignorance and weak fists repulse me to no end!

(Match Start)
Vs. Ken, Ryu: Foolish boy you will meet your master soon!
Vs. Sakura: Naïve child, the man you idolize is a cowardly weakling.
Vs. M. Bison: You shall pay for mocking my Shun Goku Satsu!
Vs. B.B Hood, Sonson, Tron: Your toys mean nothing to me child!
Vs. Strider, Psylocke: Shinobi are no match for a Demon!
Vs. Abyss, Venom & Blackheart: I am the true Demon here! You’re just a freak…
Vs. Silver Samurai: You dare call yourself a Samurai? Arrogant fool…
Vs. Shuma-Gorath: This freak of nature is the Lord of Chaos? How absurd…
Vs. Hulk, Juggernaut & Sentinel: Your size means nothing to the Master of Fists!
Vs. Wolverine (O): My power will easily shatter your claws!
Vs. Iron Man, War Machine, Dr. Doom: That Metal suit shall be your coffin!
Vs. Magneto: Magnetism means nothing to the Master of the Fists!

Vs. Ken, Ryu: You will never win as long as you cling to Gouken’s ways!
Vs. M. Bison: As I said before none shall survive the Shun Goku Satsu!
Vs. Chun-Li: Perhaps now Ryu and Gen will give me a better fight…
Vs. Anakaris & Dr. Doom: You are far too weak to deem yourself a ruler!
Vs. Sakura, Roll, Sonson, B.B Hood, Tron, & Mega Man: Foolish child, such a waste.
Vs. Abyss, Venom & Blackheart: I am superior to all demons!
Vs. Silver Samurai: You’re a disgrace to Samurai everywhere!
Vs. Shuma-Gorath: You are no lord, you are a pathetic freak!
Vs. Wolverine (B): Your claws were no match against my fists!
Vs. Magneto: Foolish old man I am no Mutant I am a Demon!
Vs. Storm: Spare me your parlor tricks wench for the elements mean nothing to me!
Vs. Hulk, Juggernaut: You claim to be the strongest there is? How pitiful…

(Win Quote)
Vs. Ken, Ryu, Sakura & Dan: Your pathetic grasp of Ansautsuken has always sickened me!
Vs. M. Bison: Now to make sure you will never cheat death again!
Vs. Jill & Cable: You deserve death for bringing guns to a fight!
Vs. Morrigan & Rogue: An arrogant harlot like you knows nothing about the meaning of battle!
Vs. Dhalsim, B.B Hood, and Captain Commando: Your fire means nothing to a Demon!
Vs. Strider, Hayato, Silver Samurai, Sonson, Gambit: Only the weak would rely on weapons!
Vs. Iron Man, War Machine, and Dr. Doom: Your metal suit is nothing more than a weak attempt at compensating for your useless fists!
Vs. Wolverine (B): If you are truly the best there is at what you do then this world means nothing to me.
Vs. Ice Man, Spider-Man, Cyclops & Thanos: I came here to fight warriors not garish buffoons with useless parlor tricks!
Vs. Sentinel: This is why mankind is weak for relying on technology!
Vs. Hulk, Juggernaut: I am the strongest there is! You are nothing more than a foolish Neanderthal.
Vs. Spiral: I have no interest in your master you foolish wench, I have not the ears to lend to garish freaks.


Match Start: I am the Red Cyclone!
I’ll dedicate this fight to the people of Russia!

Victory: Is that the best you can do comrade?
My victory is for Mother Russia!

Win Quote: The bears I wrestle back home were stronger than you.
A rabbit like you is no match for a bear like me!
You never had a chance against a powerhouse like me!
Of course I’d win, I’m Russia’s wrestling champion!
You should build up your muscles, I mean look at me!
Ha! The Mayor of Metro City couldn’t beat me, what chance do you have?

(Match Start)
Vs. Guile, Charlie, Jin, & Captain America: I admire your patriotic spirit comrade!
Vs. Anakaris, Hulk & Rogue: You would fit in with the CWA real well comrade.
Vs. Most Villains: I will defeat you for the glory of Mother Russia!
Vs. Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Dan & Sakura: Ha! Your fireballs don’t scare me this time!
Vs. Servbot: What is this? I think my boot is bigger than this little one.
Vs. Felicia: Cats are okay with me but I much prefer bears!
Vs. Colossus: Tovarish! It pleases me greatly to see a fellow Russian Strongman!
Vs. Omega Red: You have shamed the Motherland for the last time Monster!
Vs. Venom, Blackheart, Shuma-Gorath: I always wanted to wrestle a demon!
Vs. Ice Man: I’ve faced Russia’s coldest winters, what chance do you have?
Vs. Wolverine (B): You look that you have also trained in the Wilderness huh?
Vs. Iron Man, War Machine: You shouldn’t rely on a metal suit to be strong!

Vs. Guile, Charlie: I like your hairstyle comrade; I too take pride in my hair!
Vs. Anakaris, Hulk & Rogue: Seriously friend you would make a great Wrestler!
Vs. Most Villains: You will never be a threat to Mother Russia as long as I’m here!
Vs. Ryu, Ken, Akuma: Your fireballs are puny! Your Dragon Punch on the other hand…
Vs. Felicia & Sakura: Ah you fan of Rainbow Mika? I see she would get along with you.
Vs. B.B Hood, Tron & Mega Man: Kids like you should not play with weapons!
Vs. Colossus: That was a lot of fun Comrade! Want to have some Borscht with me?
Vs. Juggernaut, Venom & Blackheart: You not from BWA by any chance hmm?
Vs. Ice Man & Storm: Ha! Your ice is nothing compared to a good Russian Winter!
Vs. Wolverine (B): I was right! You do know how to fight like a Beast!
Vs. Sentinel: I like wrestling robots, especially when they crunch!
Vs. Spider-Man: Hmm… I wonder who this Kraven that this little one is referring to…

(Win Quote)
Vs. Guile, Charlie: I may not look like it but I too am a patriotic soldier!
Vs. Felicia: Wait, you a real Cat-Woman? I thought you were lady in a skimpy cat-themed costume!
Vs. Jill: So this evil company Umbrella that you speak of has buildings in Russia huh? Thank you for the information Miss, I will take care of that later.
Vs. Ryu, Ken, Dan, Sakura & Akuma: Ha! Still think I am such an easy target for your fireballs huh?
Vs. Strider: Russian Confederacy? What is this confederacy that you speak of?!
Vs. Most Villains: Now you know why I am Russia’s #1 Hero!
Vs. Hulk, Rogue & Colossus: Want to be my Tag-Team Partner in my next Wrestling Match comrade?
Vs. Wolverine (B): You’ve trained in Canadian Wilderness? I knew you are a kindred spirit for I have trained in Russian Wilderness!
Vs. Captain America: Say comrade, I like America and all is there a Captain Russia by any chance?
Vs. Iron Man: Ah so you are a fan of Rainbow Mika? Ah I see so it must be because she is a fine wrestler right?
Vs. Psylocke: You remind me of that Fortuneteller who is also after that fiend M. Bison.
Vs. Spider-Man: Wait a minute, I know you! Your that puny man that Crusher Hogan who had that match with a while back.

Ruby Heart

Match Start: Bonjour, shall I whip you now or later?
I hope we are getting closer to that orb.

Victory: Alright everyone lets get back on the ship!
La Victoire est à Moi!

Win Quote: The Pirates in my crew are much more skilled than you.
: I should’ve figured you were no match for my whip.
*sigh* Quelle Folie, what I mean is you are so foolish.
I’ve heard the Dominatrix jokes, I am not amused.
Treasure Map? The orb is much more than a Treasure.
Tres Bien! That was quite a battle!

