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[Monday, 16:59] [Carmen] SCHLOMO

[16:59] [Carmen] HEY HEY HEY HEY

[17:00] [Carmen] I JUST GOT OFF THE PLANE

[17:01] [schlomo bae] Hey!!!!

[17:01] [schlomo bae] Isn’t it 1 over there

[17:03] [Carmen] yep

[17:05] [Carmen] it’s also got the shittiest wifi i’ve ever seen like srsly

[17:05] [schlomo bae] You know where you’re staying, right?

[17:05] [schlomo bae] Don’t get lost

[17:06] [schlomo bae] LA’s a crazy place

[17:12] [Carmen] stayin at elliot’s place so he can keep an eye out for me

[17:12] [Carmen] he says la is crawlin w people who want a piece of someone like me


[17:13] [schlomo bae] He’s not wrong, for sure

[17:13] [schlomo bae] I got a recording, gtg, take care of yourself!!!!


[17:17] [Carmen] oh and good luck

[Thursday, 07:14] [Carmen] schlomo

[07:14] [Carmen] hey

[07:17] [schlomo bae] Carmen???

[07:17] [schlomo bae] Why are you awake it’s 3am there

[07:18] [Carmen] wouldve called but theres no signal here

[07:18] [Carmen] i miss you

[07:18] [Carmen] really

[07:19] [schlomo bae] I miss you too but

[07:19] [schlomo bae] Where on earth would you be to not have signal??

[07:22] [schlomo bae] Carmen?

[07:25] [schlomo bae] You okay?

[07:31] [Carmen] slr i fell asleep

[07:31] [Carmen] hows that deal with the company

[07:32] [schlomo bae] Not as important as how YOU’RE doing right now

[07:32] [schlomo bae] Are you sure you’re alright?? Where are you???

[07:33] [Carmen] im ok !

[07:34] [Carmen] but im really tired

[07:34] [Carmen] cant sleep

[07:35] [Carmen] im in a motel somewhere i htink

[07:35] [Carmen] think

[07:35] [schlomo bae] Motel??? Weren’t you staying with that Elliot person??

[07:36] [Carmen] change of plans

[07:37] [Carmen] but im doing fine

[07:37] [Carmen] if someone texts u w my number just ignore them ok

[07:38] [Carmen] u know how i type

[07:39] [Carmen] im sorry

[07:39] [schlomo bae] Carmen?

[07:39] [schlomo bae] Did you go to sleep?

[07:45] [schlomo bae] Good night, Carmen.

[Sunday, 03:49] [Carmen] who the fuck is this?

[03:50] [Carmen] wake up you fucker

[03:57] [schlomo bae] Sorry?

[03:57] [Carmen] who are you

[03:58] [Carmen] you this bitch’s bf or smth

[03:59] [schlomo bae] I think the better question right now is who are you

[03:59] [schlomo bae] And what are you doing with her phone at 12 midnight?

[04:00] [Carmen] guess what fucker

[04:00] [Carmen] your precious girlfriend’s lying next to me right now

Carmen missed a call from schlomo bae at 04:03

[04:03] [Carmen] couldnt handle it huh

[04:04] [Carmen] pretty much begged for me

[04:07] [Carmen] you sure are a damn fucking coward aren’t you? how are you even this bitch’s bf?

[04:15] [Carmen] would love to see the look on this slut’s face when she wakes up to read this

[04:16] [Carmen] and see how her bf didn’t even bother standing up for her

[13:46] [Carmen] SCHLOMO


[13:46] [Carmen] REPLY

[13:47] [Carmen] IM SORRY IM SO SORRY

[13:47] [Carmen] SCHLOMO

[13:48] [Carmen] pl ease

[13:49] [Carmen] i needed th e money

[13:50] [Carmen] sclhomo?

[13:53] [schlomo bae] Did he hurt you?

[13:53] [schlomo bae] You’re not hurt, right?

[13:57] [Carmen] schlomo

[13:57] [schlomo bae] It’s ok

[13:58] [schlomo bae] I just need to know if you’re fine

[13:58] [schlomo bae] If you’re not, I can get you some cash from my dad for a flight back here, alright?

[13:59] [schlomo bae] Carmen?

[14:05] [Carmen] im sorry

[14:06] [Carmen] you dont have to

[14:06] [Carmen] please dont ever reply to those sorts of texts again

[14:07] [schlomo bae] Are you alright?

[14:07] [schlomo bae] Just answer me that, okay? You’re not hurt?

[14:08] [Carmen] i’ll live

[14:08] [Carmen] i miss you

[14:08] [Carmen] so much

[14:09] [Carmen] hope you know htat

[14:10] [schlomo bae] Of course I know it

[14:10] [schlomo bae] I miss you too, you know? And I know I’m going to see you again soon

[14:11] [schlomo bae] So take care of yourself until then, okay?

[14:12] [Carmen] obviously

[14:13] [Carmen] until then, dont let yourself be seduced by mayb, you hear?

[14:13] [schlomo bae] If there’s anyone Mabel’s going to seduce, it’s probably Serena, but okay.

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[14:14] [schlomo bae] Stay safe, Car.

[14:15] [Carmen] stay taken, schlomo <3

[Tuesday, 09:32] [schlomo bae] Why didn’t you tell me?

[Thursday, 01:27] [schlomo bae] I could have helped you.

[01:27] [schlomo bae] You just had to ask

[01:28] [schlomo bae] Did you give up on yourself?

[01:29] [schlomo bae] I didn’t

[01:29] [schlomo bae] I waited for you

[01:30] [schlomo bae] I wish you could have told me yourself

[01:31] [schlomo bae] And I didn’t have to hear it from ms Sherman

[01:32] [schlomo bae] I wish it didn’t have to happen at all

[01:35] [schlomo bae] I could have hlped ypu

[01:35] [schlomo bae] helped you

[01:36] [schlomo bae] you dint have to leave

[01:39] [schlomo bae] why did you leave?

[Friday, 05:55] [schlomo bae] i love you

[05:58] [schlomo bae] i mean i guess i never told you because i was scared you didnt feel the same way but now i wish i couldve said this sooner because i just love you so much that it hurts to remember that youre not here anymore and you never will be because youre just

[05:58] [schlomo bae] gone

[05:59] [schlomo bae] and youre not coming back

[06:00] [schlomo bae] were you happy? for those first few days you were in la

[06:00] [schlomo bae] there are still so many things i wnat to ask you and talk to you about

[06:01] [schlomo bae] did that professional con artist treat you right at least?

[06:02] [schlomo bae] did you love me?

[06:02] [schlomo bae] i dont know

[06:02] [schlomo bae] i mean you dont have to have loved me

[06:02] [schlomo bae] but it would be nice to hear that we had a thing

[06:03] [schlomo bae] i love you, okay?

[06:03] [schlomo bae] take care of yourself in your next life, will you?

[Wednesday, 00:01] [Unknown Number] Happy birthday, Car

[00:03] [Carmen] sorry, who is this?

[00:04] [Unknown Number] Sorry

[00:04] [Unknown Number] A good friend of mine used to have your number, I think

[00:05] [Unknown Number] And it’s her birthday today

[00:05] [Unknown Number] Sorry to bother, I’ll leave you alone now

[00:06] [Carmen] it’s alright

[00:06] [Carmen] hbd to your friend

[00:06] [Unknown Number] Thanks

[00:07] [Unknown Number] I’ll tell her