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Dark Angels

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Michael’s POV
I sat on the couch opposite to Luke on the couch, him frowning at me. He'd seem cuts on my ankles, nothing more, and I was glad of it. And now, nearly an hour later, we were sitting on the couch, not speaking, Luke not looking at me, and me looking at nothing but him. “Why’d you do it Mike?” Luke whispered, still not meeting my eyes.
“Why wouldn’t I?” Luke shot to his feet and a string of curse words escaped his mouth.
“Fucking hell Mike! It’s not a fucking riddle? I’m not asking you to just off a cliff, I’m asking for an explanation” Luke shouted.
“Maybe I should jump off a cliff next time” I muttered. “Why does it matter to you anyway Luke?” Luke turned away from me, a small groan making his body shudder. “Luke?”
“Shut up Michael.”
“I said shut the fuck up!”
“Luke!” I shouted.
“I like you Mike” Luke whispered as he plonked himself back on the couch.
“Yeah. So?”
“No, I mean, I like you.” I grabbed Luke by the wrists.
“You like me?” I whispered. Luke gave a curt nod and I pulled his face into mine and kissed him passionately before pulling him down the hall, tugging at his arms, trying to get him to walk faster. As soon as we reached the bedroom Luke pulled my shirt over my head and through it into the corner before we began struggling with each other’s pants. As my pants dropped Luke shoved me toward the bed and pulled a condom from his back pocket and pushed his pants the rest of the way down. The boner that Luke’s jeans had been concealing made shivers run through my body and Luke reached out and tugged my boxers off [A/N Cus ripping them off would be totally unrealistic!] before tending to his own and ripping open the condom packet rigorously and slipping the condom on.
“Do you have… um… lube?” Luke whispered, his voice lowering and becoming husky, and so damn sexy, at the end.
“No, f-fuck Luke, I need you” I moaned “now!”
“But Mike, I need to…” I knew what he was gonna say. He wanted to prep me. But I couldn’t wait.
“No, fuck, I said no!” I screamed. Luke raised me up placed himself at my entrance. And with a slam, I felt myself wanting to faint, my eyes quickly seeing stars at the pain that would soon be took away with my pleasure. “F-fuck Mike you’re so fucking tight” Luke moaned. Luke thrust his hips mercilessly up into my hole, eyes tight shut, enjoying himself. He was completely oblivious to me as I tried to match his thrusts but my loss of energy was making them sloppy. Beads of sweat formed on both our foreheads, with both of us beginning to reach our high. Luke’s hands went to find my cock, stroking up and down a couple times before they once returned to their previous spot on my hips. “Michael, say my name” he whispered in my ear as he scrapped his fingernails along my sides.
“L-Luke” I panted as I cried, in complete shock and disgust at the betrayal of my body, but one moan of mine had thrown Luke completely over the edge, making him come deep inside of me. My body shuddered at the feeling of the warm liquid filling me up. I cried silently as Luke lay down on top of me. I wanted someone to comfort me, and Luke was the only one.
“I’m sorry” I heard Luke groan before his lips meet with my neck.