(Match Start)
Vs. Tron Bonne: Oh ho ho my petite fille, I shall show you what a real pirate is like.
Vs. B.B Hood: Non non demoiselle you shouldn’t play with those toys.
Vs. Amingo: So you are zee granddaughter of the hero Sonson?
Vs. Jill, Cammy & Chun-Li: I can assure you Mademoiselle I am not a criminal.
Vs. Most Villains: Why are you here? Only heroes were supposed to be here.
Vs. Abyss: At last, zat Orb is almost mine.
Vs. Iron Man: Monsieur Stark, please refrain from your lecherous attitude for now.
Vs. Gambit: Bonjour Monsieur LeBeau, will you please behave yourself?
Vs. Hulk: Relax Geant Vert, you are among friends here.
Vs. Cyclops: So zis is the son of Corsair huh?
Vs. Wolverine (B): Bonjour Monsieur Carcajou shall we dance?
Vs. Storm: A woman with the power of wind… Interesting…

Vs. Sonson, Amingo: I assure you I will find zee cause of the plague on your village.
Vs. Tron: I am a true pirate; you are still just a child.
Vs. B.B Hood: You are still too young to play with such toys mon petite fille.
Vs. Captain Commando: So zis man is Mr. Capcom himself.
Vs. Most Villains: My crew! Lock this fiend up back in zee ship!
Vs. Abyss: At last now I will find that orb.
Vs. Iron Man, Ice Man, Gambit: *sigh* Pervers Fou…
Vs. Shuma-Gorath: For a moment there I thought zat was a Sea Monster.
Vs. Thanos, Magneto: Now what is zis Infinity Gauntlet you speak of?
Vs. Wolverine (Bone Claw): Monsieur Logan what has happen to your claws?
Vs. Dr. Doom: Fiendish rulers like you are why “thieves” like me exist!
Vs. Sentinel: Now what should I do with this metallic golem.

(Win Quote)
Vs. Tron: Sorry little girl but being a great pirate requires more than your little mechanized toys.
Vs. BB Hood, Mega Man, Roll, Sonson: So sorry petit but children should stay on zis ship, this place is too dangerous for you.
Vs. Morrigan, Felicia, Psylocke & Rogue: I admit I may not be a prude per say but you do take zee “Femme Fatale” act a bit too far here.
Vs. M. Bison: So you plotted to add me in your “Doll Collection”? I have ways to make sure you pay for that.
Vs. Cammy, Chun-Li & Jill: I am not a criminal but my crew has captured certain individuals who are though.
Vs. Abyss: I just hope that zis was all worth it…
Vs. Iron Man, Ice Man & Gambit: You are a worthy fighter and hero, even if your libido is a bit hyperactive.
Vs. Captain America: You say you once aided the French Resistance? Interesting…
Vs. Spiral, Blackheart: Be gone evil one for I have no interest in making a deal with your master!
Vs. Magneto: So you need this Infinity Gauntlet for your world huh? I see…
Vs. Wolverine (B): You are quite a skilled fighter Monsieur Carcajou, I hope we meet again.
Vs. Dr. Doom & Sentinel: I wonder how much money I could make off of the metal on this one.


Match Start: Namaste
I will meditate, and then destroy you!

Victory: Now you’ve realized the inner mysteries of Yoga!
Peace and tranquility... That is the way of Yoga!

Win Quote: Shed your ego and become a part of what is around you. Awaken!
My elasticity surprises you? Your training seems to be lacking…
One should not fight for the sake of pleasure.
In order to overcome me you must overcome yourself.
May the flames of Agni purify your soul!
You still have a long way to go until you are truly enlightened.

(Match Start)
Vs. Zangief: Do you wish to learn from me, novice?
Vs. Ryu, Ken, Dan & Sakura: Have your fists lead you astray young one?
Vs. Anakaris: An Arabic god, how fascinating.
Vs. Sonson: This Simian appears rather familiar…
Vs. Tron Bonne, B.B Hood: Child, why do you walk such a dark path?
Vs. Most Villains: I fear that your soul maybe beyond saving.
Vs. Wolverine (B), Cable & Magneto: I sense much pain within your soul.
Vs. Storm: I sense a kindred spirit within this one.
Vs. Psylocke: You remind me much of a fortuneteller from Italy.
Vs. Ice Man: Do not be so confident in your power of Ice young one.
Vs. Venom, Blackheart, Shuma-Gorath: You shall be purified by Agni’s flames!
Vs. Hulk: I sense a great intelligence within your savage appearance.

Vs. Zangief: Your sense of Strength is skin deep my friend.
Vs. B.B Hood: Free yourself from this dark path child.
Vs. Tron Bonne: Do not forsake the one you love child.
Vs. Cammy: It appears you have yet to truly put your past behind you.
Vs. Charlie: Return to the ones who mourn you friend for they need your strength.
Vs. Most Villains: Your arrogance was your undoing evil one.
Vs. Wolverine (B), Cable & Magneto: There is still hope for salvation in your future.
Vs. Storm: As you see I too am one with Nature.
Vs. Ice Man: Your ice was no match for the flames of Agni.
Vs. Blackheart & Shuma-Gorath: Trouble this world no more demon.
Vs. Venom: So there was a man within this demonic creature…
Vs. Iron Man & Gambit: Do not let your libido cloud your heroic nature.

(Win Quote)
Vs. Ryu, Dan, Chun-Li & Guile: One day you will learn that you should raise your fist for justice, not vengeance.
Vs. Morrigan Aensland: You have a dark demonic presence yet I sense you are more of a trickster than a truly malicious creature.
Vs. Jill Valentine: I can assure you madam for my body is perfectly natural and has not been altered by science.
Vs. Mega Man: Robot Master? I assure you child, I am very much a human being.
Vs. Sonson, Felicia, Servbot, Amingo, Anakaris: Your appearance is rather curious, yet I can tell you have no malicious intent.
Vs. Most Villains: Slave to power, you don’t understand, Yoga can set you free!
Vs. Most X-Men Members: You fight for the sake of promoting tolerance, racial equality and peace? You have quite admirable goals my friend.
Vs. Wolverine (B): It pleases me to see that you have learned the value of being in peace with yourself.
Vs. Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk & Dr. Doom: You know of a man whose limbs stretch like mine? Fascinating…
Vs. Magneto: Your hatred and malice undermines your noble desire to protect your people from the evils of tyranny and genocide.
Vs. Venom: I shall now make sure to see if I have truly freed this man from this demonic influence.

Jin Saotome

Match Start: Whether you’re metal or flesh, I’ll destroy you!
I am Jin Saotome, the VA pilot of Blodia!

Victory: Go back to playing video simulations, weakling!
Oh I hope I made you proud father!

Win Quote: Using a Giant Robot is cheating? Nonsense, why didn’t you use yours?
I fight to make sure the world does not become too mechanical!
My VA Blodia and I have fought as one!
Voice Actor? No, VA means Variant Armor which is used for combat!
My sword is not for show! But I don’t want to damage it though…
You’re not from a Space Colony? You must be from another time then.

(Match Start)
Vs. Akuma: Is this the pilot of Zero Akuma?
Vs. Tron Bonne: A rather amateur attempt at a VA and it’s so small too.
Vs. Ryu: How strange, could this man be a kindred spirit?
Vs. Ken, Dhalsim & Captain Commando: Ha! Your flames are no match for mine!
Vs. Most Villains: My Blodia will easily make short work of you!
Vs. Jill Valentine: That outfit… Tell me are you a member of the Earth Corps.?
Vs. Ice Man: Ha! You think your puny icicle can extinguish my fiery spirit?
Vs. Iron Man, War Machine & Dr. Doom: Is this a new type of Variant Armor?
Vs. Sentinel: I’ll gladly scrap this poor excuse of a VA!
Vs. Silver Samurai: You also wield a Japanese-styled sword?
Vs. Colossus: That man’s skin just became metallic! How astonishing…
Vs. Omega Red: Is this a man or a machine?

