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Imaginary Oracion Seis

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Prologue: Oracion Seis Conference

Meltia: Thanks for gathering everyone
DIos: We will now begin the conference
Vita: Looks like this will be fun
Crow: Sure, but we needn't be here right as this conference only calls the members of the "Oracion Seis"
Vita: Don't mind the details
Legretta : So, for what purpose are we being gathered here?
Reina : Well, it must be an important meeting ,isn't it? Otherwise, I have better things to do
Renne: Your important thing is flirting with men ,isn't it? Renne doesn't think that is an important thing. Rather than that trivial thing, Renne's tea party is more important as well as attractive
Reina: I see you are too young to understand the meaning of flirting, let this big sis teach you step by step
Vita: Let me join that, I will show you how to catch a man's heart
Crow: Hey. don't teach little kids strange things !
Renne: Renne is not little kid, at least Renne is more mature than bandana loser Crow?
Crow: Who do you call a loser?
Vita: Don't lose your temper, Crow. It is obviously just a joke!
Crow: Of course I know it , hahaha
Bonaparte: I see, the meeting here is about how to flirt with males,pyon?
Dios & Meltia : Of course it is not!
Dios : Besides, there are men here, how does a male flirt with another male?
Fazz & Serdic: Oh, so it is not about that topic after all
Dios: Wait, I can comprehend that this rabbit misunderstanding things, but you two too? You are guys, right?
Bonaparte: I am not rabbit, pyon
Serdic: I think it is not so abnormal since there are a lot of guys coming asking me to go dating with them
Fazz: I am often being praised by how good-looking I am by both genders
Bonaparte: Don't ignore me ,pyon. I am not rabbit,pyon
DIos: You two sound like you are bragging , but I wonder perhaps those people misintepreted your gender?
Meltia: Enough of the chitchatting , lets enter the main topic
Bonaparte: Wait, before that let me emphasize once more I am not a rabbit pyon
Renne: Of course we know that, right everyone (evil grin), just Bonaparte is so cute that Bonaprte looks like a rabbit
All except Bonaparte: Yeah, of course! (evil grins)
Bonaparte: So, it was a joke,pyon. Now, I am releived ,pyon.
All except Bonaparte: (Why would a non-rabbit add a pyon in each sentece? This creature certainly is a rabbit)
Meltia: Okay, let's begin the main topic (If they continue that topic, I wonder if I could hold any longer)
Dios: First, we will begin with checking attendance.
Reina: Is there really a need to do this? We all know that all members of Oracion Seis are present here
Dios: Well. This is just done for formality, please cooperate!
Reina: Oh, I see. But there are outsiders here as well. though.
Vita: Whoa, how sad! Being called an outsider by Reina is such a sad thing
Crow: It is a sad thing, indeed.
Serdic: Since you are not members of Oracios seis, I think there is nothing wrong being called an outsider
Legretta: True
Vita: Serdic and Legretta, you too? Big sis Vita's sadness has amplified !
Crow: How cruel of you to exclude us just because we are not members of Oracion Seis
Fazz: How unnatural way to express sadness! Personally I don't mind they being here but isn't this gathering only calls Oracion Seis members? Is it really okay fotr them to listen?
Meltia: I understand your concerns but this topic we will discuss may require their assistance therefore I hope or your understanding
Reina: Well, if you say so
Serdic: I am actually okay with them being here either, just that I am worried this may disrupt the formalities!
Dios: Please don't worry, it is okay
Renne: This is why Renne hates formal gatherings, so many rules, Renne's tea party is definitely more ertertaining than this
Legretta: But, for maintaining our images in front of the citizens, we need to do this
Renne: Renne knows it , we need to just finish this quickly , right? After this has finished, Renne will invite you all to Renne's tea party
Bonaparte: I am also tired of this stiffness, pyon! Let's qucikly begin the conference pyon
Meltia: Okay, Dios!
Dios: I know that, Meltia!
Dios: First, Legretta the Quick
Legretta: Yeah
Dios: Next, Reina the Silver Beauty
Reina: Here
Dios: Next,Bonaparte The rabbit
Bonaparte: I am not rabbit,pyon
Dios: It is just a nickname, idiot!
Bonaparte: Oh, but Bonaparte is also not an idiot,pyon
Dios: Okay, Okay, Serdic the prince of dusk
Serdic: Present
Dios: Two more person to go, Fazz the prism mercenary
Fazz: Fazz responding
Dios: Last, Renne the angel of annihiliation
Renne: Renne here
Vita & Crow:Hey, how about us?
Meltia: You two are not part of Oracion Seis members, so there is no need for you to be called, but we are grateful that you offer your assistacnce to us
Vita: Oh,fine then why don't you begin the conference?
Dios: Yes, for now we will be talking about.....

To be continued: