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Roller coaster -rides in the land of fluff, first meetings and romance (see summary)

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So first of all,


Check out these new fanfic authors


***My little sister Anna_Aurora***

Anna is currently writing a fic called The Devil (i was told that it was inspired by a movie What we do in the shadows, so the style of this fic is kind of... reality... documentary...) It is a funny concept! Check it out!
She is also interested in Supernatural, LOTR/Hobbit, Marvel movies... and cats. So perhaps there will be stories about those fandoms someday.


***And my friend Padawan_Writer***

Padawan_Writer is currently writing Star Wars -fanfics, if you like Star Wars --> check them out!
She is also interested in LOTR/Hobbit, books... reading in general... we'll see what the future will bring! Actually I was just informed that she is planning to write about LOTR too... (I sense plots cooking, so keep your eyes peeled for that), and perhaps some Sherlock -stuff as well.
Apparently Reylo is full on awesomeness, so especially Reylo -fans --> attention!

A link to her first Thranduil / Reader / Smaug -story, it is very good :D i liked it a lot!




Now, what's going on with me.
I am currently working full-time and therefore have a limited time for writing. This is why I have been focusing on my "passion project" called When The Paths Cross. Kind of targeting the limited time+energy resources towards the story that is the closest to my heart. I hope you understand.
It is a story about Ylenia, a witch from the Northern realm of Forochel who one day saves Legolas and this act of kindness changes her life entirely. The story is full of twists and turns, drama and angst, smut and fluff... danger and close calls :P
Today, on 26th of September year awesome 2020 (meh), when im writing this, there are 28 chapters already written and more still to come.

I would be honored if you, in case you like Thranduil and drama+magic+angst+fluff, checked the story out. No pressure :)
Link to the first chapter:

I'll try to get back to reader-insert -oneshots as soon as possible since there are so many unfinished stories here too... and I have more ideas for new stories. I should just finish something before starting anything new... but the thing is that I get tired with a plot quite easily and then move to next one... something I should work on = stamina. Oh yeah, and attention; I have decided not to write about real persons anymore. I'll try to finish the stories that are unfinished (at some point) but I will not start any new ones, sorry. It just feels very... intrusive, you know, to write about real people... so only fictional characters from now on. However currently I am focusing on the OFC-story (When the paths cross) because it is a LOOOOONG one and if I'm ever going to get it finished... I must take advantage of this sudden burst of inspiration. Yeah, there even was a year-long break in that story... so im really trying to push it. Feel free to check it out ^^


Yeah and as always, feel free to leave kudos, subscribe, comment... I always reply the comments I get and I love interaction plus chats about anything basically.


Have a great weekend!

Lots of love

- Venla :)