Vs. Servbot & Sentinel: Ha! You would never last in the VA Battle Circuit!
Vs. Akuma: This man was the model of the Zero Akuma?
Vs. Ryu: You’re too calm your spirit should be fiery like mine.
Vs. Tron Bonne: Are you related to a young lady by the name of Devilotte?
Vs. Cammy & Jill: Well you definitely look like you’d fit in the Earth Corps…
Vs. Most Villains: Evil shall never prevail!
Vs. Iron Man, War Machine & Dr. Doom: Heh your armor is no match for my VA!
Vs. Silver Samurai: Fool, you do not know how to wield that sword properly!
Vs. Ice Man: My fiery spirit has melted you!
Vs. Venom: This one really didn’t stand a chance against my flames!
Vs. Hulk, Colossus & Juggernaut: Incredible, this one is about as strong as a VA.
Vs. Magneto: Foolish old man, did you honestly think you could control my VA?

(Win Quote)
Vs. Ryu: Your spirit may not be fiery like mine but it is quite formidable…
Vs. Tron Bonne: You should seek the man by the name of Laurence Santana before you try to make another VA again.
Vs. B.B Hood: A little blond-haired girl with violent tendencies? Devilotte is that you?
Vs. Jill: You not from Earth Corps? I see… It’s a good thing that you’re not from them considering some of their “secrets”.
Vs. Dan: So you too know what its like to lose your father at the hands of a malicious fiend?
Vs. Abyss: *pant* *pant* I probably should’ve brought out Blodia for this battle.
Vs. Iron Man, War Machine & Dr. Doom: Human-sized VA’s… Not sure if I like the concept here…
Vs. Silver Samurai: I’ll take that! A fine sword like that deserves a better owner!
Vs. Magneto: My Blodia is far too mighty and enormous for your “Magnetic” powers!
Vs. Wolverine (Original): That man’s claws were sharp enough to scratch up my Blodia?! Impossible!
Vs. Sentinel: I might as well go ahead and give this pile of junk over to Santana, I’m sure he could find some use for this.
Vs. Spiral: Sponsor the Cyberbots Battles? Lady, I’m just one of the fighters in the VA Battle Circuit so I don’t set up the matches I just fight in them.


Match Start: All excellent souls should kneel before me.
I am Anakaris the true Lord of this World!

Victory: You misbegotten spawn of a jackal! Crawl back to your hole!
Every descent into this realm brings with it victory after victory!

Win Quote: A new kingdom is born, all are welcome here.
You two have served me well, you both shall be rewarded later.
Being alone must be lonely. You need me. Praise me.
Do you still doubt my eternal might Mortal?
You do not need to fear me for I am a benevolent lord.
You are not worthy to clean my tomb!

(Match Start)
Vs. Morrigan, Felicia & B.B Hood: You seem somewhat familiar…
Vs. Mega Man, Roll, Sakura, Sonson & Tron: Children should not be in the battlefield.
Vs. Ruby Heart: So you are the one who summoned me!
Vs. M. Bison & Most Marvel Villains: You dare challenge my throne you fool?
Vs. Abyss: So this is the beast known as Abyss…
Vs. Sentinel & Juggernaut: Fool your size is of little use to you now.
Vs. Ice Man: I am the lord of the Desert Sands! Your Ice is of little use to me.
Vs. Magneto, Cable: You deem me an Apocalypse? Insolent fool!
Vs. Iron Man, Hulk & Captain America: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? Interesting…
Vs. Spider-Man: You dare to mock me whelp?
Vs. Venom & Omega Red: Be gone from my sight you mindless savage.

Vs. Ruby Heart: Now answer me woman why am I here?!
Vs. Anakaris: No jackal spawn trickster will ever be able to defeat me!
Vs. Dhalsim & Storm: I am very real shaman and I am your new lord.
Vs. Mega Man: Pharaoh Man? What is this creature that you speak of boy?
Vs. M. Bison & Most Marvel Villains: Fool, my rule is eternal!
Vs. Abyss: This creature was of no threat to my land.
Vs. Magneto, Cable: Now who is this En Sabah Nur?
Vs. Iron Man, Hulk & Captain America: You impress me Hero.
Vs. Blackheart & Spiral: Run back to your master you insolent whelp!
Vs. Sentinel: This creature reminds me of those infernal Huitzil.
Vs. Spider Man: Your “webbing” was of little use against me.
Vs. Ice Man: I barely felt any coldness from your ice.

(Win Quote)
Vs. Ruby Heart: So I am summoned here to fight a creature that could threaten my land? Very well then I must go now…
Vs. Amingo: This is the strangest plant I have ever seen.
Vs. Zangief: CWA? Oh I see you and your people are Gladiators if I am not mistaken.
Vs. Jill: B.O.W? Insolent woman I am no man-made monstrosity!
Vs. Anakaris: To deem this thing a pale imitation would be an understatement.
Vs. Most Villains: If you reform yourself I will let you live.
Vs. Magneto & X-Men: So tell me is this En Sabah Nur a threat to my land?
Vs. Iron Man, Hulk & Captain America: I can see why you are known as a Champion in your world.
Vs. Marrow: Rest assured woman I have no quarrel with your clan.
Vs. Thanos: Now tell me what this Infinity Gauntlet that you were speaking of is?!
Vs. Spider Man: I do not desire your destruction but you should learn to hold your tongue.
Vs. Shuma-Gorath: You call yourself the Lord of Chaos? Such a delusional creature…

Hayato Kanzaki

Match Start: Just how strong is your Plasma Power?
I’m a bounty hunter so I don’t fight to show off.

Victory: I have no time to deal with a weakling. Stand aside!
Don’t worry my friends, I will return to you all soon.

Win Quote: You do not have enough experience! Are you listening to me?!
My blade can slice through anything, remember that.
I fight to take down the forces of Bilstein, what do you fight for?
Heh don’t worry I can assure you there is no bounty on you.
Star… Wars? What is this “Star Wars” that you speak of?
I maybe a bounty hunter but I fight for Justice not money.

(Match Start)
Vs. Ryu: Who is this man? Why do I feel like I know him?
Vs. Chun-Li: June? No… it couldn’t be…
Vs. Strider & Silver Samurai: Your blade is no match against my Plasma Sword
Vs. Sakura: You remind me of that girl Ele…
Vs. Servbot: What kind of machine is this?
Vs. M. Bison & Akuma: So you are the Ancient Evil I have heard of, prepare yourself!
Vs. Sentinel: I have faced the likes of Vector you don’t even rate.
Vs. Dr. Doom & Thanos: I fight to rid the world of warlords like you!
Vs. Sabretooth: This one reminds me too much of Byakko.
Vs. Hulk: Could this one be from Saturn’s World?
Vs. Shuma-Gorath & Omega Red: Is this creature another one of Bilstein’s creations?
Vs. Psylocke: This woman seems somewhat familiar…

Vs. Ryu: This man truly does feel like a kindred spirit…
Vs. M. Bison & Akuma: This man was feared ages ago? How sad…
Vs. Servbot: I should’ve known, this little robot is not meant for Combat.
Vs. Mega Man & Roll: This child is a Machine?
Vs. Ruby Heart: I’m sorry Miss but I should not be here!
Vs. Strider & Silver Samurai: Your blade is more formidable than I thought.
Vs. Spider-Man, Ice Man & Iron Man: I am not Luke Skywalker I am Hayato!
Vs. Sentinel: Another machine is destroyed by my hands.
Vs. Dr. Doom & Thanos: I should make sure this one does not have a “Ghost Form”.
Vs. Hulk: No this one couldn’t be from Saturn’s world, it’s far too slow.
Vs. Psylocke: For a moment there I thought she was that girl Kaede as an adult.
Vs. Venom: This creature was a human? I wonder if this is Bilstein’s doing.

