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The Angel in Blue

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Warm lips pressed against his cheek. A hand cupped his shoulder. A voice whispered in his ear. "Darling, it's time to set up for your briefing with the task force."

Magnus had climbed onto the bed and sat beside him. Alec turned, pulling Magnus into his arms and settled back down, holding Magnus against him. "You see," Magnus said. "I was right. The nap did you some good."

Alec kissed Magnus's hair. "You do me good."

"I wish, love."

Alec rolled Magnus onto his back beneath him and straddled his hips. "Anything you want, Magnus."

Alec gave in to the temptation that Magnus's lips presented. When Alec nudged at his lips with his tongue, Magnus readily parted them Long fingers threaded through Alec's hair as Magnus growled deep in his throat and flipped Alec onto his back. Alec's long legs wrapped around Magnus's waist as Magnus's lips slid along Alec's throat and chest. Alec moaned, tossing his head back. "Magnus," he sighed, digging his fingers into Magnus's back, arching into the searching lips, the caressing hands.

Though Alec was thoroughly enjoying the feel of Magnus against him, he winced as his side twinged in pain. Magnus notice and immediately pulled away.

"No, Magnus. Don't stop."

Magnus framed Alec's face with his hands. "I'm sorry, darling. I won't hurt you."


"Shh. I want you. I think you can tell that, darling."

Alec nodded, infuriated that his wound, which didn't really hurt, had stopped Magnus from continuing his sweet torture. He had waited long enough. He wanted Magnus. In him. Around him. On him. Under him. Over him. He just wanted Magnus. And he would have what he wanted. Wound be damned.

"Your partner has returned and wants you to help set up for the briefing with the feds. The tailor will be here tonight for a fitting."

"A fitting?"

"Yes, Alexander. You're with me now. You need to have a better wardrobe."

Reluctantly, Magnus rolled off of Alec and the bed. He moved to the closet and pulled out a pale blue sweater and khaki slacks, both of which he'd had Ragnor pick up. Alec's fashion sense was. . . nonexistent. Now, Alec would dress well, would know that he was important. His. 

"That doesn't look like something you would wear," Alec said, gesturing to Magnus's glamorous "at home" wear, the emerald green silk shirt with the sapphire broach, his black slacks, his coal lined eyes and glittered shadow. How could Alec ever live up to this man. He didn't think he could pull off things the way that Magnus did.

"Oh, no, darling. This isn't for me. You're wearing this." Alec climbed out of the bed.

"I didn't have that when I came here, and I know Jace didn't bring it."

"Of course he didn't. You didn't have it. I bought it for you."

"And you promised you wouldn't go overboard."

"And I haven't. I want you to be comfortable."

"I'm comfortable in my clothes."

"I also want you to look good."

Crossing his arms over his bare, chest, Alec said, "You've got a real hate on for my clothes."

"Yes, for two reasons. One: they're ugly." Magnus said, leaving the clothes on the bed for him and moving toward him. Running his hands over Alec's shoulders and arms, Magnus finished, "Two: They cover all of this. I'd hate anything covering your body."

Alec wrapped his arms around Magnus and slid his lips down the column of Magnus's throat. "Are you sure we have to leave this room. We could just go back to bed and. . ."

"Magnus," someone called from the doorway.

They turned as a tall man with bleached white hair in a navy suit with a slate grey tie entered. 

Recognizing the man as Malcolm Fade, Magnus's media liaison, Alec relaxed. "Am I interrupting something?" he asked, grinning as if he knew he had.

"I wish," Alec mumbled, stepping away from Magnus.

Magnus replied, "Of course not. I'll meet you in the sitting room." Malcolm turned with a shrug. "Alexander you'll need to sit in on this meeting. It's about you."


"Yes, and our. . . relationship."


Magnus stopped on his way out of the bedroom. He turned back. "Yes," he closed the bedroom door. With his hands in the pocket of his black, sparkled pants, Magnus moved back toward Alec. "That is what this is, right?"

