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Project X Zone: Fates Intertwined

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"Dammit, Kiara" Shayne muttered. "Where are you? You were supposed to be here over an hour ago"

"Sorry, I'm late" the young woman called "Mother forced me to look after the house again"

"Again!?" Shayne scorned "The 'Project' gets stolen and your mother got in the way"

"I told her but she wouldn't listen" Kiara said defensively.

The conversation was interrupted when a group of unknown enemies swarmed the place.

"Who are you?" Shayne ordered. "What the fuck are you doing here?"

The black hooded men didn't respond to the questions. This pissed Shayne off. If there was one thing he resented more than anything else it was being ignored. What they did instead was draw knives and prepare grenades.

"Shayne, here" Kiara offered handing him his specialty weapon that he only used for occasions like this.

A snooker cue case that had been modified to be a shotgun and a rocket launcher and it could do its normal job of carrying a snooker cue as well. Shayne had made it during his free time. The training he was given helped, but his love of tinkering gave him confidence. It also impressed his superiors when he showed them and was, from that point, moved to engineering.

When the enemy saw that they laughed in his face. This riled him up more.

"Thanks, Kiara." Shayne accepted "Ready for a beat down?"

Kiara was setting up her bladed gauntlets. As she was doing this she shouted to the foe, "Now your gonna get it", which turned the laughing into smirks and giggles.

Let's do this, Kiara. As a team" Shayne declared, to which Kiara nodded. As they moved forward to attack the closest foe, the beat down commenced. Let's just say that the others weren't laughing when he got his ass handed to him. The others charged at them, but each one in turn got what was coming to them.

"That's that" Shayne sighed "Thanks Kiara for helping out there, you really turned the tides on them"

Kiara blushed. "No Shayne, we did it together, as a team, like you suggested." she praised "Either way, why don't we see if we can find anything that can be of use."

Shayne nodded as the two of them walked to the engineering lab, where the 'Project' was being kept, in search of clues to identify the culprit.

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They come here often, more often than the church where she was often, to honour Aerith's memory.

"Cloud, we should go now" Tifa whispered, receiving a quiet nod from her companion. They turned and left the tablet that they had left beforehand. Then they heard a noise.

"Who's there?" Cloud shouted, as beasts with blades on their arms walked towards them.

"Gross" Tifa gagged "What are they?"

"We are Tarkatan, fools" one of them spoke. 

"You are the fools here" a voice shouted.

"Show yourself!" the tarkatan spat. "Or are you afraid"

Then after that a young man arrived. Cloud recognised him straight away.

"Squall Leonheart? what are you doing here?" Cloud asked, concerned

"Cloud?" The young man questioned, then he looked around. "Wait where am I?"

"We'll explain after we destroy these Tarkatan" Tifa interjected. "Are you willing to help us out, Squall?"

"Of course" Squall idly spoke, withdrawing his gunblade. "We must work as a team though"

"Fine by me" Cloud agreed "Let's do this quickly"

As the three of them got halfway through the number of Tarkatan, a humanoid came from the shadows.

"Let's have some fun now that I'm here" The creature hollered. 

"What's that, a talking animal?" Tifa wondered.

"No, my dear." a smooth voice spoke. "That is Ba'Gamnan, a bangaa"

"Balthier, show your face" Ba'Gamnan shouted and true to form Balthier came out of hiding with his companion.

"I wish he was a talking animal" his companion sighed. "He'd be a lot easier to deal with."

"Fran, my dear, how right you are" the sky pirate agreed.

Cloud and the others stood in watch as Balthier and Fran walked over to them.

"The leading man must always keep his cool" Balthier exclaimed. "Mind if we join you?"

"No Problem" Squall accepted "As long as you don't get in my way"

"Interesting" another voice coming from the opposite direction spoke. "I will have your souls now to fuel my army"

"Eh, Who're You?" The bangaa asked the newcomer.

"Me?" The necromancer spoke deviously "My name is Quan Chi. How about we team up and take care of these annoying pests"

"Fine by me" Ba'Gamnan said viciously. "As long as I get to beat the sky pirate to a pulp"

"Oh, that's not happening" a more mature voice responded as a man with a blindfold over his eyes and a sword appeared.

"Takahashi Kenshi" Quan Chi exhaled. "Here to offer me your soul?"

"No Quan Chi," Kenshi replied. "I'm here to release the souls of my friends"

"I'm afraid you cant" Quan Chi taunted. "They're most useful with me"

Kenshi, realising that talking wasn't an option anymore, turned to the others.

"Kenshi, do you need a hand?" Fran offered.

"Yes, please" Kenshi replied gratefully "afterwards you can explain where we are"

"We will." Tifa offered.

After the offer, Kenshi joined forces with Balthier and Fran, pleased that he had found some allies in this strange world.

Defeating the bangaa mercenaries and revenants was easy, or at least Balthier thought so. Balthier decided to take on Ba'Gamnan, while Cloud took on Quan Chi.

"Curse You, sky pirate" Ba'Gamnan scathed as he was defeated. "I'll be back for you, and your Viera friend."

"And you'll be send packing with your tail between your legs again" Balthier spat back

"Quite literately" Kenshi added, pouring salt into the wound.

 "I'm outta here" Ba'Gamnan retorted and then he left.

By the time Balthier and his group made it to Quan Chi, Cloud and company had nearly defeated him. When they did Quan Chi bolted before Kenshi could say anything.

They regrouped after the fight. to catch their breath.

"Cloud" Squall started "Where are we?"

"You are in our world. This place is known as the City of the Ancients" Cloud answered.

"Well, that's confusing" Kenshi pondered. "How do I get back to Earthrealm?"

"I suggest you go back in the direction you came in" Tifa responded, getting unsure nods from her companions, bar Cloud

Cloud and Tifa thanked everyone for their help as they set off to find their way back home.

"Tifa, we should get going to" Cloud suggested.

"Yeah, but we better be careful. What happened to them could happen to us" Tifa agreed as the two left Aerith's resting place in relative peace.

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"Here we are, Light" Fang summarised. "The final leg of our journey"

"Snow took the others ahead right?" Sazh asked concerned.

"Yeah, we're their back up" Lightning answered. Then Cie'th appeared in front of them. "Looks like we're going to need it instead"

"Oh, how right you are." a deep bellowing voice echoed, its owner appeared from behind them.

"Eh, who are you? A bull?" Fang questioned.

"I am the Arishok, leader of the Qunari" he shouted, raising his axe. "Come forth my Qunari breathren"

Right then, a horde of Qunari came rushing in, preparing to attack. One of them wandered to far and was cut down, unexpectedly.

"Who's there?" The Arishok bellowed and a slender young woman came from the shadows, smirking.

"Well fancy meeting you here, Qunari scum" she spat.

"Isabela" he responded angrily. "You will give me the Tome of Kolsun"

"Fraid not" Isabela taunted. "If you want it, your gonna have to come get it"

That's when they her painful screams coming from the opposite direction. They looked to find grotesque creatures coming towards them. They looked human, but acted out of character. When the Infected moved forward, the four heroes heard gunshots.

"Damn infected got here as well." The older one, wearing a crisp, white suit, scathed.

"But Nick," The younger one inquired. "Where is here?"

Nick looked around, gobsmacked. "Act first, ask questions later, Ellis."

"I like his attitude" Fang whispered to Lightning. Lightning nodded in agreement.

"You guys take care of the infected" Sazh called to Nick, Ellis and Isabela. "We've got old Bully here"

Nick and Ellis agreed. Isabela argued for a minute but relented.

The Cie'th were dealt with relatively quickly, as were the common infected and Qunari.

"There's a tank, Ellis" Nick warned, as they approached it, "You know what to do"

"Yessir" Ellis replied bombarding it with the assist from Isabela. Once it was down the moved to the Witch that was near it. They disposed of it quickly and they moved towards The Arishok.

The Qunari leader rushed into Lightning and Fang, knocking them back slightly. They retaliated heavily, causing the Arishok to go down.

"Curse you, Isabela" He roared. "I'll get you back for this"

"You'll try at least" Isabela sighed

"Gah" he shunned leaving the area.

"Thanks for the help, you three" Sazh praised.

"Don't mention it" Nick replied.

"Aww, show some more passion you old prune" Ellis grouched

"That's it your sleeping on the couch tonight" Nick grimaced, and before the others could ask questions, pulled Ellis away in the direction they came from.

Isabela took her leave as well soon after, thanking Lightning for helping with the Arishok.