(Win Quote)
Vs. Ryu: So you too struggle with a dark power within, perhaps that is why this man’s spirit felt so kindred.
Vs. Ruby Heart: With all due respect lady, but please send me home! My friends need me!
Vs. Mega Man, Roll & Servbot: This machine is more meant to be a child’s playmate, not for combat.
Vs. Tron: I fight evil warlords with robotic soldiers, not arrogant little girls with her toys.
Vs. Guile: A warrior should never use a blade? Please… it doesn’t matter how you fight, what you fight for is what truly matters!
Vs. Akuma & M. Bison: Your understanding of dark power is incredibly archaic and weak.
Vs. Sentinel: Vector was far more powerful than this mediocre robot…
Vs. Dr. Doom & Thanos: I have faced down the forces of Bilstein, you were a lot easier to defeat.
Vs. Spider-Man, Iron Man & Ice Man: And another thing what is this “Light Saber” you keep talking about? This is a Plasma Sword!
Vs. Captain Amerca: This shield is impressive, not even my Plasma Sword could’ve cut it!
Vs. Shuma Gorath: So you’re the Lord of Chaos huh? Well then that gives me more of a reason to slice you up.
Vs. Venom & Omega Red: Bilstein must be getting sloppy if he thinks this creature could’ve killed me.

M. Bison

Match Start: Anyone who opposes me will be destroyed!
I might spare your life… if you grovel before me.

Victory: It was a pleasure watching you suffer.
Hope you enjoyed this taste of Psycho Power, it’s your last.

Win Quote: *sigh* It’s a shame to waste Psycho Power on you.
Anyone who opposes me will be destroyed!
Oh you’re still alive? Good I get to crush you some more!
Well this was almost entertaining, emphasis on “almost”.
I hope you enjoyed that sample of Psycho Power, I know I did.
So how does it feel to be destroyed by a god?

(Match Start)
Vs. Guile & Chun-Li: Let me guess you wish to avenge someone right?
Vs. Charlie: Impossible…How in the… no matter…
Vs. Akuma: Oh yes Akuma you are such a Master of the Murderous Intent.
Vs. Cammy: Greetings Killer Bee it is so nice to see you
Vs. Ryu: This power you possess will be mine Ryu.
Vs. Strider: Excellent! I always wanted to kill a Ninja!
Vs. Psylocke: Rose? No, but your power is quite desirable.
Vs. Iron Man, Captain America & Hulk: Avengers? Interesting…
Vs. Sentinel: I was wondering when someone would send a large robot after me.
Vs. Shuma-Gorath, Venom & Blackheart: Oh yes I always wanted to kill a demon.
Vs. Wolverine (O): Interesting claws, I’ll have you locked up for study.
Vs. Ice Man & Spider Man: Oh you won’t be laughing when I am through with you.

Vs. Chun-Li: Oh I will honor your father’s legacy… by making you a doll.
Vs. Charlie: Now it is time to make sure you never defy me again!
Vs. Guile & Akuma: Oh dear it appears I am still alive, such a shame.
Vs. Cammy: Oh you are not Killer Bee, then why are you dressed like her?
Vs. Ryu: This power you call the Satsui No Hado will benefit me greatly.
Vs. Dan: You seek out Sagat? Hmph! I no longer care for that old fool anyway!
Vs. Dr. Doom, Thanos & Magneto: You are supposed to be a warlord? Ha!
Vs. Ice Man & Spider Man: Where is your laughter now?
Vs. Psylocke: You do not have Psycho Power but you will make a fine doll.
Vs. Sentinel: This is why I don’t bother with robots, so ineffectual…
Vs. Iron Man, Captain America & Hulk: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? Pathetic…
Vs. War Machine: You serve the US Military? What an interesting surprise.

(Win Quote)
Vs. Chun-Li & Cammy: Yes yes you’re out for Vengeance, what is it with you women anyway? I killed my father too and you don’t hear me whining about it!
Vs. Akuma & Ryu: The Satsui No Hado, I only hope that I wasn’t wasting my time in trying to acquire that power.
Vs. Charlie, Guile, Captain America & War Machine: It is such a shame that the US Army never seems to learn from their mistakes.
Vs. Ken: While you lack the power of the Satsui No Hado that Ryu has however Ken Masters your capture can be quite beneficial.
Vs. Mega Man & Roll: A Machine? Interesting, oh not too worry dear child I have big plans for you.
Vs. Felicia, Morrigan, Jill, Ruby Heart & All Marvel Females: A powerful and alluring woman like you would make a fine addition to my doll collection.
Vs. Sentinel: Perhaps I should send this machine to my labs and see if my scientists can salvage this pile of scrap metal.
Vs. Wolverine (Original): Weapon X project? Interesting I should look into this…
Vs. Sabretooth: I have no interest in this furry savage, now the blond woman with the gun on the other hand.
Vs. Shuma-Gorath, Hulk, Omega Red, Blackheart & Venom: This creature will make a fine trophy for my study.
Vs. Iron Man: Admit it Tony Stark, deep down there are certain reasons why you envy me.
Vs. Thanos & Magneto: This Infinity Gauntlet I have heard of interests me, I will make sure you tell me more about it.

Morrigan Aensland

Match Start: Shall I arouse you or abuse you? Perhaps a bit of both…
Oh how I would love to pleasure you.

Victory: You’re far too weak to pleasure me.
My victories, like my beauty are eternal!

Win Quote: My beauty can overcome brains and brawn!
Oh Honey is this all you got?
Evil? I’m more of a Hedonist than a Sadist.
It’s rough sometimes… Just stay on your back…
You’ve torn my stockings?! How dare you!
Not too worry your pain will soon be pleasure.

(Match Start)
Vs. Felicia: Ah Felicia my favorite pussy, it is so good to see you.
Vs. B.B Hood: Oh how sweet it’s Lillith’s adorable little lover.
Vs. Mega Man, Roll, Sonson & Tron: Night was created for adults. Go home kid.
Vs. Anakaris: Such a shame a certain Vampire isn’t here…
Vs. M. Bison, Iron Man, Ice Man & Gambit: My you have quite the healthy libido.
Vs. Most Female Characters: I’m a succubus but I find you desirable as well.
Vs. Shuma-Gorath & Omega Red: Oh yes I always wanted to play with tentacles.
Vs. Sentinel: At least this one is more humanoid than those Huitzil.
Vs. Wolverine (B) & Sabretooth: Oh you look like your quite an animal.
Vs. Dr. Doom: In a way you remind me of a certain Vampire.
Vs. Spider-Man: Is that a Camera I see nearby? Interesting…
Vs. Blackheart: Oh are you from my realm as well?

Vs. Felicia: Oh come here kitty and I will make you purr.
Vs. B.B Hood: Oh yes I give you over to my dear little sister.
Vs. Ruby Heart & Gambit: *ahem* Voulez-vous Cocher Avec Moi Ce Soir?
Vs. M. Bison & Iron Man: Oh you will be a fine soul to take.
Vs. Dhalsim: Your power of stretching limbs does interest me.
Vs. Chun-Li, Cammy & Jill: You were trying to punish me? Interesting…
Vs. Shuma-Gorath & Omega Red: Your tentacles were so disappointing.
Vs. Ice Man: Come here I’ll be sure to warm you up
Vs. Most X-Men Members: Oh are there more like you at this X-Mansion?
Vs. Marrow: Your bone weapons do interest me, especially the long ones.
Vs. Spiral: Why yes I would love to give your boss a good interview.
Vs. Captain America & Colossus: Oh yes you are such a fine specimen of man.

