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Dying Love

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Rea didn't zombify. His potion... didn't work. Things weren't supposed to happen like this.

After she had fell, Rea's father—Danichirou—had fled in a terror-stricken disgust and had left Chihiro and his own daughter behind.

Chihiro could see from where he was that her whole chest to her navel had been ripped open, her organs spilling out in a grotesque mess that was sure to nauseate anyone who saw the scene. But strangely, Chihiro didn't find it disgusting. He found it strangely endearing—exactly how the real Rea looked like. The manifestation of her very existence. The very many things that co-existed together to keep her body up and running. The smell of blood was putrid in the air, mixing in with the serene smell of hydrangeas that caused a bile-producing scent.

Rea's milky white skin was painted red in her own fluids, slowly browning as the blood dried and crusted on her lifeless body. This was the ultimate beauty he was looking for, what was missing from every movie, game, comic book, everything that was missing from the beauty of being a zombie—the quality of immobility.

The black haired boy could feel his cock twitch slightly in his pants. The sight of Rea was igniting unwonted feelings inside him. Lust was never his métier, and he definitely didn't fall victim to his high school hormonal changes. But... She'd always been one exception in life. After all, he had shown her—though not so willingly—his obsession with corpses.

Rea was the only one who wasn't repulsed. Who didn't turn away. The only accepting one other than his own sister, Mero. Since Rea was so accepting, she just had to be awarded, right? Besides, that's what they tought him in school in all fifteen years of his life.

Oh yes, Chihiro had a feeling both himself and her would enjoy his little treat.

 He thrusted roughly in her strangely warm hole, sloppy squelching noises resounded off the walls in the abandoned building, successfully adding to the exhilaration of his first fuck. His cock was taken in easily by her virgin hole. Even though Rea was dry on the inside, after awhile, Chihiro had coated his semen around her walls which sufficed as a substitute lube. God, even in death, she was still beautiful. Chihiro had often found himself wondering what her face would look like twisted in pleasure as he used her body to his pleasure. Rea's skin was cold but left a warm tint, reminding him of a life that once was. He could feel how flushed his face was, and how his breathing sped up with every movement.

Because of her kindness, Chihiro would make sure to award her for everything she's done for him tenfold. Even if it took a lifetime, he would pleasure her with his body, mind, and soul. 

He placed an open-mouthed kiss on her lips, which was stuck in a shocked expression with wide, opened eyes. He was sure that single move conveyed all his feelings for her.

This is what love felt like.