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House of Sans

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He leaned against a tree watching you from the shadows. His mostly black form doing wonders to hide him for your view, he chuckled, well if he was even truly in this dimension for you to able to see him anyway. His red sockets kept their yellow irises and blue pupils, with his right being the only socket to have the blue and the left remaining yellow, locked on to you like a predator would lock on to its prey.

You were a perfect little anomaly in his glitch eyes, he couldn't help the pull he felt towards you more than any other Sans could, perhaps even less so considering most of his time is spent in what is essentially a sensory deprivation tank. So the feeling of your SOUL gently tugging at his was almost agonizingly painful.

He'd never been to this timeline before, the one were Alphys’ plan went off without a hitch, you didn't  die before the monsters got out, you didn't die in some anti-monster raid as a bigots victim, you didn't kill yourself, there were a lot of versions of this timeline that didn't end well for you. He shrugged he supposed that's why he came, because this timeline was lasting so much longer without issues and because there were so many filthy glitches within the same space.

He chuckled darkly it was his job to clean up the multiverses after all, so why complain if they decided to make it easier by combining? Still he wanted to keep you all to himself, glitch or no you were special. He could keep you in his void, wrap his threads around your SOUL and keep you as his very special little doll.

The that made him blush slightly but he focused on the issue at hand. He wanted to get rid of all his inferior copies, but he couldn't risk being found out by Ink, otherwise the little cretin would come and protect this timeline, and more importantly, you.

That left him with the option of worming his way inside the timeline slowly, perhaps using you as some sort of in between. He could bide his time and grow strong enough to defeat his nemesis while simultaneously keeping a socket on you and perhaps gaining your favor along the way. Yes the plan was much better than running in blasters blazing, not that he didn't think he could take the Sans's that were in this timeline, it was just easier to wait and watch, strategize before the attack.

He turned to leave, opening up a portal to his void which was completely de void of all life and color it was just blinding white as far as the eye could see. He stopped and turned to glance back at you one last time but froze up momentarily as he saw you looking at him.

His mind was racing as he stepped through the portal as it closed, you couldn't have seen him, he technically wasn’t even there at that moment in time yet he had been so sure you were looking at him. He shivered but shrugged it off as a weird coincidence, perhaps you'd glanced that direction? If you hadn't it certainly opened up a whole new layer of mystery about you that he couldn't wait to unravel.

He chuckled as he settled himself down conjuring up a sofa and his trusty interdimensional television. He'd have to watch you closely from now on, wouldn't want you getting spooked. “GUesS this mAkeS Me yOuR PhaNtoM,” the glitchy skeleton says with a dark chuckle.



You shiver as you try and take stock of what you thought you just saw, well either you saw it or you had some spooky ass demons. The creature was black with red eye sockets and nasal cavity, his smile was yellow, his left eye had a yellow ring surrounding blue and in the very center was a small pinprick black pupil, his right eye held a single yellow pupil, and his strings gave him the constant appearance crying as they streaked blue down his cheekbones. You use him only because the body was so much like a Sans who all have so far been male.


You shivered remembering him looking into your eyes as if he were looking into your very SOUL. The being was a hooded figure with streaks of blue coming from its eyes, its hands in the pockets of its black shorts that had thick cerulean stripes down the sides, its yellow teeth drawn in an unnaturally wide smile as it stared at you, its legs skeletal and red below the shorts, and finally his shoes which were actually black slippers like one would wear around the house. The hood was black though it appeared to be wearing something red underneath. His skeletal palms were black up to the knuckle where they turned red and stayed red until the second knuckle where they turned yellow up to the tips, it almost looked like he was wearing gloves.


Skullface held you close to him and you felt a calmness radiating from within his chest. “wha's wrong doll?” He asked eyes filled with concern.


You shrug it off and decide it's best to keep what you just say a secret for now. “I-It's nothing, just a fucking squirrel scared me,” you respond with a giggle.


Skullface doesn't  look to convinced but doesn't  seem to want to pry. “a'ight better get ya home then before ya get terrified by a deer,” he teases wrapping an arm around your waist. “would ya like to take our discussion back to my bedroom?”


You feel your face flush with heat but feel your phone vibrating violently you sigh and pull it out to see Alphys calling. “Sorry looks like we'll have to reschedule our little date,” you tease batting your eyelashes at him as you answer the call. “This is Y/N- HEY!”


Skullface had wiped the phone out of your grasp and turned it off. He seemed very annoyed and you were almost worried he'd chuck your phone against a tree. You could make out a bit of Alphys before he canceled the call though. She was saying your name and sounded like she was trying to warn you. “D-Don't…. Heat!” Is all you heard before your employer was cut off.


You were confused, don't do what and what did she mean by heat, like what the bitties got? Before you could question it any further Skullface loomed over you and you could feel a wave of heat radiating from his bones. Was this what Alphys was warning you about? As you breathe his scent clouded your mind, had he always smelled so good?