Alec had never thought of actually having a relationship with anyone, let alone a man like Magnus. Were they in a relationship. Did Magnus want that with Alec?

Alec set the sweater back on the bed. "Is that what you want, Magnus?"

As he pulled his hands out of the pockets, the flecks in Magnus's pants caught the light, glinted. He didn't touch Alec, just stood there, silently. Feeling the need to do something with his hands, Alec turned back to the bed. Magnus had been quiet for too long. Perhaps he didn't want it.

A light touch on his bare back made Alec stiffen. "I want that, Alexander," Magnus said quietly. "I want you. All of you. Is it what you want?"

Alec turned and, taking Magnus's hand, kissed the palm. "Yes. I want that."

Magnus's grin was brilliant, beautiful. "Good. So you're mine, and I'm yours." At Alec's nod, Magnus kissed Alec's cheek and patted his ass. "Get dressed."


In the formal dining room, Alec looked over his notes and those that Jace had made over the last few days, from his interviews. Knowing that they would get very little from Nate Gray in the next interview, Alec had told Jace to put a tail on him. Perhaps, if he were the killer, they could stop a future murder.

"Alec," Magnus said from the doorway. "They're arriving, darling."

Alec nodded and moved to the door. "Is it odd that I'm nervous? I've never worked with feds before."

Magnus ran a hand over Alec's raven hair. "Don't worry, my Alec. They'll love you. You're efficient, smart. . . amazing. No one could ever mistreat you, darling. No one will. won't allow it."

Alec wrapped an arm around Magnus's waist. "I'm a cop, baby. I get mistreated every day. It's part of the job."

Nipping at Alec's bottom lip, Magnus said, "Not in this house."

"Hey, Alec," Emma said cheerfully, Julian following a bit more sedately. "You look like you're feeling better."

Alec and Magnus separated, and both returned to the dining room. "I'm feeling much better, Emma, thank you."

"So, you're Magnus Bane?" she asked. "You're even hotter in person."

"Babe!" Julian exclaimed.

"What? It's true. Even you would sleep with him."

Magnus laughed. "As tempting as that is, I'm very taken."

Emma made a cooing sound. "It's so sweet that you don't hold Alec's job against him. Most people wouldn't date someone who interrogated him."

"Interviewed," Alec corrected from the far end of the table, not looking up from the notes he had in his hand.

Emma shook her head. "The point is. . . you aren't letting his job come between you. That's really rare."

But Magnus had let Alec's job come between them. He'd walked away from Alec and couldn't say for sure if he would have gone back if Alec hadn't been hurt. Even before he'd heard that media report, however, he'd been softening toward Alec. He'd had a chance for Jace's assertions to sink in. Alec had worked himself into the ground for him, even though he'd known Magnus would blame him. Would leave him.

"I like Alec for who and what he his."

Alec moved forward. "Emma, Julian, the kitchen is that way. Go make coffee."

Knowing when to make themselves scarce, the couple left.

"Stop thinking about it, Magnus."

"I almost lost you. Almost let you go."

Alec rubbed his hands over Magnus's shoulders and chest. "I'm here. You gave me another chance. I'm with you."

Magnus pressed his forehead to Alec's. "For the record, you gave me the second chance."

As if by design, they wrapped their arms around one another. Alec was surprised by how easily they fit. Magnus had accepted Alec into his home, accepted Alec's need to work. "We both got a second chance." Alec took Magnus's lips gently.

Magnus's hands flattened over Alec's cashmere covered back, deepening the kiss.

"Guys, the feds are here," Jace said.

With a heartfelt sigh, Magnus stepped away from Alec. We'll revisit this later."

Alec intended to.