"Right, let's catch up to Snow and the others" Lightning ordered, rushing ahead with the others trailing behind

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Stryker stood in the Colisseum, alone.

"Fuck sake" he muttered. "Where is Sonya?, she was supposed to meet me here"

He was supposed to be here with Sonya so they could take on Shao Kahn together.

Shao Kahn was there sitting on his throne. He stood up, withdrew his hammer and was about to strike Stryker when he was zapped.

"That lightning, it's not Raiden's" Stryker summarised. And then it clicked. That lightning saved him a few times before.

"Nice to see your doing well, Kurtis" The man smiled.

"Hawke" Stryker frowned. "What are you doing here? I haven't seen you in, what, 10 years?"

"I don't know, Stryker" Hawke sighed. "We haven't seen each other since..."

Stryker looked hurt "Don't say it, Garrett, It hurts me still to this day"

"I know, Kurtis, I know" Hawke spoke with pain in his voice.

Then a voice rumbled. "Well, I don't why don't you tell me, mage"

"Meredith, so yourself" Hawke shouted as the knight-commander walked next to Shao Kahn.

"Emperor, need a hand?" Meredith offered.

"Yes, Meredith" as a swarm of Tarkatan, Shokan and Templars flooded around the Colisseum.

Suddenly, a pair of rings cut through the horde. Shocked, enemies and friends both looked in the direction the rings returned to.

"Allies located," the robot spoke, as she ran towards Hawke and Stryker. "Garrett Hawke, Identified. Kurtis Stryker, Identified"

"And you are?" Hawke asked, perplexed.

"My apologies, my name is Tio" Tio replied. "My friends know your son, they sent me to find you"

"And find us you did" Stryker exclaimed. "Wait did you say our son?"

"Yes,..." Tio was about to finish her sentence when she was interrupted but a voice of despair.

"Who's there?" Stryker shouted.

A young man came out of the shadows, wielding a Ring Rod, and a peculiar handgun.

"Stryker, he seems to be possessed." Hawke whispered.

"Baralai!" a woman's voice shouted. "What are you doing?"

They froze when 3 young women arrived. One wielding handguns, another, a pair of knives and the third, a longsword.

"Shuyin, Stop this now" The gunner shouted.

"Yunie" the thief sighed. "He's not listening"

The swordswoman just shrugged and then noticed Hawke, Stryker and Tio.

"Yuna, Rikku" she called. "We're not in Spira anymore"

The others looked around, shocked expressions appearing on their faces.

"Fight first, ask questions later" Stryker ordered, getting nods from everyone.

Tio decided to join forces with Hawke and Stryker, with Hawke taking the lead, while Yuna, Rikku and Paine formed their group.

Blitzing through the Tarkatan was easy, the shokan was a bit tougher and the Templars was dealt with between them.

Yuna's group went to deal with Baralai. He didn't say anything when he was defeated, he just walked away.

"Rude," Rikku spat. "Oh well, let's help, the others."

Hawke and Stryker reached Meredith first, because she was the weaker of the two. When she was defeated she sighed, cursed and then told Hawke to watch his back in the future and then she left.

Shao Kahn was a different story, the two groups had to work together to defeat the muscled Emperor.

"I'll leave, for now." he roared. "But I will be back"

"You're such a grouch," Rikku teased.

"Hmph" he retorted as he left.

The groups discussed the confusion that they had. Stryker explained to the sphere hunters where they were and introduced Tio to them.

Yuna, Rikku and Paine said their goodbyes and left, hoping to get back to Spira

"Tio, lead the way to your friends" Hawke insisted. "We need all the information we can get on our son"

"Very well, follow me." Tio responded as the three of them left the Colisseum.

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Isaac Clarke wandered through the halls of the Ishamura, alone. After dealing with necromorphs for most of his time on the abandoned ship, he was hoping for a break.

"Damn, more?" Isaac exasperated. "I can't be dealing with this shit." Then he noticed that the deceased weren't going for him, instead they were going for an unconscious woman with long, crimson hair. So many things were running through his head, like where did she come from and how did she get here, but his main thought was on saving the woman.

After clearing the area, the woman abruptly awoke. "By the Gods," she stammered. "Where am I?"

"The Ishamura" Isaac replied.

"What?" she asked, confused.

"A ship" Isaac reiterated. "Look"

The woman walked over to the window and saw black space with twinkling stars. She then drew her sword.

"What's your name?" Isaac asked, reloading his gun after noticing necromorphs behind them.

"Nariko" She replied. "Yours?"

"Isaac Clarke" Isaac introduced. "You take the lead, I'll back you up" With a reassuring nod, they joined forces.

After clearing half of the undead, light appeared and beings appeared.

"Are they angels?" Isaac pondered

"None that I've seen" Nariko answered.

"Damn their here as well, pesky angels" a female voice echoed. Then the owner appeared, a stunning woman with short black hair and four blue guns, two on her heels, two in her hands.

"Who, or rather, what are you?" Isaac asked as the new arrival, as she was taking out many of the angels.

"If you need to know how to talk to a lady, ask your mother" she taunted. Isaac was left stunned with his mouth open, and her comment left Nariko in giggles.

"That didn't answer my question" Isaac said, regaining his composure.

"Bayonetta" she sighed, walking over to them. "I'm an umbra witch"

"I'm Isaac and this is Nariko" Isaac introduced. "And they are not friendly"

When the others noticed what Isaac was on about, the temperature of the room shifted from warmish to very cold as a man with a dark aura and a black tome walked towards them.

They scanned the room and saw a boney figure in one corner and an alien in another.

"Get down!" a male voice shouted as a sniper bullet whizzed past them.

They saw creatures coming towards them. But then arrow shot past and got rid of them. and finally pistol bullets and a light spear shot towards the incoming shadow forcing him to get back.

"Get up" the owner of the male voice ordered while offering out his hand.

"Commander John Shepard" he introduced. "That's Kaidan Alenko"

"Hey" Kaidan greeted. "Saren Asterius, your going down"

The alien cackled. But then another pistol shot silenced it.

"Shepard was that you?" Kaidan asked.

Shepard shook his head. Kaidan looked at Isaac who also shook his head.

"Over here" another woman called as her and a young man entered from the shadows.

"Wait, is that?" Isaac wondered. "Maria Traydor?"

"Oh hey Isaac" Maria acknowledged. "This is Fayt Leingod"

The shadow summoned a dark energy blast towards Maria, but a shield of light demolished it.

"Go away, you shouldn't be here" a man with glasses shouted at the double.

"Gates?" Shepard pondered aloud. The young man turned around, smiled and faced his shadow again.

Small creatures charged for the group but a young swordsman, a female archer and a catwoman with razor claws destroyed them all

"Reimi Saionji, Edge Maverick and Meracle Chamlotte" Fayt introduced. "The first people to explore the vast Star Ocean."

"Gods, so many people," Nariko gasped "Let's get rid of them first before proper introductions"

As she said this shadowy creatures, mechanical beings and miniature clones spawned.

Everyone else nodded as Bayonetta joined Nariko and Isaac, Gates, as he was introduced, joined Fayt and Maria and Edge, Reimi and Meracle formed a trio, leaving Shepard and Kaidan without solo support.

Nariko's group decided to join with Shepard's to take down Saren, Fayt's decided to take down the shadow while Edge's decide to take out the last one, which the others learned was a Grigori called Kokabiel.

The angels were easy, so was the mechs, and the remaining necromorphs. Nariko's group attacked Saren but let the final blow for Shepard and Kaidan. Saren cursed and left, leaving two bosses remaining.

Fayt's group didn't have trouble with the smaller shadows and the shadow clone of Gates wasn't much harder. When it was defeated, it let out a cry and it dissipated, leaving the Grigori. 

Edge's Group had the most trouble, but they didn't need too much help. Kokabiel left without a word or a cry when it was defeated.

"Gates" Shepard started. "Where have you been?"

"I believe you mean my grandfather" Gates corrected. "I live in a world where the goddess that he defeated is back. and please call me Xavier"

Shepard and Kaidan looked at each other with fear in their eyes.

"Don't worry, " Xavier smiled "She's lost most of her power. And yes I've got his telepathic power"

Sighs of relief escaped the Alliance members' mouths.

"Maria and Fayt are the future of Edge, Reimi and Meracle." Isaac explained to Nariko, who was slowly understanding.

Bayonetta had already left as she whispered her goodbyes to Isaac and Nariko as soon as the battle was over.

