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All The Things You Are

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Therese lay with her back turned to Carol. She could feel Carol tracing constellations on her back, joining the freckles that adorned her back with her finger then lightly placing a kiss upon them.

God knows how many hours they were into January 1st, how many hours they had lost in one another. Therese still didn’t understand how a woman like Carol could feel something for her. She wanted it and she wished for it ever since their eyes met in Frakenberg’s and she got it, she isn’t used to things going her way. From her father to Richard, from the boarding school to her job, her life seemed like a heap of lingering disappointments but somehow someway, it changed. In quite literally a blink of an eye, her life got turned around and she fell in love. She fell in love with the same woman who now peppered her back with kisses, making her way up to her shoulder and to her sensitive ears. Therese let out a giggle as Carol brushed over the part of her ear that tickled just by wind hitting it.

“Oh. I didn’t mean to wake you. Go back to sleep.”

“It’s alright. I was awake anyway.” Therese leaned into Carol’s front and pulled the hand that lay on her waist closer around her.

“What are you thinking?” Carol whispered softly into Therese’s ear.

“I am thinking about how I’ve never.. had..this before” Therese tried hard to find the right words. When Carol remained silent she continued. “I mean I’ve never felt so..” loved, Therese chocked back the word.

Therese felt Carol tug at her shoulder to tell her to turn around. Now, they lay with their faces inches apart. Therese could feel the blush on her cheeks and tried to hide it by focusing on her finger that traced Carol’s ribs.

“I’ll be honest with you darling i’ve never had sex before without craving a cigarette right after it” Carol quipped. Therese felt some of her nervousness melt away and she broke a smile.

She finally looked up to face Carol. Her grey eyes looked so calm, like a pool of water with a single ripple going through it. These eyes spoke of nothing but adoration and honesty. Carol’s hand came up to Therese’s jaw and she leaned into the touch. Carol ran her thumb along Therese’s bottom lip, her eyes following the plane that her thumb traced.

“I guess one craving gets replaced by the other” Then Carol kissed her for what felt like the millionth time tonight and Therese felt fireworks go off in her stomach like a million new years.