The feds, as it turned out, were Julian's older brother and sister, Helen and Mark Blackthorn, which boded well for them. They didn't push themselves ahead of Alec and Jace, and were more than happy to meet at Magnus's loft (because the food was "amazeballs"). They also agreed to join Jace on his interviews the following day with Nate Gray, Rufus Hastings, Jeremy Pontmercey, and Hodge Starkweather. They even wanted Alec involved. Alec and Jace had gotten lucky.

That night, after the team had left and Alec had endured the fitting with the cold and efficient tailor, Alec shrugged out of the sweater. The man's hair had been a shock of pink and he wore a matching pinstriped suit. Alec didn't want to wear anything like what Magnus wore, something outrageous, sparkly, but he did want to be with Magnus. So, he would do what he had to. Even groan internally every time he saw new clothes.

"You're magnificent, darling." Magnus said, holding a glass of wine out to him. He'd changed into a crimson silk robe.

"I'm glad you think so," Alec replied, taking the glass.

Pleased that Alec hadn't argued with him, Magnus grazed his fingers over the symbol over Alec's right pectoris. "What is this?" Magnus had seen the scrawling black tattoo dozens of times, but hadn't asked about it.

Alec, as if he didn't know what Alec meant, looked at it. "Oh. It's a symbol for parabatai, Jace has one just like it. It's symbolic of men who fight together. In Ancient Rome, parabatai took care of each other, watched each other's back. They were closer than brothers. We thought it was fitting."

Magnus smiled. "Why didn't you ever go for Jace?"

Alec laughed. "I had a crush on him for a while when we were teenagers. I got over that. It started to feel. . . I think the word 'Eww' describes it best."

Giggling, Magnus gave Alec a smacking kiss. "I'm glad. I'd hate to think of your partner as a rival for your affections."

Taking Magnus's face in his hands, Alec lowered his lips taking Magnus's with sweet, almost desperate tenderness. "Baby, you don't have any rivals."

Magnus's knees felt weak. The way those blue eyes watched him with heat and obvious affection made Magnus's heart flutter and stomach jump. It was a good thing that Alec chose that moment to take Magnus's wine. He placed both glasses on the dresser and took Magnus into his arms. The kiss Alec gave him did not help Magnus's weakness.

"Angel, Magnus. The things you do to me."

Magnus couldn't argue that point because Alec was doing the same things to Magnus. Fisting a hand in Alec's hair, Magnus crushed his mouth over plush lips. Alec met him beat for beat. His fingers deftly unknotted the belt of Magnus's robe and shoved it off of his shoulders.

Magnus's skin was smooth and baby soft.

They ended up on the bed in a angel of lips and limbs. 

It didn't take Magnus long to get Alec naked, tossing the khakis and black boxers away without a care. Alec's skin was pale, marred by a few scars, and his nearly healed wound. But Magnus, in all of his travels, had never seen anything so beautiful in his life. He gently kissed his way down Alec's body, tonguing the tip of Alec's cock.

Wanting more of him, Magnus pushed Alec's legs apart and up toward his shoulders. Giving a low, animal growl, Magnus delved into Alec, mouth and tongue, into his pure heat. The noises that Alec made spurred him on.

"Oh, Angel," Alec gasped.

Magnus attacked his flesh with his tongue, licking and sucking at the puckered hole, lapping at it, burying his whole face against Alec, who was burning with pleasure. Alec arched and cried out. Magnus's breath came out just as fast as Alec's, making lovely sounds against Alec's flesh.

"Magnus. Magnus, please."

Magnus moved back up Alec's body, taking his lips. Not wanting Magnus to get away, Alec wrapped his legs around Magnus's waist, rocking the hard length of their cocks between them.

Using the lube from the bedside table, Magnus slicked his fingers and slid two into Alec, then three, the stretch a beautiful burn, making Alec moan and rock against Magnus's hand. "Magnus, baby. Please."