Xavier left with Shepard and Kaidan, explaining everything that happened in his world. Fayt and Maria had left for the Diplo, while the trio had left for the Calnus.

"What are you going to do now?" Isaac asked

"I think I'll go back" Nariko responded.

They walked towards an area that they hoped would return Nariko to her world.

Behind them, a mystery figure stalked them and fired something that made them disappear from the world....

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Shayne sighed. Their search for clues has been less than fruitful. Kiara was also getting stressed

"How can somebody steal something without leaving anything behind" Kiara angrily muttered.

All Shayne could do was nod in agreement. He hoped this day wouldn't get any worse. But then Kiara pull him back

"Did you hear that?" she whispered. Shayne shook his head and they stood there, quiet until a man's voice was heard.

"Ugh, Nariko, are you alright?" the man's voice stuttered.

"Yes, I am fine, Isaac" a woman's voice replied.

' Isaac? It cant be' Shayne thought as they ran towards the voices.

The engineers stood in the doorway in disbelief as a man in a spacesuit and a woman in oriental garb and with flowing red hair stood there in the middle of the room.

" Isaac?, Isaac Clarke? Is that you?" Shayne asked.

Isaac removed his helmet and responded. "Good to see you to, Shayne"

The two former comrades hugged. " I thought you was on the Ishamura"

"I was, before being randomly transported here" Isaac explained. "oh and before I forget this is Nariko, I rescued her on the Ishamura, she not from either of our worlds"

"Pleasure" Nariko greeted as Shayne beckoned Kiara over.

"Likewise" Shayne said. "Isaac, Nariko, this is Kiara Revelion. My partner in the engineering department"

"Greetings" Kiara spoke with a hint of jealousy.

The four easily fell into idle chatter, discussing things from Shayne and Isaac's last mission to Isaac and Nariko's encounter on the Ishamura, including seeing Maria there.

"Maria was on the Ishamura?" Shayne marvelled.

"Yeah, I don't know why though" Isaac sighed. "None of her enemies were there"

Before Shayne could reply, enemies appeared.

"Shayne, ready?" Kiara asked, as she prepared her gauntlets.

"Of course" he replied "Isaac, Nariko ready to help?"

Yes was the reply from both of them, the two groups cut down the intruders until a man with broad soldiers and a black cape appeared, along with reinforcements.

"I was wondering why my scouts didn't return" he bellowed "now I know why"

"Oh, we didn't catch your name" Kiara deadpanned, unsure of how to talk to him

"Kiara, he's not human" Shayne whispered

"How right you are, little man" he spoke, making Shayne squirm. "I am General Zokaze"

"Human or not" Isaac told him. "Your getting a beat down"

"I like him, can we keep him?" Kiara asked. Shayne shook his head and smiled at the statement.

"Not as a pet, Kiara" He replied

"Bring it on, annoying pests" Zokaze roared.

He wished he never said that afterwards. The two groups cut through his forces like butter. Once they reached him, Shayne and Kiara, with an assist from Isaac's group, finished him off with their special, involving pistols, rockets and Kiara's favourite thing, a beat down ending in a sharp blow to the head.

"Ugh, now I have to report back to her now" He scathed.

"Wait get back here!" Shayne shouted but Zokaze was gone.

"He should have brought a bigger flyswatter" Kiara joked getting roars of laughter to the rest of their small group.

They talked about what to do next. "We should go to the Farplane" Isaac suggested

"What's the Farplane?" Kiara asked

"The only place I can talk to my adoptive parents, but the only problem is its in a completely different world" Shayne summarised.

"I don't see a problem" Isaac said "If we can get here and all the people we met on the Ishamura were from different worlds"

"Then we should be able to get there" Shayne finished. "There's a possibility, though, that we have to pass different worlds to get there"

"It's our only choice though" Kiara sighed. "We have to take our chances"

"We could run into old friends, like Ryudo and Maria" Isaac said to Shayne. "You know they trust you and they will do anything to help"

"Yeah" Shayne agreed "But if anything goes wrong, I'm blaming you"

"You said that last time, remember?" Isaac memorised

Kiara and Nariko giggled and the four of them set of for the Farplane.

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"Landon, you do know where you're going right?" the taller man asked, unsure of why they were there.

"Of course Clayton," Landon responded, turning to face the other man. "We have to find out why Xavier fell off the radar"

"Xavier was a explorer kind of guy but he's normally back by now." Clayton interjected. "He disappeared in the Metalwork Steppe area."

"Well, we're in that area" Landon informed. "But I don't think that tower was there before"

They ran towards the tower and stared in amazement.

"This isn't the Smeltered Temple" Clayton spoke. "What do you suppose this is?"

"The Coldsteel Spire" a bellowing voice announced.

They turned around to find a massive beast in armour and wielding a spear.

"Knightus." Landon scorned. "What the fuck are you doing here?"

Knightus stared at the dragoon, confused. He noticed the chain around Landon's neck and roared.

"Embodiment of Luck!" He shouted.

Landon and Clayton looked at each other and then it clicked.

"This isn't our time era" Clayton whispered. "This is our grandparents time"

Landon nodded. He received his chain from his grandfather when he joined the Paladin Recon Team, but he never said how he got it.

Now, he was faced with his grandfather's inner demons, the thoughts that nearly shattered his soul back then.

"Landon, we need to fight" Clayton called, snapping him out of his thoughts. Again, Landon nodded, drawing his spear.

Knightus created some space and summoned beings similar to his grandfather's stories, shadows that looked like him.

"That's a staggering amount" Clayton stuttered. When he finished speaking, rings cut through the shadows, and an robotic woman appeared.

"Are you alright?" she asked.

"Yes, thank you" Landon replied.

The woman nodded in appreciation and introduced herself as Tio. She was about to introduce other people when she noticed that she had gone too far ahead and lost them.

Suddenly, two people appeared on either side of them. One had a whip and a snake on her head the other was a man in a white jacket, brown hair and sunglasses.

"You know, I eat pretty boys like you" She hissed, making Clayton and Landon uncomfortable. "I am Whiptail." She brandished her whip to try and show her authority. The man introduced himself as Jacob Danik and aimed his pistol at Tio, threatening to kill her.

"Danik, you never give up do you?" a man's voice hollered.

"Whiptail, leave them alone!" a woman's voice shouted.

The two stepped back as the owners showed up, followed by two military officials.

"Isaac, Nariko" The male official called. "You know these clowns"

They both nodded as Whiptail and Danik backed off and summoned respective foes.

Landon and Clayton turned to each other and then to the others. The two military had introduced themselves as Shayne and Kiara.

Tio had decided to join with Shayne and Kiara and they set off for the three intruding figures.

Landon and Clayton cut their way through the shadows and nearly dealt with Knightus in one go. After dealing with Knightus, They tried to explain that they weren't the same people he thought they were but he didn't listen and left.

Isaac and Nariko dealt with the soldiers that Whiptail summoned. When Whiptail was defeated she swore tat she would be back to feast upon the two pretty boys, to which Nariko replied with not while I'm alive. Whiptail hissed and left.

Shayne's group has no trouble getting through the Circle followers that accompanied Danik and Danik wasn't much of a problem either. He muttered something and left, leaving the group alone to gather their thoughts.

"Thank you, all of you" Landon smiled.

"No problem, Landon" Shayne responded.

"Shayne Aerrow" Tio called "Earlier, I met your real parents"

Everyone turned to Tio, surprised.

"Your one of Ryudo's friends aren't you?" Shayne asked. Tio nodded. "That would explain how you knew me"

"Shayne, I'm afraid I lost them on my way here" Tio sighed.

"That doesn't surprise me, my father's a wanderlust, both of them in fact" Shayne chuckled. "Wouldn't surprise me if they found their way to Ryudo or Kitana"

"Anyway, we need to head to the Farplane" Isaac interjected.

"Can we come with you?" Clayton asked. "We may find our friend, if we do"

"I don't see why not, what do you think Shayne?" Kiara insisted.

"Sure, you're coming to, right Tio?" Shayne exclaimed

"Affirmative" Tio replied.

The group set off, with their new comrades in tow towards the Farplane.

Chapter Text

Climbing the tower Alden built wasn't that hard for Cole but what awaited for him was a shock. He saw what appeared to be a tall man, brown hair, broad shoulders and an ass that he couldn't forget.

"Nate, is that you?" he called, startling the man; causing him to turn around.

" Hey there, Sparks" He spoke as he walked over to give the smaller man a firm handshake. Nate was startled when Cole pulled him into a hug but he happily returned it. "How ya been?"