(Win Quotes)
Vs. B.B Hood: I can see why Lillith is so fond of you dear you are just so darling.
Vs. Mega Man, Servbot, Roll, Sonson & Tron: How adorable, you’ll make a fine playmate for my little sister Lillith.
Vs. Ken, Guile, Cyclops & Spider Man: Oh you’re married to a beautiful woman? Not too worry I’ll pleasure her too after I am done with you.
Vs. Captain Commando: So I am the most popular of all the Darkstalkers? Rest assured dear I am certainly not surprised.
Vs. M. Bison: After I have my way with you perhaps I should liberate your little collection as well.
Vs. Most Females: I suppose I have given you enough pain, shall I pleasure you now?
Vs. Captain America & Colossus: So powerful and yet so pure, I almost feel bad for trying to absorb your life force, almost.
Vs. Sabretooth: Oh don’t worry after I am done with you I’ll be pleasuring your sexy little Birdie over there later.
Vs. Sentinel: You were slightly more interesting than those Huitzil, but just barely.
Vs. Iron Man, Ice Man & Gambit: Oh yes men like you are such wonderfully easy prey.
Vs. Wolverine (B): So you say I would more fit in with this group called “The Inner Circle”? How interesting…
Vs. Shuma-Gorath & Blackheart: I am starting to wonder if I should take you back to my home realm with me.

Sakura Kasugano

Match Start: Well at least I don’t have to worry about being late for class this time.
Oh Master Ryu I hope you are watching!

Victory: Oh wow I won! Guess I don’t know my own strength!
The fight is all. Ooh I just love saying that!

Win Quote: It serves you right for trying to pick on a little girl like me!
Did I impress you? I really hope I did!
If I keep this up I might have a chance with him!
These battles are fun but I am starting to feel a little homesick.
You’ve got a lot to learn, shall I see you in class soon?
I have to admit even I’m a little surprised that I won this battle.

(Match Start)
Vs. Ryu: *gasp* Master Ryu! Oh it’s so good to see you!
Vs. Dan: Oh eh… heh heh… Hello there Master Hibiki…
Vs. Chun-Li: *giggles* Yatta! What do you think Miss Li?
Vs. Ken: Hey there Ken, have you seen Karin around?
Vs. Servbot: You look like one of my little brothers toys.
Vs. Strider & Psylocke: My next opponent is a Ninja? Awesome!
Vs. Shuma-Gorath: Ugh what are you suppose to be a mutant octopus?
Vs. Ice Man: Brrr… My legs are freezing…
Vs. Silver Samurai: Cool! I always wanted to face off against a Samurai!
Vs. Captain America: Uh… shouldn’t you have a weapon to go with that shield?
Vs. Sentinel: Aww… this big robot looks so… generic.
Vs. Wolverine (BC): Weird, I heard your claws were a lot… shinier.

Vs. Ryu: Oh Master Ryu I truly hope that I have impressed you!
Vs. Chun-Li: Say uh Chun-Li I have a question for you.
Vs. Dan: Let me guess this was all a part of my training right?
Vs. Zangief: See ya later big guy, give my regards to Rainbow Mika OK?
Vs. Ken: Oh I know you’ll be Ryu’s #1 Rival but I want to be his #1 student!
Vs. BB Hood, Sonson & Tron: *sigh* Kids, they can be such delinquents.
Vs. Iron Man, Ice Man: I’m too young to wear this skirt? What’s that suppose to mean?!
Vs. Silver Samurai: Aww… facing down a Samurai is not as cool as I thought.
Vs. Spider-Man: Alright I won! Hey is that a Camera over there?
Vs. Sentinel: Ah man even the Zaku were cooler than this pile of junk.
Vs. Hulk, Colossus & Juggernaut: Ha! Thought I would be too little to beat you huh?
Vs. Wolverine (B): I remind you of some of your students? Cool!

(Win Quote)
Vs. Ryu: Master Ryu I really do hope that one day I will show you how strong I am, I really do.
Vs. Chun Li: Uhh… Chun-Li those rumors about you and Master Ryu being more than just good friends are just rumors right?
Vs. Ken: Say Ken is it true that Master Ryu has considered the idea of one day settling down to start a family?
Vs. Morrigan: So you just wanted me to play with your little sister Lillith? Okay then, I suppose that could be cool.
Vs. Captain Commando & Jin Saotome: Are you from those Mecha shows I see on TV? Cool!
Vs. Akuma & Blackheart: Such power… I have to admit that was kind of scary…
Vs. Spider-Man: Hmm… You remind me of a really old Super Sentai show from the late 1970’s that I’ve somewhat heard of…
Vs. Sentinel: Sheesh this thing was probably made by some crazed otaku at least that would explain why it was so weak.
Vs. Juggernaut: Now don’t you dare bother anymore innocent people or I’ll toss you like a rag doll!
Vs. Colossus: So are you related to a certain big guy by the name of Zangief?
Vs. Psylocke: Strange, this lady kind of reminds me of Cammy and that Fortuneteller lady Rose fused together.
Vs. Iron Man & Ice Man: And what’s wrong with the way I dress? This is my school’s uniform you know!

Tron Bonne

Match Start: I’ll spare you if you give me your valuables.
Tron Bonne of the Bonne Pirates is here!

Victory: Ha! You were no match for the Bonnes!
Ugh… Oh I better get some money for this!

Win Quote: Alright Servbots! Search those three for any valuables!
Oh yes I’ll be the richest girl in the entire world!
I come from a powerful and well-established Sky Pirate family.
Oh Mega Man where are you? Uh I mean let’s go you two! March!
That’s what you get for messing with the Queen of the Servbots!
The only things I want in this world are money and power… and…

(Match Start)
Vs. Mega Man: HEY! You’re not the Mega Man that I lo…er… know of!
Vs. Roll: Roll huh? You remind me of someone who is always in my way…
Vs. Chun-Li, Cammy & Jill: Law enforcement? Heh bring it on!
Vs. Ruby Heart: Hey I’m the real pirate here you crusty old bimbo!
Vs. Servbot: What are you doing out here?! You’re not turning on me, are you?
Vs. M. Bison, Iron Man: A rich dirty old man like you would be easy prey.
Vs. Dr. Doom: You definitely look like you have some valuables.
Vs. War Machine: I’ll be merciful, you can just hand me your weapon parts.
Vs. Sentinel: Can’t wait until I get my hands on this one!
Vs. Omega Red: Is this freaky guy supposed to be a robot?
Vs. Magneto: Master of Magnetism? Uh oh… this could be trouble…
Vs. Thanos: I heard you have a rather interesting gauntlet…

Vs. Mega Man: Oh why did I have to see Mega Man as a little kid?
Vs. Roll: Well at least I’m pretty sure this one is not the Roll that I know.
Vs. Chun-Li, Cammy & Jill: An old bimbo like you could never arrest me!
Vs. Ruby Heart: Ha! Now we know I’m the better pirate you old hag!
Vs. Sakura: Heh do I have guy trouble? Oh you have no idea…
Vs. Servbot: That will be your punishment for today.
Vs. Iron Man, War Machine, Dr. Doom: I’ll definitely get some parts from you!
Vs. Sentinel: Now let’s see if I can salvage this thing.
Vs. Spider-Man: What the? Servbots! Confiscate that camera!
Vs. Thanos: What do you mean you don’t have your gauntlet anymore?
Vs. Magneto: Ha! You didn’t have such an advantage against me old man!
Vs. Captain America: That shield does look interesting maybe I should use it.

