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FBI agent undercover

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Surreptitiously, she eyed the man in the long and, in her opinion very ugly, light-blue coat.
What was Shuichi doing here? He knew it was her turn to keep Vermouth under surveillance.

For a short moment, she let herself dwell on the feelings which Shuichi's presence inevitably caused her. Nevertheless, she was professional enough to not let it ruin her guise as crazy English teacher from America. After all, she was surrounded by quite a few people who weren't supposed to see through her disguise. Vermouth especially, but neither did she wish for Conan or his little friend, who was currently trying to hide in the row behind her, to find out anything substantial about her. Apart from that, it would be terribly embarrassing if Shuichi were to witness her botching up a mission.

The kidnappers' announcement interrupted her thoughts. Damn, if they didn't get out of this alive, the FBI would lose two agents at once. Granted, Vermouth would be finished as well in that case but they couldn't afford having Shuichi die – he was the only one who knew what the organisation was up to.



Cool Kid. Again. Well, Conan wasn't her favourite detective for nothing, no matter how much Shuichi mocked her for it.

They were at the police station at the moment, about to give their statements for the records.

While Vermouth was busy being questioned by the police agents, Jodie sought to catch Shuichi's glance. He stood up, and crossed the room. “As usual,” he muttered under his breath as he passed her, continuing his way to the toilets.

Jodie noticed Conan's curious stares, but since she was sure that he couldn't have heard Shuichi's comment she ignored him.