Before Cole could even speak they were surrounded by mercenaries. A large man came towards them.

"Lazarevic" Nate growled, arming himself with his trusty pistol.

"Drake, I finally have you." He stopped to look at Cole. " And your boyfriend too."

Cole had lifted Nate and himself out of the center of the ring after he had said this.

"Husband, actually" Nate informed, showing the ring on his finger.

"Who cares, you'll be dead soon" Lazarevic shouted.

Behind the mercenaries, Isabela watched the altercation go down between the warring enemies as she tried to hide from her own.

'Fuck off, assholes' she thought as she spied the Qunari and their leader hovering the area.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she spots a group of people. She overhears their conversation.

"Where are we now?" Kiara mused, not liking the scenery

"A tower, but none like I've seen before" Landon stated.

"All this appears to be trash" Clayton added.

"I remember someone saying that a trash tower is in MacGrath's world." Shayne pondered.

"But who?" Nariko asked. "And who is this MacGrath?"

Isaac looked towards Tio, who appeared to be thinking. Tio looked back and shook her head. 

"I only have knowledge of Hawke and Stryker. I have no idea who MacGrath could be."

Landon had a hypothesis and shared it with Clayton, who agreed.

"In our time, We had a Kasey MacGrath. It could be a relation to him." Clayton spoke.

Everyone thought about it, before they heard a crash in the proximity.

Isabela had lost her footing and fell onto the floor below and the group rushed over to her.

"Ow" she mumbled. and then she looked up to see seven people staring at her.

" Are you okay? Kiara asked offering her hand. Isabela took it and was safely on her feet.

" I'm fine but there are two guys, husbands in fact, that are cornered up there" she informed as she pointed up.

The fall attracted the Qunari that were scouting the floor.

"Oh shit, not again" Isabela sighed as she saw the Qunari charge towards the group. "Look out, old bully Arishok is here"

"Isabela" The Arishok roared."I will kill you this time"

"You couldn't kill me last time" Isabela taunted.

Landon looked up and saw that some mercenaries were aiming in their direction.

"Look out," he warned causing everyone to jump out of the way of the bullets.

"Damn it" Shayne cursed. "We need to take them out and get up there. You're helping too, Isabela"

"Whatever" Isabela shrugged "as long as I can take out old Bully"

They all nodded as Tio stuck with Shayne and Kiara, Isabela went with Nariko and Isaac leaving Landon and Clayton to themselves. 

Shayne's group and Clayton's pair dealt with the Qunari while Nariko's group dealt with the Arishok.

The Arishok was defeated with Nariko and Isaac using there special, which involved rockets, stasis, kinesis and two whirling blades.

"Curse you isabela" The Arishok growled and then he left.

As the Main group got higher towards the mercenaries and their leader, Cole and Nathan were trying to fight back but to no avail. They had to resort to Cole lifting them out of danger until they were well and truly cornered.

Shayne and the others finally reached the floor that the husbands were on and Shayne realised who had said about MacGrath's world and who MacGrath was.

"Shepard had said about the trash tower." Shayne spoke.

"John?" Isaac quizzed. Shayne shook his head.

"No, Jane. his younger sister" Shayne informed. "She also spoke that MacGrath had recently gotten married. She had shown me the invitation. It said the marriage was the union of Cole MacGrath and Nathan Drake."

The mercenaries turned around to look at the newcomers after hearing their voices. Lazarevic also turned to look at them, and he aimed his gun at them.

"Shayne, move, now" Kiara called as she charged him out of the way as a bullet whizzed past them.

"Thanks" Shayne said. "Now let's defeat these assholes."

Clayton's duo killed off most of the mercenaries, leaving the rest for Nariko's group to clear up, which they did.

Shayne's group struck Lazarevic down with a couple of hits causing him to curse and retreat.

With all the threats out of the way, Shayne walked towards the couple, both sitting down talking to each other while holding hands.

"Excuse me" Shayne interrupted. "How are you feeling?"

"We're fine, thank you" Nate replied. "Shayne, correct?" Shayne nodded. " You resemble a lot like your fathers. Physically you look a lot like Kurtis, broad shoulders, short hair, similar jawline."

"Mentally, your a lot like Garrett." Cole interjected. "You're compassionate, warming. Very sociable and easy to make friends with."

Shayne was speechless when the two men resembled him to his fathers. He didn't know them very well and had only seen them a couple of times.

"Funny thing is" Nate spoke, snapping Shayne out from his thoughts."That was the same exact words that Cole said to Garrett when they first met"

Cole nodded as they both stood up. Isabela walked over to the three of them.

"I'm coming with you" She spoke. "Hawke is one of my friends and if your his kid, I need to protect you, so you can see him again."

"You serious?" Shayne scoffed. "It's more like I'll be protecting you after the fiasco you cause when you lost your footing"

"We will come along" Cole strongly spoke. "We havent seen either of your fathers in a while"

And with that, Shayne and his companions, new and old, made their way off the tower.

Chapter Text

S.E.E.S, the Specialsed Extracurricular Execution Squad, normally led into battle by their leader.

This time was different, most of the group had surprising contracted the Apathy Syndrome, which Persona users are normally immune to.

The 3 remaining students make their way up the tower they know as Tartarus, trying to find answers.

"Mitsuru, how close are we to the top" the young man asked.

The girl known as Mitsuru sighed, not really able to fully answer him. "I don't know, but I feel we're close"

"Akihiko-senpai, it would be best if you stopped asking" the other, more mechanical, girl stated.

"Aigis is right" Mitsuru pointed out.

The 3 stopped on the floor below the rooftop, to prepare themselves for whatever happens.

Just as they were about to head up the stairs, they heard a loud crash, as if something or someone had fallen onto the roof.

"What the hell?" Akihiko stammered, rushing off to see what had happened.

Mitsuru tried to tell him to stop, but just sighed, motioning to Aigis to give chase, lest he gets into trouble.

When they caught up to him they were surprised to see two high-schoolers, who looked about the same age as their leader, wandering about the place.

"Where the hell are we?" the orange haired one spoke. "If this is one of Teddie's jokes, I'm gonna throttle him"

The silver haired boy shook his head. "I don't think it is. Look", pointed towards the sky. "There's no fog"

"This is the Dark Hour" Mitsuru interjected, startling the two strangers. "Who are you and how did you get here?"

"Yu Narukami" the silver haired man spoke. "This is Yosuke Hanamura. Who are you?"

The S.E.E.S introduced themselves, & explained the Dark Hour, leaving one in shock & the other in deep thought.

"How admirable" a voice familiar to the younger students spoke, snapping Yu out of his thoughts. "Shame you won't live to see it through"

"Adachi, show yourself" Yu yelled, and as if on cue, he appeared, followed by numerous shadows. 

"Crap" Yosuke mumbled, seeing the sheer number of shadows with him.

"Narukami" Mitsuru called. "What's going on?"

"I'll explain after" Yu responded. "Yosuke, you ready?"

"Dude, are you insane? We don't even know if we can summon our Personas here" Yosuke argued.

"Well, if not, you can do all that jumping around that your used to then" Yu teased

"Well, you try then" Yosuke challenged.

Yu focused all his energy, a feeling he knew all too well, a feeling that everyone recognised.

"Izanagi!" Yu called, breaking the card that floated down. His signature persona standing behind him.

"You ready now, Hanamura?" Yu called.

"Yeah, Yeah" Yosuke resigned. "You take point though, Leader"

Yu nodded and turned to the S.E.E.S. Mitsuru nodding in confirmation of the plan, with her in the front.

'How many other people have Personas where your from, Narukami?' she thought before the battle at hand.

The two teams stuck together for the most part, assisting each other in every battle until there was a few shadows & Adachi left. That's when a figure of immense electrical power showed up.

"Well, well" he spoke. "This is quite a show. These 'Personas' you wield, they will help me grow more powerful, maybe even surpass him"

"Who on earth are you?" Yosuke forcefully questioned.

"Kessler" a voice answered. "Who'd have thought that you, would be alive & well"

"Where are you, MacGrath?" Kessler bellowed. "I will crush you & your puny husband"

Cole entered from the stairs that the S.E.E.S. came from with his husband in tow & their comrades.

"Now, now" Cole spoke as he shook his finger, "It ain't right calling my husband puny. Speaking of which, how did you know I got married?"

"Ran into an old friend of yours" Kessler smiled. "Said something about you doing better than him"

A scowl grew over Cole's face, which just made Kessler grin even wider.