(Win Quote)
Vs. Mega Man & Roll: Wait a minute; this couldn’t be you-know-who as a little kid… right?
Vs. Servbot: Oh you are in so much trouble when we get out of here!
Vs. Jin Saotome: Don’t worry I will make sure your “VA” will be put in good use.
Vs. Ken: You’re a rich man? Well you certainly don’t look like it!
Vs. Most Female Characters: And another thing, stop running around in that tramp outfit! My Mega Man would never… uhh… What I meant is…
Vs. Magneto: I’ve been told you have an interesting artifact known as an Infinity Gauntlet, is that true?
Vs. Sentinel: Its design is rather generic but its weapon system does have potential.
Vs. Ice Man & Storm: Brrr… Note to self, try to make the Gustaff ice-proof!
Vs. Iron Man & Dr. Doom: Oh you look like you have a lot of parts I could use!
Vs. Spider-Man: Alright! That loud old man J. Jonah said he’ll pay good money if somebody captured you and turned you in!
Vs. Silver Samurai: Your weapons and armor do look like they can be good robot parts.

Cammy White

Match Start: Ready to begin the mission.
Cammy White of Delta Red is here!

Victory: Your missing teeth will remind you of my victory!
I’m so not too young to be an elite soldier!

Win Quote: You two are no Delta Red but you’re not bad.
No I am not with Shadaloo! Why do you ask such a thing?
I have tried to forsake my past but it looks like it hasn’t forsaken me.
Oh this is so stressful where is a good cat when I need one?
Skimpy?! There is nothing perverted about my uniform!
I wish I was wearing my Delta Red uniform, it looked so much better.

(Match Start)
Vs. M. Bison: I am not… your Killer Bee!
Vs. Charlie: What the… but I heard this man was dead…
Vs. Chun-Li: Why does she get to keep her current outfit?
Vs. Felicia: Those ears… that tail… No Cammy, focus!
Vs. Sakura: Well it’s good to see you’re still as energetic as ever.
Vs. Dan: This man is Sakura’s teacher? That poor girl…
Vs. Iron Man, Ice Man & Gambit: I really have no time for perverts.
Vs. Psylocke: Is this woman another one of Bison’s dolls?
Vs. Spider-Man: And people think I have an overly limber body.
Vs. Captain America: I wonder why Guile never told me about this.
Vs. Marvel Villains: Delta Red is here to thwart you villain!
Vs. Hulk: This one reminds me of Sakura’s green friend.

Vs. M. Bison: Delta Red will make sure you pay for your crimes Bison.
Vs. Charlie & Dhalsim: I am not with Shadaloo anymore, honest!
Vs. Chun-Li & Guile: Well it’s good to see that you two haven’t changed.
Vs. Ryu: Amazing, I can see why Chun-Li and Sakura are so fond of you.
Vs. Felicia: I feel so bad about this I mean that tail and…
Vs. Sakura: Don’t feel bad about this kid you have a lot of potential.
Vs. Spider-Man: Sorry I’ll be confiscating your camera over there.
Vs. Psylocke: I have to admit this woman would fit in with Delta Red.
Vs. War Machine: You’re in the US Army? I wonder if Guile knows about this.
Vs. Captain America: You’re a WW2 Hero? Well that explains some things…
Vs. Iron Man, Ice Man & Gambit: That’s what you get for leering at my legs!
Vs. Juggernaut: Thought I would be easy to swat away huh?

(Win Quote)
Vs. Ken & Ryu: Um, do you have a spare Gi I can borrow? I really don’t want to be seen like this.
Vs. Felicia: Cat-women? Oh you mean there are more like you?! Oh please do tell me more!
Vs. Chun-Li, Guile, Charlie & Dhalsim: I don’t know why I’m in my Shadaloo outfit, this is the outfit I was wearing when I first appeared here.
Vs. M. Bison: If only the other dolls could’ve seen you defeated like this.
Vs. Ruby Heart: Excuse me Miss Heart but can I please enter your ship? I really need to change out of this outfit and I’ll hope you will lend me some clothes.
Vs. Dan: I really should take Sakura in as my student but I am far too busy with Delta Red.
Vs. Captain America: There is a Captain Britain? I never knew that…
Vs. Iron Man, Ice Man & Gambit: Perhaps I should be glad I’m not wearing my Delta Red uniform, that outfit was rather form-fitting.
Vs. Dr. Doom & Thanos: *sigh* Another evil overlord as if Bison wasn’t bad enough.
Vs. Hulk: Oh you love kitties too? Yea! I knew you were a good person!
Vs. Psylocke: Excuse me miss but would you like to have a job with Delta Red?
Vs. Cyclops: I must say this man does remind me of Commander Keith.

Strider Hiryu

Match Start: A false life is equal to death. Be your true self!
Understood, beginning the mission now.

Victory: All are equal in the face of death.
If you wish to see the future you must create it.

Win Quote: Do not fear, for I am not here to take your lives.
One should never betray their principles.
Self-ambition is the root of the world’s pain!
Life… Death… A strider’s faith is never certain.
What? You’ve never heard of Moto Kikaku?
As you can see my blade, Cypher can slice through anything

(Match Start)
Vs. Hayato: I warn you, your blade is no match against mine.
Vs. Zangief & Colossus: Are you from the Russian Confederacy?
Vs. Chun-Li: Ton-Pooh? No couldn’t be…
Vs. Cammy: Is this young one a Kunoichi?
Vs. Mega Man, Roll, Sakura & Sonson: The battlefield is no place for a child.
Vs. Most Villains: Evil should never expect Mercy from a Strider.
Vs. Psylocke: It pleases me to test my skill against a Kunoichi.
Vs. Omega Red: Another one of the Russian Confederacy’s weapons
Vs. Silver Samurai: I have found Kenuichio Harada, beginning the mission now.
Vs. Wolverine (O): This man’s claws look quite formidable.
Vs. Magneto: I assure you your Magnetism is of little use against me.
Vs. Iron Man & War Machine: This one reminds me of Solo…

Vs. Zangief & Colossus: Perhaps I was being too presumptuous, my apologies.
Vs. Hayato: Your plasma sword is not bad but mine is superior.
Vs. Roll, Sakura & Sonson: Run home while you still can child.
Vs. Mega Man, Tron: You have much to learn about using robots to aid you.
Vs. M. Bison: The leader of Shadaloo has been terminated.
Vs. Cammy: Not bad but not good enough to be a Kunoichi.
Vs. Omega Red & Shuma-Gorath: Your tentacles were no match for my Cypher.
Vs. Captain America: Amazing, not even Cypher can slice that shield!
Vs. Spiral, Juggernaut, Sabretooth & Blackheart: Now take me to your master!
Vs. Psylocke: You are quite the formidable Kunoichi.
Vs. Dr. Doom, Thanos & Silver Samurai: Your reign of destruction ends here.
Vs. Spider-Man: Sorry but I’m afraid I’m going to have to destroy your camera.

(Win Quote)
Vs. Ryu: Having a desire to improve yourself is important but you should practice that desire with some moderation.
Vs. Jill Valentine: So this Umbrella Corporation plots to unleash zombies and Bio-Organic weapons on the world? I see, I should investigate this…
Vs. Cammy & Spider-Man: It appears that westerners are trying too hard to emulate the ways of the Shinobi.
Vs. Tron and BB Hood: *sigh* I came here to fight criminals, not temperamental children.
Vs. Akuma: The Satsui No Hodo… in the end its only true purpose is to glorify your delusions of grandeur.
Vs. Ruby Heart: So you wish for me to slay the monster known as Abyss? Very well then I shall begin the mission now.
Vs. Wolverine (both): Hmm… I may’ve won this battle but I can tell you have experience in fighting Shinobi before.
Vs. Psylocke: Strange, this kunoichi appears to be Japanese yet she has a rather distinct English accent…
Vs. Captain America: Your shield is made of Vibranium? Interesting, I never heard of this metal yet I now feel that I should.
Vs. Silver Samurai: I assure you your clan will never terrorize Japan again.
Vs. Sentinel: When will criminals learn that robots like this are never effective?
Vs. Dr. Doom & Thanos: Another corrupt fool in power falls to the might of my Cypher.