“i need ya doll, i need ya so bad. i've wanted ta get ya alone wit me since tha night i watched ya sing and dance. yer so beautiful,” he tells you honestly eyes hearts and voice filled with want causing you to feel hot.


Skullface holds the back of your head and greedily kisses you eliciting a moan from you and allowing him to slip his tongue in to intertwine itself with yours. His taste was potent now like an alcoholic chocolate with just a hint of cigar smoke, and it intoxicated you.You shivered beneath him and he chuckled at your response before gently pulling your tongue into his mouth and sucking on it.


You bite back a whine as he pulls back the only remnant of your passionate moment being a thread of red saliva between you that broke quickly. “yer so perfect fer me, my little angel,” he praises as he puts his left hand under your shirt and drags his phalanges gently across your stomach. “i wanna make ya mine. wanna hear ya scream my name as i give ya all of me.”


You weren't  sure why you weren't pulling back or fighting against this. It wasn't unpleasant and yeah you had been thinking about doing this with one of your bony wards, but was this really how you wanted it to go down? In a forest where anyone could stumble across you?


Just as he begins to lift your sweater over your head you hear magic fuzzing from behind him and see Blue appear out of thin air his eye lights gone and grimacing. “is that anyway to treat a lady skullface? or can you not control yourself right now? for your sake i hope it's the latter,” Blue growled using his magic to pull you from the others grasp. “you alright sugar?”


You nod head beginning to clear as you breathed in Blue's scent which was a lot more mellow and per his usual. “hey cockblocker the dame was doin’  jus fine until ya came along and ruined the party,” Skullface retorted. “she had no objections.”


Blue huffed and rolled his eye lights. “yeah? and i'm sure you did a thorough job explaining why you were being so forward and why if you two did do anything, she needed to see Alphys first?”


Skullface paused and flushed before taking a step back embarrassed but also desperately needing to get some distance between him and you. “i'm sorry blue, i wasn't supposed to be due for a few months and when it started and she was there….” he trailed off looking to the ground.


Blue sighed and nodded his head, he couldn't blame the guy. “look i know it was sudden, alphys didn't believe it at first when your SOUL monitor went off but that doesn't mean you can just do whatever you feel like. you could've put the project at risk if i hadn't been able to find you in time,” Blue responded.


Wait how could he have put the project at risk? And why was Blue being so cryptic about what was going on. You were still so confused as Blue turned to you and smiled softly. “let's get you to alphys so she can explain to you exactly what just happened, and so skullface can have a little time away from you,” Blue added


You just nod wanting to understand everything that'd just occurred as soon as possible. Blue smiles and holds you close and you recognize the feeling of the room spinning. Could they all do this, You wonder as you see your new surroundings come to fruition. You were now in a pristine lab with shelves of documents, tables littered with trays, beakers, vials, filled containers, and such, as well as a machine that reminded you of the one from stargate.


“O-Oh Y/N I w-was beginning to worry Sa-er I mean Blue, wouldn't find you before w-w-well um, things got out of c-control,” the yellow lizard woman said smiling and wringing her hands nervously.


“What do you mean Alphys?” You ask tilting your head to the side confusedly.


“she means she was afraid he'd bone you before i got there,” Blue said bluntly with a wide grin.


Your eyes widen and Alphys makes an ungodly sound similar to a dying animal as she turns from yellow to red. So Skullface would've straight up fucked you if Blue hadn't come along….. Is it bad that a part of you wished he hadn't ‘saved’ you now?


Alphys calms down enough to explain to you that your interaction with Skullface in the forest somehow triggered an early heat. Before you could ask what their version of a heat was Science stepped out from behind one of the shelves startling you. How long had he been here? He was a sneaky motherfucker you'll give him that.


He sat his notes down on the desk and straightened his lab coat before coming over next to you. “A heat is-” “Let me take a guess, a heat is a period of time were your sex drive goes up and the want for sex becomes the need to mate. There are two types of heat that vary in frequency depending on the Sans, those being dominant and subordinate, and I'm willing to bet some of you only have a certain on,” you begin. “And from what I just experienced I'm going to hazard a guess that your partner of choice is also affected by your heat which probably gives off some type of pheromone to heighten senses.”


You see Science blush and you resist the urge to giggle. “Yes, that was pretty much the gist of it, but how did you know?” Science asks curiously.


“The bitties gave me some information the rest I just gathered first hand,” you admit.


“Ah yes, the bitties, I read your note before coming over to the lab, they seem to be a rather strange group and I'd like to talk with one to find out more about their species,” Science responds eyes brightening at the thought of unknown knowledge to be discovered.


“I'd suggest talking to Poppy for that, but back to the matter at hand how did I set off a premature heat?” You ask looking between him and Alphys.


All three remained quiet and you were kind of off-put by it. You didn't want to be triggering heats left and right if you could help it but their faces let you know they knew about as much as you. “all we can figure is you must've had some really special moment with ‘im. something so unique and filled with care for the other that it triggered something in his SOUL,” Blue response finally.