"Sorry to intervene, but we need to prioritise here" Shayne interjected. "You can vent afterwards"

Cole nodded, calming down slightly. He saw that one of the students wanted to say something, so he indicated it could wait till after the battle.

The groups remained nearly the same from their battle on Alden's Tower except that Isabela wanted to help Cole & Nathan, give them that bit more strength

Cole's group pushed forward, defeating the First Sons that Kessler had brought alongside Shayne's group & Landon's pairs, while Nariko & Isaac helped the students clear out the remaining shadows.

Yu & Yosuke dealt the final blow to Adachi, who cursed at them and left. Cole's trio left the remaining First Sons to deal with Kessler, who claimed he would obtain this persona power & other powers like it for himself after he was defeated.

"Thank you" Mitsuru said after the battle, "Don't know what would've happened if you hadn't shown up"

"A lot worse than Cole venting, that's for sure" Nathan joked. "It's been a while since I've seen him this riled up though"

"Oh?" Yu wondered. "When was the last time?"

"Just after i got Xolotl" Cole informed. "Or should I say Kaha'i"

"Either or, they are a part of you, babe" Nathan responded. "It's been a while since then though"

Cole nodded, the affection for his husband visible in his smile. Nathan stood up & embraced him, whispering sweet nothings into his ear like they did when they first met.

"You can tell that they love each other, can't you" Kiara whispered to Nariko.

"Yeah, we all need moments like this to take you mind off the stress" Nariko agreed. "I wonder why Akihiko is all red"

"He's thinking about his partner" Mitsuru joined, voice low enough for just the ladies to hear. "He's been unwell for the past few days & Akihīko isn't used to it."

Shayne walked up to Yu, who was having a conversation with Yosuke about their next move. 

"Just the guy I wanted to see" Yu spoke. "Yosuke & I was wondering if we could join you. We need to find our way back home"

"Of course, the more the merrier" Shayne replied. "There could be more affection like that, so tell Yosuke to stop staring at them."

Yu chuckled, "I'll try, but don't blame me if he doesn't listen"

"Are you joining us too, Mitsuru?" Shayne asked.

"Of course, we need to find a way to stop the illness here, even if it's not in our world or time" Mitsuru confirmed.

With that the group set off down the tower, not knowing that a portal had been placed in their way.

Chapter Text

Paine always knew that everything seemed out of place, as soon as she entered Kilika Temple with her teammates, she knew.

Too many plants on the inside, uneven stonework, offerings & a statue she had never seen.

"Who is this, I wonder?" Paine spoke out loud, not really expecting anyone to answer. She knew that Yuna & Rikku were, she hoped, in the real Kilika.

Normally, she would've left but something was drawing her in to the statue, a woman of grace & wisdom.

She turned towards the exit, after what seemed like ages & finding no information on where she was, or who the statue was. She stopped when she saw a green light cutting through the very air, spawning what she could only class as demons.

She heard another rip, like something was cutting a piece of paper or cloth, she turned her head to see another tear. She was caught between them and, even though she had 4  dresspheres, including her special Full Throttle, and a grid, she knew that she wouldn't be able to take them all on.

Paine tried to slip past the demons closest to the exit, but slipped and alerted them, she braced for a attack but it never came, she looked toward the exit where she heard voices, two male, having a casual conversation.

"Amatus, you know that I love you, everyone at Skyhold knows, so why try & keep things private?" One voice asked.

"Because, Dorian" The other answered. "I want to at least try to have a normal life now that the business with Corypheus has ended"

"It's not just that is it?" The first voice replied. "There's no point trying to lead a normal life when your with someone from Tevinter, besides where's the fun in that?"

The second voice chuckled as the owners of the voices coming into view, both quite tall, both wearing similar attire, the only major difference was their faces, one having stubble & slicked back hair with it being shaven at the sides & back, the other, a moustache, a tuft of facial hair below the bottom lip & a similar hairstyle but more hair at the back.

They stopped when a green glow appeared from one of the man's left hand. They looked at each other, in shock.

"Look, Dorian" The man with the glow pointed, "Rifts, and they're close together"

"That's not the only thing, Trevelyan" Dorian informed. "She looks like she's in a spot of bother"

Trevelyan sighed. "I wish you'd stop calling me by my surname sometimes, especially when there's little to no people around"

Dorian grinned at the remark, and gave his lover a smack on his cheek to spur him on, getting a quiet moan in response.

"Come on, Amatus" Dorian playfully encouraged. "Time's not waiting for you"

"Let's clear the area round the first rift, so I can close it then" Trevelyan stated, trying not to get too distracted with what to do with Dorian afterwards.

Dorian agreed, & with Trevelyan's lead they headed for the first rift, luring all the demons around it to them. Paine was in awe as the pair of mages dispelled the demons, one after another & then closed the rift. She was snapped out of her trance when Trevelyan held out his hand to help her up.

"Are you alright?" Trevelyan asked as Paine dusted her clothes.

"I'm fine. I'm Paine, by the way" She introduced. "I know your names, I heard your conversation"

Trevelyan blushed, knowing that if she heard their conversation, then she would've definitely known about their relationship.

"The fear of losing someone you love, the fear of secrets coming out. They are your greatest fears aren't they, Inquistor?" a sinister voice echoed. "All that fear makes me more powerful"

"Great, now a Fear Demon wants to join in" Dorian sighed. "All right, pop out of that rift, then"

On cue, the demon appeared out of the rift, behind all the other demons. It protruding claws ready to attack.

But it doesn't, as if it's waiting for someone, or something to arrive.

"Something's coming, otherwise it would've attacked by now" Trevelyan theorised.

"Like them?" Paine inquired, indicating towards two black masses.

"They are not demons, none that I've seen anyway" Dorian said cautiously.

The two black anomalies stopped their approach & turned towards the entrance. Everything was silent until they heard footsteps, a lot of them.

"Where are we now?" One of the younger looking guys asked.

"Landon, isn't this the Revas Temple?" A different, slightly older man inquired.

Landon nodded, then noticing the two entities in the centre of the Temple.

Raising his spear, he pointed it at them, brandishing the spikes embedded along the blade.

"Everyone, on your guard" Landon urged, not lowering his spear.

"Friend or Foe?" Trevelyan called.

"Friend" Clayton replied. "We can save introductions for later"

Trevelyan agreed. "Paine, you joining us?"

Paine fiercely nodded, fire in her eyes.

Trevelyan's group walked up to the other rift, and defeated the closest demon, while some of the other groups, led by Clayton & Landon, attacked the creatures closest to them. The only group who decided to help Trevelyan, Dorian & Paine were made up of a man who shot electricity, a man who shot bullets & a woman who shot her mouth, but was effective with a pair of daggers.

Clayton & Landon forced their way through one, who eerily looked like the dragoon, while the others took down the former knight's shadowy replica. When they got to the others, Trevelyan was closing the rift, with the Fear Demon nowhere in sight.

"They took care of it" Trevelyan told them, indicating towards the other group, who were just walking up.

After the rift was closed, introductions began, with Cole wrapping his arms around Nathan's waist & kissing him on the neck.

"Babe, your gonna leave a mark" Nathan warned.

"Says the one who marked me two nights before our wedding" Cole teased, making Nathan blush a deep red.

"Don't think about it, Dorian" Trevelyan cautioned, sensing his lover was after something.

"Then how about we find somewhere more hidden, Amatus" Dorian whispered, his hand on the move.

"Tempting, but no" Trevelyan softly replied, "Please show a little restraint, especially when we are in someone else's temple."

Dorian huffed, walked in front of Trevelyan & initiated a kiss, a soft kiss that had hints of wanting more.

"Yosuke, keep you mouth closed" Yu spoke. "And stop staring. It's rude"

Yosuke was left speechless, after being caught offguard like that. Other people in the group, like Paine & Nariko giggled, while Isabela & Kiara burst out laughing.

"Don't worry, Yosuke. You'll get used to it." Akihiko reassured. "I was just like you before I fell in love with a guy"

"What are you trying to say, Akihiko?" Yosuke responded.

"Nothing, I know it s not something your used to. But if your travelling with us your gonna have to get used to it" Akihiko stated. 

"Speaking about travelling, is there room for two more, Shayne?" Trevelyan asked.

"Make that three." Paine interjected. "I need to find my friends, and I'm more likely going to find them with you "

"You're all welcome," Shayne invited. "Just don't expect it to be clean-cut"

Trevelyan, Dorian & Paine nodded, all knowing the risks. Soon as everyone had rested up, they prayed to the Goddess of Life, Health and Safe Travels, Aralifa & went on their way. Landon & Clayton thanking them for honouring their goddess.