Jill Valentine

Match Start: I am Jill Valentine and I’m a member of S.T.A.R.S!
Good thing I refilled my Grenade Launcher

Victory: Mission Complete! *phew* That was almost too easy…
Sorry I’m too use to fighting the undead.

Win Quote: You wouldn’t last in Raccoon City, especially on that night.
You two would’ve made fine additions to S.T.A.R.S…
I should give you some credit I mean I am almost out of ammo.
Alright you two stand your ground for I see some zombies nearby.
Compared to trying to survive in Raccoon City this was too easy.
*sigh* If only my friends from S.T.A.R.S were here.

(Match Start)
Vs. Akuma, Dhalsim, Felicia & Morrigan: Could this one be a B.O.W?
Vs. Sakura: Rebecca Chambers? No it couldn’t be…
Vs. M. Bison & Dr. Doom: *sigh* Another Power-Hungry Madman
Vs. Amingo, Anakaris, Hulk & Most Marvel Villains: Found another B.O.W…
Vs. BB Hood: Aren’t you a little young to be playing with those toys?
Vs. Chun-Li & Cammy: Nice to see a fellow lady in law enforcement.
Vs. Iron Man, Ice Man & Gambit: I really don’t have the time for pick-up lines.
Vs. Sentinel: I’m about to fight a large robot, I have to admit that is a new one.
Vs. Cable: And I thought I had plenty of artillery.
Vs. Captain America: A super-durable weaponized shield huh? Interesting…
Vs. Magneto: Master of Magnetism? This could be trouble…
Vs. Cyclops: A Laser Visor, that would’ve came in handy back in Raccoon City.

Vs. Amingo, Dhalsim, Anakaris, Felicia & Hulk: I’m sorry for calling you a B.O.W
Vs. Morrigan & Sabretooth: This one might not be a B.O.W but it’s still rather shady.
Vs. Charlie: Strange this man appears to be alive and well and yet…
Vs. Tron & BB Hood: You’re lucky there is no Juvenile Hall nearby you brat.
Vs. M. Bison & Dr. Doom: Your evil ambition ends here!
Vs. Abyss: *pant* *pant* Still not as bad as dealing with Nemesis.
Vs. Iron Man, Ice Man & Gambit: *sigh* At least I’m wearing my uniform.
Vs. Sentinel: Odd you would think a large robot like that would be bulletproof.
Vs. Shuma-Gorath & Blackheart: *panting* So this is what its like to fight a demon.
Vs. Spiral: TV Interview? Eh sorry… not interested…
Vs. Spider-Man: This web looks artificial; to be honest I’m kind of relieved.
Vs. Cable: Interesting, you and Chris would get along rather well.

(Win Quote)
Vs. Captain Commando & Cable: Excuse me sir but can I please borrow some of your equipment? I may need it when I get back home.
Vs. Morrigan, Felicia & Psylocke: And People thought my casual attire is a bit too racy.
Vs. M. Bison: You wanted me to be a part of your “Doll Collection”? You truly are a repulsive man.
Vs. Akuma: You rejected your humanity to be more powerful? You remind me of a certain former captain of mine.
Vs. Ruby Heart: Excuse me but with all due respect but are you sure it was a good idea to bring me here? I mean I believe some zombies have followed me here.
Vs. Guile, Charlie, War Machine & Captain America: So you’re from the US Military huh? Cool, I remember when I had really high grades in the US Delta Force training program.
Vs. Spider-Man: Uh I assure you sir that S.T.A.R.S has nothing to do with this S.H.I.E.L.D you keep talking about.
Vs. Rouge: Gambit? You mean that lecherous man in the long coat with a Cajun accent, you know him? Oh I see…
Vs. Omega Red: This creature is definitely a B.O.W though I don’t think this is Umbrella’s doing.
Vs. Iron Man, Ice Man & Gambit: This guy does kind of remind me of Carlos.
Vs. Thanos: Someone stole a powerful item called the Infinity Gauntlet? This thief wouldn’t happen to be a blond-haired man in shades right?
Vs. Wolverine (B) & Sabretooth: So you’re a part of this Weapon X project that I have heard of recently, I should look into that.


Match Start: Excuse me, do you have any valuables?
Yea! I’ll take this one down for Miss Tron!

Victory: Oh Miss Tron will be so proud of me!
Now to take all your valuables! Yea!

Win Quote: Yea! I’m the strongest Servbot there is!
Alright now to tie you three up for Miss Tron!
Which Servbot Number am I? You’ll have to figure that out.
We Servbots do our best for Miss Tron.
Uh oh they seem to be poor; oh Miss Tron will be so angry.
Alright team who wants some curry before our next battle?

(Match Start)
Vs. Mega Man: Yea! I’ll capture you for Miss Tron!
Vs. Tron Bonne: Uh oh it’s Miss Tron!
Vs. Roll: This one is the girl Roll? She seems to be a little small…
Vs. Ruby Heart: Another Pirate Lady? Uh-oh Miss Tron will be angry.
Vs. Chun-Li, Cammy & Jill: Oh goody, coppers! I’ll save you Miss Tron!
Vs. Captain Commando: This guy kind of reminds me of Mega Man.
Vs. Sentinel: Yea! More Robots for Miss Tron!
Vs. Dr. Doom, Iron Man & War Machine: Are you a robot?
Vs. Magneto: Magnetism? Uhh… what’s magnetism?
Vs. Hulk, Juggernaut & Blackheart: Wow this one is bigger than the Gustaff!
Vs. Silver Samurai: Your gear is so shiny, Miss Tron will love it!
Vs. Captain America: Miss Tron will love to have that shield!
Vs. Cyclops: I wonder if Miss Tron will like that Visor.

Vs. Mega Man & Roll: I don’t think this is the one Miss Tron knows about.
Vs. Tron Bonne: Well at least Miss Tron is not naked this time.
Vs. Servbot: And I thought I was the only loner Servbot.
Vs. Hayato & Strider: I wonder if Miss Tron would like that sword.
Vs. Jin: Yea! Now to take that big red robot over there!
Vs. Ruby Heart: Now to take your ship for Miss Tron!
Vs. Sentinel: Don’t worry soon you will be one of us.
Vs. Captain America: That shield was really hard, Miss Tron will love it!
Vs. Spider-Man: Is that a Camera? Yea! Can I play with it?
Vs. Silver Samurai: Wow, your gear will be great parts for Miss Tron!
Vs. Dr. Doom, Iron Man & War Machine: Miss Tron will love this new Armor!
Vs. Cable: This guy has no money but his weapons look nice to grab!

(Win Quote)
Vs. Tron: If I grab more valuables for Miss Tron then maybe she won’t get angry at me for this later.
Vs. Servbot: Alright we had enough fun, lets go look for Miss Tron.
Vs. Mega Man & Roll: Maybe I should take you to Miss Tron anyways…
Vs. Sonson: This staff belonged to the Monkey King? Cool Miss Tron will love it!
Vs. Ken, Iron Man & Dr. Doom: You’re rich? Neat! You probably have plenty of valuables that Miss Tron would want!
Vs. Captain Commando & War Machine: Alright I’ll take you and give you to Miss Tron! She’ll know what to do about that armor of yours!
Vs. Cable: Miss Tron can easily use your guns to make Robot Weapons especially that big gun of yours.
Vs. Colossus & Omega Red: I don’t think this one is an actual robot. That’s a shame; Miss Tron could easily use your parts.
Vs. Sentinel: Wow I wonder if Miss Tron will turn you into a BIG Servbot.
Vs. Cyclops: Hmm… I wonder if there is an on switch on this visor…
Vs. Thanos & Magneto: Is it true that you have something called an Infinity Gauntlet? Miss Tron would really like to know.
Vs. Silver Samurai: If I give Miss Tron your gear would I be turned into a Silver Servbot? Hmm…
Vs. Shuma-Gorath: Oh yes I just remembered that Miss Tron wanted me to make something for dinner. I wonder what I should cook… Hmm…


Match Start: Super fighting robot Roll at your service!
I’ll show my brother that I can save the day too!

