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In this World...

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Sans stared down the golden hallway as he appeared before the human - no, more like a beast, or some unfeeling creature - coated in dust. If he looked into their SOUL, he could see how powerful they had become in their spree.


LV 19


To be honest, he truly had no idea how powerful they really were, or how much force they could put into their swing. It really wasn't his thing, and to be honest, he couldn't care any less about it. What really mattered was that they needed to be stopped, and he was last bit of hope left who could stop them.


'or at least stall them,' he added as an afterthought.


The little twerp, he observed, looked like they had been through this song and dance before plenty of times. "ready?"


Surprisingly, they looked like they might enjoy this. Freak.


The two of them entered into a fight, Sans spoke his lines, the pest avoided his attacks... the same old dance.




*The 'human' takes out a baggy and empties it's contents on the floor.

*It was full of...

*Tiny plastic toy building bricks?


Sans looked down at the floor before looking back at the little turd, giving a shit-eating grin. 'heh.'


"mind telling me what that was about?"


The little snot said nothing before brushing their foot on the floor, causing the little bricks to spread out. Then they looked up at Sans and tried to take a swipe at him.


Key word being tried.


Sans jumped back from his opponent's attack before-


Feeling the most painful and intense stabbing sensation in his foot.


And then falling onto the floor and feeling some more stabbing sensations.


And then he heard someone laughing.


It was coming from that little brat. "AHAHAHAHA! Oh my god! I can't believe that actually WORKED!" 


Sans wasn't sure what the were saying before he looked at the ground.


Whatever wasn't the floor or his own dust was the little toy bricks.




'Well then.'


The last thing he heard as he died was the little fucker laughing at his death, with him sheepishly laughing along.