Chapter Text

The Citadel, the Home of the Council & the worst memory that Spectres, John Shepard & Kaidan Alenko, would rather forget.

But here they are again, face to face guns aimed at each other. Sweat poured from both of their faces, knowing that someone wanted to see either one die.

They wouldn't pull the triggers, not until they die from exhaustion, it wasn't till familiar faces appeared beside them.

"Stryker?, Hawke?" Shepard asked, dumbfounded. "Why are you here?"

"We wandered here" Hawke sighed, causing eyebrows to be raised by the Spectres.

"We got lost" Stryker admitted. "We were supposed to follow our guide but"

"You wandered off without telling your guide." Kaidan finished. "I'm not surprised, honestly."

"Where were you heading anyway?" Shepard inquired.

"Over there" Hawke pointed. "Through that portal, I'm hoping it leads to Shayne"

"Shayne?" Kaidan pondered. "Seems like we've got some catching up to do"

"Oh yeah," Stryker remembered. "You two were busy at the time of his birth & his christening. I thought Jane would've told you."

"Don't know why she didn't" Shepard grumbled, crossing his arms. "Always hate being the last to know"

Kaidan, after holstering his gun, hugged Shepard, planting a kiss, on his forehead. "It's fine, John. Knowing our luck, we'll meet him very soon" he whispered.

"Yeah" Shepard agreed. "Besides, Jane hasn't got the best memory."

Suddenly, a large group of people, led by a young man with a striking similarity to Stryker.

Father and son looked straight at each other, neither knowing what to say.

"Shayne?" The young woman beside him spoke quietly. "Are you okay?"

Shayne nodded, wiping tears he didn't know were falling. "There they are, my dads" he cried.

He began running towards them, but stopped when fire burned the crossing, separating him from his parents & the Spectres.

"Shayne!" his parents called out of disbelief, when they saw him fall.

"Garrett, Kurtis, I've got him" another familiar voice called.

The parents let out their breath that they didn't realise they were holding. "Thanks, Cole."

"Shayne, you hurt?" Cole asked.

"No, but that fire. It reminded my of an old story that Kitana told me" Shayne reassured.

At that moment, the rattling of a chain was heard. Everyone looked around, trying to find the owner. Shepard's heart sank when he heard Kaidan scream in pain. He quickly turned to find Kaidan being pulled back towards a fiery figure.

"No, not again" Shepard panicked. He ran as fast as he could but was cut short by the swoosh of a sword, missing him by centimetres.

"Kai Leng" Shepard declared. "Just another recurring nightmare."

"Here I thought you'd be surprised to see me alive and well" The masked assassin mocked. "No i bet your more surprised about my new colleagues"

Shepard shook his head, noticing a frosty figure slipping past behind Leng. "Not really, because its about to get a little chilly around here."

Not sure on what he meant Leng turned towards the fiery assassin and saw him freeze, releasing the impaled Spectre.

"Well that's how you freeze Hell" Stryker chuckled. "Scorpion won't be like that for long though."

Frustrated, Leng swung at Shepard again. Shepard dodged as best he could until he was cornered. 

Shepard closed his eyes, expecting to be hacked to death, but instead it never came. He opened one eye, saw that the assassin was focused on something on the other side of the hole. He turned to look at Shayne's group, to find a woman in armor. 

Shepard moved away from Leng, but his eyes focused on the woman. When he got to Hawke & Kaidan, they heard Stryker shouting at the woman, who raised her blade to the youngster.

Hawke instantly knew what the woman, who he knew as Meredith, had said.

Swinging his staff to use the ambient magic around him, he slammed it on the ground to cast a storm spell that hit Meredith.

"Don't you dare touch him, you vile woman." Hawke raged.

"Or what, mage?" Meredith taunted. "It's not like you can stop me. I will cut your son down, and relish in your turmoil. Besides you've got problems of your own."

She was right, as Cerberus troopers & hellspawn surrounded the desperate fathers & Spectres.

He knew Kaidan was a soldier, but he wasn't sure if he was strong enough to withstand this. Out of his worry, he was caught offguard by what was said next.

"Don't worry, Dad." Shayne called, causing Hawke to look at him. "I've not come this far to fall now. Go and help them"

Hawke looked to Stryker. Stryker looked back."He's got your guts, Garrett"

With newly found strength, Hawke smiled. "Yeah, he has. Now let's get this done"

Kaidan & Shepard, who were listening to the confrontation while trying to catch their breath, silently resolved to help their friends out against the threats before them.

Shepard took the lead, not only because he was the Commander, but because he wanted to protect Kaidan with his life. Hawke took point like at the Colisseum.

Tio, who was silent throughout the whole scene, insisted that she joined Shayne and Kiara, the former grateful for her help.

Scorpion & Kai Leng both went for Shepard & Kaidan, both determined to finish them off, once and for all. They withstood the assault, countering and defending until help arrived. Hawke & Stryker, after defeating most of the Hellspawn & troopers, rushed to the Spectres aid.

Scorpion was defeated first, the fiery assassin disappearing through a hellhole. Then Kai Leng was taken down by the Spectres, causing him to cry out in pain & leave.

With the main threats gone, Shepard & Kaidan started to rest up, allowing Hawke & Stryker to clean up the remaining forces on their side.

Meanwhile, Meredith & her small force of templars charged the bigger group, mainly focused on the engineers. Cole, Nathan & Isabela were leading the main force in dealing with the templars, while Shayne, Kiara & Tio, with a bit of support from Yu & Yosuke focused down Meredith. Meredith struck back, attacking Shayne's group & Yu's pair with her Red Lyrium Sword, Certainty, causing serious damage. 

Shayne pulled through, with the help of Trevelyan healing him & Akihiko using Rakukaja. Shayne dealt the final blow causing Certainty to shatter & Meredith leaving after picking up the pieces.

"Shayne, we'll sort out a bridge. Give us a minute" Trevelyan stated. Everyone watched in awe as the two Inquisition mages energised the rubble back into place.

As soon as they finished, Shayne ran with open arms towards his parents, nearly knocking them of their feet. All three crying tears of joy & relief.

Kiara watched as the family talked, she noticed that Shayne was slightly taller than Stryker but shorter than Hawke.

"You can tell they are a family" Cole spoke, knocking her out of her daze. Nathan & Isabela stopping beside him.

"He's been wanting to see them for ages." Kiara admitted, "Now his wish has come true"

Nathan wormed his way behind Cole, wrapping his arms around his waist. "It's great to see a family reunited, and we helped out old friends too."

"Yeah, its great to help Hawke out again" Isabela agreed. She turned looked at the rest of the group, noticing that most of them were falling asleep, Nathan included, head resting on Cole's shoulder.

"We have been travelling for a while, is there a place to rest nearby?" Kiara asked, not really expecting a response.

"We have an apartment nearby" Shepard replied, holding a sleeping Kaidan bridal style. "If you want you can all rest there tonight."

"That'll be great thanks, Shep." Kiara accepted. "Can you get everyone who's awake to help the sleepyheads, please?"

Isabela nodded, speaking to Trevelyan, Tio, Aigis, Landon, Isaac & the happy family about the plan.

After they reached the apartment, & nearly everyone went to bed, leaving Shayne, Shepard & Stryker the only ones awake.

"Annnnd, done" Shepard yawned.

"Finished the report?" Stryker asked, playing with Hawke's hair while he slept. Cole & Nathan asleep on the other side of the couch.

"Yeah, gonna get some sleep next to K." Shepard replied. "Gonna need to be prepared for tomorrow."

Stryker stifled a yawn before he spoke to Shayne. "Are you sure you want your old men with you? I can understand Shepard & Kaidan" 

"Dad, I wouldn't have asked otherwise." Shayne retorted. "Don't want to lose this chance to bond with both of you."

Stryker laughed. "In other words, you don't want us to wander off again"

Shayne slyly nodded causing Stryker to laugh louder.

"Right, kiddo." Stryker started. "Time to sleep."

Shayne yawned, rubbing his eye. Finally a place where they can have a good night's sleep.

Chapter Text

Shayne cursed when he woke up, his body stiff. He didn't remember having a blanket over him, but as soon as he saw that his fathers weren't sleeping on the couch, he figured that one of them put it on him. He saw Cole & Nathan still asleep, the latter having his arm wrapped around the former's waist.