Victory: I won? YEA! I WON! I WON!
Don’t worry I’ll clean you up before I go.

Win Quote: Now how does Mega Man do that absorption thing?
Oh I’m sorry are you hurt really badly? Maybe my doctor can fix you.
Oh no you got my dress all dirty! How dare you!
Yea I did it! Girl power!
Now you know I am more than just a housecleaning robot.
I think you’re due for an upgrade.

(Match Start)
Vs. Mega Man: Oh give me a chance bro I can be a good fighter too!
Vs. Tron Bonne: I’m sorry Miss, do I know you?
Vs. Servbot: Weird, how does this little robot know me?
Vs. BB Hood: Nice outfit! Where can I get a Hood like yours?
Vs. Captain Commando: Oh you know my brother Mega Man?
Vs. Most Villains: I’ll show Mega I can fight evil too!
Vs. Iron Man & War Machine: Wow, are you a robot like my brother?
Vs. Magneto: Wow you look like you’re more powerful than Magnet Man!
Vs. Colossus: Oh wow did you just turn into a robot?
Vs. Sentinel: Oh no is this another one of Wily’s robots?
Vs. Iceman: Iceman? You don’t look like the Iceman that I know of…
Vs. Cyclops & Captain America: Hmm? Are you another Blue Bomber?
Vs. Spider-Man: Spider Man? You don’t look like one of Wily’s robots.

Vs. Mega Man: You see bro I can be a good Combat Bot too!
Vs. Tron: Wait a minute how do you know my brother?
Vs. Servbot: Poor little guy, I’m sure Dr. Light can fix you up.
Vs. BB Hood: You looked like you were nice but your mean!
Vs. Anakaris: I hope this wasn’t an upgraded Pharaoh Man.
Vs. Ruby Heart: Oh you have a big ship nearby? Neat!
Vs. Sentinel: Wow who knew beating up big evil robots would be this easy?
Vs. Spider-Man: Wow! Can you teach me how to shoot web?
Vs. Cyclops: Hey Mister where can I get a Visor like this?
Vs. Iron Man & War Machine: Cool can you give me a good upgrade?
Vs. Dr. Doom: *panting* I hope this guy never met with Dr. Wily…
Vs. Magneto: Wow I was right you really are more powerful than Magnet Man.

(Win Quote)
Vs. Mega Man: Oh Mega, someday we’ll fight evil side by side!
Vs. Tron: Oh I see your one of my brother’s fangirls right?
Vs. Guile: I remind you of your daughter? Really? Cool…
Vs. Servbot: Oh there are more robots like you? Neat!
Vs. Ruby Heart: Oh I’m sorry if I disobeyed you, I’ll clean up your ship later.
Vs. Captain Commando: Aw what a cute baby! Can I hold the baby please?
Vs. Juggernaut: Wow this guy kind of reminds me of Hard Man.
Vs. Magneto: This old man seems so angry, yet really sad as well.
Vs. Hulk: I’m sorry for hurting you, would you like a flower?
Vs. Captain America: Wow this shield looks like it’s even sturdier than Proto Man’s Shield!
Vs. Cable: Oh wow this man has blasters that are even better than Mega’s Arm Cannon. Oh I hope he didn’t hear that…


Match Start: I am the strongest woman in the world!
No one can escape my mighty legs.

Victory: *sigh* And me without my handcuffs, oh well…
Oh the things I do as an Interpol officer.

Win Quote: And this is what you get for making jokes about my legs!
No, I’ve never thrown any of my bracelets away. Why do you ask?
You need to work on your footwork if you want to win.
Oh I so need a vacation after this…
If you’re going to fight, fight for real.
Oh c’mon is the idea of an Interpol officer in a Qipao really that strange?

(Match Start)
Vs. Ryu, Ken & Guile: Good to see you again, should’ve known I’d find you here.
Vs. Sakura: Oh Sakura its good to see your so enthusiastic.
Vs. M. Bison: Bison… You’ll pay for your crimes!
Vs. Charlie: Charlie? Im… Impossible…
Vs. Cammy: Still as fit as ever huh Cammy?
Vs. Felicia: Zoo? What are you talking about?
Vs. Dr. Doom & Silver Samurai: I’m Chun-Li from Interpol and you’re under arrest!
Vs. War Machine & Captain America: So you’re from the US Army huh? Interesting…
Vs. Iron Man, Ice Man & Gambit: *ahem* First of all my eyes are up here.
Vs. Hulk: So this is the Green Giant I was told about.
Vs. Psylocke: That fortuneteller from Italy? No it couldn’t be…
Vs. Sentinel: So I’ll get to spar with a robot huh? Interesting…
Vs. Juggernaut: And I thought Balrog is a big brutish thug.

Vs. Ryu: I always did admire your fighting spirit Ryu, I truly do…
Vs. Ken, Guile, Sakura & Cammy: It’s good to spar with you again friend.
Vs. M. Bison: Rest in peace Father, for you have been avenged.
Vs. Charlie: Wow… it really is you…Its good to see you again Charlie.
Vs. Dan: This man is Sakura’s teacher?
Vs. Captain Commando: Queen of Fighting Games? What are you talking about?
Vs. Iron Man, Ice Man & Gambit: Oh trust me you don’t want to get caught by my legs. Vs. Captain America & War Machine: You’re no Guile & Charlie but you’re not bad.
Vs. Silver Samurai: Kenuichiro Harada of the Yashida Clan, you are under arrest!
Vs. Dr. Doom & Thanos: You weren’t planning on joining M. Bison right?
Vs. Spider-Man: I’m sorry sir but I need to confiscate your camera, police business.
Vs. Sentinel: Strange, one would think that a large robot like that would be more durable.

(Win Quote)
Vs. Ryu: You know Ryu we hardly spend any time outside of sparring matches, want to visit the Genhaten when we get back home?
Vs. Sakura: WHAT?! Sakura you got it all wrong, Ryu and I are just good friends honest!
Vs. Ken: Oh Ken you wouldn’t happen to be the reason why Sakura has the wrong idea about Ryu and I, right?
Vs. Guile: Guile, you know very well how I understand your desires for revenge but seriously you should spend some time with your family.
Vs, Cammy: Uh… Cammy don’t take this the wrong way but why are you wearing THAT particular outfit?
Vs. Ruby Heart: I understand that your not an evil pirate but are you sure having all of us here like this is really necessary?
Vs. Spider-Man: A Masked Vigilante and a Photojournalist? That’s a new one to me…
Vs. Shuma-Gorath: A freaky green Octopus is the Lord of Chaos? Okay, I so need a vacation after this.
Vs. Psylocke: Strange she looks like a Japanese Kunoichi yet she has an English Accent, perhaps I should ask Cammy about this…
Vs. Iron Man, Ice Man & Gambit: Should I’ve worn my old track suit? No I doubt it would’ve made all that much of a difference.
Vs. Colossus: I admit when I first saw you I wondered if you were a Wrestler like Zangief.
Vs. Thanos: You’re missing your incredibly powerful gauntlet? I should look into this; the last thing I want is someone like Bison getting his hands on it.