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the dog days

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It was another beautiful sunny day, outside. Ichimatsu laid on the shared futon alone, staring at the ceiling – seeing shapes that weren’t really there. Everyone else had left for the day already, exclaiming about how nice the warm weather felt.

Todomatsu complained about having to spend the day at the café; Jyuushimatsu chanted his usual “MUSCLE MUSCLE, HUSTLE HUSTLE!” as he ran outside to do whatever he does; Choromatsu talked about going for some job interviews, but Ichimatsu saw those outside concert tickets for some idol; Karamatsu kept up his spiel of finding Karamatsu girls now that they would be out and about wearing skirts; Osomatsu admitted he’d be spending the day inside of a pachinko center.

Sighing, Ichimatsu turned over, scratching his stomach. It would probably be a good day to go out, the first warm day of spring. Cats would love this, probably lazing about his favourite hang out places. He could go feed them. He could. He liked doing it. But…with another sigh, Ichimatsu let his eyes close. But it was so much nicer just laying here, feeling like the universe was swallowing him whole.

“Ah,” he sighed out loud this time, turning to his other side. Ichimatsu was pretty sure he could lie here all day until dinner without anyone even noticing or coming to get him. He was… okay? With that. For the most part.

“Nii-san! Ichimatsu-nii-san!” Ichimatsu’s eyes opened at the sound of the front door slamming and Jyuushimatsu’s voice yelling throughout the house. He already felt drained of energy as his brother’s footsteps got louder while he stomped to the bedroom. “Ichimatsu-nii-san?” He heard the door open.

Slowly, he sat up, staring at his brother. He was slightly dusty with dirt but had his usual smile plastered on his face. “Welcome home.”

Jyuushimatsu laughed before launching himself at the floor next to the futon. “We should go for a walk! It’s been a while! It’s really nice outside, nii-san!”

“I’m too tired to go for a walk…” Ichimatsu replied, looking away from his brother’s face, knowing he couldn’t say no otherwise.

“Niiiii-saaan,” Jyuushimatsu whined, laying his head on Ichimatsu’s lap. He knew how to get his older brother to agree to things. “You can walk me? I’d like that! I’d like it if you walked me!” He exclaimed suddenly, grabbing Ichimatsu’s hands.

After a brief silence, Ichimatsu smiled; it was barely there, but it was a smile. “Okay.” He nodded and started to stand.

Jyuushimatsu exploded, jumping up and down. “I’ll be waiting at the door then!” He ran out of the room, laughing loudly.

Ichimatsu didn’t feel so tired anymore.

He rolled out of the futon and slowly stood. After stretching, he changed into his regular day clothes - A light hoodie and sweatpants. There was no point in getting really dressed up if they were going the usual route of a lap around the park.

Ichimatsu looked at his reflection as he walked by the mirror outside their bedroom. The other brothers, save for Jyuushimatsu, spent forever looking at themselves before heading out. What was the point? They all looked the same anyway.

He sighed and headed downstairs, seeing Jyuushimatsu sitting at the door. He had changed out of his baseball uniform and was wearing his dog suit. Ichimatsu smiled. He liked the fact that while Jyuushimatsu could definitely manipulate him into doing whatever he wanted – just his eyes could make him get out of bed most days and play baseball with him – his younger brother would also indulge him in his strange interests and quirks. And kinks.

“Oh, aren’t you a good boy, waiting for me like that?” Ichimatsu said as he slipped his sandals on. Jyuushimatsu barked softly, looking extremely happy. Ichimatsu patted his head, grabbing the leash by the door to hook onto his collar. “Let’s go, Jyuushi. It is a beautiful day outside after all.”

“Yes, nii-san!” Jyuushimatsu jumped up and down, bounding down the street at a quick pace that made Ichimatsu have to half jog to keep up. His brother always had so much energy; he wished he could share some of it with him.

