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In this World...

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"heh, hey kid, uh, you can reset now."


Those last words rang through Frisk's head as they continued down the Judgement Hall, remembering why and how they got there. They hadn't been expecting what happened - who could have - but now Frisk was determined not to let it happen again.


Half-way down the hall, Frisk stopped, knowing- remembering- what was to happen now. They let themselves blink, before opening their eyes to see Sans. He stood in the middle of the hall, half-covered in golden light, half-coated in shadow.


"So, you've made it." He starts off, in a voice more intimidating than he usually uses. It's somewhat deeper and it has more tone. 'This isn't why I reset, though,' Frisk thinks to themselves.


Sans, however, sees the look of discomfort and stops himself. This is a good run, no one's died, they'll get their happy ending... right? "something up, kiddo?" He asks, making the human jump by a bit. "you look like you've seen a ghost."


The fact that Frisk won't look the skeleton in the eyes is not missed by either of them.


"what happened, kiddo?" The concern in his words isn't missed either. "why'd ya reset, huh?"


Frisk took a moment to think about what they would say. Would they lie?


No. No they wouldn't. They had to tell the truth, so that it wouldn't happen again.


"You died, Sans."


It took Sans a moment to register this. It shouldn't have, though - he was a rather physically weak monster- but it still shocked him.


"... how?" he asked in a somewhat whisper.


Frisk looked Sans in the eyes, a serious expression layered on their face. They breathed in and out before answering.


"You stepped on a piece of lego."








Sans couldn't quite register this. "what?"


"We went to Legoland and you stepped on a loose lego brick, then you died. It was really sad. Papyrus was there, and he cried a lot. You even gave me permission to reset."


Sans blinked once. Twice. "i stepped on a toy and i died."


Frisk shrugged. "To be fair, you stepped on the really sharp corner part."


Still not knowing how to respond, Sans shook his head and gave a small chuckle. "heh, at least we get out of here, yeah? we just need to not do that again."


Frisk nodded. "You just need to keep an eye out more often."


"nah, I'm too lazy for that."