“To put it simply, whatever happened in the forest had enough meaning behind it and was so special, at least to him, that it triggered his desire to have you as his mate,” Science said.


“B-but he could've g-gotten you pregnant, w-which would've affected the study and caused an outcry a-amongst the populace. Y-you would've been the first t-to have a hybrid baby…. Y-you're a-already the first-” Alphys was about to say something but glares from both Science and Blue stopped her. “Y-You're important.”


You want to question how you were important and why Science and Blue had made Alphys keep quiet but shrug it off. “So I take it you've made a contraceptive or a device to put in my hoo-ha so I want get pregnant right?” You ask and Alphys nods before rummaging around on a desk.


She finds a needle and a bottle of liquid, of course it had to be a fucking shot. “This'll prevent SOUL magic from sticking to you. It won't prevent marks or bonds as those are pre-determined and appear when you meet your SOULmate but it will prevent the two SOULs from forming any offspring. It isn't permanent and must be injected once a month or the effects will wear off. B-but it can cause weird dreams, night terrors, and in extreme c-cases hallucinations, if that happens contact me immediately and I'll f-fix it,” Alphys says as clear as she could manage only stumbling over some of the last bit. “Are you r-ready?”


Already? Fuck you grit your teeth and start to pull up your sleeve only to have Science stop you. “No Y/N, with the nature of this injection it has to go directly into your SOUL,” he says calmly looking you in the eyes. “ We'll have to pull out your SOUL for a few moments and I won't lie, it will be painful, but the alternative is causing a possible second monster-human war should you get pregnant while the laws are still being made and monsters are still being integrated into all parts of society. We face enough resistance as it is and I know you are the last person who would want to make things difficult, but if you aren't ready for this or don't trust us with the very culmination of your being, then feel free to refuse.”


Science's words were straightforward but not lacking in sympathy, you had only known them for a very short time and yet in order to prevent some possible major catastrophe you would have to trust them enough with the most intimate part of your being. He didn't pity your choice and would allow you to take as long as necessary to ensure your relevant comfort. After a few minutes of silence you ask, “How painful will it be, how long will it take, and can you and Blue hold my hands?”


Science smiled you really did care a lot about them. “It will be about as painful as a knife to the heart, though not deadly, it will be a few seconds and it will almost immediately stop hurting once your SOUL is back in your chest, and as for me holding your hand of course I will,” he replied softly.


Blue nodded the affirmative as well and you sigh . “Okay I'm  ready but hold my hand before you do anything and tell me what you're about to do before you do it,” you concede holding out your hands.


“alright,” Blue said grappling your hand gently rubbing his thumb over it and wincing a bit as you grab him back hard and clearly scared but determined. “i'm going to take out your SOUL. you'll feel a pull at your chest but don't fight it okay sweety?”


You feel Science grab your other hand shakily as if afraid to touch you and you nod your head and brace yourself. You feel the tug at your chest and you let it happen without a fuss instead choosing to focus on the hands holding yours now. When your SOUL comes out you look to see the two Sans staring at it with awe and wonder. You couldn't help but blush.


Science had seen plenty of SOULs before but never one so vibrant and filled with color. It was laced with red, blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, cyan, and even orange. The colors where all constantly moving and swirling around one another as if they couldn't decide which should be more prominent. It was a truly magnificent sight. “N-Now I'm  going to insert a-and inject the solution,” Alphys said her hands steady and even unlike her voice.


Blue could describe your SOUL as a rainbow kaleidoscope but he would settle for just calling it what it really was perfect. He held your hand tighter as Alphys began to get closer. You had no time to brace yourself as the pain was immediate and constant. It was the worst pain you'd ever felt in your entire life and Alphys said you had to do this monthly!?


Your voice was nothing more than hiccups and sobs as you tried to keep from full on bursting into tears and crying like a baby. You barely felt the two skeletons beside you rubbing your hands and whispering gentle praises into your ears.


Science wasn't normally one for romantic or theatrics yet when you where in pain before him he couldn't  help but smile softly and lean close to whisper words of encouragement and praising you for how brave you were being. It was true he wasn't sure he'd have the same courage to let people he'd only just begun to really know stick his SOUL with a needle, but you did it for the project, for Alphys, and for him.


Blue couldn't stand seeing you so hurt but he knew this was for the good of everyone, still a part of him wanted to say fuck everyone, all that mattered to him was you, You had no idea how many times he'd fallen for you and how it hurt to do the same song and dance all over again only to have you die in some way he couldn't plan for or prevent. This project meant more people he could really trust to watch your back but it also meant sharing you with every other Sans you came across. It hurt seeing you with Skullface, but he had no one to blame but himself for being so distant towards you.


When it was over the pain stopped immediately and you gasped as your SOUL was returned to your chest. You grabbed the nearest skeleton for comfort as you cried unable to process what you just went through.