Magnus pulled his fingers out of Alec and, after slicking on a lubricated condom, guided himself into Alec. Alec gasped at the feel of Magnus inside of him. Alec's fingers dug into Magnus's back and shoulders as he arched into Magnus, taking him deeply, almost to the point of pain. Relishing in the sensation, Alec buried his face against Magnus's neck, whispering his name over and over.

"Oh, Alexander," he said, kissing the side of Alec's head. "You feel too good."

"Magnus. You're inside me. You feel perfect inside me."

Magnus began to move, his cock swollen, driving heat and friction began to build almost immediately. Magnus curled himself around Alec as he rocked, kissing his detective.

"Yes," Alec sobbed. "Yes, Magnus. More."

Grunting, Magnus complied. Alec cried out with each deep thrust. Alec's cock, trapped between them, felt impossibly hard, swollen to the point of pain. Magnus was filling him completely, his body, his mind, his heart.

"Magnus, I'm gonna. . ."

Magnus groaned and thrust deep, Alec's pleasure forcing him to give into his own. Burying his face against Alec's neck, Magnus cried out. His cock pulsing, Magnus filled the condom deep inside Alec. Magnus's orgasm triggered Alec's and he came between them, painting their stomachs with hot seed. Alec's climaxing channel made Magnus moan as the walls of his ass milked Magnus's still spasming cock.

Collapsing against Alec, Magnus tried to catch his breath. "Oh, darling. You've. . . That was. . ."

Alec pressed his lips against Magnus's throat. "For me, too, Magnus."

Pulling out of Alec, Magnus padded to into the ensuite bath and threw the condom away. With a warm, wet washcloth, he returned to Alec, who lay exactly where Magnus had left him. He wiped Alec, careful of his still raw wound, and himself then, after tossing the soiled rag in a hamper, climbed into bed beside Alec. Pulling Alec into his arms, he covered them with the gold comforter. Settling back with Alec lightly dosing against him, Magnus yawned.

"You know you'll never get away from me now, right?" Alec said.

Pulling Alec closer, pillowing him against his chest, Magnus replied, "Darling, you'll need a buzz saw to get rid of me. You're the most amazing person I've ever met. I. . . I think I'm falling in love with you."

Alec's head rose and he looked up at him. "Really?"

Self-conscious, Magnus nodded, "If you don't-"

Alec covered Magnus's lips with three fingers. "Don't, Magnus. I do. It's improbable, impractical, but I do. I'm falling for you, too, Magnus." He stretched, kissing Magnus softly, gently, then settled back against Magnus's chest.

His heart lighter than he could ever remember it being, Magnus kissed Alec's ink black hair and, closing his eyes, slipped into a dreamless sleep.


Sitting at the enormous dining room table with a cup of coffee at his elbow, Alec listened to Mark and Helen explaining the interviews they'd done with Jace. He tried to keep his mind on the case, to stop it from wandering to Magnus. Last night was the most amazing experience of Alec's life. 

He had awaken wrapped around Magnus and hoped that he did so for many years to come. . . forever.

"We checked on all alibis," Mark was saying. "Nate Gray doesn't have one, nor does Rufus Hastings. The PA wants us to arrest Gray. He's issuing an arrest warrant."

Alec sighed and nodded. It felt like his father was jumping the gun because they didn't have all of the data needed to arrest Gray. "Bring in Mortmain, too. They're hiding something together. Maybe you can get Mortmain to roll over on Gray. What about Sebastian Morgenstern?"

"He was at a conference in Connecticut. He's clear," Jace said, looking particularly grouchy.

Jace hadn't liked Sebastian and had wanted him to be the killer. Alec didn't think that he was J.R., but it wasn't like the district attorney was going to ask him. Robert Lightwood had never asked his son's opinion.

"I don't think we should stop investigating," Alec said as Magnus entered the dining room. "Not until we can prove it."

Helen nodded. "We won't close it until we're sure."

"Darling," Magnus whispered into his ear, his voice raspy, causing a shiver to run down Alec's spine. "We need to start getting ready to go."

