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in the mood for a brand new curse

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When AJ gets to the apothecary, it’s empty, even of a shopkeeper. Even the little bell that rings upon opening the door didn’t seem to get anybody’s attention. Still, that’s OK. AJ drifts towards a list of potion blends tacked to the wall; she needs to know exactly what she wants to create before starting the search for ingredients. Maybe she should have thought it through before coming here, but she’s bound to be inspired when she’s surrounded by magic and somewhere that isn’t her apartment.

There’s just so much, though, endless possibilities for humiliation and torture. Should she find different spells to fit the people who’ve done her wrong, or just decide that one fits all? There’s definitely one thing all her exes have in common: they’re all terrible.

She’s frowning in concentration over the list when there’s the sound of footsteps, and finally, AJ isn’t alone in the shop. The woman must be an employee, considering she came from the backroom. She must be new; AJ’s never seen her here before.

“Can I help you?” she asks, an eyebrow raised, scarlet-painted nails tapping out a rhythm on the counter.

“I’m looking for a curse,” AJ tells her. “It’s for my asshole exes. Do you have any recommendations?”

“Oh, hon,” the woman says, and she’s smiling now, wide, wicked. Her lipstick matches her nails, and normally, AJ wouldn’t notice something as trivial as makeup, but suddenly, she wants that red smudged all over her skin. “I’m full of ‘em.”