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Journey to the Broom closet

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Parvati Patil was having a bad day, a very bad day. It started like any other day. She couldn't have imagined in her worst nightmares that today would turn up this bad. The first indication that it'd be a bad day came when she was in the divination class, her favorite class. Where everything was normal. Ronald Weasley was making fun of professor Trelawney behind her back. And beside him was Harry Potter who was staring dreamily at his homework planner.

Recently something had happened to him. He was less moody and grumpy. He wasn't snapping at everyone who looked at him funny. He was smiling more often. But she didn't bother herself that much thinking about him. Everyone knew that Harry deserved some break.

Then came the trouble without any warning. Professor made her and Ronald Weasley a team. They'd have to work together for a week, discuss their dreams and nightmares then submit a work analysing the other persons' dreams.

It totally crushed her. Divination was her only source of fun. It's something she genuinely enjoyed. And Weasley's gonna ruin it. He would get one week to ruin it properly. But if she thought Weasley's only gonna ruin divination for her she thought it wrong and she's up for a rude awakening.

The final blow of the day came when she was going to the DADA class. She was grabbed by someone and pulled some where dark and smelly. She thought death eaters had attacked the castle but she couldn't understand why they'd shove her somewhere. 'Weren't they supposed to kill you at first sight?' She thought panicked.

"I'm gonna remove my hand, please don't shout" Said a voice.

'Hey, I know that voice.' She thought. She started thinking very hard where she'd heard that voice.

She didn't have to think for long. Soon a 'lumos' was cast and she came face to face with Harry Potter.

''Hi!' He sheepishly said.

"Hi?" She angrily asked "You nearly gave me a heart attack, dragging me to a dark place. And you say hi. What's wrong with you?"

Harry looked ashamed. "I'm so sorry, Parvati. I just needed to talk to you urgently"

She's still angry but decided to give him a chance anyway.

"Ok, what is it? Tell me and make it quick."

Harry looked relieved. And started talking.


And that's how her day was totally ruined. Because she found herself with a date on the next hogsmade weekend. A date with Ronald Weasley.


Hermione was getting worried. Class would start in two minutes and yet there's no sign of Harry. Ron had came back from divination class five minutes earlier, alone. When she asked him where was Harry, he muttered something about stupid professors and dreams that she couldn't quite understand. Then he sat beside Seamus and started discussing quidditch.

As Hermione was debating with herself whether she'd go and search for Harry herself, he came. He was following a very pissed Parvati Patil who was muttering something about murder and suicide. But Hermione paid her no attention.

Harry was in a good mood. He was humming some tune she couldn't recognise. He sat beside her and gave her his most charming smile. Her insides melt. 'The things this boy can do to me.' She thought. And she's also about to smile at him.

Then she remembered that she was supposed to be angry with him. So she just gave him a glare and angrily asked, "Where were you? I've been worried sick. Stop smiling and explain."

But his reply was cut short as Umbridge entered the classroom. Harry squeezed her hand under the table and mouthed, 'later'. So, she decided to wait till the end of the class and stilled herself for an hour long torture.


They couldn't talk the rest of the day. It's the busiest day of the week. They had four classes that day. Harry also had quidditch practice.


It's nearly midnight when they're able to talk peacefully. The common room was empty. Ron'd gone to bed right away after coming from practice. So, they didn't have to worry about him.

"So, you're telling me that Ron's got a date on next saturday. And that's with Parvati. Also you haven't used any unforgivable curse for this purpose." Hermione asked incredulously after a long moment of staring at him.

He'd just told her why he was late. He's trying to save their date by convincing Parvati to go out with Ron. This way Ron would be busy with his own date and wouldn't bother them. The other peoples also wouldn't suspect anything as they're always together.

But Hermione was having a hard time believing it. No one in their right mind would want to go out with Ron. It's not that he's bad looking. The thing was that he's very immature and didn't respect people's emotions. Plus he'd already ruined Padma's night at the yule ball last year so why'd her sister, Parvati want to go with him.

"No, I didn't curse her. She just owed me a favour that's it." Harry replied chuckling.

"What kind of favor? You're not telling me everything, spill mister." Hermione demanded.

Harry hesitated before speaking. He looked unsure. But he just shook his head and decided to clear her confusion.

"You know I went to the yule ball with her last year."

"Harry! Everyone knows this. What's that got to do with this?" Hermione asked impatiently.

"Don't be impatient. These are all connected. Everyone thought that I was a bad date as I didn't spent any time with her." Harry said.

Hermione agreed, "Yeah, you and Ron totally ruined the Patil sister's night. Everyone also knows that."

"Well, in that case everyone knows wrong. Because Parvati's night wasn't ruined when I left in fact it made her night." Harry said in an smug tone.

Hermione was really confused now. Why'd Harry's absence made Parvati's night. He wasn't a bad company. So, she asked him that.

"Listen quietly. I was coming to that." Harry admonished her lightly. "Okay, where was I? Oh, my absence made her night because then she got the chance to be with the person she really wanted."

"What! Parvati had a boyfriend?" Hermione asked astonished.

"No, she didn't have a boyfriend." Harry replied irritated at being interrupted, "Now as I was saying I left her and she was with another person. After your and Ron's big fight I wasn't feeling good and went out for fresh air. Then I caught her kissing someone."

"How could she do that to you. Kissing someone else on your date." Hermione said angrily.

"It's okay. It's not her fault entirely. I left her in the first place." Harry said defending Parvati.

"Whatever." Hermione scoffed. "Who was he? Who was the boy she's kissing."

"Here is the fun fact. It's not a boy." Harry replied grinning.

"What!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Yes, she's kissing a girl. When she saw me she panicked. She requested me not to tell anybody. She's not ready yet to let the world know." Harry explained.

Hermione was shocked. "Oh, my! I could've never guessed Parvati preferred girls." She somehow managed to say. "Wait a second. Why're you telling me this? Hadn't she told you not to tell anyone."

"Yes, but considering she now knows about us she's given me permission to tell you." Harry assured her.

But Hermione still wasn't satisfied. She had some questions remaining. "Let me sum it up then. Parvati likes girls. But she doesn't want anyone to know. But somehow you found out and now she'll go on a date with Ron."

Harry nodded. "Yep, that's pretty much it."

Hermione frowned and asked, "Harry are you blackmailing her?"

"What? No, I'm not blackmailing her. It's just a favor. That day she told me if I ever need any help for dating purpose I could ask her." Harry hastily replied.

Now Hermione looked relieved. And finally relaxed. "Okay, enough talking about Parvati and Ron. Let's talk about us."

"Yeah, we have been talking about them like for ever." Harry said and yawned. The day had left him quite tired.

Hermoine smiled at him. "Let's call it a night. We have nothing to worry about our date the next Saturday. Ron won't bug us and we will be able to enjoy our selves. Thanks to Parvati." Hermoine said pecking his lips.

Harry was already half asleep. He got up and said, "Yeah, I'm knackered. Don't you worry about a thing. Our date will be perfect."

"Of course it'll be perfect because we'll be together." Hermione replied.

As she kissed him goodbye and was moving up the stairs to the girl's dormitory there's only one thought on her mind, 'Saturday's gonna be perfect.'