Alec nodded. "I'm sorry, everyone. We need to get ready to go to a benefit."

As Helen, Mark, Julian, and Emma gathered their things, Jace approached the couple. "Be careful, Alec. We haven't caught J.R. yet. He's. . . I dunno. Fixated on you. Be cautious." Jace rarely looked worried, so Alec nodded.

"I'll take care of him," Magnus said, rubbing a hand over Alec's back.

"I know you will," Jace said, picking up his file bag. " Have fun tonight."

"We will," Alec told him, showing him to the door.

When they'd seen everyone out, Magnus kissed Alec, deep and thorough. "I need a shower," Alec said.

"Funnily enough, so do I."

Smiling, Alec followed Magnus into the bathroom.


After a steamy shower session with Magnus, during which Magnus proved that he was limber and stronger than he looked judging by how easily the business man had picked him up, Alec looked down at the tailored suit.The silk shirt was black with a high collar and was held together with a pearl. The suit pants had simple lines and were a midnight color that matched the shirt. The only color in the ensemble was the pale gold jacket. Magnus had told him he wouldn't need a tie because of the collar. All he needed was the pearl.

Magnus watched Alec dress quickly and efficiently, as he did most things. His hands had hesitated before shrugging into the silk shirt, as if he weren't sure he could wear it. But he'd put everything one and looked. . . amazing.

"I was right," he said.

Alec turned. Magnus's hair was expertly styled, glitter catching the light and shining. His blue eyeliner and blue-gray shadow made the gold in his eyes pop. His sapphire jacket perfectly matching Alec's eyes and the threads of silver in it and his pants glittered like his hair. He wore a silver silk shirt with a glittered tie.

"No one can overlook you."

"To see you, they would."

Alec shook his head and ran a comb through his hair.It just bounced back to its usual insanity.

"Come, darling," Magnus said. "It's time for me to show you off."


The benefit, as it turned out, was held at the luxurious hotel where Jessamine Lovelace once worked and turned tricks, Kastile. The stately building towered in the style of the country homes of British royalty. In the limo on the way, Magnus told Alec that he'd named it for the Indonesian word for Castle.

"Are you from Indonesia? Alec asked.

Magnus nodded. "I came here when I was nine."

Remembering something Magnus had said once, Alec asked, "Where is your family, baby?"

Magnus looked as if he would be sick. "I didn't want to ruin our relationship with this story quite this early."

Alec reached over and gripped his hand. "Nothing you say can do that."

Magnus squeezed Alec's fingers. "My mother hanged herself in the barn on our property when I was eight. My. . . My stepfather. . . He told me that I was a demon and that she killed herself because of me. He tried to drown me in a creek. I hit him with a rock and left him." Magnus's gold-green eyes met Alec's. "He died. I killed him."

Alec nodded. "Then what?"

"Isn't that enough?"

"How did you end up here?"

"Monks. They took me in then took me at an orphanage. I ran away because of the tedium, and I ended up here."

"What did they do to you at the orphanage to make you to run away?"

"Who says they did anything?"

"I'm a cop, baby. I know things."

Magnus smiled. "The orphanage was hard. No one wanted a nine year old kid, they all wanted babies. The keepers weren't. . . exactly nice."

"Did they beat you?"

"No. No, they never beat me. It was more like they didn't care. Any slap I got was careless."

Alec kissed Magnus's cheek. "No one will ever touch you carelessly again. Just me, and I care too much for you."

Magnus looked into his eyes. "I killed my stepfather, Alexander."

"Yes, baby, you did. And I'm glad you did it. You were a child defending yourself and you had no choice. You're alive and you're here with me. What about your father?"

Magnus shrugged. "I don't know him."

Alec smiled at Magnus. "Fathers aren't that big of a deal, as far as I can tell."

"You will be one day."


As they stepped into the ballroom, Magnus slipped into the ballroom, Magnus slipped a hand around Alec's waist. "Deep breath, darling."

