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Triple Dukes!

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Friday night, Ray was finally home and thanking god for a free weekend. It was his first weekend since he had his new legs. "God bless Kreiger and his strange but efficient ideas." At least now he didn't have to pay for anymore therapist and add more medical expenses to his already huge debt. He should make ISIS pay it, after all it was their fault. Sometimes Ray felt like he should just quit that place and sue them for all the shit that happened. But the payment was good, at least when he was a field agent, which he could go back on being. Maybe with his next field mission bonus he would import some new kimonos. And a well deserved vacation in Europe.
For now he would just enjoy a bath home. A nice and hot bath like he hadn't had in months. And then a nice night watching movies and drinking wine on his couch. Mostly because he still wasn't used to his new legs and he didn't think of a good excuse to give the people he knew, the first time it brought enough questions for a lifetime. He also had to test something before going out.
So there he was enjoying his friday night watching a nice Paul Newman movie with a cup of old wine and his cat on his lap when the bell rang.
Ray was begging not to be any of his co-worker to call him back to the office because of some stupid mission Malory received. He would tolerate a stupid ex-boyfriend it that meant it wasn't a co-worker. He would even tolerate is redneck brother, and his annoying wife.
“Please be Lana, please be Lana” Ray repeated to himself in hopes that will would change the outcome...
It was Archer, which was the worst scenario possible...Of course it had to be, who else would ruin his perfect Friday night, the same way he ruined everything on his life.

“What are you doing here?” asked Ray, after opening the door
“I don't know Ray, maybe fulfilling the promise I made”
“What promise?” asked confused Ray and Archer raised a eyebrow, then it hit him

Ray had totally forgot about that stupid blowjob promise Archer made. It was more a case of not believing Archer would made it, that and the fact that the promises was made long time ago. Not that he hated the idea, it that would backfire, sooner or later, but the idea of Archer, the Sterling-manslut-Archer sucking his dick was just too much to say no. Ray just really had to drink to be able to handle that, a lot.

"Come in.” He didn't want his neighbors to see Archer or listening to them having that discussion. "And be careful with Harvey?"
"Who is that, your gay boyfriend?"
"No asshole, my cat Harvey. Like I would let you come in if I had a boyfriend here"

Ray lead Archer to the living room and went to the kitchen to bring some wine. He would be really needing it and Archer could use a drink too.
Ray needed to re-evaluate the whole situation. Right now he had Sterling Archer in his living room, maybe playing with his cat, and babbling about a stupid blowjob promise he made more than a year ago.
On one hand, he hadn't been with anyone in a long time. the last time he got laid, he still could use his normal real legs, which was almost a 7 months ago. It was a on and off relationship with E.z. Ponder that could never be more than a casual fling since Ponder was married. Stupid asshole. Ray was never a fling for closet cases and Ponder wouldn't be the exception. It lasted a good half year with Ray always going to his hometown under the excuse of visiting his brother Randy on prison. Then because of stupid Archer he was again paralyzed and pretty damn ashamed of going out and finding someone. And he thought it was useless since he couldn't feel anything from the waist down.
Now, he has some new legs but is still gathering the courage to go out and have some fun. The problem was, he was too self-conscious of those new bionic legs. Maybe Archer would be the perfect person to test drive all the sex stuff he now could go back to doing.
On the other hand that was Archer, the same Archer who was always making his life a living hell and whose mother loved to make petty homophobic remarks. If only she imagined what her little precious Sterling was about to do.
But on a third hand the all situation was wrong and he would have to live with the knowledge that Sterling Archer sucked his dick because of a bet. It was just wrong, not a i-molested-a-blacked-out-Cyrill-in-a-bathroom-wrong but wrong.

Solution: he would have a drink with Archer finishing his movie, if possible, have a talk and see where the night gets him. That way he wouldn't feel guilty about anything.
Picking a bunch of bottles and another glass for Archer. Who was in his living room playing with his cat. Who wanted to give him a blowjob. Great.