They walked around the neighborhood; kids stopped to pet Jyuushimatsu as if he was an actual dog. Ichimatsu was just enjoying the weather. It really was nice outside. The sun was shining, but it wasn’t harsh, just warm. There was a breeze but it wasn’t a cold gust that normally would send his cat friends scattering. As blue as the sky was, it didn’t hurt his eyes either. It was perfect out here.

“Ah.” Ichimatsu stopped walking, looking at Jyuushimatsu sniff around a tree. “I have to pee,” he announced, pulling on his brother’s leash.

“Coming, Ichimatsu-nii-san!” His brother complied, following him to a dense thicket of trees and bushes. He was sure no one else could see him.

“Hold on,” he said to his brother, turning away from him to face a tree. He freed his penis so he could pee, using one hand to steady himself on the tree. Ichimatsu felt the first relief of his bladder clearing as he watched the stream hit the trunk of the tree.

Suddenly, he felt a hot pressure on his back. “What are you doing, Jyuushimatsu?”

“You look so hot like that, nii-san. I felt so hot watching you,” his brother muttered in his ear, rutting against him.

“I-I’m trying to pee, Jyuushimatsu. Don’t be a bad dog,” he tried to sound serious. But he already felt himself getting hard just from feeling Jyuushimatsu’s erection against him.

“Why? Are you going to punish me, Ichimatsu-nii-san?” Now he was slobbering on him, licking his ear, his neck, his cheek.

“Ah, j-just hold on…you can’t do more than this right now…”

“But I’m in heat! In heat! Your poor bad dog is in heat, what am I supposed to do?” Jyuushimatsu started pulling Ichimatsu’s sweatpants down his legs. “It’s okay right? Right, nii-san? I’ll make sure you’re wet, it’s okay right?”

Ichimatsu should say no. He really should. They were in public. They were by a park with kids playing. It was a nice day though. And it’s not like they hadn’t done something like this before anyway. Ichimatsu nodded, turning to look at his brother. “Go ahead.”

Jyuushimatsu barked, dropping back to his knees behind Ichimatsu. He was about to ask why until he felt paws on him, spreading his ass. Ichimatsu tried to take a breath to relax and then he felt a strong tongue lick inside him. His knees went weak and his grip slipped from the tree.

“F-Fuck,” he muttered, the rocks digging into his cheek were wet…

“Ichimatsu-nii-san is laying in his own pee. Why do you make this so hard for me?” Jyuushimatsu said, licking faster, his tongue reaching deeper.

“Shut up… It’s not like I wanted to…” Ichimatsu couldn’t even get the words out now.

He stroked himself to the rhythm of Jyuushimatsu’s tongue eating him out. It was amazing. The birds were singing right above him and he could hear the distant sounds of families at the park. What kind of pervert was he?

“Ichimatsu-nii-san, I’m going to start spreading you out now so you can take my knot,” Jyuushimatsu said, leaning over his brother’s body.

“Okay,” he said, drool mixing with the pee next to his face.

What normally should have been a thin finger, Ichimatsu felt something thick entering him. Not as thick as a cock would have been, but definitely something wider than what he was used to at first. It didn’t feel bad – in fact, the pressure and the sting of pain together felt amazing. Jyuushimatsu moved it inside him spreading him open. He could cum from just that.

“Jyuu…Jyuushimatsu…Please… I need you inside me now…” he managed to get the words out, feeling himself choke on desperation.

“Whatever you want, nii-san,” Jyuushimatsu said, mounting him like a dog would. Ichimatsu already felt dirty enough as it was, but this just made him feel even more disgusting. He was so incredibly hard.

When Jyuushimatsu was on top of him, he could feel his heat between his cheeks. At some point, Jyuushimatsu must have added a zipper there to make peeing easier. He shivered at that thought.

“You ready?” Jyuushimatsu whispered in his ear, drool falling on him.