Alec kissed Magnus's cheek as they made the rounds.

The night went fairly well, until Alec met on of Magnus's exs. 

Everyone at the party treated Alec with a great deal of respect. Some even called him a hero. He'd told them that he wasn't, he'd just done his job. Magnus had called him "my hero," and it had begun to take with the crowd there. 

"So, this is the hero," a golden-haired man sneered as he approached. "Your tastes have slipped, Magnus."

"Actually, I'd say they've refined, Richard."

Alec looked between the pair, sensing the tension, he said, "Maybe we should all take a step back."

"I'm sorry, Detective," Richard said. "But, I feel like you should know exactly what you're getting with Magnus Bane."

"I'm a very good judge of character," Alec told the man.

"Not that good."

"Richard," Magnus warned.

"I gave you. . . so much of me, Magnus."

"Yes. You gave it to many, Richard."

"If you'd paid a little attention to me, I wouldn't have had to."

"You're kidding, right?" Magnus demanded. "I found you fucking someone in my bed. We had a date and I'd waited for two hours. Then I came home. Don't try to blame this on me."

Richard raised his hand as if to slap Magnus. Alec held the man's forearm in an unrelentingly hard grip. "It would be a good idea for you to go. Don't let me see you around Magnus again. I'd hate to have to arrest you for assault," Alec said, the words in a low, threatening voice, but his words didn't seem true. He'd love to send Richard into the tombs, to put him in cuffs for even threatening to hurt Magnus. For hurting him in the past.

Tugging his arm out of Alec's grip, Richard turned on his heel and left the couple without so much as a parting quip.

"I'm sorry about that, darling."

"You have nothing to apologize for. I do have one question, though."


"The bed. Am I going to be fucking you on the same mattress that he used to cheat on you?"

Shaking his head, Magnus laughed. "Completely new bed."

Alec nodded and kissed Magnus lightly. "Let's hurry up and get out of here. I need to get you out of these clothes."


They didn't even make it back to the loft. As soon as the driver was behind the wheel, Magnus rolled up the partition and pulled Alec into his lap. Alec straddled him, covering Magnus's lips with his. Magnus made quick work of his pants, turning them inside out and hooking them over Alec's shiny black shoes. Alec rubbed his bare skin over the bulge beneath Magnus's pants, creating a horrible friction, making him want Magnus with an urgent, keening ache.

Magnus reached into a compartment in the panel of the car door and got the lube he'd stored there. Coating three of his fingers, Magnus slipped a finger into Alec.

"Oh, Angel," Alec groaned as Magnus's finger moved in and out, eliciting gasping little noises in Alec's throat, so he added more.

"I want to make you scream, darling. God." Magnus breathed, his fingers pumping in and out of the tight ring of muscle. With his free hand, Magnus grabbed a condom. Alec took it from him and, tearing it open, rolled it over Magnus's engorged flesh.

Magnus pulled his fingers out and, lifting Alec, turned him around, something Alec found very hot. No one had ever manhandled him so easily. Toeing his shoes off, Alec positioned himself so that he could sink down, easing down, taking Magnus's length. When he bottomed out, Alec sighed, rocking his pelvis. Magnus gripped his hips and set a brutal pace. Alec took himself in hand and stroked himself to the beat, arching back to turn his head and kiss Magnus. Long, deep strokes. Short, fast one. Alec writhed above him, crying out with each brutal thrust to his prostate.

They hit their climax together.

Alec lay, panting atop Magnus, his head thrown back on Magnus's shoulder. Magnus's hands ran over Alec's chest and stomach. "You'll need to have your limo cleaned."

"Oh, no. I'm having it bronzed.

Alec laughed, and kissed Magnus deeply. 


J.R. listened to them fuck. It was obscene. it was arousing.

Apparently he'd been right all along. Detective Alexander Lightwood opened his legs for money. Detective Alexander Lightwood was a whore.



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