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Spells and Wishes

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Loki didn't understand it.

How Princess Nakaba was able to look past Caesar's family and actions. The man treated her terribly, like a slave, yet she still managed to care for him.

She was too kind for her own good. One of these days he knew it was going to come back at her and she would be betrayed.

Yet... He couldn't be angry.

Whenever her smile was directed at him he felt flutters in his chest. He knew what they were and how bad they could be, but there was something about her that just drew him in.

Each time Nakaba and Caesar were together and acting like the married couple they were, a part of his heart was ripped away.

Loki knew his feelings would never be returned, yet he couldn't help them.

Princess Nakaba was special to him. And while he may hate Prince Caesar, if his death would cause Nakaba sadness, he couldn't end his life.

Even if he knew Caesar was no good and was going to use Nakaba for his own selfish reasons, he couldn't destroy him. Not while he had the Princess under his spell.

After all, he didn't want to cause pain to the one he loved.