"Morning, kiddo" Stryker greeted, sitting down beside him.

Shayne yawned in response. His dad chuckled as Shayne's eyes perked up seeing the mug in his hand.

"Kaidan made some, go on." Stryker said, knowing what his son was after. "Most people are still asleep, so be quiet."

Shayne nodded, silently moving around the couch to get to the kitchen.

Kaidan & Shepard were in there, the two Spectres leaning on the counter drinking coffee. Hawke was there too, along with Isaac, Clayton & Tio.

"I smell coffee." Shayne groggily spoke as he reached the group. Kaidan chuckled as he passed a mug to him.

"Your so like Kaidan, can't start the day without coffee" Shepard joked, getting a light jab in the side by his partner. "Anyway, we were talking about what's happened so far"

"Strange things so far" Kaidan explained. "People appearing in different worlds, enemies thought gone being reborn, events that have passed are being replayed. Next thing you know, Shepard's clone could reappear again"

"What do you mean again?" Clayton inquired.

Shepard & Kaidan just sighed 'long story' at the same time.

"If you jinx it, Alenko." Shepard started, tone sounding stern but eyes full of love.

"You'll do what, John?" Kaidan teased.

"You'll find out soon." Shepard hinted, kissing him lightly. "Anyway it could be a clone of you."

Kaidan snorted. "I'm not sharing you, you know. I know what runs through your mind." Shepard's face turned a light shade of pink.

"I'm thankful there's no clones of me." Clayton mumbled, everyone turning to him. "Wouldn't want to get jealous."

"Who's jealous?" Landon yawned, causing the swordsman to go pink in embarrassment.

Shayne clicked as to what was going on & moved next to his ever-listening dad.

"Was you like that before you and dad got together?" Shayne asked.

"Yeah, when I first met him" Hawke admitted, smiling at his partner. "He was more worried about what others thought though, because he was a police officer at the time."

Shayne nodded, understanding that there could've been some serious problems in the station where Stryker worked.

"There's always hate for that, no matter which world your in." Stryker spoke, arms round their necks & kissing Hawke on the lips. "It's how you deal with it."

"Right." Shayne agreed. "Let's get everyone up & awake, we need to set off soon.

"Just don't be surprised if the ladies get angry" Isaac jested.

"Tio, could you get the women up please?" Shayne inquired, not wanting an execution or to be a blood stain.

She nodded, leaving Shayne to, reluctantly, get the men up & at 'em.




Rumours. That's all they wished it was.

Kitana Kahn, new ruler of Outworld and Jade, her trusted adviser and friend, ran with haste to where they destroyed the pits. The pits where a sorcerer created clones of the ruler mixed with tarkatan blood, and birthed her twisted sister, Mileena. 

Hope. That's all he needed.

After the events at the Rosencaster Prison & the confrontation on Rosa, Zegram Ghart, the Lone Wolf of the Dorgengoa Pirates, found himself listening for anyway to bring Jane, his fiance, back. He heard of a place that had successfully created clones, called the Flesh Pits, hidden on Zerard. So he went to investigate.

All three never expected the sight that came before them. The pits, a blood soaked laboratory with tubes & experiments on tables. Kitana moved towards the main incubation tube &, to her horror, saw Mileena or what seemed to be her . Jade scanned the other tubes and saw other figures, men and women.

"Either one of you two lovely ladies want to tell me what going on here?" Zegram called seeing what was in the tubes.

"Who are you?" Jade harshly asked, raising her staff. "Are you involved with this place being rebuilt?"

"The name's Zegram." he introduced. "What do you mean rebuilt? Scratch that. Where the hell am I?"

"Outworld." Kitana spoke, motioning for Jade to back down. "This is known as the Flesh Pits, a place I destroyed when I became Kahn."

"A place I used to create the Kahn's sister." a sinister voice interrupted.

"Where are you, sorcerer?" Jade bellowed, causing a man in robes with black hair tied into a ponytail to walk down the stairs.

"Right here, and I've brought some familiar faces" he indicated, causing more Mileenas to come out, including a Mileena in a purple outfit similar to the Edenians.

"Sister" she howled. "Why don't we dance? I have the perfect partner for you and your friend"

Two men appeared and Kitana's eyes widened with disbelief.

Jade grunted & Zegram, who had moved beside them, stepped in front.

"I was going to ask to bring Jane back." He sighed, then he drew his sword. "But after seeing these things and clones. I think I'll settle for cutting you all down."

Kitana's eyes filled with resolve and she drew her fans. "This time Mileena, you'll stay dead!"

"If you can kill them all" Shang Tsung taunted. With that the tubes exploded, letting the clones out.

"This doesn't look too good." Jade admitted. "What do we do?"

"We hold out till help arrives." Kitana responded. "The male clones are flawed impersonations of friends from a different world."

"A different world?" Jade asked. "What makes you think that they are coming here?"

Suddenly an explosion from the other side of the room broke the wall down. From the new entrance, a large group of people entered.

"Because we have an uncanny ability to walk into danger." Shepard answered. "Nice job Shayne."

"Shame we had to blow up a hole in your apartment to get to the portal." Shayne sighed.

"It had to be done, kiddo. Holy shit! Look Shepard, Kaidan!" Stryker pointed out.

They looked, and their eyes were filled with shock. There was two clones, one of Shepard & the other of Kaidan.

"For fuck's sake" Kaidan huffed. "We well and truly jinxed it."

"It's our uncanny ability." Shepard groaned. "Well let's get this over with."

Kitana smiled, knowing what the Spectres were like.

"They always like that?" Jade pondered. Kitana nodded, saying that the two men were used to being thrown into the firing line no matter what world they're in.

The main group split sides, one to take care of the test tube clones, lead by Shayne and Kiara. The other group to join with Kitana, Jade and Zegram, who was steadily taking out the Mileena clones.

"It's so weird fighting clones, kind of reminds me of shadows" Yu lamented.

Yosuke huffed, not wanting to be reminded of his shadow. "How many times have they fought clones?"

"You can worry about that later, you two!" Kiara hollered. "Let's focus on clearing them out"

The Yasogami highschoolers nodded and pushed forward, along with the other persona users, the Inquisition mages and the PRT members as the groups. The automata & the anti-shadow weapon join them, with the former fighting alongside the engineers & the latter with the other S.E.E.S members.

The Spectres, joined by Paine, rushed straight to the clone of Kaidan. They defeated it with their special, consisting of powerful biotic & tech abilities ending with the M-622 Avalanche and the M-560 Hydra. The clone left scowling, causing the other Spectre's clone to leave & follow it.

"Huh." Kaidan remarked. "Seems the clones have an attachment to each other too."

"Hate to admit it, but it's kinda like what I was on the Normandy SR-1" Shepard declared. "But, no matter how beautiful it is, we can't let them be a threat"

Kaidan nodded, bracing himself for the attack by either the sorcerer or Mileena. They were joined by Cole, Nathan, Nariko & Isaac soon after, the first pair joined by Paine, the second by Isabela.

Kitana, Jade & Zegram moved towards Shepard's group, defeating any clones along the way. Tired of them getting in the way, they cleared the remaining 4 clones using their multi-target attack: Jade using her boomerang and staff to damage and trap them, while Kitana lift them up and blow them away.

Shayne's team tore throught the rest of the clones and were making their way to the rest of the group.

Mileena purred as she made her way to Shepard and Kaidan, piercing them with her sais, teeth and hands, stunning them. Shang Tsung moved towards Kitana & Jade, raining flaming skulls on them and changing himself to a purple ninja and crushing them in a bubble.

"Your soul is mine, foolish Edenians" the sorcerer claimed.

"Not if I can help it," Yu countered. "Izanagi." He called, using his persona to heal everyone using Mediarama.

"Thanks." Kitana appreciated. "Shepard's still stunned though."

"Leave that to me, take down that bastard." Paine reassured, casting Esuna on him & Kaidan. Kitana nodded and Shepard sighed once he was cured. 

"This is over now, you big stupid, clawed jellyfish." Shepard insulted. 

"Really, Shepard?" Kaidan chuckled, stifling a laugh. "You couldn't think of anything better?"

Shepard shook his head. Mileena snarled at him. "That had better be a compliment."

Kaidan lost it, he couldn't help but have a laughing fit right there and then. "I'm sorry, Shepard." He wheezed, tears in his eyes.