Ichimatsu felt the cock at his entrance and slowly… agonizingly slow, Jyuushimatsu pushed his entire length inside, inch by inch. Ichimatsu loved feeling full. He loved the feeling of his brother’s cock filling him entirely, reaching deep inside where his own fingers couldn’t reach. Finally, he was fully inserted.

“Wooh, you feel so warm! It’s so warm inside!” Jyuushimatsu said excitedly, barking quietly into his ear.

Ichimatsu couldn’t make any sense of words come out of his mouth – a mixture of sounds and grunts escaped him instead. He hoped it sounded like confirmation that it felt amazing. Jyuushimatsu must have understood, because he barked again before he started to move. He pulled out, leaving an emptiness inside of Ichimatsu that made him ache. He pushed back in just as slow as he did the first time, Ichimatsu clenching as he was filled again.

Jyuushimatsu’s drool was soaking the back of Ichimatsu’s neck, his paws pinning his brother to the ground where he held him down at the shoulders. Ichimatsu had his hands on his cock, gripping tightly to make sure he won’t cum as quickly as he normally would.

“Ah, nii-san, can I go faster now? You’re okay, right? I can go faster now, right?” Jyuushimatsu asked, breathing heavily into Ichimatsu’s neck.

“J-just fuck me…hard,” Ichimatsu managed to spit out. His head was in an uncomfortable position and it made it hard to breathe – not that he was complaining.

Jyuushimatsu barked loudly, his slobber landing on Ichimatsu’s hair. “Whatever you say, Ichimatsu-nii-san!”

He really didn’t have to say anything else before Jyuushimatsu went off the rails. Ichimatsu always appreciated Jyuushimatsu endless energy, it was always a push for him to do more. Even in this situation, where the slick noise of their skin meeting filled his ears, it was impossible to not notice how energetic his brother was.

His thrusts were powerful and fast, pushing deep inside and hitting all of the right nerves. His paws were digging into Ichimatsu’s shoulders harder now as Jyuushimatsu needed some sort of leverage in order to move his hips faster and at a good angle. Ichimatsu felt his own hips moving to meet the ones behind him, wanting to take his cock deeper and harder than before. He needed the stimulation to be overwhelming; he wanted to lose himself in it. He didn’t want to remember his own name.

“Ichimatsu-niisan, Ichimatsu-niisan, ah, you feel so good, I feel so good… This feels so good, I love you,” Jyuushimatsu kept repeating, like his own personal chant. Ichimatsu tried to ignore the words for the most part, wanting to focus on how he was feeling. He didn’t need things like love for this to feel good.

But he couldn’t resist.

“I love… I love you too, Jyuushimatsu. I love you too,” he said in a quiet voice, barely steady enough to say the words. He felt weak but if it was Jyuushimatsu – he would do anything for him.

“Ah, I’m gonna cum soon. Can I cum inside of you? Is that okay? Can you take that? Let’s make some puppies, nii-san.”

“G-go ahead,” Ichimatsu said, feeling dazed as his own orgasm started building. Jyuushimatsu was thrusting harder and deeper now, his cock abusing his prostate with every move. It was blinding. It was heaven.

“It’s coming now! Catch it all, nii-san!” Jyuushimatsu barked out, his hips stuttering as he came.

Ichimatsu groaned, the heat inside of him growing. It filled him to his core, warming him. This is what he was supposed to be. This is where he was supposed to be.

Jyuushimatsu’s hips kept moving as he rode out his orgasm. Ichimatsu felt close, but he wasn’t quite there… there was still something he was missing. Finally, his brother dismounted, pulling his cock out with a wet pop.

“Ichimatsu-nii-san didn’t come yet?” Jyuushimatsu panted, looking concerned. “You’re supposed to feel good too!”

“I just… I’m almost there,” he said, rolling to his side, looking up at his brother. His cock was still hanging out. “Hey…”


“Piss on me.”

“W-what?” Jyuushimatsu’s eyes went wide. Sure they had done some weird stuff before. Hell, they just did something weird a second ago. But not that.

“I know my big bad dog needs to pee, right? That’s why you wanted to go for a walk. Piss on me like you’re a bad dog. Right here,” he pointed at his face.

“But your shirt?”

He sighed, letting go of his throbbing penis. Quickly – probably the fastest he’s ever moved to undress – Ichimatsu removed his hoodie. “Come on, doggy. I want to make sure you’re potty trained,” he said, stroking his cock again, making eye contact with Jyuushimatsu. “Piss on me.”

He could see his brother visibly gulp but then he walked to the tree on all fours, like he would do when he’s a dog. Jyuushimatsu raised one of his legs, his penis hanging down, pointed at Ichimatsu.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Ichimatsu grunted, feeling closer to coming than before.

Jyuushimatsu grinned; Ichimatsu knew his brother would indulge him.

“Go ahead,” he urged. “I’m close.”

Jyuushimatsu nodded. He watched as a spurt of pee shot out of the tip of his penis, landing on his neck. It was warm. He stroked faster, the anticipation enough to get him off now. Another squirt came out, ending up on his cheeks. Ichimatsu let his mouth fall open, some of the pee dribbling inside.

It was a weird taste but it wasn’t bad. He could feel himself about to orgasm as, finally, Jyuushimatsu let out a stream of pee. Ichimatsu felt soaked as it came down on him, filling his mouth. His brother’s piss streamed down his face, his neck, and partly on his chest. It was hot, burning almost. But it felt so good.

Ichimatsu let his eyes flutter close, feeling rutting into his hand as his cum squirted out. He was swallowing the mouthful of pee he had caught, savoring the warm liquid burn down his throat. Jyuushimatsu had finished, shaking his hips to get the last drops out. Ichimatsu felt euphoric, being treated like the scum he was.

When his brother was done fully, he watched Ichimatsu, waiting for him to catch his breath.

“Did you like that, nii-san?” Jyuushimatsu asked.

He nodded in reply, not able to form coherent sentences yet.

“Is that something you’d like to do again?”

Again, he nodded, smiling up at his brother.

“I’ll keep that in mind. I’m gonna go get some paper towels from the outhouse to clean you up.” With that, Jyuushimatsu disappeared, leaving Ichimatsu to stare up at the sky through the trees he laid under. It was still light out, but the shadows were getting longer and the colours started changing. Dinner would be ready soon.

When did he end up wanting to get pissed on? Ichimatsu wasn’t sure. He sat up, looking down at himself. He was already dry and sticky now. And smelly. It wasn’t bad, at least not to him. It smelled like piss, but he never really hated that scent. And it was Jyuushimatsu’s scent, one that he could never tire of.

He was disgusting.

He wiped his hand on the gross to clean it of cum, waiting on his brother to return. After all, Jyuushimatsu’s cum was still leaking out of his ass and who knows if their other brothers had returned yet or not.

After a couple of minutes, the distinct sound of his brother’s barking was heard. Jyuushimatsu was kind, so he probably had allowed other people to pet him as he walked back over. Or he played with other dogs. But he would always return to him.

“I got some dry and wet paper towels for you! Here! Let me help clean you up!” Jyuushimatsu offered some of the paper towels to Ichimatsu and waited.

“Thanks,” he said quietly, accepting them. He started to wipe his face and neck down.

“Turn over so I can clean you up. I want to make sure my favourite brother is clean!” Jyuushimatsu smiled at him, kissing his cheek.

Ichimatsu laughed and turned over. It was embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as it would have been to go home with an ass full of cum with all his brothers there.

They finished getting cleaned up. Ichimatsu pulled his hoodie back on and took hold of Jyuushimatsu’s leash. It was cooler now, but still nice outside.

“We’ll do that again, right nii-san?”

“As often as we want,” he said, smiling again.

Jyuushimatsu barked in reply, walking at a quick pace through the park. There were less people now, most going home for dinner. Ichimatsu was glad he didn’t stay home today after all; he was happy he was able to enjoy the day’s beautiful weather.