"Don't worry, Kaidan" Shepard sympathised, wanting to laugh too. "Let's clean up before you end up on the bloody floor"

"Not the first time it's happened, John" Kaidan whispered, a husky tone to his voice. "But yes, let's end this."

With that, and the light shade of pink that flushed his cheeks, Shepard moved forward towards Mileena and attacked her, letting someone else take the finishing blow.

That someone was Cole and Nathan, finishing the job with their special, which involved electrical & ice attacks from Cole, a storm of bullets from different guns from Nathan & finishing with Cole using his Kinetic Pulse to throw Mileena to Nathan, who shot her with his MAG-5 pistol.

"That was fun, let's dance again." Mileena smiled with a crooked, toothy grin. "Especially you." She pointed at Shepard.

"Crazy girl, that one." Shepard sighed.

"You can say that again." Kaidan huffed. "'She needs to die. I'm not letting her touch you"

Shepard grinned, knowing that Kaidan meant every word. "Kitana, we'll leave him to you."

Kitana nodded, knowing full well that she needed to pull out all the stops. She used Sharpen to increase her trio's damage output and went for the kill.

And that's what they did. With the support attacks from Shayne, Kiara & Zegram, Kitana & Jade timed every attack perfectly, not needing to use their special.

"I will have all your souls soon enough" He proclaimed before leaving. "Especially yours, Son of the Tempest"

"Son of the Tempest?" Kiara pondered. The area went silent, Shayne was sweating and everyone noticed.

Shepard, Kaidan, Isaac, Hawke, Stryker, Cole, Nathan & Kitana all huddled around Shayne, devising a plan, or that's what Kiara was told anyway. She knew something was up and that it had something to do with what Shang Tsung said.

"No point in wondering what it means." Jade spoke from the shadows, startling her. "If you believe and trust him, then he'll tell you eventually."

"Bloody hell." Kiara stammered. "I wasn't with him last time, after his adoptive parents died. I want to help but."

"You don't know how." the assassin finished. Kiara nodded tentatively. "Just do what you have been doing, he wouldn't have brought you here as his battle partner."

"Thanks, Jade." Kiara expressed. "Looks like we're on the move."

She was right, Shayne had devised a plan like they said. The plan to get to the Farplane through a gym.

After Shayne explained the plan, he walked towards The PRT duo.

"Clayton, Landon. A word?" He motioned, the two men moving within touching distance. "From here on out, don't trust any voices that doesn't use words. It's a message I recieved via Shepard. He remembered seeing your friend and that's the last thing he said to him before going their separate ways."

"A voice that doesn't use words?" Clayton wondered. Landon shrugged as they moved out towards the next location.

'I wonder if he means Kingfield Inc, the main business that gives the PRT all it's missions. There's a statue of the founders and that is written on the plaque underneath.' Landon thought. 'What were the names of the founders though.'

Chapter Text

Running was all she did that day.

Running to help her sister, running away from the Glass City's police force, running to stay alive.

Revenge was all he wanted.

Revenge for what a former friend and comrade put him through, revenge fuelled his training everyday.

Faith didn't notice that she ran into another world until she crashed through a window of a gym. She looked around, perplexed, posters on the walls of luchadors and the word revenge wrote over them.

Then she noticed him, a man focused in his training.

'Must not have heard the crash' she thought. 'I'll try and stay out of sight'

"Hold it" the man shouted, back still facing her. "Who are you and what are you doing in my gym?"

He turned to face her, glaring eyes fixed on her. Faith introduced herself to him but she felt uneasy, she didn't want to make herself sound crazy by saying that she came from another world. The man had other ideas.

"Are you another on of Killbane's lackeys?" he demanded. "If so, then you shall be crushed like your boss will be by Angel de LaMuerte"

Faith tried to explain that she didn't know who Killbane was but Angel was not having it.

She sighed. "Fine, if you wanna duke it out, then lets duke it out"

They exchanged blows for what seemed like hours, until they felt something ominous approaching them.

"Hmm, what have we here?" a female voice hummed. "New toys to play with or fresh ground hamburgers?"

"Show yourself" Angel bellowed, his blood boiling. And with that a woman appeared from the stairs.

"My, my, what anger." She teased. "Come and unleash it on a demon, Mr Angel"

Faith couldn't let her former opponent fight her alone, "Angel, let me help, she's too strong for you all by yourself"

Angel grunted in disbelief but he knew she was right, someone with this much power couldn't be beaten by going solo. "Fine, but don't get in my way"

With Angel on point, they went to the demon as she called herself. The pair fought as hard as they could, whittling her down but before they could deliver the decisive blow, a male voice was heard.

"Millenia, did you really have to run off through the portal...." He cut short when he saw the surroundings.

"Ryudo!" Millenia shouted. "Why did you have to interrupt now?"

"It isn't the time for fighting the first person you see." Ryudo scolded. "We need to get back before...."

"Before what?" the three of them spoke at the same time.

"Before that happens" Ryudo pointed towards the entrance where three people stood, two men and one woman.

"Killbane" Angel seethed when he saw him. Faith looked towards Ryudo and noticed that he recognised the other man.

"Melfice, brother" Ryudo grimaced. Millenia licked her lips, enjoying the prospect of finally devouring the horns of Valmar.

"Well, well" the woman smiled. "Seems we are are little bit too early for the entourage"

"Entourage?" Faith asked.

"Yes my dear." The woman replied. "The son of the Tempest and his retinue"

"No, you can't mean" Ryudo stammered, fully realising who she was referring to.

"Ah, how fortunate for me" She smiled. "A former comrade of his. I'll crush you now before he even gets here"

"Not gonna happen, lady" the Geohound resolved. "I won't stand here and let you"

Millenia, not one to miss out on any fun, joined Ryudo, more for her selfish reasons.

Angel and Faith decided to join in, more for his revenge than anything else.

The woman laughed,and summoned cloaked soldiers, while Killbane called for some Luchadore gang members and Melfice summoned some eye drones and stone birds.

"Alright, pick your targets and you'll be fine" Ryudo instructed. "Just try to not get surrounded"

The other three nodded and set forth for the enemies.

"Shit," Angel groaned. "How many of these fucking things are there?"

"Too many," Faith replied, out of breath from countering another enemy.

"Just hold on a bit longer" Ryudo called. "If my hunch is correct we'll get reinforcements soon"

"Your hunch?" Millenia quizzed. Before she could continue, a blast opened up the window where Faith arrived, and a group of people entered the gym.

"Not the gym I was expecting," a man in black and red armour stated. "Was expecting more equipment."

"Now's not the time, Shepard" the blue armoured man sighed. "We have company"

"Well, well" the woman spoke, getting the group's attention. "The entourage is here"

The young engineer recognised the voice and could feel the anger rising. "YOU!"

"It would be nice if you used my name, Son of the Tempest" she hummed, revelling in the moment.

"Shayne?" Kiara warily asked. "Who is she?"

Shayne ignored her and grabbed his weapon.

"Kiara, save the questions" the older engineer ordered. "He's not going to listen in this state."

"O-Okay" she stammered as she equipped her gauntlets. 'What's gotten into you?'

On the other side of the room, Ryudo told them to focus on whats in front of them, talking can be saved for afterwards.

The people who haven't seen this wondered what transpired in Shayne's past, but decided not to voice their questions. While the ones who had travelled with him before just prepared for combat

After clearing the luchadores, Angel and Faith fought Killbane, with a bit of help from a conduit and a treaure hunter. The gang boss left without saying a word, leaving the saint with a bad taste in his mouth, indicating that he'll be back at some point. Ryudo and Millenia, with some other groups in tow, defeated the stone birds and eye drones. Melfice was defeated by a group effort by them assisting a dragoon and swordsman. 

"Bah, he left before i could get him" Millenia grumbled.

"Millenia, stop thinking bout the horns" Ryudo sighed.

Millenia sulked as they continued to push towards the woman.

Everyone else bar Shayne and Kiara dealt with the cloaked soldiers, so the pair could deal with her themselves.

"You'll pay for what you've done, Bitch" Shayne yelled, power visible to everyone. "I'll make you suffer"

"You won't, cause I, Gemini, know that you can't control your power" she gloated.

After the pair defeated her, Shayne collapsed to his knees, his power subsiding.

"See, told you so" Gemini taunted. "You gave it a good go though but its time I split this party in half."

"What do you mean?" Shayne inquired.

She laughed, and pulled out what only two people would recognise.

"No" Kiara stammered. Shayne's jaw dropped.

"Say Bye-bye!" She waved gleefully as she shot the Project at the group, causing them to disappear.